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So I was thinking about how I feel the Xehanort is Luxu theory is dumb so I found Luxu's height


The End Lawyer

New member
Oct 15, 2018
So I first was gonna find out Xehanort's height by finding Lingering Will's height (it was like 8 ft) but then I looked up "Xehanort Height" and learned it was 5'9 so from there I found No Name's height using a ruler which was 3' 8 and then using a picture of Luxu i found out his height which was 5' 3 I was gonna find out Young Xehanort's height but i didn't want to have to go get a screen shot of Young Xehanort standing near Xehanort (or find one which I tried but couldn't) so yeah Luxu is 5' 3 ish I probably messed it up somehow.