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Fanfiction ► Sinful Ways

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Jul 4, 2005
Right, i'm leaving on the roads that lead to my fl
Before i start, let me say that this is one of my stories that i write for my school newspaper. The students that actually read our newspaper constantly ask me when the next chapter is going to be made. So, i thought i'd test it out here, and see what you all think. Considering a majority of you read on this site.
Plus it has a manga vibe to it. And a very negative attitude and the creatures are so sadistic. So if you are looking for cute creatures who help a brave and good-hearted hero on his journy to save the beautiful princess, GO AWAY!

Sinful Ways!

Chapter 1

"Wait! Wait for me!"
"Don't let that thing escape! Eliminate him at all cost!"
"Please wait for me! Meryle! Don't leave me!"
"He is getting away! Don't just stand their you idiots! Fire! fire! FIIIIRE!!!"

"Huh!" A boy pant's heavily on a raggedy couch, he is covered in sweat. The aparment is as run-down as ever. His shirt is off, showing egpytian markings on his body. His hair is a light brown color, his skin is caramel, and his eyes are a burgandy color. The boy's name is-
Hey! What the hell are you doing?
Im...Im telling a story.
And who the hell asked you to?
Da...Um...I'm not sure-
Yeah you are! Because if you weren't, then you wouldn't be in this situation. Who the hell are you?
Th-The Narrorat-
The idiot that started to tell my story! That's who you are!
I...didn't mean..
Do you like pissing people off? Huh, buddy? Do ya? Cause you're doing a damn good job!
I...think i should go..
Yeah! You should! GO!
Can i at least have my microphone bac-
I said get the ***k out!
Okay, i'm going.
Now...where did that freak leave off? Oh yeah

The name is Chenzira, Chenzira Aswad. I'm a pissy guy that lives in a pissy city, in a pissy apartment! And as you just witnessed, i hate when people are being rude! But why the hell am i telling you that?! All you need to know is that this is a story on how screwed up my life is and the people around it! So shut up and read. And keep all your stupid comments to yourself until the story is done! I'm probably not going to answer them anyway.

Yeah, so like that loser just said, i wake up in my own sweat. "Damn! Another one of those dreams." I get up off the crappy smelling sofa and go to the fridge. "Oh come on!" I look in the fridge to see nothing but molded cheese and what i think is supposed to be bacon. "Crap! I knew i should have went out for drinks yesterday!" I slam the fridge door out of anger. "Guess i got to go out!" I say to myself as i snatch my jacket of the broken table. "UGH! I do not fee like going out tonight!" I take a box of cigarrettes off of the couch and begin to light one I pulled out of it. "Damn things are gonna kill me someday!" I toss the cigarrete box back on the sofa and walk out the door.
The neighborhood i'm leaving in isn't exactly what you call a welcoming enviorment, Heh, hell it's practically deserted, seeing on how nothing but low-lifes live around here. Don't you dare say that i'm one of them, or by god i'll split your freaking guts!
"Yo, Chenzira." Jake catches up with me as i'm walking to the store. Jake, in all reasons, is a good kid trapped in a bad world. I found this little tag-along in an ally getting mugged by some theives. So me being the hero i am, saved his life, while also robbing the thieves. Hey! Money is money, no matter if it is clean or dirty. Jake's parent's abandonded him at the age of 10 and he has been leaving on the streets ever since. But...i couldn't let this little suck-up stay outside in the cold, so now he bunks with me, cute ol me. Plus he helps me fight off some...unwelcomed enemies.
The boy isn't exactly what you call a sculpture. Baggy ripped pants, a black jacket with a white T-shirt under it, and a old baseball cap with his brown hair sticking out of it. I know, kids dress so proper these days.
"Aren't you supposed to be doing somthing right now?" I take a puff of my cigarette.
"Yeah, that's why I'm here." He pulls out a balled up piece of paper and hands it to me.
"Tell me, what the hell am i supposed to do with this?" I tossed the ball in the street and continue to walk.
"Aw dude, come on!" Jake picks up the balled up paper and catches up with me. "This is work."
"What kind of work?" I take the cigarrette out my mouth and fling it in an ally.
"Work for me and you." Jake smiled.
I snatch the paper away from him and uncrumbled it. "Tsk! Not happening!"
"Why not?" Jake looks at me.
"Well, because it involves killing." I say as we turned a corner.
"And? You kill all the time!" Jake looks at me in confusion.
"Correction! I kill, Sins and Wickeds!"
"But this is a good job for a hunter such as yourself." Jakes put's the paper in my face.
"I ain't no average hunter Jake!" I snarl at him.
"But you never know? This person could be a Sin or Wicked." Jake stops in front of me.
"Dammit! Don't you ever get tired of your annoyance?!" I glare at him.
"Nope, only you." Jake smiles.
"Let me see that paper one more time"
"Are you gonna take the job?" He waves the paper around.
"I said let me see that before i change my freaking mind!" I grabbed the paper from him and read it again.
Jason Madison. 4221 walibe street. Bring back the black-brief case. Kill Jason, leave no evidence behind. Once completed come back 3942 Sidney, your award will be waiting.
"Well, can you since something?" Jake asked.
"Will you give me a freaking minute, damn!" I sniff the paper. "Hmm...doesn't smell like an Sin or a Wicked!" I frown.
"But the person we're after could be a Sin or Wicked." He suggests.
"Eh, Maybe. Well! We'll just have to-" I turn around quickly. There is somthing watching us.
"What is it, Chenzira?" Jake asked.
"Jake, you got your purified bullets on you?" I ask quietly. Whoever or whatever is watching us, it has the stench of rage surrounding it.
"Holy crap! Is it a Sin or Wicked?" Jake pulls out some glowing blue bullets.
"A Sin" I reached into my pocket and i pull out a white and black Deserte Eagle. These two bad-ass guns have been at my side for as long as i could remeber.
"What kind?" Jake hands me the bullets.
"A Wrath." I smirk. "Jake...when i count to three, you run for cover."
Jake nodded and begin to breath heavily.
"And what ever you do. Don't look." I reach into my pocket and pull out a glass ball with the symbol of a cross on it. I load my guns with the blue bullets. "Just when I'm about to give a good point! A Sin pops up." I hear a growl coming from the shadows in an Alley that is across the street from us. "Okay Jake. Ready?"
"Ready!" Jake tightens his fist.
"One.....two..." I hold my guns tight. "THREEEEEE!!!"
"RAHGGGGGHGGGH!" A flamming Minotaur Skeleton Charges toward us from out of the alley.
"Come on! Come and get some!" I run toward the Minotaur with my Guns ready! "IT'S GONNA BE ONE HELL OF A NIGHT! HAHAHHAA!"

So this a Chapter 1 of one of my stories. I look foward to seeing your reviews. I love to here what the readers think, good or bad. So please post, and i will post up Chapter 2, after you all have said your comments.
Oh, quick note. This story was inspired by the Devil May Cry Sagas.

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Oct 2, 2005
Manchester, UK.
Great fan fic, love! And the first person who replied to is actually my best friend. Uh huh ... ansemjafar, this is unknown_boy. And unknown_boy, this is ansemjafar. I was meaning for you two to meet sooner. Carry on with Chapter 2, love!


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Oct 30, 2005
The wonderful land of Oz
Good job Unkown Boy.Very good.I can't help but think Geist would work for your story.Your choice if you use my character or not.I don't really care.just as long as you keep up the good story.


I have no title.I do?Hmmm...
Oct 30, 2005
The wonderful land of Oz
Done.Hope ya like him.He's my best work.He's going to be introduced in Kol5 how?You'll see.But it won't seem as it appears.It'll be lot more complicated.

Vibrant Fervor

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Jun 14, 2005
Somewhere over the raindow
What a very negative yet interesting story. The first part with the narrator was very funny. I liked how Chenzira kicked the narrator out of the story changing it from third person point of view to first person point of view. I really enjoyed the introduction because of some of the factual circumstances of Chenzira. Many people have to do what they can to survive in the world, even kill. The negativty of the characters some how intrigues me. Usually, I don't like negativity that but this is an exception. You are doing a great job Ub so keep it up and post Chapter 2 as soon as you can.


Where's my fluffy?!!
Jul 4, 2005
Right, i'm leaving on the roads that lead to my fl
I love reviews for my stories. Open's up my eyes, ya know? Yes I_U, so so soooo negative and it only gets worse, glad ya like it:)
Okay, quick note: Just in case some of you are still trying to get a glimpse of Chenzira and Jake. Let me give you picture of what they sort of look like.
Jake- http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j266/Nairda1/Anime%20boys/IndividualityRemix.jpg
Bloody Mary- http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j266/Nairda1/Angels%20and%20demons/angel2.jpg Character

I know, they look so gothic. So just to let you all know, everytime i introduce a new character that will play a Vital role in the story, i will post their pics. And another note, this Chapter might be longer. Okay, enough chit chat. Chenzira is getting impatient.

Chapter 2
Client's Foes

"IT'S GONNA BE ONE HELL OF A NIGHT!" My bad-ass jumps into the air, dodging the up-coming flaming Minotaur.
"RAGGGGGGGGH!" The raging beast roars in anger.
I land behind him. "Heh, somebody's maaad!" I tease. I love to taunt my idiot foes, it's like an orgy in my pants!
"RAGGGGGGH!" The Flamming Minotaur charges toward me once more.
"You look like you could use a drink." I take out the plug that was in the glass Vial with the cross on it. "Have a drink, on me." I twirl around and throw the Vial at the Minotaur. CRACK! It breaks directly on the Minotaurs head.
"Rooooaaaagh!" The Minotaur screams in pain as the flames that surrounded it, quickly fade away. Now it's just a walking pile of cow bones that i'm soon going to use in my freaking soup!
"Now, time for some real action!" It's my turn to charge toward the Skeleton Minotaur. I quickly front flip in the air and land one of my feet in it's face, it stumbles back as i back-flip off the head. "Taste my pain!" I begin to shoot the Minatour in the face during my back-flip.
"ARRRRRRGAAAGG!" It wails in pain as it is flying backward into a wall. BAM! It crashes into the brick wall.
"AAHHHHH!" I run toward it. Right when i am inches away, I dash-kick it in the chest. "Maybe you didn't hear me!" I put both of my guns in it's mouth. "I said TASTE MY PAIN!!!" I fire loads and loads of purified blue bullets in it's foul smellling mouth. Seriously, have they hear of breath mints in Hell?
"MOOOOOOO!" The Minotaur's head burst open and it's body collaspes on the floor.
"Did that freaking thing that moo?" I ask out loud as I pull out another cigarette. These Cigarettes are gonna kill me one day, but until then, i'll just continue to smoke the nicotine out of them!"
"Minotaurs don't moo." Jake comes out from hiding.
"Well this thing just freaking mooed!" I puff my cigarette.
"Are you sure it was a moo? Maybe it was a roar" Jake stared at the pile of bones from the Minotaur.
"There is no chance in hell, that i would mistake a roar from a moo!" I put my guns back in my pants.
"How did it sound?
"LIKE A MOO!" I yell at him.
"Can you do it?" He asked.
"What?! Can I do it? Boy, you're out of you damn mind!" I began to walk away.
"Just do it!" He urges.
"I ain't doing it! And get the hell away from that thing! You know how Sins burst into flame when they die.
Jake moves away from the dead Minotaur. "Come on! Do it!" He asks.
"Will it shut you up?!" God, he is getting annoying!
"Only on the annoying part." He cheeses.
"Fine! It sound like...MOOOOO!" I yell out.
"What the ***k is going on out there?!" A ugly looking man dares to stick his face out of his window, in one of the run-down apartments.
"What the ***k does it look like? We're playing farm animals!" I say sarcastically.
"Oh yeah! Well you know that it is hunting season and I have my license." That hideous looking dude threatened us.
"Oh yeah, show me what you got." I attempt to take out my gun, but Jake stops me.
"Come on! We don't have time for that." He starts to walk off.
"You're lucky, Frankenstein! I was just about to unleash a fury of ugly-sensing bullets on your homely ass!" I walk off with Jake.
"Yeah that's right you better walk away." The ugly man gives his two-cents and retreats back in his STD infested apartment.
"Who the hell does that guy think he is?" I say to Jake.
"Let's just focus on this job. No doubt that Wrath had something to do with it." Jakes announces.
"What is the guy's name that hired us for this job?" I breathe out smoke.
"Umm...I think it was...huh...Anthony Williams."

"Please have a seat." A man with a Smooth voice says. The man has a red robe on, with slick back black hair, and brown green eyes. The setting is in a hunting room where monuments of killed animals surround the room. There is a fire place burning brightly. The man sits down on a chair made out of a lion. There is a coffee table next to him, with a bottle of red-wine, and a binder.

'Well, seeing on how i was subjected to such rude manners, the writer finally decided to let me have a go at this story telling. I promise that it would much more riveting then that barbaric Chenzira! To what form of English does that Cave-man use to lure you into his grasp? I say, it is very degrading to watch fine viewers such as yourself, read that childish literacy. But enough of this. Come let us continue with the story.

"I'd rather stand." A young girl lends impatiently on a wall near the fire place. There is a scythe next to her.
"Whatever makes you comfortable." The man says with a sly look.
"Well are you going to give me the job or not?" The girl asked with frustration.
"Oh yes. The job." He pours him a glass of wine. "Care for some red wine?"
"Quit wasting my time! I'm a very busy woman, and i don't have time for chit chat!" The girl snaps.
"Oh of course. A deadly Assassin like yourself, shouldn't be taken so lightly." The man takes a sip of his red wine.
"I'm flattered." The girl says sarcastically.
"Okay, on to business." He takes the binder off of the coffee table and opens it up. "It seems as though I've been having problems with one of my men. He has been....stealing things behind my back." He looks into the binder. "At first it was going unnoticed, but after a while some important items had come up missing." He closed the binder.
"So...what are the items?" The girl seemed interested.
"Oh, just some colorful diamonds." The man chuckled. "I have the rest in this black brief-case." He pulled a brief-case from behind his chair.
"Hmm...you have an eye for sparkling rocks, I see." The girl raised an eye-brow.
"Hohoho. These aren’t ordinary rocks, my dear. No, these rocks have a special...power to them." He man sneered.
"What kind of power?" She asked.
"Now for your amount of you pay." The man changed the subject. "How does $350,000 sound?"
"Make it $500,000!" She bargained with him.
"Yes, $500,000 sounds like an appropriate pay for someone of your stature." The Man laughed.
"Just one thing. I'd like to know the name of the person I’m working for and killing!" The girl lend off the wall and grabs her Scythe.
"My Name is Jason...Jason Madison. And the person you're killing is named Anthony Williams. Now, for your name." Jason asked.
"Just call me...Bloody Mary!" Bloody Mary walked out of the room.

"Okay, enough of this sh*t! Where the hell is this Jason guy at?" I scratched my head, man it's itchy! "I'm starting get annoyed!"
"Well don't be! We have the directions right here." Jake pulled out the piece of paper from before.
"What was the address again?" I snort.
"4221 Walibe street." Jake says without looking at the paper.
"Are you sure?"
"Of course I’m sure. I got good memory unlike some people." The little punk says arrogantly.
"Good!" I snatch the paper away from him and blow my nose with it. "Ah. That's better."
"Wh-Why the hell did you do that?!" He looks at the snotty paper.
"My nose was stuffed up." I say as we continue to walk.
"Then why didn't you just spit it out?!" He punched me in the arm.
"Hey, you said you had the address memorized." I rub my arm. That kind of hurt, damn!
"Still!" Jake picks up the paper. "Ewww!" he quickly drops it. "Well we won't be using that anymore."
"Ha! Damn straight! We are here!" I gaze at an enormous mansion. There is a black gate in front of us.
"Big spooky mansion! How come it always has to be a big spooky mansion?" Jake complains.
"How much are we getting paid for this?" I kick the gate.
"Umm...$2,600" Jake says with fear.
"It's the only job i could find!" Jake counters.
"It's all gonna be gone it a week!" I put out the cigarette on my tongue.
"Doesn't that hurt?" Jake quivers from the site of me doing that.
"Sh*t, after all the pain I’ve dealt with in the past, this feels like a freaking tickle!" I crack my neck.
"You mean pain like never being able to get with a girl?" Jake teases.
"Shut the hell up, before i put on in ya!" I threat.
"Speaking of a devil..." Jake points to the gate.
"Huh?" I say as i see a girl through the gates. She is carring a Scythe. This tramp has has a scythe! What freaking girl walks around with a scythe?!
"Man, she looks just like your type, Chenzira." Jake giggles.
"Shut up!" I pound him on the head.
"Ow! What was that for?" He frowns.
The girl opens the gate, and pushes right in between us. She doesn't even care to see how dead, sexy i am!
"Talk about being a b*tch!" I say to myself.
The girl shifts her direction to me. "And just who are you referring too?" She says in a cold voice. Is she trying to intimidate me? Cause it ain't working!
"I'm talking to the girl who just pushed right between me and my side-kick!" I wipe my noise.
"Side-kick?" Jake glares at me.
"Well why won't you two be a gentleman and move the hell out of my way!" She hisses.
"Oh, sorry babe! But i don't know the meaning of that word!"
"Seriously, he doesn't." Jake sighs.
"Well how about i teach him the origin of that name! Starting with discipline." She holds up her Scyth.
"Ha! You really don't have any brains do you, broad!" I take out my guns, ready to show this little hussy how i do things!
"CHENZIRA STOP IT!" Jake yells in panic. "We don't have time for this we have a job to do!" He said. This kid really has a soft spot for women!
"I'd listen to him. It seems like he is the brains of you two anyway." The Girl puts her scythe by her side. "Anyway i don't have time to mettle with chumps like you!" She pulls out a watch and presses a button on it. Roaring from the corner is a blackand grey motorcycle. Damn, that thing looks cool! The motorcycle stops inches away from the chick. "I have better places to be." She hops on the motorcycle and rides off.
"Man! Out of all the money I get, how come we don't have a ride like that?" I spit on the curve.
"Because you waist it on liquor!" Jake takes off his hat to wipe his fore-head and puts it back on. "Now are we going to do this or what?"
"Correction! Am I going to do this?! You're going to wait out here." I crouch down, ready to hop the gate.
"Why can't I come?" Jake wines.
"Because you always tend to get in my way."
"So i'm just some freaking tag-along."
"Basically! Plus you get the jobs for me. So be happy that you are not a complete waste of time." With that being said i jump high over the 16 foot long gate. Don't ask how i can do that, you don't need to know that much about me.
"Chenzira Chenzira!" Jake calls after me. "I love our little talks, Chenzira!" He says in a sarcastic tone.

I begin to walk straight toward the mansion. The Mansion itself looks like a scene from an 80's horror flick, complete with dead trees, gargole and demon statues, a spooky swing set that keeps swing even though their is no wind blowing, and a moaning sound coming from around the corner. "All this place needs is a wicked laugh and then it's a demon's fantasy." I chuckle as I walk up to the front door. "Let's see if the Adam's family is home." I give three hard knocks that i hear echo from within the house. "Awww, no one is home. Well...like Goldy Locks once said. If no one is home free load anyway!" I kick in the door, it makes a loud bang as it breaks off when it flings back into the wall. "Daddy's home!" I gaze around.
The Mansion is completely empty. No furniture, no creepy pictures on the wall, nothing. "That b*tch with the Scythe just came out of this house, though. So there has to be somthing in it! Man, if Jake got tricked into a false job, i'm killing the client and him!" There are stairs that twirl up to the second floor. "Screw that I ain't walking!" I jump up on one of the rails that are on the stairs and richochett off of it to the next one. I land my two feet the other rail and bounce off of that one, I continue my mad moves until i reach the second floor. "What the hell?" There is only one room at the on this floor, and it all the way at the end of a hallway. "Okay. I'm really starting to get pissed." Right after i say that cool line, black leaves begin to form all over the second floor. "Damn Sins!" I pull out my guns and start to load them. "Bout time! I was starting to get real bored!"
The black leaves begin to glow, while screechs fill the house. Green circles with some forein writing on it, form under the leaves. "Oh! So which Sin could this be?" I wait patiently. Suddenly, dark green light explodes from the circles and form beast-like Racoons. Their mouths and eyes drip with black oil-like liquid. The fur on them have souls attatched to them, souls of people who lost their lives to greed.
"Ah! So i'm fighting against Greeds, eh? Fine! I'll deport your greedy asses back to hell!" I charge toward them. The black leaves come at me, i quickly manuver pass them. You don't want to kick cut by those leaves, they'll slice through anything, and i mean anything! I jump on the wall and began to wall-run while firing my guns at the Greeds!
"Eeeeaaak!" The overly-grown Racoons growl as their body get's a hefty dose of Vitamin Bullets! Their tails begin to shake, the leaves attaches itselves to the tails making a razor sharp sword. The Greeds's tails break off and they pick them up.
"Oh sh*t!" I moan as i continue to run on the walls, but one of those son-of-a-b*tches slashes my leg. I fall to the ground, but quickly pick my self up. "Basterds!" I fire my bullets at those damned creatures, but they twirl around with their swords, deflecting my bullets.
"EEEEEAAAK!" One of them charges toward me, spinning like Taz, off of Looney Toons. I side-roll myself out of the way while shoot more bullets at it.
"Damn! This is not going to work!" I withdraw my guns. "I guess i got to go old school on ya!" I slammed my hands into the ground. "Come on!" When my hand up and sword forms from out of the ground. Another one of my secrets that deal with the past. I grab the sword and tackle the greed that cut me, during the tackle i jam the sword into it's chest!
"EEEEAAAAK!" It burst into flames.
"HA! Taste the depressing reality of my cold-hard steel!" I jump in the hair and slam my sword on the ground. It makes at slash wave toward the other Greeds, cutting through their stomach. Their guts fly everywhere, and a intestine land on my shoe. "Arrgggh! Damn, i just clean these." I pick up the intestine and stick in my pocket. "Eh, a souveneir." As i walk pass the slaughter greeds, to the door, the burst into Flames. I open the door with my guns aching to spit.
"Good evening!" A proper looking man seats on a lion chair. The black brief-case is next to him.
"Alright pal! I don't have time for a cup of tea, so just hand over the stolen goods, and i wont re-decorate this room with your brains!" I aim my guns toward his head.
"Now now, no need to be Violent." The man puts up his hand.
"Violent is my middle name...well actually it is Nu, but that's not the f*cking point!" I snap. "Now my client has put me in world of sh*t because of your stealing! And not even for the right amount money! But seeing on how i am desperate for a quick buck, i will cast that aside!"
The man looks at me with a glimmer in his eyes. "Me? Steal? Oh, i believe you got everthing mixed up." He lowers his hand and picks up the brief-case to put it in his lap. "It seems your client has decieved you. He has been stealing from me, not the other way around." He clicks one of the locks on the brief-case open. "You see he want's these very special crystals for his own selfish uses." He takes out a black diamond. Man, i bet i can get for 10 years if i sold on of those.
"What's so special about those diamonds?" I scractch my head.
"These colorful diamonds gives us Wickeds and Sins, a power that we only dreamed of." The man smiled. Wait, did he just say he was demon?
"Alright, enough of this bullsh*t! I'm going to kill you and my client, then i'm going to sell these steroids for demons on Ebay!" I click my guns. "Damn, demons always have to start trouble!"
"You're on to talk, Half-breed!" The man takes the black diamond and jams it inside of his stomach. "NOW I'M GOING TO DO WHAT NO OTHER DEMON HAS DONE BEFORE! KILL THE HALF-BREED!!!!" Darkness engulfed the man and he turned into ugly looking demon! http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j266/Nairda1/Angels%20and%20demons/bloodydemon.jpg
"Calling me a half-breed ain't gonna do you any good." I snarl under my breath. "IT'S ONLY GONNA MAKE THINGS WORSE!"I dash toward him with rage, my sword in my hand.

Whew! Man, that's a lot. Geist, your character will be in the opening of Chapter 3 and in the middle. Sorry, man, i just had to stop at some point, or it was gonna be longer, and i was getting tired.
So how do you all like the new girl, Bloody Mary? She wasn't really active in this part, it was just an introduction to her. But in the next chapters to come, she is gonna play a huge role in this story, as well as Geist's character. And don't worry about me forgetting to explain Chenzira's past. It will be clear in time. And Jake has a little dark secret of his own, heh heh heh. Lot more action, smart remarks, demented creatures, dark characters, and sadistic settings in the next chapters. So like always give me your comments, let them be Good or bad, doesn't matter. Just want to know what you all think.
Note: I'm still not gonna make this story into some goody goddy light fantasy, like Kingdom Hearts! Not to be rude.:rolleyes:

Vibrant Fervor

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Jun 14, 2005
Somewhere over the raindow
This rp is to sadistic to make it like Kingdom Hearts. This chapter was very interesting and I like how your charcters look. Bloody Mary is a very interesting
charcter and she reminds me of my main character in my first original RP, "The
Arcana Nanny. Bloody Mary is like the younger version of my main character but
you'll see when I post it next week.
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