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Mason Stark

May 12, 2004
Gravity Falls, OR
I'm sorry I suck at commenting on threads, entries, pages, whatever, but this is seriously more important than how shy I am. :[ And I won't go off rambling...

I have a terrible, TERRIBLE habit of going to sleep around 2 in the morning and getting up at noon. I do this everyday, I can do this everyday, and I can't get up earlier if I go to bed that late. I need 10 hours of sleep because I started doing this when I was 13, thinking it was okay because my dad stayed up late. Now I have a horrible habit that I need to break because I'm sick of this. :\ The main reason I do this is probably because of my computer, but before you go off saying that I need to turn off my computer earlier, tell that to creative stuff. >.> I'm an artist. D: Artists have to be able to be creative whenever, and I'm usually up writing at 2 in the morning sometimes. Anywho.

Does anybody have any suggestions for getting to sleep earlier? I greatly appreciate it!


Jan 7, 2006
brilliant chaos
Lol, the creative part is quoted for truth. I notice it in myself alot that I don't want to sleep because of inspiration. xD

But anyway, even tough you said I should tell it to creation, I'm telling it to you: Turn off your computer earlier.

The habit of when a person sleeps and when he is awake, is a matter of your internal, biological clock. Since you are used to go to sleep at 2 am, your body won't go earlier. Same with waking up, you biological clock doesn't say it is time yet, so without an alarm...you won't wake up till noon. I had this problem a while back too, but I can adept very easily, so it was a matter of days till I brought it back to normal hours.

To adjust your internal clock to a few hours earlier, you really need to turn it off earlier. Go to bed around 10, and just lay there untill you fall asleep. At first, you won't be able to sleep at all because off your energy, so I suggest you work out or something, or do something tiring before going to bed. Eventually, when you keep this up, sleeping early, and rising up early (Set your alarm no later than a maximum of 9 o'clock, even if you have a free, lazy day), you will eventually notice that it will become easier. Do not permit yourself to stay up at all in the beginning, even if you have inspiration.

Now, this may seem a bit drastic and all, but it really is necessary. Eventually it will become better, and your clock will adjust. When this time comes, you notice that it will be easier, like I said, but also that your normal life continues like before, just a few hours earlier. Inspiration and creativity is usually a matter of time. Just after you wake up you can get bursts of inspiration, because your mind is clear, or at the top of your day and energy, when your mind is buzzling. If you just adjust those times to earlier hours, eventually your inspiration and creativity will set themselves too those times as well.

At the end, you can permit yourself to stay up later if you really have inspiration, but don't do it too often to avoid falling back into the old habit.

Lol, this really sounds drastic. xD Only do it if you really need to get rid of it, cause it will problem mean a few weeks without much inspiration or creativity... I know this out of personal experience though, so if you want to do it, I think its save for me to say that it certain you will get over your habit now.

Hope it'll help you. ^^

Edit: About what I said with just laying in bed untill you sleep. Really just do that. xD No reading in bed, or watching TV, or whatever. =P

And sorry if anything was unclear, I usually suck at explaining.

Edit 2: Lol, just realised a simpler way to name it: Its like a jetlag, but it goes deeper, is more complicated, and way more difficult to get rid off. xD
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Aug 30, 2005
i am an art student.
i write and draw.
and i work better in the dead of night rather than mornings or afternoons.
and i don't know why either.
and because of that i usually end up NOT getting anything done because there are too many distractions at night.

also, your 2 am is nothing.
i sleep at 6 - 7 AM. ask Trigger.
lol. it gets really bad. my body clock wont sleep earlier.
and i usually end up not getting enough sleep at all.
this past week i've survived on 2-4 hours of sleep a night.
it's ridiculous. and i wish i could sleep earlier. but i can't.
it's been this way for two years.


New member
Jan 9, 2008
In a place where fairytales are real...
At least you guys sleep xD come to my world, I am a major insomniac, I get roughly 5 to 12 hours sleep a week xDDD More than 12 a week is lucky for me =p

Do things during the day to tire yourself out such as some gentle exercise or drink warm milk xD that's meant to be good at helping get people to sleep.

For your creativity what I would suggest is, go to bed and have a notebook or something by the side of your bed, that way any ideas you have you can scribble them down and develop them when you wake up properly. If you know that you have that notebook ready incase you have a fit of inspiration then you will relax more. On the plus side you are getting enough sleep so at least you don't have to worry about tiredness.

If you really want to change then you are going to have to make a lot of smaller changes, such as forcing yourself to get up earlier, alarm clocks are your friend xD Force yourself to go to bed earlier. It is all very well wanting to change, but you have to do something about it. It wont be easy to change a habit that is years old xD but if you really want to, you will achieve it.

Good Luck.



Married to Crimson &#9829;
May 17, 2007
This really sounds as if it's really just a matter of your internal clock. If it is really set that way currently, there's not much you can do about, except to try to force/adjust it to another time.

It will probably take a little "training" to try to change that setting.

The idea with the notebook next to your bed that CtR mentioned is not that bad. Finding a way to let your creativity out while you get to bed and rest, might work. However, you should also be careful that it doesn't hinder you from falling asleep either.
In what kind of ways you could do that, though, I'm afraid I don't know. =(

Another thing you could try, is to change your habits gradually, bit by bit.

For example, trying to get to bed 5 minutes earlier than the day before every night, and waking up earlier every morning. You can do this in intervals of a day or a week. That might let your body adjust to it a little easier, than forcing it all upon it at once.

Still, you should keep in mind, that things like that don't just change from one day to another. It'll probably take time, so don't lose heart if you're not able to see results straight away.

Hope I could offer some help. <3


Put on your courage and fly
Sep 1, 2007
In a cereal box
I go to sleep at 2 or later almost every night now (summer vacation!). I guess a thing to try would be more active during the day. Go somewhere, stop by the gym, shop, something active. In a way, it sort of tires out your body, meh not the best advice.

I'd also try taking OTC sleeping pills before you go to bed and make sure your alarm clock is loud enough to wake the dead. My mom takes them before going to bed to go to work in the morning and she crashes like a sloth...or something. I almost always have to help her get to her bed. Taking some maybe everyday or every other day might help you get into the habit until you can do it without needing the pills. That or either stop by the doctor's office and see if they'll proscribe Lunesta or something.

Try some of the others' advice though, cause I'm not good. ^^;


Theatre Messiah
Oct 17, 2007
Spokane, WA
You can take melatonin supplement pills that is the substance your body produces that help you fall asleep. and you can get it over the counter

Our Living Language : said:
Melatonin, a natural hormone manufactured by the pineal gland in the brain, communicates information about light to different parts of the body. It helps regulate biological rhythms and plays an important role in the reproductive cycles of many animals. In humans it is best known for helping to regulate the body's circadian sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin production is affected by light exposure to the eyes; melatonin levels rise during the night and fall during the day, becoming almost undetectable. Though it does not actually induce sleep, melatonin can have sleep-promoting effects. Experiments have shown that at high doses melatonin lowers body temperature, decreases motor activity, and increases fatigue. Melatonin production starts falling after puberty, and it can virtually disappear in the elderly, a phenomenon which could help to explain why sleep disturbances are more prevalent among older adults. Marketed as a dietary supplement and touted as a cure-all for insomnia, jet lag, and even cancer and aging, the overall effects of melatonin on human health are still largely unknown.


Feb 18, 2006
spitting everywhere
Is it really that big of an issue? I mean, if the sleep schedule doesn't interrupt your daily schedule, I don't see why you should have to mess with your internal clock. You're still getting the same amount of sleep every day, regardless of the sleep schedule.

For example, during the summer, my sleep schedule is almost the exact opposite of everyone's. I usually stay up until 7-8 am, and sleep in until about 3-4 pm. I don't know, I just prefer staying up during the night due to less distractions in my house and the overall quietness of my home. And it really doesn't conflict with my daily activities, since my friends and I usually don't hang out until the afternoon and evening, so it all works out. And I do plan on getting a job when I turn sixteen in July, but I'll probably work night shifts, so it doesn't conflict with my personal preferences.

But uh, when it comes to switching to "regular" hours during the school year, what people have suggested in this thread so far are pretty good suggestions. However, what I do, is just stay up all night the day before the first day of school, and that way I'll be extremely tired by like, eight or nine the following night. Then, I just work from there. But if you really need to change your sleep schedule, people have already suggested some pretty good ideas. Changing your sleep schedule isn't necessarily difficult, it just takes a little mental preparation. But yeah, it is kind of a chore to switch, especially in my case, because I personally love my summer sleep schedule.
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