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so who wants to count the threads

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Jun 30, 2008
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i've pumped some activity into FI like you diddlyers wanted. in one night i've done more than what has been done in like, what, a month? i mean christ. i'm always around. i try and be constructive, this place goes to shit. i make joke posts and no one cares about either side.

its diddlyed up. i don't even know what the hell i'm saying anymore. just being here is exhausted, i'm angry and tired and i feel heavy doing simple shit, i've realized that i do a good little bit.

like honestly. if i didn't, most sections outside of KH would lose most activity. any "projects" i got some of you guys into would be dropped almost completely. not that it even matters tho.

half of the members don't care about the community and are here cause of X, half of the mods don't give a shit because they gave up from A. trying to hard or B. not trying at all. what do they have in common anyway?

that's right kiddos! getting sucked into fake dramatic bullshit. who even cares. i didn't use to, or maybe i always did and was just better at hiding it. regardless, this is a children's video game forum. why does this crock of shit even matter to you people?

the old mods, just a bunch of bitter disgruntled diddlying teenagers who are afraid to admit they like mickey mouse and bully people who are legitimately passionate about it and trying. many really did stop liking KH; they should have diddlyed off and moved on instead of bullying 10 year olds.

the current mods: you guys are better by miles. no one can deny that. i'm not going to single people or bring up past mistakes, we can point fingers and play the blame game all goddamn day but lets admit that all of us were at fault.

why the diddly is it that we can talk about "lets leave this business or that business behind us" yet no one really can? why the diddly can't we sit in a goddamn chat room and work shit out like we used to? like, i don't see you around moderating anymore. are you really that busy there's no time for old friends?

i always have so much on my mind and i forget shit and i try to vent but it just isn't working. my real life and shit here is spilling into my head, i am sick of all the stress. i posted this here so we can all laugh it off pretend i was doing what i'm good at; shitposting.

so glad we are a community. bang up job on ignoring each other and 1000 lurkers make an account every game to ask menial questions before leaving forever. we're better than kh13 tho, right?
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