So you want to make a Canon Roleplay?

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With roleplaying as flexible as it is, there is no definitive best way to set up your roleplay, nor do we mandate any particular method of doing so. Still, there are conventions that have proven useful over the years that many on KHI stick to. When your signup thread is posted, it's how you're going to tell people about your roleplay. It therefore follows that you want to get across your roleplay as well as possible, but also not to overwhelm the reader. What follows are not rules, but suggestions.

This can be your quickest way to grab someone. Like the blurb on the back of a book or a DVD/game case, this offers a very brief glimpse into what your story is about. Your might want a quote, an in-universe journal entry, something encyclopedic - all options are open to you.

In some canon roleplays that come from the source without deviation, this section would be unnecessary. Most people like to put some unique spin on the canon before roleplaying it, so this can often times prove useful. The Background covers the major events that lead up to the beginning of the roleplay that have affected things on a global or macro level - events that span entire nations, worlds or planes.

It's useful in this section to establish - either implicitly through the events described or explicitly by simply stating it - your roleplay's relationship with existing canon - how close it sticks, or how far it strays. There are two broad distinctions, with sub-categories:

Pure Canon Roleplays
- The background or events of this roleplay do not and/or will not conflict with existing canon

  • Future - The roleplay begins at such a time that all canon-official events have already happened, and so cannot be overridden. The tale of Kingdom Hearts III would fit into this category.
  • Past - Such as in a Keyblade War roleplay, the events happen before anything else established in the canon. Poor record-keeping, embellishment via myths, and other things mean whatever happens in this roleplay can remain consistent with the canon.
  • Parallel - The events of the roleplay happen at the same time as canon events, but occur in the background or somewhere the reader/viewer/player wasn't directed towards. The conflicts unfolding in unvisited worlds during a Kingdom Hearts game would fit this.
Alternative Universe Roleplays - The background or events of the roleplay involve a break from established canon.

  • Deviation - The roleplay has one or more explicit breaks from the canon, and the roleplay takes place in this altered world. An example would be contunuing the Kingdom Hearts story even if Sora did die in Castle Oblivion.
  • Revision - The roleplay takes place as a thing of actual canon, but can deviate during the story, and roleplayers take control of established or original characters. Re-doing Kingdom Hearts II would be an example.
Background discusses the macro elements of your roleplay and the major events in years or decades past. The Plot entry is all about the micro, the more localised and immediate events that put the characters and significant factions where they'll be at the start of the roleplay.

Some rules can go unsaid because the global rules apply across the entire roleplaying section. Roleplay creators who trust their fellow roleplayers or have little concern for content may feel it unecessary to lay out specific rules. Others, however, prefer to make things clear or set specific restrictions. Common rules that aren't global concern the magnitude and forms of violence, gore, romance and other potentially sensitive topics.

Character creation
This is where you tell people how they can join, and what sort of information they'd have to provide on their character. The most common way to apply to a roleplay is to fill out a template, though this is not mandated and more unconventional forms are possible and sometimes preferred with particular styles of roleplaying.

Character roster
Here is where you list all the roleplayers and/or characters that are involved in the roleplay with some consistency, so obviously a one-time NPC won't require an entry. The most minimalist rosters simply list a character and its roleplayer. A level above that would be to have each entry link (where possible) to a character's template. A more comprehensive form again would be to lay out a table that gives a simple overview of the character's capabilities without having to view the actual template.
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