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Fanfiction ► Small Elements and Tips of Writing a Story [ Basic Tips]

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Aug 3, 2005
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Small Elements and Tips of Writing a Story [Basic Tips]

Table of Contents

1. Table of Contents
2. Introduction
3. Elements to a Story
4. Literacry Terms
5. Have a Lot of Ideas, But No Inspiration?
6. You Know What's Fun? (Random junk)
7. Glosary
8. Final Comments


Hello! =^_^=

You may or may not know me since I usually post in the fanfiction section, sometimes rping, something else, and I usually only hang out in my threads that I post in, so yeah... I doubt anyone who comes here will know who I am, but oh well. That's fine with me since I'm just a civilian (Sp?) of this site, so yeah.

Anyway, some of you may be wondering," Why did some girl randomly write about story writing?" well, I mostly posted this for people who get a lot of ideas, but NEVER write 'em down! Dangit! Though, I was mostly inspired by school today in E.L.A (English Language Arts... Is it just me, or does it seem... Odd it's written like that? o.o) because we're going to write short stories soon and I was thinking," Hey, this could actually prove useful for people who're trying to write stories!" =^_^=

Considering for the fact that our school has gotten us to write short stories ever since, what, Grade 2? Kingdergarden? xD

Not sure if other schools do this and gomen nasai if you know this and is obvious but I'm posting it anyway!><

I hope you have fun and I hope it turns out well! =^_^=

And as you may notice, I guess, you could technicly call this a guide or something... Not sure what I was originaly going to write but... Meh.

In this we'll cover a few main things that can be used for stories, poems, and something else, but I forgot what it's called, what is it? ... Oh yeah!

I may not cover some things since it already has and... I'd be a hipocryte....o.o;;

I can't even spell the word hypocrite and I spelled it different two times!><

Elements of A Story

[Note: This is not exactly original for I got the information from my notes, though, it is worded in my own way. There is two parts of the," Element of a Good Story," the version I wrote and worded for those people who want to read long descriptions and try to understand something clear, and the school version that are like jot notes. Take note that references will be like this in tips and such only. This format, I mean.]


The thing that makes a story of a story, it has to have some kind of plot or else it's just random bambles and such. A plot is neccisary for every story, for it follows a... Pattern you could say, and this is what makes stories interesting. Heck, even funny stories should have some sort of plot. The plot is basicly just the direction the story is heading, which is why I love beggnings since it doesn't go in the line of the plot, or special episodes that are different from the original, giving you a break from the plot.

There are 5 main things to a plot.

Example: Like Inuyasha, their goals is to fight Naraku, find the sacred jewels, help villagers, help demons, fight rivals, upgrade the sword, etc. But... You can tell the basic direction, unless there's a plot twist. ( See in glossary)

That's why it's nice when they go to Kagome's home, it's different than other times since it's more peaceful and relaxing. Those episodes are... Special!

1. Introduction:
The main part of a story, it technicly may not be neccisary to read since no big events probably won't take for awhile, but it gives you the time to learn what each character is like, main characters, that is. And it gives you time to understand what type of story it is at first, also, if you read the middle, you may be EXTREMELY confused, depending if it's a slow, or fast story, or if they didn't really add anything new. Usually, one of the biggest hints to the plot may be hidden in this section.

2. Rising Action:

Small events that may occur frequently that will lead to the main part of the story where it may completely change, the climax. This is where plost twists may occur or hints of what will happen. These are less important parts, but none the less, important

3. Climax:
The main thing where everything builds up for this moment, this is kind of in the middle or a quarter till the end, maybe 3/5's of the way. This is where the tension may build up and some sort of show down may go down, usually for action, anyway something like that happens. This is where usually most things get patched up, with a few holes in it yet to be filled.

4. Following Action:
The opposite of of," Rising Action," more or less. This is the outcome of what happened in the climax and the solution, more or less. This is where a story may get angst or all fluff and happy, depending on the story, like, a great loss could of occured in the climax, making them mourn, or maybe one confessed their love for another, generally making it fluff. The main events are gone and done with, probably explaining some other things that they didn't in the climax. Basicly, it may be peaceful, or some kind of calm tranquil may be found in the writing.

5. Conclusion:
Thefinal chapter to the story, the ending. This is where they basicly explain what the lives of the main characters may be in the end. Will they be happy? Surprised? Sad? Whatever. You'll probably notice the most growth in a character in this part and everything is definatly peaceful, less, or course, they make a sequel. Be careful with this part, if you aren't, the ending may turn out bad and make the whole story seem bad. Think carefully of this.

>.> FREAKEN server, a flipping diagram will be flipping provided later since I JUST FINISHED MAKING IT BLOODY PERFECT, AND THEN THE SERVER HAS TO RUIN IT WHEN I PREVIEW THE POST! >< I wonder if it has something to do with my laptop or settings....?


There are three parts to a setting.

1. Place:
This tells you where the characters are currently. You explain their enviroment even if they may not be there for too long. Depending on what time place you're using (Mid-evil times, modern times, to techno/ into the future times) varies what will be included in the enviroment, if you choose the ice ages or something, please try not to have high technology that shouldn't be there unless there is a reason or so, you don't want the time zone of what you have seem out of place of whatever, neh?

2. Time:
This is the time zone, I kind of explained this in the above, but it's what period of time the characters are in, are they in mid-evil, ice age, or the future? Or is it an entirely different world causing it to be messed up? Remember, depending what you choose will vary character clothing, to personality, intelligence, etc. Be careful.

3. Mood:
The mood of the story, or 'atmosphere,' what's it like? It may be different from what the reader feals from the character considering it varies a bit. The readers may find what's happening to the character funny, while she may be embarresed or aggrivated, or something like that. Sometimes, the writer may make it so, but sometimes may try to have the two emotions in sync, of both character and reader.


There are four average ones.

1. Dynamic Characters:
A character that's more like a person, through the story, they progress over time with human growth mentaly and the changes may be hard to see at first. Depending on the story, they may mature or become serious, or, maybe become more goofy, and may get a different outlook in life. An example would be an immature girl who learns her lesson and becomes more of a woman of her age.

2. Static Characters:
(Cough*MarySue*Cough) This is a character whom does not change at all through the story and will still the same from the beginning till the ending... They're not very fun... I would say more, but, this isn't supposed to be considered the 'Mary Sue' type of character, you know? That's kind of a personal category...

3. Flat Characters:
A minor character that only shows a few appearances and doesn't have that book of a role. These characters usually don't have much revealed about them or their priorities/qualities, though, later on, the writer may have a use for them in the near future of their story when they have a big part, though, it shouldn't be sudden.

4. Round Characters:
Main characters in a story that play a big part, or are in a sequence of events, more about them is usually revealed at a fastened pace than of a flat character, but not too quickly, or else it may seemed rushed. The main character are basicly your pawns in the story you play with that mess with the plot.

Literacy Terms

These are terms that categorize certain types of sentences, or that can be used to start a topic of some sort. This is the latest thing we got in school today actually. This is the main reason why I wanted to write thie guide thing, it's because I wanted to put all the junk I was writing in here!><

Though, I may be lazy for some of the descriptions, so I may just write what the school did....@.@

A lot of people think of the word,' smile,' but it isn't. This is when you compare two things together using two main link words, yes, one of them is one of the most dreaded that stero typical cheerleader use, the dreaded word," Like!" ... And "As."

This is something used sometimes to flatter a person of some sort, or to help with description.


The cat was as big as a house

See the underlined? This is the basic subject thing, notice how 'as' links the words together?

She growled like a cat.

Remember, add atleast a few description words so it makes sense of the three main parts of the sentence! ... Or, what I considered the three main parts of the sentence... Gomen Thelonepickle for this seems like something you may have written before!><

If I have basicly written something that seems like you have, that was unintentional.... @.@

This is like Simile for you yet again since it compares two things, but this time directly, usuallly these may be additional comments they add sometimes and yet again, may deeply insult, or flatten someone. It has to be two seperate items though! A concrete noun atleast... I think that's what you'd say... . Be careful of how you word it, though. You may make it a simile

Example: He is such a pig.

Notice that a man is being compared to a pig completely, directly, like he is one, but, you can tell by how it's worded, not really that he is one. Metaphons get to the point to comparing, while simile kind of kick around and are used consecutively (Spelling). Similes are the easier ones.

However, saying something like this, is wrong.


The book was great.

Notice how they use more or less a compliment? A compliment like that is wrong since you're saying it's great, that's not comparing it to anything since great isn't an object, or a verb for that matter. (I think).

This could go. :

The book was murder!


This is kind of like metaphon and simile, except, this is more picky. This time, you only compare an object with a human quality, or a non-human, whatever you prefer. This may actually be a good way to start a paragraph, depending what you're doing. This is more poetic if you asked me.


The trees danced in the wind.

See what's underlined? We all know trees can't actually dance (Less it was some type of fantasy book) but it's a nice way to word someting than using normal words and may actually be used quite a bit. These are probably one of the biggest way to start paragraphs. Here's a small paragraph for an example.

The key seemed to mock at me as I tried to reach into the crevice it took refuge in as the darkness of the night coated it in safety. Only telling me where it was as it sparkled in the moonlight, tempting me to get desperate to reach it.

If you notice, it's more of an emotions since that's more of a human quality. Sadly though, animals aren't considered humans so they'd go in this section.

Notice how the past three need some sort of 'partners'?


Big word, ain't it? This is used to say a word that imitates sound. I'm too lazy to completely change this in my own words, so most of this is of the note I wrote down. These are sometimes used to start a fic, or to highten a story's emotion.

List of Words:
Boom, crash, bang, raing, rawr, tap, swish, boom, meow, hiss, growl, swipe.

These are usually used in comic books.


These are words that for the most part in a sentence, start with the same sound, or close to the same sound... To put that in a better term, are two sounds at the beggining of each word that are similiar to each other usually. There will probably be other words than this in it.

She sells seashells at the sea shore.

Notice how most of them start with 'S'?


Last one! Woot! And possibly my favourite one.... xD

Okay, this is basicly representing something with some sort of symbol, like the typical ones. The symbol can represent emotions and such, I think that's what they're supposed to be used for I believe, usually.

Examples of these:




Dove= Peace

A different example is the maple leaf, what is usually one of the first things that come to mind? Possibly the country Canada since that's what the maple leaf symbolizes, while we usually think of America when we see a eagle, though, that's not exactly official, so, it'd probably be a star, seeing the flag.

Have a Lot of Ideas, But No Inspiration? Or, is it You Have Lots of Inspiration, But No Ideas?

... *Goes to get sheets of paper* Back! Anyway, these are simple tips I have about keeping in order of writing something! Got a lot of ideas but don't have inspiration? I think this may be the place though even though these are tips just about everyone has figured out themselves! =^_^=

1. As the title suggests, have basic ideas, but no inspiration? We shall cover this in this section as I explained, it can be very difficult to think of ideas, so here we go! *Zoom*

2. From past experiences, we usually may want to write something, but, don't have that... Needed force. Sometimes, we may be out of ideas and may desperatly try to think of something, or our fan fics are on our mind 24/7. Whatever you do, don't pull your hair out. Relax and try not to think of it, an example of what you can do is go out somewhere with friends... Or get ready in the morning for school... Or do homework... Or research your homework... (*Cough*Advertisement*Cough*). It will probably still not get your thoughts off of your story, but it should relax you and some certain type of break will probably get your brain pumping again a little and make you think of ideas and description. Though, you may be dead by the time you get back to write it, take me for example! xD

[See number 4 for more reference.]

3. When you're out, let your thoughts soar, wether it be to your story of fic, but not too much! You just want a basic summary of what you want to do, because it may be all awsome and such in your mind, but once you go through every detail in your head you can think of, or something quite smart, it won't turn out how good you wanted it. Chill and don't get too excited by the fact things are pumping in your mind again, take your ideas as an outline to work with when you go home and write it out there, less, you brought a certain something with you.

4. When you go out, you may want to take some sort of notebook out with you since once usually in a blue moon ( A VERY blue moon for some people) you may want to write down a lot of ideas and, these will surprise attack you when you actually do go out somewhere since something will just... Well... Click in your brain which may torture you a little, though, it may usually follow a cycle. For some people, you get ideas at the worst time there is and it may stick like that for a few weeks, like me for example, I'd always fill out with ideas at night... Very late at night... In the morning... At 3:00 Am... Anyway, back to buisness! What you should do is buy a notebook, these items come in handy when you write ideas, but make sure you put it in a place you can remember it, or type it on your computer if you have time. Notebooks are really efficient since they don't need batteries, they can fit in your pocket (If small enough) and only need a pencil! This type of stuff, you could probably buy at any Staples, or Zellers, or maybe Wal Mart! It's also light weight and doesn't need a bag to be carried in, so you can easily write it in at any given moment and not take up too much time with what you're doing! It's really quite useful and handy, so I'd highly suggest getting one.

5. Another thing you could do, if you're not good with writing a basic summary of the chapter, draw it. Sure, it may be a bad mappy drawing of whatever of this 'comic,' but it doesn't have to be good, as long as it's legible to you. Don't bother trying to waste too much time drawing these into nice beautiful descriptions because by that time, you may run out of ideas. Draw stick figures or something like that and write the names of each underneath and the basic enviroment. And don't forget to draw their poses! (Spelling?)

Example: For me, in my first chapter of a fic of mine(Which I hope to make into a manga one day) what I'd draw it just some stick figure, maybe some hair, and some slitty eyes along with a little... Rectangle behind him and some stick the stick figure is holding that's fatter at the right side of his neck along with just some lightbulbs and whatever with another stick figured coming in with some can and blowing it in his ear and catches his attention, then they talk, and it gets a little personal, then he's called, and has to go to the stage thing of the tournament... Of some sort....

You get the basic idea, I hope. I didn't actually draw this out, by the way, it was just an example!>< You may not even need dialuge, depending how... Legible the picture is and yeah... Though, you may want some dialuge anyway!

6. Another technique is if you're really stuck on something, take ANOTHER break but this time... Not really a break... For example, say you're... Writing a Kingdom Hearts of Final Fantasy fic, try going to fanfiction.net seeing as there is quite a bit of fanfictions and some are really good (The trick is finding a really good one....xD) and read what they say to get a better understanding of the character. Also, maybe watch AMVs of the game/anime and watch clips from it or episodes or the mangas... Like Naruto. This may surprisingly help with any type of writing, like poetry or something, depending how good a scene is in a story. And depending if you re watch a certain scene or read extra articles about the 'Topic' it may give you a better understanding of it's concept, strengthening your own of your story, and how the two are different.

Like in Kingdom Hearts, the concept I guess was friendship and light, the goals were for Sora to find his best friends, Riku and Kairi, and the only way to do that was to travel with a Dog and... Duck...o,o

Causing a new goal he came to understand, seeing as he was the 'chosen one' of the keyblade, he learned heartless from his new friends, thus, making a new goal which was to seal the keyholes and heartless. Though, it may have taken him awhile to let the idea sink in... Seriously.

The concept of the second one was... Light and... Friendship? I don't know, I'm too lazy to think!><

Anyway, it's basicly the same idea, no? Just this time, Sora has new goals. This time, he's found his best friends, Riku and Kairi, which Kairi is currently on the island, but what happened to Riku? Well, the silver haired boy (Which fangirls fawn over) stayed on the other side of the door, why? Who knows?>< He could of just slid from the crack there was in teh ('Twas meant to be spelled like that) freaken BIG LARGE WHITE BLOODY DOOR! >,<

I mean, come on! ... Anyway, moving on, so his new goal was yet again to find a friend of his which had gone missing, but, he was more relaxed now, he also had a few new goals, some were to basicly bring the links from other worlds back together so he could visit them and to look for his friend, but, his other new goal was to find out who Namine was since in Jiminy's notebook, a mysterious name was written in it, unfamiliar to Sora and the gang (Which I'm surprised they weren't scared by the fact they were last they remembered in a green, grassy field, the next, in a deserted mansion) and so he'd, not as hard as all the others, but try to figure out this mysterious girl. *Sigh* ... Too bad he didn't remember her in the end... Moving on, and as the story progressed, his goal was to also defeat the organization member since as the story unfolded, it made him understand more of these organization members and their basic goals, which, in turn, caused him to go against it. (Dangit! Poor members! ;-;)

Though, one of his more major goals in Kingdom Hearts, was to defeat the heartless, and seal worlds, see how it's changed? In the second one, more goals and concepts opened up to their extent which was the plot line, while, some of the ones in the first one were pushed aside, for they were un-needed.

Keep stuff like this in mind if you're planning to make a fic, neh?

7. See better fics a lot better than yours it seems? Don't get in the dumps. Instead, consider this as a goal, or motivation for your fic to equal up to theirs, it may be hard, but accomplish it in your own ways. This may, actually exploit some potentiols you didn't know you have. And you may gain more viewers to read and comment, so, no matter what, try not to give up!><

Determination, confidence, self discipline, and even envy are emotions that are usually used to make such great fanfics! And goals are always good, it makes one (person) more determined! ... Hopefully.

And who knows? It may be the inspiration you need!

8. Afraid of critism? Don't be, though it may seem like they're out to flame you, they usually aren't and are trying to provide good advice for your story, so please don't try to over react of flame them since constructive critism tells you of flaws and walls you need to build up and it's actually quite a nice thing to do... Less, of course... They actually ARE flaming you directly with no reason for critism usually has a reason. It's just a statement and suggestions of what you should do, though, it may sometimes be a little harsh, but please bare with it, okay? It may help your story get better!

And maybe eventually that will give you motivation, like with a few people I know, they want some constructive critism, who doesn't? I know a few people do and remember, it's like they're acknowleding your story on a higher level than others. They'd probably really thought of what they were planning to say to you and it must of taken work to write it, so please don't take it in vain, you, the writer should know what it's like to write something, and yet, no one replies or anything.

Think of it as advice. Critism, I mean.
[As stated in the above]

9. And remember, this is obvious and just a sum, but... When you write something, and don't like how it sounds or know there is a lot of work ahead of you and you feel it didn't turn out as well and hope for more ideas, continued writing it anyway! More ideas will eventually pop into your head of what to do sometimes, it happens in stories in quizes and happens in stuff like this. For example, yet again, this was only supposed to be 4-6 sections, now, it's 10! ... I mean for Table of Contents... ><

And if you still don't like it, try to work on it some more!

[ Copy Rights by Taokitty. All rights to advice is reserved as hers, and hers only, anyone who uses exact wording will get pmed by Taokitty asking if they wrote it before and such since someone may have written ideas like this without the person knowing. Or someone besides Taokitty has written something like this. Taokitty apologizes for any inconveniences. Copy written also belongs to the school for the notes Taokitty used. ]

You Know What's Fun?

Basicly, this is random junk I wrote while making this and comments I have of this all.

1. Know what's fun?: Being able to channel your thoughts, like a river stream with a huge rock, you can make water flow, or block it from entering your brain.... xD

2. Know what's also fun? Wanting to kill the freaken site for NOT allowing you to copy things in the edit window and ALWAYS combinding your BLOODY paragraphs after all the FLIPPING WORK YOU JUST DID!!!!:cursing: ... Okay, I'm done! =^_^=
3... Know what else is ___? Finding out it turns out normal when you preview a post....@.@

4. Know what else is fun? Telling someone to lick their wrist then smell it, and hopefuly, amuse the reaction they may get.

5. You know what? I'm sick of saying the title at the beginning of each new thing!><

6. Also, saying a big word if fun if you want to scare someone or something....xD

7. @.@ I just realized this whole entire thread is just a bunch of sections that are easy enough to know about.... Whoops, I just spoke the obvious for all sections!><
8. Well, I finally realized after a few months why I couldn't save this... Found out just today.....


This was originated in the," You Know What's Fun?" section, but I found this looked neater and cleaner to have the some glossary here of random things, some, not so random. Gomen nasai if you think I got the idea from you, GuardianOfHearts! ;-;
Truthly, I just realized that it was kind of like you did, cept, this is for chat speak and other stuff, sorry! T-T
And fear the chat speak! This can be useful to certain people who are new to the internet, and don't know what some stuff means... Some of it it still random!

Blue Moon: Two full moons in a month....xD

Brb: The term for 'Be right back,' well... It basicly spells itself out, right? It's used if a person will be gone for a few minutes or so, usually to fufill a minor bodily function, like, getting food.

Glomp: An act a child will usually perform on an adult, it is usually an attack like hug where they kind of pounce on them and is a way they show affection to them, no matter how tight the hug, it cannot be considered sexual. It is something usually used on the internet, it's also usually what fans of a certain anime character usually do if they rp and see one or something of the sort.

Glomping: In the act to glomp someone, and still is.

Gtg: The term means,' Got to go,' this is when you'll be gone for a long time yet and may not be back for the day, like saying bye to a friend.

Iris: The colour of your eye... I think....

Lol: The term for 'Laugh out Loud,' usually used to acknowledge if someone said something funny.

Plot Twist: It's exactly as it sounds, it's a story with some sort of twist in it. Some stories have this, most do unless it's a short story since, it's, well, too short to make any major twists without it seeming rushed... It's usually a drastic change in the plot line near the climax or rising/following action, near the climax and after that. (For reference, please look at Literacy Terms).

It's usually hard at times to think of one and it's hard to make one since it has to be mind blowing to an extent, yet, make it all fit into a perfect jigsaw puzzle (What IS a jigsaw puzzle?). Usually, hints are thrown in the story, or something you'd easily over look, when it has a major goal. You may figure out something has a major role, like, say, for example, a necklace, but you may not know it's big part yet. The hardest thing is to get people to notice these hints thrown through the story, and yet, make it not really noticeable.; Something usually unclear made clear, usually has a valuable significance to a story.

Spoiler: A scene which one hasn't reached yet exposed to them; A term for when there's something that... You shouldn't know about a story, of the plot. Basicly, when you find something ahead of time then when you're supposed to. This is highly discouraged in the furoms seeing as how there may be a lot of spoilers about something. And you won't get that 'edge' when you play the game.

Final Comments

Well, that's the end of it! I apologize if it seems messy, I didn't know how to make it look neat, well, I hope you take the time to read this since I've been writing it since 5:00 PM, my time or so and it's been a four hours of almost non stop writing.

Please leave comments and tell me what I should do to make it look more better, and I apologize if I wrote too much!

Cia! Have fun reading and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it, no matter how troublesome it is.... xD

Though, I think I could of done better on this, sorry if it seems pointless and if somethings are confusing!><

Please tell me if I should check my grammar and such and spelling, also give me suggestions on how to make it look neater please! One more thing, should I add a section of genres?

And I PROMISE this is the last thing! If a mod would like to delete this thread, that tis fine! =^-^=
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Dec 24, 2004
A lot of it is pretty basic (almost feels like it's from a textbook @_@), but I'm sure it help a few people who are new to writing.


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This thread seems kinda superfluous, since everything you put here I can find in my eighth and ninth grade English notes. =/ It's what we go to school for. In fact, it makes me feel like I've just been given homework.

But hey, if other people would rather read it here than hear it from their teachers, then it's accomplished something after all.


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xD Thanks you two. This is for begginers and some younger people since I don't think you learn this in the elementary grades as far as I'm concerned, sure, they may give you short stories, but either way. It would also help others get ahead as well. xD

I mostly wrote this since I was physced about writing it in school though since I sometimes get really hyper with an idea, but by the time I get home, the determination dies... -.-'

Tis troublesome. And like I said, these are things I learned in school, not sure if everyone knew them, but meh....


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Dude... we got like 400 of these threads already. >.<

The sticky sections gonna be huge! D=>

I'm gonna be honest.

This is Semi-Articles-of-Literacy rip off. =\

We don't need this many threads.... >.< Oh well. Nice job anyway. Maybe it'll help the n00bs.


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xD Good to know. That's the main reason why I made, actually, to help beginners some what.

I could care less if this was stickied, just wanted to write it down. And there's already better threads out there....xD

Thanks for the critism by the way! ^-^

I know it's not that good....xD
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