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So...why does Roxas/Ven look like Sora. I might be missing something.

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Oct 22, 2010
No, you're wrong. I get it. But in my opinion, they're "gone". Sora isn't even an "other" (Roxas' other would be Sora's heartless). Granted, Roxas is a "special nobody", but he merged with his original self and thus Sora became whole again. Of course, I do believe that Roxas could be reborn/awakened again in some way, but until then I really believe he joined with Sora, who then inherited Roxas' traits and memories. I don't think there is anything contradicting this theory, nor is there anything contradicting yours. I think it's up for interpretation, but on the other hand, there are plotholes in the entire story so it's not like it's a big deal.

As for Xion, she was manufactured so the same rules don't apply to her. Imo, she died - just like the Riku replica did. Of course, Nomura could just make the story even more complicated and come up with a silly excuse for their return, but I really hope that'll never happen.

I see now, in most parts of the issue we mean the same thing, it's just that you define "gone" in another way.
It's however nevertheless correct that Sora is Roxas's other (He even says so when Sora defeated him in KH 2), not Sora's heartless.
Sora's heartless existed way too short, and the fact that Roxas co-existed with his "true" self is also a reason which made him so special, just like Naminé.

That Roxas joined with Sora is out of the question, as it's a confirmed fact. Sora then took Roxas's memories inside his heart, yes, but that doesn't mean they're Sora's memories now.
If you mean by "awakened" Roxas returning as an independent existence, then yes, that's possible. But Roxas is also still "awake" inside Sora, pretty much seen in the CGI-ending when he and Naminé smile at each other through Sora and Kairi.

Xion's origin is not the important thing here, but where she is now. She took many memories from Sora and needed to return them, but she also developed own memories which define her. These memories are in Sora as well now, hence Xion shown in Blank Points and the chance for her return is already set.
The Riku Replica is another case because he's not connected to anyone and his own memories can be god knows where.

Ven was destroyed? What do you mean by that? His body is resting in Castle Oblivion and his broken heart went to Sora (and ultimately Kairi as well I think, thanks to Naminé).
Ven was not destroyed, most of that theory I can see are assumptions which don't quite add up, as Roxas already rejoined with Sora during KH2 so there's no Sora = Vanitas, but I don't feel on completely correcting/pointing out flaws yet.

About that Naminé bit, that's easy to explain:
Naminé was born using Sora's body and soul through Kairi's heart. Inside Sora's body however was Ven's injured heart, which during the birth-process has affected Naminé's appearance by giving her blonde hair.


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Jul 1, 2010
Either way, I think the story is a big mess now. I'm more into the Disney world stories at this point than I am with the whole Xehanort saga. Not to say I don't care for the characters, but I don't care enough to dig deeper into the story as it's not really deep to begin with. It's just convoluted, like a soap opera or bad fan fiction. I still love the games and series as a whole though.
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