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Dec 6, 2018
The foretellers seem to be the upcoming villains. If they each appear in a Disney world, which would they appear in? My takes.

Aced - Brave. I think this one's obvious. lol

Invi - Return to Agrabah, which I think is likely, Invi being our snakey replacement for Jafar in this world.

Gula - The Jungle Book. Was gonna say Emperor's New Groove, but Yzma is a good enough villain for that world.

Ava - Zootopia. Whether or not she's a villain. It'd be interesting, I think.

Ira - Inside Out. This is the world that I want to be where you play as Kairi trying to save Sora's mind. Maybe it's being messed with by Ira and she has to go inside on a journey where she teams up with Sora's emotions as party members, as they hilariously and heartwarmingly react to her. She will learn more about how Sora feels about himself/her/his friends along the way. I chose Ira because...well....rainbow unicorns were in Inside Out. Lmao. He can be there instead of Sora just having them in his head, unless, in the end, Kairi and the emotions call upon the help of Sora's dreams in his head using unicorn dream eaters, among others to take out Ira for good in a final blow. DAMN IT I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN. haha. Nomura, please.


Jan 16, 2012
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The problem I have with the Furrytellers is I don't have much to go on besides the job they were initially assigned by MoM and their animals. And those don't really have me leaning to any worlds they'd be good for. Org. XIII were much better defined.

Aced - Brave. I think this one's obvious. lol

He's Scottish.