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Fanfiction ► Solace in Night

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Just Dari

All's End
Dec 15, 2005
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Beyond the Final Destination
Solace in Night
a kingdom hearts fanfiction
Original Canon by Piercing Light

Character Profiles
Characters posted in the 2nd&3rd threads will be added as the story unfolds.

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Spoiler Spoiler Show


About twenty years ago, the king of Radiant Garden gathered a team of apprentices. These apprentices, five in number sought the boundaries of the heart and researched binding it to an object. The apprentices however sought another means, and to this end they would come to rebel against their master, four out of the five apprentices. The fifth apprentice became the device of the king's retribution, as he was used in action against his treacherous apprentices. By sealing their fates, he realized that his project they'd toiled over had become a success, implanting the traitors with a temporary substitute heart, known as the steel heart. The King's will fulfilled, he used his sabotaged apprentice to sever the chain between his body and his heart, and faded into memory.

The King vanished from the world never to return. In the ways of the heart, he assumed heartless form as his Nobody rested at the shores of the dark margin, even now. The King had a son, and to later discover that his father went missing plagued his son with confusion. His son was forced to become the new king of this world, to this end the son refused such a motion. The young boy began to feel the sentiments of loneliness, with no outlet for his pain of loss, the grief reduced him to tears.

It was one day as his future, bleak in nature, intervened with a shell of a man. As it approached him, it offered the majesty of rejecting the pain he'd held within himself. That the darkness would be his envelop to open others, so that they may suffer as he has. This malign figment, a heartless of the former king, to imbue his rage and hatred into his son. Embraced by the darkness, gaining resolve and ambition, he banished his name given to him by his father never to utter it again. That he should only ever be called by one name.

The Emperor.

Eighteen years later, Disney Castle, it became the very first world to fall beneath the wrath of ambiguous Empire. A single man, besting King Mickey of the keyblade and his guard. With such powerful hatred, he corrupted this pure world, to which he reigns even today. With time, eighteen years had been woven and the young boy spiraled into that of a man. Solidarity between his cold fingers, his wrath feeding the strength of his empire. His army had been constructed of a few leading figures known for their skill and he's dubbed them his Generals.

The conquest of worlds had come into effect for nearly two years now. His eyes had hardened, the emperor only had eyes for the world his father once ruled. For he was taken from him, his lust for power and conquest sought to take his birth right back into his own hands. Preparations were made, his leading and most powerful General by the name of Clement Capricious, also known subsequently as the Prince of Darkness. Clement was to lead the invasion of Radiant Garden, soon this world would fall into the hands of the emperor. With stern vigor and rigorous resolve, the empire dispatched its army to bring this world to its knees.

"Father. You are with me now, they shall soon suffer and be used as I was. Their blood, will fill the sky with no hope of remorse or penance. They shall suffer with me....for vengeance father."

~~~~~Prologue End

Author's Notes: Well I tried something different, by giving The Emperor an identity. A past that was never fully elaborated on in the roleplays. It occurred to me to do this because there has to be a cause and effect for the events that are to take place. In the highlight, Akans' character Clement Capricious is equally important at tying together the image of how powerful the empire truly is. The Narration will be broken up into Chapters, and it will back and forth a lot with the other characters.
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Just Dari

All's End
Dec 15, 2005
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Beyond the Final Destination
Chapter 1
Despair Upon The Garden

The flagship seemed essential. Its ascension upon the world was a mark of the end. The residents would look upon this great flagship and seek not only answers, but soon cower in fear. The bay doors themselves had slowly begun to open as it levitated slowly. Landing gears to dispatched, a single man distinguishable amongst armed men at the mouth of the ship. Landing just outside the market, quickly flooding into the town.

"Seize the stragglers. Any peasants resisting capture are to be jailed, and put on death row for public executions." Clement suggested coldly. The shine of his cynical behavior could only be paralleled by his overwhelming power. The General's heart was about as black as his raven-colored hair. With the turning of his head, the silhouette of another man became present. "Mercenary, Salforge was it?"

Almost abrasive and resistant, the man walked down the strip bridge. Cracking his neck, without too much garner or care of focus. As he came in view, his bloody eyes, were reflective crystals to compliment his bangs. A casual shrug, he bore the emblem of the empire on his left shoulder, the flange was almost iconic. He'd never worked for totalitarian powers before, but his attitude posed him as a man with little to no way of his own. "Yeah yeah. Spare me the details, whats your will mighty prince."

His hard eyes dug in, "Mind your place mercenary."

"I got you the first time Lord Clement. No ill-will, but this is an invasion, could we cut the formalities and just get to the action? I get paid by the half-hour and money talks." Salforge motioned, sardonic, mocking his superior officer's emotions.

"Very well, but such insolence will garner you no respect. You're as lost and confused, a piteous existence." Clement sighed, as his men scoured into the city. "Allow my men and the waves of heartless to overrun the world, you are to remain on standby for now."

"Downtime? Noble man, Lord Clement. Alert me at the time I am to be be assigned."

Upon the mercenary's retreat back into the ship, the general was left with his eye taking in the scenery. The sky had slowly, but surely began to grow dark, resolute of a crimson tint. A heinous and sinister smile seemed to pollute the general's face. From the ship, he could hear it, the sounds of doors being kicked open. The town would be taken by day's end. For those that escaped, the word would quickly spread as the invasion had begun.

Within a matter of hours, they'd managed to gather a great deal of the towns folk together. Clement had his men prepare a mighty platform, with a hooded executioner carrying a weighted axe. This was the kind of cruelty that garnered this man his standing. A young teen, possibly no older than fifteen had been placed in a restraint, his head protruding outward. These people that still inhabited this world needed a message that would vibrate into their hearts like a maelstrom.

"Tender people of Radiant Garden. Lend me your ears, under direct creed of his royal highness, the great and powerful Emperor. I present to you--" his voice faded, as the executioner's axe came down, cleaving the young one's head with a clean slice. Murder, a word used to define the deranged actions to instill otherworldly terror into the resident's hearts. "...despair."

He motioned. Two more juveniles of a young age were brought to the stage. A young man, and girl alike. Easily recognized among the crowd. This didn't matter to Clement, he walked near the young man and placed his head to his ear. "Your name child, give me the pleasure of knowing it before you lie upon your death bed."

With disgust and fear instilled in him, an almost defeated reply, "Capell..." he whispered near a whimper in Clement's ear.

The girl didn't speak, it was understandable. Clement relished in this kind of fear, and would tease them until their death bed. Motioning for the guards to carry them off into the holding quarters of the flag ship. Upon taking the castle, they would be moved to the dungeon and executed to commemorate victory in the name of empire. For a moment, they marveled in the blood spilled by a boy their age, they possibly knew. As the guards had carted them away, Clement could only feel with every fiber of his being, delight. Whispering to one of his guards.

"Fetch the mercenary and lock him in a jail cell with them. He can escape at any given time, it is merely my own whim that he keep them company." his words were an absolute order.

Hard Prison Nights

Two days, it was all the time Clement needed to have this world completely overrun with soldiers and heartless galore. The atmosphere, a bloody mist that was thick with the despair and terror of the residents. A once noble castle had been taken back in the name of the empire. The neo-swastika emblem flag that seemed to wave in the distance; Clement was already reveling in the fear. Wind of a group of rebels that earnestly attempted to rise up didn't go unnoticed. A bat of his eye, as he'd lurked in the dungeon's of the castle, his prize. Capell, a defeated man without hope had lie there behind bars.

His contemptuous smile seemed to come into fruition. As Capell would ramble in his broken state, Clement teased, offering knowledge to where his weapons lay. Should he entertain the very idea of an escape, he'd be brought back to an even more hastened execution.

Ignoring the other prisoner, who would most likely be fed to the heartless, Clement turned from the two prisoners, walking away. As he passed the guard, he said, "Double the number of guards here. Kill anyone who cannot identify themselves on sight."

Nodding fervently, the guard backed away. Then, in a sudden spark of courage, he spoke up:
"But you are here, sir. We don't need more guards..."

Clement turned back slightly as he answered, "A few suspected traitors have been followed, one of which is a certain Mr Cole. He kindly lead us to a nice little hideout which will be attacked in exactly.... 3 minutes. I do need to be there in time to oversee the cleanup."

Laughing Clement walked out of the prison. The air shimmered and he vanished from sight. Scratching his head, relieved that he was still alive, the guard moved back to his seat again. What a fearsome man he is, the guard thought to himself. Rumors don't give justice to the soul crushing aura of power he gave off...

To be mindful, his mercenary having been instated by the emperor occupied the cell beside Capell's. He acted almost as if he were a detained drunk on death row, throwing slander mockingly at Clement to fuel the idea he truly was a prisoner.
"Is that what you call a motivational death walk Clement?" he whispered faintly so he wouldn't hear. As he continued on about beefing up security, he wasn't surprised. Considering HE was down there, not so sure about the boy in the cell next to him. As he heard Clement's footsteps tread away, his face was against the rust steel bars, catching faint sign of him vanishing into the dark of the dungeon's staircase.

"Its funny. When I make them an offer, they laugh at me, when I intimidate them, they fear me and lock me up. What kind of world is this? Tch, whatever." he said with lofty sigh sticking his arm outside the cage. The right of his arm, the bracelet adding a chain with a key drifting from it. Quickly making use of it and unlocking his cell, sliding the door open. He took a few steps and began to walk towards the staircase where Clement had traveled. Stopping in front of the cell as to where he'd been conversing. Not making eye contact, he just looked ahead before speaking.

A guard taking notice to the enigma standing before him, "You there. Identify yourself!"

He stood there, turning his head around. "Salforge. I was commissioned by the empire to follow and adhere to the man that was just here, but in my tardiness I seemed to have missed him. If you would like to question such orders, perhaps I should pass my word to the foreman that his guards don't heed faith in his word."

The clumsy men in steel seemed to tremble and hesitate with their stammering speech, "No-no! That won't be necessary, you're granted clearance!"

"Splendid. Could you do me a favor and release this boy here? It was a request as well, or do you wish to question this?"

"No-not at all! Release him!"

The bumbling men of steel performed their task with haste and the cell slid open. "I always wanted a young ward. Whats your name kid?"

Suffice to say, as Capell stared into the stranger's cell, the young girl. Dispensing a brief dialogue, as the words touched him, this man appearing a bleak silhouette housing freedom. Maybe it was disgust, maybe it was fear, or maybe it was his gut telling him not to trust it. Capell squinted his eyes at the stranger. "Are you an idiot? Cause all this will accomplish is getting us both killed. I don't know what you're planning, but I do know that I want no part of it." With that he grabbed the cell bars and closed them shut. "It'll be a cold day in hell before I accept help from one of you bastards.."

There was a moment where he felt this was almost too cruel. They often say, depression leads individuals to doubt both praise and positive nature from others. This Salforge knew all too well, he turned his head and eyed the young woman behind bars too, before turning to this Capell again. "Except I'm not one of these 'bastards' so you call them." he said reiterating a turn of his head to face the boy who'd been so kind as to not relinquish identity. Raising his hand to to the top of his head, he scratched it in something of a callous and nonchalant matter as if he'd nothing to really worry about. Raising his hands and letting them drift to the sides forming his 'hanekoma' shrug.

"Listen kid. In today's world we do what we have to by means of survival, even if it means appeasing your enemies. I'm a mercenary, so I belong to whoever is swinging the bigger wallet, I accept payment and work, taking everything like a job and doing things my way. If I want to help a kid who's maybe an enemy of my boss, thats my business. I think of it as, a conflict on interest for them. It stimulates my work."

"Are you mad? Take that invitation and get out of here." the voice from other cell phased across the block. Possessing more optimism than Capell's, encouraging even in this kind of environment. Though, with a position like this, it never hurts to ask, even something simple.

"With that said," She looked at the older man, "Please help me as well?" She asked in the sweetest tone she could muster. Well...I doubt I have enough on me for this man but... "I'll pay you all that I have just to break these bars and get these handcuffs off me." She said. "Nothing more, nothing less. Pretty please?" She asked. She would beg if she had to, as long as she can get her revenge on the Heartless, the Empire and beat that annoying smug man who came earlier. She flinched slightly, her right eye stinging her lightly just by thinking about the Heartless.

Perhaps her voice touched him in a way that seemed to stem the tide. Capell, for what it was worth could not accept this man, for whatever his intentions were for siding with murderers. This distrust dejected any warmth or respect he could hold for the mercenary and this was justified. Capell seemed to be sweet towards the lady, for a defeated soul he was not short on compassion.

The mercenary's mind drew upon such affections, cold and calculatingly. Perhaps, if a heart had still beat within his breast, he would register what they were feeling, unfortunately this wasn't the case. With haste, he opened the woman's cell and quickly snapped her handcuffs. Clement's earlier visit had given them the knowledge and whereabouts of their armory. A brief walk and time needed as they rearmed, they would soon depart from the depths of the dungeon. With her strange 'tonfas' he recalled her saying with a stroke of relief, they seemed prepared to depart.

"Lets get going you two." Salforge said turning to the stairwell before them and becoming a silhouette within seconds. As they motioned up the dark staircase of which would lead them unto the courtyard, an isolated section near the graveyard. He stopped, overlooking the 'legion' of graves, marveled with tombstones.

"I was told. These graves, are the heads of rebels that revolted against the empire. The sheer number is boundless, but...theres something else I was told. I don't want to freak you kids out either, but..." he clenched his fist, squinting his eyes. "They didn't bury the rebels, their bodies aren't here..."

Talons and claws had then began to spring from the ground, cartoonish in detail. With only the sound of bubbles popping, as black pools of darkness began to spawn countlessly in number. Braced behind Salforge, the young girl was a bit trembled by the horrific scene. Heartless, planted in these graves outside of the back entrance to the prison block. Without a doubt, this was Clement's doing, with a swift exhale, the mercenary fabricated a barrier to encompass the graves, locking the heartless within. The mob of mindless creatures were fiercingly clawing against the walls without fail. "What a hassle. As for you two, I'd take the left into town and rejoin your lost ones. I wouldn't want to risk compromising my agreement."

As he continued to observe the captive heartless warily look at the two, their mindless insanity show how easily controlled they were. "Just a forewarning, I guess you could say that I care...but next time we cross paths, we may not be on the same side. So be wary of me...Capell and Dia."

Capell's eyes never left the graves for an instant, even as the viscious heartless sprung from their stead. This angered him, igniting a kind of rage that had only since began to boil in the presence of the mercenary. If he saw him again or not, he didn't care. As agreed, he and dia complemented his request with individual bags of munny they had to spare. Almost as if he were gracious, he only took an individual dime from each of them, and sent them on their way. His back was turned, as to avoid following their trail and with this.

Escape! Capell! Dia!

Capell had made off with Dia motioning for the town square. The first thing on his mind, happened to be seizing the train to reunite with their other associations. Though for some strange reason, it was suspiciously empty. Drawing eyes upon the fountaion what they'd come to discover was, it was filled to the brim with darkness. Dia almost with a compulsive shriek creeping up her throat was tempted to scream. Capell's quick thinking covering her mouth as they ducked behind a near by bench as to not alert.

Low and behold, it blotched a pool of black that shot up into the sky. A single spot that expanded, a hand at first becoming visible. Reaching into the ground, the rest of its body taking form from the spot in the sky. It held itself, massive, and with no less than a gigantic hole in it's chest, it reminded Capell almost explicitly of neo-shadows but far larger. As it crashed to the ground the fountain had been smashed, the fleeting trails of darkness soaking into the heartless at high speeds. Water and rubble were flung at the seems, as it roared and crippled their ears.

As Dia looked to Capell and Capell to Dia, they had only just met. Thrust into partnership, the manner of trust formed through such unprecedented conditions faced them with even tougher decisions. Each having a desire to survive, as Dia turned to Capell ever prepared, "I am always ready for a fight with this...thing." She said, pulling out her guns from their holsters. She ran to the back of the Heartless and started shooting it.

At a time like this, it was fairly difficult to discern if Capell were rightly a man of strategy or tomfoolery. Getting the attention of the mighty heartless, its fist came crashing down, which appeared to pummel him into the cobblestone. He was certainly a strong one, (this part was really vague) as he ripped the heartless' arm off and it dissipated into a small pool of darkness. It fell backwards, seated and gripping its arm where it once was. Capell's eager approach towards the fiend as he was more than prepared to finish this conflict, tendrils emerged from the severed arm, and wrapped around Capell placing him in a bind. As this happened he got a good look at the things face. There was a spot on it's forehead that seemed to be cracked. "Well this is annoying... Hey Dia, aim for it's head!" Capell screamed as the heartless' left arm came down towards him.

She looked up at the head. She wasn't able to see what was important there to shoot it. But there was no time to lose. She ran to get a good look at the forehead, and saw the crack. "The end." She muttered as she gathered her magic, applying it to her bullets to shoot the crack. She pulled the trigger of her guns, shooting two huge fiery bullets at the crack, which exploded on contact with the crack.

"Nice shot Dia." He said, giving the girl a thumbs up. He really was impressed, It seemed that having only one eye to see out of didn't hurt her aim. And he had to admit, she looked pretty cool a moment ago... It was at this point that the Heartless' body started to spas out. "Holy shit!!" Capell jumped away from the thing before it stopped moving and finally dissipated. "Well that's new... Umm, anyway let's hurry up and get out of here before something else shows up."

As they continued He noticed that the streets were empty, and there were little to no signs of conflict. "Looks like everyone's afraid to come outside, can't say I blame them." The scene stayed the same up until they approached the train station. "Damn, just as I thought, Guard's all over the place. Hmm, they seem to be up in arms about something. You wanna get a closer look Dia?"

The truth was, Dia was merely a visitor to Radiant Garden. The lack of people here, it truly appeared this world was dead except for the two of them. With no other people around, it pushed a healthy fear and a bit of distance in Dia. This reminded her of her home world, Occasus. Her eye narrowed, but she didn't bother speaking. It's either you run away or you fight. She shrugged. "What a hassle. A visitor like me can't even enjoy a nice time in a world she's never been to. Let's go get a closer look...uh..." She looked at him for a moment, squinting her eye as she tried to remember his name. "...Capell." She said in the end, scratching her head lightly.

The two moved in cooperation with the shadows and quickly made their way to the railyard with great care not to be spotted. Capell's eyes had now, softened, it was strange to see this. Dia made a note of this, as she thought about it, how depressed and unnerved he was near an hour ago. He was back on his feet now, and willing to uphold the integrity of both of their lives, she simply patted him on the back and formed a grin. "You're a funny guy, you know?"

When it came to a destination, he still hadn't the slightest clue where they would go from here. Though he felt the strangest warmth from Dia's last trailing comment, it hit him, "I wonder what she meant by that..." he said, remembering Hanako would say that to him. Catching his second wind, he snapped back into his designated focus and followed behind Dia who moved further ahead.

"Looks like we're near the control room, we should be able to see which trains are coming in there." Moving up the hall he stopped abruptly. "Looks like a guard is coming, I'll handle it." Staying hidden around the corner he listened as the guard's footsteps came closer and closer. Right as he was about to turn the corner Capell rushed him grabbing him around the neck and mouth. He pulled him to the ground, ignoring his muffled yells as he choked him to sleep. "That was close, let's keep going." He said, letting go of the snoring guard. Opening a door in the hall they found themselves in a room full of complicated equipment and monitors. Going up to a monitor he read the daily schedule, then looking at the live feed showing where all of the trains were. "That's strange, there's a train that's supposed to be coming here. But for some reason it's been rerouted..."

A message had appeared across the screen, Capell and Dia looked upon it in horror...


End Chapter 1

Author's Notes: I chose again to be a bit more clear with how the invasion actually began. By Hard Prison Nights, this is where the actual Roleplay started. Focusing more on Capell and Concordia for the moment, the other characters will introduced at roughly the same exact time as the events following Hard Prison Nights, in the following chapter. The end statement YOU WILL ALL DIE, has been slightly altered from its original form. That much will be revealed as the story progresses. Hope you find this as engaging and stimulating as I do.
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The Dark is Empty
Mar 19, 2009
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Cool Chapter is Cool :3
Keep it up, I'm looking forward to the unfolding events~

Just Dari

All's End
Dec 15, 2005
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Beyond the Final Destination
Chapter 2
A Night of Travesty

Are You A Friend or Fiend!

Traverse Town, your atypical place of residency to strangers and wanderers that have lost their homes to darkness. They say that those that are born here, were dropped into the only refuge available to them. The people here, close-knit and eager to support each other as all they have left of their homes are themselves. A bright neon-town, split into several districts, five to be exact, but three of them are visited the most frequently. The first district was never the home of hostility, heartless rarely, if ever appeared here. The Second District was home to the famous clock tower and fountain, here the darkest of shadows would emerge. The Third District was a stage where performances could be enacted, but became overrun with heartless in time. Beyond there, the wizard Merlin's humble home can be found, but it's often abandoned of his presence.

The Empire had no such sight on this refuge, but merely its inhabitants. For you see, where heartless run a muck without a care, there are sure to be those that wield the desired weapon; the keyblade, a weapon that garnered much attention and only accessible to a rare breed of men and women. Rumors floated aloft by the heartless under the emperor's siege, with his rebuttal, he sent his own there to investigate.

First Lieutenant Haruka, and as per the order of his superior officer Clement, he'd been dispatched under his will. Haruka had carefully sent his patrol of heartless to scour across the unpopulated districts. With any luck, they would be drawn to the said keyblader in question. A bit contemplative, he stood from a high vantage point in the second district and peered into the dark sky. Unbeknownst to him the action that unfolded beneath his eyes.


The quickening of a readied blade, unnatural by this world's conventional choice of weapons. As it cleaved through the body of a black mass, a burst of black smoke could be seen. Reeling it backward it came to rest upon the shoulder of a young man. Adamant, upright, though his appearance however far from heroic. A humanitarian by the looks of it, and defending this town with his unusual means of weaponry. As he wiped the sweat from his forehead and fixed his goggles, his hazel eyes were examining the second district. Soon after, the boy released his tension with a sigh of relief. Now against the fountain, he leaned upon as to catch is breath and humbly reflected upon the past. The 'Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee' had deported to their home world Radiant Garden. Leaving this strange young man to protect this town.

His name was Derrick Alvaro, and he was a fairly adept wielder of the keyblade. "Hmm. . . guess I'll just watch over Cid's shop for a bit." he said, standing up as he now headed for the large wooden door that led to the First District. Pushing the door open and now making his way down towards the Accessory Shop that once was owned by a man named Cid, Derrick kept a watchful eye on his surroundings, that and was trying to see if at least someone showed up but nothing.

As expected. . .

Entering the shop, Derrick placed his Keyblade on the counter before hopping up onto to take a seat on it. He let out yet another sigh but this time, out of complete boredom.

"Hmph. . . guess I should have reconsidered Leon's offer of leaving this place."

Outside, someone had been watching Derrick. They'd a weakness for curiosity, a young woman perhaps no younger than Derrick himself. A serene air about her, chasing the boy in secret as he'd ventured inside of the Accessory Shop (now vacant with no Cid). As he disappeared from view she walked to the square, keeping her eyes peeled perhaps she'd find him. With no such luck, she merely giggled softly before returning to the door as if approaching the second district. A much smaller door, above the accessory shop. Breaching it's doors, she'd entered the Synthesis Shop; The young girl was fascinated with the moogles hard at work. Though clumsily, tripping over a bar of metal, the loudest thud could be heard above.

"Aren't I just a graceful thing?" She asked, acknowledging the chuckles that came from the moogles inside the building.

Her presence wasn't one easy to ignored. Derrick nearly dozing off as he was drowning his own bordeom, awoke from the sound of a thunderous 'thud'. Coming from the Synthesis Shop above, this drew Derrick derrick to the ladder as he was curious. At first he figured it was just the Moogles that ran the shop but when he started to hear them chuckle, that said otherwise. Sounded like they were having a blast and seeing as how he had nothing better to do, he might as well check it out.

The Keyblade, Shadow's Requiem, that lied on the counter dispersed into specks of light before the boy proceeded with climbing up the ladder. Once reaching the top, he pushed open the cover as he peeked his head up a bit to greet the small creatures.

"Having f -"
But before he could finish he greeting, the goggle-head ended up being caught off by something(in this case, someone) that caught his attention. However, this ended up making Derrick flail his arms about, thus, losing his grip on the ladder. All that could be heard was a rather loud crash from below followed by a groan in pain.

Despite the fall, Derrick quickly realized what made him fall in the first place; there was a girl in the Synthesis Shop! Sure, Derrick had no problem with introducing himself to others but when it came to girls, that was a whole different story. He quickly stood up and hopped over the counter, taking refuge behind it. The last thing he wanted was for the girl to stay up there so he wouldn't have to feel extremely awkward.

Among them and ever vigilant was Haruka, as he'd noticed the heartless he sent to patrol the second district had all been wiped out. Suspicion aroused in the lieutenant as his brow arose, a brief pause before he'd opened a portal of darkness to travel to the first district. Taking the high vantage point once again, he observed the movement of people below. A boy had head around into the front door of the accessory shop, a young girl wandered after only to find he'd vanished inside. Rather than stress this over, she wandered inside of the accessory shop, the door was open and Haruka could clearly see inside. Watching from the roof top before jumping down as she entertains the local moogles with her idea of a "graceful" entrance.

He quickly walks up to the girl and pulls her to her feet while looking her over to see if she is hurt anywhere. He knows that there is a chance that this girl is the one that he is looking for, but there is an even greater chance that this girl is just a girl. "You okay? You might want to be careful. Moogles can be dangerous in large numbers." He looks to the oldest looking Mog of the laughing group and bows respectfully. The cute creature hovering over the ground blinks at the odd display until Haruka speaks up and asks if the merchant is selling anything sweet. Almost instantly the Mog vanishes in search of the candy and soon emerges victorious from his hunt. This pleases Haruka very much so he pulls out a small pouch and hands it to the creature as he takes the bag of candy. Haruka's next action amazes even himself as he pulls the girl away and takes out one of the multicolored orbs. He tosses the deep green orb of sweetness into his mouth and smiles with pleasure before offering the girl one.

"You should try these. Each color has a different flavor from either a type of candy or fruit."

Anya's strange encounter as a complete stranger had emerged at such an opportune time. As he held what appeared to be an orb of some kind of candy the moogle had presented. At first look she was reluctant to respond, curious as to how to say no. Anya possessed the mind to smack this orb out of his hand, as she contemplated the number of calories that lie within the candy, as if it mocked her. Though she decided to speak before he thought she was mute or deaf, she shook her head lightly and let her hair swish onto her shoulders.

"No thank you. I'm really not a big fan of...sweets. But the offer was great anyways." She added with a closed smile. "Well since I know many people in this town, I was wondering since you don't look familiar, what per chance is your name?" Then also wanting to see if she could also get to meet the unknown person below, she noted, "And theres also someone downstairs that I don't know either. How about we all just introduce ourselves?" Walking closer to the ladder she gazed down into the hole and raised her head up again, looking at the kind stranger standing before her.

I guess you could say that Derrick was rather shy. As his back was throbbing he sat there to contemplate that which he had seen. A young girl at the top of the ladder, talking down to him, but he had a feeling she was talking to someone else. As he'd attempted to climb up the ladder again, she peeked down, and with cowardice Derrick had quickly chosen to hide behind the counter top again. It was quite the dilemma for poor Derrick.

The girl not accepting his offer was quite unique to Haruka due to the fact that not many would do so. Still, he shrugs the thought off and places the candy back into the pouch and ties it to his belt. As soon as he finishes securing the bag the girl begins to ask for his name but mentions the crash that appeared from within one of the nearby shops. He too was curious even as the girl looks into the open window only to retreat without seeing anything. Haruka himself walks to the portal and sticks his head in only to see total darkness to obscure his vision. He grumbles slightly at the lack of sight and sticks his head in next to his face. He concentrates just slightly and feels an orb of fire appear before dropping it down the hole. The fire destroys the darkness as it passes but does not hit the ground. Instead it hovers in the air and expands to show much more of the room below.

Still nothing. Haruka, feeling a little annoyed at this fact, hoists himself through the opening and lets himself drop until his feet hit the floor of the room below. The orb quickly centers over his body and fills the room with more light as he rises from his crouch. He looks around for a little bit until he notices something out of the ordinary behind the counter. He follows the gleam of the light off of what could be some type of glass and smiles at his discovery. He looks to the boy with goggles and extends a hand to the one in hiding. "Hi there. Care to come out and meet my new friend? She's quite curious about you seeing as how you crashed earlier. Are you hurt, by the way?"

You can't exactly blame Derrick's paranoia. As he held himself concealed from the man as he'd dropped down the hole. Swearing he heard a girl's voice, he peaked his head above the counter and blew his cover. He didn't understand the point of it if the shop was never dark to begin with but shrugged to the thought of it.

"Um. . . yeah, I'm fine."
For some reason, Derrick was beginning to get a strange vibe coming from this guy. He couldn't explain why but he didn't like it either. "Not to sound rude but. . . who are you?" he ended up asking as he left the man's hand hanging there as he crossed his arms onto his chest. "'Cause I've never seen you or that girl around here."

The new stranger didn't answer her question of who he might be, and it kind of annoyed Anya in a way. Maybe he was waiting for the perfect time to tell her his name..? But why? That would be weird unless she knew him, but she still wanted to know who he was so that she could become aquainted with him even if she didn't know who he was. Maybe it was because she didn't say hers first? No... he should've still answered the question, even to be polite. Well even though Anya was in a mind of her own, contradicting each thing she thought she still noticed that the man was curious about the other someone down there.

He dropped an orb of fire and soon the room became illuminated instantly, but he still did not look satisfied with what was down there, like he didn't see anyone. That's why he didn't answer her, is because he was curious about who was in Cid's shop first. She noticed him dropping down to the room below but she was cautious to follow. For a moment she waited and then she poked her head down and held onto the ledge of the opening from the Synthesis Shop to Cid's to see if she could see anyone, but it looked like there was only the stranger down there. It smelled of dust and probably old materials made for making accessories when Cid was here. She wondered how he was faring in Radiant Garden. Anya didn't know what was happening there at the moment, but Cid's life probably wasn't the greatest. Anya then pushed herself through the door and flipped down, landing on the floor feet first. Now that did look graceful. It was pretty silent too.

A boy had revealed himself, and Anya was attentive to their careful choice of words. Intervening with some of her own, "Well I was kinda wondering the same thing." She smiled at both of them. "Cause it looks like I'm in the same circumstance as you two are."

Gaze shifted down to the floor, Derrick bit his lip as he leaned up against the wall behind him, trying to play it off as if nothing was wrong in the first place. It wasn't because he didn't like to greet people it was more of the fact that he didn't do too well when it came to girls. Talking to them was one of his weaknesses considering he would grow nervous and/or look away in order to focus on something else. Derrick had raised his goggle head, in preparation to reply.

"Circumstance? What circumstance, I don't see one."
As quickly as that was spoken, the boy was making it very obvious that he lacked the ability to stay calm. He took in a deep breath, letting out as he then rubbed the back of his neck, eyes still transfixed on the floor.

"Sorry about that... I don't do too well when it comes to meeting new people."
A portion of that statement was true but a lie at the same time. Meeting others was easy for him, but again as stated before, girls were a problem. "How long have you two been here in Traverse Town anyway? I mean, I've been living here for my entire life and never once seen you."

Haruka was about to answer the boy when a soft sound caught his attention. He immediately knew that the girl must have jumped down herself. He quickly puts the fire out as it hovers above him and looks as the girl reveals herself after a little bit of hiding, something that he couldn't quite understand. Still, the boy and the girl posed very plausible questions in the fact that they both wanted to know his name. For the first few moments he remains silent in case the two wish to introduce themselves before him, but nothing happens. He takes that as a sign to go first and to break the proverbial ice. He straightens himself up as is a habit of serving the Empire and steps back to keep both people in his field of vision.

"My name is Haruka and I just recently arrived here in Traverse Town. I come from a world where there are both Gods and Devils that live in peace alongside humans. I am one of the few that have both God and Devil blood."

As he says this he points to his slightly pointed ears but then realizes that chances are the two would know know that the ears is how you tell the difference between a God, Devil and Human on his world. Still, it is something that he was used to because of the fact that his ears featured properties of both types of ears. He finally looks back to the boy and notices something strange about him. The feeling was quite untouchable, but it felt a little like his search has finally ended. Haruka quickly disregards this thought seeing as how there was no evidence that the boy had a keyblade other than the feeling that was going through Haruka's gut at the moment. He finally looks to the girl and notices that he does not get the same feeling from the girl, only the feeling that the girl thinks about appearances way too much. Still, each person is entitled to his or her own opinion.

"I do believe that it is customary that introductions from the two of you are in order? I could be wrong, seeing as how I am not yet used to this world. This is my first visit."

It was a definite dilemma for sure, this world was a haven to those that have lost their homes to darkness. Anya, as she began to pay closer attention to the boy, he claimed not to know her. It was really weird, she had lived here in this town for nearly five years, how could she not know him? As he proceeded to talk it reassured her thought as he would occassionaly look upon the floor. She too looked at the floor for a moment if there were anything interesting down there.

Anya nodded and decided to introduce herself next. "Yeah it might be best if we actually know each others names." She said with a smile.

"I'm Anya. Been here since I was fifteen, so I think its strange that you and I haven't met before, but there's a first time for everything." She said looking at the guy that she still didn't know. Then she turned to the door as it opened and saw someone else come in who was new. She saw him grip his blade and her eyes became wide, even though he was holding it casually. He spoke formally, and different, and he must have arrived on the train for he seemed to be from a different world all right.

Upon hearing the man's words, who ended up breaking the awkward silence among the three, Derrick was a bit skeptical about the whole "God/Devil" ordeal. So this 'Haruka' was a hybrid of the two? That explains the funky ears he had but still, even after his formal introduction, the boy still felt that vibe that something wasn't right here. But that was until the girl introduced herself afterward.

So here we had two strangers from two completely different worlds; one just arriving and the other living here since the age of fifteen. Sure, the boy had to admit that this was better than being alone for once so maybe meeting new people was a good thing despite the feeling he was getting from Haruka.

"The name's Derrick,"
the goggle-head finally managed to say after hearing both introductions from the two. "It's a pleasure to meet you, though, I have to admit that it's good to finally see some new faces around here. You have no idea how tiring fighting Heartless off." he added as the Shadow's Requiem keyblade was summoned into the boy's grasp. "This thing has been through a lot already,"

The door to the shop opened and another person who he's never seen in his life ended up walking in, but, they were in need of supplies.

"Well. . . the owner's on a new world but I can help."
said Derrick as he placed the tip of the blade onto the floor before leaning on the hilt of his keyblade. "What can I get ya?"

Trains That Go Nowhere

The train's sounds could be heard, as the steam released from the third district. Getting to a move on, as there seemed to be a service of men that guarded the train. An outgoing train that would dispatch for Radiant Garden to be sure. A young man and girl had been causing problems for what residual guards were posted there. Where this train station sat, was on the very outskirts of the town, you had to take a certain route to get here, as if it were intentionally concealed. There was a bottom level to the third district, and as the young man and girl prevailed, they pushed for the train. Their names were Cort and Lissa.

Dashing from behind the wall, Cort jump kicked the first guard. Lissa broke full speed at the train, getting on while Cort had the guards distracted. As Cort fought the guards, the train's whistle went off sounding that the train was leaving the station. The train began to move slowly at first as the last of the guards was taken out rather quickly. Turning to a moving train, Cort dashed after it. His innate ability of haste began to kick in as he caught up to the train before diving onto the railing. Climbing up on the train, Lissa smiled and Cort just stared at the land that lay before them. "Hey Lissa. I'm going up top. i want you to go through the train interior. We'll make our way to the main car. They'll probably be expecting us but, let's get moving." Cort said as he climbed up the ladder to the top of the last car.

Just then an alarm went off on the train and Cort became worried. Now they were on to them so, Lissa and Cort would only have so long to get to the front before the prison would be notified of the intruders. Guards began to climb to the top of the train car, glaring at Cort. "Looks like we've got a problem. I hope Lissa can handle herself down there. Time to have some fun and test my abilities." Cort commented on his current situation before dashing forward and saying, "SHOWTIME!"

The two had merely thrown themselves into the lion's den. As the guards persistently stormed the train, Cort and Lissa were left to their wits alone. With a passion for hand to hand combat skills, they would quickly downsize the forces that attempted to sieze the train without fail.

Lissa took a deep breath just as an alarm was sounded. "Dammit" she muttered to herself. She hurried to the next car. The car was filled with dozens of crates and boxes, but otherwise seemed empty. She could hear a commotion above and hoped Cort would be okay. She opened the door to the next car only to find it filled with guards. She stared blankly for a moment. One of the guards noticed her and shouted, "Hey! Over there!" The remaining guards turned and looked at her.

"Epe!" Lissa slammed the door shut just as the guards started to run towards her. She hurried and pushed several of the heavier crates in front of the door while she thought of something to do. Think. Think. Think. She kept telling herself. The guards were pounding on the door and it wouldn't be long before they broke through. Something in the corner by a crate caught her eye. It was a crowbar. Lissa rushed over to it, picked it up, and hid between a crate and the wall just as the guards managed to burst through the door. Five guards walked into the train car. The one who first spotted her had bright orange hair and a big grin on his face. He scanned the car and knew she had to be hiding. He said with a chuckle, "Come on out missy. Its better if you quietly come with us now than trying to put up a fight where you'll lose."

Lissa held her breath as one of the guards stood inches from the crate she was hiding behind. This guard was scrawnier than the rest and his back was to her. She knew they'd find her if she just sat there so she figured, Why not give them a fight. She quietly got to her feet and stared at the back of the guard’s head. Then she swung the crowbar at his head with enough force that she knew she'd knock him out. THWACK!! and the guard went down like a sack of potatoes. Lissa quickly crouched back down and tucked herself behind another crate and scurried down the length behind the crates.

The orange haired guard laughed. "This little pigeon's got some spunk. I like it." He cracked his neck before unsheathing his sword. He started to kick and heave crates from the wall, slowly making his way to where Lissa was hiding.

Rather than wait to be sliced in two, Lissa stood with her crowbar clutched in her hands, ready to fight. "Come on creep, show me what you got." The orange haired guard stopped and stared at her with a grin. Her then looked back at his three other units and motioned his head for them to go for it. They immediately charged at Lissa. She ducked and dodged their attacks and managed to strike them a few times. She tried use the martial arts that Cort showed her and the kickboxing that Elphaba showed her. She kicked and swung her crowbar, eventually knocking a guard so hard into wall that he was no longer a problem. She could only evade so many attacks and received a blow to her side from a spear, tearing part of her shirt and cutting her. The other guard managed to use this as an opportunity to grab Lissa by her hair and yanked her close to him. She yelped as he did this but managed focus enough to kick him between the knees. Apparently their armor doesn't protect the family jewels as well as they should and the guard stumbled to the floor, letting go of her. Lissa didn't waste any time and immediately went after the other guard, swinging her crowbar wildly. He blocked her blows and returned his own with his spear. She blocked and dodged and swiftly made her way behind the guard and smacked him in the head with the crowbar. He went down and Lissa took a quick second to breathe. She stopped short once she heard the orange haired guard chuckling. She had forgotten about him as she fought off his soldiers.

"You're quite the firecracker pigeon. I'd love to see how else you can use that energy of yours," he said with grin. Digusted, Lissa stared at him fiercely. She gripped the crowbar tighter and it took all of her strength to keep from trembling. Then he charged....

First came the sword which Cort easily dodged. A swift kick and the first guard was off the train. Cort looked back up and gave the rest of the guards a satisfied look. Two guards ran at him and began randomly attacking. Catching both guards' fists, he pulled them forward. As their body was off balance, Cort jumped and out streched both his legs into two powerful kicks that slammed into both guards' face. They fell backwards and off the train apparantly. Catching him with one hand, Cort flipped up as another tried rush in. Luckily the young master has landed on his feet before the happened and caught the man's head as the guard rushed in. A beautiful knee was aptly applied to the guard's face which incidently casued the guard's eyes to go white and pass out.

"That's four down I believe. Anymore?" Cort asked with a smirk. The last two guards looked at eachother and then dashed off back down the train cars. He could hear the soundof Lissa's battle through the windows that were open. Just then he heard a man say something rather disgusting thing to Lissa. If there was one thing that pissed him off then it was vulgar man that thought they could get away with talking about Lissa in such a manner. Doing a flip off the edge of the train, gripped the side of the train and swung in through the window. Angled perfectly, Cort landed right infront of the charging man. The man ran into Cort but, it didn't even phase the young warrior. Before words were formed, a powerful high kick was administered to the guard's sternum. Next came a powerful straight fist to the gut, then Cort spun around and went to the chest with a palm strike. As the guard was bent over in pain and from lack of oxygen....and probably broken rib. Grabbing the man's throat, Cort uttered a few word, "Never in your life talk to her like that. Got it?" The guard nodded before Cort turned and used the momentum of said turn to throw the guard out of the train.

Looking back at Lissa, Cort's face wnet from completely serious to happy face. "Are you okay Lissa?" Cort asked as he inspected her body, catching onto to the cut on her shirt. Getting rather close to the girl, he inspected the cut and noticed that it was non-existent. He could fell her dragonic chi resonating from her body and it was probably the reason why her wound was gone now. "Luckily I got in here or else a second later and you would have went dragonic and destroyed the entire train." Cort commented on the situation with a smile and a laugh. Then he took a look back and spoke once again, "Let's get moving. Don't worry. Calm down when you fight. Remember what I told you. Let your body do the fighting. Not your mind." Dashing off again, Cort climbed on the top of the train again. Running forward, Cort noticed that on top and in the train, all the guards had seemingly disappeared.

Right as Cort took a step on the car right before the front car, a large man in a uniform climbed up from the train. "Hello foolish rebel and false king. I hope your not going to the prison because I just alerted them that you were on your way. I believe your mother is up for execution next. You might just make it to see her before you die. But for now i'm your problem." The rather large man said before rippign the uniform off and revealing an extremely large and over the top muscled body. He looked like the freaking Hulk mixed with Broly from DBZ. "My name is Bruno. I am one of the Lieutenants of the empire. We are ranked right below Lord Clement." Bruno said with a evil grin. "Wait what do you mean we?" Cort replied, worried for Lissa. Bruno took a step forward and explained "My vice-captain is waiting below for the girl. Don't worry though, Viper was ordered to not kill the girl but, she can get carried away. But later on them. Let's get on to our battle."

Before Cort even got a word out, Bruno was upon him, overshadowing Cort's entire six foot body. Punching Bruno's body, Cort felt as if he had broke his hand. Before he could react, Bruno had grabbed Cort by the throat with amazing speed, and lifted him into the air. Cort was then slammed into the train with such force that it almost shook off it's track. Going in for a punch with his other hand, Cort blocked the fist with his right foot and kicked Bruno in the face with his left foot, knocking the muscle bound man off him. Flipping back to his feet, Cort caught his breath before commenting Bruno, "This guy is a monster. Guess I gotta stop pulling my punches for this one."

Below a woman wearing a dark purple and black outfit with very long silver hair and snake eyes waited for Lissa to show up. Viper looked quite terrifying with her whip/sword in her hands and she was ready to wrap Lissa up in it.

Clement's Orders

Curiously, there was very little blood in the hideout.

Clement strode through the dusty shelter, sniffing at the amount of ash on the floor. They piled in small clumps here and there... most likely remains of the rebels after the Heartless were done feasting on them. So much cleaner than human soldiers. And so obedient also.

There wasn't much to say about the attack. After Cole had left, the Heartless had gathered, and as one, rose through the floor catching the rebels almost completely by surprise. Some had tried to escape, like the unfortunate Cole, and were immediately intercepted by the soldiers he had stationed around the area. Any underground passages had been blocked in advance, and there were no survivors.

Actually, there was. Cole, of course, had been kept in the dark about the attack, and when he walked into the ranks of the soldiers, he had been knocked out and tied down. And now he was currently kneeling in front of Clement.

"The esteemed Mr Cole... How nice to see you." Clement started with a malicious smile. "Your efforts have greatly assisted the Empire tonight. I should have you promoted."

Gritting his teeth, with one eye forced shut by a massive bruise, Cole somehow managed to summon up the energy to spit at Clement. The projectile managed to travel halfway before it hit a transparent barrier in midair, much too far from Clement's face to do anything.

"Really, what awful manners."
An imploding sound - Cole doubled over, clutching his gut as he attempted to scream in pain. No sound erupted from his empty mouth as Clement stepped away with a bored expression.

"Not many people get to feel the sensation of their inner organs and vocal cords being crushed within them. Enjoy the experience. It'll be another hour before you die.... but you'll be unconscious from the pain soon before that anyways."

Without even twitching a muscle, Clement exerted his will and Cole rose into the air, before being slammed into the wall of the building, right on top of the entrance door. A nearby iron support bar ripped itself out of the foundations and rose into the air, shedding flakes of itself until it was a large spiked nail. It flew forwards, impaling Cole onto the wall, as his life blood dripped onto the ground, staining the lifeless gray ashes with deep crimson streaks.

"Ah that's better. A splash of color really does improve this derelict gray building."
Turning away, Clement gave the order to leave. The soldiers, glancing uncertainty at the ominous body, left quickly, while the Heartless already out of sight in the shadows, faded slowly away.

Pausing for a second, Clement stopped and looked at the body again. Then, making up his mind, he rose an arm and gestured. A scrap of cloth ripped itself off from Cole's tattered clothes and attached itself to his body. A few drops of blood levitated off the ground and splattered onto the cloth in a fine sequence of morbid letters.

A message. To dear Cort and Lissa, who managed to escape the slaughterfest.

Now... to find that cursed mercenary Salforge. Quite unreliable that one...

As the pair had made their motions of escape, Salforge dismissed this and didn't follow their trail intentionally until they were out of his visage. His attention recaptured by the boxed in heartless, with no presence of hearts, their savagery was beginning to procure and subside. Looking at the creatures, with interest and how he studied them in isolation with his four other colleagues, fond memories began to fleet into him.

"Those were the days..." he said as the barrier began to drift and the heart rummaging past him. As he snapped his fingers they stood orderly, allied, like puppets at his control. Even they, whom are mindless and of singlehood realized the stronger individuals. "If I had a heart, it'd break. Yet I'm not a nobody, so I count my blessings." he washed his humor with a feint smile.

'Where have you wandered off to now Clement?'
he rolled his eyes, the scene a little vacant as the heartless departed. His hands then retreated to his pockets and he strolled forward through the dirt. The world that he was one, was just one that was ruled by this 'empire'. In light of releasing a few captives, he was sure to increase his workload, if not have means of increasing the pay of his services. Taking matters a little seriously could be taken into consideration, but this was Salforge, he was when the time called for it.

Looking down at his neck, a chain then followed with his own initials...a previous life, as well as a keepsake. DMC is what it read,in his recollection he sighed and headed towards the invasion, that began several minutes before his detour in the dungeon. In a matter of moment his descent was seen, as if the man hovered down from the air...more like dropping like a rock. His body boasted noted physicallity, and he made his landing evident.

Scouring the ranks as the only anomaly of a different dress codes, blades drawn upon him without haste. "Save it. You wouldn't even be able to knick my cheek, let alone impale me. Trust me." his words struck an apparent truth, hitting their nerve and unnerving them as to raise lower their arms. "Thank you." As he motioned through the carnage, he stood still with his arms folded. "Sorry to keep you waiting my dear foreman, I take it you have a job for me?"

He grunted and cleared his throat, "Where are my manners? How quickly I forget them during these times of war. Appointed mercenary, Salforge, at your call Sir Clement." he spoke followed by a rather courteous bow.

"At my call, and nothing less nor nothing more than so. Remember that." Clement said, tiredly closing his eyes as the mercenary strode through the ranks of his gutless soldiers. None of them had the spine to even challenge the first slightly intimidating person they met. Pathetic. At least the Heartless could throw themselves blindly at the enemy as temporary meat shields. These soldiers couldn't even do that.

"I have enough to deal with without my Heartless and soldiers being manipulated this way and that. A few Heartless I had stationed decided to up and leave their places for an unknown reason... I feel that I may find some pieces missing when I return to a certain jail - is that right, Salforge?"

With a sigh, Clement walked quickly away, making a small gesture towards Salforge to accompany him. The rest of the soldiers, seeing their leader leave, proceeded to retreat as well. In the other direction of course.

"As it is, I don't really care too much about the fate of that rebel. Let the Empire run itself ragged looking for her."

Cocking his head, Clement looked at Salforge for a second before looking away. "Your first assignment, then. You've met Capell, I assume you have seen some of her power. I want you to find Capell's two friends, Cort and Lissa. Test their strength. I'm also officially supposed to order you to keep them from meeting up with Capell and her new friend, but...

Stopping, Clement turned and looked Salforge in the face. "If you fail to keep them apart because they are stronger, I will laugh and fire you. If you somehow fail to keep them apart because you are stronger, I will laugh and pay you. If you succeed, I will laugh, pay you, and then fire you.

Clement could care less about keeping the rebels apart. In his mind, the closer they were together, the easier it was to eliminate them all at the same time, rather than finding them one by one and weeding them out. Screw the official orders, this was his ground. And that mercenary... this was just a test of his strength, really. Insubordination he could deal with. Weak people he could not. At least the former would occasionally be useful.

Salforge would be lucky if he even got the opportunity to use his hands, even his bracelets. As he brushed and walked with his superior officer, he'd begun to relax and be at ease. In their stroll, his humor was beyond measure. In light of things, Salforge still had his roots as a researcher, and his curiosity for Clement had all but arisen.

"I'd like to be payed and ensured of my employment, heh." He said with sneer into a short smirk as he scratched his hand. Resting his hand on the back of his neck briefly, Salforge sighed. His fist tightened as he looked up again, "Do you have any leads as to where I might find this Cort and Lissa? Even a world or area that they were last spotted would be of sound help."

Clement rose his hand for a second, as if to pause to conversation, and then put it down with an annoyed expression. "Well you are quite lucky. I was about to tell you to go find them yourself, but apparently a trainjacking has been reported. A train that seems is heading towards the prison area..... "

"Two prominent individuals seem to be raising general havoc, so report Viper and Guno... what those two idiots were doing without reporting to me is beyond comprehension. "

"I expect you know where Capell and her friend went. When they meet... Ah, I mean, if they meet, alert me." Clement dug a small item out of his pocket and tossed it to Salforge. A tiny silvery glass cross. "Break that, and I will know where your current location is. Now leave. I have matters to attend to."

Inclining his head in a shadow of a nod towards Salforge, Clement turned and stroked the air with his right hand. The space contracted and rippled, opening a spacial hole, which Clement stepped through, leaving Salforge.

The drab streets was instantly replaced by a brightly lit room. The room obviously belonged to someone rich, but it was not exaggerated. The walls were flawlessly painted, as was the ceiling, from which a small crystal chandelier hung from. Polished bookshelves hugged the walls, crammed with hundreds of tomes and books. Near the end of the room, a medium sized chair, undecorated and practical, stood regally behind a delicate silk covered table. Clement's office.

Sitting down, Clement drew out a glass orb the size of his hand from his robes and placed it in front of him. Closing his eyes, Clement placed his left hand on it and concentrated. Thought projection, otherwise known as telepathy, was not uncommon. There was a simple spell for it, though Clement rarely bothered to use it himself. Just as he was able to communicate with Viper and Bruno, he could communicate with the leaders of other worlds. The orb he held in his hands allowed him vision - this he would use to keep an eye on Salforge in case he decided to betray them - but it also allowed him to reach out beyond the current world, communicating with people from other worlds.

Going through the worlds, there was nothing amiss. Rebels, of course, were common, but no Keybladers had been seen so far. While they had been 'eradicated', Clement knew there were more out there. The Keyblade would never die so easily.
Finishing up, Clement turned his attention to the last world. Traverse Town, where Haruka watched over...

As Clement made his descent by portal, Salforge stood there a moment. "I have oddest feeling he doesn't like me that much. Eh, no changing views imminently i suppose." with a shrug he spokes and turned. In his mind on some level, everyone was a bit of a specimen in need of study and gathering the data by hearts that he scoped is how he evolved his research.

For those that didn't know of his past, wouldn't come realize a personal truth. Locked away is what he did with his past, yet characteristics from those times stayed with him. He sighed, in faint memory of his fallen master and overall strive in this modern age. His focus returned as he raised his wrist, the right first and eying the thick golden bracelets for a moment. Wincing for a second, he had a glimpse in retrospect of the train station as it was how he'd arrived once before.

"Trying to meet each other halfway on this? We'll remedy that soon. Beam me up Scotty." he said with bad humor. His body loomed with a cascade of moving cubes, circling around him, literally 'defragging' his body for what he called transfer-porting. Like dust in the wind, the man left no trace that he'd ever been standing in the spot he fleeted from.

Like an omen, he dropped first in a ball-like sphere where he digitized his state atop the moving train. Entering the world, he became attuned to the wind of the moving train. Almost being blow back by them, he resolved his bracelets to form around his ankles and shoes as magnets. "What do we have here?" he said through the looking glass of the car he'd been standing on. "I take it this is Viper and...Ms. Lissa? Where's Cort? and Guno?" given he was above them on the moving train, unlikely he was heard.

He shrugged making his way to the first car of the rolling locomotive. The driver was the priority here, and with no moving train, he'd easily thwart a possible reunion, as long as the distractions did their jobs. Dropping down from the roof, his bracelets returned to his wrists. "My good man, I mean you no hostility, but an unscheduled change of course has been authorized." Salforge said looking forward and making note of the switch point in between the tracks. 'Perfect'. Like an agile animal, he slid out the door and got on grill of the locomotive, using one of his bracelets he formed a boomerang. With a swift toss it flew, ringing the lever to change the tracks, to bar left instead of straight. As it returned, it became apart of his wrist again. Upon climbing on top of the train from the outside, he stood over the car that the two women were dueling it out inside.

Haruka's Guile and Derrick's Shadow Requiem

"Derrick, Anya and Haruka! Together for the first time!" With those words he moves to embrace the two in a tight hug but is stopped by the appearance of a fourth person. Haruka sends his eyes at the weapon of the man only to have his eyes shift to another weapon. This weapon appears out of nothingness as the boy complains about how tiring it is to kill heartless. This new weapon took on the shape and form of a giant key which forces Haruka to jump backwards. I KNEW this kid was different! Seems that my luck is better than I thought. He smiles within his mind but then looks to the other two as the thought that the two might end up fighting to defend the one that held the keyblade. Still, the thought of the massive bonus from bringing that boy in was going to be enough to get any of the warriors for the Empire to fight even the Original Keybladers.

Haruka was an opportunist, he could see where this would lead him. The devilish intent that his mind had craft, though convoluted indeed it mattered not. With that thought his twin blades are freed from the sheaths on his hips and ignite into flames. He heat and backlash of the drawing pushes Haruka's hair back a small amount as the are begins to not only grow warmer, but also darker. Haruka smiles as he begins to spin the blades in a simple routine that happens to block any forward attack while sending up flames to obscure any and all image of Haruka. This was the most simple form of his fighting and kept that status even as Haruka charges forward while keeping the spinning motions at a high speed. However, where many would expect a drive for the blades to cut through something, Haruka does something that only those that have undergone training would think to watch out for. Instead of pushing for the drive that many would expect, Haruka twists and contorts his body to send and perfect form back kick from behind the blades to go around them and take on the power of an ax kick. The kick itself is not powerful, but all of the power comes from the speed of the owner, enough speed to turn the simple kick into a large blur.

Before the boy could ever assist the new traveler with his search for items, Derrick happened to notice that Haruka started to twirl his blades around. Then he charged forward but towards his direction, the blades spinning much faster than before! Holding up his Keyblade in front of him, he had nowhere else to go considering Haruka had him cornered behind the counter so that was his own means of defense. The tonfa-like Keyblade collided with Haruka's blades but the boy would end up being caught of guard by a swift kick to the stomach.

The impact was strong enough to force the goggle-headed teen crashing against the wall behind him, breaking through it as he landed in a roll within the alley-way behind the shop. Now flat on his back, Derrick sat up slowly and rubbed the back of his head.

"The Hell, man!"
he shouted from the alley as he now stood on his own two feet again. Despite the random assault, at least his hunch about trusting Haruka was spot on. But Anya and the other traveler were still inside the shop with him which meant Derrick had to distract this guy so that they can escape. But how?

That's when it hit him; Haruka didn't attack until he set his eyes on the Keyblade! Maybe that was it!

"Hey pal,"
shouted the boy as he held up his weapon above his head and waved it from side-to-side. "You want this so badly, huh? Then come get it!" With that, he hopped onto the several boxes stacked behind him and was now standing in the Back-Alley of the Second District. He sprinted down the trail and skid to a stop, wondering if his enemy would follow.

It came as no surprise. Anya had been moved, more mift so than Derrick. Haruka their new friend had manifested treachary. This rattled her for a moment, how she wished she could scold him for being a two-faced liar. As he attacked Derrick, only after seeing that he possessed the keyblade she put two and two together. The desire to capture him appeared, then he had to have a motive for this. Only one other possible explanation could compensate, he was of the empire!

"I knew there was something off about you. You couldn't' have been more blunt at all with telling us you were apart of the Empire, huh?"

"It's true that I am in the Empire, but I don't want to cause you any harm. I just want to take Derrick to see my leader. If you wish to meet him yourself, he's currently on Radiant Garden." He smiles kindly at the girl before running himself for the boy that is his new target.

"You're only making this more difficult, Derrick! If you come with me peacefully, then I won't have to hurt you!"

Haruka easily leaps into the air and barely lands on a single crate before pushing himself off and through the opening into the Back Alley. As expected, the boy barely makes it to the middle of the alley before Haruka himself begins to run after him. "Hey, Derrick? Word of advice. Never run in a straight line. It makes it that much easier to get caught." With those words he pushes all of his energy into his legs and becomes level with the boy that is his target. The boy was obviously fast, but Haruka was apparently faster. With that Haruka feints towards the wall closest to him and begins to run on it. As his feet carry him above the floor, and sheaths one of the sword before thrusting the now empty hand at Derrick. A ball of fire forms once more in his hand and shoots at the ground right in front of Derrick. Haruka pulls out his sword and ignites it once more before landing just behind the small explosion that is to take place.

(Derrick's Battle Theme: Courtesy of Aphex)

Skidding to a halt, Derrick was relieved that his plan worked. Anya and that other new guy was out of the way safe and sound but unfortunately he had to deal with Haruka on his own. It wasn't much of a problem anyway, the boy loved a good fight!

Hearing the supposed "God/Devil" hybrid suggest a rather uninteresting advice, the goggle-head ended up faking a yawn before a grin curled across his face. From there, he let the blade of his weapon rest on top of his shoulder while his free-hand simply lifted up and flipped him the 'bird'.

However, Derrick ended up leaping back as a fireball had ignited within Haruka's hand and was released towards his direction. Luckily enough though, he managed to evade the attack but kicked off towards his enemy and through the smoke that was left behind in its place.

"I got an advice for you too,"
said the boy as he slid off to the side, catching Haruka with a quick sweep to the legs before lunging upwards and catching him between both a double-axe fist to the stomach along with a knee to the spine. "Learn to keep pointless chit-chat to yourself, eh?" Pushing Haruka's body off of his knee, he grabbed the back of his head and swung him around in place before ramming him face first against the wall right next to the two fighters.

From there, he rammed his elbow to the back of his skull before letting go and followed up with a swift slash across his back.

With a laugh out of pure cockiness, Derrick merely saluted his opponent before barging through a double doors that led into the Second District. He figured he would make this fight interesting, that and the fact that the Back-Alleys were far too small to engage in combat. A larger battleground was far more suitable especially with a guy throwing fireballs around.

Haruka emerges from the wall that was used to inflict bodily harm to him and smiles. It was obvious that this one was capable of defending himself, which made his Devil blood boil. He quickly spits a small amount of blood from his mouth as the target vanishes through another double door and smiles at the concept of the new field of battle. Sure this was his first time here, but he's not stupid enough to take the time to memorize the pathways of the world before arriving. In truth, he has been receiving reports from the Heartless that managed to survive this world and relay to him the information that he seeks. Still, this target was proving to be quite enjoyable. With that notion he kicks off the wall and runs through the opening only to quickly emerge into the Second District. This area was more spacious than the alley that the two were just in, and that suits Haruka just fine.

"I think I like you more than before. You have a very interesting way of fighting and even consider your opponent when picking a location to fight. I have more room to move around here, but sadly this endangers innocent bystanders. I'll try not to hit anyone other than yourself."

With that statement out, Haruka seemingly vanishes from the spot only to appear behind Derrick himself. He pulls a feint once more by sending a roundhous aimed at the torso of the target but pulls back quickly enough to completely avoid the connection. Instead he spins to his right and lowers himself to not only sweep the leg of his opponent to knock him off balance but not fall and attempt to slash upwards at a shallow angle just to give the boy a slash that does not bleed along his back. It was not his intention to kill Derrick because of the fact that his superior known as Clement would know what best to do with the boy. Besides, Derrick was too interesting to just kill off the bat. The boy was just too much fun.

The only thing keeping Anya from going after Haruka too was Derick, it seemed like her wanted to her to be safe, as he fought off Haruka on his own. When Haruka left she quickly turned to the traveller. "I'm sorry but it looks like you'll have to come back at another time when combat isn't going on inside." She said giving a pleasant smile and running through the doors outside. She didn't want either Derrick or Haruka to notice her plan of action, even though it was defiently going to help. Instead of running to the large doors of the second district she went through the now exposed allyway that goes through the second district. She didn't want to go through the hotel, thhen she would be right there, open fro everyone in Second District to see. Instead she went through the dalmations house, knowing that she would be able to not be seen by going through that long passageway that led to the open area in Second District, perfect place for battle.

She ran through with a nod and a smile to Perdita and Pongo and quietly pushed the white double doors open to see the dark Second District. She ran to the edge of the passage and looked up, there was the way up to the top of the Gizmo Shop. She quickly jumped off the side of the other building across the way and rebounded onto the other passageway with the hidden latter up to the top.

It was difficult see Derrick and Haruka but still needed to make herself unnoticable to them. She made her way up the latter and ran to the wall next to the rope to pull to make the bell sound. A thought came into her head. Derrick might've realzied she was up there since he's lived here his whole life. But first she needed to do something to distract Haruka to help Derrick get a moment to move. What was the best way to get rid of fireballs? Well snow of course! A cast of blizzard appeared in front of her and to send it down to Haruka she kicked it in the air, sending it straight up in the sky and down directly ontop of him. Even if it didn't hit him, it would still distract him from Derrick for a moment no matter what attack he had just made. Then following through with her plan she ran to the rope coming down from the wall.

"Time to make some noise." She whispered and pulled out her dagger sending a cast of lightning through the tip of it up to hit the large bell over her head. The sound sent a shockwave straight across the playing field to Haruka and most likely the force of the booming sound made him fall off balance. If if didn't then she would have to see what she could do next. Running over to the secret entrance to the Third District she surveyed the area. No people besides them were there, she gave a proud smirk and wiped some dirt off her face trying to make herself as presentable as possible.

As those inside promptly left the store, Kulen felt slightly confused. Obviously the owner is gone, and there is no clerk, so. . Walking up to the check out desk, he made a sliding motion with his free left hand, and the shelves behind him opened of their own accord. If that stranger is from the Empire, as the others said, then the shocktroops will be well on their way soon.

Must organize. Build up forces in secret, and acquire resources. Guerilla tactics. .

He took a few baubles and ornaments, sealing the shelves shut again, and placed them in a coat pocket. Sheathing his blade, Kulen peered up the ladder in the room, and climbed up it, and into a sort of forging room.

Tiny little pale-colored beings, with scarlet noses, purple wings on their backs, and deep red spheres sitting atop their heads, stared up at him. "Kupo?" one of them said, toddling towards him. It motioned to a set of parts lying on a table, and Kulen understood. Schematics were laid nearby; he picked them up, scanning them, and sat down on a stool, thinking.

Lifting up his Keyblade in order to guard himself against Haruka's oncoming attack, the boy was caught off guard at the fact that it was just another feint maneuver! Seeing as how he was going in for a sweep, Derrick tried his best to dodge it but his heel was still clipped which threw him off balance. Unfortunately this caused him to receive a rather 'nice' wound across his back as he staggered away from Haruka.

Gritting his teeth, he could feel his back throbbing from the wound yet that didn't stop him at all. But before he could make his next move, the sight of what appeared to be an ice-spell caught his attention.

At first, the boy thought that the two were alone, now trying to find out where the spell even came from. Then there was the sound of thunder followed by the booming ring coming from the town's bell. Nearly losing his balance again after what felt like a shock-wave, Derrick used this an opportunity to retaliate. Rushing from behind, he performed a straight forward horizontal slash across Haruka's back, performing another one as he then spun in place and rammed the hilt of his Keyblade directly into his back.

From there, he cliched onto the back of Haruka's shoulders, driving his right knee into his back a few times before letting go and drop-kicking him towards the ice-spell that fell from above.

Haruka's guile was a bit of a challenge for the keyblader wielder. Though the shockwaves that were wrung from the gizmo shop that provided a prudent distraction, disoriented them both some. He had to come to his senses, quickly resolving this must be Anya's doing. Her persistence to aid a boy she just met, perhaps in an infailable sense of justice that only the young possessed, Derrick and Anya were no exception. He quickly shifts his body weight to relocate his center of gravity and pushes off the ground with his right hand. The push sends him back even further as a Blizzard spell hits the ground in front of him and freezes where his hand was just a split second ago. Taking the newly acquired information of the support attacks to mind, Haruka rises to his feet, sheath both swords and looks directly at the location of the bell.

"Hey! Can you please stay out of this battle? This is a one-on-one battle!"

With those words he looks back to Derrick and falls to his bottom as his legs finally give out from exhaustion. It's true that he's fast and everything, but his strength is low which means that he can't take as many attack as others. He then looks over to Derrick with a smile and says, "On my world, we had this sport called 'Boxing'. At the time that the bell rang, the two fighters would go to different corners for about three minutes to rest a little. How about we follow their example? I'm only used to fighting as a sport, not for my life. I promise not to attack during the next three minutes. That sound good to you?"

Watching the scene below Anya started to smile as Derrick became back ontop again. Her magic had done the trick, sending the enemy into pain and needed to take a break. Before he did though he shouted something, looking totally at the bell even though she was now positioned ontop of the hotel instead. She wanted to get closer to them, especially since he wanted it to be a one-on-one fight.Then he also said something about taking a break but that was Derrick's choice, she wanted to reply back to him, shouting up at the bell. Which was funny so she sat down on the edge of the building and called out probably surprising both of them by being right there, "Well! Sorry if I want to protect the person on the same side as I am, since he probably doesn't want to get forcefully taken to your superior. Just like I don't want that to happen to him either. I'll stay out of this for a little now that just asked, but a little word of advice...." She added due to the fact that she heard their eariler conversation along those lines, "...don't go into a one-on-one fight when you left another fighter on the same team as your oponent behind." Grinning she crossed her legs and put her dagger back in it's place.

"If, that isn't to complicated."
Then she stood back up and looked down at the two with a sense of proud, and justified dignity. It came out in a smirk at Haruka.

Magic is a living essence. It is a thinking Sentience, and should you allow it to engulf your being in its power, while keeping yourself controlled, the possibilities are limitless.

Kulen stared for a moment at the set of parts, and his right index finger pointed out, the rest of the hand closing into a semi-fist. Swift, fleeting movements sent the parts sailing about and colliding together, the cogwheels and pumps aligning themselves into their properly adjusted places. Lifting the newly made contraption with the aid of magic, he set it down into the alcove prepared for it, and with a flick of his finger, the machine turned on in the sound of whirring, spinning wheels, and the whistle of steam, the pumps moving up and down. The tiny creatures gave squeaks of joy, immediately hurrying over to the device, while Kulen made a quiet exit through the nearby door.

Kindness is not see oft in these times. He spotted a large set of doors, and walked through them; soft purple eyes spotted the two men sitting opposite from one another in what seemed to be a large commons. Ahead, in the distance, was a sort of large, white mansion, and to his left was a hotel; on his immediate right sat a few shops that, although lit up, seemed to be closed for an indefinite amount of time.

"I don't mean to interrupt, but are not one of you two of the Empire?" Kulen questioned them both with a louder than normal voice, trying to restrain from yelling. He strode forward, hands at his sides, soft purple eyes beginning to turn pitch-black.

Chapter 2 End

Author's Notes: All events take presence in Traverse Town. With the exception of "Clement's Orders"

Yeah, did anyone else get the vibe I got from Haruka offering Anya candy? A complete stranger at that, I don't think I was thinking like this during the time of the actual roleplay but, indirect pedophilia! You should be ashamed of yourself Darkfyre/Mistearea lmao.

I would also like to apologize for cutting Cort, Lissa, and Kulen's screen time. To be honest, traverse town having a train in the third district is incredibly hard to envision, and even harder to craft to make as if it sounds cohesive. The atmosphere they created felt like it contrasted WAY too much with Aphex's, Sparks', and Misty's given all five of them were on the same world, so it would be a bit strange they were unaware that this was going on...

Clement's sense of humor is about as cruel as he himself as a character lol. Painting a loose, loose scenario for Salforge, though he was aware that this was a joke, but geezus Akans' had a derranged sense of humor.
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Beyond the Final Destination
Chapter 3
What Kind of Hero Are You!?

It's A Tank!

There was a violent earthquake flowing through the grounds of the train station's control room and even extending to the tracks. As Capell and Dia were shaken literally from their head to their toes, they stumbled for a nasty spill. Concordia had fallen into Capell whom had broken her fall, but firmly hit against the panel, pressing steadfast against her until it passed them by. Lasting what felt almost a full two minutes, the shaking finally stopped and the quake vanished leaving no signs of damage besides lost footing.

Capell quickly got to work, peering at the screen or at least what remained of it he'd attempted to input access codes in an attempt to change the guidance system remotely for the trains making its departure from Traverse Town. His comradery seemed justified, as he cared for Cort and Lissa. His frustration however had been getting the best of him this entire time. For every entry that he'd attempt, Capell met with the same blue screen of four zeroes. "Sonva- hunk of junk!!" He smashed his fist into the keyboard, splitting it in two.

At that instant all hell seemed to brake loose in the room as stuff flew around and exploded. "Whoa what the heck!?" Capell yelled dodging the date electronics. It was only when he noticed the man at the door that he got back to his senses, for a moment he thought the computer was exacting revenge. "Aww crap, who are you?" Capell asked with more annoyance than concern, however as he did so a dangling monitor flickered to life. On the screen was a makeshift execution ground near the prison.

There was no audio but he could see clearly what was going on. Clement himself was about to execute a woman bound in chains, a woman he recognized as Cort's mother. "Dammit, how did I miss this, I was just there!" Capell fell to his knees. "I can't protect anyone can I? First Hanako and now..." Slamming his fist's into the ground he thought about what he could do. If he ran back he wouldn't make it back in time... Well, he did have one idea. Getting to his feet he walked up to the man who had just entered. He didn't look like he was with the empire. "Hey, you wouldn't happen to know how to drive one of those tanks out front would you?"

Dia's words for Capell were less than inspiring to motivate him. With a mind to hit him now with a sarcastic comment, the sparks reminded her differently of a memory. That of lightning, how she was displaced fearfully of lightning because of--but without much way to the thought. Briefly tucking her head and silenced by her self reassurance. She glanced behind, seeing a man in the room. The computers were no longer going haywire, and she spotted the screen. She didn't dare go any closer to the computers.

Dia looked at Capell with a blank face, his words reminding her of her world, her family and Daniel. She had thought of how it may have been different if she was strong enough to protect them. But the fact is that she wasn't, and she hated herself for it.

Turning back to look at the screen, she stared at it unblinkingly. "What if...it was better this way?" She mumbled softly, but didn't think anyone would be able to hear it. She closed her eye. She turned back to look at Capell. "Are you sure we can trust him?" She asked. "You must be naive, or dumb, to easily trust someone who you meet." She said bluntly to Capell.

His name was Ty Dex, he was the man standing in the room. Revered, the nature of his existence was a secret, truthfully he was a nobody. In a freak accident that occurred about twenty year ago he'd forfeited his heart, and manifested his current husk of a shell. As for why he'd appeared here today, well its been a bit over fourty-eight hours since Radiant Garden's lights when out. A vein pulsed on Ty as Concordia the cyclops sung like a song bird. He was a psionic, so naturally the mind was not beyond his reach, his natural reaction would've been to roll his eyes and say something spiteful, but he replaced it with pride filled meaningful words.

"Those feelings have nothing to do with it and in times like these trust isn't an issue. Either you have it or you build it through experiences. And last I saw in your head you can't run one of those monsters," silent for a second or so he decied to gain more knowledge on the situation through verbal means and spoke once more. "Well?? What is all of this about Capell and why are you so quick to judge Dia dearest..."

It was as if he'd struck a soft spot in the unlikely heroine, silence would've occupied the air if not for the two guards possibly drunken, fighting. Their arguement put the (now) trio on full alert, and they made their way for the final remaining tank.

Dia knew why she said what she said; she was too scared of trusting anyone anymore. She didn't have complete trust on Capell, and definitely not Tav. The truth is, she was scared of nearly everything, but being scared was a weakness. A weakness that should not be known to anyone or it could be the end of her. It would have been obvious that having only an eye was a weakness, but she could prove it wrong since she was adept in shooting.

Still, there was only so much that she could see.

Capell had walked off by then, probably to get to a tank. She glared at Ty. "Stop it." She hissed. "Don't look into my head ever again." She said, leaving. It was hard to keep her mind blank, with so many thoughts in her mind. And she knew that Ty would be able to read them. This is ridiculous. She thought irritatedly as she made her way to Capell, ignoring the two guards arguing.

Haste had been made after Ty Dex and his two newest acquaintances had made it to the tank and gotten inside and then after another quick chat and a detailed rundown of what the situation was and the actions needed to generate a quick fix solution; the trio sent off along their way with the tank rumbling down the street and over whatever was necessary to get to their destination. Ty Dex as the tank operator said little and he still felt a bit distracted upon this lady they had to save. "This woman. She is important enough to really risk all of this, yes?? Well then I'll help you guys more. Get ready to jump out the tank and don't freak out. Please."

The path travled was disticnt as they were headed toward a space that had a wall abnormally high and from a quick reading it was at least thirty feet thick too. "Heh that's not enough. Watch this." The tank looked like it was melting or worse as the shadows that had stretched alongside the tank had spread up the side and eaten a hole in the metal flesh of the exterior which produced a large enough hole for both Capell and his friend to safely get through as the tank became closer to the thick wall that blocked their path to justice or whatever idea they all had individually of such a promising but often broken down idea.

"Jump now."
One would assume they did and right into the hole that melted part way into the wall." Like a portal or a bit messier door to somewhere else the trio landed unceremoniously inside the execution area along with the tank which now looked like a pulsing lump of metal and light. "Alright guys is this what you wanted??" Not that Ty Dex really cared but it was fun to be flashy which was why the tank self destructed!

Dia jumped, despite feeling a little uncomfortable with the sudden events. But what the heck, she's been through worse. She held in her breath as she jumped and shut her eyes, only to open them and release her breath when Ty asked if this is what they had wanted.

She looked around, and smirked. "Hm...Nice." She said with a satisfied look.

She would just do it since she's here. Besides, it's better to start taking down some of these people than just stand idly. She started shooting the soldiers that came their way, keeping in mind to shoot down those who were close to Capell and the woman. Seeing Capell fighting the executioner, she wondered if he needed some help. But she was pushed down by one of the soldiers in that moment. "Tch..." She turned and shot the soldier in the face, relentlessly shooting down those near her.

As Capell jumped out of the melting tank he was stunned to see that the prison was already in turmoil. "T-the resistance!?" A group of empire solders turned to face the three of them. They were about to attack when they noticed the bubbling mass of metal near them. Needless to say they died in the explosion with confused looks on their faces. "Nice, that will do Dex. That's her on the platform over there!" He said, pointing to Cort's mother, who was in the process of being saved by a group of rebels. They were having trouble getting past the executioner however.

Capell turned to Dex and Dia. "Alright guys lets do this! Just give me some cover while I help her." Spinning back around her sprinted off towards the platform, ignoring the empire goons chasing behind him. Leaping onto the wooden structure he helped Cort's mother to her feet. "Hello mam' don't you worry. You'll be safe in no time!" Ripping off her bonds her tired to lead her off the platform, only to run into the executioner. "Oh hey there. You wouldn't happen to be up to letting us pass would you?" The tall cloaked man simply grunted and raised his axe, ready to cut them down. "Tch, I thought not..." Letting go of Cort's mother Capell jumped up, sending a roundhouse kick to his chest. His opponent slid back from the impact, but didn't show any signs that he was hurt. "Tough guy huh?.."

So This Is Human Nature?

Viper and Bruno were less than pleasant at the moment. As Lieutenant's they carried some manner of weight in the empire for the time being. Being bested by mere...children however was less than desired. Fighting a loosing battle as the mercenary unbeknownst to them, had been observing for some time. The one that Clement identified as Cort was about as adamant as he'd initially imagined. Seeming to prefer using hand to hand over any other form of combat engagement it was safe to assume the worst in his enemies he had to engage.

They soon noticed him, they also noticed the train's direction had been altered off course with them on it. Viper and Bruno had soon been brought to their knees, now this would greatly upset their superior officer. Failure was less than desired when it came to Sir Clement, after all the man just stormed an entire world and crushed nearly all of its resistance in a matter of forty-eight hours. By this point in time, the mercenary had to assume that Capell and Dia were causing trouble, and he'd be given another assignment following this one.

Salforge applauded, finally making his presence significant. As Viper and Bruno seemed to grovel at Sir Clement's "hired tool" or a device to fulfill his ambitions, fear trickled from their voices. They began to break, shameful, raising his hand to give them a side to save it for later. "Yeah so. We could make this easy if you two just come with me. We can all be chill about this, or you can wear yourselves out trying to fight me and I can drag your half dead bodies back to our nice cozy dungeon cell!" but really he was thinking this,'Why do I always get the resistance assignments. I can't just be a bodyguard for a change?'

This didn't seem to settle well with the pair. Cort as expected, began his charge with a hot-head kind of persona he'd anticipate from a rebel. Salforge had the mind to boost his defensive power and release the pull of the magnet's from his feet. As he'd approached, Cort seemed to throw his legs into a spin be sure to kick off a wave of something from his feet. The mercenary brought his arms from the sides and did a strange clasp, uniting his hands again. The sound bouncing off his tiny shells created a miniature sonic boom, that collided with Cort's mild wave. The sonic boom was effective in bouncing the attack back at his partner Lissa to whom had been approaching. Given he'd knocked off some of the momentum, she was down for a moment, before approaching again as Cort prepared.

"I see I'm not the only one built like a tank." Salforge said raising his defense and taking a more readied position. As Lissa engaged, Viper and Bruno seemed to reluctantly watch; their strength had evaporated and they dare not interfere as the mercenary fought the two of them alone. Salforge didn't think it was cool that he was fighting a woman, but she with how everyone wanted to ramble on about equality. If you want the rights of a man, you could also be restricted and confined with the same applications as would befall a man. He'd taken her in a form of submission as Cort's individual body was beginning to flare violently.

"Alright. Listen, I am only going to say this one more time. Now that you're friend Lissa has been more than cooperative, lets settle this by coming with me." Salforge said, a bit more calm and reserve to his usual sardonic nature. Though he could see it in Cort's eyes. The kind of courage only goofy kids possessed with a strong moral upbringing and was determined to defy the reality of any situation. Salforge held Lissa closely, and began to code her with his dusklanzer. The shells would soon push her body inward, compressing and she would be slowly crushed by the restriction.

Her escaped anguish could be heard, cries of "Cort!" escaped from her breath.

"Come on tough guy, don't be a hero. Her body is being crushed by the same barrier I use to shield myself from you. What's it going to be?" a much more serious string of monotone ebbed from him now. The blood of his crimson jewels seemed to flicker with a kind of sinister nature.

Cort's bottled anger had only begun to rise as the mercenary held Lissa steadfast in his grips. Emanating with so much power and for what? With the control of the situation not in his own favor, had he considered giving up he'd of punched himself. Resolving what to do, it would be the only way, he trusted himself. "LION'S ROAR!" Cort yelled out as he threw his hands forward with the bottom of his palms touching. The chi exploded from his hands, pushing Cort's body back somewhat and the rush of wind with the attack caused his hair to fly back. A beam of purple chi went ripping forward, consuming everything in its way. The beam was so loud that it sounded like a lion roaring, hence the name Lion's Roar. Shooting straight up, then impacting the train car behind Salforge completely dislodging it from the car. The car was now forced out, and the debris began to splinter from the explosion.

"Well, you're certainly insane for..." before he could finish, a beam came from the car. Salforge leaned to side to fall off the train car, and turn his bracelet into a grappling hook to shoot to the head car. The beam that fell, caught Lissa to whom still had Salforge's shells on her, across the head. A loud ping could be heard as it knocked her into a roll and eventually off to the sides of the train. "oooo thats gotta smart." Salforge said, standing two cars from the moving locomotive. "I hate to make it worse but-" he finished with severing the cars from the track from where Cort had destroyed one of them, leaving him with no choice but to pursue Lissa.

Cort stood up finally, catching his breath as he waited for the smoke to clear. Maybe he had went overboard with such an attack but, it was what was needed. A piece of debris flew back and Cort's body instantly weaved back, missing him completely. Looking back at Lissa, he watched as the piece of debris smacked into her and she was sent flying of the train with a scream. "NO LISSA!" Cort yelled out with fear in his voice. He was scared of for her safety and his mind was overwhelmed with many thoughts. "Hey if you still alive in there then we're done here. You win but, next time you won't be so lucky." Cort announced to Salforge before Cort prepared himself. Running as quick as a mouse after cheese, Cort dived off the moving train. He slammed into the ground hard as he tucked his body into a roll. Taking all the momentum of the train, Cort rolled quite far actually.

"Catch you later over the top and unreasonable 'hero'." Salforge said mockingly presenting him with a sarcastic bon voyage, and wave from the moving train.

His roll ended with his body low and his feet sliding against the ground until he stopped. His body was cut up from the rocky environment and his body was aching but, it didn't matter. Getting to Lissa was all that mattered to him. Standing up, he blasted off at full speed. His body blurred until his form wasn't even recognizable. It wasn't long before Cort was upon Lissa and he slid to a stop. Kneeling down beside her, Cort bit his lip and his face tensed up. He could tell by her face that she was in a terrible amount of pain. Picked her up rather quickly, and held her in front of him. "I'm sorry Lissa. I was so stupid for doing that attack and getting you hurt." Cort responded to seeing Lissa. Cort knew the consequence of saving Lissa right now would be not being able to save his mother. It hurt him deep inside but, Lissa was in need of him right now and he just couldn't leave her behind.

Tears formed with Cort's eyes and rolled down like a heavy rain. "I'm sorry mother. I couldn't save you nor protect the one I care for. But I won't let Capell down at least." Cort said as the tears continued to roll and fall off his face. He knew it was his fault for Lissa's current state but, he would never let it happen again. As he started to walk, he could feel a large pain in his right leg which he had injured after jumping off the train. He would continue walking toward the prison with Lissa in his arms even if he was in complete pain as well.

Somewhere along on the tracks Viper and Bruno trudged along, a look of defeat and disgust on their faces. Viper was mostly silent, however Bruno was furious. "Dammit to hell! If I ever see that little punk, I'll tear him a new a-" Viper, having heard enough of his ramblings, smacked him in the back of the head. "Oh will you shut it? I'm starting to regret healing you back there. You think you're the only one whose pissed? I shouldn't have underestimated that girl..." Bruno simply huffed as they continued walking. After a few minutes they stopped on the tracks. A portal of darkness opened in front of them, out of it walked a figure in a black cloak, his face hidden in the shadow of his hood. "So this is the power of my big four?" He yawned nonchalantly. Like it were second nature Viper and Bruno fell to their knees.

Viper spoke up. "My Lord, please forgive our incompetence! I assure you we will not fail you again!" The woman rose to her feet. "Next time things will be different!... err, Lord Emperor?" The Emperor didn't look as if he were paying attention, he was staring off to the side away from his soldiers. He let out a sigh. "Geez, I don't recall ever telling anyone I was an Emperor, and when did people start calling me Lord?" Viper and Bruno looked at each other in confusion, in unison asking. "Sir, are you alright?" Shrugging his shoulders he turned his eyes back to them. "Sorry about that, I was just thinking of... Something or someone." He rolled up his sleeves, revealing a pair of darkly tanned arms. "At any rate, you two simply want to become stronger right?" Bruno quickly rose to his feet. "Can you do it, can you make us stronger!? I don't care for the circumstances, just do it!"

"Bruno! Watch your tone, do you know who you're talking too!?" Viper chimed in, berating the muscle bound man. The man in the cloak held up his hand. "
No, I rather like his tenacity. Very well, I will give you the power you so desire." Without warning he plunged his hands into Bruno's chest, instead of blood only darkness seeped out of the wounds. The man locked up in pain as Viper stepped back in shock. "Wha-what are you doing to him!?"

"Oh nothing, just giving him what he wanted. More precisely I'm removing what little light he had left in his heart, he may lose what made him human but hey, this is what he wanted right?" Removing his hands Bruno fell to his knees, his eyes became a pale yellow as darkness poured out from him like the smoke from a thousand cigars. "Viper, you may want to come with me, I don't think Bruno is capable of having a partner anymore." Opening a portal the two of them went through it, leaving Bruno alone.

As the train thumbed along the tracks, the smoke that emanated from the lock was a sign. Salforge seemed to stare at it for a while, but for the time being he'd completed his task. Word from the guardsman's court in Radiant Garden would notice that the train had been re-routed. Though the steel heart did not know fatigue, he began to question Cort's actions. Why he put his partner at risk just now, how that kind of reckless abandon just saved them both from capture. Come to think about it, that beam that struck Lissa, if not for Salforge's restricting abilities, it would've taken her head off completely. No doubt his actions here would greatly delay their traverse to Radiant Garden, so he decided to ride the train unto it's final stop on its new route.

"Humans..." he said quietly, tapping his chest where his steel heart resided.

On Your Feet Haruka!

This was the situation, as grim as it appeared. Upon the arrival of the traveler and shopper young Kulen had merely come to inquire items from the Accessory shop. Essentially his exposure to the developing situation, curiousity then fell upon Haruka. As he lay there sobbing, seemingly defeated, the teenager Derrick and Anya has proceeded with probing him for information. Haruka's sobs were strengthened by his stubbornness in stalling for time. His farce as a spy, attempting to side with them temporarily and providing them with all he knew of the empire was quickly dashed by Kulen's analysis of Haruka's deception. The note here was clear, but Haruka needed more time! Derrick attempted to incapacitate Haruka by stroking him across the head with his shadow's requiem's hilt, but to no avail.

Well this was quite strange.

Clement kneaded his forehead as he pondered the situation. Strictly speaking, mental communication with others only transfers pure information, no emotions involved unless the other forced them through. Normal contact had been established with the other world leaders... but Haruka was proving to be difficult. An unfortunate side effect of his spacial powers was his tendency to have added side effects with spells, and it seemed that Clement caught a glimpse of what Haruka was experiencing... and it didn't please Clement. Defeat was never something that pleased Clement.

With a sigh, Clement snapped his fingers, and then spoke into the air.
"Pay Salforge his due, he has accomplished his mission. Tell him he is on standby as of now, unless something drastic happens like Capell driving a tank into the executioner's room. Then his mission is to disrupt the rebel's plans in whatever way possible. I will also be off this world for a short while - tell Viper and Bruno that they are momentarily promoted."

Two silvery wisps that had appeared near Clement's shoulder bowed slightly and flitted out the window, one in the direction of the trains, and the other one towards Salforge, carrying a small card. It would find Salforge and repeat what Clement had just said, and then proceed to give Salforge the bank card which he could cash in for a decent chunk of the Radiant Garden's treasury. And with that settled...

Clement stood up and touched the air softly, before attempting to make contact with Haruka again.
Haruka - This is Clement Capricious of Radiant Gardens. What is your status now: Have you found anyone of note in the area?

Even as Clement transmitted this to Haruka, he was concentrating on opening a dimensional portal. Movement between worlds, while not impossible for him, required more preparation than just short distance translocation. But it would be worth it if Clement found a nice Keyblade or something on the other end.

The blow to the back of the head hurt, for certain, but the pain was dulled out by the mental message from his master. This thought brought a smile to Haruka's face as he sent a metal reply back to the man. This is Haruka of Traverse Town. My situation is one of failure. Keyblade Wielder found and engaged. Battle lost. Attempted to join his side as a spy to relay message to you in order to further the power of the Empire. Two others saw through my act and informed the primary target. Primary target is a complete idiot, should be easy to fool once you get past the two others. Target does not know about the Empire and thinks that I am one of the strongest. Idiocy of target confirmed with this statement. Learned something valuable for future battles. Never offer a break to the target at the sound of a bell. Our cultures are too different. To Haruka, the young man was truly an idiot for not knowing about the Empire. Still, the man knew how to fight, despite taking advantage of a culture difference.

With that in mind he rises to his feet and pulls out both blades. Evidently the three had thought that Haruka was the one in need of a break, but that was not the case. In truth, he was only trying to be kind and have a little fun. Guess who won't be making that mistake again. He shakes the final bits of pain away from his head and lets his power surge. The flames appear on the blades once more, only with greater heat added to them. Evidently he has increased the level of magic from Fire to Fira with the evident need for more power. Superior. Re-engaging primary target. Increased power to second stage. With that message sent, Haruka jets forth and spins at the last second.His speed creates a solid circle of fire and blades aimed directly at the center of the one with the keyblade. He wasn't out of the fight just yet.

Clement was about to stop Haruka when he realized that the rift was open. Capture at this point was unlikely - the Empire soldiers had yet to take over Traverse Town and the Heartless were being cut down left and right by the damned 'do-gooders'. And considering the number of enemies Haruka was facing - even if they could take the Keyblader, safe transport would be difficult, if not impossible, if they ended up with the whole population of Traverse Town jumping down their throats.

Bah, whatever. A rebel was a rebel.
Clement was tempted to riftwalk straight into the middle of the fight and blast a few holes into anything moving, but that was quite stupid. The Keyblader was, apparently, ignorant of the current situation, and Clement was not going to enlighten him sooner than necessary. Never stop your opponent when he is making a mistake.

Closing his eyes, Clement stepped forwards. A shudder ripped through his body, and he appeared on top of a nearby building, on top of the hotel Anya was on a second ago. As he did, he saw Haruka flash upwards, fire trailing from his weapons. With a tired sigh, Clement kneaded his forehead as he thought for a second. He was definitely not going to reveal himself straight away, hell no. Instead, Clement gestured towards the central area with a lazy hand.

The lights shivered, flickered weakly for a second, and then died out. From the ensuing shadows, multiple Heartless appeared, gathering around the fighters. There were Shadows and Soldiers and other low tier Heartless, but there were a few formless dark mists that solidified into more horrid creatures, unseen in such a safe world such as Traverse Town. A bear - but not really, all edges, blades, and spikes trundled in, along with three sleek panthers, so lean and quick they were but velvety black blurs.

Another wave of Clement's hand - the air around Haruka shimmered and stretched: Reflectara, capable of absorbing all but the most potent of spells and firing them back at the caster. And lastly... one final wave of Clement's hand and the Heartless went into a frenzy, dripping their shadowy matter all over the ground as they launched themselves viciously upon the foolish defenders of Traverse Town. The bear and the two panthers immediately turned towards Derrick, eyes glowing ominously for a second before they rushed forwards, eyes trained on his Keyblade.

It was suicide, of course. With the Keyblade, these Heartless would be destroyed easily - though that was assuming Derrick had full control over the blade. Now, at least, it should be an even battle between Haruka and the others.

Moving backwards into the roof, Clement pressed his hand against the wall and teleported again, appearing inside the second floor of a dinghy tea shop, startling the owner. He slapped down a few coins for a cup of tasteless tea, and a few more to silence the shop owner, and then strolled lightly out onto the balcony, sitting down elegantly into one of the straw chairs to watch the battle.

Taking a sip out of his cup, Clement made a face and poured the rest of the tea contemptuously onto the ground, before throwing the cup down onto the table.

Now... if Haruka managed to tire out all of the fighters, Clement may possibly be able to slip in for a quick assassination...

The goggle-head figured that maybe the blow to the back of the head would at least knock him out or something. But that didn't seem to be the case here as Haruka started to get to his feet, rising from the ground slowly. It was a bit eerie at first but then it became a serious matter when flames engulfed both of his weapons. Growing hesitant, the boy took cautious steps backwards as he glanced up at the roof of the Hotel as he spotted Anya. He jerked his head to the side a few times, almost as though he was giving her a sign to get out of the District.

Suddenly, Derrick came face-to-face with several blades surrounded by a solid circle of fire that happened to be aimed right at him! Reacting quickly, he ended up rolling to the side to evade the attack. It nearly grazed him, feeling the heat of the flames as he tumbled along the ground before getting up on his own two feet again.

"Why are you here anyway?!"
He ended up shouting out the question, wondering if the Keyblade was what Haruka was here for. "Is it because of this stupid thing?!" he shouted once more, flailing the Keyblade in the air.

"I didn't even ask for this thing anyway! And to be honest, I don't even remember how I even got it in the first place. It. . . it just showed up on its own!"

The boy happened to speak the truth though, he was only using this as a way of distracting Haruka so that Anya could get out of there. From the looks of it now, their opponent didn't seem to back down at this point and he didn't want her to get harmed during the battle.
It mattered not to Haruka that the young man doesn't really want the keyblade, all that matters to Haruka is doing his job and taking out this boy with the infamous weapon. At first the boy's actions towards the attack are of no concern to him so he moves to launch yet another. This time around his concentration is broken by the sudden appearance of three Heartless and a type of shield being placed around Haruka himself. These simple facts leads him to believe that his Superior is in the area and watching the fight. The movement of the two panthers brings the thought of black water to Haruka with how fluid they dance about the area while the hulking bear of a creature moves almost as quickly but with more power behind the steps. This was going to be an interesting battle considering the fact that there are multiple targets for the warriors of the Empire.

Now that his concentration is complete once more Haruka looks to Anya and concentrates as he points a single sword in her direction. The flames rise in the concentration for half a second before a ball of fire shoots from the tip directly at her. There was a chance that the ball was going to miss the target, but Haruka is not counting on that. In truth he just wants the ball to land near the target because the resulting explosion would do the most damage seeing as how the spell is Fira and covers a rather large area with a high temperature. His attention is once again jerked towards Derrick so he launches himself in the air in a single back flip only to land in a crouch at the boy's feet. He spins around with one blade held out as if to sweep the legs and expels his Fira magic once more. This time a "blade" of fire shoots from the swords as they get near the boy and a shockwave erupts from where Haruka is from his landing.Anya stood by watching the situation unravel into a major battle. At first she was going to at least back away from the scene as Haruka started to revive his strength again until the heartless appeared. Her mouth opened lightly as she looked around at all of the heartless, since Haruka couldn't have possibly made that many heartless appear. Where was the other member of the empire? Responsible for the newly formed heartless? Derrick motioned for her to go and gave her time to leave, but she couldn't possibly now since the new heartless had appeared, if she left then she would feel almost responsible for if he was taken back to the Empires headquaters, or killed. She could never let that happen to anyone. Looking at Derrick she shouted in his direction,

"I'll take care of the heartless! You can focus on Haruka since he's trying to fight you!"
Then, pulling out her dagger she ran into the fray of heartless, she immedatly felt weighted down from all of the darkness that was seeping from the area, but her fighting skills were defintely effective, the cloud of heartless was lightly dying down. Of course there was still the bear and the panthers, but she would take those down after the smaller heartless were gone. Using most of her defensives, she stabbed at the heartless rapidly in quick motions making them disappear into notihingness. The weaklings were going to be the easy part. Then she ran out for a second and saw Haruka point a single sword to her. A fireball came flying from the tip towards Anya, and she quickly shouted out, "blizzarga!" An ice bomb flew from her own weapon into the fireball coming right in front of her. She rammed her dagger out in front of her face as a shield to protect it and slid back a ways before almost falling down. Her arm felt like it was on fire, which made her wince a little bit as she moved it around, trying to make the pain go away momentarily. A look of rage and annoyance covered her face.

"Well I stand corrected, so screw that idea. Now it
gets personal."
An almost wicked grin covered her face as she ran up the fountain and grabbed onto the railing, gaining enough momentum to fly back around and she landed on the ground behind Haruka, twirled to his side and took a swipe with her dagger casting lightning straight into his side. She then ran back at the remaning heartless and did the same manouver with the bear. No matter how long it took, she would not lose this battle.

It became obvious that Haruka was no longer in talkative mood as he now forced Derrick on the defensive. Readying himself for his next attack, there was an interruption as the lights of every single shop started to flicker before they had gone out. The area grew dark yet still visible at the same time, the Heartless now spawning about in a large number. Something didn't seem right; there was no way Haruka could summon this many creatures at one time or perhaps he could?

Then came the new types of Heartless that made their appearance; one resembling a bear and the others taking after a pack of panthers. That ended up becoming a much bigger problem. . .

The bear-like Heartless was the first to attack, bringing up both arms above its head before bring them both down towards the boy, claws crashing onto the blade of his weapon. That was the cue for one of the panthers to attack, lunging towards the boy and succeeded in taking him down. However, Derrick landed flat on his back and managed to flip the Heartless off of him. As he stood up, he ran towards the much larger Heartless and attempted to strike back with a swift slash. However, this would attempt would only fail as Haruka landed in front of him, causing a miniature shock-wave to throw off Derrick's balance before coming into contact with a blade doused with flames.

Landing hard on his back, the boy doubled over which left himself wide open. Another one of the panthers pounced onto his back, claws digging into his back as its teeth then sunk into his shoulder. Grabbing the back of the panthers neck, he flipped it over as he then quickly stood up, Keyblade in hand as he then drove the blade right into its neck. Breathing heavily, he pulled the blade out and then focused his attention back to Haruka.

"What's the matter? Can't fight on your own?"
Derrick taunted, twirling the Shadow's Requiem as he then rushed towards his opponent, evading another attack from the bear before lunging towards Haruka with a straight forward slash to the stomach. Yet, he ended up seeing Anya attacking from behind and took this opportunity to perform a double team maneuver. Canceling his previous attack, he ended up grabbing a hold of Haruka's shoulders, spinning in place as he locked his arms to prevent him from guarding against Anya's attack.

Was Haruka getting some sort of pleasure from this newly heated battle? Yes. Was it still going to be easy despite there now being two combatants against him? Possibly so. Was he worried about the pathetic Thunder cast straight at his side? Think again. He could see that his primary attack against Derrick had some effect to it and the boy even managed to grip Haruka's shoulder in an attempt to keep him in place so that the magic could strike him. Evidently the two were oblivious to the fact that Haruka was surrounded by a shield that not only stopped a lot of the magic that the girl could send at him, if not all of it, but also send it right back at her. With that as the base, the Thunder spell does indeed strike his side but is stopped by the advanced spell covering his body. As a result the lightning that was intended for him travels up the arm of the young woman while dealing the damage that was designed to hurt Haruka. This simple act brings a smile to Haruka's face as he moves his off-hand blade,the blade in his left hand, into a reverse grip.

"Now for some fun."

He quickly spins the two blades in arcing motions at his sides and sends his Fira magic through them to create lashing whips of flame. To those watching from a distance the flames would simply create a round wall on both sides of Haruka while they really act as super-heated blades themselves. This can be proven with the simple fact that each time one strikes the earth a gash of embers is left as the evidence. This, however, was only the beginning of the attack. The final stage sets in as Haruka begins to slowly spin in his spot which causes the fire whips to flail outwards. In this beautiful display of power, the heat ends up distorting what little light there was left in the area only to cause those nearby to notice that it appears as if Haruka is starting to split in two. Oh the wonders of optical illusions caused by simple light distortions.

Anya smiled widely as she noticed that Derrick was going to help her out with her attack, but her mood quickly change as pain flashed across her face. Nothing happened to Haruka, the spell almost rebounded off of him into her arm. The same one that felt slightly burnt on the edges. Like baked alaska struck by lightning. She shook out the pain as much as she possibly could in such condition and looked at Haruka. Instead of dropping back in the fight, Anya turned her head to look at Haruka with the corner of her eye, that way she could see only one of him.

That magic was just the problem. Now if she tried to break through his fire whipping things with a blizzard shield, then it would only do damage to her. In her mind she just wanted to learn that advanced spell so that she could use it for later battles. Hopefully her arm would recover after this was done. She shielded her face from the heat by taking a few steps back and putting her hand instinctively out in front of her face as she thought of another plan. None of her own magic could be invloved. Then she got one.

"Derrick be ready to get to him as quick as possible, you'll understand in a second how you actually can hit him."
She ran over to the fountain and put her dagger back in its place on her waist. As strongly as she could she placed her hand under the fountain and covered the spout. As soon as she did, she felt an overwhelming amount of pressure on her hand coming from the spout as she held back the water. She also told a basic reflecting spell to back the water up in the fountain as much as it could, sending it to where the water was supposed to come from in the ground. Then she pulled out her weapon again and flipped it upside down so that the blunt side was facing towards the ground.

"I think its time for a little introduction now. God/demon-made fire, meet natural water that came from the earth. I hope you two will be very happy together."
Anya said grinning as she hit the spout of the fountain containing the held water with her dagger. With the amount of strength she put into the hit, the spout flew off and so did the hand that Anya was holding it back with. Using her hand she guided the water where she wanted it to go. At Haruka's fire whipping heat things. The pressurized water shot straight out into the middle of the square in a splashing spray of liquid soaking anything in the area. Evaporation was out of the question since there was too much water. She didn't even want that much, it was the rest of the districts water would be gone for a while. Oh well, it was for protecting them anyways. Since their enemy was the only one using fire, it would be gone in a matter of seconds, leaving him open for attack. Which is hopefully where Derrick would come in. The main ground was now holding various puddles of water and the three fighting were probably now sopping wet, but to their advantage at least. Just not Haruka's.

Believing the attack would surely hit, Anya's spell grew closer and closer. But something went wrong as the spell itself appeared to be repelled, striking her instead of Haruka! Something was definitely wrong here as Derrick then shoved their opponent forward and backed away. Fire entered the area all thanks to Haruka who began to spin in place, the flames now whipping about as then held up his Keyblade in order to defend himself.

Brow quirked, the boy's head tilted to the side a bit as he was confused at first but after watching Anya run over to the fountain and now looked as though she was going to use it for her next attack. Whatever it was, it sure did seem like it would involve water; a lot of it too. Ironically enough, that became the case here as the girl ending up releasing a large amount of water that flew towards Haruka. Luciky enough, it put out the flames that he had been casting this entire time yet at the same time, managed to leave the area soak and wet. Despite the ground now being a slippery mess, the boy who was now drenched completely from head to toe rushed towards their opponent after the fire had been put out.

Yet nothing happened. No slashes, no sounds of a retaliation, nothing at all.

Steps slowed started to cease, coming to a complete stop as Derrick noticed something a bit off about the area. It wasn't just the Heartless that bothered him, something else ended up drawing his attention to it. There was a boundary encasing them within the District! Electricity was what made up the boundary, making it impossible to leave the battle! That and there was a much larger being made up of armor, which surprised the boy even more. What were they supposed to do now? First the Heartless, then Haruka, and now a giant armored creature was there too!

he scoffed under his breath, glancing over at Anya. "We can't stay here much longer! We have to push and cut our way through!"

Admitting the water was somewhat of a good idea, Haruka smiles at the attempt to put out the flames that he was using in his attacks. The blast of water had done what it needed to and even threw him back several feet from the sheer force of it all. He was officially having fun with this battle, still the girl obviously didn't know her magic. He quickly rises to his feet and looks to the area that is now covered in the giver of life and looks to the one named Derrick as he slowly begins to realize what is going on. Have to admit, the boy is smarter than he lets on. Haruka just smiles again at the duo and looks to the armored Heartless as it appears and a message is sent to his mind from Clement. Haruka knows what his mission is now and plans to fill it out to the bitter end.

"Learn your magic, Anya. Water is only temporary for this fire, or should I say Fira?"

At the last word his swords once again ignite and send waves of heat through the area. He first looks to the most important person and devises a way to keep the wielder of the keyblade within the barrier, the girl was of no real importance, just another rebel. With that thought in his mind he charges at Derrick only to stumble a little in the water. He manages to catch himself and devices a way to use the water to his advantage. At that moment he changes how it is that he moves and takes on a bit of a skater's movement while adding a little bit of magic to his feet to increase his movement speed over the water. It's when he gets next to Derrick that he releases the magic on his feet with a simple jump to send him into the air, but only by a small degree. He uses the advantage of height to shift his weight and perform a simple kick aimed at the back of Derrick's head followed by another shift in his weight to send his other leg down into an ax kick. He finishes off this combo with a flip backwards that sends both blades of flames across the ground and upwards towards the torso of Derrick. Should this attack hit, it was sure to cause a good amount of damage followed by a bit of a stun from the kicks.

Her idea had worked momentarily, but even though Derrick had rushed Haruka, nothing happened for a mere second. The area became uneasily eerie, and Anya shifted herself awkward as she stood on the field. She could hear her own heart pounding through her chest and her slow, heavy distressed breathing. Small amounts of pain radiated from her arm, and she was getting tired. Yet she knew it wasn't over. She walked a little to try and go up the stairs but she couldn't, she felt a shock go through her and she jumped back in surprise. Then a giant heartless appeared on the field that controlled the barrier around the group, along with Haruka preparing to re-engage combat. Failure seemed evident. Come on, we can't lose now. If they lost who knew what would happen to them now. Probably nothing good.

Gritting her teeth and wheeling around she viciously stared at Haruka, which the whole concept of scary was new to her, still, she was good at it.

"At least I know more than one kind of magic! You had to have someone else do all these boundries and heartless masses for you, huh? I'm just curious as to who it is, I mean someone with that kind of power must be really important in the Empire."
She listened to what Derrick said and decided to finish her statement.

"You know Haruka, I might not know magic, but I can figure things out easily. That was your superior correct? I kinda wish he was here for when you were bawling like a child."
Then she smiled back at his own corny smile and turned to Derrick sharply.

"We can try, but I think if we take out the Guard first then we'll be able to escape. We can get away from Haruka once the barrier is down."
She hit the barrier with her dagger and it didn't do anything, then she ran over to the giant heartless and ran up it's body to the head and she jumped up into the air, coming back down onto the head seperating it into different sections.

This ought to be exciting.

Problems Become Complications!

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There was something wrong about the sky today. A buzzing sound could faintly be heard above the prison. Suddenly it got louder and louder until a rather large straight object could be seen extremely close. Slamming into a part of the prison, it exploded, destroying a tower that sat on top of the prison. One large ship surrounded by three medium sized ships began descending from the atmosphere. The resistance decided to make it's move upon the prison now but, it was a desperate move. Landing right in front of the prison, rebels began pouring from the medium ships while the much larger ship kept a safe distance away from the prison. The prison base alarms went off as the rebels began making their move upon the prison. Prison personnel were also rushing forward to confront the rebels. Two pods were shot forward from the large ship, slamming into the upper part of the prison. Two groups with a high rank rebel emerged from the pods in order to save Cort's mother and any that were imprisoned.

Cort's eyes widened as he say the ship. "Oh my god. A Memorian battle cruiser. The last one I presume. We gotta get to them as fast as possible. Sorry Lissa but, i'm going to have to carry you a little farther." Cort commented as he picked up his pace. Even though his leg was hurting deeply, Cort could still run as high speeds. It took quite awhile but, Cort had reached the prison since the prison wasn't that far away. Luickily he and Lissa hadn't been seen just yet so, he took his time to scour the area. His eyes finally met with a familiar face on the battlefield that ordering a group of people. Running inbtween the explosions and battle, Cort reached the familiar face. "KURT!" Cort yelled out and the man turned around with an amazed look. "Prince Cort De Memoria. It has been a long time since you left the rebel base." Kurt responded, "I'm glad that you've shown up though and witha beauty in your arms. We have decided to have major battle here and save all the rebels and your mother."

Cort's face tensed up and he replied rather quickly, "I'm also glad that your here. I'm going in to get my mother and my friend. Take this girl with you and get her to the healing bay. Dont not let her follow me. That's an order from your prince." Before giving Lissa to Kurt, Cort whispered into her ear, "Don't worry Lissa. I will be back. Let them take care of you." Handing Lissa over, Cort grabbed Kurt's sword from his sheath. It was a broad sword adorned with gold lining and a titanium handle. It was a royal weapon given to Kurt upon Cort's departure and now the Memorian prince would take upon the weapon in battle once again. Turning around, Cort dashed toward the prison, cutting his way through prison guards with a fierce determination in his mind.

Kurt on the otherhand spoke a command into the headset on his head. "Use the transporter for the main ship. It's an emergency. It seems the Prince is here and he's left me something." Kurt spoke to the Memorian Battle Cruiser. A beam of white light shined upon Kurt and Lissa and their bodies instantly dispered into small orbs. These orbs made their way into the ship, and ended up in a very advanced looking room. Carrying Lissa, Kurt walked feverishly into the medical bay that sat beside the dimensional movement room. Laying Lissa on a long, black table, Kurt grabbed upon the lid that covered the table and closed it around Lissa. Pressing a button on the lid, the whole thing began to glow a bright green as it healed Lissa's body. "Well Cort is bringing home women now. I hope the prince knows what he is doing. Powerful bastard." Kurt muttered as he left the room to go back to the battle."What."

Clement's frozen whisper crept from his lips as one of his underlings contacted him - a battle cruiser, Memorian, had landed in the middle of his city, to spread their pathetic resistance even further. And here he was, half the universe away, chasing a Keyblader, of all things.

Clement slowly closed his eyes and reopened them again. He was furious. How dare these rebels....
The shoddy teacup shattered in his hands and Clement slammed the table with his clenched fist. The table itself exploded into three different pieces silently, fracturing as if space had snapped around it. The shopowner protested for a second, before he was blown against the back wall. Crawling away quickly, the shopowner left the store in a hurry as Clement turned and faced the battlefield.

Focusing for a second, Clement reached out into a dimensional rift and drew out a few tools. Four large silver crosses the size of full grown men fell in a square surrounding the battlefield, glinting in the night light. They hummed softly as they started shining, quivering to themselves as magic charged up.

Haruka. I leave these rebels to you. In three mintues, this area will be teleported to Disney Castle, into the heart of the Empire. Make sure none of them leave the area.
Fingering a dark black shard of metal in his pocket, Clement thought for a moment, and then decided to use it for good measure. Tossing it down from the balcony to the first floor, the metal shard seemed to slip into the ground without resistance.

In the background, the Bell in Traverse Town started ringing.

The air around the crosses shimmered and wavered, creating a square boundary field around the 'arena'. The boundary field glittered with electricity - anyone running into it would be electrocuted and thrown back. In three minutes, the area would be teleported to Disney Castle.

In the center of the arena, the shard of metal appeared, glowing and growing, absorbing all of the other Heartless and leaving the bear and panther until it solidified into a large armored figure - a figure that looked like Guard Armor... but the Heartless was much too big to be a normal Heartless. It was massive, not to mention that it was shooting electricity from its armor. The electrical boundary field was tied to this Guard Armor - if it was somehow defeated, the boundary field would fall the Keyblader and his friends could simply walk out. Of course, that was much harder than it sounded. Clement made a nice few modifications to the Heartless. But that was for the Keyblader to find out.

Satisfied, Clement turned a stepped into his awaiting rift, back to Radiant Gardens. He had a few pests to deal with.
Ty Dex watched as the skirmish started to unfold and his eyes took in all that was hapening with an air of heightened disgust. The soliders that were running around trying so hard to killthemwere dropping like flies in radiation and he wasn't enjoying at all seeing Dia shoot down hoardes of foes at at time,but only because he wasn't fighting with her and Capell.

"Eyy let's kick this up a knotch shall we?? I think these punkes need a lesson in who to screw around with."
He glanced at Dia and ran her form through with an overpowering link tot the darkness that would channel her energy through the gun she fired. It was possible that she didn't catch on at first but the increased exansion of her shots and the dark force that tore through her foes was enough to make the soliders slow up a bit, but theirnorders were clear....

Capell was fighting the executioner by himself, so Ty went to help but another flock of soldiers advanced and blocked his path. "Move. Now." His words echoced around the soldiers and with his hand and a waving moion from it four men in frontof him snapped in half and the otherswere met with a wall of psionic force thathummed and then imploded back near them, which ended up causing all of them but one to get crushed into horrible and bloody misconfigurations of what they looked like before. "Heyy Capell I got your back, get him!!!" Ty Dex switchd his stance and jumped over the bodis strewn before him and cut down the remaining soldier with a diagonal slice and then dropped down in front of the executioner and Cort's mother. "Shadow Bind Transfer."

Darkness quickly imposed itself upon the man holding the axe and right then he was bound by darkness and was unable to move. "Come on do it now."

Still fighting the executioner Capell was surprised to see Ty Dex jump up to the platform to help him. "Huh? What about the sold-" He looked down to see the path of destruction that Dex had caused on his way to him. Now that he thought about it, Dex seemed to be seriously powerful and it made him wonder just where he came from..

Slamming his fists together he used a thunder spell to surround his arms in a coating of electricity. Judging from the look on the executioner's face he knew what was coming. "Eat this!" Capell yelled, sending a flurry of punches so fast that his arms became a blur. Electricity flashed with each strike as he wailed on him. Stopping for just a second Capell pulled his right arm far back. Focusing his strength he sent one final blow to the man's face, shattering his jaw and sending him flying across the grounds right into the far wall. The electricity went away as he sighed in relief. "Thanks Dex, and it looks like the rebels have this wrapped up too." He said, noticing that the empire solders were dwindling in number.

Such chaos is such a relatively small place was unnerving to Ty Dex because there were always bigger battles and if this much destruction could be caused in one place as tiny as this; he could could easily imagine and remember the terror that went on in some of the other worlds where heartless were so terrifying that people didn't even dare enter such a place. Disturbed thoughts of blood and rampage flitted through Ty's mind and he held it in at first but the idea was so livid to his being that soon psionic impulse holding the images burst from his head and there was little doubt that Capell had been safe from these thoughts.

A crazed look spread across Ty's face and the platform started to vibrate and break apart but then he thought about Tyra Zen and his drama ceased.

"I. I....damn. "Umm what we we talking about??"
The complete look of confusion and emptiness that Ty was experiencing was normal but nevertheless outrageous in its own right. "So are we parting ways here or is there more to your story...more to what I can help you with..."

Dia halted. She was puzzled to where the dark power came from. It was not hers, she was sure. She wouldn't rely on the darkness. But there were still a few soldiers coming at her. She shook off the thought and glanced at Ty, who moved towards Capell's area. She wondered whether he was the one who did that. But it was really unnecessary for him to do that. She stayed silent, shooting down the remaining soldiers.

Just when she was done, she saw a man fly and crashing into the wall. She looked at Capell and Ty. Walking over to them, she looked at Ty rather uncomfortably but grinned at Capell. "Well done." She said.

Dia looked at Ty. His behaviour seemed different. Not that she cared. "Well...you better get her to a safe place first." She said, looking at Cort's mother.

Lissa closed her eyes as Cort ran toward the prison. Something big was happening. As they reached the prison, a huge ship had crashed into. Lissa anxiously watch chaos persue. Thinking it best to remain quiet, Lissa didn't even whisper and left watched eveything with wide eyes. She watched Cort closely. He ran into someone he knew who called him a prince. He was a prince? He never mentioned this too her. Cort handed her off to the man named Kurt. Lissa was so incredibly exhausted, she didn't protest. He took the sword and dashed off. She wished she would have told him to be careful or to be safe but she couldn't manage the words. Part of Lissa dreaded that she might never see him again. She bit her lip as she watched him disappear and Kurt sent them up into the ship.

In the ship, Kurt placed Lissa in a healing pod. She took a deep breath before he closed. Small spaces always made her uncomfortable. As soon as he turned it on, she could already feel the her body healing, her strength returning. Lissa heard Kurt mutter something about Cort bring home women. She could feel her ears get hot. She looked around the ship and gazed at all the computers, lights, buttons, and gadgets. It reminded her of her father's lab. She shook her head to remove the thoughts of her family from her head and thought of Cort again. She hoped that he was okay.

Once her body was fully healed, the lid of the pod opened and Lissa sat up. She looked around, unsure of what to do. Those left aboard were busy following commands and speaking into headsets, but to Lissa, it simply looked like they were button mashing and talking to themselves. Lissa walked through the ship until she found a small, oval window and stared at the chaos outside. Soldiers and rebels battling. Smoke, debris, blood, and more littered the area below. Lissa clenched her fists as she felt completely useless. What would she do down there. She didn't even know how to use any kind of weapon besides what Cort had taught her. She would just get hurt again and someone would have to save her. She was just a stupid damsel in distress recently. She rolled her eyes at the thought. She turned from the window and started pacing to think of what she could do to help.

Anger That Becomes Darkness

Back in his office, Clement had to only open his door to his balcony before a literal wall of sound hit him, as those useless soldiers and officers ran around, confused and desperate. Reports were flying in - soldiers dispatched were dropping like flies, with next to no casualties on the enemy side. With a tired sigh, Clement took a step forwards and opened his mouth.


Clement waited for a second as the army suddenly shut up as his tones echoed throughout the large chamber. A few motes of dust fell from the ceiling as Clement surveyed the scene with an annoyed eye.
"As you may know, we are under attack. The rebels, though, are few and unorganized. If you all stopped shouting and each other and did something, maybe we can accomplish something. Squads 1 to 4 - you will come from the North and South sides. Squad 5, 7, take the trains and block any avenues of escape or entrance. Aerial 2, 4, 5, and 7, you are assigned to destroying the Memorian cruiser. Assault 3 and 4, initiate attack on the main rebel force. Be ready in 10 minutes. Any soldier left without a job, find one within the next minute."

Turning, Clement stepped away and walked back inside the building, disappearing into a portal. Really, what morons.

In truth, the soldiers were useless. Or, more accurately, they were only useful as a distraction and as a shield. It was the Heartless that Clement preferred to use. Much less messy, and no stupid emotions like fear inhibiting them.
Stepping out the portal, Clement surveyed the wall in front of him as he pondered this, stroking the dusty metal. The wall in front of him was ancient, yet it glinted in the dark, as if an unknown source of light fell on it.

He was in the heart of Hallow Bastion, the castle in the middle of Radiant Gardens and the literal heart of thisworld. In front of him was the Keyhole, the source of the Heartless appearing throughout the world. It was funny how the rebels were running themselves ragged trying to kill all his troops when the real source of his army was hidden here. All they had to do to retake Radiant Gardens was to somehow lock this Keyhole, denying Clement his source of an army and destroying all the Heartless in one stroke. But the only known Keyblader so far was in Traverse Town, much too far away to interfere. After he dealt with these annoying flies, he would see to the Keyblader...

Lifting his hands, Clement felt the flow of space coming from the Keyhole, and started chanting. Watching closely and at his side, his young ward. A boy no older than the age of fifteen, a tender child that though young was quite powerful. The youthful O'nam, not quite up to match just yet, but he was a mere rank below Lieutenant at the current time. For the time being, as the power billowed from the keyhole, the world as they knew it would soon be overrun with heartless at his master's command.

As he did so, the foundations of Radiant Gardens trembled as sleeping powers awakened...

Chapter 3 End

Author's Notes

The "So This Is Human Nature?" segment was completely redone from scratch, with the exception of Cort's assail from the train, that part is completely original to King Kittan's character's actions.

@Piercing Light. I think I am going to omit Salforge's train ride to the mysterious tower for the time being to focus more on the Capell/Concordia/Ty Dex side and Derrick/Anya/Kulen sides for the time being.

As far as empire activity goes, I feel like Clement was multi-tasking hardcore here lol. Good ol' Akans! As a good grace I did the first cameo appearance for a later character to be introduced later. If not in Chapter 4, then chapter 5 will introduce Lumine's character Ciel alongside kingdomkeylight's Ocean and Artem (oh god thats gonna be fun to rewrite lol)

Just a note about text/font colors. Certain roleplayers preferred to have colored fonts to make their replys significant, the ones that used font colors I chose to keep the same ones to distinguish their characters' dialogue midst others.
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