So... Once again...I did it again... *sigh*


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Oct 15, 2009
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So even though I ALWAYS tell myself, DON'T MEDDLE INTO LOVE AFFAIRS OF PEOPLE! I was sucked into it.... by my friend. *sigh*

I swear... every time I have, I end up ruining my friendships. Now don't get me wrong, the last few times, the people in my group weren't my "friends" friends. Just people I met and became good friends with. But this time, it's big...

You see, there's only a few people in this world I can call my true real friends. Y'know the type, Like SRK friendships. That no matter what happens.. (or it seems like that) nothing can hurt your friendship. But today... I think we'll find out how strong is our bond.

You see, there's 5 of us (6 if you include me), We all been friends since middle school/elementary. There is only one of my friends and I as females, the rest are males. I'm the oldest of the group. I'm older by 2,3 and 5 years to them. There's two that are 3 years, two that are 2 years and only one that is 5 years. I love them like my siblings, and care for them. We known each other since then and we've been as thick as thieves.

But now, the only other girl and the youngest of the group fallen in love. While I'm happy for them, there's a problem. One of the oldest guy and the youngest are both brothers, really close brothers, and both love the girl. So I tried my hardest to leave them alone, not get into this love triangle. But sadly, I got sucked into it and now, I'm in the middle. My girl friend called me, feeling bad and the youngest brother too, both telling me they feel guilty about this. They don't want to hurt him, they love him so much. But the thing is, he's gonna get hurt. No matter what... So after tears and a bit of cheering up, I got them to hang up. For now, we are in thinking mode. I told them not to do anything, just act normal. But now I'm worried... I mean, no matter what this will end in tears and basically the group broken up because of this... who knows how long? A few weeks? Months? years? We won't be like before, hanging out at our houses, playing video games, or anything, it's going to change. I just hope that this doesn't break our bond at all.

So reason why I'm posting here? I was hoping to ask for help. I know some of you will tell me to get out of the problem, since I'm not part of it, but it's hard. I just had my best friend cry on the phone and her love listening and comforting her. I feel horrible... I want to help, but I want to do this in a calm, rational way. Maybe just avoid this all together and get them to just not get together or just find a way to break it to him. Who knows?


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Unfortunately I know your pain, I've been involved in multiple break ups with my group of friends, including "Sabrina you talk to him I don't know what to say" :I

You have to let things go. Let people get hurt, let them learn. You can't protect them and love will happen and most of the time, undoubtedly make some things complicated. The older brother who's also in love with this girl should realize that she's happy with his brother. And while it hurts, he should appreciate that she's happy, that she's with someone who can make her happy like his brother.

Try not to worry, though I know you probably will like I do. My group calls me the den mother... u_u"


Mar 12, 2012
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Exactly what Sabrina said. Let them handle it themselves, their own way. Whether they want to keep it a secret (which is probably the worst thing one can do) or if they do want to break it to him, they should do it the way they want to. If it is true friendship he shouldn't get mad for his little brother being in love with someone, if he does, that's on him. Let him get mad, he'll get by eventually. You just be there for your friends if they want to talk, but do not try and fix their problems for them. They should be able to handle that themselves. I wish you and your friends good luck and I hope everything will work out okay.