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Mar 30, 2005
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Rated: PG-12 :D
Genre(s): Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Drama
Source: Anime (Naruto)
Disclaimer: Naruto is copyright of Masashi Kishimoto. If Naruto was mine, i'd be off blowing my money in Japan, thank you. :3
Extra Notes: ANGST. :D

First off: EW. I was reading a few Naruto fan fics earlier on today, (not including King Naruto's <.<;) and I barfed in my mouth a bit. Yes. I'm literate. So, come back~ ;__; Don't run away from the thread just 'cause it's Naruto~! He needs some luff! D:

Okay, i'm losing you. Well, i'll stop being boring, now. *3*



[.Naruto: Sins of a Demon> prolouge;;

Humankind has it flaws.
We were supposed to [learn] from our mistakes, but we only made them worse.
Lust, Envy, Greed, Slot, Gluttony, Pride, and Wrath.
The Seven SINS of the Universe.
We created these s i n s, and it's about time we got rid of them.

It was a dark and calm night. A young girl, about the age of six, was silently sitting uptop the flat roof of her home. The only thing able to be heard was the faint chirp of the crickets hidden within the bushes, and the leaves swaying in the calm winds. The stars were brightly lit, and the moon was full. It seemed that the night was intertwined with harmony itself.
"I wonder if i'll see Daddy again..." She whispered to herself, suddenly hearing an abrupt ruffling in the nearby tree behind her. She swiftly turned around, wondering what the cause of the sound could be. But, as soon as she turned around, a thin, sharp blade struck her right in the back. Quickly, she fell to the ground, not being able to see the face of the figure. The person was clothed in the uniform of an ANBU shinobi, and the shadows seemed to cover their face.
"I'm sorry." The figure spoke, withdrawing the blade. Only to the person's dismay -- the young girl got up, her eyes a piercing yellow.

"You're a liar." She spoke in a demonic, two-toned voice. The wound in her back seemingly dispersed, and she was in full power. The girl knew the face of this person. It was the woman who treated this girl as an adopted daughter. She was the only thing she had left.
"Why....?" The girl sadly spoke, her chakra solidifying into a stone hand, which bound around the shinobi's neck, raising them up into the air.
"I-it's...because..." The figure tried to gather air into thier lungs, but it was useless. "...you're...a...a monster...." The woman finished the sentence, and the girl immediatly dropped the assasin onto the ground below. Her eyes widened with sadness, and tears began to slowly drop down her pale cheeks as she leapt off of the rooftop, and stood right beside one of the only people she had ever cared for. "No....it's not me...it's you!" She readied her blades of chakra, staring into the ninja's eyes as they began to fill with guilt.
Crimson fluid shot up into the silent night, and the voice of the young girl boomed through the once peaceful village. "YOU'RE THE MONSTER!"

"No!" A young girl quickly woke up from her slumber, sweatdrops slowly falling down her slightly pale face. She took in deep breaths, her yellow eyes reverting back into a beautiful light blue color. She had long, slver hair, reaching about two inches past her shoulders. She had skin that a slight sparkle of tan in it, but she had very pale skin compared to most of her peers. She had black, upside-down triangle tatoos below each of her eyes, which gave her face a dark look. "Damnit...just another.....nightmare." Her voice was a bit cryptic and rough, leaving a somewhat enigmatic impression on people.
"Crap." The girl turned over to her alarm clock; the time reading 8:49 a.m. "Great. Now i'm going to be late for class." She mumbled sarcastically, pulling the covers off of her, revealing a black tanktop with matching pants. Obviously, they were her pajamas. She headed out of the bedroom, walking to the other end of the house.


There wasn't anyone else in the house but her. No parents. No relatives or guardians at all. She couldn't be living in an empty house at such a young age....could she? She pulled a large milk carton out of a fridge, which was barely full. A few snacks, no essential food at all.
Mainly junk and things you'd find in the fruit snack aisle of your local Food Lion. Lazily, she took a sip from the carton itself, and left the empty container on the rickety wooden table placed in the middle of the worn-down kitchen. She rushed back into her room, quickly getting dressed, and grabbed the throwing stars & knives that she always kept close to her.
When she came out of her bedroom, she seemed completely different. Her hair was tied up in a very loose bun, with her bangs hanging down on both sides of her face. Her right eye was concealed by her silver lockes of hair, and her hair that had been tied up was spiked a bit in different directions, layering over one another. And behind each of her ears, a small piece of her hair was braided, ending down a bit passed her shoulders.

As for her wardrobe, it seemed a bit cyrptic towards the average eye. She wore a fiery scarf that was loosely tied around her neck, which faded into a dark red at it ends. For an undershirt, she wore a fenced long-sleeve shirt with a black belly shirt with a raised collar and long sleeves over it.
For bottoms, she wore short crimson tights that have white bandages right below them on her right leg. Wrapped around that is a dark blue belt with a pouch that holds her kunai in them. Around her waist is a beige belt with a shuriken pouch on the back, along with small holisters to keep her jutsu scrolls in. For shoes, she wore dark blue sandals that are required for any Konoha ninja. Or....ninja-in-training.

"Time to go." She spoke with a blank tone, carelessly heading out the door. Although she was a bit satisfied with herself for getting ready with so much haste, her laid-back additude showed nothing of it.
As she walked alongside the road of the village, she saw a few children from the Ninja Academy heading in the same direction she was. She guessed she was just about on time, then.
Merely a few moments later, the girl had arrived at her school. Without a word, she opened the door to the room for the passing children, who had just become Genin. "Oh, right." She whispered to herself, grabbing a headband that was shoved into the kunai pouch wrapped around her right leg. She slowly took it out, wrapping it around her neck. It was loosely tied around the large collar that raised up to her chin. The headband had a dark blue color to it, and a metal plate in the center, with the Konoha Village sign, representing their village.

"Naruto, get out of my Sasuke-kun's FACE!" An annoying yell from a pink-haired girl drew her attention as she finished tieing the headband on. A horde of girls were surrounding two boys, who were both evily glaring at eachother. One boy, by the name of Uchiha Sasuke, was sitting down in his seat. While the other, Uzumaki Naruto, was squatting ontop of the desk that Sasuke was stting behind.
"GRRR!" Naruto growled furiously, narrowing his eyebrows down lower. This was just like him.
"Haha! You're right!" A boy was in a conversation with another fellow Genin sitting next to him, and he stretched out his right arm a bit. Accedintally, his elbow hit Naruto in the back. "Oh sorr-"
Naruto, loosing balance, fell over, and his lips hit Sasuke's.




"BLECK! AAH! GROSS!" Naruto litterally gagged as the two boys faced opposite directions, the both of them now coughing, scraping their tounges, you know.
"GAH! Sasuke-kun's first kiss was supposed to be with ME!" Sakura thought to herself angrily, tightly clenching her fists at Naruto.
Naruto then turned over, embarrased, to the pink-haired girl. "S-s-sorry....Sakura-chan..." He spoke to her nervously, seeing all of the other angry faces from the rest of Sasuke's lovesick fangirls.
"Naruto......YOU'RE ANNOYING." She cracked her knuckles with a maniacal look on her face, about to beat him to a pulp, untill a man with a green vest and a scar on his nose came rushing into the classroom.
"Settle down! Everyone, take a seat." The man named Umino Iruka ordered his graduating students, grabbing a clipboard as he walked up to the front of the room. "Now, it's time to announce the members for each of the three-man squads." He sat down on a stool as each of the students took their seats, and took in a deep breath. "Alright. The teams are as follows......"

After minutes had been lost to time, Iruka had come to the seventh team of the class. "Since we have an odd number of students this year, we're going to have to have one four-man cell, which will be added to Team Seven. Those four members are; Haruno Sakura.......Uzumaki Naruto..."

Suddenly, a feminine "Awww!" and a more male-like "YESS!" could be heard in the background.

"......Sasuke Uchiha..."

Again, the two sounds were heard from the two children, yet the voices were now vice-versa.

"...and Hatake Tsutira."
As that name was said, the three other members of Team Seven turned over to a silver-haired girl sitting in the back of the room.

No sounds were heard.

Yeah. That's it. :3

Commentary, pl0x? D:
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Aug 13, 2005
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Yes. Win, Sakura.




Anyways, yes. This is great. But some critique: Make sure to go with one tense, past or present, throughout the duration of the chapter. I saw some switching back and forth, but only a litte. And Only one spelling error, which is hella better than one I could do, so good job.

Updart poptart. :D


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Mar 30, 2005
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.....Nu-uh. <.<


[.Sins of a Demon> chapter one;;
ashes, ashes, and we all fall down

[ 2:58 P.M.]

"Her...?" The blonde-haired shinobi whispered to himself, a bit surprised. The two children had known eachother for quite a long time.
"Another girl? Well, atleast she doesn't like my Sasuke-kun...." The Haruno girl thought to herself with satisfaction, staring at Sasuke as he looked at Tsutira with a slightly annoyed expression.
"Tsutira, eh? Atleast she isn't one of those useless people..." Sasuke thought to himself, turning back over towards the front of the room, his fingers clasped together as he casually rested his elbows onto the desk infront of him.

After the weird moment between the four children, all of the teams had been announced. Although, it seemed that most of them weren't ready to go into the real world as ninja. They needed a bit more of preparation before they were to go by themselves.
After all, the rookies were all only twelve years old.
"Alright. Class dismissed. You'll be informed on your Jounin ranked leaders later this week." Iruka spoke to his class, ending the schoolday. He merely watched as his entire class left; all murmering to eachother about their new partners that had been chosen. It looked like their journey had just begun.

[ 12:18 P.M. ]

Tsutira was calmly sitting uptop the roof of her own home, gazing up at the cresent moon that had been illuminating the pitch-black horizon. This was her haven; without and worry, and no burdens to be placed upon her. All she had left at the moment was to just be carefree. Yet -- she felt as if she were being watched. For safety, she remained alert.

"The life of a shinobi......I wonder if that'll happen again...." The silver-haired girl hugged her knees closer towards her, having a worried expression on her face. She gazed up into the sky for the last time, and headed back to her house for a well-deserved sleep.

[ 6:37 A.M. ]

Tsutira calmly rubbed her eyes as she let out a short yawn, waking up from a short sleep. "Well....he told us to come early...so..." The golden-eyed shinobi spoke to herself quietly; slowly creeping out of her bed. Well....atleast that's what she had called it. What she slept on was just a pile of blankets and pillows. After she had woken, her eyes converted into a bright blue color.
It seemed she had slept in her normal attire, so there wasn't any need for changing. Besides, she didn't have the time. She already was a bit late. And, this was supposed to be the day where they met their Jounin group leader....

[ 6:39 A.M. ]

"Are you going to tell her, Kakashi?" An elderly man spoke to a silver-haired shinobi as they both sat casually next to eachother at a table in a fairly large room of a clean building.
The one with spikey, silver hair closed a small book, and put it away as he looked over at the older man. He couldn't seem to say the answer.

"You're the only thing she has left, you know. Maybe you-"

"I....can't." The man adressed as Kakashi spoke, having a slight look of guilt in his eyes.

"She doesn't even remember your face, does she? Are you just going to change your name, then? She'll find out sooner or later, you know..."

"You shouldn't have assigned her to me." He spoke, standing up, and silently walking out of the room. The conversation hadn't ended smoothly.

[ 6:43 A.M. ]

Tsutira, arriving at her destination, slowly opened the door to a small room in the back of the academy, and saw her three other teamates. The three of them had all given her an akward kind of look, as if she had inturrupted something....

"Umm...." The cyan-eyed kunoichi whispered quietly to herself, closing the door behind her as she saw Naruto begin to climb up onto a chair, a chalkboard eraser in his right hand. "Hi, Naruto." She spoke in a calm tone as she continued to watch him set up a trap for someone.

"Oh, hey, Tsutira!" He smiled with energy, wiping off the chalk from his hands as he stood back on the flat ground, satisfied with a job well done. "Henh. That oughta teach that guy for being so late!"
Oh, right. Their sensei was supposed to come today. Tsutira had almost forgotten. She sighed with relief as she saw that he wasn't here yet.

"Naruto, this is stupid." The pink-haired girl in the back of the room, staying towards Sasuke, lectured the foolish boy.

"Whatever. A Jounin shouldn't fall for something like this." The raven-eyed prodigy spoke roughly with his arms crossed as he sat in one of the wooden chairs.

Speak of the devil.

As soon as Sasuke ended his sentence, the door had opened slowly, and the chalkboard eraser suddenly fell onto the man's head. The dust from the chalk spread over his hair, and the laughter of Naruto could be heard as the three other members examined the man from seperate parts of the room.
The man had sleak, silver hair, and a mask cover practically half of his face. His Leaf headband was slanted so that his left eye was covered. From his appearance; he seemed mysterious.

"Haha! What was that, Sasuke?!" Naruto laughed, pointing rudely at the Jounin patting chalkboard dust out of his hair.

"You think you're funny, eh?" The man spoke in a carefree tone, not seeming angry at all. Actually...he looked like he was smiling. Silence sweeping across the room; Tsutira and the Jounin exchanged gazes towards eachother.

'He....seems so familiar....' The young girl thought, having a mixture of feelings overwhelm her.

'So.....this is what you've become..?' The masked man spoke in his mind, his eyes switching to more of a look of sadness. 'I'm sorry....' Wiping the look off of his face, he looked at the other three students, and headed out the door. "Folllow me." He spoke, walking out of the building, and Sasuke left right after him.
Sakura ran off right behind him, and Naruto looked back over at Tsutira as she stayed in the same place.

"C'mon." Naruto spoke with that smile of his, running out after the others.

"....What was..that.....?" Tsutira questioned herself quietly, staring out at the open door. Letting a short moment pass; she followed the footsteps of the three, and walked out of the building.

*stabs for short-ness D:*
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Now that is a good fan fic.

Best thing I have read all year. Keep it up. ;D


Aug 13, 2005
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;-; Doesn't work?

Have you tried the ones on e-mail stuffs? Like, yahoo or msn? xO

If those are screwed too, I guess you should just keep it like it is. Maybe have someone beta the cahpters and find the errors that spellcheck misses?



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Mar 30, 2005
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Yeah, just finished a chapter~ ^-^
[hands Silver infamous pancake of appreciation] :D

[.Sins of a Demon> chapter two;;
hallelujah, lock and load

[ 6:52 A.M. ]

"Alright..so....tell me about yourselves." The Jounin instructor spoke calmly as the group
of individuals sat with slight boredom uptop a roof in the large village. The upper-class ninja looked at his newly assigned student with slight curiosity, yet not showing it.
It was the same every time. They would assign him a pathetic group of ninja, and he would fail them. Kids these days weren't focused on becoming shinobi. Or, so he thought....

"H-HEY! We don't even know your name!" The wild blonde ninja barked at the man sitting across from them without a care in the world.

"Well...." He carried off, looking over at Tsutira for a split second, then looking back over at Naruto. "My name is...Kakashi."

".....JUST Kakashi?" Sakura questioned the man, sitting down between Naruto and Sasuke.

Kakashi? Where had Tsutira heard that name before? It had a familiar ring towards it.

"Yes. That's all you need to know." He quickly got back onto the subject; first pointing at Naruto. "Okay. You guys have to tell me your names, likes, dislikes.....and your life goal," He cut off, letting the four listen, "You first."

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto! I like....RAMEN~. Beef ramen, the most! I hate the microwaved kind of ramen, though. And, my life goal is to become the village's Hokage, and lead the village, so i'll get some damn respect!" He spoke cheerfully, ending his turn to express himself.

Going in order, the green-eyed girl looked over at her instructor, "My name is Haruno Sakura. I like....well....who I like is...." She trailed off, her eyes sticking over to Sasuke. She was infatuated with him. "And...I hate......NARUTO." She spoke coldly, crossing her arms. Suddenly, she turned back into her dream-like state. "And...my goal is...well...." She blushed heavily, staring at Sasuke once more.

"Geez....girls are more about love at this stage than being a ninja...." Kakashi thought, now looking over at Sasuke.

"My name.....is Uchiha Sasuke. I like, well, I don't like many things. And I dislike...alot of things. My life goal is to kill..a certain someone...and gain my revenge." He spoke with his fingers calmly clasped together, staring at the Jounin infront of them.
A silence drew between the four, but Sasuke's turn had passed. That meant...

"Alright. And, you?" The man looked over at Tsutira, and so did the other three.
The blue-eyed Genin looked over at the green-vested man with total apathy, now beginning her short introduction. "I'm...Hatake Tsutira." Tsutira really didn't like sharing things about herself, but she felt maybe a bit better getting things off her chest.

"....And that's all you need to know."

...Or not.

The lot of them seem surprised. She was being rude and disrespectful, but, everyone need privacy. She didn't feel like telling anyone anything about herself. Especially people she barely knew.
Even though she had denied their teacher's request, he didn't mind. He seemed like a pretty laid-back person.

Breaking the silence, the boy spoke, "Yo! So....uhh..what now?" Naruto looked over at their sensei, anxious towards what was going to happen next. He could feel his blood pulsing through him as he sat there, trying to conceal his excitement.

"Well, i'm going to train you tomorrow."

"Train? That's what the academy is for! We're ninjas now." Sakura spoke, a bit impatient as well.

"Just one last test is all." He smiled casually, and then a sudden thought popped into his head. "And....tomorrow? Don't eat breakfast."

Naruto cocked his head to the side, wondering why he'd say such a thing. "Uhh....why?" The orange-clothed boy questioned the man with slight curiousity.

"...You'll throw up."

[ 10:23 A.M. ]

"Hey...Tsutira-chan? Do you think Kakashi-sensei was just joking...a little back there?" The blonde haired Genin asked Tsutira as they walked through the village, heading towards Naruto's favorite restraunt.
The blue-eyed shinobi continued staring into space, but her trance was halted by the sound of Naruto's energetic call.

"Hmm? I don't know. It might be a bit harsh, though." She spoke calmly compared to Naruto's bouncy speech.

"We're here!!" Naruto dashed over to the Ichiraku Ramen stand; dragging his friend along with her.
The silver-headed girl took her seat beside Naruto, seeing as how much he loved this place.

"Hey, old man, i'll just have the usual!" The fox-boy grinned with excitement, spinning around in his stand.

Tsutira looked over at the chef, ".....i'll have whatever the 'usual' is." She requested from the elderly man; and recieved a glass of water from him to start off. "Arigatou." She spoke firmly, drinking the entire gass within seconds. "You come here alot?" She turned over to Naruto with an apathetic tone as his bowl was handed to him. Shortly after, hers was, too.

"Oh, yeah. This place is awesome." Taking his chopsticks, he smiled before eating. "Itadakimasu!" He slurped down quite a mouthful of noodles, which frankly grossed his comrade out a bit.
Also taking her chopsticks, she began to eat at half the rate that Naruto was. Sometimes...she felt grateful that she had such a good friend.




Another...yet.....short-as-hell chapter. ;____;
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Mar 30, 2005
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Double-post. So, sue me. >_>

Updarting today....sorry for not doing it earlier. >w< -blames the lack of sleep-

Ahem....here we go. <.<;;


[.Sins of a Demon> chapter three;;
let the rain come down

[ 7:36 A.M. ]

"This'll be fun..." A blantly sarcastic remark slipped from the young blonde's mouth as he sat impaitently on the ground beside his female friend.

Sakura placed her hands onto her hips, "Late again? What kind of teacher is he?"

"A good one."

A sudden remark was heard from a older man's voice as he stood with two bells in his hand, walking towards the group of students.
The pink haird kunoichi suddenly felt a blush come across her face from slight embarassment. How did he sneak up on them like that? She couldn't hear him -- there wasn't one thing that lead her to know that he was there.

"Sorry for making you guys wait." He held the two silver bells attached to thin string infront of him; letting the four children examine it. "As you can see, these are bells. All you have to do is take them from me."

"That's it?" Sakura asked.

"I haven't finished. Those who get a bell are to pass the test. And for those who don't....they are sent back to the academy."

"EH?! But we passed!" Naruto shouted rudely, never wanting to step foot in that school again. He was better than that! He had already passed, and become a full-fledged Genin.

"Yes, but it's just one more test. It should be easy....right?" Kakashi lied to the group of young ninja, fastening the bells around the front belt loop of his pants. "If you want to recieve a bell, you have to come at me with the intent of killing. If you don't, you'll have to go back to the academy. That's that. Understand?"

All of the children nodded with no questions asked. Better to just get it over with.

"Now, hide."

With the order of their Jounin teacher, the twelve year-olds were no where to be seen.

[ 7:56 A.M. ]

Tsutira was well-hidden within bushes and viney trees. She had created a clone to hide somewhere else, so the chance of her actually being discovered was halved by fifty percent. Hiding was just what she had to do, though. She had to aprehend one of the bells by taking their sensei by surprise. It sounded easy, but it definately wouldn't be.
"I'm not going back to that damn school." She thought to herself with frustration. Why was he making them take this extra test? Well, he probably had his reasons. Tsutira wasn't able to just simply change his mind.

....Or was she?

Nah. I'm just playin'.

Looking down into the open field of grass, she saw Naruto.
"Oh, geez." She whispered to herself as she sat silently within the leafy green bushes. Well, it was bound to happen. Naruto wasn't the "sit-silently-and-strike-at-the-right-moment-or-else-you'll-get-your-arse-handed-to-yah" type.
Still observing from quite a distance, she saw Naruto fall into an obvious trap. He was hanging upside-down from a tree with one leg tied onto a large branch with a rope. Tsutira wasn't surprised.

She saw him make wild gestures as Kakashi stood infront of the trapped boy. She couldn't hear it from how far away she was, but she could tell that their teacher was giving the blonde a short lecture. After their talk was through, Tsutira witnessed as Kakashi had disappeared. Uh-oh. Did he spot her?

The silver-headed ninja had heard the ruffling of leaves nearby. Was it Kakashi?
Soon after, she heard the faint scream of a girl. It was Sakura. He had found her. Damnit...it was two down.

Two to go.

Tsutira ran into the open field, and hid behind the tree which Naruto was trapped in. She needed to get him out, so he'd be able to get one of those bells. Friends need to stick together....right?

"Naruto." She whispered, slowly walking over towards him. Kakashi was no where in sight, but she still had to move fast. She was a sitting duck.


"Shhhh." The cyan-eyed shinobi grabbed one of her kunai and slit the rope silently. The rope was torn, and Naruto fell harshly to the ground.

"Oww!" Naruto wailed loudly, rubbing the large bruise on his head.
As soon as the boy was heard, Kakashi had appeared through thin air.


Not having anytime to scowl at the blonde, Tsutira threw the knife she had firmly grasped with her hand at Kakashi. Naruto was now up, and ready to fight as well.
The Jounin had efortlessly dodged the small dagger, and stood there calmly. Naruto charged head-on at the man, and performed one single handsign. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" He yelled as a handful of clones appeared all around him, running alongside the boy.

"Naruto..." The young ninja tried to stop him, but he was too far. It was a reckless mistake to mindlessly strike your opponent, but that was Naruto. You couldn't change him.
As he came closer toward the raven-eyed man, Naruto and his clones flew into the air; coming down to strike. Kakashi struck each of the Shadow Clones with his fists, and each of them had disappeared into faint puffs of smoke. As soon as he did, Kakashi punched the blonde harshly in his stomach, and Naruto went tumbling backward; hitting the ground.

'You'll be sent back to the academy'

The thought rang intensely through Tsutira's mind as she stood yards away from her teacher. 'I'm getting the damn bell.' She thought agressively to herself as she began to sprint at a god-like speed over to Kakashi. Three miniature blades extended out of Tsutira's knuckles on each hand as she dashed near him. Her gleaming eyes narrowing down with determination, she slashed at the Jounin repetitively; missing him each time, since he was able to dodge her quick attacks.

'That's not possible....at this age..how could anyone be this fast?' The silver-haired Jounin thought to himself with much astonishment. And to think, after all these years....
Finally landing a blow; Tsutira had slashed the Jounin on the shoulder, and blood splattered into the air as the two fighters moved at rapid speeds.

Everyone seemed surprised. Kakashi was bewildered at the fact that he had been injured by a mere twelve-year old Genin.

Tsutira, on the other hand, seemed a bit satisfied by being able to draw blood. Her eyes brightened to a golden tint, and a certian thirst for action began to bubble within her. She was getting closer towards that bell....
Untill Naruto got back up.

He had a worried expression filling his face, as so did Tsutira's sensei. Naruto dashed towards the two as they engaged into a high-speed battle; trying to get his friend to stop. He knew those eyes. Those piercing, bloodlusting eyes of hers. That monster was beginning to unleash itself. It hadn't in more than six years.

Naruto had experienced the collassal power firsthand. That's how the two became such good friends. They were...so similar.

Kakashi began to move at an unhumanly rate; trying his best to dodge his student's attacks. This was serious. He could actually die right here.

The blonde charged towards the demonic-eyed girl, and tackled her to the ground. He didn't have a choice. Her knew it would happen soon if he hadn't stopped her.
"Tsutira!" Naruto yelped; running to her side. As he came coser towards her, the kunoichi's cyrptic aura began to decrease. Was she returning back to normal, now? "Tsutira, are you o-"

"I'm fine." The silver-haired preteen had spoken with a bit of aggrivation in her voice. She clenched her fist, and punched the dirt ground with her claws now withdrawed. How could she make such a stupid mistake? She wasn't strong enough to control the power, yet.
"Damnit..." She muttered beneath her breath, "....you bastard." She spoke to herself, referring to something. But, what?

"C'mon. We need to get one of those bells. Just calm d-"

"How can I? You saw what happened. I screwed up again." The now blue-eyed girl sat frustrated in the flat plain of grass. She slowly got back up to her feet; still reminding herself on how she could've avoided the situation. She grudged over her own mistakes, and it made her feel even worse about herself. The Genin turned back over to her friend, and she was able to manage a halfly-decent grin. It was hard to see it, but from a certain glimpse, she was smiling.

"Thanks, Naruto."

"Eh?" The young blonde cocked his head to the side, then a glowing smile came ot his tanned face. "Haha...No problem."

"Henh." She let out a huff of laughter, and she lightly brushed off the blades of grass sticking to her clothes.

"Is this the part where we go kick butt?"

"....Pretty much."
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