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Fanfiction ► SnowMan; A Fanfic Collaboration

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Mar 19, 2006
n. 1. a place of settlement, activity, or residenc
Thanks for all the great comments. =3 Dee and myself really appreciate them <3

Chapter Ten

“Get down!” Riku shouted in alarm, hurling himself at Kairi as a figure came hurtling down from the treetops. Kairi was not sure of what was going on - everything was rushing around her; she only hoped she could rely on Riku to understand the situation. They dropped to the solid ground, pine needles being scattered everywhere as Riku scrambled back up to his feet.

His alert turquoise eyes met the stern, dark glare of a tall man, stood a short distance from him. There was not time to look this attacker over properly; Riku noticed the glimmer of cold, merciless steel in the grasp of his quivering gloved fist. A streak of fear shot through him.

“Who are you!?” the deep shout suddenly burst from the man. His long, brown hair fell messily around his face, and over his heaving shoulders.

Riku scowled, trying to keep his temper. Though he wanted to explode with rage at their attacker, he had to remember that he was unarmed - and he had Kairi to protect. There was only one option available to him - and that was surrender. Holding his hands up slowly, he tried to show he had no weaponry.

“Don’t hurt us,” he said, as coolly as possible. He dared to take a step closer. “We don’t mean any harm.” Standing behind him, Kairi nodded. Waves of fear ran through her body - though, Riku’s presence was enough to keep her calm for now. She knew he would not let anyone hurt her, but she was, understandably, terrified of what could happen.

“How do I know that, huh?” the man scowled deeply, teeth gritted together as he grasped the hilt of his sword with a second hand. Clearly, he was not taking any chances when it came to these two trespassers, despite their seemingly innocent appearance.

“Because we don’t have any weapons,” Riku replied matter-of-factly, keeping calm for now. “We can’t attack you. We don’t even know - ” He was about to reveal that they were not of this world, but stopped himself before he went too far. A frustrated sigh escaped him as he massaged his brow. In his situation, the last thing he needed was an aggressive local. “Look, just trust us, okay?”

The man laughed mockingly.

“Not a chance!” he smirked, before unexpectedly throwing himself at Riku, ready for battle.

Frowning, Riku pushed Kairi to one side for the second time, knowing that this was not going to be easy.

“Stay out of the way!” he warned her as he darted back, dodging the perilous blade with light-footed movements.

This was going to be difficult from the outset. He was unarmed, and this man seemed intent on battle, no matter how much Riku tried to dissuade him. Skidding back after deftly avoiding the man’s next jabbing attempt, Riku frowned, knowing that he somehow had to immobilize this foe. After all, he didn’t want to kill anyone - but he couldn’t help getting the feeling that this situation was kill, or be killed. He had to somehow wrench the weapon from his hands.

“I don’t recognise ya,” the man scowled, swinging one arm back to take a swipe at Riku, “and that ain’t good. We don’t take kindly to newcomers, ‘specially in a time like this.”

As he brought the blade down, attempting to slice Riku’s shoulder, his young foe rolled out of the way, before springing back up to his feet. Although flustered, he had a baffled expression.

“Time like this?” he repeated curiously. He wiped the sweat from his face.

“Don’t play dumb with me,” the man growled, making another run at Riku. His dark hair flew around him. “You know exactly what I’m talking about.”

Slashing forwards with the blade, he threw his weight towards his combatant - only to make a wrong move. His arm forward, his body stretched, he was practically allowing Riku to retaliate. Ducking under the outstretched arm, Riku threw a heavy punch into his attacker’s chest, sending him back with the force.

Unfortunately, his grip was strong enough to keep hold of the sword. Noticing the irritated look in Riku’s flustered expression, he laughed coldly. Although, the flipside of this coin was that he seemed to be in considerable pain - and, as a result, slightly weaker. Breathing heavily, he rose back up to his feet, standing still for a moment in the hope of regaining some of his lost energy.

Refusing to give him this chance, Riku raised his fists, racing forward before landing another punch - right in the man’s left cheek. He cried out with the pain, falling to his knees - but, again, did not let go of his hilt. He could see right through Riku’s strategy.

Riku sighed, realising this for himself. He hated having to fight dirty, but it seemed to be the only option in this situation. Closing his eyes, hoping he could forgive himself, he brought a foot back - before slamming it into the man’s stomach.

As some sort of agonising reflex reaction, the man released the sword, swinging his arm down to clutch at his winded stomach.

“D-Don’t!” he shouted, watching as Riku picked up the fallen weapon. “Get back here!” He watched as Riku approached Kairi.

“Are you alright?” Kairi asked, touching Riku’s arm as he moved towards her. The silver-haired boy nodded, before carefully taking hold of the sword’s blade.

“Take this,” he said, within an exhausted puff of breath. “Hold onto it. If he sees I’m not gonna use it, he might just understand that we aren’t a threat to him.”

Kairi nodded, taking hold of the hilt as Riku instructed. The sword was heavy, but she managed to clasp it tightly.

“Stay back,” he ordered. “He might make a run for his sword. At least if you’re a little further back, I can stop him.”

With that, he turned to see the attacker, struggling to his feet, dusting down his thick black trousers. He seemed to be in pain, rubbing at his cheek every now and then.

“Sorry I had to do that,” Riku apologised, standing a short distance away from him - standing between him and Kairi. “Look, we need your help.”

“You ain’t getting my help,” the man spat. “Not after that.”

Riku raised an eyebrow.

“Well, I did try to get your help peacefully,” he snorted, folding his arms. “You refused. You were the one that started the fight.”

“You shouldn’t have been sneakin’ around in the woods,” the man retorted. “You ain’t from around here, I know it.”

“How do you know that?” Kairi piped up, peering around Riku’s stern figure. Looking back at her, the man smirked.

“Well, if you were from around here,” he explained, “then you’d know that leavin’ town is strictly forbidden right about now.”

Riku looked at him curiously.

“Why?” he asked tersely.

“And that’s exactly how I know you ain’t from around here,” the man laughed, as if getting one-up on Riku. Well, in his mind, anyway.

“Does this have something to do with what you said before?” Riku questioned, before repeating the earlier words. “At a time like this?”

“‘Course,” he nodded, accompanied by a frown. He looked the newcomers up and down disgustedly. “With all these shape-shifters like you lurkin’ around, it’s dangerous.”

Riku’s eyes widened. He looked over his shoulder at Kairi, who seemed similarly stunned.

“Shape-shifter?” he repeated. No, it couldn’t possibly. Could it be Gilgamesh causing trouble in this world, too? “Wait… what exactly was this shape-shifter like?”

Sorry for the long wait. ^.^;


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Dec 13, 2006
oh man. that is awesome. i could picture the scene vividly in my head. very nicely done Snow. beautiful.

Tyler Durden

Pretty good.

I doubt it's Gilgamesh though; he said shape shifters guys.


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Dec 28, 2006
Great chapter, Snowy. Your writing is extremely vivid and flowing.

Its cool, Dee. We, or at least I, can wait for as long as it takes.


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Jan 22, 2006
Chapter 11


A roar of pain shot through the open window of Selfie’s house.

“Now hold still!”

In the room were three people; Wakka, prancing about nervously, Selfie, her book now sprawled onto the floor as she cared for Sora’ wound, and Sora, who lay on Selfie’s bed, enduring enormous amounts of pain. A damp cloth clutched in Selfie’s hand stung Sora’s skin as it touched the boy’s bare stomach. He gritted his teeth in agony, each time the cloth met his skin’s surface.

“We need to clean it,” Selfie argued, pressing harder into his wound, “to make sure it doesn’t get infected.”

Sora shook his head. “I don’t care if it get infected, just make the pain stop!”

Selfie rolled her eyes. She brushed her long strands of brown hair out of her face as she continued to wipe Sora’s injury clean. Selfie has been enjoying a good read when Wakka barged in through the door, his stoned expression telling it all. She quickly leaped from the bed and gazed at Sora’ body, gasping in shock.

Tidus was now outside the house, walking back in forth, not wanting to see Sora’s open wound.

“I have a weak stomach, alright?” he complained as Wakka brushed by him to get inside the house.

A few more winces of pain and Selfie had finished cleaning Sora’s stab wound. “There we go,” she said, satisfied, “all done.”

Smiling to herself, she continued by reaching over and grabbing a bottle from her reading desk. The desk was small, but a massive amount of objects were placed on it. Most of those objects were books, but candy wrappers and Heartless stickers still lay visible.

“Okay,” she told Sora, in a doctor-like voice, “I’m going to pour some potion over the wound.”

Wakka leaned over her shoulder. “You sure that’s potion?”

Elbowing him in the chest, she snorted. “Of course it is!”

“Ow ow, okay!” Wakka moaned, stepping back in pain.

Sora couldn’t help but grin. What made him relax even more was the sweet feeling of the green liquid dissolving into his skin, mending his wound somewhat.

“Ah, much better.” He breathed.

“Glad to hear so.” Selfie nodded. “Now, Sora, would you care to tell us about what happened? About why you had a stab wound in your chest?”

She leapt onto her reading chair, snuggling close to her legs. As Sora cleared his throat, Wakka plopped to the floor, eyes fixed on the keyblader.

“Well, you know about that new kid, right?” Sora said, expecting a yes.

“You mean that weird one with grey hair?” Wakka suggested, baffled at his own answer.

Selfie’s eyes burned into her friend’s skin angrily. “He isn’t weird, he’s just different, that’s all!”

The two continued to glare at each other as Sora spoke up. “Yeah, well, it turns out he wasn’t what he seemed to be.”

Selfie and Wakka now turned their heads to Sora, interested. “S’cuse me?” Selfie peeped. Her bright blue eyes grew even wider.

“He’s a shapeshifter,” Sora explained, “and he was fooling us all along.”

“Why?” Wakka asked, confused.

They didn’t know about Sora being a keyblade master, so quickly, Sora made something up. “I, uh, had that medallion with me to show off to some friends, and, um, he shape shifted into his natural form to take us down.”

“Wait—you mean Riku and Kairi were with you?” Wakka asked, his face turning into a worried expression.

Sora kept silent, the cool breeze of the ocean pouring through the window. He reflected back on how Riku and Kairi so helplessly got thrown into that portal. With not much pain, he sat up, his face darkening.

“They were sucked into a portal of his, that Gilgamesh thing. The portal closed before I could do anything.”

Not allowing anyone to speak, Sora continued. “I have to get them back, right away!”

“But Sora,” Selfie argued, sitting up straight, “you-“

“I’m feeling fine now, thanks to you.” He said, pulling his white t-shirt over his body.

Wakka still sat on the floor, looking dazzled. Without looking at Sora, he spoke up. “And how ya’ gunna’ do that?”

Now standing, Sora gazed down at Wakka. “I have my connections.”

Selfie and Wakka both exchanged glances. “Connections?” they said in unison.

Sora nodded and started walking down the wooden stairs. “Yep, and I’m not coming back until I find them.”

“Riku and Kairi or your connections?” Selfie called, raising her voice so that Sora could hear.


Selfie and Wakka listened as the door to the house slammed shut. The two teenagers sat there, oblivious to what just took place. Wakka was the first to react. He looked up at Selfie.

“So, how’s that new book comin’?”


A determined soul ran along the beach, his black baggy pants keeping up with his slim body. He knew his destination, and his destination knew him. He ran under the bridge which led to the small island, where he and Riku used to spar, and found himself at the door to the other side of the island. With great haste, he swung it open and continued on his way, jumping over the missing parts to a bridge and back onto the silky smooth sand. Letting himself fall off a ledge, he landed softly. The boy turned the corner and found himself at a stone cave, blocked by a large boulder. Using all his strength, Sora pushed the boulder aside. Regaining his breath, he looked up and into the cave, his eyes meeting what they expected to see.

There sat a Gummi Ship, ready to go at any moment.

Mustering a small grin, Sora ran alongside the ship until he came to the cockpit. Pressing a red button, the cockpit sprung open. The boy leapt inside, landing on a soft, cushioned seat. Controls of sorts were displayed in front of him. He knew what to do.


“Where did he go?” Tidus asked himself, running along the beach shoreline. The spikey-haired boy grasped his stick angrily in his hands. “Why did he just take off like that?”


But Tidus was cut off by a low grumbling sound. The sound grew louder and louder, like an engine revving. He halted in his footsteps, trying to determine where the sound came from. A gush of wind pressed on his back. Common instincts made Tidus whip around. What he saw, he’ll never forget. There, in front of him, inside a widely spaced cave, was a colourful ship suspended off the ground. The wind grew and the sound of the engine roared. Then, without warning, the ship shot straight forward, straight at Tidus.

The agile boy somersaulted to his left, his feet brushing the side of the passing space ship. Regaining his balance quickly, he watched as the ship zoomed far off into the air, parting the clouds with its colourful essence. With a gleam in the sky, the ship was gone.

Inside the Gummi ship, an eager boy shouted to himself.

“Donald and Goofy, here I come!”
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