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Shuya's Quest: The Dark Fortress

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Apr 26, 2006
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"Ok! Geez!" Shuya said. "Stupid dishes." He mumbled, "They always need washing." "And hurry up!" His sister,Ridley said. "Alright already!" Shuya said. Shuya was now 15,and his parents died when he was four. He had gotten used to living with his 18 year old sister,but was also pretty sick of it as well.

Suddenly two men dressed in royal clothing walked through the door. "We've come for the boy." One of them said. Shuya panicked. He took out his bamboo practice sword and tried to look serious at the two men. The two men started laughing hysterically.

"AHAHAHA! AHAHAHA!" You really think that puny little bamboo sword will be a match for two soldiers with Katana's!" "AHAHAHA! AHAHAHA!" They do have a point,Shuya thought. "What's all the noise!" "Do you have friends over?!" Ridley ran downstairs and saw the two men. "OH MY GOD!" Ridley ran back upstairs,got her sword and jumped out the window. Shuya noticed the distraction on the soldiers faces. He grabbed his Father's Dragon Blade and headed for the back entrance. "Hey! He's getting away!" The soldiers quickly followed. He made it outside and darted behind a tree. The soldiers looked around and sighed. "Bad news for the Overlord." One of them said. They both walked off toward the Royal City.

Suddenly all these thoughts clouded Shuya's head. Why did these soldiers want him? Who was this "Overlord" the soldiers spoke of? Where did Ridley go? Well,there was one thing he knew for sure. If he was going to find out what this Overlord wanted with him,he was going to need some allies.

And so his journey began....

Shuya Barzhad
Weapon: Bamboo sword in first part of the story,then learns how to use the Dragon Blade

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