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Dec 9, 2010
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Dark Abyss
this is my second work in progress. I know that there is barley anything here but i just started. I would appreciate if you would leave feedback for me. I'm open to suggestions and changes. Also if it's good or bad. And if you don't like it, then please tell me what i could do to make it better.



Death is not an option.
This crossed Conner’s mind before every fight. The fight with Kevin, Till, and Jarson. All of them were hard fights, but they just prepared him for his last fight. Tyson had the speed and the strength, but his opponent was built like a tank. The guy he was going up against was undefeated, big, and wasn’t afraid of killing people. He was the meanest and biggest guy in the whole club. Sebastian, Sebastian Gorell.

Chapter 1
Conner was running as fast as he could. He was cutting through alleys, jumping over trashcans and fences, climbing up and down walls. He was just trying to escape the sirens.
Conner was a troubled kid. With his parents divorced, and his dad kicking him out of the house at the age of fifteen, Conner was on his own most of the time. It was the beginning of his freshman year when all that happened. It seemed like his life was falling apart. A year has past sense then, and he is getting comfortable with living on the streets. He didn’t go to school anymore, he didn’t have time, he was late 83 times, out of 180 days his freshman year. He was a smart kid, street smart more than book smart of course. He went to his friend’s houses, and his mom’s when he wanted to sleep. Other than that, he lived off the street, scrounging for scraps of food out of trash cans and dumpsters. When he’s thirsty, drinking from the water fountains at public areas like the park. Store owners are kind to him, giving him permission to use their restrooms, and chairs when he’s tired. Also, if it rains, he seeks the stores for a place to stay dry. Living in Tallahassee Florida doesn’t help, it seems like it rains non-stop.
He jumped over a five foot fence, which is easy for the five foot nine sophomore. Then he came to another fence and stopped. He looked back at the two cops chasing him across the lawn. He went up and over the fence, ripping his khaki shorts in the process. His blue Nike shirt was sticking to his chest while sweat was pouring down his neck. His shoes were falling apart, but he didn’t have the money to buy new ones. He saw some apartment buildings and ran behind one of them. He went up the fire escape and went into the first unlocked window.
“Hello” said someone behind Conner
Conner turned on his heels, fists up, ready for anything. What he saw surprised him. It was a girl, older than he was, sixteen maybe. She had brown hair, down past her shoulders, hiding her sharp green eyes. She was staring at him with a blank expression. Conner was usually good at reading people’s expressions; he did when he wanted to know something. But this girl, he had nothing. Her lips were a thin line of a deep red. Her eyes gave away nothing, just a blank stare.
“Do I know you?” Conner asked.
“Nope, I have never met you before this moment.” said the strange girl.
“Umm, ok then, well bye.” Conner went to the window and looked out onto the lawn. He saw the cops looking around the apartments.
“You can’t go that way.” the girl said.
“Is this a setup?” Conner looked at the girl and he saw something that surprised him. She smiled.
“Not at all,” she said with a smile showing her perfect white teeth, “Follow me.”
She took Conner’s hand and led him through the door. Her hand was surprisingly cold for it to be the middle of June. They went down to the first floor and she opened the front door.
“Are you crazy?” said Conner, taking his hand back, “I’m not going out there, are you trying to give me to the cops?”
“There are no cops; they’re on the opposite side,” She told him, “Your going to have to trust me.”
“I don’t even know your name.” Conner said.
“If I tell you my name, will you trust me?”
“I’ll think about it.”
“Saria,” the girl said, “Now come on before we get caught. It’s a long walk, so we better start now.”
She again took Tyson’s hand and led him outside. The daylight was blinding after being in the apartment building. He looked around, expecting to see cops, but there were none in sight. Could he trust this girl? He had never fully trusted anybody, not even his closest friends; that’s survival one-o’-one. But there was something about this girl that was different, he could sense it. Whatever it is, she was good had hiding it. They walked for a good hour and a half in silence. Conner wasn’t tired at all, due to all the running he does just to survive. He was in pretty good shape, even due to lack of food.
Saria turned down a narrow ally, and stopped at a brick wall with graffiti all over it, Conner couldn’t read it. Saria turned to the wall, and crouched down. She counted from the left bottom corner, four up, seven to the right. She pressed on one side, and the other came out of the wall. She grabbed it and pulled it out as far as she could. They waited for a click, and then a door to what looked like a cellar opened.
Conner looked into the cellar, he saw nothing. All he saw were stairs leading into the darkness. He felt Saria’s hand on his back pushing him forward. He stepped into the cellar and started descending down, keeping his hands on the wall. The smell of it was surprising. He could smell chestnuts and honey.
“Is there a campfire down here?” Conner asked.
“No, that’s just your imagination.” Saria answered, smiling, because she knew Conner couldn’t see it.
He had so many questions he wanted to ask, but didn’t because he didn’t want to know the answer.
“Oh, we should be getting close to a turn, so you should find a wall any second” Saria said over Conner’s shoulder.
“Wall, what wa…” Then he found it, with his head.
“Never mind” He said through clenched teeth.
Conner turn left and continued the decent. Still holding his head, He walked into a clearing. Looking around, he saw it was a bedroom. There was a bed with purple sheets on the right wall, with a bed side table and lamp. There was a dresser on the opposite wall, with another room, which appeared to be the bathroom, strait ahead.
“Welcome to my temporary home,” Saria said, while in the process of sitting on the bed, “please feel free to make yourself at home.”
Conner grabbed the chair by the dresser, and brought it closer to the bed. He looked on top of the dresser and saw a picture of an older boy, around nineteen.
` “Who’s that?” said Conner pointing toward the picture.
“That’s my brother; he went on to Alti, the college up in the north.”
“Alti, I’ve never heard of that place before.”
“That’s because it’s a special college for gifted students, like us.”
“What do you mean like us?” Conner asked.
“So you don’t know?” Saria said, looking stunned.
“Know what?”
“What you are of course”
“Well, I’m human, and I’m a boy. Is there more?”
“So your telling me that ever since you turned ten, nothing strange has ever happened in your favor?” Saria scooted closer to Conner.
Conner thought about it for a minute. The only thing that he could think of was when he was in 7th grade, he threw a paper airplane with all his might, and it hit the teacher in the eye so hard that he now needs glasses.
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