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Apr 15, 2007
Trying out a new character. Bear in mind, he was created largely in a humorous context, so don't take him too seriously. I'm looking for a challenger with around the same level-powers; something simple, but with lots of capability. Aaaand... go.

(oh, btw; the lower-cased pronouns were on purpose.)

NAME: chai the thoughtless.

AGE: 17.

GENDER: male, arguably.

RACE: human.

CLASS: water witch.

  • well versed in water magic
  • quite nimble
  • it’s more of a curse than an ability really, but should Chai get fully immersed in water, a demon named ‘Gloomy-sunday’ takes over his body. sunday wields titanic strength and speed, but a taste for carnage usually places Chai in a compromising position when he regains control.
  • can make a damn good cup of tea

  • jequirity: chai’s trusty dowsing-rod, carved from a branch of the World Tree. Attracts magick-based attacks and neutralizes them. Doubles as a battle staff.
  • freezer bombs: tiny capsules with an ice spell inside them - explode on impact.
  • gris-gris: a pouch of herbs hung around Chai’s neck that protects him from dark magic.

  • hair - chocolate brown (growth inexplicably accelerates while using magic)
  • eyes - cerulean
  • height - 5’3” (chai’s rather small for his age)
  • weight - 113 pounds
  • clothing - simple ensemble; horizontally-striped blue and white tee shirt, white cargo pants, rope anklet (shoes inhibit his sorcery. no one knows why.)

PERSONALITY: a bit of a coward, though generally good-willed. Chai doesn’t have much of a taste for fighting, and is prone to run at the first sign of danger. In addition to his cowardly instincts, Chai, despite his great skill in water witching, is hesitant to utilize his arcane abilities because of the recent acquisition of gypsy curse.

INFORMATION: born in the flooded country of Bluebell to a gypsy family, his inability to drown led his parents to turn him over to a local shaman named Bad Juju to be tutored in the art of water witching. His natural talent led him to excel in his studies, and soon, he was sent a letter of invitation to the prestigious Geo School of Magick. However, his rival, a macumba named Pepper, cursed him to be possessed by the vicious trickster demon ‘Gloomy-sunday’ on the day of his entry exam. During the test, Pepper doused Chai with water, and he transformed into sunday. sunday destroyed the exam course, and Chai failed. Subsequently disowned by his parents and shamed with the ‘title of humiliation’ (his being ‘thoughtless’), Chai was sent into exile to repent for his sins. He has since become a wanderer of sorts, devoting his life to seeking a remedy for his unfortunate curse.

  • Bad Juju - chai’s ornery old shaman tutor. taught him the basics of water witching.
  • Pepper - a macumba (practitioner of dark voodoo magic), and the one who cursed Chai with Gloomy-sunday. She is his rival, though the enmity seems to be one sided, with Chai remaining oblivious to her contempt for him.
  • Gloomy-sunday - The demon that possesses Chai should he get wet. He appears to Chai when he is not in control of his body, taunting and mocking him endlessly, though occasionally offering valuable demonic advice.
  • Niligiri - chai’s impetuous older sister. a master fortune-teller, with a killer right hook.
  • Black Peach - chai’s kind-hearted friend, and an alchemist. serves as Assam’s conscience.
  • Assam - another friend of chai’s, he is strong-willed and very reckless. experienced shaman.


Cod 6 online profile (lizymans)
Jul 22, 2008

Age: 18
AFFILIATIONS: Many, (too much to type)
RANK: Leader of Parodithia
APPEARANCE: Imagine Super Sayain 3 Goku’s hair, except Black. He wears a black tie going around his eyes (like Riku’s). His mouth is covered by a black, blank, metal mask. He wears a long sleeved plain black shirt with the collar up (it is not tucked in). He has two pieces of armour covering his shoulder (they have spikes on them. He wears Black scruffy pants made out of Silk. His shoes are made of Adimantium; they are black with five spikes coming out of the area where the toes are. Something about his cloths makes them indestructible. It’s as if his cloths and his power are linked.

He is easy going (despite his appearance). He will always forgive you, no matter what you do. He never uses all his power; he always keeps at least half of his power at bay, in case he meets a very strong opponent. He will constantly make jokes, even in the middle of a battle. Although he is forgiving, if anyone attacks his city than he will defeat that person without hesitation. He also likes to play tricks on people, not evil tricks, just fun tricks. His sense of humour dies away when he meets a formidable opponent that has attacked his city.

His Two Elements are Darkness and Earth, his abilities are well matured. He usually uses Darkness, seeing as some areas have no earth for him to use to fight.

Just like any elemental, he can manipulate darkness. As in: Become it, use bend it to create other things such as weapons, or summon Dark spirits that are affiliated with his element.
^^^^ same thing as Darkness, except, well, Earth.
NO one has actually seen him fight properly, so, you will see his kind of attacks when you fight him.
He can also transform into a Werewolf, or use Darkness and or Earth as armour or a shield.
Enraged mode
When in this mode his attacks increase ten fold. And some of his weaker attacks evolve. In this mode he can use a finishing move that is extremely power full but confidential.
Side effects
He is not able to control or move his body for quite a long time after using enraged mode. Rendering him useless. That is why he must kill his enemy if he is in Enraged Mode.
AGE 1-5:
Rajin comes from a Planet named Panama. All was well and peaceful, that is, until the Rebels decided to attack. Rajin was born into a rich family of noble warriors, he was going to be a king. His father ruled all Panama. If Rajin wasn’t busy learning Adequacy or training, then he would be out on dangerous adventures (with some of his father’s body guards). By the time he was 4; he could beat all the 5-10 students in his Dojo. For his 5th Birthday; his father had told him that he would teach Rajin the power of Amaterasu. Unfortunately, on his birthday, the Rebels had decided to attack. The Rebels had disliked the Royals because they thought that the Royals were keeping everything for themselves, while giving the poor nothing. The Rebels and Royals fought for Ten days and ten nights. They eventually destroyed each other. Only a few remaining Panamanians had survived. Among these few was Nonu, who had the ability to travel to other Dimensions (at the cost of his own life).


The remaining survivors (Nonu is now dead), had started to create a new life and civilisation in there new Dimension. They decided to call it Parodithia. People from other worlds from far and wide came to live in Parodithia and call it home. Rajin was elected King

Now Parodithia is a huge, well developed city. But, in every happy story, there is a bad guy. Sadly, everyone of the remaining survivors from the past, had died; and Rajin was now the sole survivor, the only one that knew of Panama.

THis is the character i always use.
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