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Fanfiction ► Silent Hill: Darkness of Alessa

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Mar 14, 2006
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Hey everybody, I decided to post another fanfiction that I recently started on. Before anybody asks, no, I'm not stopping Destiny and Fate. I'm going to continue writing it, but I was trying to take a break from Destiny and Fate while I recover from being sick again. As a slight warning, this is Silent Hill so expect some of the content to become graphic later on. (Mainly creatures and some other things. I've never been one to put graphic language or sexual scenes in my fanfictions, so don't expect either one of those two.) One more thing before we begin. This fanfiction is to be treated as an AU around the time of Silent Hill 1.

Before we begin, I'll post a template of my main character that will be in this fanfiction.

Name: Josh Hizoki

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 175 pounds

Eyes: Josh has emerald green eyes that seem to gaze into a person's very soul sometimes.

Hair color/style: Dark brown hair that always looks messy. It goes down to the bottom of his neck in the back, and it partially covers his eyes in the front.

Hand Preference: Ambidextrous. He was born right-handed, but he began to become ambidextrous as he grew up.

Skills: Expert at lock picking, great at forging documents, and a close-range specialist when it comes to close quarters fighting.

Personal Specks: A necklace that he keeps around his neck and never takes off, a small dagger that he keeps concealed in the sleeve of his jacket, a lock pick, a laser pointer, and also has a pair of headphones around his neck that connect to an I-Pod in one of his pockets.

Personality: Josh tries to keep his distance, emotionally speaking, away from everybody around him, even though he tries his best to be happy around everybody. He used to be a lot more open around people before his mom died, and then he just stopped being so open. Even though he tries to keep his emotions close to him, he will put himself in danger to protect anybody without a second thought. Everybody has always said that Josh has everything that a leader needs, even though he himself doesn’t believe it.

Description: He wears a dark blue windbreaker jacket over his black t-shirt and cargo pants that stop right above his sneakers. He also wears black gloves on his hands and two wristbands on his right wrist.

Bio: Josh was born to a normal middle-class family in New York City, New York. For the first several years of his life, Josh had it easy. He had good friends at school, that would help him through everything and he had parents that had good paying jobs to get him through school. Soon after Josh turned 13, his mother died in a horrible automobile accident and Josh began to keep to himself a lot more. In his own mind, he always continued to blame himself for his mother’s death and he wouldn’t let it go. His dad began to worry about Josh and they moved away from New York.

Josh’s dad decided that they would move to Chicago, Illinois and they did. They arrived there and settled down a short distance away from the city limits. Josh’s dad noticed that Josh seemed to be a little better since they moved. What Josh’s dad didn’t know, was that his son just acted like he was better. Since they had moved, Josh had decided to keep his emotions to himself so that if anybody else died, then it wouldn’t be like his mother. On the outside, he seemed his normal cheerful himself, but deep down in his heart, he had done his best to lock up his emotions.

After awhile, Josh began to make new friends but he still kept his emotions locked up. He sometimes wondered if he could ever open his emotions up again, but then he remembered all the pain that he felt from his mother’s death and how he still thought of himself as being the one who caused her death. Everybody that found out about his mother’s death tried their best to help Josh forget about it. But it actually just forced Josh’s emotions into deeper and darker parts of his heart.

Now, Josh has graduated from New Hampton High School a few months ago and has begun to get ready for college. About a month before he graduated, Josh received a disturbing letter. It was a letter addressed to him from his mother who had died almost 5 years ago. It said that she was actually still alive but that she had been sent to Brookhaven Hospital in a small resort town called Silent Hill and that the doctors had probably forgot to tell Josh and his dad about it. She also added that she was sorry that she hadn’t come back to them, but the doctors wouldn’t let her leave because her injuries were too severe and still were to leave. Josh almost crumpled the letter, thinking that it was just some sick joke but then he began to wonder if it might somehow be true. Josh never told his dad about the letter because he was worried that it might be too much of a shock for him.

Josh told his dad that he had been accepted to a brand new college that had opened in a small town called Silent Hill. Josh showed his dad the acceptance letter, but he didn’t tell him that the college was fake or that the letter had been forged by Josh. He had already decided that he would head to Silent Hill and find out the truth about the letter, but he couldn’t let his dad know that was his reason for wanting to go to Silent Hill. Josh knew that his dad had been having stress problems and that his heart had been getting weaker ever since Josh’s mother had died. Josh worried that the possible shock of the letter would finally kill his dad and he couldn’t afford to lose him. Later that day, Josh got in his car and began to head towards the town. He would get to the bottom of the letter or he would die trying, but the one thing that he wouldn’t do would be not to try at all.

Theme Song: The Only One by Evanescence

Battle Song: Get Out Alive by Three Days Grace

Now, I hope that everybody enjoys this.

Silent Hill
Darkness of Alessa

“For only fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” - Alexander Pope

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” - H. P. Lovecraft

Chapter 1:
Journey to Silent Hill​
Josh had already been driving for several hours and he was beginning to wonder if he was ever going to reach Silent Hill. He was starting to wonder if he was lost, but then he shook his head a little. He was certain that he was going in the right direction. After driving for about another hour, he finally noticed a gas station on the side of the road and also noticed that he had been running low on gas for a while now. Josh slowed down the car a little and began to pull up near one of the gas pumps. He got out of the car and began to fill up the tank. After he heard the pump click, he put the pump back and headed inside the store to pay for the gas and hopefully see how close he was to Silent Hill. Before he walked inside, he stopped for a moment as he began to reconsider his choice to go to Silent Hill, but then he shook the thought away. He had to find out the truth about that letter from his dead mother, even though he still felt a little guilty at forging that acceptance letter to a fake college in Silent Hill just not to arouse his dad’s suspicion.

As he walked inside, Josh looked around to see several people relaxing at old, wooden tables and then noticed a man behind the counter at the cash register. Josh walked up to the guy and saw the guy bring up the gas price on the cash register. Josh put the money on the counter and then looked up at the man as he got ready to ask his question. “Do you know how much farther the town of Silent Hill is from here?” Josh asked.

As Josh asked the question, everything in the whole station seemed to freeze. Everybody seemed to look down at whatever was in front of them and everything seemed almost too quiet to be real.

“Why do you want to know where that town is?” The man behind the counter asked.

“I’ve got my reasons for wanting to go there, let’s just say that it’s personal.” Josh said as he looked around at everybody and began to wonder why they were so quiet.

“It’s about 50 miles from here, you should see a town called Ashfield before then and when you pass through that town, you’ll find Silent Hill. But, before you go, I’m going to warn you not to go there. There’s been a lot of crazy stuff that has happened there in the past few years. There was a coal mine fire a few years ago, stories about a girl being burned alive and still living, as well as the rumors of some kind of cult that has control over the town.” The man said with a look in his eyes that pleaded for Josh to reconsider.

“I’m guessing that’s why everybody’s so quiet now, isn’t it?” Josh asked as he saw the man nod. “I’ll remember your warning, but I have to go there. There’s something that I have to find out and I can probably hold out on my own against any cult members that I see.” Josh said as he finished and began to leave, but not before he looked back at everybody with his emerald green eyes that his parents had always said that seemed to gaze into the innermost reaches of a person’s soul.

As Josh opened the door to leave, whispers began to sound from all the tables. Whispers of ‘there’s no way that he’ll survive’, ‘he’s a goner’, ‘he’s really going to try to take down members of a cult if he has too’, ‘if the rumors are true, there’s no way that he’s going to be coming back.’

Josh shook his head at the whispers and closed the door as he left. He wondered about those rumors and if they were true. If they were, why was his mother in a hospital controlled by a cult? ‘This is just getting stranger by the moment.’ Josh thought as he got in his car and began to continue down the road.

After about another hour of driving, Josh finally found the town of Ashfield just like the man had said. “I’ve just got to pass through this town and I should see Silent Hill pretty soon.” Josh said under his breath as he drove into the town. After a little while of trying to find the right exit, he finally found one that said, ‘Silent Hill 10 miles.’ Josh turned his car onto that road and began to follow it.

Suddenly Josh noticed that the fog had begun to set in. It seemed to be getting thicker a lot quicker than it normally would. “This fog...why is it so thick?” Josh asked as he squinted trying to see if he could see any better through the fog. After a moment of trying, Josh finally gave up and just concentrated on trying to drive.

As Josh continued to drive, it felt like the road was beginning to get a little bumpier. After a moment, Josh felt the car beginning to bounce a little and then realized the truth, but it was too late. At that moment, Josh saw a tree in front of him and the car crashed into it, causing Josh’s forehead to hit the steering wheel hard enough to knock him out.

Well, that's the end of Chapter 1. Oh and before anybody says that it seems to copy the games, I know that it does. I kind of did it this way to pay homage to the series, but don't worry, the rest will be completely different from the games.
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