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Fanfiction ► ~\\>>Slayer Mist<<//~

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Mar 3, 2006
Rolling papers...
Long ago, when men still used swords and magic had only just begun to fade from earth, a dark sorcerer arose. This sorcerer was under the influence of the devil himself, and set forth to wreak havoc upon the land. Proud knights arose from every country, and a grand army of men was formed to combat the sorcerer and his army of dark men loyal to him. A great clash ensued, and although it would seem to forces of good won, the sorcerer had an ace up his sleeve.

Sacrificing his life, the sorcerer opened up the gates of hell upon the earth, unleashing the devil and his army of unlimited demons upon the world. The good forces were at first powerless against the demons, and apocalypse seemed nigh. But, one demon betrayed the legions of evil and gave the humans the power of the mist, a power that would allow them to combat the demonic armies they faced. Accepting this power as a godsend, the humans began to fight back.

The humans capable of using the mist called themselves “Slayers”, and create a guild called “Evangel”. Working somewhat along with the church, Evangel battled the demons for hundreds of years. Despite their efforts, it still seemed that they made no progress against the immense amount of demons streaming forth from hell. Then, one hundred years ago, a savior arose. This savior had the strongest mist anyone had ever seen, and with him at the head the Slayers fought against the demons. After a well-planned attack on the main demon force, the savior made to the devil and bested him in battle using his strong mist. The savior then sealed the door to hell, preventing any more demons from coming into the world. Before he could eradicate the rest of the demons, the devil revived himself and killed the savior. The slayers were forced to retreat, and the war waged on…

Now in present day, the Slayers are still at war with the demons, only now it is done in secret; kept away from society. The demon’s numbers are still vast, although they can no longer retrieve back up from hell. Because of that, every demon slain brings the end of this brutal war closer and closer to a close. Evangel now works alongside the government in their actions, sharing scientific discovery and information with them. In return they are allowed the most advanced weapons on the planet to aid in their fight against the demons.

Recently however, Evangel has been keeping a close watch on the boy whom they believe to be the next savior. Evangel has deemed the boy ready to be trained, despite the fact that he is only fifteen years old. They have been tracking him for sometime, and today they plan to finally make contact. If all goes according to plan, the end of this bloody brutal conflict will be on the horizon…

~\\>>Slayer Mist<<//~
Chapter 1
“Color Me Crazy”

And of course, on my last day before going to high school, I have absolutely nothing to do.

Warm sun rays beamed through two large windows, one at the head of the bed and one at the left side, awakening the sleeping teenager in it. At first reluctant to accept nature wake-up call, the teen rolled over and pulled his dirt brown cover over his head; blocking his sensitive hazel eyes from the illumination of the sun. Not five minutes later however, the alarm clock on the table next to his bed began to go off and, although it was unseen under the cover, a look of anger and frustration came over his face. Reaching a fist out from beneath the covers, he slammed it down upon the device several times until the loud obnoxious beeping came to an abrupt stop. Turning over and sitting up straight in his bed, the teenager, whose name was CaLeb, whipped the sleep from his eyes and scratched his head. Sleepily looking around his room, he saw the usual; his bookcase filled with fantasy novels and manga, he closet that looked like Hurricane Katrina had just paid a visit, his couch which sat to the right of his bed across from the TV and his computer on the other side of the couch. All seemed to be in order, and so he reached onto his night stand, grabbed his watch, and hopped out of bed. As he strolled to the door, behind him in the window was a pair of blue eyes. Just as he walked out the door, the figure to which the eyes belonged uttered something into some unseen device.

“Are you sure he’s ready?”


Steam filled the upper floor of the house, flowing forth from under the bathroom door. Inside, CaLeb stood in the shower with his eyes closed, letting the hot water beat on his back. CaLeb loved showers, which is why he tried to take one at least three times a day. Reaching out and turning off the water, CaLeb stepped out and wrapped his towel around his waist. On the counter before him sat his iPod in it’s speakers, and CaLeb turned it on as loud as it could go. The song playing was one of his all time favorites, “Friends and Alibis” by Escape the Fate, and he could help but sing along as he prepared to brush his teeth.

”I hate to be the one to bear the bad news, yes it is true; I finally fell in love…”

Soon enough he was jumping around in the bathroom playing air guitar and banging his head up and down, oblivious to the outside world; which is probably why he did notice it when his mom opened the bathroom door and turned off his music.

“Having fun?” she spoke, cocking her head to the side and smirking.

”Mom! I thought I told you not to come into the bathroom randomly like that. I’m fifteen years old for god sakes, can’t I get at least a little privacy!?!”

“I know, I know. I was just letting you know that I’m off to work, be back around 3.”

Already knew that… thought CaLeb, slamming the door in her face and turning his iPod back on. ”Parents these days.’ He said, sticking his toothbrush in his mouth and brushing. He could already tell, contrary t what he had first thought, this was gonna be one of those days.

Time passed by, and before he knew it, it was noon. Deciding too get up and do something with his day, CaLeb grabbed his house key, walked outside and boarded his bike. Fortunately, he lived about a block from the local mall. It was a hot day, and of course he had chosen to wear all black. He could stand the heat though, after going to camp every day during the summer for ten summers it seemed as if he was heat immune. Down the side walk he rode, he baggy black T-shirt flowing behind him like a cape. Eventually, he reached his destination.

Hopping off his bike he waltzed straight to wear he was going; the book store. As soon as he hit the door, the employees greeted him, each one having him on a first name basis. Going to the section labeled “Manga” he decided to try something new and picked out volume one of “Zombie Powder” by Tite Kubo.

“This one is great CaLeb, I rather enjoyed It.” said the cashier, Frank.

”Looks like it.” replied CaLeb.

Taking the book and walking out the store, CaLeb headed for his bike. As he walked however, a cloaked figure roughly brushed past him. Just as he was about to say something to the stranger, the cloaked man took off running. Looking down, he saw that the man had taken both his book and his wallet. ”What the f*ck!?!” shouted CaLeb, literally jumping onto his bike. Sitting it up right, CaLeb began to peddle as fast as he could after the pickpocket.

Several minutes past, and to his CaLeb’s surprise he was gaining even an inch on the thief. How’s he that fast? thought Caleb, sweat pouring down his face from chasing the stranger. All of a sudden, the man turned the corner down an alley. I’ve got him now, thought CaLeb, that’s a dead end. Sharply turning the corner and jumping off his bike, CaLeb stood in the middle of the alleyway. A stunned look came across his face as he looked around. The man was nowhere in sight. Then, CaLeb felt a presence behind him. Slowly turning around, there stood the cloaked man. The only thing visible about him was his blue eyes, and CaLeb could see a blue mist emanating from him. His eyes growing as large as basketballs, the cloaked man uttered but one thing before knocking CaLeb unconscious:

“Don’t panic.”


I think it's kinda short but meh. Give me some feeback please, and I'll put up the next chapter if you guys like it.
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Dec 28, 2006
Quick an interesting fanfic you have here, D2L. I thought it was great, however, there were a few grammar erors, but other than that, it was great. About 8/10.


Mar 27, 2007
I thought it was a great start so far, I look forward into seeing how far this one goes.

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Dec 13, 2006
yo, this is pretty damn awesome. im lovin it so far D2L. this is gonna be a very very good fic i can tell. nice one man, honestly.


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Aug 8, 2004
I liked it, very much so. You are creative when you want to be.
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