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Sky Angels- Please PM me your emails if you want to recieve the rest of the Chapters

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Re: Sky Angels

You'll see.

Sorry to do this to you guys, but it looks like you won't get to read Chatper 4 for a while. I'm losing my internet for 3 weeks but depending on how my sucking up skills are, I might be able to get the next chapters up. Good thing though, without internet I have much more time to write.


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Re: Sky Angels

CHAPTER 4!!!! WOO!!!!! Lol, enjoy:

Chapter 4: Waterlings

The next morning, Dawn awoke refreshed and renewed. Volos did not try the illusion again and the relaxant had completely worn off. She awoke to find Tito’s head fast asleep on the side of her bed. She smiled. Despite just starting to get to know him, he always seemed to want to protect her. Dawn snickered and gently stroked his soft red hair. He moaned slightly but didn’t wake. Quietly, Dawn slid out of her bed then quietly snuck into the bathroom with a change of clothes.

When she returned, clean and dressed, Tito had awaken and brought Dawn fresh breakfast. Once again it was fruit and bread. After the illusion she had been in, Dawn was really hoping for bacon and eggs.

“Don’t do that.” Tito said sternly.

Dawn looked up, half way through eating her bread slice. Was she eating her bread wrong? Was there actually a certain way to EAT bread as a Flyer?

“Don’t think back on Volos’s illusions. Do not think of them as a better life. It was just an illusion…one that was designed to keep you away from whatever they don’t want you near. You’re a threat to them.”

“Me? B-but…” Dawn began.

“You’re just a normal girl? You didn’t want this? Why were you chosen?” Tito finished.

“Y-yeah.” Dawn replied sheepishly.

Those were the exact questions running through her head. She felt like one of those characters from those books where they were thrown into an unwanted adventure. Next, Tito would be telling her she has some sort of huge destiny to save the world.

“Look, this may sound cliché but it’s your destiny.”

Yup, there it was.

“A female Earthling, with the name of the rising sun, shall rise to the skies and defeat the Darkness.” Tito recited.

His voice seemed to fade a bit at the end. That was it? Tito said no more and Dawn felt like saying nothing. It was nearly ten in the morning when Tito took Dawn down to the bottom of the castle. Unlike Earthling castles, the bottoms of the Flyers’ castle were large hangars but not filled with planes. They were filled with various strange gears. Tito walked over to the wall and pulled a thick, long yellow lever which was followed by a loud screaming cry from the machine.

The hangar shook slightly as half the hangar began to tilt downwards. The wind suddenly slapped Dawn across the face. They were flying quite fast over the ocean. Dawn cautiously peaked over the edge, looking out into the sea which they had just passed over. Tito appeared by her side smiling. In his hand he held a rubber skin tight suit, a pair of thick goggles, a heavy belt and flippers. They were going swimming.

But, there was only one set. Where was the other?

“Get changed then meet me back here.” Tito instructed.

Dawn nodded then hid behind a large tank thing. She quickly changed into her new suit then gazed at her reflection in the wall. The skin tight suit really brought her tall, thin figure. A normal teenage girl in a normal teenage body on a not-so-normal adventure. She clicked the belt around her waist then moved her hips around adjusting to the new weight. She knew the weights were to keep her down but not enough to drown her. Buoyancy. Dawn combed her hair with her fingers before slipping the goggles over her head. She strapped the goggles to her forehead, for now, to see where she was going and look slightly less ridiculous. At that moment, Dawn thought she looked like a thin, blue seal with a thick belt.

Sighing, Dawn stepped out from behind the tank only to find that in place of Tito, stood a tall red scaled boy. Reddish-yellow fins rippled from his elbows and the back of his calves. His feet were large and webbed, similar to frog feet as well as his hands. Gills breathed along the sides of his stomach and neck. And a large, wavy, yellow dorsal fin rippled down his spine. He looked like a giant half man-half coy thing.

“Hi Dawn!” The fish spoke.

If Dawn had been holding something, this would have been the part she would have dropped it. The boy standing before her didn’t REPLACE Tito, he WAS Tito. He had traded his wings for the fish form.

“It’s another Flyers’ power. We can trade our wings for any species form, except for Earthlings since they have nothing really special to trade for.” Tito explained, reading Dawn’s mind once more.

With that a power too? To read the minds of other species? Dawn hoped not.

“Don’t worry, I can only read your mind sometimes. You’re just thinking too loudly at the moment.” Tito said, doing it again.

Note to self: Don’t think too loud the thoughts you don’t want read. Tito walked over to a large, maroon box on the wall. He twisted some sort of knob and suddenly a ball of disgusting gloop plopped into his hand with a gut wrenching squish. It was green with black blobs and Dawn could have sworn it was moving. Tito unexpectedly appeared in front of her and shoved the green blob into her mouth.

Not only did it look revolting, it tasted revolting. But no matter how hard Dawn tried, she couldn’t throw it back up. It tasted like a bad combination of raw fish, liver and vinegar all in a slimy little green package with chunks.

“Guts of Breather Fish. Eat one and you’re set for a few days of under water breathing.” Tito smiled licking the little bit off his fin (hand).

He actually seemed to like it. Dawn didn’t. Her stomach twisted into a hundred knots and growled loudly in disgusted protest. And unfortunately, being in a Hangar, there was nothing to wash the horrible taste down with. She finally managed to force herself to throw up but no such goo came out.

“Yeah… once it’s in, it’s in.” Tito said, slightly grossed out by the clear puke on the floor.

Dawn glared at Tito. For two reasons: 1. for making her eat that stuff and 2. Because he made her eat that disgusting stuff without telling her she couldn’t throw it up. Once calming down a bit and getting most of the taste out of her mouth, Dawn joined Tito’s side clutching her stomach. Tito only snickered.

“Let’s just get this over with.” Dawn growled slightly, glaring at Tito.

Tito shrugged and walked closer to the edge of the tilted platform with Dawn behind him. They were moving quite fast still. Dawn now wondered how they were gonna get down. Surely not jump. The fall would kill them. She looked around hoping to see some sort of craft or ship beside them. No such luck. It was just her and Tito. Dawn gulped. Tito stepped behind her as if sensing she was about to turn and run. Or not.

“Keep your legs straight when you hit the water!” Tito shouted above the howling wind.

“Wait what?!” Dawn screeched.

But it was too late. Tito suddenly pushed her forwards into the drag wind. The wind carried her for a bit till gravity took hold and began pulling her down. She seemed to fall for eternity then for only a few brief seconds. She quickly slapped her legs together, plugged her nose and straightened her body for impact. The first thing that came to mind on impact was…was she alive?

For a brief second of shock, Dawn floated below the surface staring at the distorted light sky. Slowly reality began returning as the weights dragged her down a little more. She then realized she was under water…and breathing. It was like breathing normal air yet she was underwater. Everything seemed strange underwater…and even stranger once she got her goggles on. This underwater world was both beautiful and mysterious.

Dawn pressed a button on the side of her goggles and a small light suddenly came on illuminating this haunting sea bed. She floated up right and moved her head slowly, “soaking” up every detail. She caught a glimpse of her shadow from the light above and giggled at the sight of her hair dancing up and down with the currents. Tito appeared next to her. For a second, he almost looked like a large fish. Well…he was a large fish but for a brief moment he looked more fish than half man, half fish…thing.

“Follow me.” He said normally as if talking on land.

There was no distortion in his voice. It seemed the water had no effect on it. Dawn was a little afraid of speaking. Even breathing for that matter. She held her breath as if, well she were underwater. Her whole body told her, she was underwater. She could feel it on her skin. She could see it through her goggles. She could feel it in her weight. Dawn was underwater. Tito swam up to her and placed his “hands” on her shoulders.

“Dawn, relax. Just breathe normally. Nothing will happen, you won’t breathe in water.” Tito reassured calmly with a smile.

Here goes nothing. Dawn took in a deep breath and found she was actually breathing in air or some form of air. Whatever it was, it defiantly wasn’t water, which was good. Now for talking.

“Wow.” Dawn gasped, once again not breathing in water.

Tito smiled. He always loved watching people underwater when they discovered they could breathe normally. Dawn relaxed a lot and began spinning around admiring her surroundings much better. Spinning was interesting. Usually whenever Dawn would spin underwater she would be forced to swim back up for air. Not now.

“I bet this is how astronauts feel!” Dawn exclaimed jumping weightlessly (and carefully) from solid coral rock to solid coral rock.

“Oh yes. Spacelings live in very similar conditions to Waterlings.” Tito responded swimming casually on his back.

Dawn stopped jumping. “Wait, there’s more species?!”

“Yup, five to be exact. You know of Flyers and Earthlings and now of Waterlings. Well there’s two more. Spacelings whom, from the name you’ve probably figured out, they live in space. Then Underlings.” Tito clarified still swimming around Dawn like it wasn’t such big news.

“You mean Australians?”

“No, further down then that. Try a few miles in the Earth’s Crust. A small group of humans who have developed advance ways to live comfortably underground. Sort of like moles.”


“Now come on. We have quite a ways to go before night fall and believe me, the ocean is the last place you want to be in at night.” Tito said swimming away into an Easterly direction.

Dawn shrugged and followed. There was so much to see. Large, shiny schools of fishes swam by, beautifully deadly coral and the dancing seaweed. Dawn had completely forgotten she was breathing without a mask underwater. There were much stranger things about. She had seen many HD movies about undersea life but actually experiencing it was a different story. Dawn looked at her hands and realized they weren’t pruning like normal.

“Another Breather Fish gift. The oils hydrate your skin. That will last as long as the breathing.” Tito explained.

Dawn looked at him swimming beside her. She almost forgot he was there. He looked so different without his wings. Dawn avoided staring at his scales; they freaked her out a bit. So she focussed on his silver eyes. They were deep and sensitive with a hint of playfulness left. He was still a child. Dawn figured he had to be at least nineteen then again he could be in his forties for all she knew. She was only just beginning to explore the world of Flyers and now she learned their were many other human species.

Waterlings, Underlings, Spacelings…it was all…new to her.

“There’s one more specie.” Tito responded, reading Dawn’s mind again. “The Dark.”


“Dark creatures. Humans whom have fallen into darkness. They change into Dark Beasts. Half of them usually do anyways. Some are destroyed others are powerful enough to maintain their forms such as Volos and the Dark Lord.”

Tito’s expression grew dark. Dawn could tell those names brought him pain. He was so up beat and happy it was hard to tell that he probably lost so much to them. They didn’t say anymore and kept quietly swimming. Suddenly the beautiful deep blue didn’t seem so beautiful. Its beauty had been stripped by sadness. But Tito bounced back fast. Especially when they were half way up the underwater volcano.

“We’re almost there!” He exclaimed, kicking his legs harder.

They had been swimming for over three hours. Dawn had hoped they’d be close because she was getting really tired. With a new energy from excitement, Dawn kicked her legs harder and swam up next to Tito. They weightlessly stood on the edge of the volcano and looked down into….nothingness. It was pitch black. Tito’s mouth opened in horror. Were they…too late?

Breathing heavily, Tito swam down hoping to find something that proved him wrong. From the ruins, Dawn could see that this was a huge underwater city like those cartoon pictures of Atlantis. But now, it was all ash. A city graveyard. Although, Dawn did not see many bones which hopefully meant the Waterlings had escaped. Then another thought occurred to her.

How could fire destroy an underwater city?

“Boiling water.” Tito answered.

Dawn was getting used to Tito reading her mind. She was sad though. She knew how dangerous boiling water was. The poor Waterlings who got trapped must have suffered a great deal of pain. Dawn now wondered had all the people in her city died. Tito and she left in such a hurry she didn’t get to see the full extent of the damage. Maybe that was for the best.

“Jud, bring a boat over. The Waterling City has been destroyed. I will discuss it more when you pick us up.” Tito ordered into his crystal.

Dawn sighed then stared sorrowfully at the extreme damage. The warm water suddenly felt very cold against her suit.

“Waterlings have back up cities. Empty cities where if something like this were to happen, they could go there secretly. We have to find them.” Tito said. “We’ll swim to the surface then wait for Jud to come pick us up.”

Dawn nodded then followed Tito to the surface. There they floated silently till a half an hour later Jud appeared on a really fast speed boat. It was much faster than Earthling speed boats. Jud was really tall and well built. Unlike most of the Flyers he wore a simple black tank top and black trousers with thick, brown combat boots. He had fairly dark skin with dirty blonde hair and dirty blonde wings.

Tito and Dawn climbed aboard once Jud stopped the boat. They were both handed fuzzy warm towels to dry off. Now on board, Jud appeared to be at least seven feet tall and very muscular. But also very friendly. He had a warm smile and a hearty laugh. However, he appeared very strong and not someone you want to be an enemy of. He probably could snap Dawn’s weak spine in half without breaking a sweat.

Dawn looked to Tito who had changed back to his normal Flyer self. Lucky. Dawn was gonna be stuck in her wet bathing suit till they got back to the castle.

“So, you’re the Earthling whose been roaming the castle. Hi, I’m Jud. Tito’s best “friend” coughbuttsavercough.” Jud greeted wrapping his arm tightly around Tito’s shoulder.

“You are not my butt saver!” Tito playfully retorted struggling to get out of Jud’s strong grip.

“Look, don’t believe a word he says, I’ve saved his butt countless times.” Jud joked to Dawn.

Tito finally wriggled out of his friend’s grip, glared at him then burst out laughing. Jud shared the same hearty laugh. The two of them reminded Dawn of Elva and her. Elva was always looking out for Dawn. She really missed her now. Seeing her saddened expression, Tito stopped laughing and his expression grew grave. He explained to Jud how most likely the city must have evacuated to their hidden city. Problem was finding it. Jud grew serious too. Play time was over.

Tito took Dawn below deck. There was a small bed, a sink, a very small kitchen and a small door leading to the bathroom. Dawn had a feeling they’d be there for a while. The boys spent all night gazing over tons of maps trying to configure where the Waterlings could have gone.

It would have to be somewhere close enough to the original city for fast escapes but also secret enough for no one to look. At the break of dawn, Tito came back to Dawn’s room and woke her up.

“We leave to find the Waterlings' secret city at noon." He said.

I'm glad you guys are enjoying this series. I think its turning out quite nicely. I have off next week so I might be able to get up a few more chapters.
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Re: Sky Angels

CHAPTER FIVE!!! WOO!!!! I quite like how this one turned out. My own heart was beating fast when writing one of the scenes!

Chapter 5: The Hidden City

Well unfortunately, the search took three days. Dawn and Tito would dive into the water in the morning and come back without anything in the evening; exhausted. Dawn was becoming stronger though, although she didn’t really feel it until the third day when her muscles stopped burning. The third day also meant Dawn’s second dose of Breather Fish Guts. Jud had a small tank on his boat.

It took both guys this time to get the disgusting fish into her mouth. It ended up Jud sitting on her, holding her mouth open while Tito shoved it in. Jud was strong. Once again, Dawn tried to throw it back up but with to no avail. Then the two men left Dawn to get changed. She had found there were extra swimsuits. A few her size too! She only had three so she decided she would change every few days and if they were there longer than she had clothes, she’d wash her dirty suits in the sink. She had a feeling though that they’d find the city today.

Dawn reappeared to find two fishes now standing on deck: Jud and Tito. Jud had become a sort of dirty blonde coloured fish.

“We’re getting close so Jud’s coming with us. We might need to extra muscle. Don’t worry, the boat will be fine.”

There was a slight detection of anger and bitterness in Tito’s voice. Dawn looked to Jud and realized Jud was coming along to protect Tito…from himself. Something had happened many years ago that had built up a dangerous hatred for the Dark. While everyone hated the Dark, it was dangerous to dwell on those feelings too long. Tito stormed off to the front of the boat and stared out into the vast ocean.

“What happened?” Dawn whispered to Jud.

“His parents were both killed by Dark Creatures when he was young. He was raised by Xander then for a few years till…he died. Now one of his best friends’ might have been killed. Scelia.” Jud answered quietly.

“Who’s Scelia?” Dawn whispered.

“One of Tito’s best Waterling friend. They’ve known each other since they were kids.”

Dawn now understood the pain Tito was feeling. No wonder he was so easily able to connect with her. He had pretty much lost everything too. Dawn walked up to him and placed a hand on his scaly shoulder.

“Believe me, everything will be okay.” Dawn smiled.

Tito immediately lightened and then took Dawn’s hand off his shoulder tenderly.

“Thank you.” He smiled.

Dawn nodded then walked to the edge of the boat and dove in. Before Tito could do the same, Jud placed a fur hand on Tito’s shoulder.

“Be careful.” He said sternly.

“Ah come on Jud, it’s just the ocean!” Tito laughed.

Jud didn’t laugh. “I meant with her. You know what will happen if-”

“Yeah, yeah.” Tito scoffed sarcastically, cutting Jud off.

Jud stared at him hard. He stomped past Tito then jumped into the water after Dawn. Tito sighed then dove in last. The trio swam deep. Really deep. It was only a few metres away from the volcano located deep in a crevasse. It was the last of the locations Tito and Jud figured the Waterlings would hide. If they found nothing once again then they’d return to the castle and track the Waterlings from the air. The only reason they didn’t do that in the first place was because they didn’t want to disclose the Waterlings’ position if they were in danger. Three people were a lot less noticeable then a huge flying castle.

The Breather Fish also protected Dawn’s body from the extreme pressure. Her ears didn’t even hurt. They had to find a small tunnel leading through the rock. They had no idea how long they’d be swimming in it. Could mere minutes could be days. That was the other reason Jud went with them. He didn’t want to be stuck on his boat for days without knowing what had happened to his best friend. Searching the cliff face though was a bad enough job though. The crevasse stretched for miles along the ocean floor. It could be days, even weeks before they’d find the right hole.

But Tito and Jud narrowed it down to this particular section do to the fact it ran closest to the Volcano. Then again, they could have just as easily had easily slipped away down the crevasse since it was deep enough to hide them from unwanted eyes.

“Let’s split up. We’ll use the crystal to communicate. Be up to the surface in three hours if you don’t find anything.” Tito ordered sternly before swimming away from the group.

Dawn sighed then swam off in the opposite direction leaving Jud to scan the middle. The task set was nearly impossible. They had to search both sides of the ravine. The one side alone took three hours with no luck. Tito, Jud and Dawn were separated by at least five metres. Dawn was getting very tired and after the three hour allotment, she swam to the surface and just floated; her heavy eyes tempting her to fall asleep. Dawn floated on her back and nearly fell asleep if it weren’t for Tito and Jud popping through the surface mere seconds later.

Dawn yawned but remained on her back and listened for her next order. Jud, seeing her exhaustion spoke up.

“So, what do we do now? Dawn is exhausted.”

Tito thought for a moment, his face firm. “Take Dawn back to the boat. I will keep searching.”

Jud wanted to protest but he stopped. Tito was fuming and an argument could go severely wrong, ending with someone getting hurt. Jud swam to Dawn’s side, wrapped his strong arm around her waist and gently dragged her back to the boat. Tito dove down to continue searching. Dawn was practically asleep when they returned. Jud softly tucked her into her bed then returned to the deck. Once Dawn woke up, they’d join Tito again. Jud worried about Tito.

He was usually an upbeat, happy-go-lucky kid who had the warmest of smiles…except when someone endangered his friends or something brought up the memory of his family. In truth, Jud was more of a mentor to Tito then a friend. After Xander died, Jud took Tito under his wing. Steadily, the two grew into a friendship. Tito hid in a costume, afraid of losing someone else. He pretended to be happy to hide his own pain.

As Tito blindly searched the wall, a familiar figure appeared behind Tito

“Hello, boy.” Volos smiled.

Tito whirled around and faced the tall black fish with orange eyes known as Volos. Tito despised Volos. Volos loved to play with Tito’s emotions. He was really good at it too.

“What do you want?!” Tito sneered.

“Aww, you’re angry. I just wanted to talk.” Volos patronized in a fake innocent voice.

Tito growled. The water began boiling around the Fire Flyer.

“You know, I’m sorry to hear about your little fish girlfriend. By now, she’s probably a fish stick.” Volos taunted.

Tears spilled from Tito’s eyes but he held back; gritting his teeth. His scales began to glow red though and steam appeared. But Volos had to go one step further.

“You couldn’t protect her. How do you suppose you’re going to protect Dawn?”

“ENOUGH!” Tito shouted.

A huge fireball swirled in Tito’s hands. The water suddenly became boiling hot but Volos didn’t even flinch. A coy smile curled on his lips.

“Little boys who play with fire…GET BURNED!” Volos suddenly said.

Dawn noticed it first. She suddenly began feeling extremely warm. Then the metal seemed to heat up. Before she knew it, Dawn was laying in a sauna. Dawn ran up the stairs and out into the deck.

“Jud! I think the boats on fire!” Dawn screamed.

Fear had already been set in place in Jud’s face. “No, the water is.”

The whole sea around them boiled angrily. Jud tapped Dawn’s head then quickly explained how he put a heat spell on her to protect her from getting burned. Tito was in trouble. Jud and Dawn dove into the warm water, due to the heat spell, and swam quickly towards Tito. Dawn’s muscles were still sore and tired but fear drove her on. Jud saw it first.

A flash of bright light then the water began to cool. He had horrible guess what had happened. He sped up, fearing his friend’s life. He could smell it. Volos was here. And with Volos, came Tito’s anger. And with anger came Tito’s mistakes. They fought their way through the millions of bubbles following the sound of struggling. Like a large door, Jud lashed through the last wave of thick bubbles only to find Tito pressed up against the wall…with Volos at his throat.

Tito couldn’t breathe…and not because Volos was choking him but because Volos was changing him. Along with his illusion powers, Volos also had the ability to forcibly change a Flyer out of form. Tito had launched a powerful fireball at an illusion of Volos leaving him open for the real Volos to come around the side and seize his throat. Tito struggled, he was already half changed.

“TITO!” Dawn screamed.

She swam past Jud before he could stop her. She was blinded by her fear and didn’t see the illusion Volos swim up from below and deliver a powerful kick to Dawn’s gut. For being under water, that really hurt. Jud whipped out a spear he held on his back and flung it at the illusion Volos, killing it. He then charge at Volos and wrapped his arms around Volos’s waist; ripping him off Tito.

Dawn recovered quickly and swam to Tito’s side. He was already mostly changed saved his feet and hands. His wings were beginning to drag him down and he swallowed too much water from struggling. Dawn hooked her arms under his then dragged him to the best of her ability back to the surface. He really heavy, especially his wings. It felt like she was carrying two dead bodies to the surface. Dawn had all the time in the world to get to the surface due to the Breather fish but Tito, on the other hand maybe only had a few seconds.

Tito was already in the semi-conscious stages.

“Come on! Stay alive!!” Dawn screamed, tears beginning to flow from her eyes.

She was really struggling. It didn’t seem her legs wanted to work properly. Dawn then made another crucial mistake…she looked down. Volos was swimming up towards them at high speeds. He had broken free of Jud’s grip. Dawn screamed and swam faster. It was now a deadly race to the surface…and Volos was catching up fast.


That’s what Dawn suddenly found flowing through her veins. She swam much faster…faster than an Olympic swimmer. A gold aura formed around her body and she shot through the surface like a golden bullet. For a brief second, Dawn could have sworn she felt the flutter of soft wings on her back but she kept her eyes shut and held Tito’s head close to her chest. They tore through the blue sky back towards the castle which wasn’t far. A few seconds later, they were back in the hangar.

The aura faded as Dawn laid Tito down on the metal ground. He barely breathing and was still stuck with webbed hands and feet. Dawn cried and lifted his head up and held it close to her body. She rocked him back and forth, praying he’d live. A tear drop landed on her blue necklace.

It sparkled then absorbed the warm tear. Dawn suddenly gasped when her hand began to glow blue. She had seen this before…in movies. Usually it meant they had healing abilities. She would have thought that impossible…if everything else that hadn’t happened. Still crying, Dawn gently placed her glowing right hand on Tito’s chest. Suddenly he coughed and sputtered up water. He finished changing back into a Flyer then opened his eyes.

“D-Dawn?” He whispered before falling unconscious.

He was exhausted. Not knowing who else to call, Dawn whispered the name ‘Lord Eirik’ into her crystal causing it glow with life.

“Hello?” He answered.

Dawn explained the situation to the best of her ability then said Tito needed help. Lord Eirik immediately sent the infirmary team down to the Hangar to collect Tito then Dawn went to the council and further explained the situation with the Waterlings. Once again the council went into a day long discussion about what should be done leaving Dawn to stay by Tito’s side. It was about three when Dawn and Tito escaped the water so three hours later, Jud appeared his arm in a cast and sling.

Dawn stood up and hugged him, glad he was alive. She didn’t mean to leave him behind but she had no choice.

“How is he?” Jud asked scanning his friend.

“The doctor says he’ll be alright. He swallowed a lot of it but I made him cough most of it up. It was…very strange.” Dawn whispered, absent-mindedly.

Jud pondered this a moment. Could she really be the destined one? Jud had hoped not. For Tito’s sake. That evening, the council decided it was best to find the Waterlings now with underwater scanners. They did this the very next morning and immediately found them. They were hiding on the other side of the ravine a few meters west of the Volcano. The Flyer Council sent a small team of five (consisting of Dawn and Tito) down to where the entrance was.

The good news was, all if not most of the Waterlings had escaped. They were all hidden in a huge underwater city inside a huge cavern that glowed with yellow lights. It looked to be made out of coral. The Waterlings swam about as normal like nothing happened. Dawn was stunned. Suddenly a bright blue fish swam up and tackled Tito.

“Tito!” She exclaimed.

Scelia. Tito’s old friend. Dawn smiled at the two old friends reuniting. A single tear escaped her eye as she thought of the future possibility of Elva and her reuniting. That was the reminder of her mission.

“We have to find Elva!” Dawn suddenly burst out breaking up their reunion.

Tito looked up at her with a saddened expression then back at Scelia in his arms. He let go then swam beside Dawn.

“Scelia, I believe you are in grave danger.” Tito said sternly.

“You mean because my best friend, Fin, was kidnapped?” Scelia asked solemnly.

Tito nodded. “And because your home was destroyed, just like Dawn’s. We believe, the Dark Lord is after you two and possibly others from the other lands. I want you to come with us, that way we’re altogether which makes it harder for the Dark Lord and Volos to get their hands on you.”

Scelia nodded. “Okay. As long as I find Fin.”

Dawn smiled. She was in the same position as Dawn. Wanting protection from the Dark Lord but also wanting to find her best friend.

“What about my people?” Scelia asked before following them.

“Don’t worry. Once you’re gone, the Dark Lord will leave them alone since you are his target.” Tito reassured.

Scelia nodded again. “Well, no time like the present then. Let’s go.”

The team left without another word then swam back to the surface to a waiting boat. Once on board each of them changed back into Flyers. Even Scelia. She changed into a pale skinned Flyer with deep blue wings and thick, long wavy deep blue hair. She was clad in a long blue dress with gold hems. She looked very pretty. But unlike most Flyers, her eyes remained black…like all Waterlings. Fish eyes.

That was kind of creepy. Dawn avoided looking at Scelia’s eyes. Tito carrying Dawn, they returned to the castle where Scelia was given her own room. Dawn returned to her room exhausted. She had barely gotten any sleep the past few days and was sore from swimming…plus hungry. Never again did she want to eat Breather Fish guts. Even if her life depended on it, Dawn would be normal and just hold her breath till she went blue.

After a long hot shower then a long nap, Dawn got dressed in a yellow dress with brown hems and brown pull strings across the top of her chest. One of the more basic dresses. She slipped into a pair of brown slippers then met everyone at a large table for dinner. Dinner was amazing!

A huge feast. Dawn’s mouth watered just smelling it. Roast duck, chicken and beef with every side dish imaginable in glorious huge bowls. There were three long, large wooden tables in the huge hall . Each were decorated with elaborate gold dishes and candles on top of a woven silk green table cloth with tassels at either end.

“What is this?” Dawn asked.

“Well, today happens to be the start of ‘The Festivals of Kings.’ A glorious three day festival. Tonight is the grand feast, tomorrow will be Tournament of Food where the food producers will show off their best cattle and vegetables for the grand prize as well as the Restaurant owners going after the title of, ‘Best Restaurant.’ Then the third day is my favourite. Tournament of Skill. All the male Flyers gather together and duke it out for the grand title of, ‘Best Fighter!’ and bragging rights for a whole year!” Tito exclaimed back to his old self.

Dawn and Scelia snickered.

“What? Don’t believe me? I’ve been practising! See look at these muscles!” Tito said flexing his arm muscle.

That did it. Both girls burst out laughing. They knew was strong but it was just really funny to think of him going against all the other huge Flyers. Dawn leaned back on her chair and whispered behind Tito’s back to Scelia.

“Five bucks says he gets screams like a girl after a minute.”

“You’re on.” Scelia whispered back

“Hey!” Tito groaned over hearing the whole thing.

Both girls burst out laughing again. Finally, something to lift the mood.

By the way, Scelia's name is pronounced, 'Ski-lee-a'.


Notorious White Mage Captainess
Feb 14, 2008
Phantom Manor
Re: Sky Angels

I liked it.

I like how you talked about how Dawn's powers were growing but did move kind of fast.


galactic cancer
May 17, 2007
The Land of Sand and Prisms
Re: Sky Angels

So, I came upon this, in the critiqing mood, and decided to graze the chapters. One thing I noticed; learn to use a comma or semi colon. Far too many choppy sentences; sorta ruins the flow of things.

I must do an in-depth analysis.


galactic cancer
May 17, 2007
The Land of Sand and Prisms
Re: Sky Angels

Spell Check + Run-ons = Fuck-ups. This I learned from experience. You're trying to connect with your writing, so type it as you want it to come out as, not what the machine says. This way people can read it more clearly.
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