Social skills hindered by technology?



A traveler
Jul 3, 2008
I spend an extended amount of time speaking electronically whether it is through text, email, IM, forums, what have you. The current job I have requires that I speak to people on a regular basis and when its strictly business I can say what I need to say just fine. But if its non-IT related and just conversing with someone I do not have much to say and it's incredibly awkward. Only when I am comfortable with the person or there is a person I feel comfortable with present that I can speak seamlessly. I feel that it wasn't until recently that I just...sucked at talking to strangers. If its something that I'm into I can hold my own but other than that...jeez.

I guess I just wanted to know if anyone else feels that spending so much time "talking" online might have hindered the ability to do so in person. At least with small talk. Or if they feel the opposite