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Mar 28, 2011
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Awhile ago I posted a thread about how I was making a Dark Souls X God of War kind of novel, but since then it's evolved and has turned into more of a Dark Souls - Bloodborne - American Gods - Attack on Titan - Final Fantasy - The Witcher (non-intentional) - Dragon Ball Super (SUPER non-intentional) kind of deal. I've got the main plot in mind, I'm just sussing out the details by going back over my original script which had the main ideas, but ultimately I scrapped the direct references for something more original (original gods with a pantheon and all that). I just wanted to post what I have so far in terms of plot points for the story and see what kind of feedback I'd get. So here's the intro:

It was during the reign of Chaos that the world was blanketed by darkness; cold and master-less. A dull, little world with no color, where beasts of all manner roamed freely. But with Chaos came Hope, and with Hope came Faith; Faith that allowed man to thrive, because “Through Faith alone they arrived, and through Faith alone they fought for mankind”. The Primeval Gods of Old: Kyerra, goddess of the earth, with her legion of golems. Caelim, goddess of the wind, and her unrelenting tempests. Azu’Paka, goddess of water, and her insurmountable waves. Ful’Raq, god of lightning, with his calamitous bolts. Isig, god of fire, and his everlasting flames. Together, they marked the genesis of the pantheon that would come to follow. United, they pushed the darkness and all that thrived in it back into the earth where it would remain forever more. Time went on, and with it came the Era of Faith, where the new gods of this world ruled and humanity worshipped them.

It became inevitable though, when man would begin to lose faith in their gods; questioning them and then eventually abandoning them. These heathens were christened as the Lost Ones, and banished for their blasphemy. From then on, the Lost Ones wandered and spanned across the globe, spreading chaos wherever they took root. Fearful of conflict, the gods and their chosen few hid from the rest world, erecting an insurmountable wall that touched the very heavens and reached the furthest depths. Feeling that the malcontents would inevitably destroy themselves, the gods stole a power that was not rightfully theirs, leaving only the message “Only when their blood is cleansed, shall the pure be allowed back into our sanctum”.

Millennia have passed and still the gods have yet to return; they have since been named just myth. It is to this very day that the civil chaos between the Lost Ones has continued with no end in sight. Hope is scarce amongst these men, and has driven them to very edge of desperation. For despite their skepticism, the Lost Ones have always kept hope in one belief: that one day, one of blasphemous descent would venture forth and return with the power the gods coveted, bringing with them a new dawn.

Now here's the setup and some of the background:

  • The “Reincarnation Cycle”, a process that dictates the alternation between life, death, and the rebirth of all life within the multiverse. Since time immemorial, it has repeated itself countless times and has never once stopped.
  • The cycle begins when the myriad of universes are too distant from one another -slowly drifting apart. Their eventual isolations potentially risk a multiversal-wide heat death.
  • To prevent this, a great force sets out to gather the fleeing cosmoses by consuming as many of them as it can into itself; christened by none, it is simply referred to as “The Void”. Inside, the universes collapse in on themselves and return to their primal energy forms.
  • Eventually these energies begin to resonate with on another, they become agitated, and start to wildly collide with one another. The force of each collision between these energies is equivalent to the force of countless singularities, initiating a Big Bang. These shockwaves that each expansion produces weakens the hold that the force has on them.
  • Ultimately, the force weakens enough for the energies to slowly pull away; when The Void is no longer able to contain their power, the energies burst forth, creating entirely new universes.
  • The newly formed universes then move further and further away from the centre of the force, restarting the process.
  • When the last light finally pulls away, the core from within the force shrinks down and collapses in on itself; in the end, all that is left is an empty pocket. A negative space where nothing, anything and everything can occur thanks to the nigh-limitless amount of Cosmic Energy seeping from its depths.
  • In actuality though, the process is not only meant to keep all life from being completely dying, it is also how the Void sustains itself. Whilst during the cycle, the Void desperately attempts to quell its endless hunger by attempting to eat everything it has lost by ripping and tearing dimensions apart.
  • Over the countless eons that the Void has completed this cycle -and the exposure it had with Cosmic Energy from other universes- at some point a conscious started to develop within. It began to learn due to all of its interactions with the various cultures and species that had clustered inside it (although it prefers the darkness and comfort of eternal sleep, and therefore rarely wakes).
    • Once the Void has consumed enough universes, an odd phenomenon occurs: some of the devoured universes’ remnants are ripped from their times and spaces (not all the same times and spaces, mind you), and are then pulled to the centre, molding together with the fragments of other universes, creating an amalgam of topography, environments, and atmospheres.
    • The world that forms within the Void becomes dark and barren due to the lack of a star; illuminated only by a mysterious glowing mist, and covered in colourless earth. A place where all manner of creature and monstrosity lurk, roaming masterless and free.
  • Regardless, the Void is merely a conscious force, ever-seeking an impossible satiation for its hunger.
  • That is the Reincarnation Cycle, and this is how it has always been.
  • At a certain point though, whilst the Void was devouring yet another universe, a small blue planet became a part of the feast. From the sky, multitudes of new organisms fell from the sky: minerals, plants, animals etc. But the only ones that showed the slightest bit of intelligence were a very large group of bipedal creatures; calling themselves “Humans” or “Mankind”.
  • Dazed and confused (like the rest of their fellow creatures were [albeit the “animals” ran once they regained their senses]), it took these newcomers some time to fully understand what had just happened to them.
  • Afraid of their new surroundings and scared after just being pulled away from their homes so abruptly, the humans attempted to communicate with one another, but their cultures and languages were too different; after all they had all come from different lands and eras.
  • It wasn’t long before their fear turned into hostility. No one remembers whom struck whom first, only that afterwards they quickly rallied together with whomever immediately looked like them -blaming the other groups for their current predicament- and prepared to fight.
  • However, they had unknowingly attracted numerous predators with their commotion; creatures that were here long before them. Before they could begin their battle, they were attacked by these savage and ghastly monsters.
  • As quickly as their fear transitioned to anger, their anger had turned right back to fear again. As the humans looked upon these foreign and demonic animals, they scattered.
  • The disorganization made it simple for the predators to pick them off the numerous humans one by one. Even when some tried fighting back, they were no match for the superior strength and size of their alien carnivores.
  • These eldritch creatures would commonly be referred to as “Demons” by humanity, as their callous nature and appearance were unimaginably grotesque.
  • In just a few hours, out of the tens of thousands of humans that had just entered the Void, over half had already perished.
  • Those that separated from their parties were never heard from again, but even a handful of those that didn’t still met similar fates.
  • The years that separated the earliest humans with the ones from the most distant future seemed to be at least six-thousand. Their predicament brought together the most primitive of their species with the most intelligent ones.
    • Fortunately some of the humans were caught with weapons of self-defence on hand, making the security of their species a much more achievable goal.
  • After coming into some minute feeling of safety, the hastily formed parties began to work and communicate with one another in the self-interest of survival. However, even with cooperation, hundreds died by the day, whether it was due to the demons, or to the unknown environment itself.
  • The most prominent tribes numbered up to fourteen, consisting of: Nax-Ri’El, Nonoch, Eurzhou, Ba’Ur, Novumeric, Odito-Siciltia, Asugea, Kwatili Contuu, Waman’Bru, Fi’Rul, Kapher, Orisuphar, Masylvan, and Lyber.
The pantheon I've worked on (each name and domain HAS an explanation behind it [if you get lost don't be afraid to ask]): Pantheon.png

Let me know what you think! If it tickles your fancy, great! Any ideas on how to make it better? / Questions pertaining to the future? Cause it has one already, I'm just trying to get everything in order. If it doesn't, let me know what you might do with it. All feedback is welcome!
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Aug 25, 2020
The World That Never Was
Damn you really went all out for working on this. As someone who played bloodborne before this is something i would see in a future fromsoftware game be as grimdark as much as you want thats how the series made its mark and so would Elden Ring when it does come out.