[Shoutcast] Vol. I



All's End
Dec 15, 2005
Beyond the Final Destination
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Chuman -

2008 was the was ending of what old cheeses called the golden age
And it was at this point in history Chihuahuaman stepped into the game

Everybody was quick to disrespect this boy name
Moderation pranks on him boy shit is all the same

You don't know this man from Adam or any of the shit he's been through
And I'll be damned if you got a problem you come to me with the issue

Victor wasn't the victor, but a master and trolling to terrorize
This poor kid retaliated, troubled to this day this man he despised

Catch him beefing with with the real ansem, you mean a real troll
Counter trolling this terror, feeding KHInsider with butter n rolls(LUL)

He drops a theory craft, meme in FI, and even freestyles
Don't sleep on Darknado boy he'll hit you back three times!


We call her Katie and she's always been a godsend to KHI
Started from small beginnings keeping conversation alive

Never seen a supermod other than iridium kicking bots and wicked at cleanin'
Till Taochan hustled section to section and did the swiftest of housekeepin'

Within a years time I watched her rise to administrator
No one greater than Katie at diffusing the many instigators

I talk in kind of Tao but did you she hails from Canada?
That kindness is foreign as it's just another land from US (U.S.)

But you know wanna something that really hurts my soul?
When I don't see her posting if working, or she's sick with a cold

Irreplaceable and surely the members will pray you never go
Unless opportunities and life catch you swept up into the fold


You thought you had bad when Silh, I mean Ty was admin?
You never seen Tony kill the forums faster than the the beauty of Passion

He took the forums by the ball n chain boy he came in swinging
Staging the blitz ball prank that still left everyone's eyes spinning

We thought he was noble until he boldly said you'll regret that decision
His promise delivered when the FFN team finally came into fruition

The protege Taylor tagged with Paolo(Wehrmacht) formed a writing couple
And with Tony's pull this comic spiraled out and it's popularity "doubled"

Professor Ven

I honestly don't think I could ever find a more awkward person
To speak so freely in false kind until you find out he's searching

For weaknesses as exploitation has always been his spiel
CoTW winner, writing skill of course, but lacks appeal

His criticisms of forum projects have made him legendary
Nothing more scary than getting roasted as a secondary


My muslim brother and youngin' boy you know I'm your senior
You write harmonious, hungry, and eager to to surpass ya teachers

The voice only true voice of reason during many crisis on KHI
Successor to Azurith and Phoenix if they were still alive

Sometimes when I look at you I mistake your mind for cosmic
You murder every ethic debate thread with deduction and logic

Enchanted Rose

We mostly knew her as the popular woman hailing from the U.K.
HoTH 2007 winner that was confirmed to be the reason YOU stayed

The fan club queen that beat out every other fan club with staggering numbers
with thirty plus members and climbing the page count was in the staggering hundreds

If you knew her in this day in age, i'll tell that the lady has class
A Snap election and supporting Corbyn because Theresa is ass

Modest even in the present and I can't ask for better friend
We both miss the glory days of when we had kikyo(kikyowherearu) to defend