Shinnen:New Year (Guilty Crown Mega Crossover)



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Jul 5, 2012
Hey guys, I’m here to show you a recent mega crossover fanfic (But this one is going to be my final story).

This is called Shinnen:New Year, an ongoing Guilty Crown crossover taking place years after the anime, where the main characters interact with various fictional characters throughout pop culture and sub-plots to celebrate New Years Eve in Manhattan. However, when an ancient conspiracy called Da’ath makes its reemergence, it’s up to the characters to team up in stopping them while the main perspective character gets involve again.
-It is co-author with Kanius (known as SSJ4Takeru in the early days), to which characters from his fanfics make guests appearances. I even had characters from an AU Guilty Crown/Puella Madoka retelling (called Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms, which I once posted a thread last year in this site) make appearances as well. It sets in an ‘Abridged/corner’ setting as a series finale, but mostly we try to fit for both old and new readers to look.
--Okay I know as a mega crossover, its hard to follow at times, but knowing only a few stands out as great as canon or better, Shinnen is going to be another example that we’re doing it right. Expect surprises along the way.
-This is going to celebrate Guilty Crown’s fifth anniversary next year. This celebrates Advent Children’s tenth anniversary.

I was suppose to show you a link to the story, but since some people are lazy to look (no offense to some), I decide to show all of the first chapter, which is a long introduction for first impressions.
Though here's a TV Tropes page: Shinnen New Year (Fanfic) - TV Tropes


(NOTE: Oh man, I accidentally post this outside of the 'Fanfiction section', sorry about that!)


Grand Central Terminal/New York City/Universe: Character Corner

(Cue Guilty Crown - EGOIST – Euterpe (Silence version))

A beautiful melody from a certain song is heard in the atmosphere. Euterpe is the Greek meaning of ‘rejoicing well’ or ‘delight’ from one of the Muses. This voice is familiar coming from a pink aura.

The Grand Central Terminal, one of the busiest train businesses in the world, is at Midtown Manhattan for most civilians and travelers to come by New York. The vast area of the Main Concourse is open and with signs of noises filled with people wandering and having conversations.

There is a particular Japanese family seen near a kiosk waiting for some people. They are the family of the kind-hearted magical girl with pink hair and pigtails, Kaname Madoka. Madoka herself is wearing a cosplay of being Yuka Endo from Beatless. There is her mother: Kaname Junko, her father: Kaname Tomohisa, and her baby brother: Kaname Tatsuya.

“I wonder when will they show up?” Madoka looks at the busy surroundings in waiting for a few acquaintances.

“Well you did invite these people, Madoka.” Madoka’s dad reminded his daughter.

Junko then adds while holding Tatsuya’s hand, “Besides, I feel they just already in a shuttle bus after they made it from the JFK Airport.”

“I know, but this New Year’s Eve is going to be special for them.” Madoka said to her mom.

There is once again a moment of silence for the good-hearted family while random people continue to passing by them. Just then, Madoka and her family notices that a few figures are heading to their location.

“Their here!” Madoka cried out with a positive smile.

There are two young women approaching to the family. One is a dark blue haired girl with an electronic headband that resembles a cat and wears a black/dark brown dress. She is carrying a wheelchair with another woman sitting. That woman has reddish-brunette hair with a ponytail and wearing a red dress.

Then, there is a third figure coming walking with a white cane, but in a different view, his face is not fully shown.

One could say that this person is going to get involve in a grand expedition.

(End Theme)


"I'm dense? Maybe it's true that my mind works out of step with everyone else's. It's just that I don't know what to say to other people. So I hide my nervousness and try to go along with what they say. That's how I've made the quasi-friendships in my life."

-Ouma Shu, Guilty Crown (2011)


Shinnen:New Year

Chapter I: Festivities of Manhattan (Part I)


New York City/Time Square/December 31st

(Cue Imagine Dragons – Radioactive)

In the shared world that is across the corners, this is the notorious city of Manhattan, filled with lively skyscrapers and a diverse American culture.

Between 4:30 - 5:00 pm, this is the final day to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. A crowd of New Yorkers and diverse tourists across the states and countries have come to the major commercial area called Time Square for that purpose. There are many concerts, games, parades, and so forth. A few people are seen playing Duel Monsters with their Duel Disks. Security and law enforcement are seen as well for lots of crowd control.

There are also three movie showcases to movie viewers. One shows Western Animation that displays: Toy Story 1, CyberWorld 3D, Powerpuff Girls: The Movie and How To Train Your Dragon. Another is Anime that shows: Spirited Away, Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods - Extended Edition, Dragonball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, and The Wind Rises. Finally it’s Live-Action that has: The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


New York City/Time Square Restaurant

The area switches to one of Time Square’s fanciest restaurants, which there is a reservation for a large group. They are the main characters, other Puella magical girls, and alternate versions of Funeral Parlor (known as the Undertakers) from Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms, as they sit around the wide table. Back then, the magical girls have support the Undertakers against GHQ, and have decide to live or adopted with them ever since.

The Puellas alongside Kyubey have own a dinner theater club in Manhattan called, The House of Madoka. Last year, it celebrates a grand opening for most of the fictional characters to have a Halloween party. Today, the magical girls close their business in spending time with their friends and family.

The main characters are dressing up as characters from a Japanese novel called Beatless. Ouma Shu is Arato Endo. Yuzuriha Inori is Lacia. Tsutsugami Gai is Ryo Kaidai. Ouma Mana is Kouka. Akemi/Keido Homura is Shiori Kaidai.

Funeral Parlor dresses as random anime characters. Shinomiya Ayase is Aoi Asahina from Dangan Ronpa. Tsugumi the Nekomata is Tomoko Kuroki from WataMote. Momoe Shibungi is Sebastian from Black Butler. Tsukishima Argo is Ryugi Suguro from Blue Exorcist. Tomoe Oogumo is Batou from Ghost in Shell. Kido Kenji is Accelerator from A Certain Magical Index.

The other magical girls have costume theme of Touhou. Miki Sayaka is Sakuya Izayoi, Sakura/Tsukishima Kyoko is Hong Meiling, Tomoe Mami is Alice Margatroid, and Momoe Nagisa is Rumia.

Lastly are the other characters. Keido Haruka is Sumeragi Lee Noriega from Gundam 00. Ouma Kurosu and Shijou Saeko are Rintaro Okabe and Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate respectively. Tomoe Kurachi is Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in Shell. The rest do not wear costumes that they are: Fyu-Neru, Kyo, Mrs. Momoe (Shibungi’s wife), and Argo’s girlfriend named Aki Katsumi. Kurosu himself also has a brown beard since his son is a teenager at that time.

“Can’t believe it guys, it’s another New Years Eve.” Shu said in relief after all he and his friends have been through.

“You sure are bringing everyone of us, Shu.” Kurosu stated.

“Thanks dad, for I can tell, New York sure brings a lot of cool stuff.” Shu nodded at his father about the city.

Argo interjects, “Now you’re speaking my language, I can bet all those Americans with their Brooklyn accents.”

Katsumi blinks at her boyfriend, “Really, Argo?”

“That’s exactly my point.” Argo replied to Katsumi.

“Tell me about it.” Ayase added.

“People, haven’t we forgot something.” Gai is getting everyone to turn their attention towards the Funeral Parlor leader, “We’re just reserve in the restaurant in not just having dinner, but Madoka and her family are bringing in three special guests.”

“Oh right, I wonder who they are.” Shu questioned himself about these guests.

“Who cares, I’m starving!” Kyoko cried out with a smirk, always felt ready for food.

Sayaka looks at Kyoko dumbfound, “Do you care about that much?”

Meanwhile, the playful Mana is seen holding Homura.

“Don’t worry Homura, we will all go out together after we get a bite.” Mana smiled at the raven-haired magical girl.

“Okay.” Homura nervously replied to the salmon-haired girl before thinking, “Madoka, where are you?”


New York City/Time Square

Just outside of the Time Square restaurant, the New York and tourist crowds come alive and recognize the group of familiar faces. These familiar faces are the Japanese heroes that have flown over to visit America's largest city. Onlookers start snapping photos from their cameras and phones. Standing at the forefront are the YYGDM (YuYuGiDigiMoon) founders decked out in their cosplays. They are the leaders that alongside their allies have save the universe from evil forces.

The founders that consist of seven anime and original characrers: Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon, Urameshi Yusuke, Matsuda Takato & Guilmon, Muto Yugi, Osaka Karin/Sailor Sedna, Kanbara Takuya, and Ayami Kotori/Valkyrie Brunhilde, are dressed as founding members of the Justice League.

Usagi comes dressed as Superman (or Supergirl depending on one's perspective). Yusuke comes dressed as Batman. Muto Yugi cosplays as Martian Manhunter. Karin poses in her Wonder Woman cosplay. Kotori comes dressed as Hawkgirl. Takato is garbed in a Green Lantern costume. Takuya comes dressed as The Flash.

Chiba Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen, Hino Rei/Sailor Mars, Hiei, Meioh Setsuna/Sailor Pluto, Inuki Hina/Sailor Gao Pluto, Chibi-Usa/Sailor Neo Moon (or, simply Usa since she's now longer a child), Luna, Artemis, Diana, Yukimura Keiko, Urameshi RJ, Hino Ryuuhi, and Hino Koori/Sailor Blue Mars survey the excited New Yorkers. Some of the less recognizable heroes (RJ, Ryuuhi, Koori, Hina) also get cheered.

Osaka Karin is a brunette girl with shoulder-length hair, beautiful azure eyes, and healthy flesh-colored skin. Ayami Kotori has long blue hair that’s shoulder length.

Ryuuhi looks like Hiei except he’s slightly taller. While Koori has long sea green hair similar to Hino Rei’s with a light complexion passes her shoulders and red eyes. In the YYGDM stories, Sailor Mars and Hiei are a couple. Hina is a young dark-haired girl that she also has the ability to become a Lycan.

RJ, full name as Raizen Jr. looks identical to Yusuke except his black hair is longer and bushier. He is the son of Yusuke and Keiko.

Mamoru, Rei, Setsuna, and Usa are dressed together (along with the other Sailor Senshi) in a Dissidia Final Fantasy Heroes group theme. Mamoru is dressed as the Warrior of Light. Rei comes crossplayed as Squall Leonhart. Setsuna is dressed as Zidane Tribal. Usa crossplays as Cloud Strife. The Mooncats don't wear costumes and stick close to Usagi, Mamoru, and Usa.

Hiei comes cosplayed as Yukitaka Tsutsui from Level E. Hina is dressed as Mao Nome from Macross Zero. Koori comes dressed as Marisa Kirisame from Touhou. RJ and Ryuuhi cosplay as Hunter x Hunter Zodiac characters; RJ dresses up as Ging Freecss and Ryuuhi dresses as Botobai Gigante. Keiko cosplays as Catwoman.

Usagi poses to the crowd, “They dig our Justice League costumes, guys! Heh, I can get used to wear red tights!”

Yugi poses too, “At least you didn't have to paint your whole body like I did.”

Yusuke poses and indifferently said, “I couldn't have found the best Batman costume.”

Keiko sighs at her husband, “You couldn't have done it without me or you'd order the wrong suit. Otherwise, you'd end up with the one with the Bat nipples.”

“Glad mom saved you from dressing up as that Batman abomination?” RJ reminded about the worst Batman film in history.

Hiei gruffly said, “Your woman should've made you wear that one if you ask me.”

Rei sweatdrops, “Oh, that's suck for Yusuke.”

“Keiko always saving my ass. Don't know what I'd do with you, babe.” Yusuke grinned.

Takato shows off his Lantern cosplay, “They love my costume, Guilmon!”

“You put a lot of work into it, Takato!” Guilmon said to the Tamer.

Takuya smiles of something, “Hoo boy. I wonder if the actor who stars in the ongoing Flash TV show doesn't get mad for stealing his fans today!”

“I seriously doubt it, Takuya. Grant Gustin's probably too busy to care.” Kotori shrugged about it.

Karin poses with her lasso, “Yeah, hey at least that Flash doesn't look as ridiculous as the Wonder Woman costume from that failed TV pilot.”

Mamoru said to Karin, “You're really going to pay homage to Lynda Carter, huh?”

“Well, I kinda already do that. Between my tiara throw and my Sailor Moon boots, that's total homage.” Usagi referenced it.

“I hope I homage Lynda's Wonder Woman well.” Karin said.

“You're honoring her well, Karin.” Rei gives her a compliment.

Hina then brings up another question, “Isn't Funeral Parlor at the restaurant?”

“Yeah, they're supposed to be at the Time Square Restaurant.” Koori answered to her about their location.

Usa smiles of their new allies, “It'll be good to see Shu, Inori, Madoka, and the others again.”

“Likewise, but let's show these New Yorkers our badass cosplays!” RJ grinned about the costumes.

“I hate crowds.” Ryuuhi grumbled about his opinion of civilians getting together.

Artemis sighs, “I hope Minako is ok.”

“Don't worry we'll be meeting with her and the others soon.” Luna said to her husband.

Diana realizes about Sailor Venus, “Wait, last I checked Mina was with the Chinatown group!”

Artemis cries out, “Now we'll never find their group! How far off is that?”

Usa giggles, “It's ok, guys. Like Luna said, we'll catch up with the others soon enough. We can do that by touring the town!”

“Miss Setsuna, this is our second time in New York.” Hina said to her adopted mother.

“Yes, but we're actually going to be exploring parts of the city.” Setsuna stated about their expanded vacation, “Don't let the crowds intimidate you. I know how shy you can be around them.”

Hina nods, “Yeah, I want to have fun with all of you.”

“All right! Let's do more meet and greet with our fans in Time Square!” Usagi continues posing with the others.

Nonaka Rika & Renamon, Henry Wong & Terriermon, and Tea Gardner are also seen with the YYGDM founders and company. Rika cosplays as Aya Brea from Parasite Eve and Henry dresses up as Balto. Tea Gardner cosplays as Rose Wilson.

“Takato and Guilmon just love the attention, don't they?” Henry commented to his friends.

Terriermon gives a huff, “I should be the one getting attention!”

“Probably best you don't.” Renamon shrugged at the terrier rabbit Digimon.

Tea smiles at Yugi, “Atem would be proud of you now, Yugi.”

Rika interjects to Tea, “Yeah if Atem doesn't mind Yugi painting his whole body green.”


New York City/Koreatown

At the Koreatown section of Manhattan, the Korean civilians and tourists are celebrating with their parades and shows. The famous musician himself, Gangnam Style, has come to visit much to his fans’ delight. It is wonderful for people to embrace the Korean culture.


Koreatown/Kunjip restaurant

One of the restaurants still opens for business, in which it is crowded with customers to eat. A table is reserve for the Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms incarnations of the Kuhouin family: Arisa, who dresses as Queen from Final Fantasy Type 0, and her grandfather Okina, who dresses as Isaac Netero from Hunter x Hunter. Sitting beside Arisa is a younger boy who looks like Kaiba Seto with less thick expressions, his name is Kaiba Helio, who is actually the son of Seto and his wife.

“I’m so proud to have the Kaiba family to join us, grandfather.” Arisa said to her grandparent.

Okina nods at his granddaughter, “Indeed Arisa, I knew we have things to discuss for this New Year.”

“Can’t believe I get to see my father in person.” Helio stated as he never get a chance to see Seto since he was born.

Arisa holds the younger boy’s hand and gently smiles while Helio looks and smiles back at the Tennouzu student president. Both of the young heirs of rich companies are having a relationship.

At another table is seated with four people, in which they are friends of Kirito and Asuna and dress as Final Fantasy summons. A young girl named Ayano Keiko/Silica does not wear a costume, but her small, light blue feathery dragon named Pina is Carbuncle. An older girl named Shinozaki Rika/Lizbeth is Alexander. A young man named Tsuboi Ryotaro/Klein is Ifrit. Lastly, an African American man named Andrew Gilbert Mills/Agil is Brynhildr from Final Fantasy XIII.

“Man, we finally get ourselves a vacation in the United States.” Klein stated.

“This is the first time I came to experience it.” Lizbeth quipped.

“Don’t mind me, I remember the times in the US before I came to Japan.” Agil said to his younger friends.

Lizbeth forms a playful smile and knows about Kirito’s special experience, “Gee, Kirito is lucky of invited to that house party in New York.”

Silica then ponders, “Oh, where is he along with Asuna, Leafa, and Sinon?”

“There at somewhere called Greenwich Village. Heh, Kirito is surrounded by his harem.” Lizbeth answered to Silica.

“You know him, he’s a lucky dude.” Klein commented about the legendary MMO player.

“Let’s still eat some dinner before we got out exploring, people.” Agil said to the group.


New York City/Greenwich Village/New York University

At Greenwich Village is the college area of New York University, one of the top and expensive colleges in the United States. This is the place where college students in diverse backgrounds and other people are celebrating since Time Square is crowded. The Washington Square Arch and a large fountain is seen.

In one group shows five of the Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin characters as Final Fantasy Type 0 characters: Eren Yeager is Ace, Mikasa Ackerman is Seven, Armin Arlert is Trey, Levi is Machina Kunagiri, and Zoe Hange is Rem Tokimiya.

“Alright guys, we get to explore the city for the New Years!” Eren hollered.

Zoe happily shouts, “And I’m here to feel the sights!”

“It’s too bad that not all off us are joining.” Armin said about the other 104th Trainee Corps.

Levi said to Armin, “Heh, you know what they say that this group is still fine to keep an eye on you three.”

“You don’t have to babysit us all the time, Commander Levi.” Eren said with a slightly annoyed tone.

Mikasa calmly said, “Less talk and more sight seeing to calm my mind.”

Eren nervously chuckles, “Okay Mikasa, don’t get too serious about it.”

Then shows the four people based around Sword Art Online being Final Fantasy summons. Kirigaya Kazuto/Kirito and Yuuki Asuna/Asuna do not wear costumes, but they recently have two Charizards that dress as Bahamut ZERO (Kirito) and Neo Bahamut (Asuna). Yui dresses up as Sylph, Kirigaya Suguha/Leafa is Siren from Final Fantasy VIII, and Asada Shino/Sinon is Shiva.

Asuna is holding her ‘husband’s hand, “It sure is great for coming to New York, Kirito.”

Kirito smiles at the strawberry blond-haired girl, “Yeah Asuna, the same goes to our Charizards ever since that man named Slade Matrix gives the eggs to me last year.”

“Now I know how Silica feels.” Asuna responded while petting her Charizard's forehead.

“Big brother, New York is great but it feels so crowded!” Leafa said about the campus’ surroundings.

“I wouldn’t mind about the surroundings, especially this university.” Sinon commented.

“Me neither.” Kirito simply stated.

(End Theme)

Elsewhere, there is a young Thai-American man with black hair and wearing glasses and cosplay as Akira Takizawa from Eden of the East. He shares a positive expression in looking at his iPhone and is waiting for someone.


(Cue Psycho-Pass Soundtrack - Trigger Finger – Shoko)

At another area, there are cheering audiences watching a Japanese band performing a song from Psycho Pass.

Five of them are the Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms version of Shu’s classmates from Tennouzu High School cosplaying as Final Fantasy Type 0. Menjou Hare is Deuce, Samukawa Yahiro is King, Samukawa Jun is a Moogle, Tamadate Souta is Eight, and Kusama Kanon is Cinque.

“Shu and Funeral Parlor have all the fun in Time Square while Arisa is getting to meet KaibaCorp, but we get to see this cool band!” Souta shouted in joy.

“Tell me about it, Souta.” Yahiro responded to the easy-going student.

Jun said to his older sibling, “It’s great I get to experience this, big brother.”

“I’m by your side, Jun. Just remember it.” Yahiro said with a protective tone.

“I know I saw Eren Yeager, so I hope we can see each other.” Hare said of remember meeting him before.

“How is that guy, Hare?” Yahiro asked the kind-hearted girl.

Hare answers to Yahiro, “Well he’s brave and can turn into this Titan.”

“You’re kidding me!” Souta is flabbergasted about Eren.

“Wow, Hare.” Kanon stated.

Suddenly, the Tennouzu classmates hear a loud girl voice that gets their attention.


The group saw four people walking nearby much to their scorn. They are the school bullies that bother Shu and his friends, which ironically they dress as Final Fantasy Type 0. Nanba Hirohide is Nine, Sudou Takaomi is Jack, Takarada Ritsu is Cater, and Herikawa Miyabi is Sice.

Apparently, it is the tomboyish Ritsu who is the source of saying that while holding the annoyed Miyabi. Ritsu singing reminds her that she once dress up as Akane Tsunemori in last Halloween, likewise for Nanba being Nobuchika Ginoza. Nanba then notices the Tennouzu classmates as he and his goons come to face them.

“What the hell do you assholes want wearing the same costumes as us?!” Souta yelled at the bullies before turning to Ritsu without hostility, “Don’t mind me.”

Ritsu sarcastically snickered, “Look guys, ‘soda’ just called us assholes.”

“What else, we four are enjoying the New Year.” Nanba answered with disdain.

Sudou gives a mocking smile, “No surprise that you losers are here.”

“For your information, we’re not.” Yahiro glared.

“Yeah, so bug off you jerks!” Hare angrily tells the Tennouzu bullies.

“Cute, but not good enough.” Miyabi emotionlessly replied.

Sudou is holding Ritsu much to Souta’s frustration, “In case you didn’t notice, she’s still my girlfriend so you can’t have her for the fireworks.”

“Why you-?!” Souta tries to lunge at Sudou, only that Yahiro and Jun grabs Souta behind.

“Souta, calm down!” Yahiro shouted at his fellow friend.

The Tennouzu bullies then walk away to ignore their enemies.

“We’ll be leaving to explore more of this university and the rest of Manhattan.” Nanba coldly stated.

Ritsu then said to her gang, “My younger brother is at Toys R Us hanging out with some Digimon weirdoes or whatever.”

“Really now, babe?” Sudou wondered.

“Yeah, what is that place doing right now.” Ritsu shrugged.

As the situation clears up while the Psycho Pass song continues playing, Souta remains saddened of not having a potential love interest.

“Poor Souta..” Hare sadly said.

Souta is feeling let down, “Guys, I don’t know what I can do.”

“Maybe just move on or find someone else?” Yahiro asked a suggestion.

“You’re not helping there, Yahiro.” Souta gloomily muttered.

“I’m just asking.” Yahiro shrugged.

(End Theme)


New York City/Time Square Restaurant

Back at the fancy restautant in Time Square, Funeral Parlor and their cohorts are waiting for Madoka and her company. By then, they just begin to take their orders.

“I can’t believe Keido decide to not join with us, what is up with him?” Kurosu wondered about his former college classmate.

Haruka gives a playful shrug, “You know my older brother, he is competing against your research.”

Both Gai and Homura are listening to the mention of Keido Shuichiro, he is Gai's father while Homura view him as a step-uncle.

“I just hope the group is coming with all this traffic outside.” Sayaka said.

“I agree with you, Sayaka.” Ayase said to the aqua-haired girl.

As there is a moment of silence, they then see some people coming to their relief, Madoka and her family.

“Hey guys!” Tomohisa waved at the group.

Junko smiles to the group, “Glad we make it, Haruka.”

“It’s not a problem, Junko.” Haruka replied to Madoka’s mother.

“Great news friends, we just bring in three special people as promise.” Madoka announced.

(Cue Guilty Crown - Another Side 01 - Track 2)

After Madoka said that to get their attention, she and her family introduce the main Guilty Crown: Lost Kingdoms group the three people. The least their reactions are shocking. To Ayase and Tsugumi’s surprise, two of them they see are none other than their canon selves. Ayase (canon) is sitting on a wheelchair while Tsugumi (canon) as a human is by her side. LK!Ayase know that her legs are normal rather than her canon self's physical disability.

Just then, the third figure walks in with a white cane, a white shirt, harvest gold vest, brunette hair, and wearing sunglasses. Shu cannot believe what he is seeing, he is meeting himself, his rather original self.

“So fate has been destined.” Homura stated of this unexpected turn.

Junko amicably said to the three canon!GC people, “I hope you three are having your seats to eat dinner together.”

Canon!Ayase responds in a polite tone, “Thank you, it’s nice to have company.”

And just like that, Madoka, her family, and the canon!GC people are joining in the Lost Kingdoms group. Junko is helping Tatsuya to sit in his baby chair.

“I finally get to meet my real counterpart!” LK!Tsugumi smiled at her human self.

Canon!Tsugumi smiles back, “Yep, your literally the cat girl for what I can tell!”

Kenji groans, “If there's an annoyance of one Tsugumi, then there's two.”

The two Tsugumis comically shout at Kenji, “What's that suppose to mean?!”

LK!Shu starts to look at Canon!Shu, “I’ve heard of you, never expect to see myself.”

Canon!Shu turns to LK!Shu and notices Inori with his AU self despite his blindness.

“It’s just okay to spend time with something different, which your with the girl I once had, before she resides in my empty mind.” Canon!Shu gloomly responded.

Canon!Ayase sadly mutter, “Shu..”

“Oh, I’m very sorry about it.” Inori said if herself triggers Canon!Shu’s reminder.

“Don’t worry about my husband.” Canon!Ayase said to the pink-haired singer.

LK!Ayase said in surprise, “Whoa, your married to Shu?”

“Yeah, we begin to share something in common ever since GHQ’s first defeat a few years back.” Canon!Ayase said to her Lost Kingdoms counterpart.

“That we recall before ourselves are taking over the roles.” Gai interjected about some brief history.

“But the laws of this corner universe are different since some of us like Shu’s parents remain alive and lacking our canonical storyline.” Homura explains about this sole dimension.

“I see.” Canon!Ayase stated.

It is understandable that the events of the Guilty Crown already happen back then, to which the Lost Kingdoms setting are replacing the past events. Then, Canon!Tsugumi begins to recognizes Fyu-Neru and interjects the conversation.

“I see you guys have founded our pet robot.” The petite blue-haired girl reveals this information much to Funeral Parlor’s surprise.

“You mean, Fyu-Neru is yours?” Inori asked Canon!Tsugumi.

“Yep, after it went missing, the robot seems to be founded by you guys and decided to stay for a while.” Canon!Tsugumi explained with a smile, “It must have took a liking to you similar to our Inoreen.”

The pink-haired singer smiles at the relief of her little companion. Just then, food orders have arrived and put on the table besides the drinks before with water, soda, and shakes. There’s well-cooked sirloin steak, steam broccoli, avocado (guacamole) and basil pesto sauce with three cheese nachoes, salmon, mash and sweet potatoes, Caesar salad, and some soup.

“Finally, let’s chow down!” Kyoko smiled at dinner.

“I’m with you little sis!” Argo joins her side.

As the diverse group begins to have their dinner, Canon!Shu silently thinks a lot in mind. Although he once saves the world, the young man fails to be with his lost lover, in which he is traumatized of the past consequences. He ponders of whether it is worth to celebrate with his old and newfound acquaintances.

(End Theme)


Koreatown/Kunjip restaurant

At the Korean restaurant, Kaiba Seto finally arrives accompanied by his wife Lyn Stromberg-Kaiba (a young girl that looks like a modern version of Kisara, in which Lyn is actually her reincarnation), his brother Mokuba, and his two brother-in-laws Max & Sam Stromberg. Seto, Lyn, and their family formally greet the Kuhouin family. Helio stands up seeing the parents he hasn't met yet (in either present or future).

“Mr. Kuhouin Okina. Ms. Arisa. Good evening to you.” Seto introduces to his business partners.

Lyn bows to the guests, “It's a pleasure to be here to see you. Especially you, Arisa.”

Helio approaches Seto and Lyn. The young boy tears up a bit, “Father, mother...”

Seto and Lyn look to one another as the boy addresses them like he was their own. Helio surprises them with a hug.

Mokuba gasps, “Seto, Lyn, this is your alternate future son!”

Max and Sam are taken aback seeing the boy that is their nephew.

Arisa smiles at Seto and his group, “It’s a pleasure to meet you all, I’m glad that Helio is happy.”

“Yes, let’s have the feast. We’re going to discuss important things pertaining to the New Year.” Okina said to the Kaiba family.

Elsewhere in the restaurant, Kino Makoto/Sailor Jupiter and Mako Tsunami are having dinner together. Makoto is dressed as Tidus and Mako Tsunami is dressed as Aquaman.

“This was a perfect choice, Mako. I like the setting here.” Makoto said to the aquatic duelist.

Mako smiles at his wife, “Glad you like it, honey. Say, wasn't that Seto Kaiba, Mokuba, Lyn, and her brothers I just saw?”

Makoto nods at her husband, “Yeah, sounds like they're meeting some important people... but that boy hugging Seto and Lyn. Who is he?” The Senshi of Jupiter wonders.

At the same time, the SAO gang witnesses the Kaiba family reunion.

“Look guys, it’s the Kaiba family.” Lizbeth pointed out.

Silica is petting Pina while stating, “Mr. Kaiba is famous for his Blue-Eyes White Dragons, I got what it takes to be the next dragon master.”

“He did own Kaibacorp. Not to mention Maximillion Pegasus has Industrial Illusions, I hear he’s located at Wall Street.” Agil lets out the information.

“Not to mention some rumor that Kayaba is in that same place.” Klein added.

Lizbeth’s face gives some dread upon hearing the name of the game master, “You mean that Kayaba who trapped all of us in SAO?”

“Yeah he is, it just takes way back in joining guilds to survive.” Klein recalls his past experiences in Aincard.

“At least we’re already having our freedom.” Lizbeth shrugged.


New York City/Greenwich Village/New York University

Walking over toward the Thai's boy's direction is an attractive Native American girl with long, dark brown hair. This is Jessica Nightwood, a member of the Navajo and one of Brunhilde's Valkyrie Maidens. She comes cosplayed as Sara Nome from Macross Zero. She is looking around for the Thai boy. With luck, she notices him.

“Ford! Is that you?” Jessica waves and runs over to him.

“Jessica!” Ford walks to meet with his girlfriend, “It’s great to see you here, I just recently made new acquaintances in NYU, so here’s hope too meet them. Let’s not forget that there’s a Birthday Massacre concert approaching.”

Jessica smiles at him, “I wish to meet your acquaintances, Ford. Yes, I heard about the Birthday Massacre concert. Before we go to concert, let's see these acquaintances.”

The Native American girl then holds Ford's hand and walks with him to their destination.


Within the same university, Mizuno Ami/Sailor Mercury and her husband named Vega James Hunter walk toward the main library called, Elmer Holmes Bobst Library. Ami comes dressed as Cecil Harvey and Vega cosplays as Cyborg 008.

“Wow, this is the New York Library?” Vega asked.

“Indeed, and I've always wanted to come here.” Ami answered about the place. “I even had thoughts of attending this university. But, since we're here, I want to take advantage and see their vast catalogs.”

“Think Amaya and Daiki will be ok?” Vega wondered.

“Yes, they'll be ok. But, we do have each other's numbers just in case of emergency.” Ami said to her husband.

Vega nods, “Right.”

“Let's get going.” Ami becomes mesmerized as they enter the huge library together.


Inside New York University, the Attack on Titan group is visited by many anime fans. The Survey Corp took the time to take advantage of their popularity by having autographs and greet their fans.

“Is this seriously cool or what?” Armin asked.

“Of the fact that we’re popular by killing Titans Armin, yes!” Eren unsurprisingly said about their franchise’s economic prestige.

Armin gives a nervous laugh, “We’ve been swamped by fans everywhere.”

Zoe then said to the fans, “Let’s take it easy people.”

“I doubt they’ll listen to us.” Levi muttered.

Just then, the Survey Corp saw the Tennouzu Students coming to their area.

“Eren!” Hare happily gets his attention.

“Hare!” Eren recognizes the school girl.

Both Eren and Hare run toward each other to embrace, they first meet last year during the House of Madoka hosted by the magical girls and are having a crossover relationship. The other Tennouzu classmates meet the Survey Corp.

Zoe introduces herself to the Tennouzu classmates, “Hey kids, you’re looking at us scouts that fight the Titans! I’m that chick researching the behavior.”

“No way, we meet the heroes beneath the walls in person!” Souta cried out in excitement.

Yahiro knows about them based on the hit manga, “I never knew the fact that their fearless.”

Levi crosses his arms, “It’s the face of survival for humanity.”

“But it’s hard work isn’t it?” Jun asked the older man.

“Indeed.” Levi firmly answered.

“All I have to say that you’re cool.” Kanon compliments the Survey Corp.

“Thanks.” Mikasa nodded with a smile.

“It’s not a problem.” Armin added.

Then, another group of fans are meeting Kirito and his harem. The two Charizards are admired of being real by Pokemon fans.

“Daddy look, these people sure love you!” Yui smiled.

Kirito gives a chuckle to the fairy, “Hehehe, I’m the only guy who has all the girls and being a borderline mary sue.”

Asuna gives an obvious jealous look, “Oh really, Kirito?”

“You seriously had all the glory.” Sinon said to the black-haired MMO player.

Leafa then mentions something, “I hear you slay a powerful demon lord, brother.”

“Oh that Japanese demon named, Arago?” Kirito recalled of facing him for real back in the House of Madoka, “Well I just act like Samurai Jack on him and impress the Spirit Detectives.”

Hearing this from fans makes them feel surprise about Kirito's experience.


Stark Tower

(Cue Muddy Waters - Mannish Boy (Ruckus Roboticus Remix))

A huge party was being thrown over at Stark Tower. Tony Stark had put out an invite to every Marvel Cinematic Universe hero to join the festivities and watch the New Years countdown from the tower. The entire Avengers assembly was in the tower drinking and celebrating. Tony and Pepper share a drink or two together, but Pepper makes sure Tony doesn't overdo it. Captain America, Bruce Banner, Thor, Rhodey Rhodes, and Sam Wilson/Falcon are celebrating with them. Each man take turns trying to lift Thor's hammer. Only Steve was barely able to budge it, albeit just an inch much to Thor's surprise.

“Guys, remember that huge guest surprise I mentioned? Well, here they are!” Tony announced to his ‘audience’.

A door opens and in comes the biggest assholes in the entire galaxy - the Guardians of the Galaxy! Star-Lord, Drax, Gamora, Rocket the Raccoon, and Groot come in.

“They helped us reclaim the House of Madoka. So, I thought why not invite them to the celebration?” Tony convinced the group about extraterrestrial visitors.

Star-Lord looks around and gives a compliment, “Nice place you got here, Tony.”

“Guardians of the Galaxy, good meeting you, friends.” Thor greeted the team.

Rhodey sees the commotion of Marvel’s ideas, “A talking raccoon and a walking tree? What are they gonna think of next?”

“What? You were expecting a talking duck?” Rocket coughs in referring to Howard the Duck.

“I am Groot.” The tree alien said in his frequent catchphrase.

“Yeah, humans are judgmental jerks, aren't they?” Rocket agreed with Groot.

“We're not all that bad.” Captain America reassured to the mutant raccoon.

“So you say.” Drax calmly stated.

“Let's just take it easy because tonight's a big celebration.” Bruce said to the superhero group.

“Drinks are all on me! Get wasted to your heart's content!” Tony cheered.

The Avengers and Guardian of the Galaxy quickly go forward with their celebration.

“Looks like we got the best seats in the house. Thanks for the invite, Tony.” Star-Lord said to the head of Stark Industries.

“No problem. And yeah, this beats the New York crowds.” Tony said about the demographic place.

Gamora and Black Widow lock eyes as they're sitting close to one another. Sam senses slight tension between the two assassin ladies and backs off.

“You look deadly and deceptive.” Gamora examined.

Black Widow responds, “Same with you. Black Widow.”

“Gamora.” The green-skinned alien girl introduced.

“Come! Who wishes to challenge thee to a drinking contest?” Thor dared his friends to do so.

“You're on, Odin's son.” Drax accepted the challenge.

“Bitch please, I'll take you both on!” Rocket gives a sarcastic quip.

“I am Groot.” Groot stated with the party continuing.

(End Theme)


Toys R Us

(Cue Andrew W.K. - Star Children)

In the biggest Toys R Us in New York, Coop, Jamie, and Kiva walk in touring the video game section. These are the main characters from the western animation mecha parody called, Megas XLR. Granted, Kiva only came to avoid boredom. Coop is dressed as Amuro Ray (Char's Counterattack attire). Jamie cosplays as Vincent Valentine. Kiva is dressed as Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop.

Coop and Jamie try out the latest Nintendo 3Ds, Playstation 4 and XBOX One games. Unfortunately, most of the games they want to get are sold out due to popular demands.

“See? Told you we should've hit this place up earlier, man.” Jamie said to the obese gamer.

Coop explains to his skinny friend, “I was dead ass tired from flying MEGAS and needed some shut eye at the hotel. Even an ultimate fighting pilot like me needs to rest and refuel.”

“So, what now?” Jamie asked.

“Is there anything we can do here?” Kiva wondered the same thing.

Jamie then said to the futuristic red-haired woman, “Ever rode on bouncing balls?”

“Bouncing balls?” Kiva wonders what it meant.

Later, Coop and Jamie find three big bouncing balls to ride on. Kiva pushes one over to Kiva. Jamie shows Kiva how to ride a bouncing ball. At first Kiva is hesitant, but starts to enjoy it even just a little. Coop tries riding his, but he keeps falling off. Jamie and Kiva bounce away laughing while Jamie takes pictures of Coop.

Coop scoffs, “Haha, very funny. We'll see who gets the last laugh. Wonder if Goat's having fun here.”

Goat is over playing guitar and drums in the musical section.

Elsewhere inside the store, Kamiya Tai, Ishida Matt, Motomiya Davis, and Ichijouji Ken (YYGDM) are exploring the toy store. They're out looking for games to play and possibly buy.

“Sucks this place doesn't carry our Digimon Adventure for PSP.” Tai shrugged about the game released back in 2013.

“They can just always import our game.” Matt said to Tai.

“Hey, who wants to ride those bouncing balls like those two?” Davis points to Jamie and Kiva bouncing away on the other side.

Ken raises an eyebrow after Davis said that, “How awkward would we look doing that?”

“Not unless the others were here with us. Ah, what the hell? I could use the fun!” Tai said.

“Let's just make sure we don't get caught.” Matt stated.

Davis realizes about the two on bouncing balls, “Hey, wasn't that Jamie and Kiva from MEGAS XLR?!”

Ken sighs, “You just noticed, Davis?”

“I think I saw Kazu and Guardromon here with some girl.” Tai mentions to the group.

“Man, Kazu's got a girl now? Good for him.” Davis commented about the Tamer.

In another section of the store, Shioda Kazu, dressed as Rick Deckard from Blade Runner, and Guardromon check out various toy models.

“The prices on some of these toys are pricey and they ain't even collectibles!” Kazu complained.

Guardromon speaks up, “I think I saw one of me.”

“Really? Where?” Kazu looks around.

Guardromon nods, “I forgot.”

Kazu turns to a brown-haired teen girl with him, “Having a good time with me, Kiyoko?”

Sasaki Kiyoko is dressed as Leeloo from The Fifth Element. She smiles and puts arm around Kazu's, “I'm always having fun with you, Hiro.”

Kazu blushes and grins, “Glad you are, Kiyoko.”

Guardromon see it coming, “Your face is turning red, Kazu! Need some water?”

“No!” Kazu cried out before he notices Jamie and Kiva bouncing away on the bouncing balls, “Hey, Kiyoko, I just thought of a fun game we can play.”

“Ok, what do you have in mind?” Kiyoko asked.

Upon arriving inside the store were Yuki Jaden & his Neo Duelists team (Chazz Princeton, Alexis Rhodes, Syrus Truesdale, Tyranno Hassleberry, and Blair Flannigan) from Duel Academy, Marcus Damon & Agumon and the Digimon Data Squad team(Thomas & Gaomon, Yoshino & Lalamon, and Keenan & Falcomon), Tsukino Yuma, Sakaki Yuya, and Takarada Taiyou & Hackmon.

“All right, we're in the biggest Toys R Us in the US! Let's have fun and get our game on!” Jaden cheered with a smile.

“This place is huge!” Syrus is amazed.

“This should be fun.” Chazz simply said.

Marcus shouts out with a grin, “I'm in the mood to play some Punch Out!”

“I'm right with ya!” Marcus’ Agumon said to his partner.

“Just don't break the controllers. I don't want to have to pay for damages.” Thomas warned his two friends.

“You're worried about these two breaking games?” Yoshino pondered.

On the other hand, Yuma sees the Slifer Red duelist, “Hey, isn't that Jaden?”

“Looks like it. C'mon, let's go and follow them.” Yuya said to the Zexal title character.

“Ok!” Yuma nodded.

Takarada Taiyou & Hackmon themselves dress as Kurasame Susaya & Tonberry from Final Fantasy Type 0. Taiyou’s brown hairstyle and facial appearance looks like Tsuna Sawada from Hitman Reborn!

“Did you see that Hackmon, tons of Digimon pals to see.” Taiyou said to the small white dragon.

“Not to mention hearing Omegamon, Imperialdramon, and Athenamon arriving.” Hackmon stated the names of three Digimon leaders.

Taiyou compliment, “It’s so good to being a Royal Knight.”

“I would have dress as Huckleberry Finn, but whatever.” Hackmon shrugged.


Outside Toys R Us, two Digimon named Omegamon and Athenamon are enjoying the night view of New York. Another one named Imperialdramon looks over MEGAS, which is parked in between vehicles. The three digital rulers then see a group called the S-Force from MEGA XLR arrives and park.

“Who are they?” Omegamon observed the new visitors.

Athenamon comment upon seeing them, “They look like Voltron and Gatchaman parodies.”

The S-Force themselves are named Argo (Red Hawk S-Force), Mac (Gray Rhino S-Force), Duchess (Pink Cat S-Force), Sloen (Green Gorilla S-Force), and Jax (Purple Kangaroo S-Force).

“We made it in time, team.” Argo (S-Force) announced.

“Can’t wait to meet up with Coop and the others.” Mac is eager for the reunion.

“Yeah, except for that guy (Jamie).” Duchess said.

Jax is speaking in gibberish to his teammates.

“You heard what Jax is saying, fans are hype to see us.” Sloan agreed.

“Not to mention a Power Rangers movie reboot is announced.” Mac let out the information.

“In that case, let’s move forward.” Argo (S-Force) ordered his team.

As they begin to walk to Toys R Us they notice another giant mech standing near MEGAS and their Zorps. It is gray and somewhat old fashioned despite looking futuristic.

“What kind of robot is that?” Duchess points at the giant robot.

Argo (S-Force) explains to the pink S-Force, “According to what Targon said, it’s called the Gipsy Danger, said to be one of these mechs called Jaegers use to fight Kaijus.”

“Aren’t the pilots around?” Mac wondered about the Jaeger pilots.

“Not quite this time, it’s just been use for display with credit coming from the United Nations.” Argo (S-Force) answered.

Nevertheless, the S-Force are heading inside the biggest toy store in the US.

(End Theme)


Jacob Javits Convention Center

(Cue Blood Stain Child - Merry Go Round)

In the Javits Convention Center is where more people attending certain events. This is where New York Comic Con takes place every Fall season. The Blood Stain Child band is performing Merry Go Round to the audience. Wiz & Boomstick are seen taking autographs to their Death Battle fans.

In a corner shows three figures. One is a pink-haired female soldier named Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII. Another is a dark-haired man with a black outfit named Noctis from Final Fantasy XV. Lastly is a white-skinned angry looking Spartan named Kratos from God of War.

“This place is huge for us to gather here.” Lightning quietly noticed.

“No kidding, my game still hasn’t come out yet, but there’s a demo soon bundle with Type 0 on the PS4.” Noctis gives his obvious statement.

Kratos scowls, “Hmph, I have no mood to attack someone..much.”

“I did hear that these ‘Anime Shield’ are coming here in celebrating as well.” Lightning said to her other two cohorts.

“Guess we’re looking forward to see them.” Noctis stated.

Tomoe Hotaru/Sailor Saturn walks into the Javits Convention Center. She comes dressed as Terra Branford. She is mesmerized by the size of the convention center and finds a girl cosplaying as Sailor Saturn.

Hotaru smiles at the crow, “Good to see I have fans.”

Hotaru then notices Lightning, Noctis, and Kratos and gladly said, “I'm not the only famous face here.”

She then turns around to see Toonami host, TOM, and his AI assistant, Sara, at a panel signing autographs for fans. Moltar, the first Toonami host, surprises everyone by coming out of retirement to sign autographs. She also sees TOM's Anime Shield greeting fans. Anime Shield are an anime group with members consist of Suzumiya Haruhi, Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop), Alucard (Hellsing), Doraemon, Jimmy Kudo/Conan Edogawa (Case Closed), and Monkey D. Luffy.

“Wow, the Toonami hosts, TOM and Moltar, are together?!” Hotaru said in surprise.

Towards that location, TOM signs his autographs, “They're happy to see you again, Moltar.”

“I was the one who helped upstart the block. I deserve come credit.” Moltar muttered.

“And they appreciate it.” TOM said kindly.

“And you've definitely helped carry the weight.” Moltar replied back.

TOM sighs about his channel’s fate, “Even though Toonami was recently downsized because of declining ratings. But, at least we've condensed keeping premieres. Reruns just aren't going to cut it anymore.”

“People have turned to the internet for their repeated viewings. But, we're adjusting to the changing times.” Sara explained of the economic views.

“Despite the reduced hours and setbacks, we're not going anywhere, Toonami Faithful!” TOM cried out.

The Faithful crowding around the panel cheer in unison.

Haruhi is yelling through megaphone, “You heard him, Faithful! Keep tuning in or you face my wrath!”

“Shame my show got cut from the line-up, but it's been rerun.” Spike shrugged, “Oh well, I needed the break, but the guys in charge of the block love my show too much and will restore it.”

“You seem awfully confident.” Alucard wondered to the bounty hunter.

Spike grins at the vampire, “My show never dies.”

Luffy yells, “My show's still on the air!”

“Lucky you, but your show will never end. I would know.” Doraemon said about his franchise, “My series has been running since the '70s.”

“My manga and anime has been running since the '90s and shows no signs of stopping. But, you have us beat, Doraemon.” Jimmy Kudo said to the earless robotic cat.

Hotaru approaches the Anime SHIELD table with a polite smile, “Greetings.”

“Hey, Hotaru! Long time no see! How's it going?” TOM greeted the Senshi.

Hotaru nods at the Toonami host, “Good. I'm just remembering when me and my friends' show used to be on your block.”

“Good ol' days, huh? You hope Viz's redub of the original and Crystal airs on our block?” TOM asked.

“Yeah, either one would revive interest in Sailor Moon on TV again.” Hotaru positively said.

Moltar then interjects, “Did you know the Crystal version of Sailor Moon is in TOM's Anime Shield?”

“Yes and she's going to meet with my Sailor Moon.” Hotaru answered to Moltar, “She's hoping to give advice to her Crystal counterpart.”

“You'll be happy to know Sailor Moon is one of our highly requested shows.” TOM announced, “Who knows, Hotaru? You just might see the show back on Toonami.”

“I hope so.” Hotaru smiled before she turns and notice the Signers, “Oh, Yusei and his group are here, too?”

The Signers are on the opposite end greeting their fans. Yusei cosplays as Dimebag Darrell. Jack is dressed as Mr. Lordi. Crow comes dressed as Brett Erickson of the band, Breaking Point. Akiza cosplays as Kallen from Code Geass. Leo comes dressed as Minun. Luna cosplays as Plusle.

“Our fans still love us despite our show no longer being on the air.” Yusei said to his friends.

“These fans know I'm the King.” Jack poses and takes pictures with his fans.

“You're loving this, aren't you, Jack?” Crow asked.

Jack gives a cocky grin, “Damn straight!”

Leo then said to Akiza, “Hey, Akiza, these fans actually mistook you for being the real Kallen.”

Akiza blushes and signs autographs, “It's an honest mistake.”

Luna giggles, “Of course.”

(End Theme)


New York City/Time Square Restaurant

(Cue Guilty Crown – Home in This Corner)

At the Time Square Restaurant, the canon Guilty Crown and Lost Kingdoms crew is eating halfway through their dinner. It is like having a sweet home cooked meal in a peaceful setting.

“It’s so good to have that fancy meal.” Mami remarked about the New Year’s dinning.

“This is receptive.” Oogumo stated while munching.

“You can say that again.” Kurachi agreed to her husband.

Nagisa cries out while eating, “Food taste great!”

Shibungi lectures to Nagisa as a responsible parent, “Please don’t talk with your mouth full.”

The two Tsugumis are seen playing patty-cake just to annoy the heck out of Kenji, much to Argo, Kyoko, and Kyo’s laughter. Canon!Tsugumi is glad that she still has her spunky attitude while interacting with her counterpart. Junko is seen feeding Tatsuya. Mana has herself, Homura, and Gai to take a picture within themselves.

LK!Ayase and Sayaka are seen talking to Canon!Ayase.

“So what is it like to be confined in a wheelchair?” LK!Ayase wondered in not offending the older Ayase.

The Canon!Ayase answers to her AU counterpart, “Well the creators didn’t put my backstory of how I’m in that state, nor mentions about my parents being alive or not, but I remember I was angry of people viewing me as a burden. That is why I take the advantage of being the sole Endlave pilot to help my comrades and be something special.”

“That’s why you gain a lot of respect from here on.” Sayaka said about the Canon!Ayase is seen as an equal.

“It must have been rough, I even had double time with school and living with my sole mother.” LK!Ayase mentions her lifestyle.

“Exactly, overtime, I come to respect my physical disability as one to the point that Shu helped me put on my Endlave cockpit before the final battle against GHQ.” Canon!Ayase tells more to the two girls of her changing experience.

Next, LK!Shu is talking to Canon!Shu. Canon!Shu is helped by Madoka to eat his food a little.

“Hope the food suits fine, but I just wonder why you didn’t loosen up.” LK!Shu stated.

Canon!Shu says nothing for that matter.

“I know I made mistakes before, yet again resolve them.” LK!Shu connects his own experiences.

Canon!Shu snaps out of it and replies, “Oh, I just have some cooling off in my mind. Making these new friendships would say I should not make them ‘quasi-friendships’.”

“Once we finish dinner, we’ll go outside and hope to meet more people around.” LK!Shu suggested to his canon counterpart.

Madoka then said to Canon!Shu, “Didn’t I remember that the name Shu means ‘group’, something that has close friends?”

Canon!Shu seems to recall it a little about his name meaning, but isn’t that the former king himself has taken responsibility of the social norm?


Koreatown/Kunjip restaurant

At the Korean restaurant, Seto, Lyn, Mokuba, Max, and Sam sit down with the Kuhouin family.

Max whispers to Mokuba, “Kinda cool we're uncles now, huh?”

“Yeah.” Mokuba nodded.

Sam then said, “Is it just me or is Arisa really infatuated with Helio?”

Mokuba, Max, and Sam watch Arisa feeding Helio with a spoonful of food.

“I wish Koori could do that for me.” Sam complimented about Rei and Hiei’s daughter.

“Say, aren't we supposed to meet with Koori and Amaya?” Max said to his brother.

Sam answers to him, “I'm sure we'll see them. I did make sure and tell them about this restaurant.”

Seto then speaks to the head of the Kuhouin Group, “Mr. Kuhouin, Arisa, I understand you have full control of your Kuhouin group.”

“Why yes, Kaiba Seto.” Okina firmly answered. “It happened ever since years ago, when my original self is killed during the first conflict against GHQ, while his own granddaughter dishonor the Kuhouin group by siding with Da’ath.”

The Kaiba family is somewhat surprise about the past events. Arisa listens to this and is uncomfortable about hearing her canon counterpart’s unspoken actions. Likewise for Helio’s curiosity of what the real Arisa is like.

“And that is why we eventually took over in restoring our prestige.” Okina concludes.

“That's wonderful to know, Mr. Kuhouin.” Lyn then sees Helio again, “I can't believe that's going to be our boy, Seto.”

“He almost looks like me.” Seto commented.

“I actually like the thought of having a son personally.” Lyn smiled.

Helio turns and acknowledges Seto and Lyn.

“I'm very glad to get to know my parents. I just wish you two were still alive in my time.”

Lyn has a sad look and smiles. Seto and Helio show each other's Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards.

“I see you have my card. Yes, you're definitely my son.” Seto said with proudness.

(End Theme)


Koreatown/Outside Kunjip restaurant

Meanwhile, a girl named Amaya-Mizuno Hunter stands outside the Kunjip restaurant. Amaya has long blue hair that passes her shoulders.

“Well, here it is. Max's in there waiting for me.” Amaya pulls out her cellphone, “Gotta let Koori know I'm here. Where the heck is she?”

At the same time, a weird looking robot is staring at the window glass of the restaurant. His forehead has a hoplite-like shape and has a beak mouth. One can say that he is showing an interest to Kaiba.

A young boy named Daiki Mizuno-Hunter, dressed as Saccho Kobanyakawa from Hunter x Hunter, stops after running a few blocks. Daiki has spiky light blue hair, and his left arm is entirely mechanical. He's finally caught up to his sister, Amaya, dressed as Reimu Hakurei from Touhou. He sees her standing at the front. As some people notice, Daiki and Amaya are the children of Sailor Mercury.

“Sis, could you have slowed down?” Daiki asked.

Amaya respond, “No way, I wanted to get here as fast as I can. Besides, what's taking Koori?”

“Did you get the memo? Koori and Sam have arranged to meet somewhere.” Daiki explained to her.

“What?!” Amaya checks her phone and flips through her messages, “Crap, you're right, but good thing I'm here to remind Sam. Besides, Max's inside.”

“Hey, there's a robot over there.” Daiki points to the weird-looking robot peering through the restaurant window glass.

Amaya rolls her eyes, “Oh yeah totally not suspicious. Hey, robot! What do you think you're doing there!?”

Amaya and Daiki run over to investigate the robot's suspicious activity.

The sentient robot turns to see Amaya and Daiki.

“Oh, hello there humans! I am the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future!” The robot introduces to the two. “I come to see my ‘son’, Kaiba, or at least Kaiba’s a robot whose real father is Frieza while Mokuba is the son of Ghost Nappa!”

Daiki shouts out of recognizing the robot, “Wait, I've seen him before, sis! He's from that one crazy Adult Swim show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force!”

Amaya becomes baffled, “Wha...? And he says Kaiba is Frieza's son!”

“And apparently Mokuba is Ghost Nappa's son.” Daiki then summons a robotic girl that looks like a Brazilian Kuiper Sailor Senshi named ‘Helbot’ from a compacted container, where he got that android remains unknown, “Helbot, scan him and tell us if he's telling the truth.”

Amaya facepalms, “You brought that thing with you?”

“Hey, I modified her some. She's been very useful for me.” Daiki said to his sister.

Amaya gives a snide comment, “It's because of that thing why you'll never get a girlfriend.”

“Well, she kinda is... I'm just considering a new name for her since I plan to give her cosmetic upgrades.” Daiki tells his proposition.

Helbot then finishes scanning, “He's telling the truth.”

“At least my lie detector program works for her.” Amaya commented.

Daiki then ask the Cybernetic Ghost, “What else did you come to see Kaiba for?”

“I come in ready to face off his adopted father, Gozaburo Kaiba!” the Cybernetic Ghost answered, “We will see who the real father is!”

Amaya and Daiki both look speechless at the Cybernetic Ghost. Helbot shows no reaction.


Inside the restaurant, a dark figure hides her face behind a menu. She looks to her left where Makoto and Mako are laughing together licking whip cream off each other's noses. The sinister figure snickers evilly and waits for the right moment to interrupt their dinner date.


New York University/Inside

Inside the campus, Ford and Jessica are walking in the hallways where they encounter three students. One is actually an old high school friend who is a blond-haired girl named Olivia. Another is a Caucasian young man. And the third is an African American man.

“Hey, Ford!” Olivia cried out to him.

Ford smiles back to his high school classmate, “It’s been years, Olivia.”

The Caucasian Man ask, “Say, who is this girl your with?”

“She seems pretty much of a decent visitor.” the African American Man commented.

Ford introduces his girlfriend to the three NYU students, “Why this is Jessica Nightwood, guys. She’s from Arizona in the Navajo community.”

Jessica introduces herself to Olivia, Caucasian man, and the African American man.

“Pleased to meet you all. I'm fascinated to tour through New York. I'm excited to be with good company.” The Native American girl said to them.

“Thanks, Jessica” the African American man nodded.

If you’re interested at this, I also did some traditional artwork as a hobby.” Olivia said to Jessica, “My mom is once a staff from an art school at Boston, Massachusetts.”

The Caucasian Man concurs, “We’re always here to celebrate in the campus.”

“Yeah Jess, New York is a diverse bunch for college and beyond.” Ford explained about a reminder of what comes after the high school years.

“Say, now that we’re gathering up, the concert is coming soon.” The Caucasian Man announced.

“Wonder how we’re going to get there?” Olivia asked.

Ford answers to he group, “Don’t worry, it won’t take long once we walk there.”


New York University/Outside

After getting through their fans, the four Sword Art Online teenagers, Yui, and the two Charizards make it outside. They give themselves a reliever before deciding what to do next.

“It looks like we can fly around ourselves in the city.” Leafa suggested to the group.

Kirito sighs about what’s next, “Man, I never had the chance to reunite with Eren alongside his friends. If only we can meet up with Shu and the rest at Time Square next.”

“That sounds like a good idea, Kirito.” Asuna said to her boyfriend about their acquaintances with Funeral Parlor.

“I wonder what’s happening in Midtown Manhattan.” Sinon questioned, “I heard there are four young men that piloted those Gundams.”

Kirito is then riding his Charizard, “Guess we’ll just have to scout ahead.”

“I’m with you, daddy!” Yui happily cried out.

Then, Asuna rides her Charizard and took off to the skies with Leafa materializing her wings to go with her. Sinon rides behind Kirito before they took off as well with Yui follow them.


Theater District/Outside Broadway Theatre

At the district close to Time Square, this is where a lot of movie theaters, whether it’s cinematic and performing arts are located. This is also the location of the three showcases to celebrate the New Year.

Seen in the crowd of locals are Nanba and his pack of ruffians.

Sudou look at the Broadway theatre with disgust, “Damn, we come all the way to look at this crap?”

Nanba gives a sarcastic tone to his henchmen, “You think it’s that important to you?”

“The traditional arts look okay enough.” Miyabi stated.

“At least we can see some fun movies instead of being bored at watching a play.” Ritsu shrugged.


Time Square Restaurant

Back at the Time Square restaurant, the Guilty Crown group is wrapping up their dinner party. Kyoko, Argo, Nagisa, and Oogumo are seen being full and relax a bit. As for the three canon!Guilty Crown folks, they seem to be glad that they never expect a dinner this good.

“God, I’m stuff.” Kyoko groaned.

Sayaka gives playful tone to the fiery-haired girl, “You can always eat an apple pie for dessert.”

“I’m full Sayaka, I’m not buying on eating anymore.” Kyoko replied to her.

Then, the two Shus are finishing their dinner as well.

“I hope you don’t mind about the end.” Inori said about the dinner’s conclusion.

Canon!Shu answers before switching to the next topic, “It’s alright, but you seem to be a different version of her.”

“Oh right, I was actually a second clone inspired by my original self, taking over her EGOIST band and previous positions.” Inori answered to him and continues explaining. “I also escape on my own from Da’ath’s clutches unlike the original that was rescued by Canon!Gai. You can say I am known as Yuzuriha Inori 2.0.”

The LK!Undertakers and magical girls are impressed of their Inori’s backstory. Gai and his cohorts found her as the clone offer to join their cause, meeting LK!Shu and vice-versa.

LK!Shu then references to his original self, “Gotta wonder if anything by chance that the canon!Inori is still within you.”

Canon!Shu feels the same thing for what his AU self is saying, even Madoka wonders if her powers gain some spiritual contact.

Just then, Kurosu stands up and announce out loud, “Well gang, it looks like we’re about to head outside.”

“Finally!” Argo cried out.

Canon!Tsugumi is standing up and holds Ayase’s wheelchair, “These people sure are a nice bunch, Aya-ne!”

“They sure are.” Canon!Ayase smiles at her close friend.

Madoka politely offers to Canon!Shu, “I’ll help you out.”

“I’m with you, Madoka. Myself needs a little hand here.” LK!Shu supports as well.

And so, the rest of the group is about to stand up from their chairs. They are finally eager to head out the outskirts of Time Square, where the other character groups are awaiting their presence.


Time Square

Once they made it outside, the Guilty Crown group remains amaze of seeing thousands of civilians walking. Canon!Shu is uncomfortable with crowds due to his condition, but Canon!Ayase, LK!Shu and Madoka stay beside him. Suddenly, they unexpectedly bump in two young men. Both of these random civilians begin to react upon seeing someone familiar.

Person 1 said in shock, “Hey, wait a minute! Isn’t that Ouma Shu?”

Person 2 looks confuse for the moment, “But there seem to be two Shus.”

“No, not him.” Person 1 looks at LK!Shu before pointing to Canon!Shu with contorting anger, “I’m talking about our ‘student president’ here!”

The Guilty Crown group reacts at the conflict going on. Canon!Shu is surprise at the accusations that these two men are from Tennouzu High.

“What is going on here?” Homura questioned about the issue.

Gai then explains to the magical girl, “From what we remember back then, there was a school leader that became a tyrant and implemented the Void Ranking System. He did this to initiate an exodus mission, so that Tennouzu High can escape. But it’s not without a cost and casualties, as the student body turn on him.”

“And that tyrant must be him.” Homura realized.

LK!Shu, Madoka, and Inori hears this and feels bad of how LK!Shu’s original self is responsible for his past deeds, even though Canon!Shu did it as the only reason for Tennouzu to survive. Canon!Shu can’t seem to fight back from his former classmates.

Canon!Shu’s blind eyes glare at the students, “What did I do to deserve this..”

“Mind your own business with my husband, pricks!” Canon!Ayase angrily yelled at both men.

“Oh boo hoo, wheelchaired bitch!” Tennouzu Student 2 taunted to irked Canon!Ayase. “Shu already loses an arm as a cost for being high and mighty, while we remember a few of our friends that died from his so-called exodus mission!”

Person 1 growls, “This is his regret for putting both of us into F-Ranks.”

The former Tennouzu Student 2 is cracking his knuckles, “Yeah, all of you move out of the way so we can deal this diddlyer. How we waited for the New Year to see him dead.”

Just then, a few people like Madoka, Kyoko, LK!Ayase, Argo, Haruka, and Kurosu defend Canon!Shu from the former Tennouzu students.

Kurosu crosses his arms with a disappointing look, “Look boys, I don’t know what problem it is, although he’s not my related son, it’s not nice trying to accuse him for what he’s done.”

“Same here, I feel the same way whenever I protect my kids.” Haruka agreed with LK!Shu’s father.

“Leave him alone please.” Madoka pleaded.

Kyoko smirk, “I’m not going soft like pinkie, I can kick your asses if I wanted too!”

LK!Ayase clenches her right fist and glares, “You like to see my fist going to your face?”

“Back off, or things will get ugly.” Threatened Argo.

The former Tennouzu men begin to back off from the people that are protecting Canon!Shu, much to the former king’s surprise that they are protecting him the hour since they met. Hell, these two obviously will not stand a chance against the mercenaries and magical girls.

Person 1 growls at the group, “Fine, keep him. This trash is gonna continue to live in pain anyway.”

Both of the men immediately leave afterwards.

Inori quietly said to Canon!Shu, “Shu?”

Canon!Shu is talking to himself while the group listens, “Even if I save the world at the cost of my powers and eyesight, and people view me as a hero, there are those that resent me for committing my self-decisions. I live for so long in bottling my guilt to this day.”

Some of the people like Madoka, Inori, and Canon!Ayase feel bad for the brunette-haired man, nothing ever changes.

“But look of the bright side, there are a lot of new friends around New York, despite your not my real son.” Saeko reassured to the real Shu.

“There are more gifted people?” Canon!Shu questioned to LK!Shu’s mother.

“Indeed, the YYGDM Founders and their companions are around Time Square.” Homura said about their locations. “It’s best we need to keep together whenever we’re going to find them.”

Mana smiles at the raven-haired girl, “I like your idea as me, Homura.”

Homura sighs at Shu’s older sister, “Please give me some space, Ouma Mana.”

“I hear there are some 'Hunters' coming to this destined place, alongside two women coming from Honnouji district.” Mami mentions some new people.

“Not to mention the Z-Warriors and those ninjas from that anime everyone knows!” Kyoko said about the two, well-known Shonen anime.

“I’m just hoping the villains will not show up again.” Sayaka warned to the group, “Last year, they once take over our Halloween party.”

LK!Ayase shrugs, “I doubt that, the New Year is gonna attract them anyway.”

The canon Guilty Crown characters are interested to say the least. There is more to come once the group has step to the center of Time Square.


(Cue Madeon – The City)

Shifting to the main location, the YYGDM founders, Tuxedo Kamen, Rei, Hiei, Setsuna, Hina, Rika & Renamon, Henry & Terriermon, Tea, Usa, RJ, Keiko, the Mooncats, Ryuuhi, and Koori continue touring through the congested streets. They are continually greeted with hordes of fans wanting autographs and photographs.

“Hell yeah, we're totally like rock stars!” Yusuke cried out smiling.

“We sure love the attention, don't we?” Usagi said to the heroic group.

Karin gives a nervous chuckle, “I wasn't honestly expecting this many people.”

“What do ya expect? This is New York!” Kotori positively explained.

Usa gets the group’s attention, “Guys, look! It's Shu, Madoka, and their friends!”

“Hey, guys! Over here!” RJ cried out.

The multi-cultural Guilty Crown group notices the YYGDM founders and the rest of their friends.

Rei notices something, “I'm seeing two Shus.”

“And two Ayases?” Tuxedo Kamen said the similar thing.

“Are they doublemint twins?” Terriermon wonder in curiosity.

Renamon sighs to the rabbit-earred terrier, “Obviously not. They're dressed differently from the Lost Kingdoms versions and they appear slightly older.”

Madoka steps in to greet her crossover friends, “Hi everyone, we found you at last!”

LK!Shu sees the YYGDM folks as well, “Man, it’s getting together with Japan’s famous superheroes.”

“Triton, look at all these people!” Mana cried out while pointing at them.

“I’ll say.” Gai firmly said.

“This is a wonderful reunion.” Inori calmly smiled.

Tomohisa notices them as well, “So these are the heroes you’re talking about, Madoka.”

“Momma! It’s the good guys!” Tatsuya happily cried out.

Junko smiles at Tatsuya, “Yeah, sweetie. These are the nice people that help save the day.”

“Wowzers, they sure look cool up close!” Canon!Tsugumi awed at the YYGDM founders.

LK!Tsugumi smiles at her human counterpart, “You can say that again. Me being a cat demon, I admire the Spirit Detectives.”

Canon!Ayase is please to see these new acquaintances, “For a second, they are great admirers, right Shu?”

Canon!Shu remains silent, yet gasp a bit and has the same reaction as Canon!Ayase and Tsugumi. These are the Japanese heroes that have the essence of idealism.

LK!Shu meets with the YYGDM founders. Usagi, Yusuke, Takato & Guilmon, Yugi, Karin, Kotori, and Takuya chat with him.

“You've done well being the hero of your world.” Takato smiled.

Takuya adds, “Tackling all those obstacles is no easy feat.”

“At least you got to meet an alternate version of me.” Karin said to Shu about the boy recall meeting another version of herself.

“Me, too, even if my AU self was more serious and less fun.” Kotori said while hearing about LK!Shu meeting her alternate counterpart. That’s right, the Lost Kingdoms versions of Funeral Parlor and the Puellas have went to an alternate Asgard in stopping alternate versions of Jotunheim back then.

“We're proud of what you've accomplished as a hero, Shu.” Yugi positively commented.

Yusuke grins, “And kicking ass along the way.”

“But, most of all, you didn't go down a dark path and never gave up.” Usagi gladly concludes.

LK!Shu smiles at his inspirers, “Thanks, you seven. I did what I have to do to help the Undertakers and Magical Girls.”

Madoka joins in the reception, “I have enjoyed my time with Shu as a good friend and an ‘older brother’ figure.”

The YYGDM founders are glad to hear about LK!Shu and Madoka's 'sibling/friend' bond.

“That's wonderful, Madoka.” Usagi smiled at the pink-haired magical girl.

Homura, Haruka, Kurosu, and Saeko meet up with Setsuna/Pluto and Hina/Gao Pluto. Setsuna herself greets Homura, Haruka, Kurosu, and Saeko.

Homura walks to Pluto, “We meet again, Senshi of Time.”

Haruka introduces as well, “You must be Meioh Setsuna, I’m Keido Haruka, Homura’s adopted mother.”

“We meet again, Miss Homura. I see you've adapted well in your new home.” Setsuna greeted the younger girl and faces Haruka, “Pleasure to meet you and I'm glad you're taking responsibility of Homura.”

“The name is Ouma Kurosu, Shu’s father.” Kurosu gives Setsuna a bright smile before turning to Saeko, “And this is my wife, Shijou Saeko.”

Saeko waves at them pleasantly, “Hello there.”

Setsuna bows to Kurosu and Saeko, “A pleasure to meet you, Kurosu and Saeko.”

Homura is satisfied of adult acquaintances between Setsuna, Haruka, Kurosu, and Saeko. Suddenly, the Puella of Time senses a chaotic vibe. She is shocked of sensing their appearance, Meioh Setsuna will eventually have the same reaction, yet Homura is keeping her mouth shut in letting Sailor Pluto know herself.


After the king of games greeted LK!Shu and Madoka, Yugi and Tea notice Bandit Keith with some boisterous man wearing an American-themed jacket.

“Look, Yugi! It's Bandit Keith with... um some guy I'm not familiar with?” Tea said of wonder who the other person is.

“Whoever he is, he's obviously very patriotic for his country.” Yugi commented.

Bandit Keith, who dresses up as Owen Wilson, is talking to Dan Eagleman.

“Hehe, I am the American duelist to celebrate my country’s special day.” Bandit Keith proudly stated.

Dan Eagleman loudly responds, “I got the guts to do so! Well I quit working with GHQ so I can have the freedom to come here.”

Bandit Keith crosses his arms and smirks, “You made the right choice. Some people see me as a Canadian, but I’m still an American! In America!”

“I guess we share the same boat with guts!” Dan Eagleman cried out.


Just then, a young girl named Tsubasa Yui and her Digimon partner named DarkGabumon show up meeting with Yusuke. Yui comes dressed as Cheadle Yorkshire. DarkGabumon cosplays as Mizaistom Nana. She comes accompanied by her fellow Neo-Spirit Detectives. Each of them dressed as members of the Zodiacs from Hunter x Hunter. Hino Cammy (Rei’s younger sister) cosplays as Cluck. Inuki Aoshi cosplays as Kanzai. Tsukino Shingo/Moonlight Knight comes dressed as Saiyu.

“Yusuke!” Yui shouted.

Yusuke sees Yui’s group and grins, “Hey! Glad you and the gang came!”

Yui gives Keiko a hug and greets RJ.

“Sis, we're here.” Cammy said to Sailor Mars.

Rei smiles at Cammy, “Glad you can come. New York is pretty big, huh?”

“About as big as Tokyo I'd say.” Cammy said.

“Tokyo's more densely populated, but hard to say which city is actually bigger.” Aoshi said to Cammy before he sees Hina, “Sis, having a good time?”

“I am, big brother!” Hina nodded at Aoshi.

Just then Gon, Killua, and Hisoka are unexpectedly spotted touring through Time Square.

“Look, I see familiar faces, father!” Ryuuhi pointed out.

Hiei sees them as well, “Yes, I know them. Gon, Killua, and Hisoka. They're from my creator's other popular series Hunter x Hunter.”

“Yeah, me and RJ are cosplaying Botobai and Ging.” Ryuuhi references them.

“Don't you mean to say Hiatus x Hiatus?” Terriermon said while snickering.

Henry rolls his eyes, “That's the running gag that's plagued the series.”

“Togashi's a lazy ass that's why.” Yusuke sarcastically insulted his author.

“Just like you sometimes.” Keiko complimented.

“Hey!” Yusuke humorously snapped.

Setsuna introduces herself to these guests, “Greetings, Hunters.”

Yusuke, Rei, Hiei, Koori, and Ryuuhi meet Gon, Killua, and Hisoka.

“What's up, Gon?!” Yusuke casually greeted.

“Nice to finally meet you Gon. I'm Yusuke's successor, Yui Tsubasa.” The Neo Spirit Detective leader introduced.

Yusuke points to RJ, “And this is my boy from the future RJ!.”

“Finally get to meet you, Gon!” RJ positively introduced to the Hunter. “Hey, your story needs to get out of hiatus!”

Gon notices the Spirit Detectives and gives a cheerful smile, “Hey guys, I finally get a chance to meet you! It’s going great, Yusuke, and please to meet you Yui and RJ!”

“Killua.” Hiei simply stated his name.

Ryuuhi and Ryuuhi greet Killua.

“Finally nice for us to meet the HxH characters.” Rei said about the turn of events.

Killua gives a calm and fearless smile, “Hello, you must be the legendary demon swordsman, Hiei.”

“Oh, if you guys are wondering where Kurapika and Leorio are, they are somewhere around Midtown Manhattan.” Gon explained. “I’m sure they’ll meet Kuwabara and Kurama.”

Elsewhere, Hisoka is seen by flipping his cards and gives a creepy looking smile to the crowd in distance.


Then, Sailor Moon (Crystal) walks around and sees Usagi.

“Oh my gosh! It's the other me from that YYGDM universe!” Crystal!Moon jumps in joy.

Usagi notices Crystal!Moon, “Hey, it's the Crystal version of me!”

“From the reboot series, huh?” Rei sees this about Sailor Moon Crystal, “She's drawn closer to the manga. Heh, she's skinnier than even you.”

In destiny for these two senshi, both old and current, Usagi and Crystal!Moon greet each other.

“Wow, this is so cool.” Usa said in surprise.

“Two Sailor Moons. This is crazy.” Guilmon stated.

“Tell me about it, boy.” Takato added.

“Could our Usagi be passing her blessings to the other one?” Rika wonders to herself.

Crystal!Moon grabs Usagi's hands and smiles, “It's so good to finally meet the YYDGM version of me! Maybe you can give me advice. Since I'm kinda a newbie compared to you.”

“Don't sell yourself short.” Usagi responded to her modern counterpart.

The New Yorkers are mesmerized seeing two Sailor Moons in one location. If that wasn't enough, fans cheer as two young women named Matoi Ryuko and Kiryuin Satsuki from Studio Trigger’s first hit anime called Kill la Kill appear.

“Hey, it's Ryuko and Satsuki!” Kotori noticed them and cried out.

Seadramon ask his partner, “Doesn't Ryuko share the same English VA as you?”

“Yep, but can you believe Ryuko is way more hotheaded, louder, and brash than me?” Kotori honestly explained to the sea serpent Digimon.

Seadramon gulps, “Someone crazier than you?”

Kotori walks over to meet Ryuko and Satsuki.

The Honnouji ladies: Ryuko and Satsuki turn their attention to Kotori.

Ryuko grins at Kotori, “Hey, what’s up? Are you that Valkyrie leader we’re hearing about?”

“If you are, then it’s an honor to meet you, Ayami Kotori.” Satsuki respectfully introduced.

“We’re here to give you something that’ll kick ass.” Ryuko offered.

Ryuko and Satsuki are giving Kotori a special school uniform.

“We named it after your Valkyrie team called, Valketsu.” Satsuki announced.

Kotori is surprised with receiving Valketsu. She examines it and smiles.

“Thanks! I'll wear it with pride. Maybe it can merge well with my Valkyrie armor.” Kotori thanked the two Honnouji girls and wondered about her new equipment.

(End Theme)


Elsewhere within Times Square, the notorious Merc with the Mouth, Deadpool is celebrating with fans dressed like him.

“Y'all love me, don't ya?!” Deadpool hollered to the crowd.

“YEAH!” All the fans shouted in return.

“How about me finally getting a movie that respects my character?!” Deadpool asked them.

“They better not diddly up.” A fan answered to the mercenary.

“You're telling me. My movie needs violence mixed with comedy. And they better let me keep my mask. Those suits at Fox will be hearing from me!” Deadpool takes out his katana in proudness.


A female humanoid with green skin named Nagah is passing on by and notices the YYGDM founders. She comes dressed as Neferpitou from Hunter x Hunter and is the leader of the Reformed Rajita, a faction with some of the reptilian humanoid race wishes to redeem themselves from their past sins.

“Finally found them.” Nagah tries to fight through crowds, “But Leviathan help me I don't blast these people away. I heard the city of New York was rowdy, but this is ridiculous!”


(Cue Super Mario Galaxy 2 OST - Road to Bowser)

Also somewhere in Time Square, a cast of major villains make their presence felt. Crowds recognize them as the villains that helped nearly ruin the House of Madoka Halloween event. One is a brown-haired woman secretary while the other is a blond-haired businessman. Sharon Rivers and Jeremiah Grand, known as the Paradais duo, walk down the street side by side laughing. They're both cosplayed as Final Fantasy villains. Sharon is dressed as a gender-bender Chaos and Jeremiah is dressed as Garland.

“Isn't it great to be back in New York, dear?” Jeremiah asked his lover.

Sharon chortles, “Yes and to see such fear from these lowly humans, it brings much joy to me.”

“Come, let's go find your sister and the other heroes. We'll raid on their parade.” Jeremiah stated.

“Indeed, we will. We have a big surprise to show my sister and her Senshi.” Sharon then turns around, “Rajita Warlords, it's time to give them hell.”

Three warlords that look like the Shredders named: Ghidorah, Gamera, and Gyaos appear in front of the Paradais couple. Ghidorah cosplays as Darkseid, Gamera dresses as Kalibak, and Gyaos dresses as Doomsday. Indeed, the Rajita Warlords dress up as Superman villains.

“Raid their celebration we shall.” Ghidorah responded.

Likewise, a giant, golden three-headed dragon named King Ghidorah makes his grand appearance. The kaiju himself is a willingly member of Paradais instead of being brainwash from previous alien factions. The Shredder-like Rajita Warlords are standing at the dragon’s three heads each, does the reverse arm-fold to show the crowd whose boss(es), as King Ghidorah begins to fly upward.

At the same time, an odd blond-haired cat boy wearing a Nazi uniform named Schrodinger is seen. He is part of the Paradais organization.

Elsewhere, a gigantic humanoid demon Digimon with bat-like wings, a crown-like helmet, and a third eye on his forehead named Valmarmon materializes from out of a portal. He's dressed as Taurus Bulba from Darkwing Duck.

Valmarmon is laughing, “Don't think you get to hog the fun, Paradais.”

A large Japanese demon with samurai armor, a demonic red mask with a gaping mouth, long white hair, and six metal protrusions in his back named Arago appears as well, looking at the crowds backing away from him. He comes dressed as Oda Nobunaga.

“Likewise, the Demon Brotherhood isn't missing the festivities.” Arago greeted.

The Paradais duo take notice as Jeremiah said, “It appears we have a reunion of the main Dawn of Chaos villains.” Yes, that sole event is a huge gauntlet for the YuYuGiDigiMoon heroes of stopping the chaotic duo and those mentioned villains.

“Except Professor Frank, but who cares about that idiot.” Sharon mentioned about a certain minor villain in Yugioh 5Ds before she gives an evil smirk to the dark beings, “Come, let's have fun, fellow villains.”


Out of nowhere, the Legendary Pictures version of Godzilla makes his epic appearance much to the crowd’s surprising reaction. At the same time, Mothra appears as well. Both kaijus have sense Ghidorah’s presence despite they are celebrating the New Year instead of fighting their arch-nemesis.


As the four SAO players on their Charizards fly towards Time Square, their eyes widen of seeing Godzilla, Ghidorah, and Mothra.

“Whoa, giant monsters, here in New York?!” Leafa sees the three kaijus closely.

“I doubt their going to wreck the city.” Kirito cautiously said, “Japan even decides to compete with Legendary Pictures in doing another Godzilla movie.”

“Guys, I think we saw Shu and the others!” Yui alerted the group.

Kirito begins to see them below as well, “Wait, I see them as well! Alongside Japan's superheroes.”

“Let’s go meet them shall we?” Asuna said to her friends.

The MMORPG players then descend down to the crowd location.

(End theme)


Next Part: Festivities of Manhattan (Part II)

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This was certainly an intriguing read. You've introduced a numerous amount of characters into your first chapter along with a lot of happy reunions and such. C: I do like it because, its different and kind of quirky? I will say you might want to try to put the text of the chapter more together because, it's spaced quite a bit and makes it a little tedious to read. Otherwise, I look forward to your next chapter after seeing everyone more or less meet up in NYC.


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Jul 5, 2012
Shinnen:New Year Chap 2 (Guilty Crown Mega Crossover)

I decide from now on to post my Shinnen story with separate subsequent chapters to have readers easy to catch up and so forth. Here it is.


Time Square

In Time Square, Deadpool sits down with a book titled the Princess of Deadpool. He is playing a guitar while telling a story for his fans.

Deadpool talks seriously and lowers his voice, “Ever heard of a story called Princess of Deadpool?”

There is confusion from the audience after the Merc with the Mouth mentions it.

“That pindrop reaction says it all. Yeah, of course ya don't. In fact, don't let the name fool ya. It's not about me sad to say.” Deadpool strums his guitar, “It's a side story based on the Guilty Crown universe. But they did take my name. I guess they wanted to pay me homage, but the story lacks any of yours truly. I was thinking of a lawsuit, but they can make up for this.” The red/black mercenary strums his guitar again, “They can rewrite this story's script and put me in it. If they can do that, then we can let this pass and I won't have to call my pal Matt Murdock to fight for me and sue Japan.”

Mentioning Matt Murdock’s blindness connects to Canon!Shu’s current state. Deadpool strums his guitar again and then smashes guitar on the ground, “Now, who's up for some chimichangas?!”

The Crowd cheers as Deadpool opens a food truck and starts handing out free chimichangas to his fans.

“Get 'em while they're hot!” Deadpool bites into one, “Mmmhmm! Good!”

Suddenly, Schrodinger came out of nowhere and steals one of Deadpool’s chimichangas.

Schrodinger eats a roll with salsa with his eyes close and gives a big cat-like grin, “Mmmhmm! Theze food tazte delicious!”

This is a nice prologue from the mercenary to begin.


Shinnen:New Year

Chapter II: Festivities of Manhattan (Part II)


Broadway Theatre

Inside this famous venue, there's a decent sized audience watching the enactment of the opera play Die Walküre (The Valkyrie). It is a love story between a warrior named, Siegfried and the valkyrie, Brunhilde. On the stage are stage actors reenacting events from the play. The most notable actor on stage was a young girl with snow white hair, who was seen playing the role of Brunhilde.

After the show, the white-haired French girl, Sasha D'Anjou, walks out of her dressing room and dressed up as Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere. She is then greeted by a group of her friends: Phillipe Sagara & Jaguarmon, a vampire demon named Tsukimaru, Saya Sagara, Adam Sagara, Tsubasa Himura & Inumon, Katou Jeri & Leomon/Felinismon, Ai Aino-Kuroshishi/Sailor Summoner Venus, Umi Kino-Tsunami/Battle Jupiter, Deedee/Demona, and Sasha’s bodyguard named Garman. Phillipe is dressed as Shin Long (Bloody Roar). Tsukimaru and Saya come dressed as Shep and Stella from Interstella 5555. Adam Sagara cosplays as Pariston Hill from Hunter x Hunter. Himura cosplays as Yugo (Bloody Roar). Katou Jeri comes dressed as Alice (Bloody Roar). Leomon dress up as as Gado (Bloody Roar). Jaguarmon dress up as Shina (Bloody Roar).

Tsubasa Himura’s appearance has shoulder-length jet black hair with blue eyes, while Inumon is a black-furred bipedal canine Digimon with red eyes and wearing a spiked collar.

Felinismon looks like an anthropomorphic feline with brown fur, long black hair, wears a golden tiara adorning her forehead, green cat-like eyes, a golden necklace around her neck, wears a golden brown dress, beige slippers and black marks under her eyes in giving an Egyptian feel.

Phillipe Sagara has long dark blond hair that makes him look feminine. Saya Sagara is Phillipe’s older sister and has the same blond hair as him. Tsukimaru is a vampire demon with long silver hair, dark red eyes, pale skin, wears dark gray gloves, and black boots. Adam Sagara’s appearance has brown hair with many light blond highlights mixed. Jaguarmon looks like a jaguar Digimon with light purple spots. Deedee/Demona is a female tiny gray bat.

Ai is a long-haired, brunette girl with a red bow, short-sleeved white shirt, orange pants, a brown vest that covered her shirt, and yellow shoes, she is the daughter of Sailor Venus. Umi is a light brown-haired girl with a slightly tan complexion, wears a green short-sleeved shirt, pair of blue jean shorts, a bandana tied around her left bicep, and a pair of white tennis shoes, she is the daughter of Sailor Jupiter.

Garman is about 6’5 feet tall broad in the shoulders, with thick muscles visible even through his well-tailored suit. He was bald with dark skin and wears sunglasses. He serves to be Sasha’s loyal bodyguard.

Phillipe is seen hugging Sasha and comment, “That was an excellent show you put out there, Sasha!”

Sasha smiles and hugs him back, “Thank you, Phillipe. Are we all ready to go?”

“Perhaps you can show us around Broadway since we're here?” Saya suggested to the white-haired girl.

Sasha confidently nods, “Sure! You'll find this place very fascinating.”

Tsukimaru comments the exterior, “I can certainly appreciate this theater. I prefer the old tradition this place exudes than modern day art.”

“What do you think of this place, Himura?” Jeri asked her boyfriend.

Himura answers to her, “It's a nice venue. It's good that New York has preserved some history here.”

“Yep, I can agree with that.” Inumon said.

Felinismon taps Leomon's back, “What's wrong? You look tense, Leomon.”

“I'm just not used to big crowd settings like here.” Leomon answered with a shrug.

Felinismon reassures to the lion Digimon, “You'll get used to it. And the people here aren't too bothered by us.”

“Besides Tokyo, New York is the biggest hub that attracts all the superheroes, supervillains, giant monsters, and a whole buncha weirdos like us.” Jaguarmon explain about their recent presence.

“And vampire demons, too, I believe.” Tsukimaru added in relating to his own species.

“I was surprised with that, too.” Saya said about it.

Adam then states, “New Yorkers have seen enough weird stuff that they don't seem to mind or care. Right, dad and uncle Phillipe?”

Tsukimaru and Phillipe both nod in agreement.

“By the way Himura, where's Kotori?” Jeri wondered about the leader of the Valkyrie Maidens.

Himura answers, “Last I checked, she's at Time Square with Usagi, Yusuke, Takato, and the others. Remember, she's had her status upgraded as one of the founders of Team YYGDM.”

Jeri nods and smiles, “You must be proud of her. She's just recently became leader of her team, the Valkyries.”

“I'm very happy for her. I wish her all the luck leading her group by example.” Himura commented.

Sasha overhears Himura and agrees, “She has good leader qualities, but we still have ways to grow as a team.”

Sasha tours the group inside Broadway Theater. Unbeknownst to them, two young French men appear holding water balloons. These two, Anton and Bruno, are two childhood bullies of Phillipe and Sasha. They look to plan to ruin Phillipe and Sasha's reunion.


Not far from the main venue, although Nanba and his group dislikes the idea of going inside, only Miyabi convinces to go in to pass the time.

“Great work, Miyabi. Now we’re stuck here doing nothing.” Sudou sarcastically said.

Miyabi replied to the red-haired thug, “Well what choice do we have, let’s just look for a bit before we’ll see one of those movies.”

“Easy for you to say.” Ritsu said to the glassed girl.

Then, they notice in distance that Anton and Bruno are stalking Sasha and Phillipe’s group with their water balloons.

Sudou gives a crude smirk, “I think you made a great suggestion all along, Miyabi.”

“Let’s show these two buffoons what it’s like to be society’s trash.” Nanba coldly ordered to his pack hunters.


Bruno and Anton have water balloons ready to throw at Sasha and Phillipe's group.

Bruno whispers, “We got them, Anton. Granny hair and her little pretty boy.”

“I call dibs on the the pretty boy.” Anton added.

Bruno quietly orders, “Ready, aim...”

Felinismon and Leomon's ears pick up on their whispering. They turn around and tear away a trash can to reveal the bullies' hiding location. Bruno and Anton are caught red-handed. Everyone else notice this and catch the bullies on the act.

“What do you think you're planning to do with those?” Felinismon questioned the two.

“Who are they?” Jeri looked at the bullies.

“Anton?!” Phillipe yelled.

“Bruno?!” Sasha cried out.

Ai asked the couple, “You know these two?”

“They sure don't look like they want to welcome us with those balloons.” Demona stated.

Adam throws roses that pops the water balloons in the bullies' faces, “On your feet.”

Bruno and Anton get up as they back away intimidated by the ones they label as 'freaks'.

“Like a leopard never changes its spots, you two haven't changed a bit.” Sasha said in disappointment.

“Shall I escort these two hooligans out of the theater, Miss Sasha?” Garman politely asked.

Sasha nods by saying no, “You might not need to do that.”

“Me and Jaguarmon are more than happy to do it.” Philippe bravely offered.

Anton and Bruno back away as they start to run. They accidentally bump right into Nanba and his group. Anton and Bruno are surprise to see the Tennouzu bullies as they begin to back off.

“Well what do we have here? ‘Mimsy and Nathan’ running off from a bunch of lame-ass weirdoes.” Sudou smirked.

Miyabi corrected the thug, “You mean Rocky and Mugsy?”

“I’d say the same themselves.” Ritsu smirked regardless.

Sudou then punches Bruno in the face, “I give dibs on the big one!”

Bruno then falls down through Anton as both French bullies tumble to the ground. This allows Sudou, Ritsu, and Miyabi to constantly step on them for sport, like hyenas harassing a rhino and a wildebeest. Ritsu then finds the trash can and spills the litter on Anton and Bruno, they are literally the society’s trash for what Nanba refers.

Phillipe, Sasha and their group are horrifically appalled at Nanba’s pack graphical beatings on the two weaker bullies.

“Whoa, bullies picking on other bullies!” Inumon didn’t see it coming.

“Now I've seen everything.” Himura concurred.

Jaguarmon sees the difference between them, “They make those two look pathetic in comparison.”

Jeri yells at Nanba's gang, “Hey, that wasn't nice! They may be jerks, but that was uncalled for!”

“Jeri, the older you're getting, the braver you've been getting.” Felinismon noticed the change within the young girl.

“She has the lion's courage.” Leomon commented.

Nanba Hirohide himself coolly walks towards them and gives them a cold, fearless stare at Phillipe’s group.

“You ignorant people are looking lively.” Nanba mocked and turns to Sasha to insult the white-haired girl, “Who is this sheep your with?”

Phillipe, however, blocks Nanba's path, “That's as far as you go.”

“Phillipe...” Sasha quietly muttered.

Phillipe pushes Nanba back as Garman walks beside Phillipe. Sudou, Ritsu, and Miyabi stopped their assault and turn their attention.

“You hooligans want none of this.” Garman warned as he pierce through his sunglasses to glare at Nanba’s group.

“Don't let Garman's gentlemanly appearance fool you, he'll take on a gang of you himself.” Phillipe said to Nanba.

Then, Umi, Ai, Adam, and Demona step forward.

“You tell him, uncle Phillipe. Some of us might be freaks, but we don't treat others like trash.” Adam stated.

“Although she did dump trash on those two.” Ai points to Ritsu’s action on Anton and Bruno.

“You little kids run along before things get ugly here.” Demona warned, “I wouldn't want to spill blood over this historic venue.”

Sasha tends to Anton and Bruno, “Are you two ok?”

The two bullies nod and cower behind her.

“They want me to fight for them?” Sasha thought and turns to Nanba's gang, “That's enough. You best leave now.” Her eyes suddenly turns bloody red as the sadistic persona of 'Valkyrie Skuld' surfaces, “Or, I'll rip your heads off and bath with your entrails.”

Phillipe and the others shudder with fright knowing 'Skuld's' vicious nature. Bruno and Anton show sudden fear of the white-haired girl.

Sudou and Ritsu are startled at Skuld’s voice. Nanba backs off a little with Miyabi covering him and glares at Phillipe and Sasha, ignoring the persona of Skuld, “You’ve learn nothing. One day, society will remind that meta-humans struggle in a dog-eating world.” He then said to his group, “We’re leaving.”

“Right now, Nanba? Fine.” Sudou scoffed.

“This half-ass place is getting boring anyway.” Ritsu openly insulted the venue.

The pack that is lead by Nanba leaves the theater. Phillipe’s group along with Anton/Bruno watches as they think to themselves whether Nanba’s words have a point there, the fact that their world is just a game of survival.


Toys R Us

(Cue Terry Da Libra - Enchanted Waters (Original Mix))

Switching to inside the large toy store, the S-Force are seen doing poses and gladly do autographs to their fans. On another side, an Elvis Presley alien named Magnanimous is dressing up as MODOK, he is seen cheering with the crowd.

“Let’s get ready to rumble!” Magnanimous shouts with his microphone.

The crowd cheers of the announcer despite being a villain in Megas XLR.

Then, Coop and the others are seeing this in distance that they recognize the S-Force.

“Look guys, it’s the S-Force!” Kiva notices the sentai parody team.

“And Magna-nimy, Maggy-ness.” Coop said in confusing his name.

“You mean Magnanimous?” Jamie corrected him.

“Yeah, whatever. But it’s cool to seeing the S-Force again.” Coop happily said.

Jamie smirks, “Can’t wait to woo hoo at Duchess.”

“Don’t forget me, earther!” A loud voice is heard.

The MEGAS crew unconcernedly turns to see Gorrath in a grumpy mood. He is the main villain of Megas XLR that leads the warmonger Gloft.

“Gorrath is here?” Kiva stated.

Coop smirks at the Glorft war master, “I see you like to see the fireworks, squiddy.”

“Don’t push your luck.” Gorrath grumbled.

Then, another voice that’s similar to Coop is heard, “Hey, I’m not here to miss the fun!”

On the other hand, the MEGAS crew is surprise to see none other than Evil Coop, Coop’s skinny and alternate evil self. He dresses up as Char Aznable from Char’s Counterattack.

“WHAT?! YOU?!” Gorrath seethed in anger.

Coop demands to his counterpart, “Aw man, how did you get here?!”

Evil Coop gives an evil laugh before answering, “Paradais let me out from that damn Lurp dimension. Now I get to have all the glory.”

“I bet your skill at playing video games have become sloppy.” Coop taunted.

“We’ll see while I play against you.” Evil Coop sneered.

“Bring it on!” Coop dared his evil self.

“Oh boy, Coop is at it again.” Goat stated to the dispute.


A group of evil Digimon: Madoudramon (a Digimon that looks like Koragg the Knight Wolf from Power Rangers Mystic Force), ChaosGallantmon, and humanoid warriors based on the Four Symbols called the Demon Beast Generals (BlazeSuzakumon, QuakeGenbumon, StormSeiryuumon, AuroraByakkomon, and SoveignOuryumon) appear on top of the Toys R Us. They represent the Legion of Doom with Madoudramon acting as one of their co-leaders. Madoudramon cosplays as Hammerhead Hannigan from Darkwing Duck. ChaosGallantmon cosplays as Steelbeak from Darkwing Duck.

“Time to raid ourselves a toystore...” ChaosGallantmon announced before he takes back what he said, “What the hell? We're not toy robbers!”

“No, but we can harass some customers.” Madoudramon has a better suggestion, “Demon Beast Generals, harass to your heart's content.”

The Demon Beast Generals roar in unison as a response.

“Good thing for us, the Dark Legendary Warriors and the DD Girls are in there as we speak. They'll be getting company from us.” Madoudramon stated.


Inside the Toys R Us, a group called the Dark Legendary Warriors (Fuegomon the Dark Warrior of Fire, Fluorescemon the Dark Warrior of Light, Duskmon, Rotmon the Dark Warrior of Wood, Rustmon the Dark Warrior of Metal, NegaGolemon the Dark Warrior of Earth, Strikemon the Dark Warrior of Lightning, Polarmon the Dark Warrior of Ice, DeviHarpymon the Dark Warrior of Wind, Tylowomon the Dark Warrior of Water) are starting to raid the store and harassing customers.

They are joined by Sailor Moon enemies, the DD Girls. Each of the DD Girls has a different skin tone: the leader has light blue skin, another has red skin, another has light purple skin, another has pink skin, and the last one has light green skin. The evil fivesome help the Dark Warriors cause a scene inside the store.

A creature that looks and behaves like Invader Zim, named Zimmy, also joins in causing havoc in the store.

“Fear me, earthers!” Zimmy zaps a few dolls and toys with mind control device, “Now, my toy subordinates! Scare these little brats and give them a reason to fear you!”

The children scare in terror from the mind-controlled dolls and action figures chasing them.

Zimmy laughs in an over the top fashion, “Wahahahaha! All of you will fear and bow to Lord Zimmy!”


The S-Force have begin to take notice at the Demon Beast Generals when Targon warns them of intruders in their communicators.

“Who the heck are these freaks?!” Mac (S-Force) growled.

“Don’t know, but their up to no good.” Duchess (S-Force) glared at their appearances.

Jax (S-Force) is speaking in gibberish.

“What? They think they can compete with our poses?” Sloan (S-Force) cried out.

“We’ll show these psycho rangers soon, S-Force.” Argo (S-Force) gives a determined look to his group.


In one section of the store, two Domino City people named Duke Devlin and Nosaka Miho check out the Dungeon Dice games. Duke cosplays as Gambit from X-Men. Miho cosplays as Rogue from X-Men.

“And that's how you play Dungeon Dice.” Duke instructed.

“Thanks for teaching me the basics, Duke.” Miho smiles and hugs his arm, “You're actually a cool guy now I'm getting to know you more!”

“Thanks. You've actually matured some since becoming a Kuiper Senshi.” Duke smiled about his girlfriend’s opportunity to become a Sailor Senshi.

“I've become stronger and more independent, too.” Miho added.

“That's good to know.” Duke said.

Just then, they notice kids running from Zimmy's mind-controlled toys.

Duke blinks thrice, “Um, was it just me or were those kids chased by some evil toys?”

Miho’s Senshi instincts kick into gear, “That's what all the noise is all about. Let's go check this out!” She grabs Duke's hand and dashes off with him.

“Whoa, slow down, Miho!” Duke cried out.


Elsewhere inside the store, the Data Squad group meets with the Neo Duelists to play Pokemon games. Marcus and Jaden are competing with each other with their teammates cheering them on.

“C'mon, Jaden!” Syrus cried out.

Agumon cheers to Marcus, “Let's go, Aniki!”

“You almost have him, Marcus!” Keenan added.

“Don't let 'em beat ya, Colonel Jaden!” Hassleberry yelled.

Jaden smiles at Tyranno Hasslebery, “I'm a Colonel now? Sweet!”

Alexis and Yoshino both let out exasperate sighs watching the boys.

“Let me guess. You're their babysitter?” Yoshino asked the former Obelisk Blue popular girl.

“Sad to say, but yeah.” Alexis answered to her.

“Hey, guys, I'm hearing a bit of a ruckus in the store.” Thomas is hearing some disruption.

“Could be some drunks broke into the place?” Gaomon pondered.

Chazz said otherwise, “Doesn't sound like drunks to me.”

Just then, Yuma and Yuya arrive where the Neo Duelists and Data Squad groups are.

“Oh man! I can't believe we found one of the original three King of Games!” Yuma cried out.

“I'll say! It's really you!” Yuya added.

Yuma and Yuya both shout, “Jaden Yuki!”

Jaden and the Neo Duelists look at the two younger boys in confusion.

“Are they fans of yours?” Blair questioned.

“Nah, I've heard of these two.” Jaden walks up to Yuma and Yuya, “Nice to meet the new blood of the Yugioh scene!” The former Slifer Red shakes their hands, “You two have been carrying your weights pretty well, huh?”

“Well, I'm kinda the loser out of us Yugioh protags but I got better in the end.” Yuma admit to himself.

“Even I got a better track record than Yuma.” Yuya joked.

“Hey!” Yuma snaps back at Yuya.

“It's cool. Hey, I bet you heard of the new Yugioh movie coming out next year featuring Yugi, right?” Jaden asked the younger duelists.

Yuma and Yuya both respond, “Yeah! We're excited!”

“It'll be neat to see Yugi back on screen and to follow the trends of nostalgia anime.” Jaden commented.

“Yeah, and don't forget the original Digi-Destined in the upcoming Digimon Adventure tri anime! Too bad it ain't a movie about me and my friends.” Marcus said about the new season.

Suddenly, Tai, Matt, Davis, and Ken are passing by.

“Whoa, speaking of which, look Marcus!” Keenan points at the Digidestined.

Marcus gives a big grin, “Wow, it's you, guys! Hey, Tai!”

Tai notices Marcus and the Data Squad, “Yo, Marcus!”

“So, where's the tri version of ya? I hear he's around.” Marcus mentions another version of Taichi.

“He's really here?” Tai asked in surprise.

“Not here, but...” Marcus notices the Xros Wars in another toy section, “Holy cow! It's Team Xros Heart!”

“Sheesh, what is this? A Digimon reunion?!” Davis sees the group coming together, “Now we just need to find the Digi-Fusion Kai, Tamers, and Frontier teams, and it'll be complete.”

The Digimon Xros Wars (known as Digimon Fusion in English) group comes out dressed in a full Sesame Street cosplay theme. Kudou Taiki & Shoutmon appear first; Shoutmon is dressed as Kermit the Frog. Hinomoto Akari & Dorulumon/Cutemon come out next; Dorulumon & Cutemon cosplay as Fozzie Bear & Ms. Piggy. Tsurugi Zenjiro & Ballistamon come out next; Ballistamon cosplays as Gonzo the Great. Aonuma Kirita & Greymon walk forward; Kirita come dressed as Count von Count. Amano Nene & Mervamon come out together; Nene is dressed as Mr. Snuffleupagus. Amano Yuu & Damemon come out next; Yuu cosplays as Big Bird. Amano Kotone & Sparrowmon come out next; Sparrowmon is dressed as Zoe. Akashi Tagiru & Gumdramon appear next; Gumdramon cosplays as Elmo. Mogami Ryouma & Psychemon walk forward next; Ryouma dresses as Oscar the Grouch. Tobari Ren & Dracmon come out next dressed as Bert and Ernie. Suzaki Airu & Opossummon come out next; Opossumon cosplays as Cookie Monster.

“Hey, how do you like our Sesame Street theme?” Taiki asked about his and the Xros Wars’ costumes.

“Awesome work on the costumes, guys!” Jaden positively responded.

“I'll say!” added Syrus.

“They're so cool!” Yuma shouted.

“Thanks!” Tagiru gives a big grin.

Shoutmon remind his partner with a shrug, “How come I get to be Kermit?”

“Because you'd look better being Kermit.” Taiki replied to the little red dragon, “Nene and Akari worked hard making y'alls costumes.”

“Yeah, show us some appreciation, Shoutmon!” Akari cried out.

Nene then points out another group coming, “Look, it's the Frontier group!”

“All right! But, hey, they're short on one member. Where's Takuya? And that one guy who uses the Wood Spirits?” Taiki wondered of the missing members.

The Legendary Warriors from Digimon Frontier, minus Takuya and Vega, arrive dressed in a full Cyborg 009 group theme. Kouji Minamoto dresses as Cyborg 009. Junpei cosplays as Cyborg 007. Izumi Orimoto dresses as Cyborg 003. Tomoki Himi dresses as Cyborg 001. Kouichi Kimura dresses as Cyborg 004. Dimitro Lesvaque cosplays as Cyborg 005. Jaarin Wong dresses as Cyborg 006. Sam Joseph dresses as Cyborg 002. Junpei comes with his girlfriend, Norn Mikihara, who's dressed as (insert character costume).

“Awesome, the Legendary Warriors are here!” Davis excitingly said.

Ken ponders, “Where's Takuya?”

“He and Takato are at Time Square with the other YYGDM founders.” Kouji answered to Ken.

“I'm sure we can catch up with them later.” Kouichi figured.

Izumi then said, “Please excuse him for not being here right now.”

“Sure, no problem.” Tai understood. “I hope I can meet the Ascendant version of me from that DF-616 universe.”

“And my more hostile counterpart who's ego is big like Vegeta's.” Matt mentioned about him. Both the YYGDM-01 versions of Tai and Matt have met their DF-616 counterparts before.

“You're all rocking those costumes, guys!” Tai said to the Legendary Warriors and Xros Wars groups before announcing, “By the way, this year, 2015, marks a big year for us Digimon groups. It's the airing of tri.”

Davis, Marcus, Taiki, and Tagiru shout in unison, “Yeah!”

“Hopefully tri brings us outta that rut that was Xros Wars Hunters.” Matt stated about Adventure 03’s potential.

“Tell me about it. And I can't take the blame because I was demoted.” Taiki can relate the past ordeals.

“Not even our show is as bad as Hunters.” Junpei stated.

“Glad I wasn't part of that.” Jaarin shrugged in relief.

“Except for the appearance of the other Digiteams, that season is pretty forgettable.” Dimitri agreed with Jaarin about Young Hunters.

“Guess who we know who to blame.” Davis gives an obvious stare at Tagiru.

“What?! Hey, it can't be all my fault!” Tagiru points to Yuu, Ryouma, Ren, and Airu, “They take as much blame as me!”

“Excuse me?!” Ryouma is taken back.

“Now that's just rude.” Ren muttered.

Airu said in disgust, “Ugh, don't lump us in with you!”

Yuu shook his head in disbelief, “Sorry, but the leader is the one that has to take responsibility and Digimon's profits fell hard to their lowest with you as the top protag.”

“Aw c'mon! I can't be the worst!” Tagiru cried out.

“You're not, but those stupid writers didn't help you any.” Sam said about the official creators.

Gumdramon interjects to defend the argument, “Hey, take that back! Tagiru's not bad!”

“You tell 'em, Gumdramon!” Tagiru cheered at his partner.

“Even though I was the one carrying the load, I should've been the one to lead the team.” Gumdramon then said otherwise.

Tagiru humorously snaps at the purple dragon, “Hey!”

“Like Sam said, blame the stupid Toei writers.” Izumi agrees with one main source of problems, “Those hacks made me look like a joke, but thanks to a certain fanfic writer, I've been upgraded to a decent character.”

“Yep, all it takes is a little good writing and you're good as new!” Junpei grins at Izumi.

Norn nods and hugs Junpei, “That's right, JP!”

Davis pats Tagiru in showing some pity, “Sorry, man. Besides, I know what it was like to take the heat. But, you dropped the ball harder than me. I mean, Tai is taking back leadership in tri!”

“That's right, boys and girls. I'm taking back my rightful throne.” Tai confidently stated.

“Still, it's exciting times ahead for Yugioh and Digimon fans!” Jaden agrees in these common interests.

Meanwhile, Taiyou and Hackmon watch the Digiteam reunion.

“Did you see that, Taiyou?” Hackmon turns to his human partner.

“Yeah, they are talking about Digimon having their special celebration.” Taiyou witness before raises his voice to get the whole Digi-team’s attention, “Hey guys, if your wondering who I am, the name is Takarada Taiyou! My partner here is the Royal Knight member, Hackmon.”

Tai, Davis, Taiki, Marcus, and Tagiru openly greet Taiyou.

“Nice to meet you, Taiyou.” Tai grinned at the younger boy, “I guess we don't need introductions since you probably know us.”

“Hey, another gogglehead like us!” Davis cried out.

“Nice Digimon you got there!” Marcus said about Hackmon.

“Hey, Aniki. He said his name is Hackmon!” Marcus’ Agumon knows about the white dragon.

“Hackmon, huh? Isn't he the rookie form of the newest 13th Royal Knight?” Tai wondered.

“Yeah, Jesmon!” Taiki answered to Tai before turning to Taiyou, “Yeah, you're lucky to have a Royal Knight for a partner, Taiyou.”

Just then, Tai sees his Digidestined team arrive.

“Ah, you came just in time, guys! Wait 'til you see who we're with!” Tai said to the group.

The YYGDM Digi-Destined walk forward to greet Data Squad, Team Xros Heart, and the Neo-Duelists. Sora & Biyomon, Mimi & Palmon, Izzy & Tentomon, Joe & Gomamon, TK & Patamon, Kari & Gatomon, Yolei & Hawkmon, Cody & Armadillomon, and Willis w/Terriermon & Lopmon meet the other group members.

Then, a group of little boys and girls are screaming in joy as they saw Gumdramon dressing up as Elmo. They run in trying to cuddle him.

Gumdramon struggles and tries to escape from the children.

“Tagiru! Help, they're trying to squeeze me to death!” The purple dragon cried out.

“Hang on, Gumdramon!” Tagiru hops in to save Gumdramon but the weight of the children squish him, “Ahhh!”

(End Theme)


Outside the toy store, the Demon Beast Generals jump from the roof and confront the S-Force. With some costumes they stole, the villains now dress as the Fearsome Five from Darkwing Duck. BlazeSuzakumon dresses as Negaduck. QuakeGenbumon cosplays as Bushroot. StormSeiryuumon dresses as Liquidator. SoveignOuryumon dresses as Quackerjack. AuroraByakkomon cosplays as Megavolt.

BlazeSuzakumon poses in front and evilly smirks, “You must be the S-Force? Heh, and you're right. We're definitely like the Psycho Rangers.”

“We gave the Beast Tamers a lot of problems.” AuroraByakkomon chortled that he’s talking about Takato and his friends.

“How about we make examples out of you?” StormSakuyamon asked.

“With a posedown?!” QuakeGenbumon finished by wanting a competition.

The five Demon Beast Generals strike a pose down with the S-Force.

“Oh your asking for it, better eat something after this!” Sloan (S-Force) gives a comment about food.

“Bring it, freaks!” Duchess (S-Force) readied her pose.

Argo (S-Force) then announced, “S-Force, get ready to compete with the Demon Beast Generals!”

Magnanimous interjects with his microphone, “Ladies and gentlemen, it seems we have two opposide sides competing for the best poses! So let’s encourage them!”

The crowd cheers at the competition. Not far above, Kiva, Jamie, Goat, and Gorrath are watching this.

“Oh boy.” Kiva said while crossing her arms.

“C’mon, Duchess is gonna win this.” Jamie smirked.

“Too bad the Coops are missing out.” Goat commented about the two on the other hand.

“Don’t worry about them, their just busy playing video games.” Jamie said to the junkster.


Elsewhere inside the toy store, Coop and Evil Coop are fiercely competing on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, with six other gamers in this eight player royale. Coop plays as Pit while Evil Coop is Dark Pit. The rest of the players are Mario, Link, Lucina, Shulk, Captain Falcon, and Lucario. The stage they are playing is the Battlefield.


The five DD Girls notice the Demon Beast Generals posing off against the S-Force. Miho and Duke intervene with Zimmy's latest evil plan.

“Stop right there!” Miho halted the light green-skinned alien.

Zimmy turns around and scoffs, “Who dares interrupt my spree of terror and fun?!”

Miho points to Zimmy, “Me! I'm here to stop your evil schemes!”

“The heck is some purple-haired bimbo supposed to do to me?” Zimmy questioned.

“In the name of Makemake, I'll crush you!” Miho announced her Sailor Senshi’s name.

Duke sighs, “Oh, this Invader Zim wannabe again? You gonna sic your toys on us?”

“Don't give him any ideas!” Miho discouraged her boyfriend.

Zimmy grins fiendishly, “Good idea, numbskull. Go forth, my toy army! Finish them!”

A doll flies at Miho's face and knocks her over a doll house. Toy soldiers shoot Duke with BB pellets.

“C'mon, Miho transform!” Duke encouraged his girlfriend.

Miho trying to pry the doll off her face, “Easier said than done!”

Zimmy laughs manically, “Wahahaha! Kneel before me, humans!”


Time Square

(Cue W&W – Manhattan)

Back at Time Square, the Guilty Crown group are watching LK!Shu and Madoka continue to interact with the YYGDM founders.

Inori gives a sincere look with Fyu-Neru on her side, “Isn’t Ouma Shu reliable to us?”

“Yeah he is.” Gai answered to Inori, “Hell, we are even high school classmates at Tennouzu in this shared world, talk about some differences. Not to mention I once disguise as ‘Mason’.”

Canon!Shu hears the faux name back when he was under arrest by the original GHQ and interrogated by Canon!Segai, just before Canon!Gai came to his rescue in his awkward disguise. This was an embarrassment when Canon!Shu and the original Funeral Parlor had to rescue the murderous Canon!Kenji before joining the resistance.

Argo jokes, “At least ‘Shoe’ didn’t dropped out every week.”

“You just got the ‘dropped’ from one of the anime’s memes?” Kyoko seem to remember something.

“Hell yeah.” Argo muttered.

“Agree, we remember talking about our show with Araki Tetsuro as the main director and on the Noitamina programming block.” Shibungi reminds the group about their anime. “Yet, the writers remain unsure of what direction they truly want to take, leaving the outline a mess despite the animation and music production were top notch.”

“Shu is also based on the director as well.” Inori recalls that Ouma Shu is Tetsuro’s presumed character avatar.

“I don’t know whether it’s like Code Geass, Evangelion, or Macross Frontier..” Sayaka said with unsureness of what identity does the anime have, “Even the school setting from episodes 13-17 feels Infinite Ryvius and Lord of the Flies.”

“One of the writers that did Code Geass also done Mai-Hime/Otome. No wonder that certain fanfic author is using them as references.” Katsumi Aki stated.

“I don’t know what’s worse: Da’ath’s presence being unexplained, or the fact they are ripping off SEELE to have their fourth apocalypse which was prevented few years back.” Gai mentions about the secret conspiracy at one point.

Mana feels like having a headache with Inori pats her back, “It is seriously too much, I detest the ending at the end of the final episode.”

“You’re telling me, I’m one of the few characters that stand out.” LK!Ayase recalls her real self’s development.

“I feel Guilty Crown overall is okay at least, it’s not good, but not bad.” Kurachi concludes.

“Aside from the cliche plot holes and weak characters, it’s still a decent anime around the Fall 2011 season compare to worse shows like Gundam AGE and Digimon Young Hunters.” Kyoko honestly admitted it.

“Whether if there is a sequel remains unclear.” Oogumo stated.

“We’ll just have to find out in the future.” Gai stated about their anime and it’s production as of today.

Just then, the Sword Art Online group and Charizards descend down to meet up with the Guilty Crown group and the others.

Mami smiles at the young adolescents, “Well look do we have here, it’s Kirigaya Kazuto and his friends.”

“Aw man, they even bring in Charizards!” the red-haired Kyoko shout in amazement.

The two Charizards are breathing fire through the air in impressing the crowd. Even the Pokemon fans sure love seeing the real deals and how Charizard is such a popular Pokemon in the original generation.

Sinon then walks towards Shibungi and politely greets, “Hi there, I hope you and your wife are going well.”

“It sure must be, Asada Shino.” Shibungi greeted back.

Mrs. Momoe gives a sincere smile, “We and our adopted daughter are glad to come here.”

“My name is Momoe Nagisa!” The youngest magical girl steps in to greet the GGO player.

“Please to meet you, Nagisa.” Sinon smiled at Nagisa and poses, “When I grow up, I wanna be a policewoman to help others.”

“That’s good!” Nagisa encouraged the older girl.

Leafa interjects and warns the group, “Guys, we just saw some giant monsters, namely Godzilla and King Ghidorah!”

Kenji and Kyo both said, “No way!”

“Godzilla in New York, here?!” Ayase said in flabbergast.

“Not only that, but there are these three Shredder baddies standing on King Ghidorah’s heads with their arm-folds behind like Darkseid, particularly one of them dress up as that villain.” Leafa further explained.

Kyoko raises an eyebrow, “Three Shredder ripoffs?”

Sayaka realizes who they are, “Oh darn it.”

LK!Shu turns to see Kazuto. LK!Shu stops his conversation with the seven founders and walk towards to meet the famous MMO player.

“Shu, we finally caught up to you!” Kirito cried out to his admirer.

LK!Shu amicably ask the younger boy, “How’s New York holding up for you, Kazuto?”

“It’s pretty massive, while we were at New York University, our four other friends are at Koreatown.” Kirito answered his experience.

“You know what they say, it’s everything that makes Manhattan having much pop culture.” LK!Shu stated.

Yuuki Asuna and Leafa have a chance to meet up with Canon!Ayase and Tsugumi.

“Aren’t you the real Ayase? The name is Yuuki Asuna.” Asuna smiled and raises her hand to shake.

Canon!Ayase smiles back and shakes Asuna’s hand in return, “Yeah I am, you can see I’m sitting in my wheelchair.”

“Aya-nee is also a great Endlave pilot, remember it!” Canon!Tsugumi interjected.

Yui appears and talks to Tsugumi, “Then Ayase is strong, right?”

“You bet!” Canon!Tsugumi said to Yui.

“That’s incredible.” Leafa complimented to Tsugumi. “I bet your cat hair band looks good on you.”

“Thanks!” Tsugumi replied back to Suguha.

Asuna then notices something about Canon!Ayase’s husband, “Say, I think I saw the real Shu about to talk to the YYGDM founders.”

Canon!Ayase turns to see it happening, “I wonder how different the conversation is from his LK counterpart.”

With the persuasion of Madoka, the pink-haired magical girl leads Canon!Shu to meet with the seven anime heroes.

Canon!Shu is peering through his sunglasses and bluntly questions, “You must be them, correct?”

However, the YYGDM founders ignore Canon!Shu and simply interact with the Lost Kingdom crew and each other discussing the Guilty Crown series.

“GC really should've been better, but thank goodness a fanfic writer revamped and breathed some new life into your series.” Takato take it bluntly.

“I can say the same about my series. One fanfic writer better developed my other friends Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki. And went to great lengths giving the other four Spirits to a minor Tamers character and three OCs.” Takuya gives a thumbs up with the author’s creativity, “Cool, huh?”

“Don't remind me of Young Hunters.” Takato hates about that Digimon season. “The only memorable part is seeing me and the other goggleheads kicking butt against that Myotismon army!”

“That's right, Takato!” Guilmon cried out happily.

“I remember my creator said Mai-Hime/Mai-Otome influenced our fights.” Karin remembers her owner putting references to one of his favorite anime.

“LK did have a better ending than the canon, at least.” Yugi truthfully said about the fanfic’s completion.

Canon!Shu couldn’t believe that he is feeling ignored by the YYGDM founders. It’s as if an asocial loner is ostracized by a popular group in high school. Canon!Ayase and Tsugumi have nothing to say for the matter and can’t take the blame due to how the writers treated Shu. LK!Shu pats Canon!Shu to cheer him up with Madoka, Kirito, and Asuna joining.

The SAO group with their friends sees Ghidorah, Gamera, and Gyaos each standing proudly on top of the three heads of King Ghidorah. The roars of Godzilla are heard in the distance. Mothra is seen flying over Tokyo as everyone seeing her marvel at her presence.

“See! There’s King Ghidorah right above us!” Leafa points at the golden three-headed dragon.

“I couldn’t believe what I witness.” Mami hates to admit.

“Oh god, then we hear Godzilla all the way!” LK!Ayase muttered.

“But there is Mothra, she is as gorgeous as ever in the cosmos.” Inori commented about the cosmic moth.

“If I am your real counterpart, then Battra is my forte.” Mana added to her clone.


Meanwhile, Jeremiah and Sharon are walking past the New York crowds. They have their sights set on Setsuna, the Lost Kingdom gang, and the YYGDM founders.

Jeremiah smirks coolly, “There they are, love.”

“It's showtime.” Sharon gives an evil chortle.

Behind Sharon are four shadowed figures with sinister faces.


Somewhere else in Time Square, a bio-android girl, named Aya Tsuki comes looking for Karin.

“I have to warn Karin before Paradais finds her.” Aya hurried.

She notices Sharon and Jeremiah getting near the YYGDM founders.

“Drats!” Aya cried out in frustration.


Walking amongst the crowd is a blonde-haired girl wearing a black gothic Lolita dress and a large rottweiler.

“Alice, are we getting near the Tamers?” The dog named Rottweilermon asked.

The girl named Alice McCoy answered to her partner, “Close, but I sense the chaotic ones are getting near them.”

Which one of the small groups arrives to meet the main group first? Find out.

(End Theme)


Next Part: Festivities of Manhattan (Part III)



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Re: Shinnen:New Year Chap 2 (Guilty Crown Mega Crossover)

I like how there's chaos in a Toys R US. C: I was also greatly amused to see familiar faces from Invader Zim and a Sailor Scout trying to stop Lord Zimmy from trying to control a bunch of kids. I wish I was more familiar with the other characters you've shown but, this is still entertaining with different events going on this far!


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Jul 5, 2012
Shinnen:New Year Chap 3 (Guilty Crown Mega Crossover)

Midtown Manhattan

(Cue Double Dragon Neon - Track 4 - City Streets 2 (Mango Tango - Neon Jungle))

At the expanded part of the midtown section of Manhattan, it has skyscrapers seen like an urban jungle. The Empire State Building is seen for a neon song is heard across the area.

Two young men are seen walking in the streets, they are Kurapika and Leorio of Hunter x Hunter.

“Man, Gon and Killua have all the fun in Time Square.” Leorio commented about the boys having more amounts of time.

“This holiday will sure be interesting. We might get to meet with Kurama and Kuwabara somewhere.” Kurapika stated. “At the same time, it is best we’re alert since there are demon incursions sprouting in Midtown.”

“New York does remind us of Yorknew City.” Leorio connected both cities.

“It sure is.” Kurapika agrees with his fellow Hunter.


At another area, there are four young men leaning against the wall with fangirls admiring and taking pictures. These quadruple are the Gundam Meisters: Setsuna F. Seiei, Lyle Dylandy/Lockon Stratos, Allelujah/Hallelujah Haptism, and Tieria Erde coming from Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

“Well, the fangirls still love us even though our show ended years ago.” Lockon positively said to his teammates.

Tieria sternly concurs, “It’s interesting how we hold up.”

Setsuna then gives his dialogue, “The New Years is going to be our new future for humanity.”

“You can say that again, Setsuna.” Allelujah agreed.


Touring through the the Midtown area, another group of heroes split from the others decided to tour this side. Kensuke 'Ken' Rainer (A young man who’s half Japanese/Texan and is the main character of Digimon Accel Stream), his girlfriend Christina Denton/Sailor Orcus (an Australian Sailor Senshi with light brunette hair and long hairstyle like Sailor Venus, her admirer), and Veemon. Kensuke is dressed as Kick-Ass. Christina is dressed as Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass. They look out at the place known as Hell's Kitchen.

“We're at the Daredevil's hangout.” Ken mentions the name of the district.

Christina looks at the surroundings, “This really is Hell's Kitchen? Doesn't look like hell to me.”

“Wonder if he's around?” Veemon wondered about Daredevil’s presence.

“Don't know, but I hear Spidey hangs around here often.” Ken said.

Suddenly, and right on cue, Spider-Man comes hanging down by web on a light post. He hangs right behind the trio. Kensuke instinctively turns around and puts his hand to Spider-Man's face.

“I knew you were coming wall crawler.” Ken sensed his presence.

“I don't get a hello?” Spider-Man turns to Christina, “Nice evening, huh?”

“Yeah, very nice, but very hectic once the New Years partying kicks off.” Christina said about the experience.

“Kinda already started, Chrissy.” Veemon shrugged.

Christina pats Veemon, “You got that right, buddy.”

“How's it like finally be part of the MCU, Spidey?” Ken asked the teenage superhero.

“I'll finally get to share screen time with the Avengers!” Spider-Man said excitingly before he stops fanboying, “Well, what can I say? I'm excited. But, man, how many recasts and reboots are they gonna have for me? I mean, for cripe's sake, Hugh Jackman's at least been Wolverine from the get-go. But, Tobey McGuire and then Andrew Garfield... and now they officially cast me as Tom Holland!”

“There's also talk about that Miles Morales guy.” Ken remembers Spider-Man’s successor in the comics.

Spider-Man sighs, “Not yet since they already decide. Let the new Peter... I mean me, cause I am Peter Parker. The one and only. Let the new me get his feet wet.”

Spider-Man web slings out of Ken's reach and lands on top of another light post.

“Daredevil's now part of the MCU, too, but not a movie. He gets a TV show.” Christina speaks out about a Daredevil Netflix show.

“And not Ben Affleck this time!” Veemon cried out in relief, knowing that Charlie Cox plays the role.

“Marvel Studio taking back a lot of their guys. And I'm now part of their deal. Exciting times ahead for me!” Spider-Man then dances.

“Just don't do the emo-dance. Or my urge to hurt will rise.” Ken seriously muttered.

“This ain't the emo-dance, man!” Spider-Man cried out.


On another side of Mid Manhattan, Tenoh Haruka/Sailor Uranus and Kaioh Michiru/Sailor Neptune sit in a cafe drinking coffee. Haruka cosplays as Firion. Michiru cosplays as Onion Knight from Final Fantasy Dissidia Heroes.

Haruka and Michiru notice Spider-Man dancing on a light post.

“Is that who I think it is?” Michiru noticed the web slinger.

Haruka answers to her lover, “And here I thought Tokyo was the breeding ground for weirdos, but New York's up there, too.”

“Oh dear, I hope he doesn't bust out that dreadful emo dance number.” Michiru pleaded to herself.

“If he does, I'm sticking a sword up his ass.” Haruka glares and sips her coffee.

Michiru then notices Kensuke with Christina, “Hey, that's Christina with that Kensuke boy.”

Haruka then comments of remember something, “Heard some alternate counterparts of ours tried to kill him. Even I think that's extreme.”

“Though, he can be reckless from what I've heard. He and the others did save us from the House of Villains incident.” Michiru reminded Haruka about Kensuke’s experience and the part when the villains took over the Puellas’ party.

Haruka sighs in relief, “Thank god for that. At least Christina's happy to be with him, I don't mind him.”


Not too far from where Haruka and Michiru are at shows the YuYu Hakusho characters, Kuwabara Kazuma & Yukina, Kurama & Kitajima Maya, Kuwabara Shizuru, and Hinageshi, a red-haired priestess girl tour around the area. Kuwabara cosplays as Napoleon Dynamite. Kurama dresses as Prince Baka from Level E. Yukina cosplays as Remilia Scarlet from Touhou. Shizuru dresses as Flandre Scarlet from Touhou. Maya dresses up as Uriko Nonomura (Bloody Roar). Hinageshi dresses up as Shampoo (Ranma).

“How do you like New York so far, Yukina?” Kuwabara grinning at his wife like a lovable goofball.

Yukina smiles, “I love it, Kazuma. I've never had this much fun!”

Shizuru smokes, “The reason I came here is so I can find a possible boyfriend, but no such luck.”

“I'm sure you'll find someone, Shizuru.” Maya said to her before asking Kurama, “Hey, Shuichi, you want to try some New York pizza?”

“Perhaps later.” Kurama politely answered.

“By the way, we're glad you can join us, Hinageshi!” Kuwabara said to the red-haired priestess, “I know you're just a movie-only character and you can't possibly exist in YYGDM either, but still glad you showed up.”

Hinageshi bows at Kuwabara, “I'm glad I could get out of that shrine once in a while. Thanks for the invite.”

Just then, the group notices an attractive white-haired woman wearing a purple Chinese-styled dress. Beside her is tall, pale-skinned man wearing a dark tuxedo. Kurama is stunned to see the dark-garbed man, but everyone, including Kuwabara, are stunned to see the woman.

“Can it really be you?! Kuronue?!” Kurama emotionally recognized.

Kuwabara said in disgust, “Ugh! The dick woman! Tsukiyomi!”

“What do they want?” Maya pondered.

Kurama senses and deduces Kuronue's identity, “Yes, you're really him and not an imposter.”

“Your senses are as good as ever, Kurama.” Kuronue gives his congrats to the fox demon.

“Please don't refer to me by such a crude name, boy.” Tsukiyomi scoffed and flips her hair back, “I was formerly one of the three Demon Priests.”

“And you're not the only one, mother!” A female voice is heard.

Everyone turns and notices a white-haired girl with a braided hairstyle and wearing a violet Chinese-styled dress.

Kurama, Kuwabara, Maya, and Yukina all shout at the girl’s name that they recognize her, “Yasha?!”

“Does she have a penis like her mom, Kazuma?” Shizuru asked her younger brother.

Kuwabara answers, “Nope, Yasha's definitely all woman.”

Tsukiyomi growls at the compliment, “I am technically a woman, too! I only produce a dick from my magic!”

Shizuru sighs, “What the hell did I miss out on, Kazuma?”

“Crazy stuff.” Kuwabara simply stated without telling the details.

“Never mind her, Kurama. It's been a while.” Kuronue smiled.

“Indeed, it has.” Kurama nodded to Kuronue.

The group then turns to notice Kurapika and Leorio passing by near them.

Kurama’s eyes widen, “Could that be...?”

“Hey, it's two of those Hunters! Y'know from our creator's other manga!” Kuwabara pointed out.

“You mean, Hunter x Hunter? Wow, so this must be Kurapika and Leorio!” Maya said in surprise of seeing them in person.

Kurapika and Leorio turn to meet the Spirit Detectives.

“Finally we found you, along with some of your new people you’re having?” Leorio greeted while being curious at the new guests.

“Yeah, these are new characters we met in a fanfic writer's crossover series.” Kuwabara points to the female demon dog humanoid, “This is Yasha.” Then he points to the busty 'futa' demon woman, “Uh... this lady thing is her mother Tsukiyomi.”

Thing? How rude, you naughty boy.” Tsukiyomi scoffed.

“Anyway, the redhead priestess and the dark-haired guy with the tuxedo come from our second movie. Y'know the one with Yakumo?” Kuwabara said about the movie-exclusive characters alongside a filler movie antagonist.

“I have a name. I'm Hinageshi.” The red haired priestess introduced.

“Kuronue.” The bat thief refers his own name.

Kurapika introduces to Kurama with confidence, “It’s so good to meet you, Yoko Kurama. I take my part in being a ruthless strategist for my goals.” He sweatdrop and gives a nervous smile, “Okay leave the ‘ruthless’ part if you don’t mind.”

Kurama shakes Kurapika's hand, “Pleasure to meet you. You're a fine strategist like yours truly.”

“Nice to meet you, Hunters.” Maya smiled at the two men. “I'm Kitajima Maya. I'm now half-alien making me a Chimera.”

“And leave me out last? I'm Kuwabara's sister, Shizuru.” Shizuru introduced.

“And this is my lovely wife, Yukina.” Kuwabara introduced the ice maiden to the Hunters.

“It’s nice to meet you two.” Yukina politely bowed.

On the other hand, Shizuru approaches Leorio to introduce herself. “Hi, you're a handsome man. My name's Shizuru. I'm Kazuma's older sister. I've been looking for a guy to hang with.”

Leorio blushes before scratching his head and gives a meek smile, “H-Hey! It’s not a problem, Leorio is my name and I’m the Hunter that’s going to be a doctor.”

(End Theme)


Elsewhere, the Digimon Tamers group is seen in a Mon Colle Knights theme. They consists of Impmon (YYGDM) (who dress as Mondo Ooya), Ai (dresses as Lovestar), Mako (dresses as Professor Ichiroubei Hiiragi), and Calumon (who dress as Rockna Hiiragi) are on a rooftop. Impmon has a fishing pole that he uses to reel in a slice of pizza from a pizza stand.

“Hurry, pull it in, Impmon!” Calumon cheered.

“Nab us the biggest one you can get!” Ai cried out.

“I hear New York pizza's the best!” Mako commented about the state’s pizza.

“I'm reeling! I'm reeling!” Impmon said with his Brooklyn accent as he jerks the fishing pole forward, “It's a big one! A realllly good ol' whopper of a pizza!”

As he continues reeling it in, he and Calumon are surprised to see... another Impmon hanging onto the pizza slice! Impmon (DF-616) falls right on top of Impmon (YYGDM).

“That's no pizza, but another Impmon!” Ai said in surprise.

Mako’s eyes widen, “Whoa, sweet! Two Impmon!”

Calumon gawks at the two Impmon, “But, which one is the one I know?”

The two Impmon stand and exchange glares. Impmon (YYGDM) gawks that the pizza he was trying to catch was already gobbled up by Impmon (DF-616).

“Hey, that was our pizza, ya jerk!” Impmon (YYGDM) angrily yelled.

“Pfft, ya snooze, ya lose!” Impmon (DF-616) laughs.

Calumon kicks Impmon (DF-616)'s shin, “Meanie! That was ours!”

Impmon (DF-616) cries out in pain, “Owie, owie, that hurt! Ya little punk!”

Calumon jumps and hides in Ai's protective arms.

“Drop the butterball or I'm shoving a fireball down his throat!” Impmon (DF-616) threatened.

“The only one calling him a butterball is me!” Impmon (YYGDM) shoots the other Impmon with a Bada-Boom, “Last warning, back off!”

Impmon (DF-616) jumps back, “Missed me! Pfft!”

Mako rushes over and uses fisherman pole to hook Impmon (DF-616)'s tail. The boy reels him forward and lets Impmon (YYGDM) jump him. Impmon (YYGDM) has his more devious counterpart pinned down. Impmon (YYGDM) forms a fireball in his finger and hangs it over Impmon (DF-616)'s face.

“I think ya owe us some New York pizza, kapeesh?” Impmon (YYGDM) said in victorious.

Impmon (DF-616) surrenders to his counterpart, “Ok, ok, you win! Now get off me!”

“Say, you don't have a partner do you?” Ai wondered.

“No, what's it matter to you?” Impmon (DF-616) questioned the human.

“He doesn't have a partner.” Calumon figures out something.

Impmon (YYGDM) figures out this Impmon’s identity, “Ya must be my counterpart from that Ascendant's world, right? Hoo boy, don't we have a ton to talk about.”

While Mako, Ai, and Calumon watch the Impmon talk, the mysterious Winter Soldier is seen watching over them. He turns and views Midtown Manhattan. All he could think about is another confrontation with Captain America. From a distance, he notices an otherworldly figure with horns on his helmet and carrying a scepter. It is none other than Loki (MCU).

“New York, I, Loki of Asgard, have returned.” Loki (MCU) forms a fiendish grin.


(Cue Lacuna Coil – Lost Lullaby)

Somewhere within Midtown, a portal opens as members of a Japanese demon clan called the Demon Brotherhood pour out.

Former Demon Priest, Long (who is a humanoid demon with black hair and draconic features), is joined by his brother Kiryu (who is a humanoid dragon demon with gray skin, four sets of black spikes from his back, and is 7’6 ft tall), both are part of a demon dragon clan. Kiryu's Taiyoukai water demoness mate Cecaelia accompanies him. Also joining them are the other third Demon Priest that looks like a gorilla named Vigor. The other members which consist of YuYu Hakusho and original characters are Suzaku, Rando, Karasu, a small dragon-sea monster hybrid who is Kiryu/Cecaelia's offspring son, and a cat demon named Loki Nekomata. Long is dressed as Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Kiryu cosplays as Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Long smiles evilly, “It's good to be back in New York.”

“Only now we can enjoy ourselves and scare innocent souls.” Kiryu grinned.

Cecaelia turns to her and Kiryu's offspring, “You can scare as many children as you want, dear.”

The dragon-sea monster hybrid snickers with sharp teeth bared.

Loki Nekomata shudders, “That little imp of your scares me.”

“All right, Rando and Karasu, let's raise some hell.” Suzaku firmly said to his cohorts.

Rando gives a crude grin and channels something from YuYu Hakusho Abridged, “This time all of New York will know the greatness of my raps.”

“Even if you're just ripping off other artists.” Karasu shrugged.

Vigor senses a familiar presence, “Long, I sense Tsukiyomi, our former colleague is here.”

“We can pay her a visit first then.” Long suggested of their traitor.


Three Duelists and a reformed Rajita: Joey Wheeler, Mai Valentine, Serenity Wheeler, and Morpheous walk past several shops. The two couples stand together for a group photoshot. Joey cosplays as Booster Gold (Justice League Unlimited). Mai comes dressed as Stargirl (Justice League Unlimited). Serenity cosplays as Tracy Simmons (Justice League Unlimited). Morpheous uses his metamorph power to become Meleoron of the Chimera Ants from Hunter x Hunter.

“On three! 1... 2... 3! Brooklyn Rage!” Joey snaps a picture of him and Mai together.

Mai comments, “Brooklyn rage makes sense since we are in Midtown Manhattan.”

“New York is bigger than I thought.” Serenity said of her first experiences.

“How about we take a picture together?” Morpheous suggested.

“Sure!” Serenity nodded.

Joey explains, “Morpheous is so lucky he has shape shifting powers. He looks exactly like Meleoron from HxH, it ain't funny.”

Serenity and Morpheous take a picture together.

“Lucky him. Hey, let's go check out Fifth Avenue!” Mai said to the group.

“Sure thing. C'mon, Serenity and Morpheous!” Joey said to the two.

“Coming!” Serenity followed her brother with Morpheous.

Unbeknownst to the Duelists, a portal opens and out of comes the other Taiyoukai Eight members. They consist of Draco (a dragon demon), Relam (a falcon demon), Tokage Keroro (a bat-frog hybrid), Shishi (a Shisa demon), Yeti (an Abominable snowman demon), Madeira (a demonic tree), and Ironclaw (an armadillo demon). They have sense and follow the presence of Long, Kiryu, and Cecaelia.


Elsewhere, another portal opens up. Out of the portal, members of the Opposed Rajita emerge. They are reptilian humanoids that are supporters for Paradais/Rajita Warlords and their mission to commit evil deeds. This specific group consists of Babbi (a Yammy look-a-like), Vipris (a Nnoitra look-a-like), and Kitoss (a Loly look-a-like), in which these three look like Bleach characters.

Vipris sniffs the urban air, “Ack! This place smells!”

“Tough it out. We're gonna be out here for a while.” Babbi stated.

Kitoss giggles evilly, “Oooh, we're gonna have sooo much fun tormenting some kids!”

Vipris could care less and states, “You can go torment kids. I have better things to do.”

“Party-pooper.” Kitoss sticks her tongue at him.

“Don't be surprised if we see our former colleagues, or the traitors as I like to call them.” Babbi stated in a low tone.


Another portal opens up near their location. Out of this portal are members of the other Rajita faction ruled by Nagah called the Reformed Rajita. This group consists of Melancholia (a Ulquiorra look-a-like), Blitzkrieg (a Grimmjow look-a-like), and Wolk (a Menoly look-a-like) & DemiDevimon. Again these members except DemiDevimon look like Bleach characters.

Blitzkrieg pops his neck, “Damn, it's about time Lady Nagah gave us a day-off.”

“Well, our friend, Mela, has been away for such a long time in the afterlife.” Wolk explained about Melancholia from a past event, “Luckily we were able to revive him thanks to those magical Digicore things.”

“And a dragon came outta them, too.” DemiDevimon added about something of a deity coming out of those cores. “That one world is just Dragonball right down to the magical orbs and the dragon.”

Melancholia looks around Midtown and senses the familiar presences of his ex-Rajita allies.

“We're not alone it seems.” Melancholia alerted his group.

“What? Aw, damn. It's Babbi, Vipris, and Kitoss, those rejects that now serve Kaiser Ghidorah and Paradais.” Blitzkrieg said in slight surprise.

Wolk frowns, “Great my evil sister's up to no good.”

“You'll teach Kitoss a lesson, Wolk!” DemiDevimon encouraged.

Blitzkrieg then adds, “We know Ghidorah and the other two Warlords are here. And so is Nagah, she's out looking for someone.”

“We'll keep an eye on Babbi and his cohorts for the time being then.” Melancholia urges the group.

“And I know for a fact Varuna is around here somewhere! She owes me a rematch!” Blitzkrieg angrily yelled of a rivalry between them.


At the café, two Kuiper Sailor Senshi: Tyra Vanderbilt/Sailor Varuna (a blond-haired Amsterdam/Netherlands Senshi) and Helena Souza/Sailor Quaoar (a Brazilian Senshi) walk inside where Haruka and Michiru are in. Tyra dresses as Supergirl. Helena cosplays as Batgirl. Tyra suddenly sneezes.

“Bless you, Tyra.” Helena excused her.

Tyra nods at the Brazilian, “Thanks, but I take this as a sign someone's talking shit behind my back.”

“Who would do that?” Helena asked.

Tyra answers, “I've made a ton of friends, but also an equal amount of enemies. The one that comes to mind is that Grimmjow-wannabe Rajita freak.”

“Blitzkrieg?” Helena mentioned his name.

Tyra growls about him, “Yeah, that jackass. If he shows his face, I'll rearrange it!”

“Please, let's not fight anyone.” Helena calmed her lover.

Helena and Tyra take a seat in a table.

“Let's just enjoy our vacation in New York without problems.” Helena convinced.

Tyra smiles and holds Helena's hands, “Ok, just for you. Now how about some mocha?”

“I'll just have some tea.” Helena requested.

“Waiter, one mocha and one ice tea!” Tyra said to the waiter.

As the waiter leaves to get their orders, Tyra and Helena look at each other lovingly. This gets Haruka and Michiru's attention.

“How sweet. Doesn't this remind you of us when we were their age?” Michiru smiled.

“Sure does. I smell young love in the air.” Haruka is reminded. “At least they're taking it slow.”

Michiru smirks and chuckles, “Or, maybe they've covered all their bases faster than we've ever have.”

“That may be true, too.” Haruka sips her coffee.

(End Theme)


(Cue Royksopp ft. Robyn - The Girl and the Robot)

Another portal opens in Midtown. But, this is a bigger portal that releases a behemoth. This is a demon Digimon lord named GranDracmon. Accompanying him are two humans with massive Digimon partners. They are Beyond (a young man with Paradox’s blond hair and mask alongside wearing a black trenchcoat similar to Dark Zane Truesdale from Yugioh) & Paradixalmon (a Digimon that looks like a black and gray Dorbickmon, but has the Omegamon arms of ShadowMetalGarurumon and BlackWarGreymon) and Greil & Paradisomon. Behind them are shadowed figures.

“Kenny's here. I have a lock on his location.” GranDracmon senses his arch-enemy’s location.

“Let's all pay him and that Kuiper girlfriend of his a visit.” Beyond gives his statement.

Paradixalmon gives a chuckle, “He'll be thrilled to see us.”

Greil turns around, “Ok, you remember the cue...” Then, he gets slapped in the face by a woman walking forward wearing a dark bird's mask. She is the future version of Sharon Rivers/Sailor Charon.

“You don't need to remind me. I know why we're here.” Future Charon scoffed before turning to the three ominous figures. “Now, my Time Deaths. Let's go ruin that ungrateful boy and his little prom queen's date.”


Marching across the street is a group cosplayed as the Phantom Troupe from Hunter x Hunter. The group consists of familiar faces. They are a group of Sailor Moon and YuYu Hakusho antagonists and their cohorts. Sensui Shinobu cosplays as Chrollo Lucilfer. Itsuki dresses as Kortopi. Queen Beryl dresses as Pakunoda. Queen Nehellenia dresses as Shizuku. Rubeus dresses as Bonolenov. Esmeraude dresses as Machi. Jadeite cosplays as Nobunaga Hazama. Nephrite dresses as Uvogin. Zoisite dresses as Phinks. Kunzite dresses as Franklin. Sniper cosplays as Feiten. Seaman dresses as Shalnark.

The Spirit Detective and Hunter group notice this commotion.

As soon as Kurapika saw the Phantom Troupe cosplay group, his eyes turn red and become slightly enrage. Thankfully, Leorio calms the blond-haired assassin down.

“Easy there, Kurapika. Their not the real deals.” Leorio reminded him.

Kurapika eyes then revert to normal and sigh, “I know, but I can’t help but hate spiders.”

“I see Shinobu Sensui, Itsuki, Sniper...” Kurama witnessed three of the Sensui Seven.

“And Mitarai?!” Kuwabara said in surprise of another old acquaintance.

Seaman sees Kurama and Kuwabara and greets, “Hey, guys!”

“And isn't that some of Sailor Moon's former enemies?” Maya sees the Dark Kingdom and two of the Black Moon clan, “Man, you don't see that everyday.”

“Yeah.” Yukina pondered.


As Ai, Mako, and Calumon watch the Impmons argue, they turn around to see two boys with a golden-furred Inumon and a black Renamon.

“Ah! Yusuke and Kazuma!” Mako mentions the boy’s names of being so familiar.

“What? Yusuke and Kuwabara of YuYu Hakusho? Man, they've shrunk last time I recall...” Impmon (DF-616) commented by scratching his head with his index finger.

“Lamebrain, they're kids named after Yusuke and Kuwabara!” Impmon (YYGDM) corrected his distant counterpart, “Their mother honored those two for helping her through labor.”

Indeed, these two young boys are twin brothers named Katsuya Yusuke and Kazuma.

“Ah, you brought ShineInumon and BlackRenamon!” Mako cried out to the boys’ Digimon.

Calumon gives a cheerful smile, “Yay, Yusuke and Kazuma can play with us!”

Impmon (DF-616) looks at ShineInumon and BlackRenamon and becomes surprise, “Oh crap... aren't these the pups of the Renamon I...”

“Yep and I'd keep my mouth shut if I were ya.” Impmon (YYGDM) interrupted and leered at Impmon (DF-616).

Impmon (DF-616) covers his mouth and stays on the pups' good side.

“There's been a lot of disturbances lately.” BlackRenamon said in caution.

“Something's big is gonna happen around here.” ShineInumon commented.

“Like what? Guess we'll have to keep an eye on things here then.” Impmon (YYGDM) stated before announcing otherwise, “Ok, who's up for fishing for pizza?!”

Everyone raises their hands regardless.


Five women in the shadows come out of hiding. One has her sights where Kensuke and Christina are. The other four look toward the cafe where Haruka & Michiru and Tyra & Helena are having their dates. The fivesome giggle fiendishly amongst themselves.

(End Theme)


Koreatown/Kunjip restaurant

Back at the Korean restaurant, the Kaiba-Kuhouin party is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of two strangers: Kaiba Gozaburo and Noah.

“Good evening, are we interrupting anything?” Gozaburo bluntly asked his estranged step-family.

Seto and Mokuba are both stricken with shock. The sight of Gozaburo and Noah shocked them.

“Gozaburo?!” Seto cried out in shock.

“No way, Noah?!” Mokuba remembered him back in the Virtual World.

“You know these two?” confused Lyn before she figures out, “Wait, Gozaburo and Noah... you told me about them before!”

Helio appears upset to see Gozaburo. “So you must be my step-grandfather. I’ve heard a lot of bad things about you.”

“Who are you?” Gozaburo questioned before refreshing his memory, “Ah, wait, you're Seto and Lyn's little brat. Yes, I committed terrible acts, but your father drove me to the brink of insanity. I won't rest until he and his spawn are out of my way!”

“Kaibacorp would have been a dangerous arms dealer if it weren’t for Seto taking over at the last minute.” Arisa muttered.

“With 2 percent share off course.” Helio added.

“What business do you want, Gozaburo?” Okina questioned the corrupted businessman.

“I'm here because I'm the man who you were supposed to do business with.” Gozaburo answered to the Kuhouin head.

Noah eye rolls, “Oh, will you quit bitching, old man? Get over it.”

“Sheesh, he still holds a grudge to now?” Sam questioned.

“That's really sad.” Max sarcastically stated.

“Gozaburo, you're the last person I ever want to see again. Is there any point you being here?” Seto feels annoyed and glares at Noah, “And you? What ever happened to keeping Gozaburo out of my hair?”

“He managed to slip away from my watch?” Noah shrugs, “Don't blame me having to contain a stubborn vengeful man.”

The agitated Lyn walks up and slaps Gozaburo's face much to his irritation, “You weren't invited here, asshole! To think you're supposed to be my step father-in-law! Seto's done more good with the company than you've ever could've dreamed of!”

“You tell him, sis!” Max and Sam both encouraged.

Suddenly, the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future storms in the restaurant, much to the group’s surprise.

“Kaiba! I come to rescue you, my son!” the Cybernetic Ghost cried out in joy.

The Kaiba and Kuhouin families are alarmed by the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future's unexpected entrance. Helio and Arisa watch in shock of what the robot said. Really, is it true?

Seto glares and gives a deadbeat tone to the Cybernetic Ghost, “Oh, it's you again.”

Gozaburo retorts to the Cybernetic Ghost, “You're not his father! I am!”

“Correction you're Seto's stepfather, you twit. And second, you're toast.” Noah said to Gozaburo.

During the confusion, Amaya, Daiki, and Helbot storm the restaurant to find Max and Sam. They find the Stromberg brothers.

“Max!” Amaya hugs him in relief, “We've been looking all over for you!”

“Amaya!” Max replied back.

Sam wonders, “Where's Koori?”

“She's in Time Square with her family. You have a chance to go see her.” Amaya answered to Sam.

“By the way, we followed that guy in here.” Daiki points to Cybernetic Ghost, “He says he's Kaiba's father.”

“Hard to believe, huh?” Sam shrugged about it.

“Not really. Seto can be kinda cold and robotic.” Max commented about Seto’s identity.

“C'mon, you want to see Koori?” Amaya offered.

Sam nods, “Yes, I do.”

“No time to lose. You can tell 'em you're off to see Koori. They'll understand...” Daiki said about the others in the restaurant.

“Go on, Sam. You and Max go have fun. We'll deal with the rest here.” Lyn encourages her brothers.

“Thanks, sis!” Max and Sam both said before heading off to leave with Amaya, Daiki, and Helbot.

“See you later, guys!” Mokuba waved.

Helio smiles, “Nice meeting my uncles Max and Sam.”

“I love you, son!” the Cybernetic Ghost cried out in joy to Kaiba Seto.

“Augh!” Seto gets freaked out by Cybernetic Ghost.

Lyn has never felt confused in her whole life, “Seto, you've got a lot of explaining to do.”


Greenwich Village/New York University/Birthday Massacre Concert

(Cue The Birthday Massacre - Beyond)

At the Birthday Massacre concert in Greenwich, a whole lot of NYU students and from other colleges came to see the band playing one of their songs. One of the groups is Ford finally made it to this location.

“Finally, we’re not too late aren’t we?” Ford wondered about the timing.

The Caucasian Man answers to the Thai-American, “No, it’s still on time.”

Ford then hears the song, “Oh, I hear their playing one of the songs from the Superstition album.”

Jessica finds herself enjoying Birthday Massacre, “Oh, I've heard this song before.”

At another part of the audience, the Tennouzu Classmates/Attack on Titan group are seeing the band. The Survey Corp never have the chance to see a live performance due to being busy fighting flesh eating giants until today.

“So these are what the Birthday Massacre band are like.” Eren gets the feel of music that reminds people of the 80s.

“They sure are imaginative, Eren!” Hare cheerfully smiled.

“For what we heard, the band came from Canada.” Yahiro learns some information about them.

“And they did songs for the art by blending in synth rock and gothic styles.” Souta added.

“Interesting stuff.” Levi simply stated.

“Woo! This sure looks great to watch!” Zoe cheered to join in the loud crowd.

Armin states, “That looks crowded with all these college people.”

“I could not agree more, that’s why I’m staying together with my friends here.” Kanon said to Armin of not being separated from her classmates.

(End Theme)


NYU Library

Ami is having a field day looking through all the books. Vega accompanies her and finds a few martial arts books to read. While the couple scours feverishly through the library sections, a dark feminine figure sets her book down and locks her eyes on Ami.


American Museum of Natural History/Outside

Outside of one of New York’s well-known museums, an intellectual chimpanzee is seen climbing one of the buildings and jumps through each one for his curiosity to go inside the museum.


Wall Street

At the south area shows Wall Street, home of many financial markets. Somewhere in the crowd, they are excited to see Batman stoically wander. This is the Christopher Nolan version of the cape crusader.


Wall Street/New York Stock Exchange

Inside the huge trading floor of Wall Street’s famous business positions, there are many workers having their day off to celebrate the New Year.

A visitor from Japan is coming to this place. He is the sole, infamous creator of the Sword Art Online server named Kayaba Akihiko/Heathcliff, in which he is waiting for two business partners: the owner of Industrial Illusions and CEO of Schroeder Corp.

Maximillion Pegasus is finally seen dressing up as Xion from Bloody Roar, he notices Batman coming in and calls Kemo over to accompany him.

“Well, well, if it isn't my old friend, Brucey boy.” Pegasus gives a flamboyant smile to the cape crusader, “Oh sorry, you got your cowl and cape on. You're on duty I presume, Batsy?”

Batman grumbles a bit, “You don't have to get cute with me, Pegasus. Say my name right.”

“Sir, it's Batman.” Kemo corrected Pegasus.

“Can't I have a little fun, Kemo?” Pegasus light-heartingly said to him, “Your job is to stand around and be my bodyguard.”

“My apologies, Mr. Pegasus.” Kemo apologized.

“Liven up, Batman. How's life been?” Pegasus asked the bat-themed superhero.

“Well, I faked my own death in The Dark Knight Rises. Now I'm back to give people that ray of hope.” Batman explained the ending of his own trilogy story.

“That's good. We all missed you. You working on that Batman voice?” Pegasus asked another obvious question.

“It's gotten better. I sound less like I'm smoking a pack.” Batman answered about his acting.

“I look forward to you speaking the Batman voice, Brucey.” Pegasus smiled.

Just then, two people named Siegfried & Leon von Schroeder meets with Pegasus and Batman.

“Long time no see, Pegasus and Batman! You both look marvelous as ever.” Siegfried greeted.

Pegasus shakes Siegfried's hand, “Oh my, it's been a while, Siegfried my boy! And your brother Leon has sprouted so much!”

“Hello, Mr. Pegasus.” Leon blankly said.

“Now that's what I call a polite response. Don't you agree, Batman?” Pegasus said to the cape crusader.

“Yeah, very polite. He sounds like he doesn't want to be near you, Pegasus.” Batman seriously said.

“Come now, Leon's a good boy.” Pegasus playfully shrugged.

Leon thinks otherwise, “Freak!”

Another man approached and joined in their conversation. That said man is Kayaba Akihiko who greeted the business partners.

“Greetings, Pegasus and Siegfried, and so do you Batman.” Heathcliff greeted the three figures, “I’m here in sharing my former SAO project experiences with your Duel Monsters ideas.”

“Well if it isn't one of my favorite business partners Kayaba Akihiko!” Pegasus greeted the MMO creator.

“We're delighted to hear you share your ideas with us.” Siegfried stated about some topics.

“Your next project better not be as disastrous as the last.” Batman warned Kayaba.

“Oh I’m taking a vacation from my death games Bruce Wayne, since I’m no longer doing those to begin with.” Heathcliff responded and continues his statement, “Let Alfheim Online and Gun Gale Online take over in having their safe boundaries. At some point in the future, virtual reality and the real world will truly be one on a grand scale. Kaiba Seto did it once by merging the worlds of Digimon and Duel Monsters.”

“That's wonderful to hear, Kayaba. I look forward to these latest breakthroughs. Kaiba boy would be intrigued to see this.” Pegasus stated by this future suggestion.

This is a reminder of back in the early days of YuYuGiDiMoon, Kaiba did an ambitious project of merging the Digital World with Digimon and the Virtual World of Duel Monsters.

“Indeed, we're most interested in this.” Siegfried has the same feeling.

“Hopefully not a complete disaster.” Leon muttered.

Batman says nothing but keeps a close eye on Kayaba Akihiko. He's not entirely trustworthy of the creator of the SAO systems.


Javits Center

(Cue Blood Stain Child – Electricity)

Back at the huge convention center, Blood Stain Child performs one of their hit songs for their fans. Jack Atlas scowls and glares jealously at the band.

“Those damn blokes think they're so hot! Why don't we show 'em how we roll, guys?” Jack announced to his cohorts.

“You're thinking what I'm thinking, Yusei?” Crow asked the top duelist.

“I know exactly what you're thinking and what Jack's thinking. It's time we reunite our band and give these people a show!” Yusei said about a certain band they use to do.

The three find a stage to set up their band equipment.

“What are they doing?” Leo wondered.

“Putting their band back together.” Akiza answered to the younger boy.

“A battle between bands? Oh boy, it's gonna get loud in here.” Luna commented.

Elsewhere, a veteran agent named Phil Coulson walks over to greet TOM and the Anime Shield.

“Congrats on putting your own team together to reflect the assembly of other united herpes.” Coulson said to TOM.

“Kinda following a trend and I wanted a team that parallels your Agents of Shield.” TOM said to his originator.

“You got a great crew of different personalities.” Coulson commented to the Toonami host’s teammates.

Suzumiya Haruhi pokes her head in, “Yeah and TOM has a god like me on his side! Bad guys know to fear me!”

Coulson chuckles nervously, “Right... anyway, any possible new recruits?”

“I got my eye on a few talented individuals. One being Tsunemori Akane, the main lady lead from Psycho-Pass.” TOM mentions the name of a futuristic police cop, “We're hoping to add her since she meets the qualifications to be a member of Anime Shield.”

“Very good.” Coulson nodded.

Elsewhere in the convention center, Hotaru explores and greets Sailor Moon fans. Unbeknownst to her, she's being watched by a dark figure who can't take her eyes off Hotaru.

At the same time, Lightning, Noctis, and Kratos are observing the battle of the bands coming alongside the Anime Shield meeting their inspirer.

“Now this should be fun.” Noctis stated.

“Yeah, their going to go at it for sure.” Lightning said about the band competition.

Just then, a young girl cosplaying as Serah Farron appears in front of the group.

“Hi, you guys look awesome! Can you sign my autograph?” the girl said to Lightning.

Lightning gives a warm smile at the offer and signs an autograph to her young and idealistic fan who dresses up as her younger sister.

“Thanks!” The young girl happily cried out before she runs off to her boyfriend who cosplays as Snow Villiers.

Kratos is feeling some warmth since the innocent child reminds him of his late daughter. The three briefly see someone dressing up as a polygon version of Cloud Strife in the original Final Fantasy VII.

Witnessing this, Lightning then changes to another topic, “Say, I was going to mention a new Dissidia game is coming to the arcades.”

“Oh yeah, I recently just hear about it. I can expect the fans wanting me to be in it.” Noctis said the obvious about the fan request.

“I can understand that, what’s our new purpose about it anyway?” Lightning said about herself since her game trilogy concludes.

“Not to mention that Square Enix finally announce the remake of Final Fantasy VII.” Noctis brought up this important topic going on ever since the original game was release decades ago. The long-time rumors are coming true at last that the gaming company is getting back its feet.

“It’s about time, Cloud is happy to here.” Lightning said of reminding herself as a female version of the legendary swordsman.

(End Theme)



In the Chinatown district, the Chinese civilians and tourists are out celebrating shows and parades. The mainstream band, Linkin Park, are on stage putting on a performance for their fans.

Not far off from where the band is the entire DF-616 group, aka the Digimon Fusion Kai crew. The group consists of all the Ascendants (which are beings that are similar to Super Saiyans), the D3s (AU sons and daughters of the Kai Digidestined), and their allies. The group consists of Tai Kamiya & Agumon/Omega X, X/Max Kamiya (who is the AU son of Tai and Sora), Yamato Ishida & Gabumon/Metalla X, Kari Kamiya & Gatomon/Mystic Celesta X, TK Takashi & Patamon/WarAngemon, Dimitri Ishida & Faith the Patamon/Angemon X (the future son of Yamato and Mimi and plays the role of Trunks), Davis Motomiya & Veemon/Ultima X, Ken Ichijouji & Wormmon/Zodiark X, Sora Takenouchi & Biyomon, Mimi Tachikawa & Palmon, Izzy Izumi & Tentomon, Joe Kido & Gomamon, Yolei Inoue & Hawkmon, and Cody Hida & Armadillomon, Keke Ishida (AU daughter of Yamato and Mimi), David Motomiya (AU son of Davis), Tike Takashi (AU son of TK and Kari), Kara Takashi (AU daughter of TK and Kari), Sam Ichijouji Jr. (AU son of Ken and Yolei), BanchoLeomon, BW (A human version of BlackWarGreymon), Pikkan, Sonja (An artificial that looks like Android 18 only with black hair), Sheila (known as Seductressmon that she looks like Zangya), Jax (An artificial that looks like Android 17), Mummymon, Arukenimon, Meryl & Salamon, D-Reaper, Dorothy Kaimodosu & Avengemon, Athena Osaka-Ishida & PinkPatamon (future daughter of Dimitri and Karin Osaka), Juri (a clone of Katou Jeri), and Rena (a humanoid clone of Renamon).

The D3s themselves dress up as Gundam characters. Max dresses as Domon Kasshu from G Gundam. The remaining five are those from Gundam Wing. Keke is Heero Yuy. David is Trowa Barton. Sam is Duo Maxwell. Kara is Quatre Raberba Winner. And Tike is Chang Wufei.

“Man, take a look at Chinatown, guys! This is surreal!” Tai (Kai) said in amazement.

“Karin will catch up with us later, guys.” Dimitri said about his girlfriend’s whereabouts, “She had to be with the other YYGDM leaders for now.”

“Yeah, momma will come here when she's ready.” Athena stated.

“It's ok, Dimitri. We have all night, right?” Agumon (Kai) said to Tai (Kai).

Tai (Kai) responds to his partner, “You bet! Besides, I'm freaking hungry! Let's make raid the best Chinese restaurant we can find!”

Mimi (Kai) points out smiling, “Oh, I know one!”

“Do you?” Yamato (Kai) raised an eyebrow.

“Well, duh, I did live in New York for a brief time!” Mimi (Kai) reminded the group.

“Well show us!” Davis (Kai) cried out.

Sonja mutters, “Great, we're gonna be watching you Ascendants stuff yourselves like pigs.”

“Hey now, not all of us are pigs.” Keke glares at Max.

“What?! Hey, I can't help it if my stomach grumbles! All that training can work up an appetite!” Max sees Keke giving him the 'look', “Sheesh don't do that.” He puts on his X mask and his X persona wises him down, “All right, show the way, Mimi.”

BanchoLeomon's ears twitch as he senses a cluster of strong Kis in one area.

“Something up, kitty cat?” Sheila asked in being curious.

BanchoLeomon wisely answers, “I'm sensing strong powers akin to ours, but they're not malevolent.”

“I sense them, too.” Kari (Kai) feels the energies.

Gatomon (Kai) adds, “Yep, they're good energies I'm sensing.”

Suddenly, Tai (Kai)'s eyes widen as he exuberantly laughs.

“Tai?” Sora (Kai) looks at him.

“Guys, you're not going to believe who's here! X, it's really them, isn't it?!” Tai (Kai) cried out in excitement.

The fateful meeting between them is coming.

“Yeah, like we've pre-arranged.” X nodded at Tai (Kai) before facing the destined pathway, “Guys, we're about to be graced by the presence of our predecessors. Our originators.”


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Jul 5, 2012
Shinnen:New Year Chap 4 (Guilty Crown Mega Crossover)

Time Square

Back at the famous commercial intersection, as the heroes continue to have fun, Sharon and Jeremiah finally have the luck to surprise the YYGDM founders and the Lost Kingdom crew. Nevertheless, the heroes are none too happy to see the villainous duo.

“Sharon?!” Usagi and Karin shouted upon seeing the evil senshi.

“And Jeremiah?!” Yusuke, Yugi, and Takato all shouted as well.

Setsuna frowns and shouts, “What do you want, Sharon?!”

Sharon chortles at Setsuna, “Is that anyway to address your sister again? It wasn't long ago since that Halloween event.”

“You're not going to ruin New Years.” Setsuna glared at Sharon.

“Quite the contrary, Miss Setsuna. We're not here to fight you and unleash a hostile takeover. We wish to celebrate New Years our way.” Jeremiah explained.

Sharon notices the Lost Kingdoms crew and smirks, “Oh, you brought the Lost Kingdom gang. How are you all?”

The Lost Kingdoms crew with Funeral Parlor, the Magical Girls, and Sword Art Online simply glared at Sharon.

“Like we'd believe you!” Usagi shouted at Sharon.

“Let's let bygones be bygones. Here, we even brought you some gifts for forgiveness. Sailor Moon and Sailor Sedna, there's two old friends meaning to see you again.” Sharon giggles before she snaps her fingers, “Oh, Sailor Mars and sister, we can't forget about you.”

The four shadowed figures walked forward as spotlights beamed down and revealed the foursome. They are the evil clones of Usagi, Karin, Setsuna, and Rei. Usagi and Karin are shocked to see their evil clones.

Usagi gasps at seeing the clones, “No, you brought her here?!”

“She's the last face I wanted to see again!” Karin cried out at her clone.

A red-skinned humanoid resembling Usagi walks forward. She's dressed as Sephiroth, which fitted her already muscular body.

Standing beside her is a white-haired girl resembling Karin. She's dressed like Todd Ingram of the League of Evil Exes from Scott Pilgrim. She's carrying a naginata.

“Igasu?!” Usagi cried out.

“Andes!” Karin shouted.

Igasu gives an evil grin, “Long time no see, Bunny. Igasu the Blood Moon has returned.”

“Thought I perished? Heh, I'm just like a cockroach! I'll keep coming back! Sailor Andes has returned!” Andes gives an evil proud grin, her real name is Nirak Akaso.

The other four are revealed. Rei is shocked to see a lighter red-skinned version of herself wearing Ultimecia's outfit. The 'Rei' clone carries a bow with arrows. Her hair is cut slightly shorter than Rei's.

“I take it your name is mine spelled backwards. How original.” Rei sarcastically said.

Ier evilly smiles, “Well, that's not nice to greet your cloned sister. I am Ier the Blood Mars.”

Setsuna watches her clone step forward. The clone is a gray-skinned woman with long blue hair. She's wearing Kuja's outfit. She's carrying a Garnet Staff like Setsuna's.

Sharon laughs and walks up to Setsuna's clone, “What do you think, sister? Her name's Anustes the Blood Pluto.” The evil mistress continues to laughs, “She's been dying to meet her mother.”

“I've inherited your vast knowledge, Time Guardian.” Anustes chortles.

“How did you do this?!” Setsuna demanded her sister.

“Remember you and the Senshi's mission saving your Amazoness friends? In that cavern? And when our Rajita attacked?” Sharon mentions a past mission the Senshi took part of.

Usagi, Setsuna, and Rei quickly recall a past skirmish encounter with the Opposed Rajita that they have to saved these Amazon Duel Monsters.

“You might remember the cuts inflicted on you. Heh, our Rajita minions wounded you just to collect blood samples. Kuiiza's robotic insects took some of your blood samples. Samples were also collected from the Amazoness beforehand.” Sharon explained to the Senshi, “Then, thanks to Kuiiza and Toad's genius, they combined these genetic attributes to create perfect Senshi/Amazoness clones. The best qualities from both spawn our Blood Senshi!”

“This is wrong!” Usagi shouted in disgust.

“Why? Igasu was lonely and needed company. So we granted her wish.” Sharon replied to Usagi.

“That doesn't explain why Andes is here!” Karin cried out.

“GranDracmon is responsible for that. He sent tiny drones to collect blood from you and your Kuipers.” Jeremiah answered to the Kuiper Belt leader, “Needless to say, he incorporated you and the Kuipers' blood into dolls. He calls them his Bizarro Senshi.”

Andes evilly giggle, “And I've been given a second chance at life just to see you again, Sedna.”

“Unforgivable.” Karin muttered.

“I know my blood and Amazoness Swordswoman's was used to make Igasu. But, which Amazoness blood was used to create Ier and Anustes?” Usagi questioned about the other two Blood Senshi’s existence.

“For Ier, the blood of Amazoness Archer and Mars was used. Anustes was created from the combined genetics of Amazoness Sage and my sister.” Sharon answered.

“Well done, Sharon. You did manage to incur my anger, but I won't kill you for this.” Setsuna stated before she coolly smiles, “How about I tell everyone about the time you birthed that bastard spawn of yours?”

Both Sharon and Jeremiah are silenced by Setsuna's statement. Yes, the Paradais duo have an offspring.

“You wouldn't...” Sharon muttered.

“If you won't tell, I'll be more than happy to.” Setsuna smirked.

“Ugh, ok! Stop! I'll tell!” Sharon gives in otherwise.


In another section of Time Square, Nagah and Aya Tsuki bump into each other. They notice the Paradais group meeting the YYGDM founders and Lost Kingdom gang.

“We're too late!” Nagah cried out in fear.

Aya stops and said, “Hold on. No fighting is breaking out.”

“That's a relief.” Nagah said otherwise.


Midtown Manhattan

Back at the Midtown area, as Tyra and Helena step out, they are confronted by two shadowed figures. They are shocked to see mirror images of themselves.

Tyra faces a platinum blonde version of herself. The clone 'Tyra' has a tough and rugged look to her. She's dressed as Kyle Katayanagi from Scott Pilgrim.

“Who the hell are you?! And why do you look like me?!” Tyra angrily demanded.

Clone 'Tyra' has a sadistic grin and answers, “I'm Sailor Anurav. Or just call me Aryt Tlibrednav.”

“And you?!” Helena yelled at her clone.

The clone 'Helena' has a sexy smile on her face. She's dressed as Ken Katayanagi.

Clone 'Helena' seductively smirks, “I'm Sailor Raoauq. You can also call me Aneleh Sednaanref Azuos.”

“This is so wrong.” Tyra angrily muttered.


Next up, Haruka and Michiru are confronted by their Blood Senshi versions.

Haruka faces a golden yellow-skinned woman with short gray hair tied down in braids. She's carrying a scimitar. The woman is dressed as Emperor from Final Fantasy Dissidia.

“Why do you look like me?! Who or what are you?!” Haruka angrily questioned.

Clone 'Haruka' answers to her real self, “I'm you and I'm also Unfriendly Amazon. I'm y'alls perfected clone hybrid. But, you can call me Akurah the Blood Uranus.”

Michiru faces an aqua blue-skinned woman with long stringy green hair. She's carrying a flute. This woman is dressed as Cloud of Darkness from Final Fantasy Dissidia.

“You're obviously my clone.” Michiru stated.

Clone 'Michiru nods at her, “Yes, I'm part you and also part-Amazoness Blowpiper. You simply address me as Urihcim the Blood Neptune.”

Needless to say, Haruka and Michiru come to realize that their blood was collected during the Amazoness rescue and used to create their clones.


Kensuke and Christina come face to face with a girl with long purple hair. This girl looks like an evil mirrored version of Christina and dresses as Roxanne Richter from Scott Pilgrim.

“Why do you look like me?! Why?!” Christina angrily shouted.

“She has an evil vibe just like that whore Andes!” Kensuke senses a familiar energy coming from the clone.

Clone 'Christina' smiles and moans seductively, sounding like she was having an orgasm.

“Oooh, yeah! I see a hot boy with a lamer version of me. Why not go out with me?” Clone 'Christina' offered and introduce to herself, “I'm Anitsirhc Notned, or just Sailor Sucro. I'm one of GranDracmon's Bizarro Senshi.”

“What?! GranDracmon's decided to revive his clone project?!” Kensuke shouted in surprise.

“You're a bitch whore as far as I'm concerned! And keep your eyes off my man!” Christina threatened Sailor Sucro.

“Whoa, Chris, you want to have a go at her?” Kensuke wondered.

“She's already pissing me off.” Christina glares at Sucro and pops her knuckles, “You won't even need to dirty your hands, Ken.”

Kensuke chuckles, “Ok, she's all yours.”

Christina and Sucro encircle each other ready to engage in a hot cat fight.

“Try your worst, honey.” Sucro gives a taunting smirk.

“I'm rearranging that face of yours, bitch!” Christina angrily said to her clone.


American Museum of Natural History/Insside

The place switches to one of New York’s most famous museums. This comprises many exhibition halls contains 32 million specimens and artifacts, alongside a planetarium and a library.

Inside shows three people walking inside. One is a Japanese boy named Kitagawa Kenta alongside his Digimon, MarineAngemon. The other two are young African woman named Jami Waziri/Sailor Ixion and Ayanna Nazawi/Valkyrie Gondul.

“Here it is, guys. The American Museum of Natural History! Isn't it a beaut?!” Kenta commented the place with a grin.

MarineAngemon chirps happily and flaps his wings.

“It's been a dream of mine to come here.” Jami smiled.

Kenta comes dressed as Jean from Nadia and Jami cosplays as Nadia herself. Accompanying them are Ayanna Nazawi, one of Brunhilde's Valkyrie Maidens. She's dressed as Sheva Alomar from Resident Evil.

Ayanna looks at Kenta and Jami together; thinking, “I wonder if I'll ever find someone special? Jami's got a good guy like Kenta with her. Who could I end up with?”

“Pipipi!” MarineAngemon points up to the ceiling.

“What's wrong, MarineAngemon?” Kenta asked the small pink creature.

“Hey, did a chimpanzee escape from a zoo or something?” Jami noticed an animal-like figure seen at the ceiling.

“I don't know? Why?” Kenta wondered.

“Cause there's one climbing down from a window.” Ayanna answered.

Kenta takes notice as his eyes widen, “You're right! I see it!”

Spectators notice the ape scaling down a wall inside the museum and start to wonder why an ape is present.

Unbeknownst to Jami, she's being watched by a shadow figure smiling evilly.


Also inside the museum, Solomon Muto and Arthur & Rebecca Hawkins finish looking at the Egyptian exhibits. They, too, notice the ape.

“Hey, gramps! Look!” Rebecca points at the animal.

Solomon said in shock, “My word! Is that an ape?!”

“I believe I've seen this ape before.” Arthur begins to know about the chimpanzee.

Atticus Rhodes and Yasmin are now checking out the Egyptian exhibit with Bakura, Marik & Ishizu Ishtar and Odion. Raphael, Valon, and Alister look at the Atlantis-related exhibit.


The chimpanzee reveals himself in front of the crowd. He look at his surroundings till he saw Kenta & MarineAngemon, Jami and Ayanna, but doesn’t show hostility due to sensing a positive presence within them.

The ape is using sign language to communicate, “Caesar comes here to visit this place.”

Jami is able to understand Cesar's sign language.

“What is he saying?” Kenta wondered.

“You know sign language, Jami?” Ayanna asked her.

“His name is Caesar and he came to visit the museum.” Jami said to her friends and is using sign language to the ape, “Pleased to meet you, Caesar. We came to the museum. I'm Jami Wazari. These are my friends Kenta Kitagawa, MarineAngemon, and Ayanna Nazawi.”

Suddenly, Caesar growls as the shadow figure watching Jami appears.

Jami, Kenta & MarineAngemon, and Ayanna are shocked to see a girl with black skin and silver braided hair. The girl resembling Jami is dressed as Matthew Patel from Scott Pilgrim.

The cloned 'Jami' introduces without a crude tone, “Greetings, Jami. I'm your Bizarro Senshi clone Halimaj Irizaw, or just call me Sailor Noixi.”

“Oh this is just great!” Kenta cried out.

“Don't you dare try damaging this museum.” Ayanna warned Noixi.

“Yeah, I don't prefer to fight you here.” Jami said to her clone.

“Who said anything about us fighting here? I'm just here for the sight-seeing.” Noixi stated otherwise.

“Why don't I want to believe you?” Jami questioned the twisted clone.


Central Park

Many couples are out in the park taking their time walking around. Some of the heroes were seen taking a break from activities to spend time and relax at the park before the New York countdown starts.

Two humanoid demons named Brimstone and Mizuno stand together watching many couples walk by them. Mizuno dresses as Miho Edogawa and Brimstone dresses as Captain Kraft from Level E. They watch the Chimeras, a red-haired Texan Senshi named Taylor West/Sailor Eris, and a blonde haired Australian girl named Kara Summers/Valkyrie Sigrun hang out in the park.

Larry of the Chimeras and Taylor stand side by side holding each other's hands and watching fireflies fly by them. Larry Stonebagel dresses as Rango the Chameleon. Taylor cosplays as Starfire from Teen Ttians. Mika of the Chimeras is dressed as Jenny (Bloody Roar). Hayata of the Chimeras is dressed as Kenji Ogami/Bakuryu II (Bloody Roar). Kara cosplays as Terra from Teen Titans.

Watching Taylor from a distance is a shadowed figure.

Mizuno smiles watching the couples with Brimstone, “Isn't this romantic, Brimstone? Central Park is a perfect hub where all the love-struck couples come to confess their feelings and announce marriages.”

Brimstone scoffs, “Don't get any ideas.”

“Pfft, are you kidding me? Like we'd ever fall in love. Water and fire don't mix well.” Mizuno complimented.

“Valid point, but you did have affection for Hiei at one point.” Brimstone stated.

Mizuno recalls her first encounter with Hiei, their fight in Pharaohmon's Shadow Tournament from YuYuGiDigiMoon: Wrath of Pharaohmon/Redux, and having secret feelings for him.

“It's true, isn't it?” Brimstone asked her.

“I admit I did lose out to Hino Rei. But, I hold nothing against the priestess. Those two might butt heads a lot, but they're a hot couple.” Mizuno chuckles about Hiei’s relationship with the Senshi of Mars, “Besides, short guys aren't my thing! And I don't take guys who are weaker than me!”

Brimstone grumbles, “Are you implying I'm weaker?”

“You still haven't beaten me in a fight yet, Brimstone!” Mizuno stucks her tongue out.

“It's nothing to brag about.” Brimstone shrugged.

“No, but it means we'll never become a couple.” Mizuno said to him.

A couple walks by noticing Mizuno and Brimstone's interaction.

“Excuse me, but are you two a couple?” The man asked the two.

Mizuno and Brimstone both give a deadpan response, “What?”

“The way you play off each other, I thought we'd assume you're together. You're in Central Park after all.” The woman said to the two.

Mizuno points to Brimstone flabbergast, “Uh?! Me and him? No, no, no! Nothing like that! I don't date losers!”

“At least you're honest.” Brimstone sighed.

Woman giggles, “Oh, it's ok, dear. We all start off dating a guy we may or may not like.”

“But, you never know what happens later in life? You two might end up being the best couple ever. Me and the miss here started off at each other's throats.” The man stated.

“Just take it from us.” The woman suggested.

Mizuno and Brimstone exchange awkward looks.

Taylor and Larry walk along a lake. Taylor finds a boat for them to cross the lake with.

“Wanna try the boat?” Taylor suggested.

“Sure, it's a nice night, isn't it?” Larry smiled.

“And very crowded out tonight! I'm lovin' New York, darling.” Taylor replied pleasantly.

Larry takes Taylor's hands and leads her to the boat, “It is New York's Eve.”

Taylor then wonders, “Say, where are your other Chimera pals?”

“Who knows?” Larry wondered to himself.

Meanwhile, the other Chimeras, Mika and Hayata look around the park.

“Ugh, Larry and Sara are off with their dates. Seeing all these couples... we shouldn't be here.” Mika groaned.

“Why are we here?” Hayata sarcastically said to Mika.

Suddenly, a girl that looks like Taylor West appears in front of them.

“Taylor?” Hayaka’s eyes widened.

Mika figures out and warns, “No, unless Taylor had a quick makeover, it's not her.”

The 'Clone' Taylor has rose-colored hair and evil-looking yellow eyes. She is dressed as Lucas Lee from Scott Pilgrim.

“Oh, but I am Taylor West.” the 'Clone' Taylor said to herself.

Taylor and Larry pass by as they notice the 'Clone' Taylor.

“Hey, she looks like me! Who are you?!” Taylor cried out.

“A clone?” Larry blinked.

“Yeah, we figured that.” Mika unsurprisingly said.

“Guess can't fool ya, sweetie pies anymore.” 'Clone' Taylor said to Larry and Mika before turning to Taylor, “Howdy, Taylor West, or should I call ya Sailor Eris? You can call me Rolyat Tsew, or you can just call me Sailor Sire.”

“Ugh, now I know how Karin feels.” Taylor groaned.

Sire has her eyes on Larry, “Hey, guy, dump her and go with me. Ya can saddle me all night long!”

“No thank you.” Larry rejected the offer.

Taylor confronts Sire and defends, “Eyes off my boyfriend!”

Sire giggles at her real self, “You wanna go, darling? Sure, I'm down for a Texas rodeo rumble. Winner has dibs on the boytoy.”

“He ain't anyone's toy!” Taylor cried out in ready to fight.

Mika takes out popcorn.

“What are you doing, Mika?!” Hayata cried out.

Mika smiles while eating the snack, “Just kick back and enjoy this fight. This gonna be good.”

Kara looks around the couples in the park and sighs sadly.

“Boy, seeing all these couples make me hope I can find that right guy for me.” Kara muttered to herself.

Then, she notices Taylor and Sire wrestling each other.

“Cripes, what the hell?! Taylor is fighting some a mirror image of herself? I gotta see this!” Kara then heads over to watch the fight.


Time Square

Back at Time Square, as soon as the ‘Queen of Mean’ is forced to tell about her and Jeremiah’s offspring in front of Meioh Setsuna and the YYGDM cast; the Lost Kingdoms, SAO and their Charizards, Gon/Killua, Ryuko/Satsuki, and Canon!Guilty Crown cast are eavesdropping this as well.

“Are you guys are hearing this?” Asuna hears the commotion.

“What, the fact that the Paradais blowhards are back?” Ryuko scoffed.

Killua glares while casually folding his arms behind his back head, “I threaten to rip their hearts if I wanted too.”

“That’s a reunion here. Two sisters with the same voice actor as Ash Ketchum.” Leafa commented while breaking a fourth wall reference that both Setsuna and Sharon are voice by Veronica Taylor.

“Except instead of Pokemon, they have a Digimon partner-.” Kirito and his Charizard stares at Sharon, “Well one of them anyway.”

“Sharon Rivers is going to talk about the Envoy of Da’ath, the name of which the name is Yuu Grand.” Gai explained to the group.

Canon!Shu remembers the name of that envoy. Da’ath the Death Keeper, he and his secret conspiracy are the ones responsible for creating the Apocalypse Virus meteorite, infected his late older sister to be the Eve for her Adam, and caused Lost Christmas in ruining his life so many years back. He fought Yuu during the final battle of saving Canon!Inori before disappearing from the fight. Somehow, the ironic thing that himself and his two acquaintances heard is that Yuu made his return in reviving GHQ for their Lost Kingdoms incarnations to battle them. Canon!Shu is surprise that Yuu is actually the son of the Paradais duo, similar to Damien from Omen and of how he previously symbolizes the serpent from the Garden of Eden.

“You people have encountered that same person before?” Canon!Shu wondered to the Lost Kingdoms group.

“Yeah, a few times actually.” LK!Shu answered.

“Can’t believe your going through the same experiences as us.” Canon!Ayase stated of their younger selves fighting the same foe.

“Yeah, but things are different here.” LK!Ayase responded about their change.

“I am not much of a damsel in distress in this beautiful world.” Inori reminds the group about her existence.

“Me and Triton being his Eve and Adam? Ugh! This kid is a maniac!” Mana cried out in frustration.

Homura, Haruka, Kurosu, and Saeko are standing next to Setsuna, Sharon, and Jeremiah.

“Aw their going to mention about the boy from Da’ath, I never knew he’s their son.” Kurosu hears about this information.

“He is more than that. His own person is more intellectually dangerous as his parents.” Homura warned the adults.

“Thank goodness I decided not to work alongside that Yuu kid, it’s sad that Keido choose to on the other hand..” Kurosu stated.

Haruka Keido shrugs about her older brother’s decision, “Which I figured.”

“Ssh! Let’s hear their conversation.” Saeko said to her colleagues.

Meioh Setsuna has everyone’s attention and announces, “Who else wishes to know Sharon's worst humiliating experience?”

“Oh, oh, me, me!” Usagi jumps up and down with her arm raised.

“I think we're like to hear this!” Takato cried out.

“We're all ears, Time Guardian.” Yusuke grinned.

Yugi ponders, “What could be Sailor Charon's worst experience?”

“You wouldn't dare, sister. This is low of you.” Sharon glared at her sister.

Setsuna smirks and starts, “It happened one early morning in a hospital. Sharon was due to birth the existence of a certain hell spawn.”

“No, no! If anyone's going to tell them, I will monologue the details! It all started one horrible early morning...” Sharon admits defeat and explains…



Jeremiah rushes into an emergency room in some hospital on another world. He sees a doctor and several nurses tending to Sharon, who had her legs spread open and breathing heavy. She had been in labor for 15 minutes.

“Sharon, I'm here!” Jeremiah arrived.

The doctor appears in talking to Jeremiah, “Mr. Grand, thank goodness! Only you can help us get Ms. Rivers through this.”

“Leave it to me.” Jeremiah rushes over to Sharon's side, “Sharon, I'm here. if you need my hand...”

Sharon quickly applies a vice-like grip on Jeremiah's hand and nearly crushes it.

“AHHH!” Jeremiah screams in excruciating pain.


“AUGH!” Jeremiah feels Sharon's grip breaking his hand, “WHAT DID I DO?!”


Jeremiah is breathing heavily, “Who said we need to take care of it? We can still conduct our business. Don't forget, this spawn will inherit our powers and he or she will develop quicker than a normal human.”

“Oh, now that you mention it! You're right! I can still scheme and work behind the scenes! I'll still have my independence! Let the spawn fend for itse-!” Sharon then feels another contraction, “AUGH! THE SPAWN MUST'VE HEARD THAT! AUGH!

“I see a head!” a nurse cried out.

AHHHH I CAN FEEL ITS HEAD!” Sharon yelled.

Jeremiah feels his hand getting further crushed, “LET THE PAIN BE OVER!”

After a few minutes, Sharon falls back out of breath and sweating. The nurse hands Jeremiah a towel bundle with a pale-skinned child. The baby is not shown to be crying.

“Congratulations, Ms. Rivers and Mr. Grand, it's a boy.” The doctor said in relief.

“Boy, eh?” Sharon muttered.

Jeremiah smiles as he prods the child's face, “I have a name for him.”

“What?” Sharon questioned.

“We shall call him Yuu.” Jeremiah answered.

Sharon slowly smirks evilly and said, “Let's see how well this spawn develops. If he develops on his own well, he'll no doubt be a threat to us.”

“You're suggesting we keep a close eye on him.” Jeremiah asked his wife.

“Exactly. No one, not even our own child, will ever be allowed to overtake and deny us rule of the multiverse. Should he become a threat, he must die.” Sharon gives her statement.

Despite being just a newborn, Yuu is already able to comprehend what his parents are saying and plotting. He becomes self aware of his own existence and his true purpose. Unbeknownst to the Paradais duo, the spawn is already planning.


Time Square

Back to the present, Setsuna has self satisfaction witnessing Sharon looking humbled.

“There, you happy?!” Sharon yelled at Setsuna.

“Now you know how it feels to be humiliated.” Setsuna sadistically smirked before she finishes, “And yes, I watched the whole thing happen from my Room of Time.”

“You bitch...” Sharon angrily muttered upon figuring it out.

“We are sisters after all.” Setsuna gives a deadpan reminder to the evil lady.

The YYGDM founders, the Lost Kingdom crew, the Guilty Crown canon, and the others gossip over Yuu's birth following Sharon's humiliating labor period.

“Hate to say it, but Setsuna got you good.” Jeremiah concluded to his evil wife.

“Oh be silent.” Sharon scowls at him.

Anustes hesitantly thought of ready to attack, “Um, you still want me to kill the Time Guardian?”

Sharon orders the Blood and Bizarro Senshi back.

“No, stand down. She'll get hers later.” Sharon replied to Pluto’s clone.


(Cue Dead Can Dance – Carnival of Light)

Nagah and Aya arrive to meet with Usagi and Karin.

“Nagah! What are you doing here?” Usagi surprisingly noticed the Reformed Rajita leader.

“Aya? Surprised to see you here.” Karin said to the dimensional visitor.

“We came to warn you about Paradais coming to meet with you.” Nagah answered.

“But seems we came too late.” Aya stated.

Usagi eases the tension without concern, “Nah, don't worry, Setsuna put Sharon to shame. Everything's calm here.”

Nagah then notices Crystal!Moon beside the two senshi, “I'm see two of you.”

“Hi, I'm Sailor Moon from the Crystal series.” Crystal!Moon nicely introduced.

“Oh the reboot series. You're much shinier than the Usagi I know.” Nagah has it figured.

“Good thing you're here, Aya. We can hang out. I want to introduce you to my future daughter!” Karin said to the cybernetic girl.

Aya nods stoically, “Yes, Athena from the YYGDM-01 future. I want to greet her.”


In a matter of luck; Takato, Guilmon and Rika walk over to Canon!Shu.

“Hey, I notice a lot of us haven't approached you.” Takato regretfully stated while greeting him, “Sorry, you're the canon Ouma Shu, huh? I think we can relate since we've both gone through dramatic down periods. I'm Matsuda Takato. This is...”

“I'm Nonaka Rika. In the original Japanese version, I'm called Makino Ruki.” Rika introduced and mentions her Japanese name.

“Hi and I'm Guilmon!” Takato’s red draconic dinosaur playfully greeted.

Takato pats Guilmon, “He's our team mascot.”

Canon!Shu slowly smiles at the young Tamers with gratitude, “It’s nice to meet you three. Makes my heart felt soft since we’ve gone through much trauma.”

Canon!Ayase interjects with Asuna holding her wheelchair and Canon!Tsugumi walking beside them, “You can thank my support for being his wife.” She then said to Rika with a gratitude smile, “The same as taking care of your boyfriend here.”


Henry and Terriermon sees a girl named Sara Shinobu showing up. Sara is part of the Chimera team.

“Hey, I almost thought you wouldn't make it, Sara.” Henry said in relief.

Sara smiles and hugs him, “Yeah, sorry for the hold-up, but dealing with crowd's a pain.”

“Hah, glad you're here, Sara!” Terriermon flies over and lands on Sara's shoulder.

“Hey, Terriermon!” Sara strokes his chin.


LK!Tsugumi, Kenji, and Kyo are watching the crowd.

“Isn’t it romantic to see the site, Kenji?” Kyo gives a big smile to him.

Kenji mutters while blushing with his girlfriend, “Sure, I guess. One damn way to enjoy life while it lasted.”

LK!Tsugumi pouts on the other hand, “Oh poo, I haven’t gotten a date because that guy isn’t around.”

“You mean Daryl Yan?” Kenji asked about a certain person.

LK!Tsugumi answers to Kenji, “Yeah, sure he’s part of GHQ, but he seems to be a nice guy on the inside.”

“Don’t push it, Tsugumi. He’s way a psycho when he’s pissed.” Kenji reminded about Daryl’s ‘kill em all’ attitude.

Suddenly, Schrodinger appears out of nowhere much to the three’s surprise. The feline Hitler youth is holding Deadpool’s chimichanga.

“What the, a cat boy?!” LK!Tsugumi said in surprise.

“Is he one of you, Tsugumi?” Kyo asked the cat girl in curiosity.

LK!Tsugumi honestly answers, “I don’t think he is.”

“And he’s holding some chimichanga.” Kenji pointed at Schrodinger holding the food.

“You zhree hav enjoy ze fun?” Schrodinger grinned as he then pokes LK!Tsugumi many times to annoy the nekomata, “Oh look at zat, a cat girl juzt like me!”

LK!Tsugumi angrily grits her teeth and lashes out at Schrodinger, only that the blond-haired cat boy easily evades her and runs around like an idiot while laughing.

“GOD! This guy is getting on my nerves!” LK!Tsugumi yelled.

“I’ll say.” Kenji said with a deadpan tone.


Back at the main area, Ouma Mana is seen giving a dance performance to the people. Mana then turns to Homura and gives a ribald smirk.

“Come on HomuHomu, let’s dance!” The salmon-haired girl playfully offered.

“W-Wait!” Homura cried out before Mana grabs Homura’s hand anyway.

The two girls derive from the Devils of Cocytus are giving a sensual dance that impress some of the perverted fanboys. It is Mana’s current obsession so she won’t be lonely. Then, the older salmon-haired girl gives a light spank of Homura’s butt as the magical girl of time gasp and blush in embarrassment. LK!Shu, Inori, and Gai watches an incest feeling from them.

“My weird older sister has all the joy she had.” LK!Shu stated about Mana’s attitude.

“As much as I’m her love interest, Mana has her freedom to choose my step-cousin over me.” Gai admitted of not controlling his love interest.

LK!Shu then states, “Homura’s name rearrange to our last name when someone removes the ‘h’ and ‘r’.”

“All of us have enough character development in our fanfic just like the anime since we are the main trio.” Inori said about their roles.

“That’s good enough, our story may be over, but we’re still helping our friends as we can.” LK!Shu said before he changes to another topic, “I hear that two new anime movies are coming called Genodical Organ and Harmony.”

“They are based on novels and part of Project Itoh, right? Alongside the third called The Empire of Corpses?” Gai questioned about them.

“Some people would wish Beatless to have an anime as well.” Inori calmly added.

“I guess so.” LK!Shu responded to both of his friends. It’s how the artist named, redjuice is involved with these projects besides Guilty Crown.

(End Theme)


Koreatown/Kunjip restaurant

A confrontation occurs in the Korean restaurant, Makoto and Mako's date is interrupted by an unwanted guest. Makoto defends Mako and faces her Blood Senshi counterpart. This Blood Senshi resembles Makoto with wild reddish hair, olive green skin, larger muscles including the shoulders, triceps, biceps, forearms, and legs; she's cosplayed as Jecht from Dissidia Final Fantasy.

“Come again. You're part me and part-Amazoness Fighter?” Makoto questioned by realizing this.

The 'Clone' Jupiter answers, “My name is Otokam the Blood Jupiter. I'm yours and Fighter's perfected clone, and I'm here to take your man with me.”

“Sorry but I'm taken.” Mako denied.

Makoto stands up and gives a fighting stance, “You want to have a go at me?! I'll show you no clone of mine beats the original!”

Makoto and Otokam grab each other and try outmuscling the other. Mako backs off from the strong Amazon women. He finds a chair to break it over Otokam's back, but she's unfazed and has hearts in her eyes.

“You can hit me all you want, babe!” Otokam gleefully taunted.

Makoto takes advantage of distracted clone and punches her back.

“Thanks for the distraction, hun!” Makoto smiled at her husband.

Mako gives a thumbs up, “No problem!”


Outside of NYU Library

Ami and Vega are confronted by Ami's Blood Senshi clone. Facing them is a woman resembling Ami with longer wavy blue hair, cerulean skin, and wearing a brown cloak. She throws off her cloak revealing her cosplay: Golbez of Dissidia Final Fantasy.

“Ima...” Vega instantly figures out the identity.

“...the Blood Mercury?!” Ami finishes in shocked.

“Yes, I'm the combined clone of you Sailor Mercury and Amazoness Paladin. With your intellect and her battle instincts, I'll be a tough opponent for you to defeat.” Ima explained to her real counterpart and boyfriend.

“We'll see, but I've beaten clones before.” Ami concludes about her experiences.

“And you're nowhere near as hot as my Ami!” Vega yelled at the clone.

Ami chuckles, “Vega, that's very sweet of you, but let's take this seriously, ok?”

“You don't think I'm sexy, huh? How's this?” Ima poses and teases stripping.

“Nope, not good enough.” Vega nodded in disbelief.

“Enough of this nonsense.” Ami scans Ima's weakness with her visor, “Pinpointed your weakness.”

Ima said in flabbergast, “Already?!”

“Yep, better run.” Ami dared to her clone.

“Crap!” Ima then dashes off “Come and get me if you can!”

“I'll follow but I'll let you nab the slut.” Vega offered.

Ami nods at him, “Thanks, Vega. Onward to catch my perverted clone!”

(Cue 1966 Batman's sound)

With that said, Ami and Vega pursue their suspect.

(End theme)


Javits Center

As Hotaru walks over to greet a Sailor Saturn cosplayer, Hotaru senses an evil presence approach her. She turns and her face becomes aghast when she sees a mirror image of herself. She is a petite girl with silver hair in Hotaru's shoulder length style. A black star is perfectly embellished on her forehead. Her skin is light brown and is seen carrying a scythe.

Hotaru glares fiercely at her diabolical clone, “Who are you?! You look like me!”

“But, I am you. I'm you and Amazoness Trainee perfectly meshed into one being. I'm Uratoh the Blood Saturn.” 'Clone' Saturn introduced before she takes out her scythe and licks the blades with her tongue, “I'm here to ruin your fun.”

“How is this possible?” Hotaru questioned.

“You can thank Toad and Kuiiza for my creation.” Uratoh answered her concern.

“So, my blood and Trainee's blood created you. And that means the other Senshi...” Hotaru muttered before her last sentence.

Uratoh nods to conclude, “Yes, and we will enjoy trolling the hell outta you.”

Hotaru summons her glaive, “I won't let that happen.”

Fans gather to see Hotaru and Uratoh face-off for a showdown.

“Fight, fight, fight!” All the fans cried out in an uproar.

Elsewhere, a young woman with short brown hair and dressed in black scours inside the arena. This is Tsunemori Akane, main character of Psycho-Pass. She is searching for TOM and Anime Shield to confirm her qualifications to join them. She notices the commotion involving Hotaru and Uratoh.

“What the heck is going on over there? A fight's about to break out?” Akane pondered to herself.

Suddenly, Spike sees Akane and approaches her.

“Tsunemori Akane?” Spike examined the newcomer.

Akane said to Spike, “Oh, Spike! If you're here then...”

“TOM's waiting for you.” Spike mentions his name to her.

Then, Lightning, Noctis, and Kratos are seeing Hotaru and her clone fighting.

“By the gods, a brawl going on here?” Kratos witnessed.

“I never expect Sailor Saturn to have a mirror image.” Lightning stated.

Noctis then sees Akane walking with Spike to meet the leader of Anime Shield.

“So the news of the team having a new recruit is official.” Noctis stated.

“She has a lot of experience to carry out her duties.” Lightning said about Tsunemori Akane’s status.


Midtown Manhattan

Meanwhile, the four Gundam Meisters are strolling down the streets when suddenly, they see Ken Rainer watching Christina Denton about to have a conflict with her Bizarro clone. They walk towards to meet him.

“Excuse me, but aren’t you the person that becomes a Gundam named, Kensuke Rainer?” Tieria politely asked the accelerating protagonist.

“If you are, then our destinies to meet are true.” Setsuna F Seiei has prophesized.

Lockon casually smiles, “Don’t mind them, we’re the Gundam Meisters of Celestial Being.”

Kensuke is shocked to see the Gundam Meisters. He is near speechless.

“Oh man, I can't believe I'm seeing the Gundam crew that've inspired my Ascendant forms to make them stand out. This is like a dream come true!” Kensuke happily cried out like a fanboy.

“And who is that girl your with? I notice another is going to fight herself?” Allelujah noticed the cat fight.

“For a second there, you’re going great with your gal.” Lockon said while having a slightly lament look, “Hell, I once had a love interest before she’s no longer around.”

Meanwhile, Christina and Sucro are starting to pull each other's hair. Christina puts Sucro in a headlock and pounds her head. Sucro bites Christina's hand to force her to let go. Sucro slaps Christina and pushes her to the ground. They roll all over the place. Christina locks Sucro in a Boston Crab submission.

“That GranDracmon jerk made a clone of me and my friends?! No clone of me beats the original authentic Christina Denton!” Christina shouted.

“Bitch, I'm the improved version of your!” Sucro taunted.

“As if!” retorted Christina.

Sucro kicks Christina off. Christina then runs at Sucro and side kicks her. Christina picks Sucro up and slams her with a powerbomb.

Ken and the Meisters watch the girls attack each other with hard hitting blows and wrestling moves.

Kensuke sweatdrops and answers, “Yeah, that girl with the brown hair is my girlfriend. Say hello to Christina Denton, Australian Pop Idol star and the Senshi of Planet Orcus. The other one's her evil clone made by a villain of mine. Hey, Christina, say hi to the Gundam Meisters.”

Christina pauses from fighting Sucro, “Hey, mates!”

Christina gives a cutie wink before going to town on Sucro.

Kensuke chuckles, “That's my girl.”


Next, the Opposed Rajita group finds and raid a costume shop. Vipris, Babbi and Kitoss meet with the other Opposed Rajita members: Kuiiza, Kujiko, Emag Oediv, Toad, Revenant, and Xian-Yuio & Ravan.

The Opposed Rajita walks out in their costumes based on Superman villains. Kuiiza dresses as Desaad. Kujiko dresses as Granny Goodness. Emag Oediv cosplays as Mister Mxyzptlk. Vipris cosplays as Toyman. Babbi dresses as Mantis. Toad dresses as Parasite. Revenant cosplays as Metallo. Xian-Yuio and Ravan dress as General Zod and Faora. Kitoss comes out disgruntled.

“Sheesh, am I not threatening enough to demand a costume?!” Kitoss said in complain.

“That's cause people hate your guts and even we don't like you to begin with.” Vipris bluntly explained to the alien girl.

“That's not fair!” Kitoss whines, “I so wanted to be Livewire!”

Kuiiza slaps Kitoss aside, “Quiet you. Unless you Toad to cut your tongue out?”

Kitoss shakes her head nervously at the Rajita commander.

“Good. Now, let's go out on the town and scare some idiots.” Kuiiza ordered his forces.

“Ehahaha! Let's scare the wits outta them!” Emag Oediv cackled.

“I hear our Blood Senshi have found the Sailor Senshi.” Kujiko hears the news.

“That should prove to be interesting.” Toad stated.


Elsewhere in Midtown, the Reformed Rajita find another costume store meet with their other members.

The Reformed Rajita walks out with their costumes based on Hunter x Hunter Chimera Ant cast. Blitzkrieg dresses as Rammot. Melancholia dresses as Meruem. Rhea cosplays as Zazan. Ztreko-Li dresses as Shaiapouf. Lobo cosplays as Menthuthuyoupi. Wolk cosplays as Hina.

“Don't I look adorable, guys?!” Wolk asked the group.

No response from the others, except DemiDevimon.

“You're 100 percent cute!” DemiDevimon responded.

Wolk smiles at the small bat digimon, “Glad you're the only one who appreciates my fashion tastes!”

“If I say you look cute, will you shut up?” Blitzkrieg could care less.

“How rude!” Wolk sticks her tongue out at him.

Rhea gives a compliment to Melancholia about his cosplay, “That costume is so you, Mel.”

“Perhaps?” Melancholia is reminded about the Chimera Ant King’s character development.

“I hope Nagah will love my costume! Ok, guys, we're heading to Time Square!” Rhea announced to the group.

“We better be careful Kuiiza and his crew will be around.” Ztreko-Li warned his cohorts.

“They wanna rumble with us? Bring it on!” Blitzkrieg clenched his fists.

“Only if they cross our paths. Now let's go meet with Lady Nagah!” Rhea said to the group.


Elsewhere, GranDracmon completes his costume and dresses up as The Motherfucker from Kick-Ass.

“I have a lock on Kensuke's location.” Beyond pinpoint out.

“Good job, brother.” Greil give his congrats to him.

“Perfect.” GranDracmon then holds an electric guitar, “Now I can challenge him to another epic show.”

“We're working with you because we can get you faster to Kensuke.” Paradixalmon reminded the demon lord Digimon.

“Yeah, yeah, you guys are neutral, but I'm paying you well.” GranDracmon made his deal with a casual quip.

“And what about these four?” Paradisomon wondered.

GranDracmon answers Griel’s digimon partner, “A favor from Paradais. Plus one of them wants to see me guitar smash Kenny.”

Behind him Future Charon appears. She comes dressed as Mother Russia from Kick-Ass.

“I wanted to meet my present counterpart, but now I've been sidetracked. Oh well, the sooner we troll Kenny, the better.” Future Charon giggles evilly, “And I didn't come alone.”

The other three shadowed figures that accompanied Future Charon materialize. They are three of the five Sailor Moon Big Bads. They are also cosplaying as the other Kick-Ass 2 characters. Death Phantom dresses as Black Death. Pharaoh 90 cosplays as Genghis Carnage. Queen Metalia cosplays as The Tumor.

“I also promised these three we'd mess with the Sailor Senshi.” Future Charon stated.

“That's fine, but fucking with Kenny comes first!” GranDracmon boasted of finding his arch-nemesis.


Time Square

After the group's encounter with the four senshi clones, alongside Sharon telling the background of her unholy labor, a certain aqua-haired magical girl has this to say with Kyoko, LK!Ayase, Argo, LK!Tsugumi, Kenji, and Kyo beside her.

“All of a sudden, things couldn't get any weirder.” Sayaka commented about the turn of events.


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Jul 5, 2012
Shinnen:New Year Chap 5 (Guilty Crown Mega Crossover)

(Cue Dragonball Z - Bruce Faulconer)

At the start of this moment, a familiar narrator is speaking out to the scene.

“Next segment on New Year Nightfest! The Ascendants and their Kai Allies are going to have the fateful meeting with the Z-Warriors! What could possibly be? Find out now!”

Just then, Goku raises his head and yells to the narrator.

“Whoa! Hey, don't cut us off yet!” Goku responded to the omnipotent narrator.

“Whoops sorry.” The DBZ Narrator apologized.

“Say, why do you sound like Gohan?” Goku asked in curiosity.

“Because I'm Kyle Hebert! And this is my monster truck rally voice!” the DBZ Narrator answered with his hammy voice.

Gohan interjects and scratches his head, “And I'm talking in Kyle Hebert's almost normal voice.”

“Oh, hey, it's time, isn't it?” Goku announced in getting back to the story.

(End theme)


Shinnen:New Year

Chapter V: Festivities of Manhattan (Part V)



(Cue Dead Can Dance - East of Eden)

At the authentic area of Chinatown, with a song that plays something eastern, the place is graced by the presence of the most well known anime heroes of all time. The Z-Warriors have finally come to New York in awesome style!

The local Chinatown folk and tourists rush over to greet and meet the Z-Warriors. Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, Trunks, Future Trunks, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Chaotzu, Master Roshi, Android 18, Android 17, Android 16, Chi Chi, Bulma, Mr. Satan, Videl, Oolong, Puar, Fat Buu, Bulla, Pan, Uub, Pikkon, Bardock, Tarble, and Gure meet their fans.

“Man, this is crazy awesome!” Krillin positively said.

“Tell me about it! These people love us!” Goku agreed with his friend.

“We still have an enormous fanbase after all these years.” Yamcha commented.

“I have to say I prefer meeting fans in person than talking to them online.” Tien honestly said.

“Chinatown is pretty neat, huh, Tien?” Chaotzu said to his tall companion.

Gohan, Videl and Pan are seen taking pictures with the fans.

“Hey, Piccolo, how about getting into a picture with us?” Gohan persuaded to the Namekian.

Piccolo mutters, “Well...”

“Are you camera shy?” Videl casually asked.

“No, it's not that...” Piccolo hates to admit it.

Gohan picks up Pan and convinces, “C'mon, little Pan wants to be held by her uncle Piccolo.”

“Uncle Piccolo!” Pan happily cried out.

Piccolo glares at Gohan and Pan. He hesitates, but then ultimately gives in. Gohan hands Pan to Piccolo as he joins in for a picture shot.

“Hah, just look at Piccolo. And I thought I was green.” Pikkon casually commented.

“He's holding my great granddaughter. Hard to believe.” Bardock stated.

Master Roshi approaches some young Chinese girls and tries to give them the 'pafu-pafu' treatment. Bulma and Chi Chi punch him down.

“Ow! Hey, can't I have fun? That's the whole point of this vacation!” Roshi cried out.

“Trying to hit on those poor girls?! For shame!” Bulma glared at the old master.

Chi Chi snorts, “We got our eye on you!”

Mr. Satan and Fat Buu buy some Chinese meal from a food stand.

“Pretty good stuff, huh?” Mr. Satan said to the pink Majin.

“Mmmhmmm.” Buu said and eats a Chinese meal.

Future Trunks watches Goten and Trunks performing a dance for the tourists.

“Man, to think if my future didn't turn out the way it did, I would've been like regular Trunks.” Future Trunks watches his younger self. “All bratty and spoiled, but at least he got to depend time with dad.”

Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta are figuring out a buffet to eat.

“Whatever restaurant we choose, it better damn well have a buffet.” Vegeta wished.

“Why's that?” Goku asked his rival.

“So, I can settle the matter of who can win an eating duel.” Vegeta answered to Kakarot.

“Challenge accepted. But, which restaurant where we go?” Goku wondered while searching.

Oolong then interjects, “Hey, Goku! You're not going to believe this!”

“We found them!” Puar cried out while pointing at a group.

“Them who...?” Goku turns and to his elation the Digimon Fusion Kai group walks an epic walk toward the Z-Warriors. Tai & Agumon walk over to meet Goku.

“Son Goku?” Tai asked.

“Yeah?” The main Dragonball hero asked the young spiky-haired man.

Tai extends a hand to him, “Kamiya Taichi of DF-616. I'm your counterpart.”

“Oh, wow, you're that Ascendant guy I've heard from King Kai!” Goku cried out upon meeting his expy playing the obvious role, “Wait, your friend... what's her name? Karin Osaka told me about you!”

“She did?” Agumon blinked about the Sailor Senshi.

Goku shakes Tai's hand, “Nice to finally meet you.” The hero then sees X, “Hey, I recognize you. You talk to King Kai every now and then.”

“Indeed, it's good to see you again, Goku. But, you should also know.” X takes off mask to reveal his face, “I'm also Max Kamiya, teacher and alternate future son of Tai and Sora Kamiya.”

“Whoa, now that I didn't know!” Goku is surprise at that information.

Vegeta notices Yamato and Gabumon.

“I take it you're my DF-616 counterpart?” Vegeta questioned the Kai Digidestined of Friendship.

“You're looking at him.” Yamato bluntly answered to the Saiyan prince.

“Yes, I see now. You don't look like much, but from what I've seen and heard you're lived up to being Taichi's rival.” Vegeta sees the potential within the young man.

“I do what I do best. No other Matt/Yamato can handle the role.” Yamato answered to Vegeta.

It wasn't long that the Z-Warriors meet their DFKai counterparts. BanchoLeomon and Sheila meet Piccolo. Kari & Gatomon and TK & Patamon meet Gohan, Videl, and Pan. Tike, Kara, David, Meryl, and Salamon meet Trunks and Goten. Dimitri, Athena and PinkPatamon meet Future Trunks. Davis, Veemon, and Sonja greet Krillin, Android 18, and Marron. Ken & Wormmon, Yolei & Hawkmon, and Sam meet Yamcha, Tien, and Chaozu. Mimi and Keke meet Bulma and Bulla. Sora and Biyomon meet Chi Chi. Simms meets Master Roshi. BW and Rena greet Android 16. Pikkan and Juri greet Pikkon. Jax meets Android 17. Mummymon, Arukenimon, and Dee greet Mr. Satan and Fat Buu. Dorothy and Avengemon meet Uub. Izzy & Tentomon, Joe & Gomamon and Cody & Armadillomon meet Tarble and Gire.

“Man, this is like a once in a lifetime meeting!” Krillin cried out.

“Tell me about it!” Davis agreed with Krillin.

“Saiyans and Ascendants meeting for the first time. I'm definitely writing this in my autobiography.” Gohan gets an idea about his experiences.

“Gohan, you and I have so much in common, we both aspired to get involved in academics.” Kari said in relating to Goku’s son.

Fat Buu points to Dee who’s appearance look similar as him, “You look like Buu but can glow red sometimes?”

“Yep!” The D-Reaper nodded and smiled.

Bardock looks over his shoulder to see a group of young adults dressed in costumes based on Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. They are four of the original chosen from Digimon Fusion Kai. The leader that look like a hardened version of Tai Kamiya, named Taito Yagami, is Taichi's predecessor and dressed up as Buzz Lightyear. Accompanying him are his colleagues: Sara Masaki (the original inspirer of Sora), dressed as Princess Mira Nova; Mimiru Mitsuo (the original inspirer of Mimi), dressed as Booster Sinclair Munchapper; and Leon Shinomori (the original inspirer of Izzy), cosplayed as XR.

“You're Bardock, I presume?” Taito asked him.

“I am.” Bardock simply answered.

“I'm your counterpart.” Taito said while introducing the rest of his group, “And these are my colleagues. Sara, Mimiru, and Leon.”

“There's three of them. Where's the fourth one?” Bardock questioned about one more member, who is said to be the old inspirer of Yamato Ishida.

“Long story short, our other colleague turned coattail and joined with the enemy.” Sara Masaki answered to the Saiyan.

“It's a long story.” Leon stated.

“I see.” Bardock understandably said to Taito’s group.

Tai, Agumon, X, and Goku see Bardock meeting Taito and company.

“Looks like they finally met.” X gives his statement.

“Yeah, about time.” Tai added about their connection.

“That Bardock guy is sure something else.” Goku said about his distant father.

“You'd call your dad just a 'guy'?” Agumon wondered.

“Well, I never knew him. I've only been told about him.” Goku replied to the little orange theropod.

“Hey, Goku, are you down for some Chinese buffet?” Tai offered to the legendary anime hero, “Me and my friends are heading to one.”

“Are you kidding?! I'm in! I'll get everyone to join y'all!” Goku answered in excitement.

“I bet I can beat you in an eating contest.” Tai said.

“Yeah? Give me all you got!” Goku dared the Kai Digidestined of Courage.

“Hoo boy, this isn't gonna end well.” X simply stated.

“And so, our heroes meet their DFKai counterparts.” The DBZ Narrator’s unseen voice speaks up in the scene, “At long last, the long-awaited meeting commences as the buffet gauntlet has been thrown down by Goku and Taichi Kamiya! Who will come out on...”

“Ok, really, this chapter isn't even done yet!” X interrupts the omnipotent force.

“Uh, sure... sorry...” the DBZ Narrator grumbles.


Elsewhere in Chinatown, Aino Minako/Sailor Venus and her husband who’s associate with the Spirit Detectives named Kuroshishi Rio bring their friends for a night tour on the town. Rio's siblings, Kyo and Kohana, accompany them with their lovers. A young woman named Selipa walks with Kyo. A young Rajita girl named Lien is seen holding Kohana's hand. Nadeshiko, the Kuroshishi's half-dragon demon sister, sticks with Lien and Kohana.

Minako cosplays as Bartz from Final Fantasy Dissida. Rio cosplays as Kira Yamato. Kyo dresses as Athrun Zala. Selipa cosplays as Selvaria Bles (Valkyria Chronicles). Kohana dresses as Zodiac member Piyon from Hunter x Hunter. Lien dresses as Chimera Ant Ikalgo from Hunter x Hunter. Nadeshiko dresses as Iris (Pokemon).

Minako happily cheers, “Whoo! You have no idea how much I wanted to come back to New York!”

“We've been here for our honeymoon.” Rio said to the long blond-haired senshi.

“I know, dear! And how about you, guys? Enjoying the scenery in Chinatown?” Minako asked the others.

“Yeah, it's nice.” Kohana stated.

Suddenly, a little Shiisa dog pops out from a gust of smoke and appears on Kohana's right shoulder. He's dressed as Ginta from Hunter x Hunter.

“Hiya, Shiro! You finally wanted to come out?” Lien asked the mythical dog.

“Yeah, I came for the food and sight-seeing!” Shiro said to Lien.

Kohana sighs, “Just be on your best behavior.”

“Makai has their own Chinatowns, too.” Selipa tells the group about this information.

“So I heard.” Kyo stated.

Minako then announces, “Ok, everyone, let's get together for a group picture!”

“Yay! Group picture!” Nadeshiko happily clapped.

The group gathers for a big group picture in front of Confucius Plaza. She asks someone to take their picture.

“Say Sailor V!” Minako cried out.

Suddenly, two Duelists named Vivian Wong and Tristan Taylor walk by until they stop to see Minako's group. Vivian comes dressed as Huntress (Justice League Unlimited). Tristan comes dressed as Question (Justice League Unlimited).

“Say, isn't that Minako, Rio, and the family?” Tristan pointed out.

Vivian nods at him, “Yeah. C'mon, let's go greet them! Hey, Minako! Fellow movie star right here!”

Minako turns and grins at the Chinese girl, “Vivian!”

Minako and Vivian embrace and high-five each other.

“Where's that future daughter and her boyfriend?” Vivian asked her.

Minako answers, “Broadway, but we'll catch up with them later.”

“Chinatown's nice, huh?” Tristan said about the place.

“Sure is. Lots to see and eat here.” Rio commented about the civilians’ enjoyment.

“I feel like I'm right at home here being Chinese.” Vivian smiled about the culture.

Minako then mentions something, “Reminds you of where we filmed the new Sailor V film in Hong Kong not long ago.”

“Yep! It was fun playing your sidekick, but I should've gotten top billing.” Vivian stated.

Minako feels irked, “Then, it wouldn't be a Sailor V movie. I was more suited for that role.”

“Ah, but you were the stunt double for the Sailor V actress.” Vivian said to the Senshi. “You were only lucky those Triad jerks interfered with filming and you donned the Sailor V costume to truly save the day.”

“Which was the best scene in the movie, even though that didn't go according to the script. So, in the end, I stole the show!” Minako proudly said to the Chinese lady.

“Yeah, yeah...” Vivian scoffs, “Just admit we both shined in the movie.”

“True, we did.” Minako agreed for once.

“Hey, Vivian, you have a younger cousin named Suzie, right?” Tristan reminded her.

Vivian recalls about Henry’s younger sister, “Suzie Wong? Yeah, why?”

“Look up there!” Tristan points above.

The group sees Suzie Wong flying in the air on an air glider with Lopmon.

“Yaaay, this is fun!” Suzie happily shouted.

“Keep it steady, Suzie!” Lopmon urged for her partner’s safety.

Rio whistles, “You don't see that everyday.”

“I know.” Kohana added.

Vivian yelled at the little girl with concern, “Suzie honey, be careful up there!”

“She's got Lopmon. She'll be fine.” Minako reassured to the Chinese girl.

Just then, a shadow emerges from a corner and has her sights on Minako. The figure walks out and throws a chain toward Minako's direction. Minako instinctively dodges and does an acrobatic flip. She and the others turn to the direction of the attacker.

“Minako, are you ok?” Rio asked in concern.

“Yeah, but...” Minako eyes on her attacker, “What the hell are you?!

The figure is revealed as a dark yellow-skinned woman with tiger-like stripes and long gray hair. She's slightly taller than Minako and has a little muscular upper body build. She's dressed as Exdeath from Final Fantasy Dissidia. She picks up her chain and smirks evilly.

“Hey, did I ruin your little get together?” the 'Clone' Venus crudely asked.

“She almost looks like you, Mina.” Rio commented.

Minako frowns, “Except she has muscles in some places and has ugly skin color.”

The 'Clone' Venus chortles at her real self, “Heh, I'm Okanim the Blood Venus. I'm part-Minako and part-Amazoness Chainmaster.”

“Well, that explains the silver hair color and muscles.” Kohana commented.

“Ugh, so that cavern attack was just a way to get blood from us and combine them with our Amazoness friends. That's so wrong.” Minako said sickeningly.

“Science gave me life! Isn't science great?!” Okanim cried out about the term that defies the forces of nature.

“Only in the right hands! Lien already doesn't like you!” The Rajita alien girl yelled in third person.

“Relax, I'll take care of this.” Minako steps in to the front.

“Bah, I can take her!” Vivian offered.

Minako respond to Vivian, “She's my clone, so she's my responsibility.”

“I'm much stronger and know martial arts, honey.” Vivian stated.

“I know my share of self defense. How about we flip for it?” Minako offered to her friend.

“You're on!” Vivian smirked.

Okanim sighs, “Why don't you both take me on?”

“That would be a good idea, but these two won't listen to reason.” Tristan said to Venus’ clone.

Minako and Vivian compete with rock, paper, and scissors. Everyone looks on waiting for the winner.


Elsewhere, a group of villains have their sights set on the Z-Warriors and DFKai villains. These villains have united to celebrate their own party. Representing the DF-616 dimension: Burizalor (a Freeza look-a-like), Virus (a Cell look-a-like), GalacticNova X (a Broly look-a-like that fuse from a corrupt Digidestined named Yagami and Agumon X), and Mutalior (a Cooler look-a-like, but he’s Burizalor’s father instead) emerge from one side. Representing the Dragonball universe: Freeza, Cell, Broly, and Cooler emerge on the opposite side.

“Finally I meet my counterpart. Let this union bear fruit.” Freeza politely greeted his parody self as they formally shake hands.

“Indeed, my originator. Together we spread fear to these people.” Burizalor evilly replied to the galactic tyrant.

“Since we've been banned from the House of Madoka, who says we can't have fun other ways?” Virus gives a cocky smirk while Cell does the same.

Broly and GalacticNova X both laugh devilishly. Cooler and Mutalior toast each other with wine.

“I know Goku and his friends are here. Why don't we pay them a visit?” Freeza suggested.

“Likewise, Taichi and his colleagues will be surprise to see us crash their party!” Burizalor agreed.

Overhearing the vile villains, a tall and muscular baboon Digimon named Babimon, aka Babbi, gathers his film crew.

“Hear that? If Taichi and his friends are here, then Yamakins has to be here!” Babimon figures out and announce his special treat, “Wait til they see the Halloween Special is broadcasted at Time Square! They're gonna flip! Yamakins, leave a seat open for me! Director Babbi's joining ya and Miss Mimi for dinner!”


Not far from where the DBZ and DFKai cast have amassed, they are also watched by two Mr. Popos. They are the abridged Mr. Popo and the controversial Blue Popo. The former is a creation of Jeremiah Grand/Millenniummon, malevolent god of time. The latter is the creation of Ancientmon, benevolent god of the Digiverse.

Mr. Popo and Blue Popo are exchanging blank looks.

“What do you think you're doing here, Blue Popo?” Abridged Mr. Popo questioned, “I thought I assimilated you?”

“I'll keep coming back as long as the will of Ancientmon continues to exist.” Blue Popo responded.

Abridged Mr. Popo shrugs, “Eh, good enough, my rival. Come, you want to raid a party?”

“I certainly would like to, Popo.” Blue Popo accepted the offer.

Both laugh maniacally as they are just as insane.

“Oh no! The two Popos of opposing forces have set asides their differences to troll our heroes' party!” The obvious narrator’s voice speaks up out of nowhere again, “How long until our heroes realize they'll have unexpected guests and can they stop them in time? Find on the next...”

Both Mr. Popo and Blue Popo eye beam the DBZ Narrator, taking him out for the remainder of this part.

(End Theme)


Elsewhere in Chinatown, the Naruto group, who are popular ninjas, are watching New Year festivals. Amongst the group are Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, Hatake Kakashi, Hyuuga Hinata, Rock Lee, Gaara, Killer Bee, and Namikaze Minato.

“Man, isn't New York fun, guys?!” Naruto positively cried out.

Rock Lee said the same thing with enthusiasim, “It is and being here has reinvigorated my youthful spirit! I cannot wait to tell Gai-sensei of our escapades!”

“The festivals here are very nice and remind us of ours. Don't you agree, Sakura?” Hinata said to the pink-haired girl.

Sakura answers and point to the group of fans being ninjas with headbands such as Jonin, “They sure do. Look, there's some fans cosplaying as us!”

Of course, the fans cosplay as their favorite Naruto characters.

“Even me? Now that's killa man!” Killer Bee cried out.

Kakashi is seen looking over hentai magazines.

“Naruto, why don't we take pictures with the ones dressed as our family?” Minato asked his son.

Naruto nods at his father, “Sure thing!”

Suddenly, Gaara feels something amiss.

“Is something wrong, Gaara?” Rock Lee asked the red-haired Kage.

Gaara stoically answers, “I sense we're not alone. The Uchiha are here.”

“Uchiha... that means Sasuke has to be around!” Naruto realized in surprise.


Not far off from the festival, a crowd of fangirls drift toward the Uchiha Clan assembly. Uchiha Sasuke, Uchiha Itachi, and Uchiha Obito are signing the fangirls' autographs. Already some NaruSasu fangirls want Sasuke to sign their fanarts of him and Naruto making out. Sasuke is constantly reminded of the 'infamous' kiss with Naruto and shudders, but keeps face and signs autographs.

“Keep in line, ladies.” Itachi ordered the female fans.

“They like you despite you killing our clan.” Sasuke muttered.

Itachi responds back, “And they like you despite you being a depraved headcase.”

“You spilled blood.” Sasuke said.

“All to protect you, my little brother.” Itachi said about his obvious reasons.

Obito then interjects, “Hey, I ended up being in league with the big bad... well... he was until some demon god bitch was ass-pulled out of nowhere. I was better off left dead!”

“Where is Madara?” Sasuke questioned.

“Who knows? Wherever the hell he wants, I guess. Too good to be signing autographs here.” Obito shrugged.


Much like the Popos, Uchiha Madara was off on his own. He casts his eye over the festival and vanishes somewhere.


UN Headquarters

(Cue The Avengers – Arrival)

Meanwhile at the United Nations, some activity occurs that the average citizen shouldn't know but do anyway or was that the Pentagon? Who knows?

Mitsuo Yamaki and his HYPNOS team (Ootori "Riley" Reika, Wong Janyuu and Oondera "Talley" Megumi) walk in a spacious room with multi-screens displaying various sections of New York. Welcoming the Japanese team are SHIELD head Nick Fury and a US Air Force Hispanic-American Officer Nate Escobar.

“Welcome to the UN, HYPNOS Unit. We've been expecting you.” Nick Fury greeted his guests.

“Talley!” Nate happily cried out.

Talley respond back with a smile, “Nate! What a surprise!”

Nate and Talley embrace as Yamaki and Fury shake hands. Also present in the room are CEO of CainCorp who looks like Lex Luthor named, Cain Bearer, his female bodyguard that plays the role of Mercy Graves named Grace Groves, and developer Viktor Trask who is similar to Bolivar Trask.

“Good to see you again, Agent Fury.” Yamaki politely introduced.

“Wait, you know each other?” Talley asked.

Fury answers to Talley, “Mr. Yamaki has done research and entailed me on the recent developments in the Digital World. Your team is to be commended since you've revamped from hunting down Digimon.”

“All I've took was a change of heart thanks to the Digimon Tamers and their allies.” Yamaki added.

“Our building was remodeled into Legend HQ for the Tamers and Japan's heroes.” Riley further stated.

Fury then talks to Henry’s father, “And Mr. Wong, your services are to be commended for helping purge that D-Reaper from spreading all over the planet.”

“Well, I can't take all the credit.” Janyuu said about Henry and Terriermon’s involvement.

“Nonetheless, I'm glad to have you here. Your friend, Mr. Bearer, hasn't been cooperative with you, has he?” Fury said about Cain’s personality.

Riley frowns, “Sadly no. He's still stuck on the past and hellbent on accusing the heroes of deceiving the public.”

“Which is true! Yamaki, you're making a mistake siding with those so-called heroes.” Cain explained with his usual anger at the meta-humans.

“I've made my decision, Bearer. Whether you agree or not I leave entirely up to you.” Yamaki reminded the businessman.

“Besides, Mr. Bearer, don't you have rivalry competition in economic business with GHQ?” Riley asked him about this fact about the Lost Kingdoms heroes’ main enemy government.

“Yes, what's it to you?” Cain retorted to her.

Riley has her hair flip, “Oh nothing.”

“Oh, she got you good, sir.” Grace stated.

Cain scoffs and mentions, “Wait until you see the unveiling of my latest project: the Souja Units.”

(End Theme)


Stark Tower

Back at Stark Tower, the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy continue their New Year celebration. Thor, Rocket, and Drax have a drinking contest. Tony shows their movie, The Avengers, on the big screen to relive their favorite moments.

“Banner, how about that Marvel x Attack on Titan crossover comic?” Tony asked about that unexpected one-shot.

“What an overhyped disappointment that was. I mean, just eight pages? What were they thinking?” Bruce said in a disappointing tone about the company’s decision for not expanding the crossover.

“You'd think they come up with a lot more?” Captain America wondered.

“Though, on the other hand, our Marvel is more heavy hitters and better tech than those in Attack on Titan.” Bruce gives the obvious answer.

“Yeah, all we gotta do is make you mad and green, and you'll take care of business for us!” Star-Lord stated to Bruce Banner.

Bruce chuckles nervously, “I'd advise making him mad.”

“I mean, we show up, but we don't get to do a whole lot! Sheesh, I wanted to beat up some Titans.” Rocket proudly speaks up.

“You? Bahhaha!” Drax laugh at the raccoon’s comment.

“Wanna see what I do when I shove a bomb up your ass?” Rocket lashed at Drax.

“Try it, rodent!” Drax taunted.

“Ok, not here guys!” Tony stops the fight before it happened.

“Now I think we can anticipate our new cartoon coming later this year.” Star-Lord mentions about Marvel Animation Studios’ next cartoon.

“I am Groot.” Groot repeats his line.

“Yeah, it better be good and a lot better than Marvel's latest cartoons.” Rocket said about the cartoon himself, “I mean what's up with that new Hulk show?”

“I have no comment.” Bruce shrugged about Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

Rhodey then wonders something, “Why haven't we seen She-Hulk in MCU?”

“Yeah, you'd think we'd see her by now.” Hawkeye said about Hulk’s female counterpart.

“Who knows, but we're getting Captain Marvel later.” Black Widow said about one of Phase 3’s films.

“As well as Doctor Strange and Black Panther.” Tony Stark added.

Just then, a voice rings their bell, “Did someone call?”

The group turns around toward the entrance door as T’Challa/Black Panther and Scott Lang/Ant-Man show up.

“Well, well, here are our latest additions. Welcome to the party, guys.” Tony greeted the two Marvel superheroes.

Black Panther nods at Tony, “The pleasure is ours. Thanks for the invite.”

“Don't mind if my little friends nab some food, too.” Ant-Man chuckles about his ‘buddies’.

“Whoa!” Hawkeye is surprised to see an ant taking some popcorn from him, “A little warning next time!”

“A guy dressed like an ant and controls 'em? Man this party's just gotten better, eh, Groot?” Rocket asked the tree alien.

Groot simply responds, “I am Groot.”


Time Square

(Cue Dead Can Dance – A Passage In Time)

On another side of Time Square’s ongoing concert, Babimon and his crew invite many audiences to view the unveiling of his film on last year's Halloween Special - House of Madoka.

“How are my Babi-nites doing on this spectacular New Years Eve?!” Babimon shouted to his loyal fans.

The crowd cheers loudly for the primate Digimon.

“That's what I'm talking about!” Babimon cried out in childish joy, “Last year I was invited to the House of Madoka to meet an old pal of mine. Yamakins, I know you're out there watching this! You and your wonderful missus, who helped me make this possible, are in for a treat. And so are all of you! I'm here to unveil the directorial debut of my first movie!”

A big screen behind him switches to last year's Halloween Special. Other screens show the movie. It shows the various battles between the Puella magical girls with the heroes against the villains.

“Now let the show begin!” Babimon announced with a bellow.

Upon arriving at Time Square are Amaya, Max, Daiki, Sam, and Helbot. They find Koori with Rei, Hiei, and Ryuuhi.

“Koori!” Sam smiled at his girlfriend.

Koori cries out upon seeing him, “Sam?!”

The two embrace as everyone else near them watches them hug.

“Isn't this sweet, Hiei?” Rei heartwarmingly smiled.

Hiei makes no comment and vaguely smirks of seeing his daughter happy.

Amaya points at the screens, “Hey, look! They're showing last year's Halloween Special!”

“Must be Babimon's movie he's been blabbering about.” Daiki noticed.

The YYGDM, their allies, and the Paradais duo are watching the House of Madoka special as well.

“Oh, I remember all the hijinks from last year.” Usagi remembered.

Takato chuckles, “Hah, how can anyone of us forget?”

“We were all there.” Yugi reminded his friends.

“How could I forget Pluto becoming the Halloween Queen and kicking the two Paradais homewreckers out.” Sedna recalled that faithful event when the evil duo and legions of villains once tried to take over the party before the Puellas and their allies reclaiming their clubhouse.

Meioh Setsuna smiles hearing this much to Sharon and Jeremiah's irritation.

Just then, Setsuna turns to her right and notices a mysterious man appear. He is shown to be acquainted with Setsuna that she danced with him in the final hour of last year's Halloween Special. His hairstyle looks like Caius Ballad from Final Fantasy XIII with the facial structure of the 10[SUP]th[/SUP] Doctor, and wears a dark brown/black suit.

“It's you!” Setsuna remembers him as the enigmatic person.

“We meet again, Time Guardian.” The Mystery Man greeted as he approaches Setsuna and gazes down at her.

Kotori has her suspicions, “It's that mystery guy again.”

“What's he up to?” Yusuke wondered to himself.

Hino Rei senses the phoenix force called the Houou inside her reacting to the mystery man.

“Rei, are you ok?” Usagi asked.

“That man's not what he seems. The Houou can attest to this.” Rei concluded about his status.

Sharon scoffs and turns to the mystery man, “So, you decided to show yourself, Volodramon?”

Everyone that hears Sharon’s word is shocked to hear this revelation. That is the name of this person, an origin coming from Digimon?

The other anime characters: Canon!Guilty Crown, Lost Kingdoms, Sword Art Online, two Charizards, Gon/Killua, and Ryuko/Satsuki are somewhat surprise to know that the mysterious man appears alongside the mere mention of his name.

“Who is that guy anyway?” Kirito pondered.

“I don’t know, but he looks mysterious like my father and Kite.” Gon connects Volodramon to his two role models.

“Talk about being cool, Gon.” Killua commented.

Ryuko snorts, “Feh, I’m too keen on being trustworthy.”

“He might give us his reasons, Ryuko.” Senketsu’s voice stated within her kamui.

Ryuko talks to her loyal partner, “I know that, Senkets.”

“At least some of us remember that Ms. Meioh Setsuna saved our Halloween party last year.” Madoka said in relief that their own clubhouse is saved.

“Yeah, it was a damn blast.” Kyoko smirked.

“I can’t believe I didn’t appear in that.” Nagisa sadly said.

Mami cheers the little girl up, “No need to worry, Nagisa. This place is making up your fun experience.”

“That monkey guy just showed our event to the crowd.” Sayaka said about Babimon.

“I remember as well, though I’m embarrassed of being Ayumu as a magical garment girl” LK!Shu groaned.

Ouma Haruka gives a playful smile, “It still suits you, Shu.”

“Yeah son, be proud of it overall.” Kurosu smiled at his son.

LK!Shu cries out in embarrassment, “Aw come on, guys!”

Canon!Shu eavesdrops the comments of how some of the people and his Lost Kingdoms counterpart have their enjoyment of the House of Madoka. Should he have his own fun to begin with?

Canon!Ayase smiles at her husband, “Looks like these kids have their experience come to think of it?”

“Sure I thought so, Ayase.” Canon!Shu replied.

(End Theme)

As Homura gives her suspicions of Volodramon, she notices something in the sky that not a lot of people take notice. It is a tiny figure, but upon close inspection through her eyes, it is shaped like a microraptor.

(Cue House of the Dead 4 – Garden of Rotting Flowers)

Becoming alert of something is amiss; Homura rushes off alone while her group takes notice.

“Homura?” Madoka said in a worry tone to her best friend.

“HomuHomu?” Mana blinked.

The raven-haired girl clearly bypasses many civilians in getting to the source. The Puella jumps through a tall building till she reaches the rooftop. Once she makes it however, the microraptor is nowhere to be found. Her clear mind becomes a thing of concern. She senses something anomalous coming from it.

“What is happening?” Homura muttered to herself.

Homura begins to worry that something foreboding is about to happen soon. New Years Eve along with millions of lives are under watch. The screen then fades black.

(End Theme)


"This may be a world without salvation and where nothing but sadness and hatred repeat, but it's still a place she once tried to protect. That's something I remember, something I will never forget. That's why... I will keep fighting."
-Akemi Homura, Puella Magi Madoka Magica (2011)


Tokyo, Japan/Outside

(Cue Dead Can Dance – Ocean)

The area switches to Tokyo, the capital of the rising sun. While at the city throughout many districts are celebrating the New Year, there is one exception. At the waters of Tokyo bay shows a towering headquarters looking like an X-Seed 4000. It also looks like an industrial version of the religious Tower of Babel, in which an oceanic religious song is heard.

This is the headquarters of GHQ, a general headquarters/global health quarantine funded by WHO and the United Nations in preserving ‘order’ to Japan and preventing any viral oubreaks. The civilians, however, don’t like their dystopia, that Funeral Parlor, the Puellas, and other heroes are at odds against them. It is actually a second GHQ by the Lost Kingdoms versions of its members, since the original organization died out years ago.

Most secretly, a conspirer is pulling the strings in controlling GHQ called Da’ath. An ancient organization exists since human evolution and desires to have their own apocalypse. Some people reminded them of SEELE and the Geass Order. They once attempt to do the Fourth Apocalypse by having an ‘Adam and Eve’ to recreate the human race and spread the Apocalypse Virus, similar to the infamous Third/Fourth Impact, but the plan failed.

Da’ath is also traced from the Kabbalah, a religious diagram consist of the Ten Virtues called Sephiroth, known as the Tree of Life. Da’ath is the location where all ten sephirot united as one. Its singularity exists as a perfect state of infinite sharing.


Tokyo, Japan/Ward 24 2.0/King’s Throne

Inside the headquarters called, Ward 24 shows a wide area at the top floor entitled the King’s Throne. This is the same place (even though its from the original structure) where Canon!Shu once attempt to save Canon!Inori from Canon!Gai, who used her vessel to revive Canon!Mana for Da’ath’s apocalypse. In the end, Canon!Gai’s soul reunite with Mana’s, a reminder of Ikari Gendo’s attempt to see his deceased wife again.

It’s all in the past now, because different people are seen instead of the main Guilty Crown characters.

There are three main figures seen in this area.

One is a platinum-blond haired boy wearing a white robe, black outfit, and sandals. He is Yuu Grand, the envoy of Da’ath and offspring of the Paradais duo. Years ago, he once confronted the original Ouma Shu, the sinister boy has now made his return. A dark Microraptor named Eon is perching on his right shoulder, he is the same one that Akemi Homura attempted to search.

Another is a dark version of Kaname Madoka with long pink hair alongside pigtails, slightly tanned skin compare to Madoka’s fair skin tone, and a black dress named the Kriemhild Gretchen, the Witch of Salvation and is recently Yuu’s lover. Kriemhild is holding an evil pink teddy bear named, Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear (Toy Story), who she once saved from the dumpster.

The third figure is an older man with a mustache and wearing a lab coat. He is the Lost Kingdoms version of Keido Shuichiro, the head of the Anti-Bodies and rival of Ouma Kurosu.

“You have all been selected to share our divine light, the League of Extraordinary Da’ath.” Yuu calmly announced. He bares tiny fangs while he smiles.

Amassing this group are the members that the conspiracy assembled. It is Da’ath’s most ambitious plan to destroy the New Year.

In the front row are four Anime villains Yuu has selected to be the Da’ath Heavenly Kings: Ribbons Almark (Gundam 00), Sugou Nobuyuki (Sword Art Online, in his Oberon appearance), Kiryuin Ragyo (Kill la Kill), and Makishima Shogo (Psycho Pass).

Next are three disgruntled Duelists going by their codenames: Zealoss, Grapplo, and Dragoon. All three are wearing Da’ath gray visors and white uniforms similar to White!Gai (canon). They are referred as the Da’ath Knights.

Then the next sets are the mythological entourage of Jotunheim and the Evil Gods.

The main ones are four figures. A tall, slender pale-skinned man wearing a full body green suit trimmed with black, and has green hair with orange highlights, he is Loki (YYGDM) the trickster god, and also the real deal in Norse Mythology. The second is a massive black dragon resembling Deathwing the Destroyer from World of Warcraft, he is Fafnir. The third is a large wolf-like beast covered in thick black fur and golden eyes, he is Fenrir. The last is a dragon-sized serpent covered in sea green scales and with a head as wide as a house, this is Jormungard.

Next are five young women that consist of the Valkyries’ counterparts: the Erinyes. The leader is an attractive dark blonde-haired woman with blue eyes garbed in similar Valkyrie armor akin to Brunhilde's but a more revealing, showing off more of her bare arms, shoulders, and back. Her armor was an olive green and adorning her head is a silver crown with spikes, to which her name is Mist. The second looks like Valkyrie Skogul, but has long navy blue hair, light violet skin similar to a Night Elf from Warcraft, light green armor and spiky crown, and opal white eyes, the dark clone is named Geirskogul. The third is a blond-haired girl with pigtails akin to Kyoko from Is This a Zombie?, wears a spiky blood red crown and blood red armor trimmed with lilac, she is Rota. The fourth has long auburn hair with freckles, light gray armor, and fur coat named Reginleif. Finally is a woman that looks like Excella Gionne from Resident Evil named Geiravor.

Along came the Dark Gods. One is a gargantuan dragon that looks like the Queen Black Dragon (Runescape) and Sindragosa (Warcraft) with moose antlers similar to the Nidhogg from Age of Mythology, she is indeed the Nidhogg. Another is a muscular demon lord that looks like Pyrrhon (Kid Icarus: Uprising) with the face similar to Akuma (Street Fighter), he is Surtur the lord of Muspelheim. Another is a spider goddess with white hair and light purple skin alongside an arachnid body below her waist, she is Lolth (Dungeons & Dragons) and represent Svartalfheim. Then is the Titan with earthly black skin akin to Kronos from Age of Mythology with a rocky beard, which obviously he is Kronos. Finally is the Egyptian god that is Seth, looking like the Seth animal alongside his three most powerful minions (Samurai Jack).

Then, a group of Meikai Gods from the YuYu Hakusho: Poltergeist Report movie: Yakumo, Majari, Raigo and Kaiki.

Then, they are three villains from the Sailor Moon movies: the Xenian Flower from the first movie, Princess Snow Kaguya from the second, and Queen Badiane from the third.

Next are a group consisting of Dragonball villains. Three of them are the Time Breakers: Mira, Towa, and their leader Demigra. While the other are the six Shadow Dragons: Omega Shenron, Eis Shenron, Super Naturon Shenron, Rage Shenron, Oceanus Shenron, and Haze Shenron.

Finally the rest of the members are: Harime Nui (Kill la Kill), Death Gun (Sword Art Online, who is an android made by GHQ), The Joker (Nolan Batman Trilogy), Koba (Rise/Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), Anubis (Yugioh the Movie: Pyramid of Light), Thanos (MCU), Ultron (MCU), Ali Al-Saachez (Gundam 00), Revive Revival (Gundam 00), Hiling Care (Gundam 00), Seryu Ubiquitous & Koro (Akame ga Kill), Syura (Akame ga Kill), the Chimera Ant Royal Guards (Neferpitou, Shaiapouf, and Menthuthuyoupi from Hunter x Hunter), and the Toonami Villains (The Intruder, Swayzak, and Orcelot Rex).

The nearly all the League of Extraordinary Da'ath members chant and yell 'Da'ath' in unison to express their support.

Yuu and Kriemhild wave to their supporters. Loki smirks fiendishly with Fafnir, Fenrir, and Jormungand bellowing together. Mist and her Erinyes giggled evilly. The Evil Gods yelled out. The Da'ath Heavenly Kings each smile darkly not saying a word. The three disgruntled Duelists have their eyes fixated on a visual showing New York.

Keido mutters to Yuu. "You've chosen a fine selection of members that will push our plans forward."

Yuu smirks, bearing his fangs. "Yes, why thank you. I couldn't have done it alone. Now my ungrateful 'mommy' and 'daddy' will learn the hard way not to overlook their little spawn. Even they haven't figured out the machinations of our plans."

Fafnir glances over New York on the screen. "I can't wait to bath the city in an inferno."

Mist snickers devilishly. "Me and the Erinyes look forward to hunting Brunhilde and her damn Valkyrie Maidens. We will humble them first!" She clenches her fist tight.

Kriemhild giggles sadistically. "Teehehehe, and we're gonna ruin everyone's New Years celebration! I can't wait for us to flatten all of New York and turn it into our own playground! Oh, you like that idea, Lots-o'?!" She holds the pink bear right in front of her.

"Anything to see this whole world burn along with every spoiled toy!" Lots-o' adamantly spewed his hate over toys and humanity.

"That's the spirit, Lots-o'!" The pink-haired witch laughed like a demented happy child. "And watch all those wittle bitty brats cry!"

Loki adds with a scoff. "Sometimes I wonder where her mind goes."

Yuu remarks. "Don't worry about her. She has her head in the game. So should you."

“We have our final preparations, master.” Eon the Microraptor reminded the Da’ath youth.

“Yes Eon, all in due time.” Yuu replied to his partner.

The sinister conspiracy has made their final preparations. Their next stop to begin their devastation: Manhattan, New York. Canon!Shu and his friends, alongside the amass amount of heroes and villains are about to encounter Da’ath soon.

(End Theme)

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Re: Shinnen:New Year Chap 5 (Guilty Crown Mega Crossover)

Anyways, I greatly enjoyed each chapter thus far. I'm amused a fight is being settled with rock, paper, and scissors. Plus, Piccolo getting his picture taken with Pan is really cute. Most of all, I enjoyed the brief bickering between Sasuke and Itachi. Goodness, I never would've imagined either of them taking their time signing autographs for their fangirls, and Obito doing it too. Plus Homura sensing something is amiss in New York is greatly exciting. I love seeing Matoi with Senketsu among them as well. <3 Overall, I look forward to the next chapter and seeing how the plot thickens. C:


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Re: Shinnen:New Year Chap 5 (Guilty Crown Mega Crossover)

To Takushi Rena: Ah, I thought I fear of double posting, but I feel it doesn't matter since I wanted to post as many chapters as I can. I plan this crossover will have 36 chaps total.

To KitKat: Glad you enjoy the story, just wonder if you have a account.

Chap 6 is up to show a separate party featuring deities and other associates.


Shinnen:New Year

Chapter VI: The Soiree of Deities


Outer Space

(Cue Super Mario Galaxy Main Theme)

Deep within the galaxy, far away from Earth (known as Gaia as in the same primordial Titan in Greek myths, and Midgard by Norse myths), showcases thousands of beautiful stars and home planets. It is quiet so it seems with no sounds except a deep hum.

Then, a calm bellow is heard in the spatial ocean, it comes closer until a giant figure is seen in viewpoint. It is a planet-sized sea turtle is swimming that a few giant elephants are on top of its shell, and above them is a swirling world. This is the legendary Great A'Tuin from Discworld that this creature connects to the world turtles in various myths and even the Lion Turtles of the Avatar universe.

At the center of the swirling world is Central Planet, home to various deities.


Central Planet

The planet is filled with beautiful grassy areas, rivers, and full of flourishes of life. Speaking of mention the gods’ home and vacation planet, the deities are hosting a Grand Party of Deities to celebrate their New Year together. A lot of pantheon celebrations and festivals occur.

Their leader is the benevolent Sailor Cosmos, the ruler of the Galaxy Cauldron that observes the fictional multiverse. Or so it seems, this version is not the real deal that she’s simply an aspect of watching this very Corner verse. She dresses up as Cosmos from Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Her main managers are Shintomon, Gozensomon (an Elder Kai look-a-like), Shinmon (a Supreme Kai look-a-like who is Shintomon’s father), Kibitomon (a Kibito look-a-like), and Buddhamon (a Digimon that looks like a panda Buddhist).

There are three huge deities that look like Digimon being Egyptian God Cards called the Dimensional Trio, which dresses up as the eighth-generation home consoles. SliferGigaSeadramon (a cross between Slifer and GigaSeadramon) is the Playstation 4, RaPhoenixmon (a cross between Ra and Phoenixmon) is the Wii U, and ObeliskMegaGargomon (a cross between Obelisk and MegaGargomon) is the XBOX One.

Besides the three are the sorts of Triad Characters of the three dimensions in this shared universe: YYGDM-01 (YuYuGiDigiMoon), DF-616 (Digimon Fusion Kai), and XLR-8 (Digimon Accel Stream).

The YYGDM-01 has the biggest bunch since it crossovers four anime franchises to one dimension.

First is Digimon which consist of Granasmon (an angelic figure with six wings, wearing a variety of jewels/gems, and carrying a golden staff who is Valmarmon’s arch-enemy) (costume: Tetsuya Nomura), Harbingermon (a humanoid Digimon with a raven’s head and wears nothing but a loincloth around his waist) (costume: Masahiro Sakurai), Oraclemon (a translucent woman with a blue gown) (costume: Satoshi Tajiri), Ancientmon (a deity who is Millenniummon’s ancient enemy) (costume: Hayao Miyazaki), Anubismon (costume: Shigeru Miyamoto), MahouGarurumon (A canine priest who is Madoudramon’s original self and now his good version), and Canewomon (MahouGarurumon’s lover).

Second is Yugioh which the guests are Pharaoh Atem (formerly Yami Yugi), Shadi, Priest Seto, Kisara, and the redeemed Dartz.

Third is YuYu Hakusho with its deities and visitors: Koenma, Botan, Jorge, Ayame, Sayaka, Raizen, Mukuro, Yomi, and King Enma.

Finally for Sailor Moon are just two guests: Queen Serenity and Sailor Galaxia.

There are others that have relations to YYGDM: Lady Morrigana (the ancient ancestor of Sailor/Princess Mars), the Ora Guardians (named: Sren, Cysta, Gythos, and Tomos) (their costumes: Naoko Takeuchi, Yoshihiro Togashi, Kazuki Takahashi, and Hiroyuki Kakudo), Lycaon (The First Lycan in Greek Mythology), and Lord Chronos & Ananke/The First Sailor Pluto (Setsuna/Pluto & Sharon/Charon’s parents, and are also Primordials of Greek Mythology).

Next are the DF-616 turn, in which there are digital watchers dress up as Mobile Fighter G Gundam characters. Simms is Sai Saici, Otto is Argo Gulskii, Jean is George de Sand, and Russell is Chibodee Crocket. The Digital God of Destruction, Beerusmon (a Beerus look-a-like), alongside his assistant/master Whismon (a Whis look-a-like) are also seen.

There are two XLR-8 guests that consist of a watcher (who is also a veteran Pokemon trainer) named Slade Matrix (dress as Big Daddy from Kick-Ass) and a legendary four-armed warrior of darkness/destruction named Blazer dressing as Scott Pilgrim.

There comes the legendary Norse Gods who are obviously the real deals and not Marvel Comics: Odin is JRR Tolkien, Thor dresses as Chuck Norris, Hel (Valkyrie Skuld’s mother) is Anima from Final Fantasy X, Freyja, Freyr, Sif, Heimdall, Tyr is George RR Martin, Baldr, Vidarr dresses as Gary Gygax, Vali dresses as Dave Arneson, there’s also Njord dress as the Jolly Green Giant, Skadi, Bragi, Iounn, Forseti, Haenir and unexpectedly Utgard-Loki who dresses as a hippie.

Next are the famous Greek/Roman Gods of classical mythology: Zeus/Jupiter is George Lucas, Poseidon/Neptune is Steve Jobs, Hades/Pluto dresses as HR Giger, Athena/Minerva’s costume is JK Rowling, Ares/Mars, Enyo/Bellona (Ares’ female counterpart), Hera/Juno, Aphrodite/Venus, Hermes/Mercury, Apollo, Artemis/Diana, Persephone/Proserpina dress as HP Lovecraft, Cerberus as each head dress as Kadaj/Loz/Yazoo from Advent Children, Eros/Cupid, Morpheus dress as Terry Pratchett, Hephaestus/Vulcan, Dionysus/Bacchus, Demeter/Ceres, Hestia/Vesta, Thanatos/Mors, and Eris dressing up as Jibril from No Game No Life.

Then shows the Egyptian Gods: Ra (which his alternate form is The Winged Dragon of Ra) dresses as Bill Gates, Anubis is Mark Zuckerberg, Horus, Osiris (his alternate form is Slifer the Sky Dragon), Isis, Bastet, Nephthys, and Sobek.

Three Japanese Gods are seen dressing up as Manga authors of the Big Three Anime: Susanoo is Masashi Kishimoto, Amateratsu is Eiichiro Oda, and Tsukuyomi is Tite Kubo. Susanoo’s wife, Kushinadahime, is also seen.

Four Hindu Gods are seen: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva (the first three are part of the Trimurti concept), and Ganesha.

There are two Thai Gods named Sudsakorn and Nang Kwak who are husband and wife.

Other deities are Sun Wukong (Chinese Mythology, who dress up as Akira Toriyama), Quetzalcoatl (Aztec Mythology), Sedna (Inuit Mythology), Estsanatlehi (a Navajo Goddess), Pele (a Hawaiian Goddess), and Oshun (a Yoruba Goddess).

The Dragonball deities are seen such as Shenron (dress up as Mega Rayquaza), King/North Kai, Kibito Kai, Old Kai, Beerus, Whis, Supreme Kai of Time (Xenoverse), Tokitoki (Xenoverse), West Kai, South Kai, East Kai, and Grand Kai.

Lastly, other Crossover Deities and even a few visitors are seen. There is Ultimate Madoka (the real Madoka that’s part of the Law of Cycles, while the one on Earth is simply a copy), Kyubey and the Incubator race, Grim (Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy), Eris (Billy & Mandy), San (Princess Mononoke), Haku (Spirited Away), Neil Dylandy/original Lockon Stratos (Gundam 00, who still retains his right eyepatch), Scrooge & Carol (Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas) dressing up as Sora & Shiro from No Game No Life, Pit and Palutena (Kid Icarus), Konno Yuuki (Sword Art Online), and the Moonlit Black Cats: (Sachi, Keita, Tetsuo, Sasamaru, and Ducker) (Sword Art Online).

Granasmon speaks out first, “Lords of Central Planet and Lady Cosmos, thank you for inviting us deities to your world. We've been long overdue for a gathering.”

Sailor Cosmos smiles and nods at the Digital God of Light, “Yes, I'm the one to thank. I feel we deserve our own New Year celebration.”

“Indeed, and us four are more than happy to serve as the managers.” Shinmon stated as he stands next to Shinmon, Gosenzomon, Kibitomon, Buddhamon.

Shintomon is enthused, “Anything to liven this place up!”

“Ooo, and plenty of deity boobs and asses to gleam over!” Gosenzomon cried out in his pervy attitude and does the pafu pafu hand motions.

Sailor Cosmos bonks Gosenzomon's head with her staff.

“How about no?” Sailor Cosmos gives an irked glare to the elder Supreme Guardian.

“Thank you very much, Lady Cosmos.” Oraclemon gives her compliments to the white lady.

“Gosenzomon hasn't changed despite being sealed in a sword, huh? Pitiful.” Harbingermon commented.

“Why don't we go around and see how the other deities are doing?” Ancientmon suggested.

Harbingermon seems to agree, “That's an idea.”

Over with the Dimension Trio, SliferGigaSeadramon is breathing in and puffing out from a hookah machine. ObeliskMegaGargomon looks on very annoyed with his fellow deity's laid back demeanor.

ObeliskMegaGargomon groans, “How can you smoke that stuff?”

“It's not what you think, dude. It's hookah, not weed.” SliferGigaSeadramon said to him.

“Same difference.” ObeliskMegaGargomon replied.

“Nah, dude, I'm smoking fruit-favored stuff. Want some?” SliferGigaSeadramon offered.

ObeliskMegaGargomon grunts in response, “I'll pass.”

“Suit yourself, dude.” SliferGigaSeadramon inhales hookah from the pipe.

RaPhoenixmon sighs and interjects, “You two need to learn to be more formal. We have reputations to uphold.”

“Although, I'm totally represent the best of the gaming consoles in the current gen.” ObeliskMegaGargomon said about the XBOX One.

RaPhoenixmon said otherwise about consoles, “Oh, yeah right. Wii U all the way.”

SliferGigaSeadramon coughs out watermelon-flavored smoke, “Ack... ack.. nah, PS4 all the way, dude and dudette.”

At the area where the deities are serving food, Sudsakorn and Nang Kwak are seen serving the Thai cuisine such as Pad Thai with positive expressions. Both are husband and wife.

Ultimate Madoka, whose appearance is transparent, is taking to Kyubey.

“I hope you’re enjoying yourself, great Madoka.” Kyubey said to the goddess.

Ultimate Madoka gives a pleasant smile despite her awareness to the Incubators’ nature, “I am sure am. My copy at New York City is enjoying her time with the magical girls and her earthly companions.”

“That’s good to know.” Kyubey responded.

Neil Dylandy is seen with Sachi and the Moonlit Black Cats.

Neil gives a friendly smirk to the young group, “You kids are lucky to get invited.”

“Yeah, we have our chance in making ourselves notice even after we died from SAO.” Keita responded to the eye-patched Gundam Meister.

“I sure miss Kirito for our times together.” Sachi said about the black swordsman.

“Looking at all these deities is a once in a life time opportunity!” Ducker happily cried out.

“You said it!” Sasamaru agreed with his companion.

Neil chuckles and responds, “Well, I take it that you youngsters have a lot to learn. Even my younger brother is having company with the Meisters.”

Next, Scrooge & Carol are seen talking to Eris (Greek Myth).

“Hi there! You two have similar costumes like me since their from the same anime.” Eris (Greek Myth) gives a big smile, “I love chaos, but I don’t use it for evil or anything.”

Scrooge raises and eyebrow and mutters, “Uh, okay?”

Carol interjects and said, “Don’t mind him, he can be moody like Ebenezer Scrooge.”

Scrooge glares at Carol, “And you’re still annoying at times.”

“Tehehe.” Eris said to Scrooge with a perverted and drooling look, “I like to see you as my master.”

“Are you kidding me?” Scrooge said in flabbergasts.

Near these three figures, Grim and Eris (Billy and Mandy) watches the conversation.

“Oh poo, that Eris is acting less refine than me.” Eris (Billy and Mandy) commented about her original counterpart.

“Well you once act like a valley girl in your first appearance, Eris.” Grim remind about Eris’ debut in one of the Billy and Mandy episodes.

Eris (Billy and Mandy) remembers her younger days before her transition similar to Madonna, “Yeah but it’s just wrong for some chaos, but we both have that opportunity to be invited.”

“Sure is mon, Billy and Mandy are at their party elsewhere.” Grim said before relaxing in relief, “Ah, It’s good to have a break without their presence.”

Then, Ares and Enyo are seen.

“Princess Mars’ time with her demon husband is going well, Enyo.” Ares stated.

Enyo agrees with her male counterpart, “Yeah, and this Koori girl reminded me of the swan as my own symbol.”

Furthermore, Estsanatlehi, Pele, and Oshun are seen chatting.

Pele cheerfully smiles, “My name is Pele and it’s nice to meet you two of some similarities.”

“Estsanatlehi, it is good to see you as well.” The sagely Navajo goddess greeted.

“And Oshun is my name.” The African goddess introduced.

“We are glad to get to know one another by this day.” Estsanatlehi said about their destined meeting, “I happen to appear as either young or old depending on the seasons. I hear that Valkyrie Skogul has gotten together with a mortal.”

“Yeah, which reminds me, I notice Sigrun for we can tell that both are outgoing and athletic in the outdoors.” Pele connects herself to Valkyrie Sigrun.

“The same goes for watching Gondul, but Pele, both of these Valkyries have yet to find love.” Oshun said about the Valkyries’ martial status.

“Hopefully they will at some point.” Pele has her prayers.

“I agree, there is still time for the maidens.” Estsanatlehi stated.

Just then, the three goddesses saw a holy portal appearing and out comes Odin’s wife, Frigg. Frigg dresses at Edith Tolkien.

“My apologies of being late, no wonder why that mortal author puts me in the last minute, do you three know where my husband is at?” Frigg asks about Odin.

“He’s right somewhere with Zeus and Ra.” Pele answered to the Norse goddess.

“Oh thank you very much.” Frigg said before she walks away.

Pharaoh Atem, Priest Seto, Shadi, Kisara, and Dartz watch the festivities occur. They notice the Egyptian Gods.

“See them, everyone? It's our revered Egyptian deities.” Atem said about the Egyptian gods before baffled at Ra's Bill Gates costume, “I never would've imagined seeing Ra dressed as Bill Gates.”

“Or Anubis dressed as Mark Zuckerberg.” Priest Seto said about the Egyptian God of death.

Kisara clings to Seto's arm, “Who would've imagined our reincarnations would end up together? Comes to show love is eternal across time.”

“Indeed, it was a long time coming, but our reincarnations will have a chance to bear a child, which we never did.” Priest Seto said about his and Kisara’s present selves.

Dartz regretfully sighs, “I feel worse knowing I was merely an instrument for Ghidorah and his Rajita Empire's attack on Earth.”

Back in YYGDM stories, it is revealed that Orichalcos and its stones, alongside The Great Leviathan, were traced from the Rajita alien race.

“Don't feel bad anymore, Dartz. At least, you won't be cheating against anyone in any duels anymore.” Atem cheers Dartz up.

“I do not cheat. I cheat no more than you and Yugi do relying on those Millennium Items.” Dartz reminded the Pharaoh.

“Yes, but we do it with style.” Atem gives a smug grin.

Thanatos, Pit, Palutena, and Yuuki are seen talking to Hades and Cerberus.

“Aw, it’s nothing personal Hades.” Pit casually stated to Hades, “Like since you look like both Sephiroth and Maleficent, some people see you as a bad guy like the Disney version and the one me and Palutena fought.”

Palutena rolls her eyes but gives a quirky smile, “Well, it’s an honor to get invited with the Greek deities. I even like to get to know Athena.”

Hades chuckles to the Kid Icarus folks, “Well, to be fair, the Hades from Disney's Hercules was the closest the mortals ever portrayed me correctly. Only difference is he was evil and I'm not.”

“Hmm. I’m mostly serious compare to Hades the jokester.” Thanatos calmly stated.

Hades grins, “Now, Thanatos, I'm not that big of a jokester... ok, maybe I am a little trollish.” He then chuckles and winks.

Then, another portal appears and reveals himself to be another Greek God named Hypnos/Somnus.

“Big brother!” Hypnos cried out upon seeing him.

Thanatos respond, “Ah, Hypnos. You come just in time to see that girl daring to meet Cerberus.”

“Aw no kidding for a mortal!” Hypnos said.

Both then saw Yuuki Konno walking towards Hades and Cerberus.

“Oooh, and I wanna offer to tame that dog you got.” Yuuki offered.

Cerberus sees Yuuki and approaches.

Hades sees Cerberus walk up to Yuuki, “Would you like to pet Cerberus? He won't bite as long as I'm here. Cerberus, now be good.”

Obeying his master, Cerberus sits down.

Hades notices Koenma and his group. “Pardon, I'll be right back.”

While Hades leaves for a moment, Yuuki is about to pet Cerberus’ middle head with a gentle stroke. After a few seconds, Cerberus appreciates the mortal girl petting him without fear and licks Yuuki’s face with the former ALO player laughing.

Sachi and the Moonlit Black Cats see this.

“Did you guys see that?” Tetsuo said.

Keita sees it as well, “Yuuki Konno of all people just tamed Cerberus.”

“For what we hear, she’s a legendary Alfheim Online player that got a lot of top scores.” Ducker said about Yuuki’s legendary status.

“It’s just sad that she was diagnosed with AIDS..” Sasamaru said.

“But she no longer has any pain. I can tell that Yuuki can hope to meet Yuuki Asuna again.” Sachi said about Yuuki’s connection with Asuna under a Mother’s Rosario.

“Same here, Sachi.” Keita added.

Over in the Yu Yu Hakusho camp, Koenma and his cohorts are gazing in awe over the various deities from various cultures.

Botan said in awe, “I never would've believed there'd be this many deities.”

“There's the other death gods and Underworld lords.” Koenma points to Anubis, Hades, and Hel, “Like them.”

“Oh, the Egyptian, Greek and Norse lords of the Underworld. I understand you know them quite well, Lord Koenma.” Ayame said about Koenma having knowledge of these gods.

“Correct-o-mundo!” The new King of Spirit World cried out.

“Makes me glad I work for you, Koenma sir. Hel scares me.” Jorge said in relief despite the humorous abuse from his boss.

“As she should. She's as fearsome as us Makai lords.” Raizen said proudly.

“You're expected to cower in fear of Lady Hel. Which is why I admire of her.” Mukuro gives her compliments.

“Hades is quite the sophisticated but odd fellow.” Yomi said about the Greek god.

“I think he's getting tired of getting the bad rep of being the bad guy.” Botan stated.

Koenma shrugs, “Can't say I blame him.”

Hades overhears them, “Yes, I hear you talking about me and my rep? You have no idea how it annoys me to see mortals get my character wrong.” The Greek God of Death begins to tear up, “Every single time.”

“Have they gotten any portrayals just right?” Sayaka (YYH) asked.

Hades snaps out of it and answers, “Just one. The Hades from Disney's Hercules and that's because he had comical sarcastic wit like me.”

“But, that's a start!” Botan cried out.

“Yes, but I'm flattered they created two characters based off my appearance: Sephiroth and Maleficent.” Hades said about how the authors based off by two popular characters, “And you can imagine my astonishment when I saw they used my lover, Persephone, to create that Aerith character.”

“Interesting.” Yomi stated.

Persephone overhears them and approaches, “Did someone call for me? Hades dear?”

“Tell them how flattered you are with the mortals creating a character based on your appearance?” Hades asked his wife.

Persephone answers, “Oh yes, I do look like Aerith, don't I?”

“I think that's an understatement.” Mukuro confirmed.

Hades thought of something, “Perhaps we should go down and troll the humans by claiming we are Sephiroth and Aerith?”

“Now that's one cruel prank, Hades. I think I like that idea.” Persephone smiled.

Hades and Persephone dance and laugh together, much to everyone else's concern.

“They wouldn't seriously do that?” Botan wondered in concern.

“They're dead serious.” Raizen firmly answered.

Then, King Enma begins to speak up, “I have to say I'm glad you're all giving me a second chance.”

“Only 'cause you're my dad, former king.” Koenma said that their still family.

Back in the past, Enma, Queen Serenity, and Odin were a trio of old friends. However, during Queen Beryl’s forces launch an assault on the Moon Kingdom and Ragnarok at the same time, Enma refused to help them for his selfish reasons. Enma is also a racist at the Lycans. Times have change up to this point.

Which then, Enma sees the ‘King’ from his title quickly removed, “I know. I am proud of you ascending the throne and laying the ground work for a better and more prosperous Spirit World.”

“I'm already reestablishing connections with other realms you've severed, father.” Koenma seriously stated.

“Yes, and you've done that splendidly.” Enma proudly said.

“Speaking of reestablishing old connections...” Koenma sees Queen Serenity and Sailor Galaxia are seen drinking wine together.

“Have Queen Serenity and Odin forgiven you?” Koenma asked his father.

“Yes, but there's still scars with Queen Serenity.” Enma said about his two old colleagues.

Botan shrugs, “Can't say I blame her. You did separate her and her Lycan lover Okami.”

Queen Serenity notices Enma as her gentle smile fades into a slight frown.

“Have you both mended your differences?” Galaxia wondered.

“Not fully, but we're halfway there. Odin and I still haven't forgotten all he's done.” Queen Serenity answers before she sees Lyacon, “The first Lycan.”

Lyacon bows head to the former moon queen, “Your highness. Tell Okami I'm proud of him and thank you for being there for him.”

Galaxia sees Lord Chronos and the first Sailor Pluto, “Look, Queen Serenity. Aren't they the parents of Pluto and Charon?”

“Yes, Lord Chronos and his wife Ananke.” Queen Serenity said about them.

Lord Chronos greets the former ruler of the Silver Millennium, “A pleasure to see you, Lady Serenity.”

“I hope our daughter, Pluto, has served you and your daughter well.” Ananke (Sailor Pluto I) commented.

Queen Serenity smiles genuinely at the previous Time Guardian, “She has fulfilled her duties well.”

“And please forgive us for our evil spawn, Charon.” Lord Chronos regretfully said.

“Don't worry. She got served very good by her sister Pluto at the House of Madoka event.” Sailor Galaxia reassured.

Lady Morrigana approaches them and bows, “Lady Serenity, it's a pleasure.”

“Thank you. Yes, I know you're Rei Hino's ancestor.” Queen Serenity reminded her.

The XLR-08 representatives, Slade Matrix and Blazer, walk around to scope the deities.

“Having fun, Blazer.” Slade Matrix asked.

Blazer says nothing and merely grunts.

“Yeah, same here. Hopefully something fun happens.” Slade nodded at Blazer. “And hopefully Ken stays on his good behavior. I'd rather not deal with bullshit pertaining to him. I want this to be our off-day, Blazer.”

Blazer merely grunts in agreement.

Brahma, Vishnu and Ganesha are seen meditating while Shiva is seen watching over Central Planet. Quetzalcoatl flaps his wings to feel the breeze. San and Haku are seen trying out the Pad Thai from the Thai deities, apparently they become friends and honoring Miyazaki Hayao himself.

Njord and Skaldi are seen with each other.

“How does it feel being the Jolly Green Jotun?” Skaldi asked.

“Not bad for these Midgardians use this mascot as the food product, but nothing like Utgard-Loki being a hippie.” Njord answered to his wife while pointing out the Jotun.

Utgard-Loki is seen acting like a hippie in front of Vidarr, Vali, Baldr, Freyr, and Freyja.

“Come one Asgardians, you got to show love and peace to us giants!” Utgard-Loki shouted.

Thor shakes his head at Utgard-Loki, “Thou truly making a fool out of thyself, brother.”

Vidarr and Vali both have ridiculed expressions.

“To think that jotun from Utgard has become an idiot of himself.” Vidarr snidely commented.

Vali respond to Vidarr, “I couldn’t agree more here. He’s not really such a bad guy like the actual Loki, just a neutral figure.”

“Which makes two of us since we dress as the two Dungeons & Dragons creators.” Vidarr stated about their costumes, “These Midgardians know how to make that boarding game great with all these alignments, such as that TV Tropes inspiration of the Pantheon.”

“Now that is impressive.” Vali stated.

Meanwhile, Zeus and Poseidon gossip over their brother’s odd behavior.

“Hades being his ever flamboyant self again.” Poseidon stated.

Zeus sighs, “And seems Persephone is developing his habits.”

“Oh leave them be, you two. Persephone helps complete Hades.” Athena reminded the two Greek Gods.

Meanwhile, the Digital Watchers, Simms, Jean, Otto, and Russell, watch Beerusmon and Whismon picking out food from tables. Beerusmon, being the glutton, devours a bunch of food from plates. Whismon eats some desserts modestly.

“You gonna stop them from eating all the food, Simms?!” Otto worried.

Simms sweatdrops and respond, “I think I'll pass since I value my existence.”

Beerusmon cries out while he finishes eating, “This is delicious! Now I won't have to destroy Central Planet.”

“I doubt Lady Cosmos would allow that.” Whismon warned.

Beerusmon then sights Beerus and Whis, “Say, is it just me or am I seeing me over there?”

Whismon notices Whis and said, “I do say, I am seeing double, too! In fact, those are the Dragonball gods we're based on.”

“Why don't we go meet them?” Beerusmon convinced.

“Sure, if you say so.” Whismon replied.

Over at the Dragonball deity section, Shenron with his huge size is seen hanging over King/North Kai, Kibito Kai, Old Kai, Beerus, Whis, Supreme Kai of Time, Tokitoki, South Kai, East Kai, West Kai, and Grand Kai.

“Did I just see me getting whacked by Lady Cosmos?” Old Kai said about Gozensomon.

Kibito Kai answers to the elder Kai, “No, sir, they happen to be our Digimon counterparts.”

“So, they're just us with the -mon attached to their names?” Old Kai scratches his head.

“That Simms guy must be my counterpart. Even though he doesn't look like me.” King Kai grins and snorts, “I bet he cracks jokes just as good as me.”

West Kai snorts, “I doubt he cracks jokes as corny and lame as yours, North Kai.”

“My jokes aren't lame, you pipsqueak!” King Kai yelled at his rival.

“Those Digital Watchers are sure swell folks, aren't they?” South Kai modestly said.

“Oh, here they come!” East Kai points out.

The Digital Watchers and the Kais greet each other.

“Finally we meet in the flesh, Simms.” King Kai greeted his counterpart.

“Still dead I see, King Kai.” Simm commented about his status of seeing King Kai’s halo. “You and X had plenty of conversations while I've been away enjoying my semi-retirement.”

“X is about the only few guys that likes my jokes.” King Kai gladly stated.

“Toki toki!” Tokitoki cried out.

“Sheesh, a bunch of old folks. When did this become the senior tour?” Supreme Kai of Time groaned.

“Even though you're 75 millions years old?” Whis commented to the Supreme Kai of Time.

“Making you the oldest known living Kai!” Beerus cried out.

“Right, granny?” Whis winks at her.

The Supreme Kai of Time whimpers, “How embarrassing. I'm not a granny.”

Just then, Beerusmon and Whismon confront Beerus and Whis. The Digimon Deities and Dragonball Deities stare each other off.

“I hear you're my Digimen countpart.” Beerus greeted.

“I believe that's Digimon, Lord Beerus.” Whis corrected the God of Destruction.

“And you're who I'm based on.” Beerusmon said as well.

“We sound and behave no differently from one another.” Whismon felt the connection.

Seeing this, Beerus and Beerusmon go face to face.

Beerus grins, “Yes, our powers are much equivalent. If we fight, this planet wouldn't be enough to contain us.”

Beerusmon nods, “Would you care to join me to eat some delicious pudding?”

“Don't mind if I do!” Beerus responded.

Beerus and Beerusmon invite each other to grab some pudding.

“Well, those two sure think alike.” Whismon watches.

Whis respond, “Indeed, say, would you like to hit the sushi bar with me? There's a lot for us to catch up on.”

“Oh, don't mind if I do!” Whismon politely answered.

Whis and Whismon float over to the sushi bar for a pleasant conversation.

The Dragonball deities are flabbergasted with the turn of events.

Simms sweatdrops, “You don't see that everyday.”

King Kai felt in relieved, “And here I thought they were gonna fight. Whew.”

“Perhaps this is for the best.” Kibito Kai said to King Kai.

“But, they're both gluttons. Meaning...” Grand Kai pondered.

“One Beerus is bad enough, but two of them?!” West Kai shouted upon realizing.

East Kai panics about it, “They're gonna eat this whole place up!”

“Perhaps, but let none of us get on their bad side.” Shenron warned the Kais.

Queen Serenity overhears this and said to Galaxia, “Did you hear that, Galaxia? Two Beerus's?”

Galaxia frowns at the feline gods, “Yes, and they better behave. Or, they answer to me or Lady Cosmos.”

Sedna is seen in a lively oceanic mood with her arms on the back of her forehead. Sun Wukong approaches the Dragonball deities.

“You can count me in of agreeing you all. I’m satisfied of Toriyama Akira created Son Goku thanks to me.” The Monkey King reminded this inspiration.

King Kai tells Sun Wukong, “Yeah, well if it wasn't for your legend, our creator wouldn't have conceived Son Goku and the Dragon Universe.”

“Indeed. And you honor him cosplaying the man himself.” Simms added.

“Our creator is quite the character himself. He doesn't like showing in public, so he takes on his Tori-Bot disguise.” Shenron stated this information. “One can argue he's the One Above All in the Dragon Universe.”

“That does add up why we don't see him often and he only makes brief cameos.” Kibito Kai wondered.


Unbeknownst to them, Tori-Bot is watching the Deity Party with a bag full of popcorn.

“Heheheh! Whoops, gotta get back and help with that Dragonball Super production!” the Tori-Bot bolts back to Toei Animation, “Better not forget to bring my notes... oh, wait, I do forget. Oh well, my memory's not as good but I'll do my best!”


Back at the Deity Party...

“Hey, let's not forget other deities dressed as creators. We have our Japanese Deity friends dressed as Oda, Kishimoto and Kubo.” The Grand Kai points to Amaterasu, Susanoo and Tsukuyomi.

“Or, some of our other divine friends.” Supreme Kai of Time points to Granasmon, Harbingermon, Oraclemon, Ancientmon, Anubismon, and the Ora Guardians as examples, “The Ora Guardians are dressed as the respective creators of the anime/manga that make up the YYGDM universe!”

“Even us deities must honor the true creators of the various universes across the Nexus.” Granasmon said about the real-life creators.

Ancientmon responds to Granasmon, “Correct, and this is to express our thanks to these creators.”

Anubismon sighs, “Though, I wish Amaterasu, Susanoo and Tsukuyomi would just get along.”

What the Digi-Anubis mon has to say shows the Three Japanese Gods are arguing on irrelevant things. Kushinadahime attempts to soothe the feud, but she does nothing besides watching.

“What do you expect?” Oraclemon said about the Japanese Gods, “They're representing the Big Three... the fandom wars for these three were very annoying back from the late-2000s to the early 2010s.”

“Sadly they're showing how immature the fandoms of the Big Three get. Very sad.” Granasmon somberly said.

Meanwhile ObeliskMegaGargomon and RaPhoenixmon are still arguing while SliferGigaSeadramon is chilling out.

Shenron grumbles, conveying his irritation, “Well, we know the Dimension Trio won't stop arguing what's the better console either. Fandom wars... what a headache.”

Afterwards, Palutena and Pit finally gets to meet with the Greek Gods.

“My name is Palutena, righteous ruler of Skyworld, and this is my loyal companion, Pit.” Palutena casually greeted.

Pit’s eyes widen, “Whoa, the real deals from what I heard in our world!”

“Don’t mind him, he’s really giddy to see you all.” Palutena smiled.

Zeus respond to Palutena and Pit with courtesy, “The pleasure is mine, ruler of Skyworld. I'm Zeus, the God of Thunder, and these are some of my colleagues.”

“I'm Poseidon, Lord of the Oceans.” The Greek God of the seas introduced.

Zeus brings Hera forward, “And this is my wife Hera.”

“Hello.” Hera smiles pleasantly and waves despite her past jealousy with her husband.

“A pleasure. I am Ares, God of War.” Ares introduced.

“I am Ares' female counterpart Enyo.” Ares’ female counterpart added.

“Good day. I'm Artemis, Goddess of the Moon.” Artemis proudly greeted.

“Yes, I'm sure you'll find all of us Greek Deities here, though Hades and his lover Persephone both wandered off.” Zeus said about themselves.

Hades and Persephone are ballroom dancing not too far from the Greek Deities’ observations.

Palutena then speaks to Athena, “And we finally meet at last Athena, you are the inspiration for my creation you know?”

Athena responds to Palutena, “I'm glad to see others inspire from me and by extension my fellow Greek deities.”

Frigg finally manages to reach out to Odin and the Norse Gods.

“Honey, I’m here at last!” Frigg cried out in relief, “Thank goodness about the celebration for us. We can tell that Brunhilde and the maidens are doing fine back on Midgard. I remember the days when I raise Brunhilde as a mother figure, just like you being the father.”

Odin said to Frigg, “Indeed, my love, this is a celebration for not just us but everyone that is divine. Brunhilde and her Maidens have reawakened but it's their time to mature on their own. And they have their own celebration down on Midgard.”

“A toast to Brunhilde and her Maidens!” Sif proudly shouted.

“A toast to the sisters!” Freyja cried out, considering her having a symbolic connection with the Valkyries.

The Norse Gods raise their glasses and cups and shout in unison, “A toast to the Maidens!”

Then, Odin sees Ra and Vishnu, who finished his meditation, walk up to him.

“Now Enma knows what it's like to humble himself. He's now in his son's shadow.” Odin smiles, completely satisfied of the end result.

“Forget Enma now. Why don't we discuss the old days?” Ra changes to another topic, “Who remembers that black mass we fought with ages ago?”

Vishnu remembers it, “Ah yes, that black slime splintered from the primordial chaos mass.”

“Which is actually the same Chaos that ended up possessing that Charon witch. The same Chaos that spawned Akadean (The Hadean Taiyoukai), the first demonic life form on Earth.” Odin stated about Chaos, the primeval void in Greek Mythology and the chaotic force of nature in the Sailor Moon franchise.

Some information, the Akadean’s existence gave the birth of Reikai (Spirit World), Makai (Demon World), and Meikai (Demon World’s Afterlife).

“And don't forget that mass spawned another.” Ra remembers another spawn.

Grim then interjects, “Yes, that remaining shard that just happens to be Aku, mon!”

Vishnu mutters, “Aku, that monster.”

“But, we have a warrior fighting Aku thankfully.” Odin said about the mortal that can stop the demon with the magic katana he, Ra, and Vishnu crafted.

“Samurai Jack, mon. Now, if you'll excuse me!” Grim then gets away from the deities.

Elsewhere, Beerusmon and Beerus are eating some gourmet plates. Whismon and Whis have a friendly chat at the sushi bar.

Meanwhile, the four Ora Guardians speak with Sailor Cosmos.

“You and the Supreme Guardians have done well amassing as many deities as you could for these festivities.” Sren gives a compliment.

“If this turns out well, you should consider this an annual event.” Gythos said about the reception.

Sailor Cosmos nods at Gythos and concludes, “Yes, we're thinking about it. Let's now hope all goes well for the heroes down on Earth.”

With the last words coming from the white lady, the deities continue their time in the festivities. The narratives will shift to Earth soon.

(End Theme)


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I love the humor in your chapters because, I wouldn't of expected there to be a PS4, WiiU, and XboxOne debate among them. I love Hades and Persephone. Gosh, I feel bad for anyone who mistakes them as Sephiroth and Aerith. At least the deities are having a good time among themselves while everyone on earth is doing their own thing. Somewhat strange to see Madoka again, except in her other form with Kyubey.


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Jul 5, 2012
Posting two chapters. I plan to have the crossover complete with 36 chaps.


(Cue Imagine Dragons - It's Time)


Shinnen:New Year

Chapter VII: Continuing Festivities (Part I)


New York City/Time Square

(Cue Two Steps From Hell - I Love You Forever)

Returning to the city that never sleeps, Time Square is having a parade for the diverse crowd to witness. The parade is filled with people performing their moves and a band is playing music instruments. There are those that carry balloon themes with glowing neon lights of Spongebob Squarepants, Shrek, Snoopy and Woodstock from Peanuts, Spider-Man, yellow Macy’s stars, Pikachu, and more.

The canon Guilty Crown trio, their alternate Guilty Crown: Lost Kingdoms alongside Sword Art Online, YYGDM Heroes, Crystal!Sailor Moon, Gon & Killua, Ryuko & Satsuki, Bandit Keith, Dan Eagleman, Paradais duo, and Volodramon are watching the parade.

“Whoa! Check out those balloons!” Gon points out with his finger.

His best friend Killua sees them and adds with his best friend, “I see them, Gon!”

Ryuko gives a crude smirk, “I wouldn’t mind popping them.”

“You sure about that?” Leafa is precautious about it.

Ryuko chuckles to Leafa while being laid-back, “I’m just pullin’ a leg here!”

Nagisa is on a piggy back ride with Shibungi while blowing bubbles, “Daddy look, pretty balloons!”

“Yes, they are certainly artistic for their design.” Shibungi said while staying together with his wife.

Oogumo, Kurachi, and Mami are having a good time. Argo and Katsumi hold hands with Kyoko gives a confident smile. Ayase and Sayaka are embracing one another and see the parade together. LK!Tsugumi, Kenji and Kyo watch as well, though Tsugumi remains alone without Daryl Yan around.

“Momma! I love the parade!” Tatsuya cried out.

Junko is holding Tatsuya’s hand and smiles, “Yeah you sure are, Tatsuya.”

Madoka and LK!Shu give each others smiles before the latter talks to Inori.

“Look at all how these people have done, Inori.” LK!Shu comented.

Yuzuriha Inori II nods and pleasantly smiles at LK!Shu, “It’s nice that I enjoy the company, Shu.”

Canon!Shu, Ayase, and Tsugumi smile at the light-hearted festivities. Canon!Shu begins to feel some softness inside him of getting use to the celebration, to which Canon!Ayase looks at her husband with a positive expression. Homura is seen rejoining the group by standing next to Gai, Mana, and Satsuki. However, Homura remains worried of that microraptor figure she attempted to search, only that it’s gone before her eyes.


Elsewhere, the three notorious Kaijus: Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah are looking down at the parade by their gigantic size. Despite their antagonism at King Ghidorah, Godzilla and Mothra decide to interact with the golden hydra as they communicate with roars. It translates of talking about the New Year and they alongside Rodan will appear in the sequel of the Godzilla Legendary Films.


Back with the YYGDM company, Usagi & Mamoru, Yusuke & Keiko, and Usa & RJ watch the parade festivities in each other's companies.

Usagi peacefully smiles, “Great idea for us to come back to New York.”

“Yeah, we didn't get the chance to see everything.” Mamoru agreed.

“Luckily the bad guys are taking a break today, too.” Keiko said.

Yusuke chuckles at Keiko’s statement, “Heh, yeah, wasn't that great how Pluto put her sister in her place?”

Usa smirks while holding Diana the Cat, “Don't mess with my Pluto. That evil bitch of a sister of hers should learn her lesson.”

“If she doesn't, Miss Setsuna can kick her and Jeremiah out like last time.” RJ added.

Just then, Takato watches a rock band playing nearby and wonders, “Doesn't seeing the band make you wanna reform our band, Rika?”

Rika remember something that the Tamers use to do a music band in their teenage years, “Yeah, I'm getting that urge to.”

“Yeah, but Himura isn't here. I wouldn't be right if it's just the three of us.” Henry added.

“Maybe I can play in his place?” Guilmon suggested.

Terriermon snickers, “Oh yeah, you'd be the perfect substitute, huh, Guilmon?”

Takuya then interjects, “Maybe I can play in Himura's place?”

“We'll consider it, Takuya. We don't mind, but Himura wouldn't like anyone taking his place.” Takato warned the Legendary Warrior of Fire.

“Man, that sucks.” Takuya sighed.

Rei and Hiei watch Koori with Sam closely.

Rei is smiling, watching their daughter and her boyfriend, “Look, Hiei, doesn't Koori just look so happy to be with Sam?”

“As long as she's happy.” Hiei admitted.

Koori clings to Sam's arm as they watch balloons shifting through Time Square. Likewise, Amaya and Max are together sharing a New York hotdog. Daiki decides to take Helbot as his date.

Amaya gawks at Daiki and Helbot together, “Daiki, bro, you know she's an artificial human and looks like Helena, right?”

Daiki chuckles modestly and respond to his sister, “Well, yea, but I'm planning a major upgrade for her. And I'm gonna give her a complete look makeover. Since Helbot already has a shapeshift ability, I can ask her to change her hair purple and make her complexion white. Also changing her face is a must.”

“Ugh, you're so weird.” Amaya sweatdrops.

“C'mon, Amaya, I think your brother deserves someone...” Max reassured.

“Yeah, but someone who's 'real' like me and you!” Amaya cried about of wanting something human.

Max chuckles, “As long as your brother's happy... and anything to make Helbot happy.”

“And that's another thing to change. Her name.” Daiki announced about his robotic girlfriend, “Since she won't look like Helena anymore, she requires a new identity. That might be the hardest part... a name.”

“Bro, this is so creepy.” Amaya said in disbelief.

Next, Ayami Kotori cheers watching the balloons and the parade.

“Man, this is so exciting! Last time I was in New York, I never even got to sight-see!” Kotori admitted to herself.

Karin takes pictures of the balloons and parade bands, “No kidding. We were in the House of Madoka. Though, we did get glimpses of New York when the bad guys kicked us out.”

“But, this is a whole different experience for us. I might come to New York every year for New Years.” Kotori happily stated.

“That'd be good. I just wish Dimitri and Athena were here now. I'm sure they're having fun wherever they're at.” Karin said about them.

“Don't worry, Karin. I'm sure you'll see them soon.” Yugi reassured.


Meanwhile, Inuki Hina is sitting down with Luna and Artemis.

“Hina, do you have any idea who that man that greeted Miss Setsuna was?” Luna said about the mystery man that is Volodramon.

Hina shrugs and answers to the moon cat, “I haven't seen him. Sorry.”

“This is the second time he's confronted Setsuna.” Luna remembered. “Once before near the conclusion of the House of Madoka event.”

“I heard Miss Setsuna danced with a man... he's the same one?” Hina relates the connection ever since the ending of that last party.

Artemis eyes the mystery man talking with Setsuna suspiciously, “Whoever he is, I hope he's on our side.”


At another side, Sharon, Jeremiah, Anustes, Igasu, Ier, and Andes watch the parade festivities for a while. Then, Sharon's interests shift over to her sister and the mystery man.

“Ugh, I made fun of you for being single, but now here you are with a man. Though, he's not really a man. It's Volodramon, a Digimon. Is my sister trying to one-up me having a Digimon for a partner?” Sharon said in jealousy and pauses, “Wait...” She senses strange power from 'Volodramon', “There's strange temporal energy from Volodramon.”

Jeremiah overhears her and commented, “It feels similar to a Time Lord's energy.”

“But, he can't be a Time Lord. He does look like the 10th Doctor, but he's not him.” Sharon corrected her husband.

“And he makes himself look like David Tennant. He might have the power to shapeshift to any of the Doctors.” Jeremiah stated.

Sharon whispers, “Perhaps, but he's also a Digimon like you, my love.”

Jeremiah takes notice and said, “Yes, he was created by Ancientmon to stop me, but seems he has other interests now. We need to keep an eye on Volodramon.”


Meanwhile, the mystery man sits down with Setsuna on a bench. Both look stare at each other, ignoring the New Year parade and activities.

Setsuna gasps at the mystery man’s identity, “Your name is Volodramon? To think you're a Digimon...”

“If the man known as Jeremiah Grand can be Millenniummon's human disguise, why can't I? As long as I'm in human form, I'm simply known as John Smith.” Volodramon responded and mentions his human identity.

“That's the human identity the 10th Doctor uses.” Setsuna said about the alias of coming from Doctor Who.

“Well, yes, true. But, the truth is my data became infused and encrypted with the Doctor's DNA.” John Smith/Volodramon revealed another fact.

Meioh Setsuna is taken aback upon hearing this.

“Making me part-Time Lord. I have all the memories of the Doctors.” John announced.

“But, how...” Setsuna wondered.

“We had a run-in. You see, I was originally a warrior for Ancientmon.” John mentions about his origin, “I was created to help combat Millenniummon, who you now know as Jeremiah Grand, who is your sister's husband.”

Setsuna is shocked, “But, does Jeremiah know you're here for him?”

“Perhaps, but I doubt it matters.” John nodded. “Jeremiah has since settled down. I was going to stop him and Charon at the House of Madoka, but you became Tempus Pluto and thwarted them.”

Setsuna recalls about gaining some kind of a super form in order to defeat the Paradais duo, “Yes, that was last year. You were supposed to stop them, not me?”

“Yeah, but I'm glad you did. You saved me the trouble. However, there's a more sinister force at work.” John takes Setsuna's hands about this omen, “We have to be ready for them.”

Setsuna blushes at the touch of John Smith's hands and then questions, “Certainly it's not my sister and Jeremiah again?”

“No, it's an organization far more sinister. In fact, we might need your sister and Jeremiah's help.” John seriously answered and announced the assistance with the Paradais duo.

Setsuna seems to disapprove upon hearing this, “I never imagine I'd ever need my sister's help for anything.”

“In this case, we might, Meioh Setsuna.” John convinced.

Setsuna is in a state of conflicted emotions over what to do. She becomes entranced by John Smith's presence.

Akemi Homura overhears the conversation between Setsuna and John Smith.

“Do you hear anything suspicious, Homura?” Gai asked the magical girl of time.

Homura calmly answers to the Undertakers’ leader, “Yeah, that man is sharing the same worries as me. He said something of an organization far sinister than Paradais.”

Gai, LK!Shu, Inori, and Mana are somewhat surprise, they might know who that organization is…

“Shouldn’t we prepare anything?” Satsuki pondered.

“Not yet, but I should just ease up since these people are enjoying their time here.” Homura answered to the coolly-faced woman.

“Yeah Homura, let’s enjoy the time together.” Madoka smiled at her best friend.

“Thank you, Kaname Madoka. But if only Ouma Mana is not in my way.” Homura commented on the other hand.

To the raven-haired girl’s words, Mana is seen smiling in the background.

“Aw, my older sister has the hots on you.” LK!Shu joked.

Homura gives a no-nonsensical glare at Shu, “Do you mind, Ouma Shu?”

(End Theme)


The three Rajita Warlords, Ghidorah, Gyaos, and Gamera, watch their three-headed beast, King Ghidorah, interacting with the other famed Kaijuus.

“Fellow Warlords, I sense something dreadful coming our way.” Ghidorah warned.

“Should we be vigilant?” Gamera questioned.

Gyaos boasts, “Not one force will usurp us. Not on this night.”

Ghidorah stares out past New York, “Whoever it is, they will fall to us. No one denies us conquest of this primate world without a duel.”


(Cue Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again)

A stylish song fills in the city’s atmosphere to the crowds. Just as Kirito and Asuna are seen holding hands, with their Charizards, Leafa and Sinon smiled at their happiness, but Yui arrives to tell something.

“Daddy! Mommy! I saw a Japanese demon up ahead!” Yui cried out in worry.

Which then, Kirito and Asuna figure out who it is.

The MMO ‘Black Swordsman’ gives a light smirks, “Guess I’m paying to see him.”

Kirito, Asuna, the Charizards and Yui then approach the source ahead of the audience. The ancient Toushin demon, Arago. Arago notices Kirito, Asuna, Yui, and the Charizards.

“Well well, remember me, mighty Arago?” Kirito urged to refreshen the ancient demon’s memory.

Arago respond to Kirito as his personal enemy other than the Spirit Detectives, “If it isn't you, Kirito. I still haven't forgotten our clash at the House. But, just know I let you defeat me.”

“Kirito told me all about you.” Asuna commented her suspicion.

Arago then turns to the strawberry blond-haired girl, “And you must be the Gary Stu's beloved wife, huh? Nice to meet you.”

Back at the main group, Leafa and Sinon approaches Yusuke/Keiko and Mars/Hiei.

“Uh guys, you might want to see this.” Leafa points towards the source.

Yusuke & Keiko and Rei & Hiei notice Kirito and his family meeting Arago.

“Ah crap, don't tell me it's Arago!” Yusuke cried out in surprise.

Hiei scoffs, “Seems Arago has other plans.”

“At least they're not about to fight.” Keiko gladly said.

Rei said in relieved, “Yeah, that's a good thing. We don't need any fighting now.”

Back to the somewhat, odd conversation with Kirito and Arago.

“You may be big, but I’m not afraid of you!” Yui confidently glared while the Charizards growled at Arago.

“And what makes you think I'm afraid of you?” Arago said to Yui while loudly laughs. “I'm just here to see the parade and maybe do a head count of the amount of humans here.”

Arago then notices Gamera and Valmarmon together, “Now if you'll excuse me. We will settle our score later, Kirito.”

Kirito and his family watch as the Toushin lord leaves their presence.


Just then in another area, Rhea spots Nagah and runs over to her.

“Nagah?! Nagah, is that you?!” Rhea cried out to get her lover’s attention.

Crystal!Sailor Moon notices Rhea and speaks to the Reformed Rajita leader, “Hey, I think she's calling for you, Nagah.”

“Rhea?!” Nagah cried out in surprise.

Nagah and Rhea embrace as their reunion commences. They share each other's warm embrace lovingly.

“I can't believe it... I thought you were...” Nagah muttered in disbelief.

“Dead? I've been given another chance at life, I think. I don't know remember how, but Anubismon and Koenma might have something to do with it.” Rhea said that she remembered she was once killed during the first Rajita invasion.

Nagah has felt confused, “You don't remember...? Well, it doesn't matter now. I'm just happy we're together!”

“I hear you've raised a child in my absence. I wish to meet Lien.” Rhea smirked about the young Rajita.

“You'll get the chance.” Nagah reassured her lover.

Crystal!Moon gives a smile, “Wow, a beautiful reunion.”

Suddenly in ruining the moment, Ghidorah and Gyaos appear to everyone's surprise.

Ghidorah growls at his former Rajita subordinates, “What do we have here? The two traitors to my empire reunite?”

Gyaos notices Nagah and questioned, “Wasn't she the prodigy that ascended into one of your generals in short time?”

“Yes and she once served me faithfully until her constant failures soured her reputation with me.” Ghidorah answered.

“I quit because you were planning to kill me.” Nagah remembered the time when her former lord attempts to do so.

“Oh yes, I do remember you have no qualms executing your own henchmen if they fail!” Rhea angrily said to Ghidorah.

Ghidorah chortles, “Blah, blah, I've heard it all before. Spare me your lectures traitor.”

“Now, hold it!” Crystal!Moon interjects into the Rajita conversation, “Is that anyway of talking down to those who once faithfully served you?!”

Ghidorah and Gyaos noticed Crystal!Moon. While already familiar with Queen Serenity's daughter, this is their first encounter with the Crystal version of the Moon Princess.

“Well, look who it is? I know you're not the Sailor Moon I've engaged and killed with my own hands. You're the one from that new Crystal universe.” Ghidorah chortles at Crystal!Moon and glances her over, “You're much more frail and shinier than the Sailor Moon I defeated.”

“What?! You killed the other me?!” Crystal!Moon turns to Usagi and is shock about this fact. During the first Rajita invasion of YYGDM, Ghidorah once killed Sailor Moon as a major plot twist.

Usagi overhears them and steps in fast, “Hey, leave her alone, Ghidorah!”

“Let's let them be, Ghidorah. Let's not waste our time with the weaker and inferior version.” Gyaos said to Ghidorah before looking at Crystal!Moon, “She has yet to fully master her Silver Crystal's power and gain a Valkyrie form like the one you killed.”

“That is true. I'll leave you be, but this won't be the last we meet, Sailor Moon, “Ghidorah then leaves Crystal!Moon, “And I'll see you traitors again later.” He also leaves Nagah and Rhea behind.

Nagah snorts behind Ghidorah’s back, “Hey, that's right. Go away. Just know I'll be leading a good example for our people! Better than you'll ever show!”

Rhea kisses Nagah and giggles, “You tell them, my Nagah!”

Usagi approaches to the nearly scared Crystal!Moon, “Are you ok?”

Crystal!Moon nods at her older version, “Yeah, but that Ghidorah guy is scary. His power is nothing like felt before.”

Usagi smiles at Crystal!Moon, “That's because you and your team are barely about to fight your world's Death Phantom. Ghidorah is many leagues above him.”

“I wonder if I'll have to fight my universe's Ghidorah.” Crystal!Moon said about a fan wild mass guess should the Reptilian warlord exist in her world.

“We'll never know until your series gets that far.” Usagi stated.

Crystal!Moon smiles, “Thanks for sticking up for me.”

“No problem!” Usagi winks at her.


Next, Alice and her Digimon, Rottweilermon notice the Tamers.

“Tamers!” Alice races over to meet them.

Takato sees her in surprise of seeing a ghost, “Alice, is that really you?!”

Guilmon sees Rottweilermon and figure out his identity, “Hey, wait, are you really Dobermon?”

“It is. Hello again, Guilmon.” Rottweilermon greeted for his current form is his Rookie stage.

“I'm glad to see you all, Tamers. You're looking well.” Alice said to her old acquaintances.

“And you're looking about the same.” Rika commented.

“Well, my fate's has always been ambiguous. Some say I am spirit. Perhaps they're right.” Alice said about the rumored stories.

“What brings you here? Well, besides for the New Years activities?” Henry asked the gothic girl.

“Just here to be with you. And to finally meet your new Tamer colleague. I believe his name is Himura?” Alice answered and heard about the fourth ‘Beast Tamer’.

“Ya just missed him, but he should be meeting with us later. He, Inumon, and Renamon are off someplace else.” Terriermon said about their presence.

“Why don't you hang with us until then?” Takato offered.

Alice nods, “Sure, I wasn't planning to go anywhere else.”

“Say, Alice, I don't know how long ya been dead or just mysterious gone, or whatever, but ever watched the Star Wars Holiday Special?” Terriermon asked that mere question.

Alice has felt confused, “No, I don't believe I have.”

“It's one of the worst, or best bad things you'll ever watch.” Rottweilermon said to his partner.

“So, the doggie knows the badness of that special?” Rika figured.

“I wouldn't want to subject anyone to that kind of torture.” Takato said in not being some kind of sadist.

“Maybe we can riff on it one day?” Terriermon suggested.

Henry shrugs, “C'mon, we're not the MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000).”

Terriermon snickers, “Nah, but we can try our hand at riffing that Star Wars 'masterpiece'.”

“Maybe I can join?” Alice politely asked.

“Your funeral...” Rika said before taking back, “Whoops, that came out wrong.”

Alice gives a grim smile, “That's ok, I'm not offended.”


Finally, the Dawn of Chaos Big Bads, Arago, Valmarmon, and Gamera, unite as they converse while the parade goes on.

“So, the Dawn of Chaos Big Bads have united.” Gamera stated.

“And during such a special festive as New Years Eve.” Valmarmon commented.

Arago figures out something, “Wait, aren't we forgetting someone?”

(Theme instantly fades)

Crickets chirp are heard, obviously signifies one thing.

(Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again continues)

Valmarmon cackles, “If you mean a certain scrub loser from that 5Ds series, then no. No one cares about him.”

“It's all about us. That fool Professor Frank is better off shining our shoes.” Gamera snickered.

“If we wear any. We wear boots.” Arago commented.

Valmarmon then sees the Kaijuu, “I'm about as large as them. Lord Gamera, weren't you and the Warlords riding that three-headed behemoth?”

“Correct, Lord Valmarmon.” Gamera answered about the golden dragon, “That is our King Ghidorah. My father and Lord Gyaos rode in the three heads like the bosses we are.”

Arago scoffs, “And yet you three are named after Kaijuus.”

“What can I say, Lord Arago? Us reptilian folk have fondness for great reptilian beasts. And having names that start with 'G' was too good to pass up.” Gamera gives his statement of tributing notorious Kaijuu figures.

“So you say.” Arago muttered.

(End Theme)


Toys R Us

Back at the largest toy store, there is a competition between two groups: The S-Force and the Demon Beast Generals, they stand face to face of giving the audience the show.

Sloan (S-Force) poses, “Aren’t you gonna give up yet?”

“You got what it takes? As the newest member, I’ll take you on, fatso!” SoveignOuryumon poses.

BlazeSuzakumon laughs at S-Force, “Not even close to giving up! We're just getting started!” He then strikes a pose.

StormSeiryuumon poses, “We aren't leaving until we've won this posedown!”

“That's right!” QuakeGenbumon cried out.

Jax speaks gibberish as he gives the pose.

“I don't know what you just said, but you're gonna taste defeat!” AuroraByakkomon said to Jax and does a dramatic and over-the-top pose.

Elsewhere, the Megas XLR cast continues to watch the competition. Coop and Evil Coop just came back after playing Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U.

“What took you so long you two?” Jamie asked the Coops.

“Hey, I just beat most of those chumps and my evil counterpart.” Coop said to his skinny friend.

Evil Coop glares at his fat counterpart, “Hmph. Poser.”

“Yeah, I’m still the man.” Coop taunted his evil self.

“Bet you thought of facing Umehara Daigo?” Jamie brought up this legendary Japanese gamer.

Coop gasps in shock upon hearing the mere name of Daigo, “No way, I mean I love to meet him, but I don’t know if I wanna face him!”

“Who’s Daigo?” Kiva said in curiosity.

“Yes, earther. Better tell us who he is.” Gorrath demanded.

“He’s that player that wins everything in Street Fighter competitions.” Coop said to both.

“He’s like that Asian every gamer admires.” Goat added before mention something else, “Speaking of that, I hear that these ‘West Coasters’ people are coming to Manhattan.”

“Weren’t they from California or something?” Jamie wondered.

“Sure is.” Goat stated.

(Cue W&W - Manhattan (Craving Remix))

Now entering the Toys R Us, a new group of original heroes make their presence known. Flying out from the west coast, specifically California, are the newest additions to the YuYuGiDigiMoon fanfic franchise. They are seven Meta-humans known as The West Coasters. Their costume theme is the Big Hero 6. Lance and Good!Pharaohmon, both cosplayed Hiro Hamada & Baymax, enter first accompanied by a young guy, cosplaying as Tadashi Hamada, with short brown hair and a chestnut-colored hair girl, who cosplays as Cass Hamada.

“Here we are, Marty Stonebagel aka Stronghold and Andrea Bickens aka Psyclone.” Lance showed his two teammates the crowded city, “We finally made it to New York!”

“But, why here?” Marty asked about Toys R Us.

Andrea giggles at Marty, “To check out the latest games. Plus, I promised Carmen to show her some Pokemon.”

Accompanying the three are the other West Coaster members. A pair of half-Polynesian, half-Caucasian twins appear; a boy with long dark, wavy hair cosplays as Fred. The girl with a Punk-Rocker spiky hair style, bleached with multi-colored tips and piercings, comes dressed as GoGo Tomago. These are Nicholas "Nick" Banks aka Surgebinder and Penelope "Penny" Banks aka Coinshot.

Nick’s eyes gleam, “Whoa, dudes and dudettes, we've hit toy heaven! They gotta have some cool games and maybe some anime chick figurines!”

Penny sigh, “I'm sure they have all that. I have no idea why I'm here.”

“Who knows? You might find something worthwhile here, Penny.” Lance said to her.

Another girl, a dark-haired Latina with a kind and subdued demeanor, cosplays as Honey Lemon. This is Carmen Santiago aka Songblade. The last member is a Caucasian young man wearing a beanie that he has red hair underneath named Scott Montgomery aka Bridge, who is cosplaying as Wasabi.

Carmen observes the store, “Wow...”

“Big place, isn't it, Carmen?” Scott said to Songblade.

Andrea then takes Carmen's hand, “C'mon, we can check out the latest Pokemon games, Carmen.”

Good!Pharaohmon sees kids crowding around him and said in curiosity, “The kids like me?”

“Because you're dressed as Baymax. They seem to like our Big Hero 6 group cosplay, guys.” Lance said gladly.

The West Coasters take group pictures for their new fans.

“That's good. Hopefully we can find my cousin, Larry, around here.” Marty can hoped.

Nick them notices Coop and his group, “Whoa, hey! Aren't they from Megas XLR?!”

Penny sees them as well, “Hey, you're right.”

Coop and the Megas XLR cast notice the West Coasters group.

“Hey! My guesses are right!” Goat saw the teenaged meta-heroes.

“So that’s who they are.” Kiva stated.

Jamie grins, “And they dress up as those superhero kids from Big Hero 6!”

The West Coasters interact with the Megas XLR group, in which this is a nice opportunity.

Nick is the first to speak to Jamie, “Yo, dude. No, it's awesome to finally meet you guys. Glad ya like our costumes!”

Evil Coop groans, “Oh great, more losers.”

“I couldn’t agree more with these earth children.” Gorrath grumbled.

Penny responds to Evil Coop and Gorrath, “Speak for yourselves. We won't get our asses kicked by a fat couch potato.”

Coop smirked at the young heroes, “Hey guys, this your first time in New York? It’s our second time in this kickass place.”

Lance answers to Coop since he and his friends are from Jersey City to relate, “I've been to New York with my family before. But, this is the first for the others here.”

“We're here for the sight-seeing.” Marty stated.

“And get our reputation out there since we're new.” Andrea planned to spread their influence.

“Since we're like the X-Men and Inhumans.” Scott added in comparing the West Coasters to these Marvel teams.

Carmen is speaking with a computer vocalizer, “New York is so big. I don't know where to next.”

Andrea pats Carmen, “We can always hit up Time Square, Carmen.”


Elsewhere in the store, Akiyama Ryo and Cyberdramon are on their way to see Frontier/Data Squad/Xros Digiteams. Ryo cosplays as Marty McFly.

“It's 2015 and we still don't have our flying cars. Back to the Future lied!” Ryo cried out that the theory jossed.

“Actually, I think I saw a few flying cars.” Cyberdramon noticed.

Ryo gapes, “What?! And you didn't tell me?!”

Cyberdramon lowly chuckles, “I thought you knew?”

“It's your job to tell me these things! I'm the dimension traveler, I have little time to find flying cars! Oh well, 2015 is technically not over yet, maybe I'll have luck and see a flying car. So, I'm taking your word on what you saw for it.” Ryo briefly ranted and then sighs, “And we do end up with flying cars in the far future. I just need to know when we'll see the first signs of them.”

Cyberdramon changes the subject, “So, they're supposed to be here Ryo.”

“Don't worry once we find them, we'll unite them with our Tamers and Digi-Destined for a Chosen gathering?” Ryo suggested.

Just then, Ryo and Cyberdramon pause, both surprised to see two familiar, but at the same time not familiar faces.

Ryo smiles at the two newcomers, or at least old familiars, “Ah, it's you, Yagami Taichi and Agumon of the Tri universe.”

Coming from the six movies that take place after Digimon Adventure/02, Taichi and Agumon (Tri) both acknowledge Ryo and Cyberdramon with familiarity.

Taichi (Tri) smirks coolly, “Hey, Ryo! Been a while!”

“Surprised to see us?” Agumon (Tri) asked.

“Well, I was on my way to find the YYGDM-verse you and Agumon along with YYGDM-verse Matt and among others, including the other Chosen.” Ryo answered.

“Ah, another me. I also hear that Ascendant/Goku version of me is here, too!” Taichi (Tri) gives a giddy smile, “I look forward to meeting them.”

“We have to a chance to see them if you come with me.” Ryo offered to them.

“I wanna meet the other versions of me, Taichi!” Agumon (Tri) said to his partner.

Taichi (Tri) nods at Agumon before facing Ryo, “We're about to have an adventure before the release of our series' revival through Tri movies starting this November. This'll be a great way to promote our return.”

“Then, let's get going.” Ryo takes the lead.

Taichi (Tri) nods, “Ok! Lead the way!”

(End Theme)


Greenwich Village/New York University/Birthday Massacre Concert

(Cue The Birthday Massacre – Leaving Tonight)

Switching back to the synthrock gothic concert at Greenwich Village and outside of New York University, the crowd is going strong as ever as they played this song from the Hide & Seek album, tonight is the leave.

The Scout Regiment and the Tennouzu Classmates are still watching the concert.

“Say kids, this reminds us of another topic, aren’t you excited about those live action movies of our franchise?” Hange Zoe said in a positive manner, “I am giddy of seeing myself!”

Souta cries out in excitement, “No kidding, there’s a lot of talk at our school and we’re definitely be seeing them!”

Eren scoff about the actor’s portrayals, “Yeah right, they’re making all of us except Mikasa Asian.”

“Nice compliment, Eren.” Armin stated.

“…..” Mikasa has nothing to say.

Menjou Hare hugs Eren to cheer her Caucasian boyfriend up, “But at least this Eren is a different character compare to you.”

“Thanks, Hare.” Eren said to his Japanese girlfriend.

“Seriously no offense, but Attack on Titan’s popularity is pretty much off the foreign roof.” Yahiro once again said about the franchise’s popularity.

“I would be dead scare to see these Titans in live-action.” Kanon nervously admitted.

“Same here, especially the one that’s ‘late for school’.” Jun rolls his eyes of mentioning a Titan running by holding jelly bread in his mouth.

Levi could care less about the live-action films, “If those people make me appear, they better get it right.”

“You’re more focus on cleaning, right?” Hange asked her boss.

“I guess.” Levi shrugged.


On the other hand, Ford, Jessica, and the NYU classmates have enjoyed listening to the song. Ford has the lucky opportunity to invite a Native American girl to the urban lifestyle of New York.

Ford gives a soft smile and slowly holds Jessica’s hand, “I come a long way for this moment.”

Jessica Nightwood catches herself blushing and comfortable in Ford's company. She keeps holding his hand, “No, thank you, Ford. You've shown me a bigger world outside my tribe's homeland.”

“Thanks.” Ford quickly replied. He then changes the subject while slightly blushes, “Say Jess, I wonder if you ever had a first kiss?”

Jessica looks at Ford and blushes, “Actually, no, I never have...”

Unaware to Ford, she's leaning closer to him.

Ford’s eyes slightly widened, “Jess-?”

Jessica’s eyes widen equally, “Ford-?”

And then, Ford and Jessica’s lips meet. Their eyes remain widened at first, but closes as they feel the nature of spiritual love. They then slowly let go.

“This is just beautiful.” Ford muttered.

Jessica feels enamored, “This has to be the best feeling I've ever had.”

(End Theme)


Koreatown/Kunjip restaurant

Back at the Korean restaurant, the Sword Art Online secondary casts are watching the Kaiba/Kuhouin families interact with Cybernetic Ghost/Gozaburo/Noah.

“Sure goes well with them, I didn’t wanna get in their way.” Klein casually observed.

Silica speaks up with Pina perching her shoulder, “Hmm, I think I can approach them.”

“Heh, so you got guts in meeting Kaiba huh?” Lizbeth teasingly smirked at her younger friend.

“Yeah, and I should get to know Kuhouin Arisa as well since me, Kirito and Asuna visited Tennouzu High before. We wish we attend a normal school.” Silica commented of whether they like to attend a normal high school instead of an SAO survivor school.

Silica then gulps and then steps out of the table to walk towards the Kaiba/Kuhouin table.

Agil crosses his arms and states, “Let her be guys.”

Switching back to the family reunion conversation.

“I really have no idea what’s going on.” Arisa commented in awkward concern.

“Me neither, my granddaughter.” Okina admitted.

Helio speaks to the robot, “So that means you’re my ‘grandfather’?”

“Why yes little one, Kaiba and his white-haired wife must be so proud to create you.” The Cybernetic Ghost said to the young boy.

“I'm as lost as you are.” Lyn said to Arisa and Okina before speaking to Seto, “No offense, but you got one screwed up family line.”

“I don't blame you. Even I chose not to acknowledge Gozaburo, much less Cybernetic Ghost.” Seto admitted.

Gozaburo gawks about this, “You can't even compare me to this freak!”

“Quite honestly, Cybernetic Ghost is more human than you, Gozaburo.” Mokuba speak the truth.

Noah smirks, “They're calling you a less than a thing with no valuable existence. How sad for you, father.”

Gozaburo growls, “That does it! Seto, I'm taking back what's mine!”

Kaiba Gozaburo goes to grab Seto, but Lyn cuts him off and pimp slaps him down.

“Don't ruin our night, jerk-ass!” Lyn dusts her hands like a proper lady.

“That's why I love you.” Seto smirked.

Lyn speaks to the Cybernetic Ghost, “I'd be happy to if you joined us. We have a lot to talk since we're family.”

“Ooh boy.” Seto grumbles.

“Isn't your mom just great, Helio?” Mokuba said to his future nephew.

Helio nods and smiles, “Yeah he is uncle Mokuba. She’s kind and always get along with my father.”

Cybernetic Ghost said to Lyn, “Why thank you, I’d like to hear all the family human conversations.”

Just then, the group notice Silica and Pina approaching. Silica gives a warm smile to them.

“Um, my name is Ayano Keiko, but you can call me Silica. I’m also a potential dragon tamer-.” Silica said while she introduced Pina, “-and this here is my friend, Pina. I just wonder if I’d like to join?”

Mokuba respond to Silicia, “Sure, we have room.”

Cybernetic Ghost jokes at Seto, “Ooooh, she must have had a dragon fetish like yourself, son.”

“Will you shut up?” Seto mumbled at the Cybernetic Ghost.

“Be nice. He came all the way out here to see you, Seto.” Lyn reminded her husband.

“Oh poor Kaiba.” Noah laughs at Seto.

As Makoto and Otokam are still wrestling in the restaurant, Mako witnesses the Kaiba family situation.

“Man, Kaiba's got one effed up family.” Mako whistled.

Yep, Kaiba’s life is dysfunctional, but at least the rich CEO makes it through in life. People will wonder what happens next.


Shinnen:New Year

Chapter VIII: Continuing Festivities (Part II)


Midtown Manhattan

(Cue Metric - Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix))

Back in the Midtown section of Manhattan, Kensuke Rainer and the Gundam Meisters continue watching Christina Denton and her clone, Sucro rolling around slapping each other. Kensuke feels awkward seeing his girlfriend, Christina, headlocking and punching her head. Sucro returns the favor by biting Christina's thumb.

Christina cringes and screeches, “Ow!”

Sucro spears Christina down and slaps at her. Then, Christina kicks Sucro's gut.

“Oh man.” Kensuke commented.

Just then, laughter is heard. Christina and Sucro cease their cat fight. The two ladies, Kensuke, and the Meisters look up. They see GranDracmon, Beyond & Paradixalmon, Greil & Paradisomon, and Future Charon & the Time Deaths (Death Phantom, Pharaoh 90, and Queen Metalia) descending to meet them. Yes, the Accel Digidestined is interacting with his rogue gallery.

GranDracmon smirks to Kensuke, “Well, well, it's been a while since the ordeal at the House last year. Hello again, Kenny!”

Kensuke grits his teeth hard, “Ugh, I fucking hate being called Kenny.”

“What's wrong, Kenny boy? Don't like being reminded of the South Park character?” Griel asked.

Paradixalmon said to Kensuke, “We're inching to make you and your girlfriend's free time miserable.”

“You sure you want to pick a fight with Ken, brother?” Beyond asked Griel.

“There’s no need to do so.” Griel nodded of saying ‘no’.

Future Charon giggles devilishly, “Even if we can't beat your powers, we can still troll you.”

“Master GranDracmon!” Sailor Sucro bows to the demon Digimon, “I found and attacked my goody goody counterpart.”

“I know. You keep at it, my dark clone.” GranDracmon encouraged her.

“All my worst enemies gathered together. And you brought along some friends.” Kensuke chuckled and eyes on the other Time Deaths, “Except you three, Sailor Moon and her friends kicked your asses hard. But, me and the Meisters will happily kick your asses for them!”

“You tell them, Ken!” Christina cheered and glares at Future Charon, “And don't think I forgot about you.”

“Oh great, these types of enemies are in the city.” Allelujah calmly glared.

“Is there any idea what we can do with them?” Lockon wondered.

Tieria speaks to his teammates, “As of now, we’re just stand by and let Kensuke decide. Perhaps we can back him up.”

“And to show them I’m the Gundam, I accept.” Setsuna kept his word to himself.

Lockon chuckles, “You’re still letting that Gundam business in your head, Setsuna?”

“I am.” Setsuna answered to his older comrade.

Kensuke then warns the Meisters, “Unless they attack, just hold your ground, but stay alert.”

“Yeah, if they try attacking like my evil clone did, don't hold back.” Christina added.


On another side of Midtown, the Reformed Rajita meets the Oppressed Rajita. The results are none too please.

Kuiiza gives a smug grin to his former relatives, “Well, look at what we have here. The traitors are here.”

Blitzkrieg snorts at Kuiiza, “I'd watch my mouth if I were you, freak.”

“Now, is that any way to talk to my sempai, Blitzkrieg?” Toad calmly defended him.

Melancholia stoically glares at the Oppressed Rajita, “Step aside unless you all wish to be skewered.”

Kujiko grunts, “Is that a threat?”

“Don't let my former colleague rattle ya, Master Kujiko.” Babbi stated.

Emag Oediv cackles like mad, “I can trap 'em in a video game dimension if you'd like, Lord Kuiiza! Hahaha!”

“There won't be any need for that. Can we just put aside our differences for this fine evening?” Kuiiza offered to the two groups.

On the other hand, Kitoss and Wolk glare hatefully at each other.

“Me get along with this traitorous bitch?” Kitoss growled at her former sister.

Wolk scoffs, “Speak for yourself.”

Kitoss spits near Wolk's feet.

“What the hell?!” Wolk had a disgusted look.

DemiDevimon throws a Demi Dart at Kitoss, “Leave her alone, brat!”

Kitoss dodges easily and taunts, “Hah, too slow, batty!”

Xian-Yuio and Ravan pose together.

“We won't let you near Lord Kuiiza!” Xian-Yuio defended.

“Or Lady Kitoss!” Ravan added.

“Oh please.” Lobo rolled his eyes.

Ztreko-Li looks unimpressed at the Oppressed Rajita, “You might have numbers, but we have strength advantage.”

“Perhaps, but some of us have unique abilities.” Kuiiza commented. “Namely my apprentice Toad, Revenant's ability to age people, and Emag's broken game mechanics. Then, you have the Bruisers, Kujiko and Babbi. Then, you have me who can create something fierce with prep-time. But, agreed, moot point if you use your strength and speed advantage.”

(End Theme)

Then, Melancholia senses something amiss, “Hmm.”

“What is it?” Blitzkrieg asked.

“What's bothering you?” Kuiiza questioned.

Melancholia feels a dreadful presence subtly materializing in New York. Even he wasn't sure what this disturbance entailed.


(Cue Guilty Crown - Ready To Go)

In the other side of Midtown, there is an African-American rapper ready to perform to his own audience. His name is David Whitaker, in which he is involved with some songs for Final Fantasy XIII-2, Guilty Crown, and even Kill la Kill.

“Alright yo, are you ready to rock?!” The singer cried out to his fans.

All the audience cheered as the obvious meaning of saying yes.

“Let’s do this!” David Whitaker begins singing, “Locked and loaded, ready to go! If you take us on then under you go! The plan is simple, we fight to win! Try to take our freedom let the battle begin!

Near this small concert, this caught Rando of the Demon Brotherhood’s attention. Rando notices David Whitaker and starts jamming to his music.

“Yeah, now that's what I'm talking about!” Rando jams and busts a move.

“Right now?” Suzaku frowned.

“Can it wait?” Long questioned.

“No way! That's David Whitaker and no way am I missing this one out!” Rando runs through the crowd and joins on the concert.

“C'mon, let him have a little fun, brother.” Kiryu said to Long.

“What's the worst that can happen?” Cecaelia wondered.

Rando raps on stage with David Whitaker.

David Whitwalker turns to the long red-haired demon with a frown as he stops singing, “What the hell are you in my concert?!”

Most of the audiences go ‘boo!’ at Rando, telling him to get off the stage. Rando gets pelted with food, drinks, and souvenirs. He gets ran off the stage as he covers himself.

“What?! Can't I have a rap battle with the one David Whitaker?!” Rando shouted.

The Spirit Detective group (Kuwabara, Kurama, Maya, Yukina, Shizuru, and Hinageshi), Yasha, Tsukiyomi, Kuronue, Leorio, and Kurapika have arrived and receive unwanted company in the form of the Demon Brotherhood.

“Hey, was that Rando that got kicked off by David Whitaker?!” Kuwabara cried out.

“Seems like it, bro.” Shizuru shrugged.

Tsukiyomi growls at Long, “Long, my former colleague, what brings you here?!”

Long scoffs at Tsukiyomi, “Oh, stuff it, futa woman. Can we not enjoy a walk on the town?”

“Yeah, you're the last demon scum we wanted to see again.” Yasha glared.

“I'd tone down the disparaging remarks, mutt girl.” Long warned her.

“How about no fighting? Long, Tsukiyomi, how about putting aside differences?” Kiryu suggested and puts arm over Cecaelia, “Right, dear?”

“Yes and our son is looking for a good time. Don't ruin it for us.” Cecaelia smiled.

“Yeah, uncle Long and auntie Tsukiyomi!” Kiryu and Cecaelia's offspring sticks his tongue at them.

Karasu looks at Kurama and chuckles, “Funny how we always run into each other. Must be fate tying us together.”

Kurama glares at Karasu back, “I doubt that much.”

“So, this is Karasu, eh? He trying to copy my motif?” Kuronue sees the Quest Demon for the first time.

Karasu turns towards Kuronue, “You're all but a movie character and I'm in the actual canon. You're the copycat.”

“We could settle it.” Kuronue stated.

“Hey, not all of us movie-exclusive characters are bad!” Hinageshi cried out.

“No, but canon purists will think otherwise, sadly.” Maya admitted.

Then out of nowhere, Suzaku sees Murugu fly down on his shoulder.

“Finally joined us I see. What do you have to report, Murugu?” Suzaku asked his pet bird.

“Nothing suspicious that I can see.” Murugu answered.

Loki Nekomata sees Murugu and licks hungrily at the demon bird.

“Gah, why are you looking at me like that?” Murugu looks terrified.

Loki Nekomata smirks, “You're looking mighty tasty. And I'm in the mood for some chicken.”

“Oh no!” Murugu shrieks loudly.

Rando walks off stage with bumps and cringes, “Damn David Whitaker don't know how to share the spotlight?!”

Kuwabara laughs at the demon, “He kicked your sorry butt off stage!”

“Only cause I wasn't out for blood. The jerk.” Rando scoffed.

Leorio whistles at the scene, “You didn’t see this everyday, Kurapika.”

“Yeah, that Karasu guy got some serious creepy issues with Kurama.” Kurapika has his suspicions.

“Couldn’t blame you, all these evil demons are strong.” Leorio added.

(End Theme)


Jacob Javits Convention Center/Outside

Outside of the Javits center, Lightning and Noctis decide to leave the place and are walking towards the streets.

“It’s good to go out, hopefully to find some new people.” Lightning wondered.

“Yeah, the nightlife is really fabulous, but you don’t seem to mind if fans see us ‘dating’?” Noctis asked, feeling his heart beings to someone else.

“Hard to believe? Yet, we’re just friends still.” Lightning confirmed.


Jacob Javits Convention Center/Inside

(Cue Blood Stain Child – Stargazer)

Elsewhere in the convention, Yusei, Jack, and Crow reform their band, Team Satisfaction, in competition with Blood Stain Child playing one of their famous songs.

Yusei shouts into a microphone to the audience, “Are you ready to rock this place?!”

“YEAH!” All the fans shouted.

“Let's show Blood Stain Child how we in Team Satisfaction handle things!” Jack cried out.

Crow steps in, “1! 2! 3!”

Team Satisfaction begins performing to the delight of their fans, including their own teammates.

Leo cheers and headbangs, “Yeah, you tell 'em, guys!”

Luna shouts, “Team Satisfaction all the way!”

Akiza shakes her head to the rhythm of music, “Blood Stain Child have nothing you on Team Satisfaction!” She turns to Yusei and blushes at the sight of him.

Yusei notices Akiza and smiles, “And this goes out to my friends in attendance!” The lead Signer points spotlight over Leo, Luna, Akiza, “This is dedicated to our bonds as Team 5Ds.”

The fans cheer for Team 5Ds as Team Satisfaction continue to rock the convention and giving Blood Stain Child a run for their money.

With the Ghost of Spartan decide to stay behind inside, Kratos looks to his surroundings and decide to approach the fight between Hotaru and Uratoh. Kratos pushes away some fans till he arrives between the two senshis much to their surprise. Kratos pushes Uratoh away with full force through slamming a wall.

“Stop this nonsense, child.” Kratos tells her.

“I beg your pardon? That woman you just pushed away was threatening my life.” Hotaru responded before realizes who he is, “Wait, you're Kratos.”

Uratoh is laying in heap of rubble, but slowly gets up and shakes off the debris.

“But, why would you confront me?” Hotaru questioned.

Kratos turns away Hotaru and mutters, “I only care because you reminded me of my daughter…and Pandora.”

Curious, Hotaru approaches the Ghost of Sparta.

“I remind you of your daughter and Pandora?” Hotaru wondered.

Kratos turns his back and seemly ignores the Senshi, but he wonders the connection of how Sailor Saturn used to be a girl with destructive powers that alienated herself.

Meanwhile, Tsunemori Akane meets with TOM and the Anime SHIELD.

TOM shakes Akane's hand, “Welcome, Tsunemori Akane. We've been expecting you.”

Akane shakes the robot's hand, “It's an honor, Director TOM.”

“Heh, yeah, just call me TOM. Ok? I'm director of nothing.” TOM chuckled.

Spike casually interjects, “I think she meets the qualifications, even if her show hasn't broadcasted on Toonami.”

“Well, hey, neither has mine, but my show doesn't really define as an action series. I could force TOM to put my show on.” Haruhi narrows eyes to the block host.

“Um, no need to get pushy. To be fair, I never broadcasted Jimmy Kudo and our mascot Doraemon's shows on my block either.” TOM explained. “Whether a member of Anime SHIELD hasn't had their show on my block doesn't matter. This goes beyond Toonami, guys.”

“Sadly we can't air everyone's favorite shows. There are circumstances that prevent that from happening.” Sara stated.

Alucard evilly grins, “But, I wouldn't count out Psycho-Pass just yet.”

“True. Her show was done by Production I.G., and we've broadcasted quite a few Production I.G. shows like Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and IGPX.” TOM remembered.

Akane smiles, “I just hope there's a chance my show airs there, but enough of that... how about my membership badge?”

“Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!” Doraemon cried out, reminding some fans that they need to buy badge memberships to get in to a convention fair.

“We'll be giving you an membership card instead.” Moltar answered.

Akane nods, “Great! So, what now?”

“Stand around and greet our fans. That's what conventions are for and we'll be here past midnight.” TOM answered to the newcomer.

(End Theme)


Chinatown/Chinese Restaurant

At Chinatown’s restaurant, a huge was reserved for the DFKai/DBZ guests. Fans lined up and gathered to see their favorite iconic character sitting down waiting. On one side of the room, the Son and Kamiya family sat together. Goku, Tai & Agumon (Kai), Chichi, Gohan, Kari & Gatomon (Kai), X/Max Kamiya, and Goten were seen sitting together while waiting for their order. Joining them as well were Sora & Biyomon (Kai), Keke, Videl, and Child Pan.

“Man, hope they don't keep us waiting. I'm starving.” Tai said.

“Me, too, Tai!” Agumon added.

“We really think alike cause I'm hungry, too.” Goku stated.

X chuckles, “It's no surprise. The Tai of the DF-616 dimension is your counterpart, Goku.”

Keke then said, “Us Ascendants also have the same level of appetite as you Saiyans.”

“Oh, boy tell me about it. I try not to eat too much, but the same can't be said for Tike and Kara.” Kari said.

Gohan wonders to the Digidestined of Light, “Now those are your kids, Kari?”

“Yep, one day.” Kari answered to Goku’s son.

Gatomon shrugs, “Those brats got an appetite that puts most us Digimon's and even Pokemon's to shame.”

Videl is feeding Child Pan, “Say, Gohan, you know Kari here wants to become a teacher.”

“So, I heard. Seems we both have in common pursuing an academic career.” Gohan stated.

Kari smiles, “I'm looking at teaching kindergarten kids.”

“Still, a good thing. Let's wish ourselves the best.” Gohan encouraged.

Goten then looks between Goku and Tai, “Wow, that Tai guy is like my dad?”

“Sure is.” Chichi said to Goten before talking to Sora, “And you? How long have you and Tai been going out?”

Sora chuckles, “Well, a couple of years. I recently learned X happens to be our son, Max Kamiya.”

“Wow, must have been mind-boggling.” Chichi felt impressed.

“Yeah, but Max is pretty much the catalyst that's drawn us closer.” Sora admitted.

“Oh, oh, are you gonna get married like my mom and dad?!” Goten gives a big smiles.

Sora has an awkward look on her face as Goten keeps smiling.

Sora then answers, “...well, I don't know... isn't that too soon to ask?”

Tai overhears Sora and grins, “At least I know what marriage is, Goku.”

“Oh yeah, I remember when I thought marriage meant a full course meal.” Goku is bashful and gives a goofy grin.

On the opposite end, Vegeta, Bulma, Yamato & Gabumon (Kai), Mimi & Palmon (Kai), Trunks, Future Trunks, Dimitri & Faith the Patamon, and Athena & PinkPatamon waited for their table to be set up.

Trunks feeling his stomach grumble, “Oooh man, can't wait for that buffet!”

“Same here. I'm hungry already!” Athena cried out.

“You can afford to wait...” Mimi feels her stomach growl, “I knew I should've had a snack before coming here.”

“At least I'm well disciplined.” Yamato stated.

“But, as well disciplined as me?” Vegeta said to Yamato.

Gabumon is nervous around Vegeta, “Yes, he is.”

Vegeta respond to Gabumon, “Well, he's the only Matt/Yamato that can claim to be at my level. But, he will never be a Prince of all Saiyans.”

“Oh, blah blah, you still on that Prince thing?” Bulma lectured.

Future Trunks gives his comments to Dimitri, “Wow, even though you're my counterpart, you've had further developments than I have. You have a magical girl for a girlfriend, a kid from the future, and hang around a bunch of Sailor Senshi? On top of that, you've shown you'll go beyond level 2?”

Dimitri said to Future Trunks, “I don't mean to brag, but yeah. I've been doing well for myself after restoring my future.”

“My dad is great! I look up to him, Grandpa Yamato, uncle Ken, and most of all great uncle Tai!” Athena said in a positive manner.

Future Trunks said to Athena, “You have many people to look up to, Athena. I'm glad you've been raised to be a good little princess.”

Athena gives a curtsy bow to Future Trunks, Bulma, and Vegeta.

Bulma smiles, “How cute! Don't you think, Vegeta?”

“I guess.” Vegeta commented.

Mimi then said to Bulma, “She takes after her grandma Mimi.”

“Oh yeah, that's for sure.” Palmon added.

PinkPatamon then said, “Athena was taught proper princess manners thanks to her mom and Princess Serenity III!”

“She's one full of royalty.” Faith said.

Krillin announces to the whole group, “Guys, our tables are ready!”

Davis gives a big smile, “Yes, about time!”

18 and Sonja accompany their boyfriends.

Tike, Kara, Trunks, and Goten yell in unison, “ALL RIGHT!”

“Oh lord have mercy for the buffet lines.” TK groaned.

“Ascendants and Saiyans under the same roof?” Patamon said.

TK sweatdrops, “Well, I am an Ascendant, too, y'know.”

BanchoLeomon cringes, “Commence the disgusting table manners.”

Piccolo grunts, “Ugh, yes, you know how I feel.”

The DFKai and DBZ cast are split into groups and escorted to their tables. The Saiyans and Ascendants salivate over the variety of Chinese food being available for tonight's buffet.


Meanwhile, outside of the Chinese buffet, the DBZ and DFKai villains show up. Freeza, Burizalor, Cooler, Mutalior, Cell, Virus, Broly, and GalacticNova X ignore the fans snapping pictures of them.

Freeza scoffs, “Be gone you pests. Make way for the big bads! Make way for my return in the latest movie!”

Burizalor laughs, “That's right! Your movie was released this past summer!”

“And you got your ass whooped, 'Frieza'!” A mere heckler hollered.

Freeza kills the obnoxious heckler with a Death Beam, “Annoying pest. That's 'Freeza'! Not 'Frieza'! You Americans still can't my name right.”

“At least I don't have that problem, but am I honored to be voiced by Christopher Ayres like you.” Burizalor complimented.

Cooler scoffs, “You might have a new form and a movie to yourself, but you will never be... cooler than me brother.” He puts on shades upon saying that.

Mutalior then states, “It's weird how I'm Burizalor's father. Don't know what my author was thinking with that one.”

Cell trollishly laughs, “Let's surprise the hell out of Goku and his friends.”

“Yes, and likewise with Taichi and his comrades.” Virus agreed.

Broly and GalacticNova X both are anxious to confront Goku and Tai again.

“Oh, but we can't have a reunion party without more friends.” Freeza snaps his fingers, “Ginyu Force, I summon you!”

Burizalor snaps his fingers, “Nightmare Special Squad, come forth!”

(Cue Sanjou! Ginyu Tokusentai! – Dragonball Kai)

Suddenly, two columns pop out of the ground to the surprise of the Chinatown folks and tourists. Standing on top of these two columns are two five-man squads. On the right are the Ginyu Force, consisting of Captain Ginyu with the Namekian frog, Recoome, Jeice, Burter, and Guldo. Their counterparts, the Nightmare Special Squad consisted of Captain Ginyumon, Brutemon, Chaser, Devilin, and Gurdmon. The two eccentric groups perform their super ultra fighting poses.



Both pose together as sakura petals rain down over them.

Ginyu pets his frog self, “Yes, thanks to Lord Freeza, I was able to reunite with my old body. And I've elected to have my frog friend to be our Super Ginyu Force team mascot.”

Ginyumon looks over Ginyu, “Ah, my counterpart, your fighting poses are as well choreographed and timed as ours. Splendid work.”

“Thank you, Ginyumon. You're not too shabby yourself.” Ginyu grinned.

Recoome said to Brutemon, “Hey, why don't you and me form a wrestling tag team?”

“Now that's an idea! We'll be the champs in no time!” Brutemon bellowed.

Suddenly, two figures approach Burizalor and Freeza.

Burizalor turns and faces them, “Ah, my trusted partners-in-crime.”

“Who are they?” Freeza wondered.

Burizalor introduced to these guests, “Lord Freeza, allow me to introduce you to two fiends who have a penchant for death and destruction like we do. This is the Digital Warlord, formerly an AU Sam Ichijouji that dumped his human emotions and embraced the power of the Dark Ocean. And this is Cyrus Fujita, Matt 'Yamato' Ishida's predecessor from the DF-616 dimension. Cyrus sold his sold to me for more power and a higher position in my empire.”

“The pleasure is ours to meet you, Lord Freeza.” The Warlord smirked.

Cyrus dresses up as Warp Darkmatter and said, “Likewise, we are in awe of your presence.”

“Why don't we greet our 'friends' in this restaurant?” Burizalor asked.

Freeza cackles, “Yes, let's raid their party and perhaps get some of my favorite crab dish.”

The villains have amass and enter the restaurant to the shock of restaurant guests.

(End Theme)


The Popos are already in the restaurant in search for the DKai and DBZ groups. People are instantly creeped out by Millenniummon and Ancientmon's creations.

Mr. Popo looks around, “They have to be around here somewhere.”

“Oh, believe me they are here.” Blue Popo said to his counterpart.

They both pause to see the DFKai and Z gang walking down to be seated at their tables. The Popos turn facing each other with demented grins.


Elsewhere, a being of similar species to Burizalor and Mutalior floats across Chinatown. He's searching for his kin. This individual is also akin to Kang the Conqueror from Marvel Comics. This is Zagato Laharl, leader of a multi-dimension crossing organization known as Arcadian Cross. Besides being on the hunt for certain individuals (namely Karin Osaka/Sedna and Ryo Akiyama as he shares a hostile relationship to dimensional travelers), he's also looking for his Corrupt brethren.

“Burizalor, Mutalior, I sense you're around here.” Zagato picks up on their energies on a device and evilly grins, “Yes, I'm getting close to you, my Corrupt brothers.”


Time Square

Back in Time Square, the parades are going strong as ever. Performances, drums and trumpets are heard to fit the background.

“Yeah! Show them how New York is the best!” Bandit Keith gives a prideful holler.

As Canon!Shu, Ayase, and Tsugumi continue to watch with their lives, four people are approaching towards them. Canon!Tsugumi turns around and her perky cat-eyes widened aghast to see some familiar faces.

“What is it, Tsugumi?” Canon!Ayase turns as she and Canon!Shu become shock of what they see.

That’s right, they come face to face with Nanba and his pack.

“Hey guys, is that Shu over there?” Sudou wondered.

Nanba nods, “No it can’t be ‘our’ one in class.”

“He looks older.” Miyabi examined.

As the Canon!GC trio notice, these are not the same ones they knew. The canon versions of Nanba and his group were formerly Canon!Shu’s Secret Service before getting killed by Canon!Gai after turning against him with Canon!Arisa. Canon!Ayase and Tsugumi remembered well when Canon!Nanba and Sudou use to harassed them and captured them in the Tennouzu auditorium before Canon!Shu rescued them. As if the two random students from before weren’t enough for Canon!Shu.

“Well, this Shu looks like he can’t see very well.” Ritsu crudely smirks and then turns to Canon!Tsugumi, “But this cat is some pip-squeak.”

She then flicks her finger to Canon!Tsugumi’s forehead.

Canon!Tsugumi growls at the younger girl, “You take back what you said, little bitch!”

“Yeah, like what she said! Better respect your damn elders.” Canon!Ayase growled.

“As if!” Sudou taunted.

Ritsu gives a raspberry at Canon!Ayase and Tsugumi as they are further angered of being ridiculed. Nanba walks towards Canon!Shu with Ayase being worried.

Nanba looks closely at the nervous Canon!Shu and realizes something, “What’s this? You must be the original Ouma Shu that used to attend our school years ago. You saved the world from the first GHQ, but here you are now like a handicapped ignoramus.”

“How can I never forget? I remember the form of your own group that served me in my void prince days, before Arisa (canon) made my kingdom did a coup d’etat at me.” Canon!Shu muttered about his alumni history.

“Wait, ‘WE’ worked with you?” Sudou smacks his forehead and laughs.

Canon!Shu mumbles, “I’m an adult now.”

“Even if you are, people still treat you like society’s trash.” Nanba harshly commented.

Offended by the remark, Canon!Ayase pushes her wheelchair in anger towards Nanba, “That does it!”

But then, Sudou and Ritsu trip over the wheelchair which causes Canon!Ayase to fall down badly. This is a reminder that she still can’t defend herself without an Endlave, much to Canon!Tsugumi’s frustration on Ayase’s physical disability.

“Ayase!” Canon!Tsugumi turns towards Nanba’s pack in anger and jumps above like a Kamen Rider, “MISSILE KICK!”

However, Sudou immediately grabs Canon!Tsugumi’s leg with a smirk and throws Tsugumi to the ground. Miyabi then steps on Canon!Tsugumi’s back.

“Tsugumi!” Canon!Ayase cried out.

Now Nanba and his pack hunters begin to surround Canon!Shu. Shu remains quiet and hesitant of whether to defend himself. If only he still had his powers, he would have show these bullies true fear of not messing with the void king.

“What will you do now?” Nanba asked the blinded man.

“Stop right there!” Interrupted a young voice.

(Cue Guilty Crown – Alpha)

The Canon!GC and Nanba’s groups turn to see LK!Shu, Kirito and Asuna arrive to stop the commotion, to which a stylish and electronic song is filling the scene with Canon!Shu seeing his alternate self’s arrival. Having the goodness of this song demonstrates the rescue.

LK!Shu glares at Nanba, “I should have known you assholes show up.”

“Heh, now that’s the Shu WE know.” Sudou crudely smirked.

“Nice to see you on the eve of New Years, Ouma Shu.” Nanba gives a slight smirked.

LK!Shu feels unimpressed and gives an upsetting look, “Nice to NOT see you, bastard.”

The young Asuna said to Canon!Ayase while helping her back in her wheelchair, “Hey, are you alright?”

“Yeah, thanks for helping me.” Canon!Ayase nodded at the young female MMO player.

Asuna nods back before she glares at Nanba’s pack, “You people should be ashamed of yourselves.”

Ritsu uncaringly smirks, “We can do whatever we want, twerp.”

“Yeah, but being arrogant bullies don’t count.” Kirito light-heartingly commented to have his point.

Sudou figures out the black-haired boy’s identity, “Wait, aren’t you that Kirito kid we’ve heard off?”

Kirito grins, “The one and only, big-mouth. I can defeat all of you at once, both in real-life and MMO.”

“That’s impractical.” Miyabi feels slightly irked.

Just then, some security appears to stop by that got their attention.

“I hear there’s a brief dispute going on?” One of the security officers sternly questioned.

“Oh, there’s nothing serious, offficer.” LK!Shu reassured to the police as the officers leave before turning to the bullies and warned, “Better leave now or things get ugly.”

After a few moments, Nanba’s group begins to concede.

“Fine. They (the canon!GC characters) are no use to us anyway.” Nanba surrendered.

Miyabi then releases Tsugumi, prompting the petitie girl to stay close with LK!Shu and the others. Nanba and his cohorts then leave them alone and walks away.

“Hope they didn’t bother you a lot.” LK!Shu reassured to Canon!Shu.

Canon!Shu respond to his younger version, “Not much, but they remind me of the ones I knew back then..”

LK!Shu replied about this feeling, “I feel the same way when they use to bully me before I receive the Void Genome. But enough about that, Inori is going to sing a special song for the crowd.”

“That’ll be great to hear.” Canon!Ayase felt glad.

Canon!Tsugumi gives a cat smile, “I wonder if this Inoreen can hold up.”

After his Lost Kingdoms counterpart said that, Canon!Shu is going to remind himself about Canon!Inori’s singing voice yet again.


In another side, Aya's sensors go off and immediately picks up on Zagato's location.

Karin notices Aya suddenly distraught, “Aya, what is it?”

“It would seem Zagato has escaped his prison somehow and he's roaming the Chinatown vicinity.” Aya reported to the Kuiper Senshi.

Karin ponders, “Wouldn't he be after me or Ryo? Neither of us are in Chinatown.”

“I believe he's searching for his Corrupt kin.” Aya answered. “Remember he was originally from the DF-616 dimension. He's no doubt looking for Burizalor and Mutalior.”

Karin grimaces about the names of the Corrupts, “Those two?”

“Don't worry Zagato won't bring you harm. I won't allow it.” Aya stated.

Karin hugs Aya and smiles, “Thanks, Aya, but I'm sure I can handle Zagato.”


Meanwhile, Yusuke looks up to see a blue Phoenix-like creature named Puu flying around the giant floats.

“Hahah, see? Puu is so big he could blend in well with the other floats.” Yusuke pointed up to the sky.

Yui sweatdrops about it, “I don't think he's that big.”

“Big for a spirit bird though.” Aoshi commented.

“Having a good time, Shingo?” Cammy said and takes his hand.

Shingo smiles and takes Cammy's hand, “Yeah, I am.”

DarkGabumon sits beside Yui eating an ice cream cone.

“Man, Inumon the mutt must be having fun with Renamon.” DarkGabumon muttered.


“Man those bullies picking on Shu and his friends. The nerve of them...” Usagi has an upset mood about witnessing that event minutes ago before she sees Cammy and Shingo holding hands.

“Ooo!” Usagi then talks to Rei and ask, “Hey, Rei, ever thought about what happens if your sister and my brother get married?”

Rei sighs, “We officially become sister-in-laws, and as if that wasn't scary enough we already act like sisters toward each other.”

“Yeah, but that's a good thing, don't you think?” Usagi asked.

Rei gives a smug look, “Depends on your perspective.”

Usagi and Rei playfully stick each other's tongues out at each other, just like in the old days of their rivalry. Cammy and Shingo watch their older siblings go at it.

“Us get married?” Cammy wondered.

Shingo shrugs, “Who knows? Could happen.”

Cammy smiles, “If there's anyone I'd marry, it'd be you anyway.”

Well, only time for tell for the newly couple between Usagi and Rei’s siblings. As the celebration of Manhattan turns, so will the experiences.

(End Theme)


Next Part: Continuing Festivities (Part III)



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Chapter IX: Continuing Festivities (Part III)


Chinatown/Chinese restaurant

At the Chinese restaurant, the DBZ and DFKai cast members are divided across different tables. Most of them are already getting their food from the buffet bar. The Saiyans and Ascendants grab as much food as they want. The Son and Kamiya families sit together eating and enjoying each other's company. Naturally, Goku, Tai, and Agumon are having an eating contest.

“They eat just alike, don't they, Chichi?” Sora quipped.

Chichi politely nods, “They sure do.”

Kari eats modestly, “I apologize for my brother and Agumon's horrible table manners.”

“Hey, it's ok. I'm used to seeing my dad eat like a pig.” Gohan respond to Kari’s statement.

“Some of us Ascendants have learned to eat politely.” TK said.

“Except us Digimon. We'll eat to our tummy's content!” Patamon cried out.

Over at Krillin and Davis' table, a waiter pours wine for Krillin & 18, Veemon, and Davis & Sonja.

Krillin casually speaks, “Man, isn't this the life, Davis?”

Davis grins, “Tell me about it, Krillin!”

“And this curry shrimp hits the spot!” Veemon cried out.

“Marron's in good company with the other kids.” 18 said.

“Yeah, count on David to be good.” Sonja stated.

In one table, the some of the children (Goten, Trunks, Marron, Tike, David, Kara, and Meryl & Salamon) are hanging out and eating. They've served themselves Thai noodles and bowls of white rice. Meryl feeds Salamon some rice.

“First one to finish their buffet plates wins!” Tike cried out.

Kara smiles, “You're on, bro!”

Meryl claps, “Go, Tike!”

“My money's on Tike.” Trunks said.

Goten then said, “Mine's on Kara.”

“Me, too, Goten.” David added.

Kara thinks, “I'll dedicate my victory to you, David!”

Tike thinks, “Gotta look good for Meryl when I win!”

Over at another table, Vegeta, Bulma, Future Trunks, Bulla, Yamato & Gabumon, Mimi & Palmon, Dimitri & Faith, Athena & PinkPatamon, and Keke are seated together.

“Mmm, these noodles are great!” Bulma said.

Future Trunks comment, “Yes, they're very edible.”

“Yamakins, would you some general tso's chicken?” Mimi asked while holding a piece with her chopsticks.

Yamato leans over and eats it whole. “Not bad. But, hey... why eat yours while I still got a whole plate here?”

Mimi shrugs, “Guess just wanted to see you eating from my chopstick.”

“Mmm, this is good, dad!” Athena happily cried out.

“Glad you like it, honey.” Dimitri turns to watch Faith and PinkPatamon swallowing their plate down fast, “Ah, things never change with you two.”

“Hey, we got company!” Keke gets the group attention as they turn to two unexpected guests.

Just then, Babimon and surprisingly Nappa approach the Briefs and Ishida table.

“YAMAKIIIINS!” Babimon shouted.

“VEEEEEEEGETA!” Abridged!Nappa shouted.

Babimon and Abridged!Nappa both speak in unison, “How's it going?!”

Both Yamato and Vegeta facepalm.

“Ugh, the last two idiots I wanted to see again.” Yamato groaned.

“Babimon! Hey, hun!” Mimi waves to him, “Remember me?”

“Tachikawa Mimi, how can I forget such a gorgeous face?!” Babimon recognized her.

“Did your movie get out there like you wanted it to?” Mimi reminded him about the Halloween special.

Babimon answers, “Oh yes, thanks to you, I was able to land a job at Hollywood alongside my friend here Nappa. My movie's already being broadcasted in New York during the parade!”

“Wonderful!” Mimi smiled.

“Congratulations! Here's to your success!” Bulma lifts her wine.

Keke whispers to Dimitri, “I think dad and Vegeta are about to lose it.”

Dimitri chuckles, “Mostly our dad.”

Abridged!Nappa sits next to Vegeta and Bulma, “Mind if I join y'all?”

Bulma nods, “Not at all.”

“Ugh, the hell did you come here for?” Vegeta questioned.

Babimon sits next to Yamato, “Hey, Yamakins, how's life been treating you?”

“Considering my friend is unable to speak, his life has been rather eventful.” Gabumon honestly said.

“Really? Do tell, Yamakins!” Babimon wants to hear it.

Yamato growls, “Please leave us.”

“Aww, but I just got here! I wanted to show you my movie! I even have film of me heckling you!” Babimon tells this info.

Yamato takes it back, “Goddamnit, Babimoooon!”

The image of Ishida Matt inside Yamato's head, laughing like Nelson from The Simpsons, “Hahah!”

“Augggh!” Yamato said in annoyance of Matt (Yes, the Kai version of Matt has two personalities) and Babimon.

Then, Athena then interrupts and cries out, “Whoa! Look! Who's the black and blue guys?”

To her response, the Popos appear now.

“Hey, bro. Look alive. It's the Popos.” Keke said to Dimitri.

Dimitri sees them and groans, “Aw, crapbaskets. Not them.”

“Hiiiiiiii, everyone!” Both Abridged!Mr. Popo and Blue Popo give creepy smile, “We shall accommodate you all with some live entertainment!”

Over at another table...

“Whoa, who are they?” Pikkon wondered.

Pikkan then ask his DBZ counterpart, “Ever heard of the Boogeyman?”

“Yeah?” Pikkon asked more.

“These two are the guys that even the Boogeyman fears.” Pikkan admitted, and it’s a ridiculous fact to begin with.

“That's scary.” Juri mumbled.

Pikkan takes Juri's hand, “I won't let them near you, Juri.”

BanchoLeomon grumbles, “Anybody but these two.”

“At least you never had to put up with them on the Lookout.” Piccolo said to not worry the humanoid lion.

Kami then speaks in Piccolo's head, “Even fused with Piccolo, I still can't seem to escape Mr. Popo.”

Nail’s voice speaks in Piccolo's head, “Did you ever find out where he came from?”

Kami in Piccolo's head answers, “All I heard he was Millenniummon's creation. Materialized from his own skin.”

Ogremon speaks in BanchoLeomon's head, “Creeeepy!”

“You're talking to Kami and Nail?” BanchoLeomon asked his former rival of his and Piccolo’s similar background.

Ogremon in BanchoLeomon's head replies, “Hell yeah I am!”

Two more Digimon: Marsmon and Mercurimon in BanchoLeomon's head both appear and said in unison, “And so are we!”

BanchoLeomon growls, “Just great.”

Sheila pokes BanchoLeomon's face with a chopstick, “Talking to your head friends again, kitty cat?”

“'Tis a shame you'll never meet your counterpart, Sheila.” Piccolo stated.

“Yeah, too bad. Fuck you, Bojack.” Sheila said in relief.

Mr. Buu and Dee eat a whole lot of chocolate cakes with ease.

“Yeah! Way to put that cake away, Buu!” Mr. Satan cheered.

Mummymon claps, “Well done, Dee!”

“TIME FOR SECONDS!” Mr. Buu and Dee fire beams and turn two palm trees into more chocolate cake.


Somewhere else in the restaurant, a group of similar faces from a completely alternate dimension arrive.

(Cue Dragonball GT - Recap #1 by Mark Menza)

The unseen GT Narrator narrates in his cool, somber voice, “We take you now to the arrival of our heroes from the GT dimension of the Dragonball multiverse.”

The restaurant goers and tourists watch a smaller Goku alongside a short-haired Vegeta, a preteen Pan, an adult Trunks in explorer clothes, a man with a spiky mohawk, and a tall golden-skinned humanoid dragon pass by them. This group is Team GT - Kid GT Goku, GT Vegeta, GT Pan, Adult GT Trunks, Majuub, and Nuova Shenron.

Kid Goku is carrying plates of food with a big grin, “Heheheh, now this is gonna hit the spot!”

“Oh, grandpa. We're here to find our more popular mainstream counterparts.” Pan reminded him.

Adult GT Trunks speaks up, “And we're the redheaded stepchild versions from a not so popular series.”

“Even though our show was still considered a hit.” Majuub admitted.

“We came here for a reason, friends. To warn them.” Nuova Shenron reminds his cohorts.

“Yes.” Vegeta picks up Goku, “Aren't we here to deliver a message to our other selves?”

Kid Goku mouth full of food and swallows, “Oh yeah, but can we eat first?”

The GT group groans in unison.

(End theme)

Somewhere in the restaurant, the DBZ and DFKai villains pause as they see the GT gang.

“Do my eyes deceive me?” Cell senses them.

Virus answers, “No, I see the GT counterparts of your enemies.”

Ginyu ask his boss, “Lord Freeza, shall we follow them? If we do, they might lead us to Son Goku and his friends.”

Freeza smiles fiendishly, “Why yes, that's a wise choice, Ginyu. Lord Burizalor, Warlord, and Cyrus, shall we go?”

“Yes, because if Son Goku and his friends are there, Taichi and his entourage will be.” Burizalor responded.

Warlord evilly smirks, “Let us commence with the march.”

The villains march and follow the GT group.


Back in the eating area with the DBZ and DFKai casts...

(Cue Linkin Park - In The End)

The band, Linkin Park, are seen on TV playing live for Time Square audiences.

Tai observes this, “Hey, Goku, I've been meaning to ask.”

“What's up?” Goku wondered.

“You see that band on the TV?” Tai points at the screen.

“Hmm? No, who are they?” Goku wondered.

Tai answers the Saiyan hero, “That's Linkin Park. They're the popular band that a lot of fans use for make AMVs about your show, and a bunch of other similar anime shows like Naruto.”

Gohan sighs, “Yeah, Linkin Park despite their popularity can be overrated and their songs are the most overused AMV choices. Just another product of its time.”

“Hey, but I recall there being a few gems.” Agumon tells the group.

“Which ones?” Tai asked his partner.

Agumon sweatdrops, “I forgot.”

Goku finally realizes, “Hmm, oh yeah! Now I remember them!”

17, Jax, 16, BW, and Rena overhear them.

“Linkin Park. Man that takes me back to the late-90's and early-2000's.” 17 gladly sighed.

“According to my calculations, that's considered outdated?” 16 stated.

BW answers the android, “No, I don't believe all their songs are. They're just an overused band. More overused than even Metallica.”

“I wish there were more AMVs based on me. Maybe have my Team Four Star voice actor sing a song about me like he did for Jaden.” 17 said about himself.

“Maybe that can be arranged.” BW stated.

Tai continues watching, “They're still playing?”

Gohan clears his throat, “Ok, that'll be enough Linkin Park. Take a hike. It's quiet time.”

(End theme)

Just then, the GT gang shows up in the room, startling every DBZ and DFKai member. Goku, Tai, and Agumon notice Kid GT Goku.

Tai examines GT Goku, “Hey, that's you, Goku... the little you. No, wait...”

“That outfit.” Agumon recognized.

Vegeta scowls when he sees his GT self, “Good thing you got rid of that monstrosity on your lips.”

“That was my 'moostache'!” GT Vegeta scoffed.

Videl sees GT Pan, “Gohan, check it out!”

Gohan is flabbergasted, “Pan...?”

GT Pan sees Gohan and Videl, “Dad? Mom?” She then sees her infant self in Videl's arms and thinks, “That's me!”

Future Trunks sees GT Trunks, “It's you!”

“Whoa, another me!” Trunks cried out.

Dimitri figures out, “He's the Trunks from that GT dimension.”

Athena blinks, “Whoa...”

GT Trunks sweatdrops, “Feeling awkward seeing two mes and an expy of my alternate future self.”

“What the heck is going on here?! There's another Goku, another Vegeta, and another Trunks!” Bulma said in confusion.

Mr. Buu, Uub and Dee notice Majuub. However, it's Dorothy and Avengemon that can't keep their eyes off the mohawk-wearing boy.

“Buu sense me in that boy.” Mr. Buu senses a familiar energy.

“Who is he?” Dee asked.

“Dee, that's Kid Buu's reincarnation. Plus, he's now merged with Mr. Buu.” Dorothy answers and turns to Majuub, “You're Majuub.”

Majuub respond to her, “And you're the D-Reaper's reincarnation, I take it?”

Goku, Tai, and Agumon are the first to approach the GT group.

GT Kid Goku looks up to his adult Z self, “Hi, other me!”

Goku smiles, “Hey yourself.”

Tai grins, “So, what brings you here?”

“Actually, we came here to warn you. There's something sinister in the works.” GT Trunks announced.

The ominous message leaves the whole DBZ and DFKai groups on edge.



Elsewhere in Chinatown, Minako beats Vivian in roshambo and quickly fights Okanim. She relies on her agility and nimble movements to dodge Okanim. She uses this tactic effectively and wears Okanim out.

Minako runs up and dropkicks Okanim in the face, “No faker will ever beat the original V!”

Kohana cheers, “Yeah, kick her sorry ass, Minako!”

Shiro pops up beside Kohana, “She's got this one in the bag!”

Lien claps, “Lien is cheering for you, Minako!”

Rio, Kyo, Selipa, Nadeshiko, Suzie & Lopmon, Vivian, and Tristan watch from the sidelines.

“Your girl knows how to take care of business, brother.” Kyo said.

Rio chuckles and smiles proudly, “What can I say? She's helped lift my spirits and embrace happiness.”

“That's sweet.” Selipa smiled.

Vivian scoffs about Minako, “Man, can't believe I lost roshambo to her!”

“Can't always win them all, Viv.” Tristan shrugged.

“Hey, cousin Vivi, are you pulling for Minako?” Suzie asked.

Vivian pats Suzie's head, “Of course, sweetie!”

Suddenly, as Minako and Okanim are still wrestling, the group sees two familiar Uchiha. It is Uchiha Sasuke and Uchiha Itachi.

“Brother, recognize them?” Rio sees them.

Kyo frowns, “Who wouldn't?”

Rio and Kyo confront Sasuke and Itachi.

“What? The Uchiha brothers?” Kohana saw them as well.

“Who are they?” Lien asked.

Shiro answers to Lien, “A couple of bad boys who get a ton of fangirls, and crazy ones that want to be their love slaves.”

“Itachi.” Kyo stated.

Rio tells the other Uchiha’s name, “Sasuke.”

Sasuke has smug look, “If it isn't the Kuroshishi brothers.”

Itachi stoically glares, “Can your Demon Stones defeat the power of the Sharingan?”

Rio grins, “Why don't we find out?”

“Challenge accepted.” Kyo calmly responded.

Suddenly, Obito comes running in hollering.

“Heeeey! Don't forget about me!” Obito puts on his old orange mask, “TOBI HAS RETURNED!”

Everyone else glares awkwardly at Obito.

Kohana gawks, “Oh great, Obitio's lost his marbles and he's become Tobi again!”

Nadeshiko is confused, “Why is he wearing a mask?”

“Because he's an idiot. And to think he ended up being one of the last villains in Naruto.” Selipa nodded in disbelief.

Tristan notices Naruto and his friends showing up, “And speaking of whom...”

Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura, Hinata, Rock Lee, Gaara, Killer Bee, and Minato appear.

Minako sees Naruto and his friends, “Whoa, what the shit?!”

Okanim takes advantage and dives at Minako, tacking her down.

“Hey! I was distracted, bitch!” Minako punches at Okanim, “GET OFF, YOU COW!”

Naruto sees Sasuke and obviously cries out, “Hey, Sasuke!”

“Sasuke...” Sakura muttered.

“Oh, Sakura, why did you end up falling for Sasuke? What happened to me?” Rock Lee tears up.

Sasuke scoffs at the shinobi, “Well, look who it is. My 'old friends'.”

“Hey, fellas! TOBI'S IN THE HOUSE!” Obito shouted.

(Cue Linkin' Park - Crawling in my Skin)

“Sasuke, let's all go back home to Konoha. We beat Madara and Kaguya... and settled our score!” Naruto remembered the events while convincing his rival.

Sasuke calmly answers, “There's nothing left for me back there.”

“We need you. I need you back.” Naruto said.

Gaara then said to the seventh Hokage, “Naruto, do you not realize what's happened in our own series now?”

“Yeah, so ok me and Hinata got married. We end up having two kids of our own... one of them with a movie named after my son Boruto. Sakura, you and Sasuke end up together... and then Sarada somehow got born in one of Orochimaru's labs and Karin delivers her... Sakura's not really Sarada's biological mother, I think... and then Sasuke leaves.” Naruto recollect the recent events and then realizes, “Wow, Sasuke, you're a deadbeat dad! Leaving your daughter and Sakura behind for how many years?”

“Yeah, what's up with that shit?” Sakura glared at his ‘so-called’ husband.

“Look at me! I'm not exactly what you call father of the year material?!” Sasuke angrily confessed.

“This is going be a long one.” Kakashi said while he sees Obito, “Really, going back to the Tobi shtick?”

“TOBI'S BACK!” The orange masked man shouted.

Minako suddenly interjects, “OK! Cut the music! Cut this overrated Linkin Park crap!”

(End theme)

Minako sighs out of exasperation and lets out, “As much as I like Linkin Park, no. Too much Linkin Park AMV. Leave that in the past.” She turns to the Naruto cast with a serious expression, “As for y'all, what the hell happened to you, guys? Is this the same Naruto I remember?! I swear with all the shit that's happened and how everything went down, I'm this close to calling up Maury Povich on y'all! Seriously, I'm sensing a serious case of dysfunctional family within this group!” Minako directly turns to Sasuke and Sakura.

“Well said, babe.” Rio stated.

“I'm glad my family is stable as it is. And this guy here.” Minako points to Kyo, “He's my brother-in-law that served evil demon priests, fought his brother.” She points to Rio, “My husband... and fought to the death. But after that, Kyo got revived and he turned a new leaf. He's become a new man and has become devoted to this lovely demon lady.” She then points to Selipa, “That's a lot of crap that happened, but you don't see them abandoning this girl here.” Minako points to Nadeshiko, “Not to mention me and Rio are a happy couple. We have a kid of our own. You don't see us abandon our kid! Right, Sasuke? You know all about that, don't you?”

Sasuke is left speechless about his actions in the Gaiden manga.

“The matter, cat got your tongue?” Minako lectured the emo ninja.

“No, it's just...” Sasuke muttered.

“Spare the excuses.” Minako interrupted with a disappointing tone. “So, it's confirmed Sarada was delivered by Karin in one of Orochimaru's labs. Therefore, Sarada's not really Sakura's daughter, not biologically at least. It's no wonder she looks more like Karin than you Sakura.”

Minako then turns to Sakura with that disappointing expression retained.

“Yeah, I...” Sakura quietly responded.

“That poor girl has every right to know who her parentage is. Konoha just has to cover up her birth and has no records of her birth certificate. The hell is up with that Konoha?!” Minako yelled at the ninjas.

Kakashi interjects, “It's not what you think...”

Minako sighs and continues speaking, “You guys are unbelievable! You'd think for ninjas, you'd be better at espionage and cover-ups than this, but this is sad. Shit, I feel tempted to adopt Sarada myself to keep her from a fucked up village and a neglectful dad.”

“Listen, Minako...” Naruto attempts to explain.

Minako ignores the future Hokage and angrily talks to Sasuke, “And from the sounds of it, the first time you and your daughter are reunited... is it true you almost attacked her because you didn't recognize her? She had to call out to you to get you to remember her. Some father you are, but that final chapter seemed to show you guys rekindling things in that family picture, but seems Kishimoto's trying hard to make us sympathize with y'all, but the damage has been done! On second thought, maybe it's best you left Sarada. I sure as heck wouldn't be proud if you were my dad.”

“It's because Sasuke and me are caught in a fight with Uchiha Shin and his father.” Naruto explained.

“All right, I heard enough.” Minako feels tired about this, “Seems you guys still have work to do, but I won't forget Sasuke being an estranged dad and Naruto being a somewhat crappy Hokage.”

“Thanks... wait! What?! How am I a crappy Hokage? I... well the older me is living my dream!” Naruto cried out.

“She got you there, son.” Minato joked.

“Only because you STILL let Orochimaru continue lab work for you?!” Minako angrily yelled, “Y'know, that same sick freak that wanted your best friend and nearly killed y'all! The fuck is up with that?! And by god, he looks really great for his age. That magnificent bastard sure knows how to age himself better than y'all. Anyway, going off tangent... other than the whole Orochimaru thing, I guess you're an ok Hokage, Naruto. You at least cheered Sarada up.”

“Naruto's good dealing with kids.” Hinata said.

Naruto chuckles, “Except Boruto, he's a handful, huh?”

Rio pats Minako and said, “I think you got the point across, babe. Were you serious about adopting Sarada?”

“Nah, just got caught up in the moment. She's cute, but she isn't ours. I can somewhat admire Sakura for trying to provide for Sarada. But, Sasuke might be a great shinobi, but he sucks as a human.” Minako gives her biggest point.

“Fuck Sasuke. Should've had your comeuppance.” Kohana said and talks to Naruto, “Ya should've killed his ass.”

Lien yells at Sasuke, “You're a Jerkface!”

“Ok, now that's some crazy shit. Sasuke the deadbeat dad, I like the sound of that.” Okanim added.

It is then the audience realize that Sasuke, once the popular ‘ninja jock’ in school, becomes one of the most polarized characters in fiction history. Sad to say that unlike Hyuga Neji and Gaara who change for the better, Sasuke remains a different story despite no longer being evil.

Itachi then said to his younger brother, “How are you going to take all this?”

“I... got nothing...” Sasuke muttered once again.

“Then will I get to see little Sarada?” Itachi asked.

“Like hell you are.” Sakura scoffed.

“Ok fuck you both then.” Itachi said to Sasuke and Sakura.

Rock Lee ponders, “Is it wrong I side with Minako's argument?”

“I feel inclined to join.” Gaara stated.

“Yo, sorry Naruto, but the blondie chick knows better at parenting than your friends.” Killer Bee admitted.

“Wish I could have you meet Ai, but now I'm not sure.” Minako sighs, “Might as well change the series to Naruto: The Dysfunctional Family Years.”

“Agreed.” Rio nodded.

“You should be a family psychologist, Minako.” Selipa suggested.

Minako sighs at her, “Trust me. That's the last job I want.”

Okanim then said to Minako, “Hey, don't forget about our fight.”

“We had a fight?” Minako remembers and has a blonde moment, “Oh, duh, I almost forgot!”

Okanim wants to facepalm but gets punched by Minako.


Elsewhere, a tall man with a fine mix of a youth and maniless walks down Chinatown. He has a decently trimmed goatee. He has short spiky black hair. He's seen wearing a black leather unbutton coat, revealing a skull and crossbones shirt with a 'T'-like cross symbol, akin to the Undertaker's symbol, embellished on the center. The man wears shades, concealing his eyes. He's wearing very dark blue jean pants and black boots. Removing his hands from his pockets, his hands are concealed in black leather fingerless gloves.

“Hmm, I'm forgetting something.” The mystery man recalls, “Oh yes.”

He snaps his fingers and a black ooze covers his body, changing him into Spawn, “There, I knew I remember what to wear. I, Takeru 'Kanius' Cage, won't miss this event for my life.”

Just then, he heard footsteps behind him.

Takeru nods at the source, “You're just a few minutes late, old friend.”

Standing behind Takeru Cage is Saiyan woman with spiky hair that's half the length of Raditz's and has a similar style. She has a youthful face. Her body is about average for a Saiyan female warrior: a decent physique with muscular arms. She's dressed as Ellen Ripley from Aliens.

“Ready to meet the Z-cast as well as the Digimon Fusion Kai cast, Tabaga, or should I still call you Agent Coral?” Takeru asked the female Saiyan.

“My Saiyan name, but you can still refer me as Coral.” Tabaga answered.

“Fair enough.” Takeru stated.

Tabaga then said, “Let's go. I'm eager to meet the Prince of the Saiyans as well as 'Kakarott'.”

“Then, come on.” Takeru then takes Tabaga to the Chinese restaurant.


American Museum

As Jami and Noixi challenged each other to chess, Kenta & MarineAngemon, Cesar, and Ayanna watched them.

Not too far within the museum, a thief was leaving with a bag full of treasures and paintings. A devilish snicker is heard from a woman that looked a cross between the Dark Magician Girl and the Magician of Black Chaos. This is Chaos Magician Girl. She throws a hood over her head and smiling a sneaky Cheshire's cat smile.

“That don't even notice I'm here. Even the guards are watching that chess match between those two nerds!” Chaos Magician Girl snickers and bolts away toward a backdoor, “Now, time to make off with my prize!”

Suddenly, Cesar, Kenta & MarineAngemon, and Ayanna block her escape route.

“Hold it!” Ayanna yelled.

“Going somewhere with those?!” Kenta points at the bag.

Chaos Magician Girl grumbles, “Ah fiddlesticks!”


Central Park

Taylor picks Sire up over her head and tosses her into the lake. Impressed with his girlfriend's brute strength, Larry claps for Taylor to beat down her evil clone. Sire gets up and tosses mud into Taylor's face, blinding her. Sire pushes Taylor into the lake where they fight and throw mud at each other.

“Stay on her, Taylor!” Larry cried out to his girlfriend.

Kara cheers for Taylor, “That a way, girl!”

“You go, Taylor!” Mika cheers while eating popcorn, “Now give us a mud wrestling match!”

“Do you seriously want that?” Hayata asked.

Mika answers to him, “Why not? Isn't that something you guys like?”

Hayata sighs, “Because it's messy.”

“Man, you're no fun.” Mika shrugged.

Mizuno and Brimstone watch the mudball fight between Taylor and Sire.

“What do you make of this?” Brimstone asked Mizuno.

Mizuno replied, “If they want to settle this way, who am I to judge?”

Taylor hits Sire square in the face with mud, “Oh please, you think I'm afraid of getting dirty and muddy? I was raised on a ranch nearly all my life, darling!”

Sire makes a disgusting face, “I'm the opposite of you! I don't like being dirty! Look at my cosplay, you dirty girl!”

Taylor sticks her tongue out, “I am what I eat!”


UN Headquarters

In a room full of suits and government officials, Yamaki, Janyuu, Nick Fury, Riley, Talley, and Nate sit down at a table while Cain gives an introduction to his newest project. Grace and Viktor are standing opposite to Cain.

“Since you're all here, I thought I'd like to share with you a preview of my newest project. I give you my Souja Project.” Cain announce to his public audience.

With a flip on a remote, Cain displays a full scale picture of silver-bodied cybernetic beings of various shapes and sizes. A large golden orb was the next thing to be shown on the screen.

“As you can see, there are varying models of my Souja Units. Some humanoid. Others the size of titans. And even hunter and prowler units that take on more animal variants.” Cain said about the different models of these robots before he turns to Viktor, “None of his wouldn't be possible without my units developer and employee of CainCorp, Dr. Trask. I supplied him with the resources and the alien tech to forge something remarkable. He did just that and more. Of course, the units are all linked to the Souja Core.”

The CEO of CainCorp points to the large golden orb. Furthermore, Cain would have dress up as Lex Luthor himself, but refuses because he hates cosplaying.

Talley mutters, “He really loves hearing himself talk.”

“Tell me about it.” Riley shrugged.

“Have to give the devil his due, those are some neat mecha designs.” Nate admitted.

Fury examines the pictures, “All I see are more improved Sentinel units.”

“Yes because you would know all about the Sentinels that hunt mutants, Fury.” Yamaki reminded the director of SHIELD.

“Well, thanks to Fox, we can't have no mutants or Sentinels.” Fury has a point about the copyrights.

Then, Cain shifts to a new subject, “And I'd like to propose a bill to outlaw all character corners.”

Talley stands up and objects, “Ok, now you're going too far!”

“I'm inclined to agree! These corners are meant for fun and entertainment!” Janyuu protested.

Cain gives a smug look, “Consider this a changing of the guard. I intend to control and buy everything. New York is already my oyster. One day, character corners will come with a price.”

Riley mutters, “That defeats the purpose of what character corners are supposed to be: free entertainment.”

“Who wants to bet the Souja Units and this bill blows up in this guy's face?” Nate convinced.

The group raises their hands to agree with Nate.

Grace whispers to Cain, “Don't think they're taking you seriously, sir.”

Cain grits his teeth, “Oh, they will.”


Chinatown/Chinese restaurant

Back at the Chinese restaurant, X gets right in the thick of Goku, Tai, and Agumon's confrontation with GT Kid Goku and his gang.

“We know full well about the GT universe and how fans like to pretend it doesn't exist.” X stated.

Dragonball Super might not replace GT, but we'll see how much more well received it will be later down the line.” Tai sees how it goes about the recent anime sequel.

Though Super does indeed wipe out GT in canon existence due to Toriyama’s involvement, meaning GT is set in a separate alternate continuity.

“So, what's the deal with this about a sinister force at work?” Goku asked his kid self.

GT Kid Goku answers, “Just like I said, there's something evil coming and I can feel it in my gut.”

“Yeah and my gut never lies.” Goku commented.

“Me, too. So, who's the sinister force at work here?” Tai asked.

Before the GT gang can reveal, the DBZ and DFKai villains bust into the eating area where the DBZ and DFKai protagonists are.

Tai and Sora gasps, “Burizalor?!”

“Bastard, the hell are you doing here?!” Yamato growled.

Goku and Vegeta both shout, “Freeza and Cooler?!”

“Cell?!” Gohan cried out when seeing his major enemy.

GT Kid Goku backs off in surprise, “Whoa, Broly!”

“Yagami, too!” Davis cried out.

Kari and TK both shout, “Virus and Mutalior?!”

“Cyrus?!” Taito cried out in anger.

X growls at his and the D3s arch-enemy, “And the Warlord!”

Freeza chortles to the heroes, “Good evening, everybody. Enjoying your New Years dinner?”

“Because this will be your last.” Burizalor snickered.

Goku then ask GT Goku, “Hey, little me, these aren't the sinister evil you're referring to?”

GT Kid Goku denies, “Nope, not even close.”

Cell scoffs, “Think lightly of us? We've come to spoil your party.”

“Ah, X, I couldn't make it to the party last year in New York, but here I am.” Warlord said about that Halloween event.

“You're the last face we wanted to see!” Keke said to the villains.

Broly laughs wickedly, “Kakarott! Don't you forget me!”

GalacticNova X laughs evilly, “Taichi! Get ready to eat fist!”

“Ginyu Force, assemble!” Freeza calls forth his elite squad.

Burizalor beckons as well, “Come forth, Nightmare Special Squad!”

The Ginyus and Nightmare Squad appear and shout, “YES SIRS!”

As the heroes and villains face-off, the doors open and from it comes two unexpected guests. Takeru Cage and Tabaga enter in an epic walk fashion.

X recognizes them with big surprise, “Can it be?! It's Takeru Cage! Otherwise known as Kanius, formerly SSJ4Takeru!”

“Holy shit! The creator of YuYuGiDigiMoon and Digimon Fusion Kai here?!” Tike cried out as well.

“And with a Saiyan woman?” Kara sees Tabaga.

“Was she called Coral or something?” Sam wondered.

Tabaga corrects Sam, “That's just my codename. My Saiyan name is Tabaga.”

Takeru looks around, eyeing the DFKai and DBZ sections, “Sorry, was I interrupting anything?” He notices their shocked glances, “What? You act like I'm some famed celebrity or something. I'm nobody but a writer...” He smirks coolly, “…and a philanthropist and an owner of a wrestling company called Multiverse Wrestling Federation.”

“Why yes, your shows take place in the Across Conventions dimension.” X said about a dimension that a famous amusement park lives.

“It's truly an honor to meet the cast from my famed Digimon Fusion Kai universe.” Takeru said about meeting his fan-creations.

Abridged!Nappa points out, “Look, Vegeta, he's dressed like Spawn!”

“I can see that, Nappa. I'm not blind.” Vegeta eyes on Tabaga, “A Saiyan woman? How did I miss this?”

“A surviving Saiyan like me?” Bardock examined her.

“This is interesting.” Taito stated.

“That's because she's from an alternate universe where she survived on a planet far off from Planet Vegeta and happened to get stuck there shortly before the Saiyan homeworld perished.” Takeru explains about Tabaga.

“Kinda like me. I was sent off Planet Vegeta by my father, the king. All on the grounds that I lacked aggression and the fighting tenacity to be considered a Saiyan warrior. I was considered a low-class.” Tarble sees the connection here.

“Tabaga was a low-class herself. She was but a child when sent on her routine mission.” Takeru explains more, “She had the burning Saiyan's killer instinct and her conviction to be the top of her class pushed her to train. Granted, she'd never have the chance to surpass the prince, but that didn't stop her.”

Tabaga eyes Vegeta and Nappa, “Prince Vegeta and General Nappa, it's an honor.”

“I think I'm starting to like her.” Nappa stated.

Tabaga turns to Goku, “Kakarott, thank you for defeating Freeza for us. You've done us proud achieving the legendary Super Saiyan status.”

“Sure.” Goku smirked.

Freeza scowls, “Great, another Saiyan scourge.”

“Seems you should've scoured the universe more closely. Overlooking those two?” Burizalor refers to Tarble and Tabaga.

Tabaga notices Bardock, “Father of Kakarott, I take it you're Bardock.” She turns to Broly's direction, “And Broly, the Saiyan born with a 10,000 power level.” Tabaga eyes Tarble, “And the younger brother of Prince Vegeta. This feels like a true reunion to me.”

Takeru continues explaining in detail, “Once Tabaga became strong enough, she left her homeworld, but during her galactic journey toward Earth... her Saiyan pod caught sucked up by a wormhole and got sent into my realm in Across Conventions. Realizing what she was, I saw an opportunity to use her fighting talents. I offered her payment to be my bodyguard. Proving to be efficient in that duty, I gave her a place to stay. I convinced her to join my wrestling company where she could fight warriors from across different dimensions. She accepted as long as I gave her the best opponents I could find. In no time, she became the MWF Women's champion and crushed all competition during an impressive 15 month reign, but she wasn't entirely satisfied. She wanted to meet the fellow Saiyans she longed to challenge. So, I brought her here. Knowing the Saiyans would be debuting on their first character corner, the timing couldn't have been any better!”

Mentioning Across Conventions, it’s a dimension that’s a famous theme park across the multiverse.

“Welcome to the party, Kanius and Tabaga.” X greeted the two.

Takeru replied, “The pleasure is mine, watcher. I know your creator, Max Acorn, has sent his best wishes to me for honoring your characters.”

“Of course.” X nodded.

Tabaga quips, “Ok, I'm famished. Can we get something to eat?”

Bulma sighs, “Oh yeah, she's a Saiyan all right.”

“Sure, there's plenty of room here!” Tai said with hospitality.

“And plenty of food to eat!” Agumon said.

“Hey, Tabaga, are you able to turn Super Saiyan?” Goku asked.

Tabaga flips her hair, “But, of course. I wouldn't have come to see you if I hadn't.”

Takeru turns to Kid GT Goku, “By the way, I believe you had something to warn us?”

GT Kid Goku nods to Kanius’ author avatar.

The DBZ Narrator speaks up in the scene, “What is this ominous force that GT Goku is referring to?”

“Could it spell the end for Goku, Taichi, and their friends and families?” The GT Narrator cried out.

The DBZ Kai Narrator interjects out of nowhere, “Find out in a short while.”

Both DBZ and GT Narrators go, “HUH?!”

“Hmmm? Another narrator?” Krillin wondered.

“Just where the heck are they coming from?” Davis said in curiosity.

“Our crazy imaginations.” X turns to the audience and breaks the 4th wall, “Right? You guys heard three narrators, right? Ok, glad I'm not the only one.”


Time Square

At Time Square, the concerts are seen going strong as ever. Yuzuriha Inori II is seen decide to volunteer in singing something, much to her friends’ approval.

However, at the top of a skyscraper, Eon the Microraptor is seen perching to observe the mere people enjoying their time. Their arrival is coming in the night of New Years.


Shinnen:New Year

Chapter X: The Nightfall of Da’ath


Time Square

Back at the main area of Manhattan, all the people gather together for one of the biggest concerts to ever seen in public. To prove the audience for this act, the Lost Kingdoms’ version of Yuzuriha Inori decides to volunteer to step in the stage.

The Puellas, Funeral Parlor, SAO group, Gon/Killua, Ryuko/Satsuki, YYGDM group, Paradais duo, the Rajita Warlords, Valmarmon, Arago, and the others are watching the pink-haired singer. Hisoka is seen in distance watching in curiosity.

“Oh look guys, Inori is going to perform for us!” Madoka happily cried out.

“Cool! Can’t wait to hear!” Sayaka joyfully said.

Mami gives a pleasant smile, “It will be magnificent.”

“Uh-huh, Mami!” Nagisa youthfully responded to the older magical girl’s words.

Kyoko then states, “Not as much as some rock music.”

Homura says nothing, though she will listen, she remains worried about the looming danger. Madoka’s family are watching as well.

“I hear her voice is beautiful.” Asuna gives her opinion about Inori II.

“Same here, Asuna. She is LK!Shu’s love interest after all.” Kirito added.

Yui smile at the MMO couple, “Which is why we’re happy to see it together, momma and poppa!”

“Man, I’ve seen rock concerts before, but this is totally different.” Ryuko casually quipped.

Satsuki calmly said, “This is my opportunity to witness it.”

“You can thank me for having free time, sis.” Ryuko smiled at her older sister.

Gai then gives his word to Funeral Parlor, “This comes the big one, we’ve come a long way to celebrate the New Years.”

“I’m with you, Gai. All of us as one family.” LK!Shu gives his thoughts.

“Even the bad guys?” Argo wondered.

LK!Ayase rolls her eyes, “If your saying that Shu, then your out of your mind.”

“I have nothing on that.” Oogumo stated.

“As long as the public is okay with it.” Shibungi added.

Mana watches the concert and comments, “Let’s see what you can do, Inori.”

The rest such as Fyu-Neru, LK!Tsugumi, Kenji, Kyo (GCLK), Ouma Haruka, Kurosu, Saeko, Kurachi, Aki Katsumi, and Shibungi’s wife watch.

(Cue Two Steps From Hell – Sun and Moon)

And then, there’s the concert lights appear above Inori II. As the music begins, the songtress grabs a microphone and gives a calm expression to her audience.

Inori II begins singing, but her voice speaks in foreign instead of the usual Japanese from her own songs. She's doing an American music production's track. It is as if the sun and the moon collide to give a feeling for this song.

A group of dancers surrounding do their performances.

Most of the audiences are holding glow sticks to cheer for the concert. LK!Shu is never been proud and happy alongside his friends. Kirito, Asuna and their MMO friends are reminded of the good times in the MMO environments.

Godzilla, King Ghidorah, and Mothra watch below their height to see Inori II. Mothra feels the ethereal beauty coming from the singer.

Granted, the canon Guilty Crown trio are never seen attending any concerts when viewers saw the anime, this must be the first major one. Canon!Shu hears the voice coming from Inori II feels that he misses the original Inori’s singing voice. Canon!Ayase and Tsugumi stand by Shu’s side to listen, they do miss EGOIST in their younger days.

“Great rock show so far.” Yusuke has no further comment.

“Yes, but now it's time for Inori's showtime.” Usagi said about the concert.

Yugi then said, “I'm glad I can be here with all of you, friends.”

“Aw, thanks, Yugi. Same here.” Takato smiled.

“We've been a friends for a long time, haven't we?” Guilmon said to the group.

“Let's maintain our bonds for a long time and I have a good feeling we will.” Karin stated.

Usagi is leaning on Mamoru, “Are you looking forward to the concert?”

“I am.” Mamoru said to his wife.

“I hear Inori is a wonderful singer.” Usagi said.

Kotori then wonders something, “What kind of music does she sing?”

“I hear she can sing in foreign languages.” Takuya answered.

“Ah, an international singer?” Takato commented.

“Let's just wait and see, Takato.” Rika said to him.

Terriermon then interjects, “Really makes you want to reform y'alls band again.”

“Sure would.” Henry said to Terriermon.

Alice nods at the Tamers, “Me, too. Maybe you should perform after Inori?”

“If there's still time.” Takato responded to her.

Keiko then smiles at Yusuke, “Yusuke, I'm glad we can all be here to enjoy this.”

“Me, too, Keiko.” Yusuke grinned.

Tsuki Aya tries ignoring Zagato's presence and keeps Karin company.

“Everything ok, Aya?” Karin wondered of Aya’s worries.

Aya answers to the Senshi, “Yes. I'll worry about Zagato later. Why don't we enjoy this concert by the songstress?”

Karin smiles, “Sure thing.”

“Ever consider doing a duet, Hiei?” Rei said to the demon, “Our Japanese voice actors are wonderful singers. To be precise, my original 90's seiyuu.”

Hiei raises an eyebrow, “A duet?”

“Sure why not? I bet our kids would love it.” Rei reassured to him.

Hiei both mulls and considers, “If it's just for our kids...”

Usa & RJ, Yui (Tsubasa) & Aoshi, Shingo & Cammy, Koori & Sam, Amaya & Max, and Daiki & Helbot stand together waiting for the Inori's concert.

“I hear our LK selves actually have heard her songs.” Usa said about hers and the Neo Heroes’ counterparts.

“Makes me curious to hear her music.” RJ said.

Cammy takes Shingo's hand and ask, “Ready for a good show?”

Shingo nods at her, “You bet I am, Cammy, especially watching it with you.”

Cammy blushes, “How sweet of you.”

“We're going to have a fun time, Helbot. You having fun?” Daiki asked the female robot.

Helbot nods, “Yes, I am.”

Amaya sighs at the odd couple, “Oh boy...”

“C'mon, let them be, Amaya.” Max said to his girlfriend.

“All right, only because you said so.” Amaya leans on Max.

“I bet you could be a singer if you wanted, Koori.” Sam suggested.

Koori answers to him, “Maybe, but I want to see how well Inori sings.”

Nagah and Rhea sit together waiting the concert. Crystal!Sailor Moon, standing not too far from the couple, waits for the concert commencement.

Setsuna and John stand together while Sharon and Jeremiah observe them closely.

“Still thinking about what he said?” Jeremiah wondered.

Sharon answers, “Yes, I can't get over his warning. What chaotic force could outdo us?”

Igasu is seen groaning, “Um, so why am I still here?”

“You speak for me and Anustes. We're just waiting for something to happen.” Andes said to the Blood Senshi.

Anustes show jealously toward Setsuna's new relationship with John.

Igasu then realizes something, “Oh, hey! I just realized, Sharon and Jeremiah's names start with 'S' and 'J'. Setsuna and John start with 'S' and 'J'!”

Sharon shakes her head in disbelief, “Did you just realize that just now?”

“To be fair, I didn't even know until you said it.” Andes said.

Jeremiah changes the subject, “So, your thoughts on Inori?”

“Whatever. Let's just get this over with.” Sharon shrugged.

Setsuna then said to the mystery man, “John, what more can you tell me?”

“Let's wait until the concert is over. Then, you'll know.” John said.

Setsuna can't shake off the ominous feelings about the unknown.

Hina sits down with Luna and Artemis.

The Rajita Warlords stand on top of King Ghidorah's three heads. Arago and Valmarmon watch the concert, lowering their eye view toward the stage due to their sizes.

During the concert, the YYGDM heroes and their friends are enjoying Inori II's show and reminded of the beauty of the world they've worked hard to preserve.

After a while, Inori II concludes her performance. The stage lights all converge to the singer.

(End Theme)

Every one of her audience loudly cheers, clap and raise their glow sticks.

“Woohoo!” Kirito cheered.

The Charizards happily roar as they breathe fire in the sky.

Madoka gives a big smile, “You did it!”

Ryuko smirk at the scene, “Gotta admit, she's not half bad.”

“Great going, Inori!” LK!Shu cheered.

Mana smiles of showing her respect to her clone. As Homura sees her surroundings, she notices in distance in an alleyway that Schrodinger and silhouette figures are seen before they escape from her eyes.

Canon!Shu begins to smile of reminding the times he met the original Inori and feel her soul inside. Canon!Ayase smiles and hold hands with her husband.

Karin claps, “Great performance, Inori!”

“That wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. I liked it.” Kotori commented.

Yusuke grins, “Kickass show, Inori!”

Keiko claps, “I wish I could sing as well as her.”

Yui (Tsubasa) smiles and said, “Wasn't it a great show, Aoshi?”

“Sure was.” Aoshi responded.

“She has a beautiful voice.” DarkGabumon added.

Takato is having the excitement and lets out, “Man, now I'm tempted to reform our band, Tamers.”

“Yeah!” Guilmon cried out.

Henry and Rika give it some thought.

“Maybe it is time. And I have been practicing my singing skills.” Rika said.

Terriermon wonders about that question, “The band might be coming back together?”

“Spectacular performance from Inori, don't you think, Tea?” Yugi asked his girlfriend.

“It sure was.” Tea answered to Yugi.

John said to Setsuna, “Well, Setsuna? What did you think?”

Setsuna smiles at him, “It eased my soul. I needed it after dealing with so much stress.”

“Well, might I offer to take you on some adventures across time and space?” John gladly suggested.

Setsuna is intrigued, “What...? You would?”

“Perhaps, but not after we deal with the threat.” John then notices shadows in the corners and sees a shadow of a toy bear before fading from his eyes.

Setsuna, too, senses the ominous disturbance. It's not long as the more spiritually aware folks like Rei, the Spirit Detective members, Digimon, and spirit animals feel presences.

“Hiei, you're getting those evil vibes?” Rei asked suspiciously.

Hiei seriously nods, “Yes, they were close, but are shifting away.”

Cammy said in worry, “No, please not on New Years.”

Aoshi growls, “Just when we were enjoying ourselves.”

“Good while it lasted.” Yui (Tsubasa) added.

Jeremiah mutters, “Silhouettes. Seems the chaotic force trying to outdo us are making their move.”

Sharon coolly smiles, “Oh they can try, but we'll always be one step ahead.”

Suddenly, Usagi's communicator device goes off. She quickly answers it.

“Tsukino Usagi here.” The lead Senshi hears it's a distress call from Legend Headquarters (a headquarters for the YYGDM founders that act as the Hall of Justice for the Justice League) in Tokyo, “What? Come again? Some Ward 24 has disappeared?”

The other YYGDM heroes, including the Founders (Yusuke, Yugi, Takato, Takuya, Karin, Kotori), are getting the same call as Usagi.

“Some place went up and vanished?” Yusuke questioned.

“This happened all of a sudden?” Takato pondered.

Before they can get answers, a disturbance in the ground caused Manhattan to shake on a scale of a small earthquake. This immediately alarmed everyone.

“An earthquake?!” Usagi cried out.

Takato shouts, “In New York?!”

Takuya comment, “Sure I hear they happen here but they don't happen often.”

Karin takes this suspicion, “This seismic activity sure isn't the norm though.”

Yugi nods in disbelief, “No, this can't have been caused by an earthquake.”

“Yeah, some of us already sensed evil presences. This is the workings of someone.” Rei stated.

“Who?” Usagi wondered.

John mutters of giving his announcement, “So, they're finally here.”

“John?” Setsuna said in worry.

Sharon and Jeremiah overhear John.

The canon GC trio, Lost Kingdoms, and the rest of the anime guests have sense this. Inori II went back to her group as possible.

“Damn! What now?!” Ryuko angrily cried out.

“I do not like the sound of this, Killua!” Gon yelled.

“Kazuto, what is going on!” Asuna said in worry.

Kirito respond, “I don’t know, but stay close to me Asuna!”

“Daddy, I’m scared!” Yui cried out while holding Asuna’s Charizard.

“It can’t be.” Homura muttered.

Madoka turn to the raven-haired girl and said, “Homura, you don’t mean?”

LK!Shu, Gai, and Mana become aware of this. Tatsuya becomes scared and holds on to Junko. Kurosu, Ouma Haruka and Saeko senses something amiss. Canon!Ayase’s wheelchair begin to tremble.

“Ayase!” Canon!Tsugumi grabs hold of her best friend alongside her wheelchair.

“Wha-? What is happening?” Canon!Shu said to himself in concern.

The three kaijus, Dan Eagleman, Bandit Keith, and Deadpool have sense the shake.


Toys R Us

The Megas XLR cast and West Coasters feel the sudden shake inside the toy store.

The S-Force and Demon Beast Generals have stop their competition and gotten their attention. Magnanimous is seen again.


As the YYGDM Digidestined, Kazu & Guardromon, Kiyoko, Legendary Warriors, Data Squad, Xros Wars, Taiyou & Hackmon, Ryo & Cyberdramon, and Taichi & Agumon (tri) have their reunion, all of the chosen children feel a sinister vibe coming from the slight shake.


Madoudramon, ChaosGallantmon, and the DD Girls are feeling this.


The former Duel Academy Students, Yuma, and Yuya are feeling it.


The same goes to Duke, Miho, and Zimmy.


Outside of Toys R Us; Omegamon, Imperialdramon, and Athenamon feel a dark force coming from the source, as if something foreboding is going to happen.


Broadway Theater

Outside of the Broadway Theater, Sasha, Phillipe, Himura & Inumon, and their group, alongside Anton & Bruno are hearing the earthquakes with surprise.


Midtown Manhattan

Spider-Man has his spidey senses while hanging from a lamp post.


Tyra, Helena, Anurav, and Raoauq are hearing this.


Haruka, Michiru, Akurah, and Urihcim have senses this.


Spirit Detectives and allies, Demon Brotherhood, Kurapika and Leorio have felt the energy from the shake.


Kensuke & Veemon, Christina, Gundam Meisters, GranDracmon, Sucro, the other XLR-8 Villains, and Time Deaths feel it. Ken’s face becomes slightly irk of a circumstance is ruining the New Years.


Joey, Mai, Serenity, and Morpheous feel it.


The Taiyoukai Seven have gotten their attention.


Both the Reformed and Oppressed Rajita groups have felt it, Melancholia’s senses are indeed correct.


The two Impmons, Calumon, Ai & Mako, Yusuke & Kazuma, ShineRenamon & BlackInumon.


Loki (MCU) have senses the commotion.

Likewise in another section, the Winter Soldier notices the slight shake.


Nanba and his three cohorts watch above the skies in figuring out what’s going on.


Both Lightning and Noctis are seen sensing the presence coming as they give warning looks.


Greenwich Village

The Birthday Massacre concert is already finished. However, most of the students and civilians are startled about the shake. Ford and Jessica have become slightly alert.

The Tennouzu High students and Survey Corp are alert as well.



At Chinatown, the Chinese people are seen in panic. The Z-Warriors, Ascendants and Kai Digidestined, the Dragonball Villains, Takeru, and Tabaga have sense something anomalously sinister approaching. The GT group's warning is happening.


Minako, Rio, Kyo, Selipa, Kohana, Lien, Nadeshiko, Vivian, Tristan, Okanim, Suzie & Lopmon and the Naruto group feel the massive tremors.



The Kaiba and Kuhouin families, alongside Silica & Pina, Cybernetic Ghost, Gozaburo, and Noah have felt a slight shake in the restaurant.

The three SAO supporting cast, Makoto, Mako, and Otokam have felt it as well.


Stark Tower

The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy felt their location trembles a bit as if something is coming.


American Museum

At the American Museum: Jami, Ayanna, Kenta & MarineAngemon, Caesar, and Noixi feel the presence.

The same goes for Chaos Magician Girl, Rebecca, Solomon, Arthur, Bakura, Marik, Ishizu, Odion, Raphael, Valon, Alister, Atticus, and Yasmin.


Central Park

Eris, Larry, Kara Summers, Sire, and the Chimeras got their attention and are slightly worried.

Brimstone and Mizuno have felt the natural shake.


Javits Center

Hotaru and Uratoh are warned of the sudden change. Kratos gives an angry expression.

TOM, Akane, Coulson and Anime Shield are becoming alert of the high frequencies.

The Signers stop their band performance as they are alert as well.


Wall Street

Maxmillion Pegasus, Kemo, Siegfried, Leon, Batman, and Heathcliff have sense something and felt the slight shake.


UN Headquarters

At the UN Headquarters, HYPNOS, Nick Fury, Cain Bearer, and other employees become alert at the sound of earthquakes.


Central Planet/Deity Party

Back in Central Planet, Sailor Cosmos and the other deities have sense the anomalous force, as if they realize who they are. Ultimate Madoka is seen giving a slight worried expression.


New York/Manhattan/Liberty Island

Switching back to Manhattan are the open waters of New York Harbor and along with it shows the famous Statue of Liberty in Liberty Island, standing to symbolize the unified nation.

The area continues to feel a slight shake with the current waves moving like a storm.

Suddenly, something burst like lightning though the middle of the waters. The impact makes way that devastates Ellis Island, Governor’s Island, and even Liberty Island that the shockwave destroys the Statue of Liberty.

It clears to reveal a towering headquarters floating in the New York waters. It looks like an X-Seed 4000 and an industrial version of the religious Tower of Babel. In fact, this fortress-like place towers above even the largest of New York’s skyscrapers.


Time Square

Suddenly, the screens all over Time Squares showing movies and the live concert broadcasts fizzle out and go static. The screens now cut to a young boy with platinum blond-haired boy with icy blue eyes, white lab coat and a black shirt. An enigmatic smile adorns the boy's pale features. The heroes and villains are confused who he is, but the Lost Kingdoms crew, Canon!Guilty Crown group, Setsuna, John, Sharon, and Jeremiah recognize him.

“Greetings, citizens of Modern Babylon, or should you prefer New York?” The Platinum blond boy gives soft but fiendish chortle, “Did we so rudely interrupt your end of the year festivities?”

Yusuke snarls, “Who the hell is that?!”

Usagi has an uneasy feeling, “I don't like this.”

Rei mutters, “Yeah, I'm getting bad vibes from him.”

“He has to be the one causing the earthquakes.” Yugi realized from that boy.

Takato cries out, “Just him?!”

“This better not be like Ragnarok.” Kotori glared at the screen, reminding of Norse Mythology’s end of the world scenario.

Sharon scoffs, “So, my ungrateful son has decided to come out of our shadows?”

“Took him long enough.” Jeremiah is smiling somewhat proudly on the other hand, “Couldn't hold yourself back, Yuu?”

“This is your hellspawn's doing?! And you knew?!” Setsuna gives a scornful look to Sharon and Jeremiah.

Sharon rolls her eyes and answers, “No, we're just as surprised as you are. We have nothing to do with this.”

“Convince me.” Setsuna hissed at Sharon.

John interjects and spills the beans, “She's telling the truth, Setsuna. Yuu and his Da'ath organization have finally made their move.”

“I know you're there father and mommy dearest.” Yuu Grand chuckles and notices Sharon and Jeremiah, “Are you proud of your little boy stepping out of your shadows?”

Kriemhild Gretchen joins Yuu on screen and lovingly caresses his face. Madoka is not happy to recognize her witch counterpart.

Kriemhild evil giggling, “Oh, Yuu, are we ready to make New York our own playground? I wanna see some poor saps running for their lives!”

“And you shall, my love.” Yuu said to the dark Madoka.

Harime Nui also gets on screen with them both.

“Starting now, Da'ath claims New York as part of its dominion.” Yuu gives a smug grin and flips the switch, “Please allow us, the League of Extraordinary Da'ath accommodate you all with some delightful entertainment! And mother, father, we shall meet later.”


(Cue Guilty Crown – Apocalypse)

Suddenly, seven gateways materialize throughout Manhattan, which gets activated by Schrodinger. Sleeping agents come out acting as security guards for these portals. Coming out of these portals are armies of Anti-Bodies, Endlave Gautiers, Da'ath agents, Ruin Kobold Sentinels, Laughing Coffin assassins, and Titans (of AoT fame, except no Colossal, Armored, and Female Titans). Bystanders are running from these hostile forces.


Time Square

Back in the main site, the civilians run in panic from Da’ath’s forces. The Guilty Crown trio and their new allies are surprise about this.

“Shu?!” Canon!Ayase sees her husband in shock and she is feeling concern.

Canon!Shu is frozen in fear of remembering Yuu and takes a step back a bit, “No..! It can’t be?! NOT HIM!”

“I should have known the Grave Keeper of Da’ath is behind all this.” Gai muttered.

Homura gives her suspicions, “Yes, I knew my senses are correct after all.”

“And threatening New Years, that bastard has gone too far!” LK!Shu cried out.

“Looks like party time is over.” Kyoko angrily muttered.

Tomoe Mami uses a supporting spell to have LK!Funeral Parlor and the magical girls in their normal attires (Undertakers in their mercenary outfits, while Puellas in their magical girl appearances. LK!Shu’s appearance has him wear his Tennouzu black and white school uniform with a light blue scarf around his neck) instead of costumes due to the serious outlook here. The magical girls and Funeral Parlor begin to take action by fighting off GHQ and Da’ath with their magical/conventional weapons.

Madoka’s family, Kurosu, Haruka, Saeko, and Shibungi’s wife stand by the sidelines safe.

Madoka summons her bow with her family behind in fear of the danger, “Mom, dad, Tatsuya, stay behind me!”

Kirito, Asuna, Leafa, Sinon and the two Charizards alongside Yui are alert at this.

“This is like a warzone here.” Kirito readied his sword.

“Yeah, no kidding. We’re in so much danger now.” Leafa added.

The two Charizards breathe fire at some Kobold sentinels with Leafa backing up the dragons, while Sinon readied her rifle to shoot down some Laughing Coffin attempting to hack-and-slash with their axes. Kirito and Asuna slashes through Kobolds and Laughing Coffin with their swords. Gon and Killua readied their fighting stance and tackle some Anti Bodies with their quick hits.

“Harime..” Ryuko angrily grits her teeth after seeing the cutesy girl on the screen.

“We bet that Kiryuin Ragyo decides to team up with this force, Ryuko.” Satsuki begins to figure out the connection.

“Yeah, and it pisses me off!” Ryuko brandishes her scissor blades and begins to fight off the Anti Bodies.

Satsuki joins by brandishing her Bakuzan katana and as an Endlave Gautier attempts to fire, Satsuki slashes through the robot.


In another part of Time Square comes the Da’ath members appear: A malefic time-travelling duelist named Paradox appears. Behind him are the Da’ath knights: Zealoss, Grapplo, and Dragoon. Other cohorts are Anubis (Yugioh), a Malefic Red-Eyes Black Dragon, and the Minions of Set.


Toys R Us

With Lotso’s assistance, the gateway reveals a trio of Digimon that look like the Gorgon sisters: Medusamon, Euryalemon, and Sthenomon. More Malefic Dragons versions appear: Cyber End Dragon, Rainbow Dragon, Light and Darkness Dragon, Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, and Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon.


Central Park

At Central Park come the mythological evil-doers: Surtur, Lolth, Kronos, Geirskogul, Reginleif, Geiravor, and the Nidhogg.

“The time has come to pillage this Midgardian city with fire.” Surtur declared.

“I shall march to tremble the tiny ants.” Kronos walks away while giving heavy stomps due to his size.

The Nidhogg roars in delight as she flies towards the sky.

Geirskogul smiles and thinks, “My Thai boy, I will see you soon.”

She and Geiravor split up to their preferred destinations. Reginleif watches them and gives an evil smile while standing.

“As for me, my focus is on Sigrun.” Reginleif declared her goal.


Midtown Manhattan

In a section of Midtown reveal more League of Extraordinary Da’ath members: Majari, Raigo, Kaiki, Princess Snow Kaguya, and Queen Badiane.


Another section shows Makishima Shogo, The Intruder, Swayzak, Orcelot Rex, Malefic Stardust Dragon, Malefic Red Dragon Archfiend, Malefic Black-Winged Dragon, Malefic Black Rose Dragon, Malefic Ancient Fairy Dragon, and Malefic Life Stream Dragon.


The third section shows Koba, The Joker, Thanos (armed with the Infinity Gauntlet and all six gems), Ultron, VenomMillenniummon, and CarnageMillenniummon.


Wall Street

Ward 24 then ejects a long bridge connecting to the South Ferry for more Laughing Coffin, Kobolds, Endlaves, and Titans to breach through. Laughing Coffins armed with their crude weapons and equipped with poison/paralysis, are seen killing civilians for their sick pleasure, Endlaves are shooting around, while many civilians are escaping from them.

Leading this force are four figures: Kuradeel and Illfang the Kobold Lord. Two minor villains from Psycho Pass: Oryo Rikako and Senguji Toyohisa are now part of Laughing Coffin.


In the main area; Pegasus, Siegfried, Leon, Batman, Kemo, and Heathcliff have to be ready for this.


Between Ward 24 and Manhattan

Nearby GHQ’s headquarters, coming out of the waters are a bunch of Kaijuu drones. In the front lines, five major Kaijuus appear in the waters to give mighty roars: Trespasser, Knifehead, Otachi, Leatherback, and Slattern. All five of them besides Slattern are ‘Category V’. The Kaijuu army begins to march towards Manhattan in wrecking havoc as they stomp.


Ward 24/War Room

Inside the war room, Keido Shuichiro, alongside the Lost Kingdoms versions of Makoto Waltz Segai, Daryl Yan, and Andrei Rowan observe in the monitors.

“This should be an interesting site to see.” Segai deviously smiled while focusing on his red cellphone.

“Indeed, the heroes and the villains wouldn’t know what their up against.” Keido stated while thinking, “And the same goes for you, Kurosu.”


Ward 24/Outside

Outside the headquarters, four Gundams are coming out of the platforming metallic floors. They are controlled by Ribbons and his three cohorts. Ribbons is piloting the Reborns Gundam, Ali is piloting the Arche Gundam, Revive is piloting the 1.5 Gundam Dark, and Hiling is piloting the 1.5 Gundam.

Ribbons gives a slight smile inside the cockpit, “My fellow Innovators, let’s go reunite with those Meisters and meet this Kensuke.”

“Yes, sir!” Hiling and Revive shouted in unison.

Ali gives a slight psychotic smirk of relishing the bloodshed. The four Gundams then take off as they fly to their destination.

Watching them with glee are Yuu, with Kriemhild and Nui embracing him, Ragyo, Oberon, and Death Gun.

“Aww! Isn’t it sweet, Yuu?!” Nui gave a twinkle smile.

“Yes it is, Manhattan is feeling our reign of terror.” Yuu gleefully stated.

Kriemhild is fonding Yuu’s body, “Tehehe. It is a goal come true, my love.”

“Come closer you two.” Yuu beckoned his ‘magical girlfriend sluts’ of a kind of an erotic offer.

Both Japanese girls know what the Caucasian Yuu is getting at, and so, their faces are closer while group hugging each other, and begin to do a threeway kiss with their tongues and milky lips meet simultaneously, their noses touches, and feeling their teenage hormones.

Ragyo, Oberon, and Death Gun briefly look at them with slight awkwardness before focusing their view on New York.

“Our agenda is going as plan.” Ragyo chortled.

“And with all the control over the minds of the innocent saps.” Oberon sinisterly said.

Death Gun can give an emotionless expression over his skeletal-like visage.


Time Square

Back in Manhattan’s main area, Godzilla and Mothra are backing up King Ghidorah by fighting off Titans and Kaiju drones. Mothra blows the Titans away while Godzilla beats down some Kaiju drones. Ghidorah bites off a Titan’s head while grabbing a Kaiju drone and throw it off.


The YYGDM founders, their friends, and new allies waste no time taking action. Usagi and Kotori use their Silver and Moon Heart Crystal to transform everyone's costumes into their battle attires. Usagi, Rei, Setsuna, Usa, Karin, Amaya, Koori, and Hina transform into their Sailor forms. Usagi becomes Sailor Moon. Rei becomes Sailor Mars. Setsuna becomes Sailor Pluto. Usa becomes Sailor Neo Moon. Karin becomes Sailor Sedna. Amaya becomes Sailor Cyber Mercury. Koori becomes Sailor Blue Mars. Hina turns into Sailor Gao Pluto.

Kotori dons her Valkyrie armor and becomes Valkyrie Brunhilde. Brunhilde has long dark blue hair but fully garbed in a full-bodied black armor, sans her forearms, neckline, and face. Her head was seen encased in a black helmet trimmed with purple edges and three white feathers. Protruding from the top of the helmet is an ax-shaped blade. Around her neck is a golden neck choker with a purple gem hanging from it. A golden belt with an orange gem gleamed from her waistline. She had a dagger sheathed on her right hip. Folded behind her back are a pair of dark blue wings.

Takato, Rika, and Henry become Suzakato, Seirika, and Henbu while their Digimon evolve into their Mega forms (Guilmon becomes Gallantmon, Renamon becomes Sakuyamon, and Terriermon becomes MegaGargomon). Takuya Spirit Evolves into Agunimon. Yugi uses Spirit Fusion and becomes Dark Magician. Yusuke, Hiei, RJ, and Ryuuhi power up their spirit/demon energies.
“Puu, take the kids away from here!” Yusuke ordered the blue phoenix.

Puu roars in response and carries off the Senshi & Detective's infants off on his back. Yusuke and RJ stand protectively in front of Keiko.

“Stay behind us, mom.” RJ said to his future mother.

Usa readies her magic scepter, “Let's do this.”

“I don't know who this Yuu is, but I already don't like his sorry ass!” Brunhilde angrily said.

“You and me both, Brunhilde. Look, even Sharon and Jeremiah are taking action.” Sedna pointed them out.

Sharon transforms into Sailor Charon. Jeremiah dons an armor that looks like Millenniummon with his helmet, dark blue/grayish-brown armor, and two metal cannons from his back. Igasu, Ier, and Anustes turn into their Blood Sailor forms. Andes transforms into Sailor Andes.

Sailor Charon has an irked look, “If there's anyone who's going to teach that brat a lesson, it'll be me!”

“You should've disciplined my nephew better, sister.” Sailor Pluto lectured.

“We can worry about that later, you two.” Jeremiah sends a pair of Anti-Bodies flying with a shockwave.

John sends an Endlave Gautier back with an blast, “Pluto, I'll need your help backing me up.”

“As you wish.” Pluto complies.

Yugi sees Tea Spirit Fuse into Dark Magician Girl and joins her in guiding people away from Time Square.

“This is insane! We've got to keep these people away!” Tea cried out.

“They came and hit us swiftly. None of us saw this coming! Everyone evacuate to safety!” Yugi cried out to civilians.

Max and Sam Spirit Fuse into Black Luster Soldier and Chaos Emperor Dragon. Daiki dons his Hermes armor. Sailor Cyber Mercury aids Max in evacuating people. Sailor Blue Mars mounts Sam's back as they fly around blasting away Titans. Daiki and Helbot start leading civilians away from the battles.

Sailor Sedna receives help from Aya as they blast down some Endlaves. Nagah and Rhea also offer support.

“Thanks for backing me up, Aya.” Sedna nodded.

“I'm compelled to protect you. Consider this thanks for helping me find my humanity.” Aya then forms drills in her hands.

“Don't forget us. We will live up to our truce with future Neo-Queen Serenity.” Nagah reminded.

Sailor Mars and Hiei starts mowing through Anti-Bodies. Mars bathes them in flames while Hiei rapidly slices them apart.

“This may take a while.” Hiei muttered.

“Since when has that stopped us?” Mars takes out Ofudas and throws them at Da'ath soldiers, paralyzing them, “Evil Spirits, be exorcised!”

Hiei watches Blue Mars blasting Titans with her blue flames and smiles proudly. Ryuuhi joins his father, Hiei, and slices apart some Endlaves.

Sailor Moon and Crystal!Sailor Moon stand side by side. They form and combine barriers, protecting themselves from enemy fire.

“Time to show me what you have, my Crystal self.” Moon said to her younger version.

Crystal!Moon takes out her Cutie Moon Rod, “Ok!”

“That takes me back.” Moon sees her signature weapon and then forms a sword, “Yuu, we're not going down to you!”

Suzakato knocks away an Endlave with a fire blast. Seirika and Henbu knock away some Kobold Sentinels. Gallantmon, Sakuyamon, and MegaGargomon wrestle with Titans. Agunimon sends fire tornadoes toward Anti-Bodies.

“I got a bad feeling this is just the first wave!” Suzakato cried out.

“Duh, these are just the first stage enemies!” Seirika said to the Phoenix warrior.

“These Titans and their stupid creepy smiles!” Gallantmon jumps upward and slashes at their necks with his lance, “I won't let you get near Takato!”

“I hate to say it, but what could be worse than these things?!” Agunimon complained.

Kaiser Ghidorah, Gamera, and Gyaos unleash energy waves that easily tear through Endlaves. King Ghidorah aids his three masters and blasts some Titans back. Valmarmon and Arago smash up some Anti-Bodies and Endlaves.

Kaiser Ghidorah scoffs, “This will prove to be a nuisance.”

“Agreed.” Gamera stated.

“And here I was hoping to obliterate the heroes instead.” Gyaos added.

“Crush the competition! No other evil shall beat me to world domination!” Valmarmon bellowed.

“Yes, but to get what we want, we have to get rid of these invaders.” Arago said to the Demon Digimon lord.

Charon sighs, “As it pains me to say this, but taking down Da'ath will require both sides to unite.”

Pluto is hesitant about this suggestion, “And what after that? You turn on us.”

“We'll never know until we reach that point, sister.” Charon responded.

John interjects, “Hate to say it, Pluto, but she's right. Da'ath has now declared war on us. We'll need to combine our forces and resources to win.”

Pluto then accepts and nods at Charon, “All right, but only because we need to straighten out your son, sister.”

“Thank you, Time Guardian.” Jeremiah gladly said.

“That brat is no son of mine and never will be!” Charon glares at Yuu on the screen continuing his threeway kiss with his girls.

Pluto sees Yuu as well, “We will come for you soon, nephew.”

With that said from both time sisters, the alliance between good and evil is formed to stop a bigger threat.

(End Theme)


(Cue Dead Can Dance – How Fortunate the Man With None)


Next Part: The Unification of Heroes and Villains


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Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard at Tobi bursting into the introductions while Sasuke and Itachi were talking. Man oh man, that was hilarious. Oh dear god, the bit with Sasuke not being father material got tears in my eyes. And hey! Linkin Park is flipping awesome! Never went out of style! And this right here is gold:
“Might as well change the series to Naruto: The Dysfunctional Family Years.”
As for the rest of the story, its cool to see we everyone coming together in their own way to take on the threat that's planning on making New York its playground. Which was pretty exciting to see! :D


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Shinnen:New Year

Chapter XI: The Unification of Heroes and Villains


Toys R Us

A change of pace is happening, going from a huge party to a warzone, this is quite obvious.

Starting at Toys R Us, the Malefics Cyber End Dragon, Rainbow Dragon, Light and Darkness Dragon, Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon and Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon fly around and blast most of the customers and stores in sight. The innocent civilians escape from these corrupted Duel Monsters.


“Aw crap! Where the hell do they came from?!” Coop saw the dragons in big surprise.

“No idea, and their destroying everything!” Jamie freaks out.

Coop then is further agitated, “Their destroying video games?! NO!”

“Gah! If anyone is going to destroy the monkey man earther, it’s got to be me!” Gorrath boisterously states his goal.

“Hey, I should do the same, squidhead!” Evil Coop counters back at the Glorft warmaster.

“Why you-?!” Gorrath growled at Evil Coop.

Kiva then interjects and speaks up, “This is no time to argue, right now, we should team up to stop against this hostile force!”

“Now your talking, Kiva! Time to teach those chumps the meaning of MEGAS!” Coop smirked while smack his own fists.

“Guys, what about me?” Goat called out.

“Just sit with us in MEGAS, Goat.” Jamie suggested.

“Oh.” Goat simply put it that way.


Back with the West Coasters, they have the same feeling of danger.

“What is this commotion?!” Marty exclaimed.

“Aw, dude, there's monsters attacking the store! And aw nooo, the video games!” Nick said in concern.

“Way to state the obvious, bro!” Penny responded to him.

“Let's suit up, Pharaohmon!” Lance said to his partner.

Pharaohmon smashes his fists together and respond, “Ready whenever you are, Lance!”

Andrea holds Carmen's hand and reassures to her, “It's ok. We're going to save these people.”

“No way, those are Duel Monster dragons!” Scott pointed at the Malefic Dragons.

“I think I saw the Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!” Nick cried out.

“West Coasters, time for action!” Marty announced to the team.

The West Coasters storm ahead and help get civilians out of harm's way.


Elsewhere in the store, Ryo & Cyberdramon and Taichi & Agumon (Tri) are taken aback by the loud commotion. They quickly investigate and find Malefic Rainbow Dragon blasting a section of toys.

“What the hell?!” Taichi angrily cried out.

“Can't we for once have peace and quiet during vacation time?!” Ryo is tired of this mayhem.

“We seem to always attract trouble.” Cyberdramon gives a point here.

“C'mon, Taichi! Let's go and save these people!” Agumon said to him.

Taichi takes out his Digivice, “You're talking my game, Agumon!”

“Let's get these people out to safety, Cyberdramon!” Ryo ordered.

Cyberdramon charges forward and headbutts the Malefic Rainbow Dragon. Agumon assists by blowing a Baby Flame, hitting the dragon squarely in the face. Taichi and Ryo manage to get some kids to safety.

“Wow, Digimon fighting Duel Monsters! How cool!” Boy 1 cried out.

Taichi on the other hand has no time for this, “Get moving, you dumbass kid!”

“C'mon brother!” Girl 1 takes the boy's hand.

“I could swear there were others here helping these people. I hope Marcus, Taiki, and the others are answering the call.” Ryo pleaded for his teammates.

Not too far off, the remaining Legendary Warriors, led by Kouji, help get some kids out. Kouji become Wolfmon, Izumi becomes Fairymon, Junpei becomes Blitzmon, Tomoki becomes Chakkoumon, Koichi becomes Loweemon, Sam Joseph becomes Grottomon, Jaarin Wong becomes Ranamon, and Dimitro becomes Mercuremon.

Marcus and Team DATS assist by holding off a Malefic Light and Darkness Dragon. Taiki & Shoutmon, Tagiru & Gumdramon, and Team Xros Heart help fight Malefic Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. Taiyou and Hackmon join in to aid the Digiteams.

“Take this, ya big mean jerk!” Shoutmon hits Pendulum Dragon with his Rock and Roller, “Yeah, suck it!”

“Um, don't think that'll work.” Taiki said.

“Then, I'll just keep hitting him 'til he gives up!” Shoutmon prepares another Rock and Roller, but gets tail slapped down, “Ow!”

Suddenly, Hackmon jumps up and catches Shoutmon.

“Hey, thanks, pal!” Shoutmon said to the white dragon Digimon.

“Sure anytime.” Hackmon nodded.

“Nice save, Hackmon!” Taiyou commented.

Taiki gives Taiyou a thumbs up, “Appreciate the help, man!”

“Heh, well, I wasn't trying to impress anyone.” Taiyou chuckled.

“Whatever, just don't hog my spotlight, man.” Kiriha shrugged.

“Whatever you say, Christopher.” Taiyou joked.

“I'll get you for that one...” Kiriha is irked about his English nickname and grumbles, “Fuck you, Saban.”

“Agumon, it's fighting time!” Marcus cracks his knuckles.

Marcus and Agumon charge toward Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. The rest of DATS, Tai/Matt (YYGDM) and Davis/Ken (YYGDM) are seen.

“Marcus, hold on!” Thomas pleaded.

“Oh just leave him.” Yoshi shrugged.

“Matt, don't you think we should tell Omegamon?” Tai (YYGDM) asked.

“Good idea.” Matt (YYGDM) answered.

“Let's give Imperialdramon the heads-up, Ken.” Davis (YYGDM) stated.

“Yeah!” Ken (YYGDM) nodded.

Then, Tai & Matt and Davis & Ken run out of the store to get their partners. On the other hand, Jaden, Yuma, and Yuya join in to help the Digiteams.

“Man, this is a surprise! Duel Monsters crashing the toy store!” Jaden cried out in surprise.

“We'll help get these people out, Jay!” Syrus added.

“Be careful and don't do anything reckless!” Alexis warned once again.

Chazz scoffs, “You're talking about Jaden here.”

Jaden uses Spirit Fusion to turn into the Elemental Hero Neos. Yuma summons Number 39: Utopia. Yuya summons Odd-Eyes Dragon and Stargazer Magician.

“Man can't believe I'm seeing the Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon! Man if only Kaito were here to see this!” Yuma said about the experience.

Yuya agrees with the Zexal duelist, “Yeah, never thought I'd see another Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. But, I'm ready to fight Odd-Eyes with Odd-Eyes! And Stargazer Magician!”

“Go, Utopia!” Yuma cheered at his duel monster.

“Let's send this dragon packing!” Jaden cheered.

Kouji/Wolfmon is aghast at the battlefield, “I don't think this store will be enough to contain all of us!”

“Takato and Takuya are really missing out!” Koichi/Loweemon cried out.

“And we'll be the ones to clean up the mess here.” Izumi/Fairymon said.

As Malefic Rainbow Dragon flies away from Cyberdramon and Agumon, Miho and Duke escort people out of the store. Zimmy uses his toy soldiers to get kids out of harm's way.

“Hurry this way!” Miho lead the children.

“Aw, shit, we got trouble!” Duke pointed out.

Malefic Rainbow Dragon prepares to blast Miho and Duke.

Zimmy suddenly appears beside the Duelists and orders, “Toy soldiers, barricade!”

The toy soldiers comply and form a wall in front of the two duelists. The dragon's blast tears down the toy barrier. This allows Miho to transform into Sailor Makemake and Duke to Spirit Fuse into Strike Ninja.

“Thanks for buying us time.” Makemake said to the light green alien.

Zimmy scoffs, “It's not like I care for you Earthers... anyway. Shut up and get to your hero business!”

Duke teases, “I think he likes you, Miho.”

“You think so?!” Makemake has a ditz moment.

Makemake forges a whip and uses it to hold the dragon at bay. This allows Cyberdramon and Agumon to attack the beast.


Somewhere inside the store, several people stop to smell a peculiar sweet scent. Before they knew it, a pink stuffed teddy bear maul the people to death with his claws. The pink bear reveals himself to be Lotso the Bear from Toy Story 3. He takes out a napkin and wipes the victim's blood off him.

“Ok, where to begin. How many kids will I punish?” Lotso takes out his cane and sees the West Coasters, “Hmm, I'll start with them.”


Stopping the Demon Beast Generals’ competition, the S-Force decides what to do upon themselves.

“Can’t believe we’re going to head on fighting.” Duchess (S-Force) stated.

“Their messing with us S-Force, which we should head to our Zorps!” Argo (S-Force) ordered his team.

Jax (S-Force) speaks in gibberish of agreeing with Argo (S-Force), in which the S-Force then takes their move.

The Demon Beast Generals notice the customers running out of the store.

“Ugh, they dare interrupt our competition with these S-Fools?!” BlazeSuzakumon cried out.

“Guess we should help these humans.” AuroraByakkomon suggested.

SoveignOuryumon growls, “And I wanted to show up those Voltron wannabes! Fine, let's see what we're dealing with.”

“Demon Beast Generals charge forth!” BlazeSuzakumon ordered his group before they lead to battle.

Magnanimous sees the S-Force leaving and whistles, “You know I could use some competition about now, but I should get just involve.”

Magnanimous then summons his body battle suit for himself to attach as its head and decides to help out the forces.


Toys R Us/Outside

(Cue Guilty Crown – GHQ)

Outside of the store, MEGAS, the Zorps, Gorrath’s mech, Evil Coop’s mech (which looks like a Sazabi), and the Gipsy Danger are seen, but these mechs are going to take the fight soon.

Speaking of them, Coop’s group, Gorrath, and Evil Coop made it through. At the same time, the S-Force make their appearance.

“Hey, S-Force!” Coop called out.

Argo (S-Force) sees the obese pilot and reacquaints with him, “Coop, it’s so glad to see you.”

“And we know the situations at stake.” Kiva stated.

Jamie is seen talking to Duchess, “Say, after this, wanna go out with me?”

Duchess (S-Force) scoffs at him, “Oh please.”

“Less talk and more smashing!” Evil Coop cried out.

“That was my line, chump!” Coop takes that back at his counterpart.

Goat changes the subject and points at the Gipsy Danger nearby, “Say, isn’t that the Jaeger use to fight Kaijuus?”

“Yeah, but where are the pilots?” Coop wondered about them.

“I don’t know, but now is not the time to think about it.” Argo (S-Force) said.

“Then let’s get a move on!” Sloan (S-Force) cried out.

Coop, Jamie, Kiva, and Goat are going to MEGAS with Coop piloting it. Gorrath and Evil Coop are piloting their mechs. The S-Force pilots their Zorps, which they immediately combine to their Mega Zorp. The four robots then make their move to join the war. The Gipsy Danger is the only one who remains intact and ignored; whoever two pilots destine to control this robot is yet to be seen.


Tai, Matt, Davis, and Ken have made it outside. They already see Omegamon, Imperialdramon and Athenamon fighting Malefic Cyber End Dragon.

“Well, seems they're already on top of things.” Tai commented.

“Good for us, but hopefully we got enough people out.” Matt can hope for.

“Go, Imperialdramon! Lay some smack down!” Davis cheered at his Digimon partner.

“Why do I get the feeling something's worse about to happen.” Ken shrugged.

Tai then notices the MEGAS crew and the S-Force, “Not when you got them on our side!”

Matt then sees Gorrath and Evil Coop in their mechs, “Or them. Whoa, are the bad guys really siding with us?”

“Did heck just freeze over?” Davis wondered.

Suddenly, evil laughter is heard. The silhouettes of three female humanoids with snake motifs emerge. Athenamon turns and recognizes the laughter. Her pale faces as she sees Medusamon with Euryalemon and Sthenomon.

“Medusamon!” Athenamon cried out in shock.

“Ah, it's been such a long time, Lady Athenamon.” Medusamon addresses her mockingly, “And I brought along my two sisters to play with you.”

“So this must be the ‘great’ Athenamon you mention to us, younger sister.” Euryalemon sees her enemy.

Sthenomon scoffs, “To think the beauty of her marries one of the Royal Knights, which are composed by two beastly Digimon.”

“I hope you have room for the three of us, Amazon wench!” Medusamon declared another challenge.

The Gorgonmon sisters slither toward Athenamon. While Omegamon and Imperialdramon stay occupied with Malefic Cyber End Dragon, Athenamon engages the Gorgonmon sisters.


Central Park

As Surtur and Lolth are watching the mere humans fleeing from them, they then found two bystanders: Brimstone and Mizuno.

Surtur crosses his arms, “Well what do we have here?”

Lolth curves a smile, “Two demons in one park, I like that.”

Brimstone and Mizuno see Surtur and Lolth. The humanoid Digimon-demon duo take precautionary measures and forge preemptive attacks on them.

“We sense evil from you two.” Mizuno stated.

“You don't want to mess with us!” Brimstone bellowed.

Mizuno fires a torrent of water toward Surtur. Brimstone launches inferno blast at Lolth. Surtur and Lolth easily neutralize their attacks.

“Shit, guess this won't be easy.” Mizuno muttered.

Not too far off, Taylor transforms into Sailor Eris and helps guide people out of the park. Sire becomes Sailor Sire and does the same while making it a competition to see which Sailor gets the most people out. Larry Stonebagel, Mika, and Hayata are helping both Senshis out.

“This way!” Eris points to the front gates.

“You won't outdo me, Eris!” Sire cried out.

Eris notices smoke, “Is there a fire over there?”

As civilians are panicking, Kara Summers begins to smell smoke coming from the Strawberry Fields and decides to trace it.


Central Park/Strawberry Fields

As Kara follows the scent, she comes in shock to see wildfire devastating Strawberry Fields, the memorial site of John Lennon. Standing between the fire is the cause of this, the Erinye Reginleif, she turns to the Valkyrie with an evil smile.

“Surprise to see me, Kara?” Reginleif asked.

Kara gives a scornful look on her face. She notices the destruction caused by the wildfire and concludes Reginleif caused it.

“You did this?!” Kara looks closer toward the Erinye, “Wait, you're an Erinye! How dare you attack so close to John Lennon's memorial!”

She runs at Reginleif without transforming and punches the Erinye's face. No surprise, Kara's punch didn't hurt Reginleif.

“Damn it, thought for once I could fight without needing to transform.” Kara angrily said.

“Thought wrong.” Reginleif harnesses her dark energy to easily blow Kara back.

As soon as Kara rebounds, she quickly transforms into Valkyrie Sigrun. Sigrun alters her blond hair to long purple hair in a long ponytail. She wore a very revealing armor, a stark contrast to what the other Maidens wore. Her revealing armor showed most of her athletically built body, signs of intense physical training. She wore a purple helmet with no feathers. Her footwear were purple armored sandals complete with high-heels. Embedded on the center most part of her chest armor was a green gem. A pair of white and purple wings were folded behind her back.

“Looks like I'll have to fight you this way if I want to beat you!” Sigrun declared to her arch-rival.


Midtown Manhattan

Back in Kensuke’s group, the Gundam Meisters know what to do.

“Time to pilot, team.” Tieria said to his comrades.

“It’s about time we’re helping out.” Allelujah agrees of having them involved.

The four celestial pilots race off to find their Gundams.

Lockon hollers to Kensuke and his group, “We’ll be right back!”

Just as Kensuke turned into an Ascendant warrior that looks like the Exia Gundam called Dramon X, he ceased his attack on GranDracmon and company. He and Sailor Orcus (Christina in Sailor form) sees the Meisters take off.

“What the hell are they going?” Sailor Orcus wondered.

“Seems they got a resolved fight.” Dramon X said and turns to GranDracmon and company, “Sorry, can't play with you guys now.”

“It would seem we have a bigger common enemy.” GranDracmon said.

“Why don't we put aside differences for once, brother?” Beyond said to Greil.

“As much as I hate you Kenny, but he's right... we'll combine our resources and help fight this Da'ath.” Greil respond to him.

“Suit yourselves. Just don't try backstabbing me or I'll skewer your asses.” Dramon X warned his villains.

“Just stay out of our way.” Paradixalmon grunted.

“We got our eye on you, creeps.” Sailor Orcus warned and angrily turns to Future Charon, “ESPECIALLY you!”

“Yeah, especially you, whore.” Dramon X disgustingly added.

“I'm flattered, but I sense my present self already is taking action against Da'ath as we speak. Time Deaths, initiate battle forms!” Future Charon announced.

With that, Future Charon, Death Phantom, Pharaoh 90 and Queen Metalia convert themselves into armored Gundam-like forms. Future Charon becomes Jishikitori X, a half female humanoid, half-eagle-like entity (Gundam Heaven’s Sword lookalike). Death Phantom converts into Jishikiaku X, a Master Gundam lookalike. Pharaoh 90 turns into Jishikikumo, a Walter Gundam lookalike. Queen Metalia becomes Jishikiushi, a Grand Gundam lookalike.

“Oh look they can turn into Gundams, too.” Orcus rolls her eyes.

Dramon X sighs, “They're copying my shtick.”

Greil and his partner Paradisomon combine to form Paradiso X. Likewise, Beyond and Paradixalmon merge to form a humanoid version of Beyond’s Digimon called Paradixalmon X.

“Sucro, you and Orcus settle your differences later. We have more important business.” GranDracmon said to the Bizarro Senshi clones.

“As you wish, master.” Sucro transforms into Sailor Sucro.

“And I have my eye on you.” Orcus threatened her clone.

Sucro pushes hair back and turns her nose up, “Don't flatter yourself, hun.”

“No one out hair flips me! Ken, I'm backing you up!” Orcus cried out.

“Be careful, ok?” Dramon X said to his girlfriend.

Dramon X summons Shoutmon, Titaniamon (a Digimon that looks like Erza Scarlet), CyberBeelzemon, Deckerdramon, Greymon (2010), and Cyberdramon (2010).

“It's party time, boys and girls!” Dramon X loudly rallied his forces.

Dramon X's Digimon army storm ahead to engage Endlaves, Anti-Bodies, and Da'ath agents. Titaniamon draws sword and slashes up Endlaves. CyberBeelzemon blows up the Anti-Bodies with his guns. Shoutmon smacks down Da'ath agents with his mic. Deckerdramon, Greymon and Cyberdramon knock away Endlaves and prepare for incoming Titans.

Titaniamon slices an Endlave in half, “We're left with the mooks, huh?”

“Quit complaining, babe. At least we get screen time this way.” CyberBeelzemon said to her.


Lightning and Noctis are seen fighting through Anti-Bodies with their swords. A few attempt to fire at Lightning, but she evades the bullets and slashes one guard with her gunblade while go behind and breaks an Anti-Bodies’ neck.

(End Theme)


Elsewhere, the Spirit Detective, Hunter, and Demon Brotherhood immediately come into contact with Majari, Raigo, and Kaiki.

“Da'ath's revived Yakumo's men.” Kurama warned the group.

Kuwabara glares at the Meikai Gods, “Great so we got movie bad guys to fight again.”

Kuronue eyes on Kaiki, “And there's the one who impersonated me.”

“Rando, why don't we show these rejects how Brotherhood members conduct demon business?” Suzaku said to his partner.

“Yo, man. Do I get to cut out some hearts? I needs to know, dawg!” Rando wondered.

“Take out as many hearts from them as you like.” Long ordered.

Then, Kiryu kisses Caecalia to care for their child.

“Want me to help you and your old pal, Kurama?” Maya looks at Kaiki, “Seems you got personal matters with this guy.”

“Just be careful.” Kurama warned Maya.

“Oh, I hope you don't mind me fighting alongside you, Kurama.” Karasu casually bumps in much to the fox demon’s threat.

Kuronue threatens to Karasu, “Watch what you say.”

“Shizuru, Hinageshi, make sure Yukina is safe!” Kuwabara said.

“Right!” Shizuru and Hinageshi both answered.

“Mind if I tag with you, Kuwabara?” Yasha asked the Spirit Detective.

“Nah, I'm cool. And you Hunter guys are welcome to join in!” Kuwabara cracks his knuckles, “Let's get ready to rumble!”

“Yo, where's Bruce Buffer when you need him to say that?” Rando yelled.

Kurama, Kuronue, Karasu and Maya engage Kaiki. Suzaku, Rando, Long, Tsukiyomi, and Kiryu fights Majari. Kuwabara, Yasha, and Vigor take on Raigo. Loki the Nekomata takes cover somewhere.

“Meow, I'm an observer, not a fighter!” Loki N stated.

Muguru lands on car and away from Loki N, who still has his eyes on the demon bird.

“We got to help our new friends, Kurapika.” Leorio suggested.

Kurapika nods while his red eyes glow, “I agree.”

Both Leorio and Kurapika decide to takes on Raigo. Their battles are starting, but how long will last till there’s help?


Meanwhile, Spider-Man hangs from the lightpost watching MCU Thanos, MCU Ultron, The Joker, Koba, VenomMillenniummon, and CarnageMillenniummon march down by killing their victims.

Spider-Man cringes and does nothing to stop all of them, “No way am I taking Thanos with that Infinity Gauntlet... wait, Venom and Carnage? No, did the symbiotes latch onto new hosts?!”

Thanos notices the web slinger, but pays him no mind and flies off to find the MCU heroes. Likewise, Ultron follows the Mad Titan. Koba heads off to find Caesar with The Joker follows. But, VenomMillenniummon and CarnageMillenniummon stay behind. They turn and notice Spider-Man with their long tongues hanging out.

“Eeeep, crap, they found me! And my Spider Senses didn't work!” Spider-Man said in panic.

VenomMillenniummon and CarnageMillenniummon charge at Spider-Man, who web slings away like his life depended on it!

“Come and let’s feast his brains, brother!” VenomMillenniummon screeched.

CarnageMillenniummon cackles loudly, “I want to see his veins splatter around!”

Both Symbiote Digimon continues their chase on the web-slinger.


The Reformed and Opposed Rajita are seen engaging Da'ath agents, Endlaves, and Anti-Bodies.


Tyra and Helena transform into Sailors Varuna and Quaoar respectively. Likewise, Anurav and Raoauq become Sailors Anurav and Raoauq. They prepare to engage some Da'ath agents and Anti-Bodies.

Varuna brandishes her battle axe, “You stay on your side and we'll be ok.”

“Heads up, Varuna!” Quaoar warned.

Quaoar pulls Varuna away as they perform a dance while dodging their enemies' attacks. Quaoar spins Varuna around, allowing her to use the momentum to behead Da'ath agents and Anti-Bodies.

Sailors Anurav and Raoauq become intrigued by their good counterparts' ballet dance doubling as battle maneuvers. They nod to each other and get ideas.


Likewise, Haruka and Michiru turns into Sailors Uranus and Neptune to fight Anti-Bodies and Da'ath agents. They team-up with Akurah and Urihcim, who become Blood Uranus and Blood Neptune. The four go to town on the enemy forces.


Joey, Mai, Serenity, and Morpheous are attacked by Da'ath agents. Joey Spirit Fuses into Gilford the Lightning. Mai turns into Cyber Harpie Queen. Serenity turns into St. Joan. The three Duelists and Morpheous quickly intercept Da'ath agents and save civilians.


Malefic Red-Eyes Black Dragon fires his molten fire balls at buildings while the Minions of Set slices through security guards as if they are easy prey, but they want to seek out greater challenges for their predatory kills.


Between Midtown Manhattan/Javits Center

The Malefic Signer Dragons, Makishima, and the Toonami Villains are advancing closer to Javits Center.


Javits Center

(Cue House of the Dead 4 – Boss Raid)

Inside, Hotaru, Uratoh, Kratos, Anime SHIELD, and the Signers see the enemies closing on the convention center.

“Looks like we got ourselves an intrusion.” Coulson alerted to his allies.

“We got company, guys and faithful!” TOM sees his three old enemies and recalls a warning transmission, “Seems Swayzak wasn't bluffing.”

“He's brought along the Intruder and Orcelot Rex.” Sara witnessed.

Hotaru transforms into Sailor Saturn and brandishes her Silence Glaive. Uratoh dons her Sailor form, Blood Saturn.

“We need to evacuate the people from the convention center!” Saturn said to Anime SHIELD.

“You heard the Senshi of Destruction everyone, let's get these folks out.” Spike takes out gun and shoots into the ceiling to yell at the fans, “Get your asses out now!”

Alucard evilly cackles at the challenge, “Oooh, some unsuspecting fools heading our way? Being led to their doom when they face me.”

Akane sees Makishima Shogo and gasps, “No, it's Makishima!”

Just then, Luffy returns with a handful of meat, “Hey, what the heck's going on?”

“I hope you're ready for a big battle with some villains, Strawhat.” Saturn said to the pirate protagonist.

“Really?!” Luffy’s eyes is lighting up, “A fight?! About time!”

“Looks like we gotta tangle with evil versions of our Signer Dragons.” Jack muttered.

Yusei nods at his friendly rival, “Yeah, but they'll never beat the true genuine versions. Signers, let's rev it up!”

The Signers summons their Signer Dragons in preparation for the Malefic Signer Dragons.

The five Malefic Dragons crash through the huge windows of the convention as they fire their blasts at the site, causing fans and other people to escape for their lives. They then notice the Signers and are advancing towards them.

“Here they come to crash our party!” Haruhi hollered.

Alucard pulls out his guns and smirks, “Then, let's invite them to our party!”

“Me and Doraemon will get the people out of here. C'mon Doraemon!” Jimmy Kudo said to the robotic cat.

“Right behind ya!” Doraemon cried out.

Both Doraemon and Jimmy leave the battlefield in escorting people to safety. Likewise, Wiz and Boomstick of Death Battle back them up while holding off Da’ath forces.

“Ready the defenses, Anime SHIELD!” TOM ordered.

“Standby. Defense barriers overlapping convention center initiated.” Sara stated.

“Let's rock.” TOM pulls out his gun and blasts the incoming Endlaves.

“You're talking my game, TOM.” Spike smirked.

Spike and TOM shoot down some Da'ath agents. Agent Coulson backs up Spike and TOM with his handgun. Moltar assists pressing a button and turns his booth into a laser cannon. He shoots down a bunch of Endlaves with it.

Moltar faces the audience, meaning the readers, “What, you thought I was just doing nothing these past 15 years since I got replaced?”

Luffy winds up fist and throws an elastic punch, hitting tens upon dozens of Da'ath agents. He sends them all flying out of the convention center. He hits more with his Gum Gum Bazooka, sending more flying into the sky nowhere to be seen again.

“These guys ain't so tough!” Luffy grins.

Akane sees Makashima walk forward with a calm, collective look. Underneath this calm exterior is a psychopath. Akane is seen visibly shaking with her Dominator.

Makashima smugly grins, “Tsunemori Akane, we met again.”

Akane fiercely glares at the white-haired man, “Makashima...!”

The Signers sent their Signer Dragons to fight the Malefic Signer Dragons outside the convention center. Stardust Dragon and Malefic Stardust Dragon expel blasts, locking up in a quick beam struggle. Red Dragon Archfiend locks up and grapples with Malefic Red Dragon Archfiend. Malefic Black Rose Dragon and Black Rose Dragon fly around one another, sizing each other up. Life Stream Dragon tackles Malefic Life Stream Dragon. Black-Wing Dragon and Malefic Black-Wing Dragon headbutt each other.

“Go Stardust Dragon!” Yusei cheered at his ace monster.

“Show 'em who the real king of dragons is, Red Dragon Archfiend!” Jack cried out.

“You got this, Black Rose Dragon!” Akiza encouraged her dragon.

Leo cheers, “Yeah, Life Stream Dragon! Beat that faker!”

Luna nods and watches Ancient Fairy Dragon tackle her Malefic counterpart.

“There's only one Black-Winged Dragon and that's you!” Crow cried out.

Blood Saturn also gets caught up in the fray and takes down Anti-Bodies.

Meanwhile, Sailor Saturn rushes out of the convention center. Kratos then senses a mythological power as he rushes outside also to seek it.


Javits Center/Outside

Once the pale-skinned Spartan reaches outside, he saw the titanic Kronos, known as Saturn in Roman Mythology, arriving at the site.

“KRONOS?!” Kratos furiously shouted at the Titan.

Kronos looks down at Kratos and respond, “You must be the Ghost of Sparta I’m hearing about. You once killed your version of myself, but what about another challenge to face me?”

“I face the Titans towering my size-!” The Spartan brandishes his Blades of Exile, “-and I will gladly take my ‘revenge’ on you!”

Kronos deeply laughs, “Then come fight me, lest that your will to survive!”

Then, Saturn pauses and catches Krato's battle with Kronos.

“Amazing.” Saturn said in amazement.

Suddenly, some Endlaves decide to take advantage of Saturn's distraction. Saturn senses their approach and swiftly cuts them up with her Silence Glaive. She leaves a heap of Endlave parts laying scattered.

“Don't take advantage of one observing a battle, but I should get back to my own battles.” Saturn dispatches of more Endlaves with her glaive.


Midtown Manhattan

Returning back in Midtown; Joey, Mai, Serenity, and Morpheous notice Malefic Red-Eyes Black Dragon causing major damage.

“Joey, look!” Serenity pointed out.

Joey is aghast, “No way, are my eyes playing tricks on me? That's the Red-Eyes Black Dragon!”

“Look again. It's outward appearance has slightly been altered. We're seeing a corrupted version, no doubt unleashed by this Da'ath organization.” Morpheous explained.

“And we're the ones who'll stop it.” Mai added.

Joey blows smoke from nostrils and is angered, “A'right, Brooklyn Rage mode on! No one gives Red-Eyes a bad name!”

“I'm ready, Joey.” Serenity said to her brother.

The four advance to engage the Malefic Red-Eyes Black Dragon and save any civilians.

Joey then notices the Minions of Set approaching, “Hold on, we got company!”

“Minions of Set.” Morpheous recognized these evil warriors.

“What are they?” Mai wondered.

“From Samurai Jack, they're powerful Egyptian warriors.” Morpheous tells this information.

The Minions of Set land in front of the four while Malefic Red-Eyes Black Dragon continues to wreck parts of Midtown.

“To get to the dragon, we'll have to go through them.” Morpheous said.

“We can do this.” Joey muttered.

The Minions of Set charge to meet the three Duelists and the ex-Rajita general. Joey takes one. Mai and Serenity take one. Morpheous morphs into Samurai Jack and takes on one.

Joey comments to Morpheous, “Now that's an idea!”

“Though the sword I have is not the same as the real one's, it will do.” Morpheous replied.

Minion of Set 1 fights off Joey with a battle axe. Minion of Set 2 uses his twin swords to slash at Mai and Serenity with sheer brutality. Minion of Set 3 attacks through Morpheus’ defense with his khopesh. At the same time, Malefic Red-Eyes Black Dragon flies up and fires inferno flames to spread fire on the battlefield.

(End Theme)


(Cue Aldnoah.Zero – AZPV)

The four Gundam Meisters have return to battle and operated their personal Gundams. Setsuna is piloting the 00 Qan[T], Tieria is piloting the Raphael Gundam, Lockon pilots the Gundam Zabanya, and Allelujah is piloting the Gundam Harute.

Together, they easily smash through the Endlaves due to the Gundams are obviously larger. Setsuna slashes at them with his swords.

“Target and fire!” Lockon snipes down one Endlave Gautier to bits.

As they continue cleaning up in the streets, Setsuna’s Innovator senses turn towards hostile forces approaching.

“No, it can’t be.” Setsuna said in shock.

The Gundam Meisters turn to encounter Ribbons, Ali, Revive, and Hiling in their Gundams as they stop to meet them.

“Ribbons Almark and his Innovades?!” Tieria shouted.

Lockon grits in anger, “And Ali Al-Saachez, that bastard..”

“My my, we meet again, Meisters.” Ribbons arrogantly stated and said to Setsuna, “How’s your Innnovator genes coming along?”

“I don’t have much to say. Tell my why Da’ath has recruited you?” Setsuna demanded the artificial madman.

“All I can reply is that they gave me a purpose to be a god in ruling humanity.” Ribbons firmly answered.

“You’re twisted.” Setsuna muttered.

“Oh, but it is you Krugis punk.” Ali cruelly smirks, “Don’t you just love the warfare here?”

Revive said to Lockon, “How about we can settle this here, while you try your best to snipe me?”

“Fair enough.” Lockon respond to the challenge.

“Time to take my revenge on you for killing me!” Hiling yells at Allelujah.

Allelujah’s personality briefly switches to ‘Hallelujah’ and gives an evil smirk, “We’ll see about that bitch.”

“Oh I am so going to tear you apart, Gundam!” Ali shouted at Tieria.

“You’re welcome to try!” Tieria yells back.

“Come Setsuna, why don’t we give ourselves a warm up before this Kensuke being shows up eventually?” Ribbons offered.

“That’s fine by me, you want a rematch between us Innovators, then so be it!” Setsuna answered before charging.

The four Gundams on opposite sides then clashes head on. Setsuna w/Qan T duels Ribbons w/Reborns Gundam, Tieria w/Raphael Gundam fights Ali w/Arche Gundam, Lockon w/Gundam Zabanya faces Revive w/1.5 Gundam Dark, and Allelujah/Hallelujah w/Gundam Harute clashes Hiling w/1.5 Gundam.

Dramon X shifts into Miracle Mode and flies around shooting at Ribbons and his crew.

“GUESS WHO'S COMING IN, BITCHES!” Dramon X Miracle Mode loudly comes in to his entrance.

Orcus watches and sweatdrops, “You couldn't have been more subtle, Ken?”

“What a loud mouth fool.” Sucro commented.

GranDracmon, Paradiso X, Paradixalmon X, and the Time Deaths join Dramon X MM into the fray.

“Can't be helped. Here we come!” Paradiso X cried out.

“Damn this really did become the Gundam convention!” GranDracmon commented about all those Gundam shout-outs.

“Shut up and fire at them!” Jishikitori X shoots at Ribbons and his crew.

Massive explosions erupt above Midtown and spectators watch the Gundam spectacle unfold.

“Sucro, you going to sit this one out?” Orcus wondered.

Sucro notices Endlaves and Da'ath agents show up. “Nope, can't. We got company.”

Orcus notices the mooks and said, “Guess can't be helped.” She summons dark domes over the Endlaves and traps them, “Hope you're all ready to get sucked into my dark holes.”

Ribbons then give an arrogant smirk to Dramon X, “So you finally came, Kensuke Rainer. You have such a crude attitude to copy Setsuna’s Gundam. You’re just an imitation to challenge my godhood.”

“Fuck your godhood!” Dramon X MM attacks Ribbons head-on.

Setsuna communicates to Dramon X, “Hey, can you here me? We have to team up in order to stop Ribbons.”

Dramon X MM respond to Setsuna, “That's fine with me as long as this douchebag goes down hard!”

“More scrapheap to blast!” Ali unleashes his fangs to fire at GranDracmon. Revive backs Ali up to fire at Paradiso X.

GranDracmon counters Ali's fang attack. Paradiso X evades Revive and Ali's attacks. Paradixalmon X aids his brother, Paradiso X, against the two pilots.

Just then, they here an eldritch dragon roar coming from the skies. It’s the Nidhogg, as she leers towards the group. Ribbons smirks of the Niflheim drake’s arrival.

“I shall assist in devouring their souls!” Nidhogg bellowed as the gargantuan dragon delivers devastating blasts at the Time Deaths.

Jishikitori X sees the Nidhogg, “What?!”

The Time Deaths get struck down by Nidhogg. They quickly recover and spread out to surround Nidhogg.

“Time Deaths, show this beast no mercy!” Jishikitori X ordered.

The Time Deaths initiate a convergence attack on Nidhogg to start their battle with the eldritch dragon.

(End Theme)


Greenwich Village

Many college students and other visitors are running in panic like a riot to escape from the disasters.

With the Survey Corp and the Tennouzu Students.

Eren senses the Da’ath forces and is contorting with anger, “I sense them, Titans!”

“Titans?! Here in New York?!” Armin begins to panic.

“Then that means we’re going to wipe them out, Eren?” Mikasa silently wondered.

Eren energetically respond to his adopted sister, “Isn’t it obvious, hell yeah!”

“Aww I want to see you guys in action!” Souta cried out.

Yahiro then said to Souta, “But, we’re just going to get in their way. Besides, we’re not going to be ‘eaten’, right?”

“Hehe, right.” Souta scratches his head.

Hare rushes to embrace Eren, “You be careful out there!”

Eren hugs back and respond the kind-hearted girl, “Yeah, the same to you.”

Hare gives a worried expression before she holds his face and is giving a kiss on Eren’s lips. Eren blushes of having his first kiss as they let go with Hare giving a cheeky look.

“Hare..” Kanon looked in surprise.

Hange interjects to Eren and teases, “Aww, Eren is so lucky to have a girl!”

“No time people, we better split.” Levi ordered his teammates.

“Right, be careful out there, scouts.” Yahiro gives his prayers.

The Scout Regiment uses their 3D Maneuver Gear (Omni-directional mobility gear) to move across the buildings, while the Tennouzu classmates escape to find somewhere safe.


“Olivia?! Guys?!” Ford looks around and turns to Jessica while brandishing a bo staff, “We have to fight our way through.”

“Yes, you're right!” Jessica said to Ford before she transforms into Valkyrie Skogul much to Ford's awe.

Skogul is garbed in dark green full-body armor trimmed with gold. Her long dark brown hair changes to thick golden hair hung down her back with a dark green helmet adorning her head. She now has onyx eyes. Three golden feathers jutted out on both sides of her helmet. She had on a silver neck choker with a green gem hanging from it. A white cape hung down from her back. A pair of white wings trimmed with gold folded behind her.

“Let's clear a path and find your friends!” Skogul unleashes an energy wave from her wings that time freezes Anti-Bodies.

After Skogul does her technique, she and Ford races through to find any survivors.



Outside, Korean civilians and tourist run from the disaster. Silica & Pina, Lizbeth, Klein, and Agil are seen looking at their surroundings.

“Man, this is nuts!” Klein cried out.

“Oh tell me about it, we’re not really an MMO anymore.” Lizbeth groaned that this is real-life and that deaths can happen.

Then, the four start to encounter Ruin Kobold Sentinels and Laughing Coffin members.

“Not Laughing Coffin as well?!” Klein said in surprise.

Agil then said to his friends, “Guess we have to fight them for real, team.”

Silica gulps and confronts the battlefield with Pina on her shoulder, “I’m not afraid of anything, even Kirito and the others said so!”

They are then armed with their equipment and fight through the Kobolds and Laughing Coffin. Silica uses her dagger to slash a few with Klein backing her up to take down Laughing Coffin with his katana as they attempt to strike. Lizbeth and Agil team up to easily bash down the Kobolds.


Then, Makoto transforms into Sailor Jupiter. Otokam turns into Sailor Blood Jupiter. Mako Tsunami uses Spirit Fusion to turn into the Legendary Fisherman. Kobold Sentinels engage them. Jupiter blasts through some with lightning. Blood Jupiter bodyslams a Sentinel onto another. Mako assists Jupiter and helps restaurant goers out of the restaurant.

“These things just came out of nowhere!” Jupiter cried out.

“And ruined our fight! I'll make them pay!” Otokam lashes out at Da’ath’s forces.

Mako steps in the fight, “I got as many out as I could!”

Jupiter charges up electricity in her hands, “Good, cause now I can cut loose.”

Jupiter slams fist into the ground and sends a lightning charge that electrocutes a Sentinel.


Koreantown/Kunjip Restaurant

Back inside with the Kaiba & Kuhouin families, Cybernetic Ghost, Gozaburo, and Noah.

“So Da’ath has come at last. I’m afraid you have to stay by my side, Arisa.” Okina gives his warning statement.

Arisa understands until she realize, “But what about my friends back at Greenwich Village?” She immediately runs off towards outside much to the group’s surprise, “I have to find them!”

“Arisa!” Okina cried out to his leaving granddaughter.

Helio shout in worry, “Wait, come back!”

Cybernetic Ghost interjects to the young boy, “Let her go, Helio. She has a determined heart to get through this horrible disaster.”

“Your right.” Helio sighed and said to his parents, “But we’re not sitting around aren’t we? We should save the city from those forces.”

“You're more than happy to join us. After all, you're our son.” Lyn respond to Helio and hugs him.

“Let's cut the mushy stuff and get going.” Seto mumbled.

“Yeah, time for action!” Lyn cried out.

“And I will lead these citizens somewhere safe from the battles within.” Okina declared.

“Thank you for getting these people out.” Lyn said to the head of the Kuhouin group.

Seto, Lyn, Mokuba, and Helio run out of the restaurant while Okina leaves separately to escort many innocents.

“This isn't over!” Gozaburo shouted.

Cybernetic Ghost trips Gozaburo and makes him fall before the robot leaves.

“He told you, dad.” Noah taunted.



(Cue The House Of The Dead 4 - Dawn (Remix Of Year Seventh))

Suddenly, Seto, Lyn, Mokuba, and Helio find themselves trapped outside. Endlaves are closing in on them.

“Let's take our city.” Mokuba stated.

With that, Seto turns into Kaibaman, Lyn transforms into a blue-haired Lady Ninja Yae, and Mokuba becomes Paladin of White Dragon.

Lyn then said to Helio, “Feeling anymore inspired by us, Helio?”

Helio becomes Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Evening Twilight and answers, “Yes, all of my family are my inspirations.” The boy assist in slicing through Endlaves.

“I want to get involve too!” the Cybernetic Ghost disables the Endlaves to make the fight easier.

The Kaiba family takes advantage of Cybernetic Ghost’s assist and destroys the Endlaves.

“That was much easier! Thanks, Cybernetic Ghost!” Mokuba commented.

Lyn nods at the robot, “Yes, thank you.”

“C'mon, we have more trash to take out from my...” Seto scoffed before he sees Lyn give him 'the look', “... I mean, our city.”

Then, Seto transforms into the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, letting Mokuba, Lyn, and Helio ride him.

“Join us, Cybernetic Ghost. After all, you are family, too.” Lyn assured.

“Where to now?” Mokuba wondered.

Cybernetic Ghost rides Seto and answers, “According to my sensors, we should head to Wall Street first till we have enough reinforcements to assault that headquarters.”

“Wait a minute, this is where Pegasus and Siegfried are at?” Helio wondered.

“Yeah, that's where we'll find them.” Lyn answered.

“Then, next stop Wall Street!” Mokuba cried out.

Seto and his group then fly toward Wall Street.


American Museum

Da’ath members are scouring inside the museum, but Caesar arrives to beat down some of the mooks.

Jami transforms into Sailor Ixion. Noixi turns into Sailor Noixi.

Ayanna transforms into Valkyrie Gondul. She has a dark brown complexion, darker than her other Valkyrie maidens. She wore her long black hair instead of a hair bun as a civilian. Her fully body armor was almost all white trimmed with silver. Adorning her head was a white helmet with blue gems embellished on top of it. Three silver feathers jutted on each side of her helmet. She wore a white neck choker with a blue gem hanging from it. She had golden wings folded behind her back.

Kenta and MarineAngemon lure some Da'ath mooks to a trap; the latter traps Da'ath agents in bubbles. Ixion, Noixi and Gondul take out a bunch of Da'ath agents. A few Endlaves start to infiltrate the museum, but Atticus and Yasmin lures the Endlaves away.

“Incoming!” Ixion warned.

Atticus and Yasmin lead the Endlaves into an open area where Ixion, Noixi and Gondul wait.

“Attack!” Gondul ordered.

Ixion and Noixi neutralize the Endlaves with arrows tipped with acid. Gondul beats up Da'ath agents. While the fighting occurs, Chaos Magician Girl uses magic to break loose.

Chaos Magician Girl sneaks off and snickers, “Later, losers!” She sticks her tongue out.

As Chaos Magician Girl tries to escape, a camouflaged Kenta sticks a leg out and trips her. Chaos Magician Girl falls facefirst on the floor. Kenta undoes his cloak ability.

“Going somewhere?” Kenta looks down at her.

Chaos Magician Girl whimpers, “Mommy, I don't wanna be here anymore.”


Broadway Theater

Anti Bodies, Kobold Sentinels and Endlave Gautiers are approaching Philippe and Sasha’s group.

Philippe & Sasha's group quickly respond to the enemy attacks. Philippe and Himura use Digivices to evolve Jaguarmon and Inumon into Artemismon and YoukaiInumon respectively.

YoukaiInumon looks like a humanoid canine with a medieval knight’s silver body armor, a golden pendant is embedded with a red gem, and has a pair of two swords.

Artemismon is a feline humanoid with light brown fur, long white hair flowed across her back with a braided string hanging on her shoulder, white body armor with golden trimmings and a black leather covering her waist, emerald green cat-like eyes, white armored gloves with golden edges, purple streaks decorated under her eyes and a tiny tiara covered her forehead, long boots, a long fluffy tail, and carries a staff-like scythe made out of jewels and gold.

Himura transforms into his Beast Warrior form, Himakko. Jeri sends Leomon and Felinismon to engage the Kobold Sentinels. Philippe uses super speed, derived from his Light of Victory power, to outrun the Endlaves. He dodges their lasers and spins around some Anti-Bodies, sending them flying out of the theater.

“Who the heck are these guys?!” Philippe shouted.

Himakko uses magnetic powers to throw Endlaves around, “I think they've been sent by that Yuu guy.”

“You'd be right.” Tsukimaru tears up a Kobold Sentinel, “Saya, get behind me!”

Saya complies, “Ok!”

“Stay on them, Felinismon and Leomon!” Jeri encouraged.

Felinismon slashes apart a Kobold Sentinel. Leomon works over an Endlave.
Ai transforms into Sailor Summoner Venus. She aids Adam and summons a Shiisa beast to attack Anti-Bodies. Deedee the bat flies off adam's shoulder and transforms into a sexy succubus.

“Demona reporting for duty!” The transformed Deedee gives a sultry smile and winks to Adam, “Master Adam, how many do you want dead?”

“As many as you can.” Adam requested.

“As you wish.” Demona said and talks to Summer Venus, “Think you can keep up?”

“This isn't a game!” Summoner Venus cried out to the succubus.

“I will win Master Adam's heart when it's said and done, child.” Demona competed.

“We'll see about that!” Summoner Venus responded back.

Umi transforms into Sailor Battle Jupiter and neutralizes Endlaves with electrical blasts.

“Mother, keep back.” Adam protects Saya from Kobold Sentinels.

Saya feels secure knowing her demon lover and half-breed son are protecting her.

Finally, Sasha transforms into Valkyrie Skuld. She had long snow white hair cascading down her back and golden eyes. There were distinctive streaks of red highlights in her albino hair. Her full body armor was entirely black trimmed with blood red. A black helmet with red gems embedded on the top adorned her head. Three purple feathers jutted on both sides of her helmet. She wore a red neck choker with a skull-faced gem hanging from it. A pair of black wings were seen folded behind her back.

Her butler, Garman, transforms into his true form, a large black-furred hellhound that’s the size of a rhinoceros. As she turns into Skuld, Sasha's kind and gentle personality takes on a more wicked and psychotic demeanor.

Skuld giggles devilishly, “Oooh, I smell a thirst for blood and mayhem.”

“I transformed into my original form just as you became Skuld, milady.” 'Garman' requested.

“Garm, let's dispose of this trash.” Skuld said to the legendary wolfdog.

“As you wish.” Garm dashes over and knocks away an Endlave with a headbutt.

Everyone pauses to see Valkyrie Skuld. Some are hesitant to get near her.

“Sasha's turned into her... oh no...” Jeri nervously murmured.

YoukaiInumon mutters, “Crap, kinda wish she didn't transform.”

“But, we will need all the help we can get.” Artemismon said to the hound Digimon.

Philippe turns around and sees Skuld walk by him.

“Sasha...” Philippe hesitantly muttered.

“It's Skuld now, my precious Philippe. Don't worry, I won't let any of these things hurt you.” Skuld said and summons hell chains and sends them at several Anti-Bodies, “I'll skewer anyone who dares lay their hands on my Philippe!”

Skuld laughs maniacally while her chains rip the Anti-Bodies apart. Anton and Bruno are seeing this. Both become deathly afraid of Skuld's bloodlusted persona.

“Um, Bruno... let's never tease Sasha again.” Anton said.

Bruno nervously nods, “Y-Yeah... but, is that even really Sasha anymore?”

Philippe overhears them, “She's Skuld now, and I'd suggest keeping your comments to yourself.”

Anton and Bruno cower behind some seats.

Demona sees Skuld brutally tearing apart Anti-Bodies, “Whoa, she's even more brutal than a demon like me? I kinda like this side of Sasha.”

“It's best we stay out of her way.” Adam warned.

“Yes, her nature seems akin to that of a demon's.” Tsukimaru observed.

“Don't ever call Lady Skuld a demon.” Garm explained the three, “She's born from the royal blood of her true mother, Lady Hel of the Underworld. She's far above you lowly demon types.”

Skuld is laughing and dancing in the blood of slaughtered Anti-Bodies.

Summoner Venus shudders, “Ugh... she's scary.”

“She's getting the job done at least.” Battle Jupiter said.

“Singing in the blood of my victims. They pour like raindrops and fill me with ecstasy! Which one wants to come next?” Skuld happily said in a sing-a-long tone before she eyes another Anti-Body and chases after it, “How about you, my dear poor chap?!”

The Valkyrie grabs Anti-Body with her hell chains and rips it apart above her head, “Blood rain makes me quiver with delight! Do I want to hear more excruciating and pained cries? Oh yes I do!”

The carnage continues as Skuld tears up more Anti-Bodies and fills the stage with blood. She stands on the center stage bathed in her enemy's blood and takes a bow. Philippe is speechless seeing this.

“Sometimes she scares me.” Jeri admitted.

“It's times like this I wish Sasha was in the driver's seat.” Himakko stated.

Philippe watches Skuld, “Sasha...”

“Now, I want to find those fools that talked down to us.” Skuld is referring to Nanba and his company, “I want to pay them back.”

“No! That's all right, Skuld! We can take care of them through other ways!” Philippe cried out in concern.

“Feh, that's no fun. They deserve to be punished.” Skuld could care less.

“Let's just hope we don't run into those jerks again... or Skuld will really murder them.” Himakko muttered of the end result.


Wall Street

Outside, as civilians are panicking, Heathcliff, Pegasus, Siegfried, Leon, Kemo, and Batman are surrounded by Kobold Sentinels, Laughing Coffin, and Hunting Bots (Psycho Pass). Kuradeel, Illfang, Rikako, and Toyohisa step forward.

Heathcliff smirks at the Laughing Coffin assassin who once disguised as a Knights of the Blood, “Well that’s a surprise, I thought you stayed dead, Kuradeel.”

Kuradeel growls, “Don’t mock me, Kayaba!”

Kuradeel and Illfang roaring lunge at Heathcliff, but the SAO Game Master brandishes his sword to easily block their attacks. Rikako gives a sadistic smile with a sharp scimitar knife in attempt to attack Pegasus and Siegfried. Toyohisa sends some Hunting Bots to attack Batman while attempting to shoot at him.

Batman throws Batarangs to the Hunting Bots. These Batarangs not only neutralize but detonate and make the Bots explode.

Suddenly, a stream of blue energy cuts between Pegasus & Siegfried and Rikako.

“Brother, look!” Leon pointed out above.

Kemo warned Pegasus, “We got company, sirs!”

They look up to see Seto, still in Blue-Eyes White Dragon form, landing with Lyn, Mokuba, Helio, and Cybernetic Ghost.

Pegasus gives a thumbs up, “Nice save, Kaiba-boy!”

Seto growls, “Don't call me that. Least you want me to scorch your ass.”

Lyn lightly slaps Seto's draconian head, “Be nice. You just saved him.”

The Kaiba family hop off Seto's back.

“My goodness, thank you, Seto Kaiba and his beautiful lady.” Siegfried said despite his past hostility towards him.

“Glad you're all ok.” Lyn smiled.

Mokuba interjects, “Not for long, We got company!”

“We'll help take care of them.” Helio helps out the group.

Seto towers over the enemy and prepares to blast them.

“Whoa, hey, it's Batman!” Lyn waves to him, “Hey, Bruce! Over here!”

Batman acknowledges Lyn with a nod.


Midtown Manhattan/Near Toys R Us

Between the two sections of Manhattan, the Scout Regiment glides as fast as they could while cutting through many Titans’ necks to kill them.

“Titans! Titans! TITANS!” Eren shouts of his obsession on killing his natural enemies.

“Ooh boy, he watches too much of the Abridged series of our franchise.” Levi sarcastically commented.

“Make that two Abridged series, Captain Levi!” Armin recalls that they are made by both AbridgedComedy and TeamFourStar.

Just then, the group is approaching Toys R Us soon.

“Is this our destination?” Mikasa wondered.

“Yep, we’re going to find that Gipsy Danger that the government displayed.” Hange answered.

“And it’s one of our options of winning?” Armin asked his superiors.

“Guess we’ll have to see once we make our way through.” Levi muttered.

The Survey Corp continues to slice through Titans while reaching their destination.


Furthermore, MEGAS, the S-Force, Gorrath, and Evil Coop are fighting off Titans, Endlaves, and Kaiju Drones.

“Take this, chumps!” Coop smashes another Kaiju drone, “How do you like that?!”

Just then, the Megas characters hear two loud roars approaching. It’s the Pacific Rim Kaijuus: Trespasser and Knifehead.

“Oh no, two of these Kaijus?!” Mac (S-Force) cried out upon seeing them.

“And their a lot stronger this time.” Kiva realized in her scanners.

“Finally, I get to have a challenge facing these Kaijus!” Coop smirked.

“Coop, this is a serious situation here!” Kiva warned her ally.

Coop takes it easy and said, “Relax Kiva, I got this all covered.”

“Don’t forget about me, I deserve the credit!” Evil Coop interjected.

“How about we team up to face one?” Coop asked.

“Hmph, sounds good to me so long as you’re not in my way.” Evil Coop grunted.

With that said, MEGAS and Evil Coop begin to take on Knifehead. Gorrath and the S-Force then take on Trespasser.

(End Theme)


Ward 24 II/Outside

As the first phase of the city warzone is coming to a close, Yuu and his group decides to release a few secret weapons..

“Let’s have the folklore Bijuu loose.” Yuu announced.

The mention of these folklore monsters, they are not the ones from Naruto, the united forces will find out.


Shinnen:New Year

Chapter XII: The Return of the Void King


By Yuu's command, the nine folklore Bijuu are unleashed underneath the exterior of GHQ’s headquarters. The nine monsters emerge in all their terrifying glory. Unlike their Naruto counterparts, these are the true monsters of legend.

The first is Ichibu no Shukaku, a gargantuan sandy-brown tanuki with one thickened tail and its body is filled with dark blue curse sealed marks. It looks like Shukaku from Naruto only it’s wild without a personality.

The second is Nibi no Nekomata, a large dark red flamed nekomata with two tails, alongside a right yellow eye and a left green eye. It looks like Matatabi from Naruto, but has an untamed personality.

Coming out of the ocean waters is a colossal three-tailed shark that looks like a prehistoric shark called Leptostyrax macrorhiza, barred with sharp teeth that can tear through anything. This is the third one, Sanbi no Same.

The fourth is Yonbi no Basan, a large rooster with four green feathered tails

The fifth is Gobi no Akita, a large grayish-white dog with elements of an Akita and Japanese Spitz alongside five different set of tails. Each consists of a different element ranging from fire, water, thunder, wind, and earth.

The sixth is Rokubi no Raijuu, a huge yellow mammal with elements of a wolf and a tiger with six tails.

The seven is Shichibi no Komouri, a gargantuan aerial creature with traits composes of various bat species, its wingspan is huge, and has seven tails.

The eighth is Yamato no Orochi, a colossal eight-headed serpentine dragon with eight prehensile tails and looks like Orochi from Okami except it lacks a shrine body. The heads wear different samurai helmet shapes that each has an element: fire, earth, poison, light, lightning, water, wind, and darkness.

Finally, the ninth one, obviously, is Kyuubi no Youko, a colossal red-orange kitsune with nine tails that can cause tidal waves and earthquakes. It looks like Kurama from Naruto, but is a wild demon without self conscious. Obviously, it is the most powerful of the nine Bijuu.

Standing on top of Gobi's head is an albino werewolf is seen on top of Gobi no Akita that the left side of his face is rip off to reveal his skull and purple crystals covering his left yellow eyesocket. He wears a crown that’s shape like deer antlers, making him feel like the Wendigo. His name is Kiba, an old enemy of Inuki Aoshi.

“Yes, I can smell you miles away, Aoshi. I know you're there. It'll be a worthwhile reunion between us. And you won't have daddy to protect you!” Kiba evilly laughs, “Forward Gobi, the hunt begins!”


Yuu and his group observe as Kiba and the Bijuu are marching through different sections of the city.

“Wow! They look so big to wreck havoc!” Nui clapped.

Oberon gives a serpentine smirk, “All the remarkable results from those beasts are splendid.”

Ragyo turns to Yuu and comment, “You can thank Mist and the Erinyes for releasing their prisons across the globe.”

“Indeed, I instructed these harlots in order to swear their loyalty to me. Now they and Jotunheim can watch the Bijuu destroying everything in sight.” Yuu stated.

Kriemhild massages Yuu’s back and suggest, “Then lets give our army some heavy guns, my love?”

“We shall.” Yuu responded.


Ward 24 II/The King’s Throne

(Cue Jurassic World – The Dimorphodon Shuffle)

Perching on one of the platforms, Eon the Microraptor observes with his prophet-like eyes glows under his master’s orders. Something tells that the sound of flutes will rise to frantic terrors of the sky.


Ward 24 II/Outside

At the top of the towered headquarters, a flock of white avian-dinosaur creatures fly out in the skies like ducks and Canadian geese migrating, and are advancing towards Manhattan. They are the Da’ath Microraptors. Pterosaur hybrids also appear to back them up called Tropeogopterus, a fusion between two Pterosaur species (Tropeognathus and Zhejiangopterus)

Likewise, three Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragons appear in site, but they are stand-by as royal guardians in Da’ath’s base. Their codenames are Azrael, Ibris, and Djibril.


Various Manhattan Locations

Besides bringing more Da’ath agents, Anti Bodies, and Endlave Gautiers, the portals bring forth purple and black Endlave models called, Ghost units (there are some models that look like the Gekko from Metal Gear. Larger Endlaves called Gespensts are seen. Fairy knights from Alfheim Online called the Guardian Knights are brought forth, and so does Automaton drones (Gundam 00). Some Anti-Bodies undergo ‘titan experiments’ that GHQ stole from the Batman Arkham games that make them become hulking monsters. Some Da’ath members wear tricorn hats, half mask with visors and carrying flags with GHQ symbols and small crystals sprouting, these are Da’ath’s royal guards (similar to Lelouch’s royal guards).

White hybrid dinosaurs called the Indominus Rexes appear and roars estimated to reach 140-160 db, which their DNA is compose of various Abelisaurs species, tree frogs, cuttlefish, snakes, T-rex and raptors. There’s rumors that human DNA is inside these terrifying carnivores that kill for sport, Da’ath has replace them with their own to augment their terror.


At another sole location, a Kaijuu-size centipede skeleton arrives and gives a screeching roar. This is the Skull Reaper, one of the SAO bosses in the 75[SUP]th[/SUP] floor.


Near Stark Tower

Then, a horde of Ultron Sentries fly towards the tower and fire their weapons at the place.


Stark Tower

The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy avoid the missiles and prepare for battle with the Ultron Sentries. Thor uses Mjolnir to change into his battle armor. The Guardians ready their weapons.

“Is everyone ok?!” Captain America grabs his shield.

“Peachy, but why is Ultron back? I thought I erased every trace of him.” Tony pondered.

“Corrupt AIs are hard to kill Tony, though you knew.” Rhodey reminded him.

Tony shrugs, “Thanks for reminding me. I'll give you a cookie, Rhodey. Let's go suit up.”

Tony and Rhodey leave to grab their Iron Man and War Machine suits.

Black Widow pulls out gun and turns to Gamora, “You want to show me what you can do?”

“Be glad happy to.” Gamora responded.

Black Panther sharpens his claws. Star-Lord gets his weapons ready. Hawkeye gets his bow and arrows.

“So we got a bunch of rogue robots to tangle with?” Rocket Raccoon cocks his laser cannon, “Shouldn't be that hard.”

“We are Groot!” The tree alien bellowed.

“Have at thee, machine!” Thor flies at an Ultron Sentry and blasts it with lightning.

“Guardians, let's fuck some shit up.” Star-Lord encouraged.

“And if I can be less crude... Avengers Assemble!” Captain America shrugged and rallied the team.

“Language, Star-Lord!” Tony said off-screen.


On top of Star Tower, the Vision rises and sees incoming Ultron Sentries circling the now high-rise building.

“Ultron, you've come back.” Vision takes off and takes on some of the Ultron Sentries.

Ultron hovers over the high-rise, chortling, “Nice to see you, too, son.” He eyes Vision, “You have fun with your brothers.”

Ultron then turns to Stark/Avengers Tower, “Knock knock, Avengers. I know and your new buddies, the Guardians are there. Did I mention I brought a friend along?”

Then, Thanos floats into view.

“Guardians, Avengers, come face the Mad Titan.” Thanos evilly grins.


Gamora said in shock, “Thanos...”

“Ah, shit, Gamora's daddy's here.” Star-Lord joked.

Gamora leers at him, “Correction, I'm his adopted daughter.”

Iron Man and War Machine return in full armor.

“What's going on?” Iron Man wondered.

Captain America warns him, “Seems we got more than Ultron to worry about.”

Drax growls at the Mad Titan, “At last, you've come, Thanos! I will take your head!”


“I've chosen a location for us to fight. Come if you wish to settle this.” Thanos declared.

“Or, chicken out? Hey, dad, I know you're there.” Ultron sees Iron Man, “You can hear me?”


“No one calls me chicken. You're on.” Iron Man declared and offended.

“Let's approach this with caution.” Captain America cautiously warned.

“To hell with that...” Bruce transforms into the Hulk, “... LET'S JUST SMASH THEM!”

The Avengers and the Guardians head outside to pursue Ultron and Thanos, but in the midst of the chase they are fighting off numerous Ultron Sentries.


Midtown Manhattan

More Ultron Sentries are facing Loki (MCU) and the Winter Soldier.

Loki feels Mjolnir's power erupt, “Seems brother's taking action.”

“Wherever Thor is, Steve is bound to be close by.” Winter Soldier quietly stated.

“Why don't we make things scarce and head their way?” Loki suggested.

Winter Soldier nods, “Sounds like a plan.”

Wasting no time, Loki charges blast from a new scepter and destroys two Ultron Sentries. Winter Soldier proceeds throw a bomb at some, causing them to blow up.


The other Taiyoukai (Draco, Relam, Tokage Keroro, Shishi, Yeti, Madeira, Ironclaw) sense the presence of the folklore Bijuu.


Also in Midtown, Impmon (DF), Impmon (YYGDM), Ai & Mako, Yusuke & Kazuma, ShineInumon, and BlackRenamon witness the disasters brought upon by Da'ath's forces. The Impmons, BlackRenamon, and ShineInumon resolve to protect the kids.



Meanwhile, Silica & Pina are piggyback Klein to scout on any surroundings.

“Hey Silica, you notice anything?” Klein asked his younger friend.

Silica and Pina keep looking until in distance they notice Nibi no Nekomata and Yonbi no Basan approaching.

“Whoa! A flaming cat, that reminds me of how I named my dragon from my own cat.” Silica finds her connection to that.

“And what the heck? A giant chicken?!” Klein gaped.

As Lizbeth and Agil continue to beat down enemies, they return back to their friends.

“What’s wrong guys?” Agil pondered.

“You peeps are not going to believe what we’re seeing!” Klein convinced his comrades.

“Yeah, I saw a two-tailed cat!” Silica cried out.

Lizbeth gives a bemuse look, “A cat, you’re joking right?”

However, the Nibi no Nekomata and Yonbi no Basan sight the SAO secondaries. Nekomata hurls fireballs from its three tails and Yonbi stampedes toward the SAO group.

“I take that back!” Lizbeth cried out while evading.

“Oh man, not like this!” Klein fearfully said as he and his friends flee to regroup.

(End Theme)


Toys R Us/Outside

The Survey Corp has made it to the place. They briefly witness in distance that Athenamon is fighting the Gorgonmon sisters and Omegamon & Imperialdramon are facing Malefic Cyber End Dragon.

Not to interrupt their battles, the scouts found the mech they need, the Gipsy Danger.

“So this is what a Jaeger looks like. Funny how my last name pronounce as one.” Eren said about the mere coincidence.

“There are a lot of connections between Pacific Rim and our anime like the Titans = Kaijus and walls to protect cities.” Armin explains further of the two franchises.

“Who knew, all we need is for two of us to volunteer.” Levi stated.

“And I think I know who to pick!” Hange turns to Mikasa and Armin, “How about you kids?”

Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are surprise about this.

“Me, piloting that Jaeger.” Mikasa said in astonishment.

“How on earth can we do that? It’s not that we’re rushing on learning how to do it.” Armin questioned the abilities of the mech’s systems.

“You two alongside Eren have special connections since you guys were young. That’s a lot for the trio to wanting to see the whole outside world.” Hange explained the reasons behind their troubled childhoods.

“Don’t worry Mikasa and Armin, I’ll be sure to back you up once you give this Jaeger a try.” Eren reassured to his best friends.

After a few thoughts, Mikasa and Armin begin to comply.

“Alright Eren, I’m in.” Armin nodded.

“Same here.” Mikasa added.

Levi sees the scouts’ approval, “Then hurry, we don’t have time to waste.”


A few minutes later, the Gipsy Danger is seen with its features and systems online, all with the shared bond between Mikasa and Armin piloting it. Standing beside them are Eren (who is now in his Titan form that he becomes large and bearing all his teeth), Levi, and Zoe.

Approaching them are Titans and Kaiju drones.

“We’re protecting humanity’s last hope.” Armin reminded the team.

“For them and Eren’s safety.” Mikasa finishes.

The Gipsy Danger charges and fights off the giants. Titan!Eren roars and beats through the Titans with Levi and Zoe backing up.



At Chinatown, the Kai Digidestined, Dragonball characters, Takeru and Tabaga senses the ominous energy.

Takeru senses the ominous powers, “Great, we got unwanted company.”

“Not those you want to invite to your party.” Tabaga said.

The Z-Warriors and DFKai group (specifically the Ascendants and Digimon) feel a wave of sinister powers closing in.

“Feel that, Agumon?” Tai asked his partner.

“There's nine of them, Tai!” Agumon cried out.

“Against all of us? We have numbers advantage.” Yamato arrogantly said.

“Let's not get ahead of ourselves, Yamato.” BanchoLeomon warned the proud Digidestined.

“Seems you were telling the truth, little me.” Goku said to his alternate counterpart.

“Yep, but...” GT Kid Goku grimaces, “No, not them!”

“Shadow Dragons.” GT Vegeta muttered.

Giru flies out of GT Pan's shirt. “Dragonballs Detected!”

Nuova Shenron growls, “My evil brethren are here.”

“Not just them! I'm sensing two others I'm familiar with.” Future Trunks added.

“Who Trunks?” Bulma wondered.

Future Trunks’ face is frozen in fear, “No, it's the Time Breakers!”

Everyone looks outside to see an energy blast blowing up the front section of the dining area. The Time Breakers (Mira and Towa) and the Shadow Dragons (Omega Shenron, Eis Shenron, Super Naturon Shenron, Haze Shenron, Rage Shenron, and Oceanus Shenron) enter. Mr. Satan, Mummymon and Arukenimon are blown off their seats.

Dimitri holds onto Athena, “Are you ok?”

“I am now, dad.” Athena answered.

“Who dares?!” PinkPatamon angrily cried out.

A deep arrogant laughter is heard behind a thick veil of smoke. It is none other than Demigra.

“We dare. Greetings, heroes and fellow villains.” Demigra announced.

“Who dares try to take away our revenge?” Freeza hissed.

“Get lost! This is our time!” Burizalor shouted at the opposing foes.

“You can have your turns later.” Warlord said to the Time Breakers.

“Oh, but we can't afford to wait. The Da'ath Organization has waited far too long as it is.” Towa declared.

“Da'ath, then you're in league with that freak calling himself Yuu?!” Piccolo has heard of the organization’s presence.

“Now don't be calling our benefactor a freak. He doesn't take kindly to hostility.” Mira threatened.

Goku, Tai & Agumon, and GT Kid Goku stand tall together with their friends close.

“Trunks called you the Time Breakers?” Cell asked.

“Correct. We're here to further dilute this timeline further.” Demigra said to the bio-android.

“Sounds like a bitchin' idea!” Abridged!Mr. Popo smiled.

“Agreed, Mr. Popo.” Blue Popo commented.

“And we Shadow Dragons are here to pollute this universe with our negative energy, destroying everything and allowing Da'ath to create a new world in place of the old world.” Omega Shenron announced the organization’s goal.

Eis Shenron said to Nouva Shenron, “Brother, we invite you to join us.”

“My loyalty no longer applies to you, brother.” Nuova Shenron refused.

“Then die.” Eis Shenron hissed.

“Let's take this fight elsewhere.” Goku said to the Shadow Dragons and Time Breakers.

“You want us? As long as civilians don't get in our way.” Tai added.

“I don't care either way. You're all going to die anyway.” Demigra stated.

“Bulma, keep Bulla here. Trunks!” Vegeta ordered.

Trunks, Future Trunks both ask, “Which one?”

Vegeta groans, “Oh, both of you! C'mon!”

“Oooh, can I join, Vegeta?!” Abridged!Nappa asked.

“As long as you're still able to keep up.” Vegeta said with annoyance.

“Don't forget about me!” Another voice is heard out of nowhere.

(Cue Lacuna Coil – Cold (2:19 – 4:18))

With a somewhat ‘chilling’ them plays, everyone turns and sees Raditz land inside the restaurant. The Saiyans are taken aback by the weakest elite Saiyan's entrance.

“Who invited him?” Tike raises an eyebrow.

“Like we need you!” Kara shouts at the low-class Saiyan.

Gohan growls at his uncle, “Raditz!”

“Is that anyway to say hi to your uncle? You've grown up.” Raditz commented to his nephew.

“Raditz, whose side are you on?” Goku cautiously pondered.

“Wherever Saiyan loyalty lies.” Raditz answered.

Tabaga greets the Saiyan, “Raditz, brother of Kakarott, we finally meet.”

“Who are you?” Raditz questioned her.

Tabaga answers, “One of the last Saiyan survivors in an AU.”

“Another one of you?” Raditz learns this information.

“But, my powers have been realistically downplayed so I don't overshadow Kakarott and Prince Vegeta. But, I can still go Super. Can you?” Tabaga asked Raditz.

“Oh, I can! I think I can turn my mustache gold!” Nappa cried out.

Tarble said in a ashamed look, “What a shame I can't turn Super.”

“Oh look, the Saiyan me is here.” Yamcha can relate to Tarble.

“Yeah, you're both losers.” Tien sarcastically commented to them.

“Oooh, he told you!” Chaotzu added.

“Hey, I can still fight!” Yamcha cried out to Tien and Chaotzu.

Master Roshi then interjects and said, “I had more screen and fight time in the latest movie, son. The moment an old timer like me outshines you, it's best you step off.”

Yamcha thinks about it, “Still treated like a bitch. That'll never change.”

“So, are we going to fight now or what?!” Sam shouted of asking.

X answers, “That's the plan.”

“As an owner of a wrestling company, I declare this fight to be anything goes!” Takeru stated.

“Yeah!” Recoome and Brutemon both shouted.

“But, isn't wrestling fake?” Vegeta asked Takeru.

Tabaga answers to him, “We don't like to be called 'fake'. How rude, Prince of all Saiyans. It's predetermined and don't knock until you tried it.”

“Ah, she got a point, mate.” Jeice said in his Australian accent.

Burter then suggest, “Maybe we can do color commentary for this all-out brawl?”

Chaser and Devilin both glad to hear this, “We'd like to join in!”

“Enough, let's just get to the violence already. Ready?” Demigra asked his opponents.

Within seconds, the whole DBZ and DFKai groups (heroes and villains) are transported outside the restaurant. They are relocated with the Time Breakers and Shadow Dragons right in the middle of Chinatown.

“What do you think?” Demigra once again asked.

Mira then adds, “This is a perfect location.”

“Shadow Dragons, let's waste Goku, Taichi and their entourage! Show no mercy!” Omega Shenron ordered to his brethren.

“Chichi, get to safety!” Goku asked his wife.

“You, too Videl! Get Pan to safety!” Gohan said to them.

“But, I can help you, dad.” GT Pan said otherwise to help the Z-Fighters.

“Sora, get Biyomon ready to fight, but you get someplace safe.” Tai said to his girlfriend.

“Right!” Sora said as she and Tai kiss.

“Get Marron someplace safe, 18.” Krillin said to his hot wife.

“Right, you and 17 be careful.” 18 gives her prayers.

“No on harms my niece.” 17 said.

Cell smirks, “Heh, does that make me her uncle Cell?”

“NO!” 17 and 18 shouted at the bio android.

“Relax, I'll fight in your place, 18. Ready, Davis?” Sonja asked him.

Davis nods at her, “Let's kick butt, babe.”

Tai & Agumon become Omega X (an Ascendant that looks like Super Saiyan Goku only with orange armor and a black bodysuit). Yamato & Gabumon unite to become Metalla X (looks like Super Saiyan Vegeta only with light blue armor and a black bodysuit). Kari & Gatomon merge to become Mystic Celesta X. TK & Patamon become WarAngemon. Davis & Veemon become Ultima X. Dimitri & Faith become Angemon X (looks like Super Saiyan Future Trunks only having MagnaAngemon’s armor). Piccolo, BanchoLeomon, Sonja, Jax, and Sheila get ready. After hiding Juri and Rena, Pikkan and BW join them. Krillin, Tien, Chaotzu, Yamcha, Master Roshi, 17, 16, and Pikkon gather. Mr. Buu is joined by Dee, Uub, Majuub, and Dorothy & Avengemon. Taito, Sara, Mimiru, and Leon are ready.

Sora, Izzy, Joe, Mimi, Cody, Ken, and Yolei use their Digivices to evolve their partners. Biyomon becomes Phoenixmon. Tentomon digivolves into HerculesKabuterimon. Gomamon digivolves into Plesiomon. Palmon digivolves into Rosemon. Armadillomon becomes Vikemon. Hawkmon becomes Valkyrimon. Wormmon digivolves into GranKuwagamon.

Future Trunks, Bardock, Goten, Trunks, and GT Trunks turn Super Saiyan.

Gohan goes Mystic/Ultimate mode and states, “Nope, I haven't forgotten I can go Mystic in this corner world.”

Tarble just powers up.

Goku and Vegeta both turn 'Saiyan Beyond God' states, without the red. Omega X and Metalla X do the same.

GT Kid Goku and GT Vegeta transform into Super Saiyan 4s. The former goes from child to adult for no reason... GT logic.

“Whoa, he went from kid to a grown man?!” Goku and Omega X both said in surprise.

GT Goku smirks at his counterparts, “Just the perks of Super Saiyan 4 and I get a pair of new pants.”

“Wow!” Goku said in amazement.

“Really?” Omega X wondered.

Suddenly, the Z and DFKai villains join in.

“Don't go hogging the spotlight!” Freeza cried out.

“Can't have other villains try outdo us.” Burizalor added.

Virus gives his comments, “As much as the idea repulses us, for one-time only, let us fight together.”

“This is history in the making. Right, boys?” Ginyu said to his teammates.

“History in the making!” the rest of the Ginyu Force all shout in unison.

“Nightmare Squad, lend support to our for now ex-enemies!” Ginyumon ordered.

Broly mutters, “Me help Kakarott? Never thought I'd see the day.”

“Yay! I get to help Vegeta!” Nappa cheered.

Babimon joins the fun as well, “And I can lend support to Yamakins?! A dream come true!”

Freeza, Burizalor, the Warlord, and Cyrus stand at the forefront. Cell, Virus, Cooler and Mutalior are second in lead. Broly, GalacticNova X, the Ginyu Force, and the Nightmare Special Squad assemble. Broly and GalacticNova X both transform into their legendary states.

“Bah, I suppose I can help you maggots. Me and Blue Popo don't have any other shit to do anyhow.” Abridged Mr. Popo decides to get involved.

“We'll happily blow some shit up.” Blue Popo said in such foul language.

Goku then ask his rival, “Well, Vegeta?”

“Whatever, just make sure they stay out of the way.” Vegeta said.

Omega X then said, “Hear that, Yamato?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Metalla X could care less.

Vegeta then said to Metalla X, “Let's see how my imitator fares in battle.”

“I'll show you.” Metalla X proves his word to the former Saiyan prince.

X then said to Takeru, “This is like a dream come true, huh?”

Dragonball and Digimon Fusion Kai unite at last.” Takeru answers of his dream come to fruition.

Tabaga turns Super Saiyan and clenches her fists, “I'm ready to throwdown with these clowns!”

“And so am I.” Takeru takes out a bo staff.

(End Theme)

Demigra and Omega Shenron fly forward first, but Goku, Omega X, Vegeta, and Metalla X cut them off. Goku and Omega X fire a Kamehameha/Terra Beam to knock Omega Shenron back. Vegeta and Metalla X catch Demigra with a kick that stops the demon lord at his tracks. GT Goku, GT Vegeta, Gohan, Mystic Celesta X, Angemon X, Piccolo, BanchoLeomon, and the other warriors keep the villains at bay.

Athena and PinkPatamon join GT Pan.

“Aren't they just awesome? Both my grandpas, my dad, and that Omega X guy.” GT Pan commented.

“Great uncle Tai, my dad and grandpa Yamato are awesome.” Athena nodded at Pan and uses her Digivice to digivolve PinkPatamon into Pegacornmon.

“Whenever you need us to merge and form your Ascendant form.” Pegacornmon stated.

Athena nods, “Right.”

Goku states to his foes, “If you don't mind.”

“Let's skip the warm-up!” Omega X announced.

Demigra and Omega Shenron both crack evil grins. The remaining Time Breakers and Shadow Dragons make their move on the DBZ/GT/DFKai heroes and villains.

The showdown of good and evil against the Time Breakers and the Shadow Dragons is set to begin.

“Who will come out on top... next time on Digiball Z!” the omniscient DBZ Narrator announced.


On the other side of Chinatown, Minako transforms into Sailor Venus. Okanim the Blood Venus turns into Sailor form. Rio, Kyo and Kohana invoke their Demon Stone powers. Selipa takes on battle stance. Lien takes Nadeshiko to safety. Tristan Spirit Fuses into Gaia the Fierce Knight. Suzie lets Lopmon digivolve into Antiramon. Vivian summons Dragon Lady and Gyaku-Gire Panda, then she transforms into Sailor Haumea.

The Naruto cast ready themselves and start engaging the Da'ath forces, from Da'ath agents to some as big as the Titans. Naruto turns into Nine-Tails Chakra Mode. Sasuke and Itachi activate their Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. Kakashi activates his Sharingan. The others ready for battle. Madara reappears standing on a rooftop and watching the battles progress.

“Do you mind if I lead the charge?” Venus asked Rio.

Rio answers, “Go right ahead, honey. You're made to be a leader.”

“Then, by my command, give it your all, everyone! Take 'em down!” Venus ordered.

Everyone races forward and engages the Da'ath forces. Venus ties up an Endlave with her Venus Love Me Chain, grabs it and throws it right into a Titan's face, knocking him over. Rio and Kyo unleash dark demon energy to immobilize two Titans. Sasuke tears through Anti-Bodies with Chidori. Naruto jumps up and Double Rasengans a Titan square in the face. Kakashi speedblitzes some Da'ath agents easily. Sakura punches an Endlave in two.

Okanim ties up a Titan's leg and trips it over. Haumea and Gaara combine their sand, creating large sand balls and throw them at a Titan. Then, they cover the Titan up in a sheet of sand and clench their hands, crushing the beast within. Haumea watches her Duel Monsters go to town on a pair of Endlaves.

Naruto and Gaara both feel the presence of the legendary folklore Bijuu.

“This is...” Gaara muttered.

“No way, another Kyuubi?” Naruto gasped.

Kurama!Kyuubi telepaths with him, “It's the folklore version of me. His power could possibly be greater than mine. But, when we cross paths, we'll show him what we're made of.”

“Oh yeah!” Naruto cried out in getting ready.

“Venus!” Rio feels the Bijuus' presence as well.

“What is it?” Venus asked.

Rio said to her, “I can feel a large accumulation of demon powers. One feels similar to Naruto's Kyuubi, but on a whole different level...”

“That's not good.” Worried Venus.

“I can also feel the Saiyans and Ascendants clashing with some enemy.” Kyo senses the powerful energies.

“Ooo, looks like Tai and Goku are teaming up.” Venus smirks and calls to her friends, “Keep it, guys! We're not done until we clear these streets!”

“Yeah!” Everyone cried out.

Venus ties up a Titan's neck with a chain, “Sailors, I hope you're all handling your fights good.”


American Museum/Outside

Rebecca Hawkins and her grandpa, Arthur, help escort civilians out of the museum in the midst of the attack. Solomon, Bakura, Marik, Ishizu, Odion, Raphael, Alister, and Valon assist with crowd control.

“This way, everyone!” Bakura leads the way.

“These attacks are happening all over New York.” Marik said with concern.

“Yes, even here, Master Marik.” Odion added.

“Sailor Mercury and her friends are here taking care of the enemy.” Ishizu felt their presence.

“Way to state the obvious, lady.” Alister stated.

“Yugi, I hope you're fighting hard with the heart of the cards on your side.” Solomon muttered.

Valon grumbles, eyeing Solomon, “So, he must be the one that taught him to preach that crap.”

Sailor Mercury, Arbormon (Vega's Spirit Evolved form), and Ima the Blood Mercury engage some Endlaves, Anti-Bodies and Da'ath agents.

Mercury scans the Endlaves with visor, “Found their weak points! Hit their interface systems!”

Mercury, Arbormon and Ima works together targeting the Endlaves' interface systems. Mercury then dowses Anti-Bodies and Da'ath agents with ice water. Ima does the same, except the water freeze burned them. Arbormon punched and kicked Da'ath agents away.

“Just know we'll be enemies again after this.” Ima reminded her.

Mercury is nor surprise, “Wouldn't expect our alliance to extend beyond this war.”

“How did I do, babe?” Arbormon asked her.

Mercury answers, “Wonderfully done, Vega.”

Just as the supporting Yugioh cast are continuing to crowd control the civilians, they senses a dark force approaching. They turn to see none other than Anubis (Yugioh).

“Well look what the Pharaoh drop in, a bunch of his fools by my watch.” Anubis (Yugioh) crudely smirked.

The secondary Yugioh cast panic upon seeing Anubis.

“Anubis!” Solomon said in surprise.

“My word!” Arthur sees him.

“He's so big!” Rebecca gasped.

“Wait, he isn't supposed to exist.” Bakura interjected.

“What do you mean? Anubis is the Egyptian god of the dead and we've seen different variations of him in this universe.” Marik explained about the variations.

Bakura then answers, “No, I mean this Anubis is a movie-only character...”

“So, he's filler? Then me, Raphael and Valon shouldn't be here either, but no one here is complaining.” Alister shrugged.

“Well put, mate.” Valon commented.

“Still, we should take this seriously.” Raphael warned his allies.

Anubis advances on the secondary Yugioh group, anticipating the primary group to face him. Sailor Mercury, Arbormon and Ima cease fighting and witness Anubis' arrival.


UN Headquarters

At the UN Headquarters, Yamaki, Nick Fury, Janyuu, Riley, Talley, Nate, Cain, Grace, Viktor, and others witness the incursions on all TV screens.

“Mother of god...” Nick Fury muttered.

“Takato and his friends no doubt are out there fighting them as we speak.” Yamaki gives his statement.

Janyuu is visibly worried for his children fighting another battle for him.

“See? This is what your so-called heroes attracts year round.” Cain frantically pointed out.

“Save us your bitching, Cain.” Nate glared at the prejudice businessman.

“Stark and his boys better on this or New York's gonna endure worse than the Chitauri invasion!” Nick Fury is prepared for the worse.


Time Square

As Valmarmon, Gamera, and Arago continue taking down enemies, they hear a loud bellow coming. It’s the kaiju, Slattern, as he roars in challenging the chaotic triad. Valmarmon, Gamera, and Arago quickly intercept Slattern.

Valmarmon attacks Slattern and laughs, “Absurd! You think a simple Kaijuu can challenge my strength?!”

Gamera and Arago help take turns landing blows to Slattern.


Somewhere within Time Square, Queen Badiane and Princess Snow Kaguya seek their enemies.

“I feel her... the moon princess that destroyed me is near.” Kaguya sensed.

“Same, and her fellow Sailors are close by as well.” Badiane added.


Back in the commercial plaza, the YYGDM founders, their allies, and enemies put differences aside to take the fight to the Da'ath armies. Sailor Moon, Yusuke, Suzakato & Gallantmon, Agunimon, Yugi Muto, Sailor Sedna, and Valkyrie Brunhilde take out the numerous Endlaves and Titans.

DarkGabumon evolves into ShadowMetalGarurumon and hops up, allowing Yui to mount him. Yui fires numerous Spirit Gun shots, taking out Anti-Bodies. Aoshi goes Lycan and tears up Endlaves with his claws. Sailor Gao Pluto blasts away Da'ath agents. Cammy and Moonlight Knight takes out Anti-Bodies. Puu briefly fends off a Tropeogopterus.

RJ and Sailor Neo Moon take out Da'ath agents while evacuating civilians.

Alice sends Rottweilermon to chase and attack Da'ath Microraptors. Aya Tsuki uploads virus into some Endlaves and shuts them down.

Seirika, Sakuyamon, Henbu, MegaGargomon, Sailor Mars, Hiei, Tuxedo Kamen, Sara, Tea, Sailor Blue Mars, Ryuuhi, Max, Sam, Sailor Cyber Mercury, Daiki, and Helbot neutralize dozens of Anti-Bodies, Da'ath Microraptors, and Titans. Crystal!Moon, Nagah, Rhea get unexpected help from Ghidorah, Gyaos, Anustes the Blood Pluto, Ier the Blood Mars, and Igasu the Blood Moon.

“Man, they just keep coming!” Agunimon cried out.

“Keep beating the hell out of them!” Yusuke encouraged his allies.

“There's always a way through seemingly impossible odds!” Yugi said.


Funeral Parlor, the Magical Girls, and other allies continue to face off Da’aths forces. Madoka’s family and Shibungi’s wife are reaching to one of the bunkers for safety while Kurosu, Haruka, and Saeko decide to stay behind. Shibungi, Argo, and Oogumo fire their rifles and bazookas at Da’ath Microraptors and Tropeogopterus with Madoka, Mami, Kurachi, Katsumi, and Sinon backing them up.

Suddenly, the canon versions of Shu, Ayase, and Tsugumi stumble upon an Endlave Ghost Unit.

“Oh crap!” Canon!Tsugumi cried out in fear.

Luckily, LK!Shu with his Singer’s Sword arrive in time to destroy the Ghost unit by cutting through. Homura is seen slowing down the Da’ath Microraptors and Automatons before she shoots them. An Indominus Rex approaches Inori and Mana and is about to chomp them, but both pink-haired girls use their crystal powers to trap its legs, letting Kyoko ensnare the dinosaur’s body with her chain spear before she alongside Sayaka backing up tears it to pieces.


“Nobody messes with our American city!” Bandit Keith hollered.

Bandit Keith is seen becoming Perfect Machine King and clobber down some Endlaves. He then takes down an Endlave Gespenst.

“I summon my fist in attack mode!” Keith shouted while finishing off the Gespenst.

Dan Eagleman shouts in delivering blows at Anti Bodies in partnering up with Keith, Eagleman is like the Captain Falcon of the Guilty Crown verse.


(Cue Chappell music - Great Ambitions)

Brunhilde sets a bunch of Da'ath agents and Microraptors ablaze with blue flames. Brunhilde calls forth MetalSeadramon, who plunges out of the ground and blasts a Titan that tried an ambush.

Sedna freezes Microraptors and Anti-Bodies. Sedna then turns and freezes the feet of a Titan. Sedna gets unexpected help from Sailor Andes, who freezes another Titan's foot.

Gallantmon jumps up and blows the Titan's head off with Lightning Joust. Suzakato catches some Anti-Bodies in a fire tornado and incinerates them. Sailor Moon spins around into mid-air, sending magical blasts that vaporized a large portion of the armies. However, more keep replacing the slain forces.

“Sailor Moon, what do we do? The more we take out, more take their place!” Suzakato asked the lead Sailor Senshi.

Before Sailor Moon can say anything, Sailor Pluto and John call out to them.

“Pluto?” Moon asked her.

Pluto then bring out this statement, “John and I have discussed something with Charon and Jeremiah.”

Moon is unsure what to think about trusting the Paradais duo.

“Hear me out, future queen. Charon and Jeremiah have come to an agreement. We must unite our main forces and invade Ward 24.” John explained.

“Unite with them?” Moon turns to Charon and Jeremiah.

“As much as I loathe the idea, we do need your help dealing with our hellspawn.” Charon admitted.

“If Da'ath isn't stopped, say goodbye world and fun abridged good times for everyone.” Jeremiah explained about everyone’s times in their shared universe.

“No way do I want that!” Moon shook her head in agreement.

“Then, we must unite if we are to secure victory over Da'ath. And anything to stop my power-crazed nephew.” Pluto stated.

“All right then, if you think this will defeat Da'ath.” Moon nods to Pluto and eyes the Paradais duo, “We're in, just no backstabbing, got it?”

Sailor Moon beckons Suzakato & Gallantmon, Yusuke, Agunimon, Yugi, Sailor Sedna, Brunhilde, Tuxedo Kamen, Neo Moon, RJ, Sailor Mars, Hiei, Crystal!Moon, Nagah, Rhea, and others to see her. Ghidorah, Gyaos, Andes, Igasu, and Anustes join the Paradais duo.

“Why call us over?” Mars wondered.

Nagah said in caution, “What are you thinking?”

Moon explains what Pluto, John, Charon and Jeremiah told her to everyone.

“Preposterous.” Ghidorah muttered.

“No way.” Suzakato said in surprise.

“Hard to believe I know, but the universe has decided us heroes and villains unite.” Moon nods at them, turns to Yuu on the screen and points to him, “ kick Da'ath's sorry butts!”

“Butts? I can do one better.” Yusuke points to Yuu, “HEAR US?! WE'RE GONNA KICK YOUR ASSES!”

“You tell those assholes, dad!” RJ cheered.

“Well put.” Tuxedo Kamen nodded.

“Couldn't said it better myself.” Neo Moon added.

“Yusuke should handle the badass speeches from now on. Or, maybe I should.” Brunhilde offered.

“You're welcome to try, Brunhilde.” Sedna responded to the Valkyrie.

“Anyhow, Da'ath, we're coming for you! Ward 24, here we come!” Moon announced to their enemies.

(End Theme)


Back with the other side of the group with Guilty Crown and their allies, things aren’t going well, but they quickly need to think of something.

“Damn, there’s too many to take on. What now?!” LK!Ayase shouted in annoyance while her head tilts in sides of seeing any enemies.

“Easy for you to say, we need a plan!” Sayaka agreed.

Gai interjects and speaks to his comrades, “Exactly team, the only way we can stop Da’ath is to make siege to their headquarters.”

“That assumption could work, but would it be suicide?” Argo questioned his boss.

“Guess we don’t know unless we once again do this endeavor.” Gai firmly answered.

Kyoko raises her arm in the sky and grins, “Yeah, I want to kick some GHQ and Da’ath asses!”

Just then, the Undertakers and their allies see two armored trucks that are actually come from Funeral Parlor themselves. LK!Tsugumi, Kenji, and Kyo sees this.

“Just in time for the calvary!” LK!Tsugumi smiled.

One of the trucks came out reveal two people: One is a young boy named Jimmy, and the other is a Hispanic man named Juan Diaz.

“Special delivery from the ‘McUndertakers’!” Juan crudely cried out.

Argo raises an eyebrow of this compliment, “You call that one a joke?”

“Hey at least I’m trying out here!” Juan said to Argo.

“Are these two new Endlave models ready?” Gai said to the two Undertaker members.

Giving the Funeral Parlor’s leader the answer, the back of the truck opens to reveal two custom models. One is a custom-made Endlave that looks more of a raptor than humanoid shape, the colors are light grayish white similar to the first Steiner model, but have a slight crimson and brunette trait, it has no large shoulder pads, but has claws on its hands, the ski-legs have a large claw on each, a mechanical prehensile tail appears on its back, this is called the Raubtier (predator in german).

The other is more humanoid that looks like a combination between Canon!Ayase’s Steiner 2.0 used during the final battle against the original GHQ, and the Guren from Code Geass called the Karmesin (crimson in german). One cockpit near the Karmesin is seen that its wires plug in to that mech to connect with.

“Hey, that’s the Raubtier model I tried out in a test run!” LK!Ayase pointed out of remember piloting her new Endlave.

“You mean, I have to pilot that other Endlave?” Canon!Ayase begin to realize her involvement in controlling the Karmesin.

“That’s right, this is your chance to help us in battle.” Sayaka said to the older Ayase.

Canon!Tsugumi smiles at her best friend in said, “Wow Ayanee, we’re going back to the good times in helping the Undertakers, only this time we get to supports these youngsters!”

“And I’m backing up my Ayase as well!” LK!Tsugumi added.

Canon!Tsugumi smiles at her alternate self, “Sounds like a good idea, my counterpart. The Black Swan is back in the house!”

Canon!Ayase smiles of taking her chances to contribute, “I can’t believe it, a chance for me to back up and not being a burden.”

Madoka, LK!Shu, Kirito and Asuna then show up to the group.

“You there, can you please help me to that cockpit over there?” Canon!Ayase offered to Asuna.

“Oh sure thing.” Asuna blinks and answered to her request.

As Asuna helps out Canon!Ayase by carrying her out of her wheelchair to the Karmesin’s cockpit, that leaves Madoka and LK!Shu talking to Canon!Shu.

“I just don’t have anything going on me. I’m still blind and what else I can do?” Canon!Shu once again shows self-pity of what to do in not being a burden.

However, Madoka walks towards Canon!Shu and gives a smile. Shu wonders what the pink-haired girl is up too.

“Close your eyes, Shu.” Madoka nicely requested.

Canon!Shu is hesitant at first, but after witnessing what is happening, Shu does what she ask and also takes off his sunglasses to put in his pocket. Madoka places her hand to his blind eyes and channels a mystical energy to his body. An image of Ultimate Madoka’s prayers is seen in seconds, as if the goddess of hope supplements the process.

As Canon!Shu feels it, his mind is enveloped into a number of flashing pictures. From his childhood with Canon!Gai and Mana before it ended tragically with Lost Christmas, the memories of during the outbreak and GHQ’s control with innocent people involved, and the times when he uses people’s voids in streams of technology.

Finally, Shu hears a familiar female voice inside his head, his lost beloved. Unseen, but he can feel it.


(Cue Guilty Crown – Bios)

With a loud cry, Canon!Shu feels a surge of an old power coming back to him. As a beam of light struck from the clouds to Canon!Shu, this is something of an old reminder of when he injected the Void Genome for the second time to save his beloved ones from Canon!Segai. All of the united forces have their attention, to which they have a unique ally to help them.


Ward 24 II/Outside

Yuu Grand, Kriemhild Gretchen, and their group have seen the energy in distance. Yuu gives a slight grin, knowing that his ‘old opposition’ has return.


Time Square

As the ethereal energy begins to clear out, Canon!Shu now wears a black trench coat with a white shirt underneath and a red scarf. His right prosthetic arm is replaced by a pale green-tron line arm, which is his own void: The King’s Heart. He opens his eyes and figures out that his eyesight becomes normal. Thanks to the magical girl’s help, he reverts ‘in time’ back to his prime once again, in which his past appearance is the embodiment of the savior from the Fourth Apocalpyse a few years back.

“My king’s power, it’s back?” Canon!Shu briefly gasped and looks at his own appearance.

“Yep, though the time limit is just 24 hours, it’s still enough to stop Da’ath.” Madoka nodded and warned the drawbacks due to not interfere Shu’s well-being.

“And also to confront your past demons.” LK!Shu announce that goal to his original self, “You have what it takes?”

After a few seconds, Canon!Shu begins to understand his newfound destiny. He’s going to help a second try in taking down GHQ/Da’ath. He then calls Kirito and Asuna, who the latter has just finish helping Canon!Ayase.

“May I borrow something inside you two?” Canon!Shu asked the two MMO players.

“Um?” Kirito wonders before his and Asuna’s chests begin to glow.

Canon!Shu uses his void to have Kirito and Asuna’s voids without making them unconscious, in which he draws out the Ebony Sword (Kirito’s void) and Ivory Rapier (Asuna’s void). Using his newfound strength, Canon!Shu rushes in taking down Da’ath mooks and Endlave Ghost Units by slashing at them in different directions. Shu leaps toward the sides of a building and jumps to another Ghost Unit in cutting the mech in half.

Kirito and Asuna are astounded to see their voids in good use. The others are astounded to witness the true strength of the original Ouma Shu.

Then, the Karmesin is activated with the separate connected cockpit online to move by Canon!Ayase, just like her Steiner 2.0. Next to it is the Raubtier activate with LK!Ayase standing next to it, wearing an amusphere-like helmet for herself to also fight simultaneously.

“Shinomiya Ayase is back on the battlefield!” Canon!Ayase’s voice valiantly cried out.

Both Ayases help out the united forces in wiping out the floor of Endlave Gautiers and Ghost Units with their newfound abilities. The Karmesin tears apart Endlaves like ants being overwhelmed by a stronger insect, while LK!Ayase controls the Raubtier’s movements like kinect to strike down enemy robots. Ryuko/Satsuki and Gon/Killua witness this.

After this, the whole group declares their plan in motion. Both Shus briefly converse about something.

“I gotta hand it to you, our scarves are kinda similar.” LK!Shu made a light-heared remark about his light blue scarf.

“Yeah, but mines feel like a red passion.” Canon!Shu responded about his red scarf, of also symbolizing love to a mere artificial girl.

Then, Canon!Shu calmly walks up front as he stoically looks at the overall battlefield of Manhattan. It is like Tokyo, but despite being a different setting, the results are the same. Not a phony for himself, but someone making his ascension to the throne.

“Da’ath, no matter what it takes, we will stop you.” Canon!Shu adamantly declared.

The area is like a chessboard, Canon!Shu and his monarchy forces are facing Yuu and his own. Only one will stand victorious. The battle for the united forces and their ‘young king’ has just begun.

(End Theme)


“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”
-The Great Gatsby (1925), F. Scott Fitzgerald


(Cue Two Steps From Hell – Friendship to Last)


Next Part: Urban Battlefield (Part I)


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Wow, the fight has finally begun! I hope Kurama can handle a more powerful version of himself. Then there's the brief moment of seeing Batman in this chapter that made me smile. lol. It amazes me you can keep all of these battles straight, but gosh, it's amusing to see how each of them handles it. Especially the Attack of Titan crew. Talk about "Titans, Titans, Titans." (xD) Anyways, I can't wait to see how the next chapter goes!


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Central Planet

(Cue Dead Can Dance - In the Wake of Adversity)

Back in Central Planet, the divine festivities of the deities has been interrupted by the disturbing presence at Earth. They are awake to realize that Da’ath makes their appearance to the outside world with a new league of allies.

Those that know them more are few like Ultimate Madoka and Lord Chronos & Ananke (who are confirmed to be Yuu’s grandparents). The Norse folks are surprise that Jotunheim allies with the organization, especially they compare Da’ath’s ‘Adam and Eve plot’ to Ask and Embla, the first humans known to Norse Mythology.

The deities and other visitors observe the events by Sailor Cosmos summoned screen images in the sky of Manhattan and Ward 24 like a movie cinema.

“Oh no, this is not good mon!” Grim cried out in concern.

“They are seriously ruining the chaotic moments of this party.” Eris (Billy & Mandy) groaned.

“These three look like the Gorgon sisters.” Palutena observes Medusamon and her sisters on one of the screens fighting Athenamon.

“We can’t just sit around and do nothing!” Pit cried out of wanting to help.

“I don’t know Pit, not yet.” Palutena encouraged her guardian to stand down.

Scrooge growls at his old enemy’s return, the true form hidden from Sephirah Genomics. Granted, he and Carol were part of their human experiments before they escaped, that was when the Lost Christmas also occurred with the spread of the Apocalypse Virus outbreak. Yuu is seen as Jacob Marley. Because of this, is when they fought three Da’ath assassins beforehand based on the three Ghosts of the Christmas Carol. One is Past, who was the vegetable soul of Canon!Shijou Saeko controlling a dated Endlave. Another is Present, who is a blond-haired girl controlling the apocalypse crystals. The third, Yet to Come, is the unborn child of Scrooge & Carol (forcing them to breed so that Da’ath can produce the next stage of humanity), and eventually the prototype inspiration of the late Canon!Inori. Hell, Scrooge even remembers that Canon!Gai’s motivation is inspired by him to become stronger.

In the end, Scrooge and Carol sacrificed themselves to perform the guilty crown, meaning the bonds between two hearts, in stopping the past outbreak, and that’s when the Canon!Guilty Crown anime’s events began. Carol has even described the world as a uterus. The uterus is dead, everything is rotten before it is born. Another description shows reality evolve to some kind of pulp fiction.

“What’s wrong, you know them?” Eris (Greek) blinks at Scrooge.

“Yeah. We have a long history with them.” Scrooge answered to the Greek goddess of discord. “Da’ath exists since human evolution, but even the gods have no clue of their source origins alongside their true motives of their damned apocalypse.”

Indeed, their history remains hidden aside for the fact that they were also around in the Freemasons and Priory of Sions eras.

“Trust me, Scroogy here is not in the mood for this.” Carol added with a chirpy tone. “Besides, the official creators of Guilty Crown didn’t put their backstory ever since the anime ended.”

Ultimate Madoka and the Incubators are observing the current events.

“We Incubators have opposed Da’ath sometime ago, Madoka.” Kyubey explained to the goddess about a history between them before asking, “What do you remind about this?”

Ultimate Madoka close her golden eyes for a moment before she opens. The conceptual goddess explains, “It comes to this that I observe Da’ath’s long-term goal for a while. Last time, I once send the copy of myself and her friends to Kaiba Seto’s mansion while they had holiday celebrations, and to invite them for their party. This leads to the magical girls’ House of Madoka in New York City, where all those heroes, villains and other characters took part in getting to know one another. I see it as some kind of a test, even though the villains took over the magical party at one point before the girls and their allies defeated them. Today is the day of Shinnen, the Japanese meaning of New Year. These same characters alongside new ones have reunited in NYC for one true purpose: to unite against Da’ath.”

As some form of a wild mass guess, Kyubey and the Incubators are astounded of Madoka’s attempt to out-gambit Da’ath, similar to what she did to his race in The Rebellion Story.

“Though Da’ath still competes to even the odds by recruiting their allies to their organization, my copy invite the ace on the united forces’ sleeve as the sole key to confront his old adversaries.” Madoka further explained.

“The original Ouma Shu.” Kyubey figured out his identity, the one that endure the sinful choices in his past life.

“Exactly.” Ultimate Madoka concluded.

The Inuit goddess, Sedna is having prayers, “I just hope we should meet Osaka Karin.”

Neil Dylandy, Sachi & Moonlit Black Cats, and Yuuki Konno are watching this.

“Damn you Ribbons and those bastards of his.” Neil angrily muttered. “Setsuna and the others better watch their backs to get ready for them.”

“Kirito..” Sachi is giving her prayers.

“Asuna.” Yuuki encouraged her living friend as well.

Sailor Cosmos views the Time Square, seeing the YYGDM founders in one location with their friends. She has her sights on Tsukino Usagi, Meioh Setsuna, and John Smith specifically.

"Whoa, it's all happening so fast!" SliferGigaSeadramon was taken aback by the amount of fighting going on across Manhattan.

ObeliskMegaGargomon and RaPhoenixmon are also in agreement with their deity colleague.

"This invasion came rather swiftly," Granasmon declared. "Valmarmon couldn't have seen this coming."

"Sadly having a peaceful celebration was too good to be true," replied Ancientmon. "Oraclemon, Harbingermon, has the enemy struck all of New York?"

"Yes, Manhattan will be turned into a warzone and there will be tons of casualties if Da'ath isn't subdued," confirmed Harbingermon.

Oraclemon added. "If nothing is done to stop Da'ath, the heroes will find themselves in a heap of trouble."

"Well, that's a big duh," MahouGarurumon replied sardonically. "If things get too messy, a few of us might need to get involved."

"Indeed, my friends Himura, Inumon, Seadramon, and Kotori are down there. While I have faith they can fight their own battles, this conflict just may be way above their usual pay grade," Anubismon firmly stated.

Pharaoh Atem watches Yugi Muto and his friends spread all over different sections of Manhattan. "Our descendants are so spread apart. if only they were united..."

Priest Seto reassured his pharaoh. "Fear not. Our descendants have the powers drawn from Apophis' staff. As long as they stay focused on the matters, they'll be fine."

Kisara concurred. "My descendant, Lyn, certainly is strong. Much more than I ever was."

"Koenma sir, this is going to be one big challenge for Yusuke and his friends," Jorge said to his boss.

Botan looks fearful. "This might be too much for them to handle, and I usually have faith in their abilities."

Enma turns to his son, the new king of Spirit World. "The threat Da'ath opposes is far above anything Spirit World has ever had to deal with. Will you Spirit Detectives be able to take on this seemingly impossible task?"

Koenma confidently responds to his cohorts and father. "Yes, the days where they take on simple detective tasks are long behind them. If they can take on Da'ath's challenge, they can handle anything."

"Glad to know someone is still a firm believer in my descendant son," Raizen added with a grin.

"Underestimating Kurama will be mistake and Da'ath would be fools to do so," Yomi said, confident in his old partner's treacherous abilities.

Sailor Galaxia addresses Queen Serenity. "Your daughter and her Sailor Senshi should be well prepared for this. Judging from what we're seeing, they're preparing for war with Da'ath."

Queen Serenity nodded. "Yes, and this won't be their last war either. But, perhaps this will be their biggest one. Even Sailor Pluto's own sister, Charon, is setting aside differences to join them."

"I never thought I'd see the day our daughters are forced to unite," Lord Chronos interjects Queen Serenity. He brings along his wife, Ananke. "Our family are all tied up in this war... and sadly our grandson, Yuu, is the one orchestrating Da'ath. I can only hope Charon and Jeremiah can deal with their spawn."

"And hopefully our daughters can set aside their differences," Ananke said, praying for the best case scenario.

Lady Morrigana added. "Houou, I cannot be there, but please help Mars, her friends, and family in anyway that you can."

Beerus and Beerusmon overhears everything, including the mention of the Houou.

Beerusmon grunts. "So, Lady Morrigana is hoping that cosmic bird will bring that much of a difference."

Beerus yawns. "Why does Houou waste her time helping mortals when she can be with us?"

Whis answers. "Quite simple, the Houou has grown an attachment to her host, Rei Hino. Their bond has produced a perfect union between cosmic deity and a spiritual guide."

Whismon addresses Beerusmon. "I thought you knew this, Lord Beerusmon. You hoped to challenge the Houou..."

Beerusmon coughs. "Yes I did, but then that one human girl with the salmon hair challenged me to dance-off."

Yes, Beerusmon is talking about the Lost Kingdoms incarnation of Ouma Mana.

King Kai added. "Oh, you mean that other God of Destruction... or Goddess of Destruction, I mean."

Kibito Kai watches the Dragonball cast and the DF Kai cast preparing to fight the Time Breakers and Shadow Dragon. "Looks like Goku and his friends are about to fight Da'ath's representatives."

Supreme Kai of Time gasps. "Ugh, those Time Breakers!"

Old Kai added. "And those troublesome Shadow Dragons."

Shintomon interjects. "Ah, but Goku and his group are now getting help from Tai and his friends! This is insane, they're even getting extra aid from their enemies. Freeza on Goku's side? Burizalor on Taichi's side? What universe are we witnessing?!"

Shinmon nodded. "Indeed, my son. This is what happens when two opposing sides are forced to deal with a common threat. Self interests are casted aside for moments like this. Now watch my Dragonball deity friends, watch Taichi and his friends of DF-616 take care of business."

Sun Wukong waves his staff in the air. "Yes, go Son Goku and DF-616 Taichi, show these fools you're my worthy successors. Make them know the wrath of the monkey king!"

Hades corrects Sun Wukong. "Oh, but correction, this Taichi doesn't draw power from any monkey god. He has a reptilian partner."

Sun Wukong scoffed. "Even so, it's the principle of the matter! Taichi and Agumon of DF-616 are inspired by Son Goku, and thus by extension draw inspiration from yours truly."

"Well, I suppose you're right," Zeus said.

Slade Matrix sighs, seeing Dramon X uniting with the Gundam Meisters and his own enemies. "Oh boy, hopefully Ken can stomach teaming with GranDracmon, Greil, and most of all Jishikitori X. If he can't, heaven help him and the Gundam Meisters. The end result will be costly for them. Ken, if you're willing to protect Christina, I trust you don't do anything stupid." He sighs knowing Ken's senseless and reckless war behavior.

Blazer simply says nothing and watches the battles occurring on various screens.

Hel observes Sasha and her friends closely. "My daughter..."

"Fear not, she's strong and thy be able to fight her own battles," Thor reassured Hel.

"That's not what I'm worried about. It's Skuld's behavior once she cuts loose. I fear for the boy she's bonded with."

"I see your concerns, Hel," Odin stated.

Sailor Cosmos turns to the Ora Guardians. They know how costly this war will be and the entire order of the multiverse will be drastically effected if Da'ath come out victorious. They are putting their faith in the heroes and villains setting aside their long-lasting differences against a common enemy. Should they chose to work together, Da'ath may find themselves fighting a resistance force the likes of which they've never fought against before.

(End Theme)


“Dilly dally, shilly shally!”
-Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005)


(Cue Guilty Crown – Bios)


Shinnen:New Year

Part XIII: Urban Battlefield (Part I)


Time Square

(Cue Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Soundtrack - Those Who Fight Further (2:59 - 3:44))

Time Square, once the principal place for New Yorkers and all people by diversity, whether they are real or fictional to celebrate the New Years Eve. Now it is a total theater of war between the United Forces against Da’ath.

With two armored trucks appearing with two new Endlaves for both Ayases, and that the original Ouma Shu temporary regaining his powers, they are ready to race towards GHQ’s headquarters.

In front of the group are the two leads: Canon!Ouma Shu and Canon!Shinomiya Ayase inside her levitating cockpit connecting her Karmesin next to her. Kirito, Asuna, and Yui are beside them riding their Charizards.

Behind them are LK!Shu, Tsutsugami Gai, Yuzuriha Inori II, Ouma Mana, Kaname Madoka, Akemi Homura, Keido Haruka, Ouma Kurosu, Shijou Saeko, LK!Ayase with her Raubtier Endlave, Argo, Shibungi, Juan Diaz, Sayaka, Kyoko, Mami, Nagisa, Oogumo, Kurachi, Katsumi Aki, Leafa, Sinon, Matoi Ryuko, Kiryuin Satsuki, Gon, and Killua.

Both Tsugumis and Fyu-Neru are inside one of the armored trucks. Whereas Kenji Kido, Kyo (GCLK), and Jimmy are inside the other truck. The Tsugumis wearing dark blue/gray plugsuits resume their IT and hacker roles to help the Undertakers, especially Canon!Tsugumi is happy to return to her old job.

Turning the attention with the Lost Kingdoms group and their allies.

“This is our last stand against GHQ. We’re overthrowing them for good.” Gai announced to the neo Funeral Parlor faction.

“Da’ath has gone far enough as it is.” Homura stated.

“Agree, wait till me and Kurosu confront my brother about this.” Haruka declared.

“After this, we can all celebrate without any worries. Say Gai, we’re prepared enough to use some of the voids from our new friends.” LK!Shu said to his friendly rival.

Indeed, LK!Gai is revealed to have the Void Genome just like LK!Shu. To substitute the abilities of Shu’s void, Gai is using Homura’s void (the Magi’s Heart) for equal footing.

“You can count on that. Utilizing your own void like your canon self.” Gai remind the connection.

“Not to mention Leafa and Sinon’s voids are use by him as well.” LK!Shu said about his canon self using these voids.

“Me and Killua wonder what our void things look like!” Gon positively cried out.

“Use mine well.” Satsuki said it clear.

“There’s also interesting news from me and my friends.” Madoka lets out something to the group, “We received ‘Samurai power-ups’ from this person named, Kazuraba Kouta.”

“Really? You mean from one of the Kamen Rider shows done by the same person who made you magical girls?” Kurosu asked the pink-haired magical girl.

“Yep, me and Kouta, known as Armored Rider Gaim share a similar feel of destined hope.” Madoka answered about the relation.

“We’ll save them for later once we reach Ward 24.” Mami said about using these new forms.

“Don’t worry, we’ll have some kickass moments as fucking samurais!” Kyoko smirked.

Just then, the group sees some armored jeeps approaching as they stop. Coming out are four Funeral Parlor members.

A tall African-American man with a short beard and a cornrows hairstyle, wearing an Undertakers uniform, but wears a thick, dark green winter jacket with a white shirt underneath, and dark gray pants, and wear a black wool hat and a beige colored scarf adorned his neck. His appearance looks like Tyreese from The Walking Dead and Gabriel Tosh from Starcraft. His name is Tarone.

Three more figures behind Tarone are seen wearing Undertaker uniforms. One is a young boy with short blond hair and green eyes named Sasaki. Another is young man with a fierce expression with a scar adorining the left side of his face, crossing his eyes, has pitch black wild, spiky hair, a short beard, and reddish brown eyes named Ryouko. Lastly is a woman with long, curly brown hair that covers the left side of her face and has blue eyes named Arima.

“Just in time to see you four come.” Gai greeted to his cohorts.

Tarone is loaded with a huge machine gun and respond, “Yep, I’m here to join your group in lending a hand.”

“Good choice, Tarone.” Gai nodded.

“The rest of us are going to stay behind in helping out Manhattan.” Arima declared.

“So I can have some time to fight off those bastards. Who’s ready for my body count?” Ryouko said with a gruff.

“You don’t have to go that far, Ryouko.” Sasaki sweatdropped.

Finally, Canon!Shu, Ayase, and the MMO couple are seen staring at Ward 24 in distance with cautious looks. Now that Shu has the Void Genome once more, he also recalls that he somehow retains the voids from his former classmates inside that he once fully absorbed since he cleanse the Apocalypse Virus.

“This is it.” Canon!Shu gives a hardened look at the destination, “Twenty four hours is enough time. It’s just like saving Inori from Gai, only I have to confront Da’ath.”

Canon!Ayase’s voice speaks through her Endlave, “I can’t believe we have to go through the battle all over again, Shu. Remember how you help me to my Endlave cockpit before that past final battle? That was really sweet of you.”

“Yeah, look how change you are Ayase.” Canon!Shu responded about a past action.

Kirito then said to Canon!Shu, “And we’ll be glad to fight on your side.”

“You seem confident for a Black Swordsman.” Canon!Shu admired the younger boy’s abilities.

“Sure I am, I had a lot in facing battles like this. Miss Meioh Setsuna and the others will see us there, right?” Kirito asked.

“They sure will be. I have to show my redemption..and respect to them.” Canon!Shu announced with his hopes.

“And we’ll be strong enough to defeat GHQ once we head inside.” Asuna said.

“Yeah, we’ll kick their sorry butts, mommy!” Yui cried out.

Asuna and Kirito smiled at Yui’s compliment.

Canon!Shu shifts back to his main focus and orders, “Then lets give them hell, onward!”

(0:00 - 2:59)(3:44 - 6:28)

Canon!Shu and his whole group charge at the following road ahead with a huge battle cry.

As Ryouko, Arima, and Sasaki stay behind, Tarone follows the group and shoots down some Anti-Bodies with his machine gun.

With permission; Kurosu, Haruka, and Saeko are driving each of the three jeeps to catch up their meta-powered allies. LK!Ayase, Argo, Sayaka, and Kyoko are on Haruka’s jeep. Shibungi, Oogumo, Mami, Nagisa, and Kurachi are on Saeko’s jeep. And Katsumi Aki, Tarone, Juan, Leafa, and Sinon are on Kurosu’s. The Tsugumis and Kenji’s armored trucks follow.

Juan gives a loud cry as he shoots down GHQ/Anti-Body enforcers. Mami and Sinon back up the Hispanic Undertaker.

LK!Shu and Gai uses Inori II and Mana’s signature voids: The Singer’s Sword II and Dancer’s Sword respectively to plow down a bunch of Endlave Ghost Units. Madoka, Homura, Inori, and Mana back them up by firing arrows/bullets/crystal projectiles at Da’ath Microraptors and Automatons.

Gon and Killua are beating down a Titan Experiment (with Gon utilizing his Nen to do a Rock-Paper-Scissors fist) and a few Anti Bodies Enforcers. Ryuko and Satsuki do their Life Fiber Synchronize with their respective Kamuis to wear battle magical girl armor as they come face to face with an Endlave Gespenst. The Gespenst tries to deliver brutal attacks at the two women, but they evade as Ryuko uses her Scissor Blades to cut down its right arm, while Satsuki stabs through the core of the Endlave to destroy it.

Kirito, Asuna, and the Charizards are encountering Guardian Knights above air. Some of them are riding Tropeogopterus. The Charizards breathe Flamethrowers at the Guardian Knights and the riders with their partners slashing them with their swords. Kirito’s Charizard uses Dragon Claw to slash down a Tropeogopterus rider to the ground, while Asuna’s Charizard use another Flamethrower at another rider to burn it.

Just like Kirito and Asuna, Canon!Shu and Ayase’s Karmesin as a battle couple team up in taking down some Endlave Gautiers, Ghost Units and another Gespenst. Canon!Shu uses Canon!Yahiro’s Shears of Life to instantly destroy a Gautier. Unlike the last time Ayase fought Canon!Daryl’s Gespenst years ago, the Karmesin delivers an swiping energy blow at a Gespenst that easily eradicates it with no sweat.

LK!Ayase is impress by her original self’s prowling abilities in battle. Even Canon!Tsugumi shows to her LK self of how powerful Ayase is.

The group are positively sure that the Time duo (Sailor Pluto/John) and Paradais duo (Sailor Charon/Jeremiah)’s main group is going to catch up with them.

The YYGDM founders respond to the incoming Da'ath invaders attacking Time Square around them. Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon (Crystal), Tuxedo Kamen, Sailor Pluto, John Smith, Sailor Gao Pluto, Suzakato & Gallantmon, Seirika & Sakuyamon, Henbu & MegaGargomon, Yusuke, Sailor Mars, Hiei, Yugi Muto (Dark Magician), Agunimon, Sailor Sedna, Valkyrie Brunhilde & MetalSeadramon, Tea (Dark Magician Girl), Sara Shinobu, Sailor Neo Moon, RJ, Sailor Blue Mars, Ryuuhi, Sailor Cyber Mercury, Max Stromberg (Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning), Sam Stromberg (Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End), Daiki, Helbot, Nagah, Rhea, Aya, and Alice & Rottweilermon are lending support to the Lost Kingdom group, the new Funeral Parlor members, and the Canon!Guilty Crown group against the Da'ath forces.

On the opposite side, Sailor Charon, Jeremiah Grand, the two Rajita Warlords (Ghidorah and Gyaos), Sailor Andes, Igasu the Blood Moon, Anustes the Blood Pluto, and Ier the Blood Mars are, surprisingly, taking on the Da'ath army.

“Remember we're heading straight for Ward 24!” Sailor Moon reminded her teammates.

“Aye-aye, captain, but we need to plow through these flunkies first.” Suzakato responded.

Gallantmon charges up his lance, “I know. They just keep coming.”

“Allow me, fools.” Ghidorah raises and lifts his glowing right hand.

The Rajita Warlord effortlessly sends a massive green wave of energy that burns through some Titans, Anti-Bodies, and Endlaves. He also manages to cut a path for his allies to use.

Agunimon is impressed, “Whoa...”

Sailor Mars frowns, “Never thought in a million years you'd be helping us.”

“I'm not one to break an alliance as long as a common enemy is still alive. Now, spare me your judgment and dispense this useless talk.” Ghidorah stubbornly replied.

“After you, Lord Ghidorah.” Nagah addresses him in a sardonic tone.

Ghidorah floats away leading Gyaos through their newly forged path.

Charon whistles to Pluto, “Better hurry and use this route before the enemies block our way.”

“Yes, we know.” Pluto replied to her sister.

John pats Pluto's back, “Are you ready for what lies ahead?”

“Through my thousands upon thousands of year existence, as many times I've lived and died, I'm ready for anything. Even for my malevolent nephew.” Pluto declared.

Pluto and John race off together but not while attracting the attention of Da'ath Microraptors and Da'ath agents. Pluto waves her Garnet Staff, unleashing a Dead Scream that wipes out the tiny Microraptors and agents. John throws white orbs at tiny raptors and agents, which dissolved them to dust.

Sailor Blue Mars said to Mars and Hiei, “Mom, dad, me and Ryuuhi will stay behind to help these people!”

Sam adds to Mars and Hiei, “Don't you worry. I've got your daughter's back!”

“We've got this!” Ryuuhi stated.

Sailor Mars smiles proudly to them, “Do us proud, guys.” She then kisses Blue Mars and Ryuuhi on the cheeks before making her leave with Hiei, “Cammy!”

“I'm staying behind with Shingo! Yui and Aoshi left to go find our other friends!” Cammy cried out.

“Let's go. They can handle this themselves.” Hiei stated.

“You all be careful, you hear?” Mars said to the younger heroes.

Sailor Mars and Hiei make their leave.

Yusuke calls to Puu from above, “Puu, are the little ones ok?”

Puu nods and screeches in response to his master.

“Good. Now, RJ, I'll leave things here with you and your buddies?” Yusuke said to his son.

“Leave it to me, dad!” RJ proudly answered and said to to Neo Moon, “Usa, you down for some bad-guy whooping?”

Neo Moon nods, “Let's kick some ass, RJ.”

RJ grins, “She picked that up from me.”

“Nice.” Yusuke sees Keiko helping some families leave, “Looks like y'all are doing fine. Ok, Puu! Let's get our asses in gear!”

Yusuke jumps and mounts Puu. Puu screeches and flies off past Time Square with Yusuke riding him.

Sailor Moon calls out to Neo Moon, “Be careful, Neo Moon!”

“Please take care of yourself and stay with RJ!” Tuxedo Kamen gives his prayers.

Neo Moon waves to them, “I won't let you down, Usagi and Mamoru.”

Seirika said to Suzakato, “You two better go with the other leaders. I mean, you are one of the Founders.”

“But, don't you four want to come with us to find Ward 24?” Suzakato wondered.

“Nah, we can sit this one out and stay behind help kick these invaders' sorry butts.” MegaGargomon answered.

“Takato, you and Gallantmon go on. Maybe we'll catch up.” Henbu urged him.

“If you say so.” Gallantmon said.

“If you see Himura and Inumon along the way, tell them to meet us in Midtown if possible.” Sakuyamon asked.

“Got it. We'll give Da'ath's leaders a beating courtesy of the Beast Tamers!” Suzakato declared.

Seirika pulls Suzakato to the side and locks lips with him. Taken aback by her intimate approach, Suzakato returns the favor and leans her over while kissing.

“See? I'm not that bad of a kisser.” Suzakato said.

Seirika smirks, “Not bad, but try harder next time.”

“Sure.” Suzakato said as he mounts Gallantmon's right shoulder and beckons him forward to Ward 24.

“You two should get a room next time.” MegaGargomon suggested.

Seirika ignores the dog-rabbit and watches Suzakato make his leave.

Seirika smiles, “You better come back, dummy. Cause I'm not done with you.”

Sara is seen kissing Henbu, “Just in case.”

“Thanks, but you and me aren't dying.” Henbu reminded her.

“Then let's make sure none of our friends get killed.” Seirika stated about their goal.

Yugi stays behind with Tea to escort civilians out of Time Square.

Yugi waves to his fellow Founder compatriots, “Safe journey, my friends! We'll do our best to reduce the enemies down!”

Yui and Aoshi ride on ShadowMetalGarurumon as they head toward Midtown Manhattan. Alice and Rottweilermon follow them.

“Wherever they're going, let's follow.” Alice said.

ShadowMetalGarurumon notices Alice behind them, “Is this ok?”

“Yeah, sure she and her partner can come with us.” Yui answered.

Neo Moon, RJ, Blue Mars, Cyber Mercury, Max, Sam, Daiki, and Helbot stay behind to fight the Da'ath forces. Just when an Endlave attacks Neo Moon, a white pegacorn with a golden horn gets summoned and blasts the Endlave into pieces. Pegasus materializes before Neo Moon.

“Hey, long time no see, Pegasus!” RJ grinned at the winged horse.

“What's up, RJ? You’re looking frosty.” Pegasus gives a nice compliment.

“Ugh, are you picking up on RJ's lingo?” Neo Moon figures out Pegasus’ newfound casual personality.

“Yep. I taught him to say that.” RJ admitted.

“Guys, you wanna save that for another time? We got some business here to pick up.” Daiki activates Helbot via control, “Ok, Helbot, ready for action?”

“At your command, Daiki.” Helbot obeyed.

“Oh, look, Daiki's robo-girlfriend in action.” Cyber Mercury sarcastically commented.

“Here they come!” Blue Mars warned.

An army of Da'ath agents, Anti-Bodies, Endlaves, and three Titans storm toward the Neo heroes. Just then, Igasu the Blood Moon drops in out of nowhere and joins Neo Moon.

“You?!” Neo Moon cried out to the red-skinned clone.

Igasu stops a Titan's punch with both hands and picks it up, tossing it into the other two Titans. The heroes are impressed by Igasu's Amazonian strength.

“You're the moon bunny's daughter, eh? Usa, right? I guess that makes me your big clone sister. Or, aunt. Who knows, who cares.” Igasu commented.

Neo Moon glares intently, “I got my eye on you.”

RJ fires a Spirit Gun in one hand and a Demon Gun on the other. He blasts away some Da'ath agents.

Neo Moon points her scepter and unleashes immense magic that wipes out Anti-Bodies. Blue Mars and Sam protect each other; Cyber Mercury and Max help each other out.

Ier the Blood Moon, Anustes the Blood Pluto, and Aya depart in other sections of Manhattan.

Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon (Crystal), Tuxedo Kamen, Sailor Pluto, John Smith, Sailor Gao Pluto, Suzakato & Gallantmon, Yusuke & Puu, Sailor Mars, Hiei, Agunimon, Sailor Sedna, Valkyrie Brunhilde & MetalSeadramon, Nagah, Rhea, Sailor Charon, Jeremiah Grand, and the Rajita Warlords advance toward Ward 24 with the Lost Kingdoms, Canon!Guilty Crown, Hunters, the Honnouji sisters, and the SAO groups.


Toys R Us/Inside

Back at the toy store, the fight against the Malefic Duel Dragons continues with things are running amuck.

The Neo Duelists and Team DATS are fighting Malefic Light and Darkness Dragon, as the corrupt Duel Monster belches energy blasts on the Neo Duelists and Team DATS.

“You wanna play that way? Game on!” Jaden dodges Malefic Light and Darkness Dragon's blasts.

Jaden hits Malefic Light and Darkness Dragon with a Neos Force. He manages to knock over the dragon. The other Neo Duelists transform via Spirit Fusion methods.

Syrus transforms into Super Vehicroid, “We got your back, Jaden!”

Alexis turns into Cyber Blader, Aster Phoenix transforms into D-Hero Plasma, and Blair turns into Dunames Dark Witch. Chazz summons XYZ-Dragon Cannon and blasts Malefic Light and Darkness Dragon.

Thomas, Yoshino and Keenan use Digivices to evolve Gaomon, Lalamon, and Falcomon into Gaogamon, Sunflowmon, and Peckmon.

The Neo-Duelists and Team DATS attack the Malefic beast together. Now severely crippled by the attacks, the Malefic beast is quickly destroyed by Jaden's second Neos Force.

Jaden does a victory dance, “Oh yeah! That's one down!”

“There's going to be nothing left of this store if we don't relocate outside.” Thomas said.

“We have to go get Marcus and Agumon!” Keenan cried out.

Chazz said to Jaden, “Ya heard them, doofus! Let's boogie!”

“This way, everyone!” Aster helps evacuate people out of the store.


Meanwhile, the Malefics Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon and Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon fire their blasts at Team Xros Hearts, Yuma and Yuya. At the same time, Marcus and Agumon join in to help Team Xros Heart, Yuya, and Yuma.

“Mind if we cut in?! Agumon, throw me!” Marcus ordered his partner.

“Right, Aniki!” Agumon hoists Marcus up and throws him at Malefic Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon.

“I'm gonna sock you one good!” Marcus yelled.

Marcus punches the Malefic beast and collects enough data in his fist. He then uses said data to evolve Agumon into GeoGreymon.

Yuma is mesmerized, “Whoa!”

“Awesome!” Yuya cried out.

“Shoutmon, let's join in!” Taiki cried out.

“Utopia, let's clobber that fake Galaxy-Eyes!” Yuma ordered his Duel Monster.

“Stargazer Magician and Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, let’s help as well!” Yuya cried out.

GeoGreymon charges and blasts the Malefic Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon with Mega Flame. Then, Yuma's Utopia uses Rising Sun Slash to slay the dragon.

Shoutmon evolves into OmegaShoutmon and blasts Malefic Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon with Victorize Banking, a v-shaped energy beam from his head. Yuya's Stargazer Magician and Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon help finish off the Malefic dragon.

“That takes care of things here!” Taiki said.

Marcus sees the rest of Team DATS heading outside the store, “Hey, where y'all going?!”

“There's more enemies outside this store we need to neutralize.” Thomas said.

“You're more than welcome to join us if you want!” Yoshino cried out.

“We'll be waiting!” Keenan said.

“We'll catch up!” Marcus said to his friends.

Taiyou and Huckmon are in a state of awe seeing the Digiteams in action. Taiyou's inspiration to fight grows seeing them.

“Huckmon, it's about time to show them what we can do!” Taiyou shows his proof.

“Let's do it, Taiyou!” Huckmon said.

Tagiru groans, “Aww, I didn't get a chance to help take down one of those dragons!”

“No worries, Tagiru. You'll get another chance. I hear there's more of those dragons outside.” Yuu (Xros) said to him.

“Really?! C'mon, Gumdramon, let's rumble!” Tagiru cried out.

“Guess that's where we're going.” Taiyou said.

The Legendary Warriors cross paths with their evil counterparts, the Dark Legendary Warriors. After some persuasion, the two sides mend differences and go outside the store to fight more Malefic dragons. The YYGDM Digi-Destined, too, head outside to neutralize the Malefic dragon forces.

Ryo, Cyberdramon, Tai (Tri), and Agumon (Tri) see most of the Digiteams leaving the store.

“Looks like most of the enemies in the store have been dealt with.” Ryo stated.

“But there's more bad guys outside.” Tai (Tri) said.

“Shall we lend them a hand?” Cyberdramon wondered.

“Let's move.” Agumon (Tri) said.


Elsewhere in the store, Kazu, Guardromon, and Kiyoko help evacuate some store clerks.

“Man, a part of me is craving for some action!” Kazu cried out in excitement.

“First, let's get these people out.” Kiyoko said to him.


Malefic Rainbow Dragon is seen continuing its battle against Sailor Makemake, Duke, and Zimmy as it fires a dark rainbow blast at them.

Sailor Makemake, Duke, and Zimmy do their best evading Malefic Rainbow Dragon's blasts.

“Stupid dragon, you dare belch your blasts on me?! The great Zimmy?! I'm destined to rule you!” Zimmy loudly boasted to the monster.

Another blast heads for Zimmy, prompting Makemake to jump in and take a hit for him. Makemake cries out and falls on her knees.

Zimmy is shocked, “Wh-wha...?! Are you stupid or what, Earther girl?!”

“Miho!” Duke grows enraged and charges the Malefic Rainbow Dragon.

Malefic Rainbow Dragon’s tail swings Duke back. Upon seeing her man getting taken out, Sailor Makemake's anger triggers her power and she summons a long whip imbued with lavender energy.

“Nobody messes with my Duke!” Makemake yelled.

She throws her whip at the Malefic Rainbow Dragon and ties it around its neck. Zimmy and Duke watch as Makemake absorbs the dragon's power through her whip.

“Go night night, you bad dragon!” Makemake finished.

As she twisted her whip, Makemake snapped the dragon's neck and used the whip's power to dissolve it.

“Whoa, remind me not to anger this Earther woman.” Zimmy muttered.

Duke gives his congrats, “Well done, Miho.”

Makemake turns and bows for her audience, “Thank you.” She then comforts to Duke, “Oh, Duke, did he hurt you?!”

“I'll manage thanks.” Duke responded.

Unbeknownst to them, Lotso the Bear is watching the group. He turns and notices the West Coasters on another side of the store.

“Seems, I got some new toys to play with.” Lotso evilly smirked.


Toys R Us/Outside

Outside, the Malefic Cyber End Dragon fires molten fireballs from its three heads at Omegamon and Imperialdramon.

Combining Positron Laser and Supreme Cannon, Imperialdramon and Omegamon take out Malefic Cyber End Dragon.

“Nice shot, Omegamon!” Tai commented.

“Overkill mode is a success!” Davis cried out.

Ken points out to their allies, “Look, our friends are getting out of the store!”

“And with enough civilians leaving the vicinity. That's good.” Matt commented.

The YYGDM Digi-Destined have rejoin Tai, Matt, Davis, and Ken.

“Tai, me and Imperialdramon are going to help Athenamon.” Omegamon said.

“Ok, but watch out for those three Gorgon sisters!” Tai warned.

Omegamon and Imperialdramon advance toward Athenamon's battle with the Gorgonmon sisters. Athenamon is seen struggling with the three Gorgonmon sisters.

Meanwhile, Ryo & Cyberdramon, Tai & Agumon (Tri), the Legendary Warriors, the Dark Legendary Warriors, the Demon Beast Generals, and Team DATS arrive outside the store. They see the fight against the Gorgonmon sisters taking place.

Tai (Tri) notices Tai and the YYGDM Digi-Destined, “Hey, that's one of my counterparts...”

“And our friends' counterparts.” Agumon (Tri) sees Omegamon, “And Omegamon fighting!”

Taiyou and Huckmon arrive outside before Team Xros Heart do.

Taiyou sees Omegamon and Imperialdramon, “Man, this is like a dream come true.”

“I'll say, maybe it's about time I get to digivolve.” Huckmon announced.

(End Theme)


Javits Convention Center/Outside

(Cue God of War 3 – March of Tartarus)

Outside of the convention center, Kratos is seen on top of Kronos’ arm as the furious Spartan rushes in attempting to reach Kronos’ head.

“Hold still, warrior!” Kronos shouted.

The Titan attempts to squash Kratos with his huge hand, but Kratos uses his blades for the chains to ensnare it and slashes it aside, causing Kronos to howl in pain a little. A few Endlaves climb on top of Kronos’ back to reach Kratos, but Kratos gives a loud battle cry to slashes apart one Endlave, uses the blades chains to throw one mech to the rest of the Endlave group for them to fall down.

Sailor Saturn, now transformed into a Dai-Valkyrie, helps Kratos tear apart Endlaves using her Silence Glaive. She spins around, hacking and slashing a Endlave into pieces. Uratoh the Blood Saturn joins in to help Saturn and Kratos. Saturn turns her attention to Kronos.

Saturn gives a fierce glare, “Kronos, you're my planet's Greek counterpart, but that doesn't mean I will show you mercy. In the name of Saturn, I'll obliterate you!”

“Ah, the Senshi of Destruction, my taste of challenging you!” Kronos laughs and attempts to stomp on Saturn.

Saturn makes a dash toward Kronos and tears into the Titan's leg with her Glaive.

“Show-off!” Uratoh jumps up and attempts to cut Krono's chest.

Saturn flies up to Uratoh and pushes her away from getting blasted. She takes Kronos' blast head-on and cuts the beam in half with her Glaive, She then drives Glaive into his chest. Uratoh, too, drives her blades into Kronos.

Kratos then figures out an idea. Using his brute force, he rushes to grab Uratoh and throws the screaming clone like a ragdoll at Kronos’ left eye.

“AH! Damn you, Spartan!” Kronos cried out in pain.

The Greek Titan goes briefly berserk and attempts to swipe at Kronos with his left arm, but the Spartan leaps above and uses his blades to ensnare Kronos’ left shoulder to another path and continues slashing.

Saturn joins Kratos and stabs Kronos' right shoulder. She twisted her Glaive and carved through Kronos' skin, opening up a wound and making the Titan bleed. She cares little for Uratoh being stuck in Kronos' eye.

(End Theme)


Javits Convention Center/Inside

(Cue Blood Stain Child - Forever Free)

Inside the Javits convention, many battles take place as usual, but Blood Stain Child is still around in not hiding, as they are playing another song to give encouragement for the heroes, especially Team Satisfaction.

The Signers are seen commanding their signature Signer Dragons to fight off their Malefic counterparts above the ceiling. Black Rose Dragon fires her rose aura attack at her dark counterpart. Black-Winged Dragon and his corrupted self rushes one another with their wings. Ancient Fairy Dragon and Life Stream Dragon team-up to hold off their Malefic selves.

Malefic Stardust Dragon transforms to Malefic Shooting Star Dragon in firing a cosmic energy blast at Stardust Dragon. As Malefic Red Dragon Archfiend backs off, he transforms to Malefic Red Nova Dragon in delivering a nova claw strike at Red Dragon Archfiend.

“Stardust Dragon! Let's fight fire with fire! Shift into Shooting Star mode!” Yusei ordered.

“Red Dragon Archfiend, let's waste this fake and show 'em all whose the real king!” Jack encouraged.

Stardust Dragon transforms into Shooting Star Dragon and responds with a cosmic blast of its own. The Shooting Star and Malefic Shooting Star Dragons are locked in a beam struggle. Red Dragon Archfiend gets bathed in hellfire flames and converts into Red Nova Dragon. Red Nova Dragon attacks its Malefic counterpart.

Crow, Akiza, Leo, and Luna cheer on their Signer Dragons.

Blackwing Dragon quickly disposes of Malefic Blackwing Dragon. Black Rose Dragon eradicates Malefic Black Rose Dragon with Black Rose Flare. Ancient Fairy Dragon crushes her Malefic counterpart. Life Stream Dragon takes down his Malefic counterpart.

“Yeah! That'll show that fake!” Leo cried out.

“No one beats the real deals.” Luna said.

“Yusei, we've taken care of those other dragons.” Akiza said.

Crow cries out, “Show 'em the power of Team Satisfaction, you two!”

Yusei and Jack command their mighty dragons to finish their Malefic Counterparts.

“Now finish him off, Shooting Star Dragon!” Yusei yelled.

Shooting Star Dragon grabs Malefic Shooting Star Dragon and uses Falling Star Slam to destroy it.

“Send him to hell, Red Nova Dragon!” Jack drops a thumbs down for the finishing blow.

Red Nova Dragon pulls and grabs Malefic Red Nova Dragon. Red Nova uses Burning Soul to obliterate the Malefic counterpart. After this, Red Nova and Shooting Star Dragons both roar in the blaze of glory.

“No cheap imitation will ever usurp my throne!” Jack declared.

“And thanks for playing music for us, Blood Stain Child!” Yusei gives his gratitude to the band.

The Signers and their Dragons notice the incoming Da'ath invaders. They advance and engage the invaders.

Meanwhile, Akane blanches in horror upon seeing a demon from her past. Makishima slowly saunters toward the frightened Enforcer.

“ can't be alive, Makishima!” Akane cried out in fear.

“Call it what you will. An act of good fortune or a miracle, but I've been given a second chance, thanks to my new partnership with Da'ath. I've reawakened from death and ascended to become a Heavenly King. I knew my crusade against the Sibyl System would reward me.” Makishima smirks fiendishly, “Fate does play funny like that.”

“Stay behind!” Akane takes out her Dominator and points at him.

“Now we've been down this road before...” Makishima reminded her.

Spike steps in front of Akane, “Hey, freak, back off or deal with me.”

“Spike, don't... he's dangerous.” Akane warned.

Spike smiles at the newcomer, “No worries. I've faced a guy like him before. I took out Vicious many times and also at last year's Halloween event.”

“Ah, yes, you're that bounty hunter. I know I'd be worth a ton of woolong, but you won't get the chance since you'll be dead as a door nail.” Makishima said to him.

“You can try, but I'm doing this for the missy here.” Spike said.

“Be careful, Spike. He's very adept at martial arts.” Akane gives him advice.

“So am I. Bet this guy doesn't know Jeet Kune do. This one's on me, Akane. Can't afford to lose a new member.” Spike responded.

Makishima is annoyed by Spike's demeanor, “Now you're starting to remind me of Kogami. But, don't think I've come alone. Should anything happen to me, a group of teenagers I've manipulated into joining me and Da'ath's cause will hunt you down. Not that you have any hope to kill me.”

“Shut up and let's dance.” Spike said in annoyance.

Spike and Makishima quickly engage fisticuffs and start hitting each other with quick-paced kicks. Makishima is able to keep up with Spike. Akane readies her Dominator, but holds back due to fear of shooting Spike.

Akane wonders the last part of Makishima’s sentence, “What kids did he manipulate?”

On the opposite end from Spike, Akane, and Makishima, TOM and Agent Coulson shoot down some Da'ath agents. Alucard is busy obliterating Anti-Bodies and Da'ath agents with brutality. Haruhi snaps her fingers and makes a bunch of Endlaves dissolve into digitized dust.

“TOM, gonna need some help here, buddy!” Moltar cried out.

TOM sees Swayzak and Orcelot Rex attacking Moltar.

“Get your hands off him, you two!” TOM shoots at his two nemeses.

Swayzak and Orcelot dodge TOM's blasts. The former laughs maniacally toward TOM.

“I told you we'd get you, TOM! Did you think we were bluffing when I sent you that message?” Swayzak said.

“Now we come to eliminate you and cancel your block for good.” Orcelot declared.

“Over my disassembled body!” TOM cried out.

“Hahahaha! Well, we can arrange that. The Intruder has come early to finish you! Why waited until October for Intruder II when we can kill you now?!” Swayzak cackles.

Then, TOM sees the Intruder engulfing some civilians and horrible memories of TOM-1's death replays in TOM's memory banks.

“Never!” TOM shoots at the Intruder and prevents it from eating more civilians.

Just then, Luffy notices the Intruder and salivates hungrily. “Yum! JELLO!”

“Luffy, don't! That thing will kill you!” TOM cried out in fear.

Luffy stretches his arms out to grab the Intruder thinking it's a giant Jello dessert. The Intruder responds by shooting out a red tendril dripping with acid.

“Haruhi, stop him!” TOM rushly ordered.

Haruhi dashes toward Luffy and kicks him to the side before the Intruder could grab and dissolve Luffy.

Luffy falls hard and rubs his head, “Ow, what the heck was that for, Haruhi?”

“That thing was gonna eat you! It has a mind of its own and killed the first TOM!” Haruhi warned.

“What? That thing?” Luffy asked.

“That thing reminds me of the Blob.” Coulson stated.

“Which one?” Alucard wondered.

Moltar answers, “Obviously the deadlier one from the '80's remake.”

“That's not cool. Jellos shouldn't be eating people. People should be eating Jello!” Luffy said.

“That besides the point...” TOM muttered.

“Enough! Today will be your doom, Anime SHIELD!” Swayzak interrupted and declares his enemies.

“Not like I haven't come back from being dead before.” Alucard muttered.

TOM recharges his laser gun, “Time to get serious, Anime SHIELD! Let's show these jerks the door!”

With that said, TOM, Coulson, and Moltar take on Swayzak. Alucard, the unkillable vampire, decides to challenge the Intruder. Haruhi and Luffy face Orcelot.

(End Theme)


Central Park/Strawberry Fields

(Cue Epica – Sancta Terra)

At the Strawberry Fields that’s under fire, a duel between a Valkyrie and an Erinye commences. Sigrun and Reginleif deliver blows at one another before they back off. Reginleif summons her spirit partner beside the Erinye that looks like an Irish elk called ‘Duneyrr of the Summer’.

“What’s the matter, Australi-gardian? I knew you pretend to not know my mere existence because your long time friend willingly becomes an Erinye just to be popular. I secretly envy you back then, yet Mist granted me my wish.” Reginleif gives a defaming smile, “Too bad that’s not the case for my canon self, for the canon version of my leader will brainwash her by the time that story is written. I will be happy for that Midgardian author to write it just to see my real self suffer!”

Sigrun responds by summoning her spirit animal partners. Two large goats, a white one on the right and a black one on the left, appear heavily garbed in gold body armor fitting for goats. The white one is called 'Tanngrisnir' and the black one is 'Tanngnjostr'. These are the legendary goats that pull Thor's chariot.

“What was there to envy, Reginleif? We were friends, but you're no longer the friend I knew. I chose to ignore you because I hope we've never have to fight.” Sigrun has a pitiful look before she drops into a fighting stance, “But, now that you attacked me, you've forced my hand. I can't believe you've sold your soul to that conniving witch. At least my canon self can redeem your canon counterpart, but between us, I'll have to put you down.”

Sigrun beckons Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr to aid her against Reginleif and Duneyrr.
Duneyrr charges at Thor’s goats with his fiery antlers and pushes them back on his own despite the number advantages. Reginleif rushes with a spear to try to pierce Sigrun with the power of droughts.

Reginleif feels angered and shouts, “You knew better, but there’s one thing we still have in common! The paucity of love interests, and I wish I want to have one by the time it is over!”

“Not found love...?” Sigrun gasped and realizes Reginleif is about them lacking a love partner, both in the past and present.

While Sigrun evades Reginleif's spear using speed, Sigrun is reeling a bit from Reginleif's truthful words. She still has some insecurity of men turning her down for choosing to be an athlete. She hops over Reginleif and attempts to catch her in a tornado, but Reginleif counters by swinging around her spear. Sigrun flies up avoiding Reginleif's attack.


Central Park

At the main section of the park, while Sigrun fights Reginleif, Sailor Eris, Sailor Sire, Larry, Mika, and Hayata decide to leave to other parts of Manhattan to aid other allies. Mika and Hayata leave first. Eris and Larry discuss things over to let Sire join them.

Larry whispers, “Can we trust her?”

Eris whispers back in response, “If she tries anything sneaky, I'll deal with her.”

Eris approaches Sire and said to her clone, “You'll come with us, but we're keeping an eye on you.”

“Not surprised you don't trust me. Whatever, lead the way.” Sire said to her.

Eris, Larry, and Sire head off out of Central Park.


At the other side, Surtur and Lolth double-team to take on Brimstone and Mizuno.

Surtur sheathes his flaming great sword called the Laveteinn, “You have what it takes to face the ruler of Muspelheim?!”

The demonic Fire Jotun attempts to slash down Brimstone. Lolth moves in to deliver light purple giant webs to ensnare Mizuno and blasts a ray of energy.

“Taste the absence of light! While it lasts.” Lolth smiled at her two foes.

Mizuno washes down Lolth's webs with simple water bursts. She narrowly dodges the beam. She creates a water bridge to slid over and jumps up shooting water blasts at Lolth. She gets behind Lolth.

“You're going to have to do better than that!” Mizuno said.

Brimstone creates a sword of fire to block Surtur's Laveteinn. He and Surtur are locked in a standstill.

“I suppose we'll find out.” Brimstone responded to the challenge.

The fight between the League of Extraordinary Da’ath members continues after this.

(End Theme)


Shinnen:New Year

Part XIV: Urban Battlefield (Part II)


Midtown Manhattan/Empire State Building

(Cue Hiroyuki Sawano - Brave)

Close to the Empire State Building in Midtown, the Gundam battle royale commences in their wide area with four battles. It is a sight to see of giant robots duking out besides robots fighting Kaijuus.

One is Allelujah/Hallelujah w/Gundam Harute, Sailor Orcus, and Sailor Sucro vs Hiling w/1.5 Gundam.

“Your mine now, bastard!” Hiling angrily cried out at Allelujah

Hiling attempts to go for the kill, but Allelujah blocks and pushes her off. Then, Allelujah/Hallelujah gives an insane laugh and flies to deliver a flurry of punches at Hiling, to which the Innovade attempts to block them through.

“You’re messing with me!” Hiling growled of her past mistake of being defeated by the Gundam Meisters.

Hiling’s Gundam begins to go Trans-Am and fires a laser cannon at Allelujah/Hallelujah, to which the Gundam Meister goes Trans-Am as well and evades. Orcus and Sucro are alert at the incoming laser.

Sailor Orcus quickly shifts into her Dai-Valkyrie form. She then summons her bat, Razor, who materializes from a thick cloud. Orcus flies over to Razor. Orcus and Razor combine powers to form a wormhole that swallows up the beam. Sucro watches in awe at her good counterpart's work.

“Thanks for the help, Razor!” Orcus smiled at her partner.

Razor cheerfully nods, “Anytime, Orcus.”

Orcus gives a smirk to Sucro, “Jealous?”

“As if, I could do that, too!” Sucro cried out to her own abilities.

Sucro sees a laser heading for her. She creates a similar but smaller wormhole that catches and eats the beam.

“See?!” Sucro yelled.

Orcus and Razor fly off to attack Hiling's Gundam. Dai-Valkyrie Orcus creates wormholes to distract Hiling long enough for Allelujah/Hallelujah to attack. Orcus uses Razor's power to turn her pair of sais into big makeshift daggers made of darkness energy. She slashes at the back of Hiling's Gundam.

Sucro fumes at this, “Hey, don't you ignore me!”

Another is Lockon w/Gundam Zabanya and Paradiso X against Revive w/1.5 Gundam Type Dark.

“Let’s see how you handle this!” Lockon announced.

Lockon’s Gundam begins to go Trans-Am and fires a number of gunshots at Revive, but the rouge Innovade respond by going Trans-Am and evade each one. Revive then fires his blasts at his foes.

Lockon warns Paradiso X, “Watch out!”

Paradiso X successfully evades Revive's Gundam attacks. He quickly glides forward and discharges a series of blasts on Revive's Gundam.

Paradiso X shouts at Revive, “No one shoots at me and gets away with it! Since I can't kill Kensuke now, you'll do just fine!”

Another is Tieria w/Raphael Gundam, GranDracmon, and Sailor Andes vs Ali w/Arche Gundam. Tieria’s defenses protect himself from Ali’s brutal hack and slash attacks.

“What’s the matter, afraid you get chop to pieces?!” Ali cackled.

Tieria defiantly shouts at the bastard, “I’m afraid not, demon!”

Tieria’s cannons fires at Ali to which the sickening bastard evades. Then, the Arche Gundam begins to go Trans Am.

“What?! You can now Trans Am?!” Tieria gasped in horror.

“Oh yes, just a boost to get my revenge!” Ali sneered.

Ali fires his fangs at his enemies, but Tieria’s Gundam goes Trans Am and fires back. The fangs are about to reach GranDracmon and Andes.

GranDracmon grunts, “You dare to challenge me?!”

“I'm glad I came just in time, father! Let's take these Gundam jerkholes down!” Andes cried out.

GranDracmon unleashes his Crystal Revolution, a barrage of ice crystals, to neutralize Ali's fangs. Andes helps by swinging her naginata, sending Frost Death Arrows, resembling ice-like swords, to take out another fang fired by Ali.

“Is that all you got, Gundam pilot?! You can't beat me and my father with those toys!” Andes taunted the evil pilot.

GranDracmon grumbles, “Don't get too caught up in the glory yet, my daughter.”

“We’ll see about that, brat!” Ali raising his buster sword to swoop down at Andes and GranDracmon with Trans Am speed.

GranDracmon and Andes take on Ali's Gundam with reckless abandon.

Finally the main one is Setsuna w/Qan T, Dramon X, Paradixalmon X against Ribbons w/Reborns Gundam. Ribbons and Setsuna fly around and clash each other with their blades before Ribbons fires his laser rifle at him, Dramon X and Paradixalmon X only that the three evade the range assault. Setsuna and Ribbons’ Gundams go Trans Am and deliver another round of physical combat with tremendous speed boosts before Ribbons pushes Setsuna with his fangs and then clashes both Accel Ascendants with his weapon.

Ribbons taunts Dramon X to press his buttons, “My, you gotten quite use to be an unhuman anathema. You’re not even an Innovator, but something else, and that’s one thing I won’t let that power being stolen from me!”

Dramon X clashes and struggles head-on with Ribbons.

“Spare me your pretentious bullshit! I'll take anything you throw at me and cram it so far down your throat, and then I'll rip out those vocal cords out!” Dramon X angrily shouts back at the arrogant Innovade.

Paradixalmon X shakes his head, “Ken, you haven't changed at all.”

“Why change who I am?” Dramon X smirks, “Besides, as long as assholes like him are around... someone's gotta be around to put the animals down!”

Dramon X discharges a blast at Ribbon's Reborns Gundam. Ribbons see it coming and dodge the attack, and then fires his rifle at Dramon X in return. Setsuna intercepts to slashes Ribbons with the sinister Innovade backing off.

Setsuna encourage Dramon X, “Don’t let his delusional thoughts get to you, just keep fighting!”

The Qan T charges to continue the battle against the Reborns Gundam. Dramon X intercepts Ribbon's Gundam rifle blasts.

“Hey, don't have to tell me twice!” Dramon X responds to Setsuna before he flies at Ribbon's Gundam and fires in retaliation.


Midtown Manhattan

At another side of Midtown, the four Time Deaths (Jishikitori X, Jishikiaku X, Jishikiushi X, and Jishikikumo X) are coordinating their assault against the gargantuan Nidhogg. The queen of dragons descends from the sky to land in all four in each tall buildings that causes them to erupt and crack from the rooftops. Letting out a roar, the Nidhogg summons huge roots that are traced from Yggdrasil to deal great damage and ensnare at the Time Deaths.

The Time Deaths try their best to evade getting ensnared by the giant roots unearthed by Nidhogg. Jishikitori X bombards and blows away a root that tries to grab her. She flies ahead and shoots Nidhogg with energy beams. Jishikiaku X, Jishikiushi X, and Jishikikumo X separate as they coordinate attacks on the behemoth.

“You'll be decent warm-up before I face that boy for ruining my plans. Oh, and I won't be denied meeting my glorious mainstream counterpart.” Jishikitori X refers to Sailor Charon.

(End Theme)


Midtown Manhattan/Hell’s Kitchen

Elsewhere, the horrendous VenomMillenniummon and CarnageMillenniummon are still seen chasing Spider-Man that screech at their delicious meal.

Spider-Man web swings like his life depended on it, “Now we've hit Matt Murdock's side of town! As if this place has had problems with Kingpin and his cronies!”

“Come back here so I can eat your brains!” VenomMillenniummon yelled.

“Then, we'll tear off your head and shit down your neck!” CarnageMillenniummon screeched.

“Ugh, totally getting bad mental images...” Spider-Man groaned.

Just then, Spider-Man reaches closer to the Toys R Us area. The first group the webslinger sees are Ryo & Cyberdramon, SoveignOuryumon, and the Data Squad.

“Heeey, your friendly neighborhood Spidey coming your way!” Spider-Man said to his reinforcements.

“Spider-Man?!” Ryo is surprise of seeing him.

“Whoa, and what are those chasing him?!” Keenan loudly asked.

“They look like... Venom and Carnage!” Thomas figured out.

“And super-sized ones!” Cyberdramon added.

“Hey, Spider, need a hand?” Marcus asked the web-slinger.

Spider-Man quickly answers, “I'd so appreciate it! Better than being their snack!”

VenomMillenniummon and CarnageMillenniummon confront Spider-Man, Ryo & Cyberdramon, SoveignOuryumon, and Team Data Squad.

“I suppose I can help since I got nothing to do.” SoveignOuryumon muttered.

“Careful these two are swift despite their size.” Spider-Man warned his allies.

Ryo figures out something, “Wait, they're also part-Millenniummon!”

“No wonder their sinister energies feel so familiar.” Cyberdramon realized.

“Da'ath managed to splice parts of the Symbiotes with Millenniummon data? As if that wasn't nightmare fuel enough.” Ryo muttered.

VenomMillenniummon chuckles, “Look what we have here. It's Ryo and his partner.”

CarnageMillenniummon gives a crude sneer, “Ryo and the webcrawler in one location? Who would've thought?”

“Hey, you also deal with us! And trust me you don't want none of this. Right, GeoGreymon?” Marcus asked his partner.

“Yes. Though, this is a job for ShineGreymon.” GeoGreymon announced.

“As if we'd like you evolve, right away!” VenomMillenniummon interrupted.

The Symbiote Digimon swiftly attack the group. VenomMillenniummon attempts to deliver brutal swiping blows while CarnageMillenniummon backs up by sprouting sharp tendrils from his back.

“Cyberdramon, let's biomerge!” Ryo declared.

“Ok!” Cyberdramon responded.

Ryo calls upon the spirit power of Ouryu the Golden Dragon. The spirit dragon's essence merges with Ryo and transforms him into the fifth Beast Tamer, Ouryo. Then, Cyberdramon prepares to biomerge with Ouryo. However, VenomMillenniummon prepares to cut him off.

“Not so fast! GeoGreymoon, evolve to ShineGreymon!” Marcus cried out.

GeoGreymon evolves past his Ultimate form (RizeGreymon) and becomes his Mega form, ShineGreymon. ShineGreymon jets right up to VenomMillenniummon and slashes at him. VenomMillenniummon screeches loudly and shoots black tendrils at him.

“Gaogamon!” Thomas ordered.

“Sunflowmon!” Yoshino cried out.

“Peckmon!” Keenan cried out.

The Data Squad takes out their Digivces, “Evolve further and aid ShineGreymon!”

Then, Gaogaomon evolves straight from MachGaogamon to MirageGaogamon. Sunflowmon goes from Lilamon to become Rosemon. Peckmon evolves further from Crowmon into Ravemon. The three Megas quickly stop CarnageMillenniummon from attacking ShineGreymon.

“Sweet, now this is going on the Bugle.” Spider-Man is taking pictures with his camera, “No way Jameson can blame Spidey for this! Oh, wait... I'm supposed to be helping you guys!”

Spider-Man then webslings over to help shoot web into VenomMillenniummon's eyes, “How do you like that?!”

ShineGreymon tackles the blinded VenomMillenniummon.

Meanwhile, Ouryo and Cyberdramon finally biomerge into the Beast Biomerger VoidJustimon.

“Whoa, now that's awesome!” Marcus said in amazement.

“I'm ready for action!” VoidJustimon does a battle stance.

Spider-Man gives his comments, “Hey, nice golden get-up, pal!”

“Thanks, Spider-Man. Now it's all of us against these two!” VoidOuryumon announced.

However, VenomMillenniummon and CarnageMillenniummon quickly respond to the Beast Biomerger and combine themselves.

“You're not the only one who can combine!” VenomMillenniummon shouted.

“We can as well!” CarnageMillenniummon added.

VenomMillenniummon/CarnageMillenniummon both shout, “Now, Jogress Evolve!”

The two Symbiote/Synthetic monsters combine to form a horribly terrifying amalgamation of chaos. The abomination emerged a perfect fusion of Venom, Carnage, and Millenniummon. They now look like the combined form of Venom/Carnage from Spider-Man Unlimited.

VenomMillenniummon/CarnageMillenniummon both declared the name of their fused form, “We are now CarnomMillenniummon!”

“Gah... now I've seen everything! Hey, he looks just like Venom/Carnage combined from my short-lived Spider-Man Unlimited series!” Spider-Man pointed out.

“A failed attempt to compete with Batman Beyond.” ShineGreymon sees some connection.

Spider-Man shrugs, “Well, you can't win them all.”

“We can discuss TV show talk later. We got work to do!” VoidJustimon reminded his teammates.

Then, CarnomMillenniummon bumrushes toward the group, who spread out to coordinate long distance attacks on the abomination from different sides.


Broadway Theatre/Outside

(Cue Thomas Bergersen – Immortal)

Outside of the theater district, Phillipe and Valkyrie Skuld’s group have sense that the main group is heading towards GHQ’s headquarters. Before they can move forward, they are suddenly ambushed by Laughing Coffin assassins, Anti Bodies, and large Labyrinthodonts that have crocodilian scales are called Koolasaurus, hybrids that are cross between Koolasuchus and Sarcosuchus.

“We've been found!” Phillipe cried out in fear.

“Don't worry, we can take them, Phillipe!” Jaguarmon reminded her partner.

Jeri announce to her Digimon, “Leomon, Felinismon, let's get ready to fight!”

As Phillipe takes out his DDM-Gattai Digivice, he evolves Jaguarmon into her Mega form, Artemismon. Leomon and Felinismon guard Jeri. Ai transforms into Sailor Summoner Venus. Umi transforms into Sailor Battle Jupiter. Deedee the bat turns into Demona the Succubus. Himura takes out his Digivice and evolves Inumon into his Mega form, YoukaiInumon. They unite to take out the Laughing Coffin assassins, Anti-Bodies, and Koolasaurus. The enemies are taken out quickly.

“Some of you stay and handle these cronies.” Himura said to his comrades.

“C'mon, Himura, we need to reconvene with the other Tamers.” YoukaiInumon said to him.

Himura calls upon Byakko's spirit and merges with him to become Himakko.

“Yes, that's where we're going.” Himakko nodded at his Digimon partner.

“We'll handle things here!” Summoner Venus cried out.

“Uncle Phillipe, you be careful!” Adam encouraged.

Saya said to Phillipe, “Be careful, my brother.”

Skuld chuckles evilly, “Don't worry, Phillipe is in good hands with me.”

Himakko thinks otherwise, “That's what I'm worried about.”

“You best not try seducing Phillipe, Skuld. We have important matters.” Artemismon warned the Valkyrie.

“Yeah, yeah, slaughter some bad guys. Right.” Skuld sardonically muttered.

Valkyrie Skuld & Garm, Himakko & YoukaiInumon, Phillipe & Artemismon, and Jeri & Felinismon/Leomon depart to their destination. Anton and Bruno also follow them so they can go inside one of the bunkers for safety.

“Saya, get back.” Tsukimaru warned her.

Saya responds, “I can still call upon my Norn powers.”

Saya transforms into Norn Urd. She takes the form of a blonde-haired woman garbed in white robe trimmed with gold; Saya is wearing a gold crown on her forehead and a green gem embellished on a breast plate.

More Laughing Coffins, Anti-Bodies, and Koolasaurus emerge to attack the group.

Battle Jupiter charges lightning in her fist, “Here they come!”

Summoner Venus takes out a chain, “Piece of cake, right, Adam?”

“Sure.” Adam stated.

“Let's boogie!” Demona announced.

Just then, Tokage Keroro comes falling out of nowhere and crushes the enemies. The group is taken aback by Tokage's sudden appearance.

“That's Tokage Keroro, one of the Taiyoukai lords!” Tsukimaru mentioned the name of the frog-bat demon.

“What is he doing here?!” Adam wondered.

“Seems like he was thrown here. But, who could've thrown him this far?!” Battle Jupiter demanded.

Summoner Venus gulps and points at the broken ceiling, “Um, guys... I think we should be saying... what threw him... because... LOOK!”

The group turns and sees a giant black bat with seven tails descending near them. The Shichibi no Kumouri makes his landing.

Tokage Keroro groans and sits up, “...that bastard ambushed me and threw me here... you fools are way over your heads if you think you can take him!”

Adam feels something familiar with the Shichibi.

“Why does it feel like I know this giant bat?” Adam questioned.

Urd then explains some information, “Because we were guest stars in some dead Naruto fic, and at the time the Shichibi beast hadn't yet been revealed. So this fanfic author created a Shichibi. He made it a bat and you were the Jinchuuriki.”

“Really? Man that's some fucked up shit.” Adam said in surprise.

“Tell me about it. You, me, and Saya... well, us playing guest roles only agreed to appear because we were low on cash and needed acting experience. It was good for you and because we got our feet wet in showbiz.” Summoner Venus admitted about some past event.

“Y'all only did it for the money?” Battle Jupiter asked her Neo Senshi comrade.

Summoner Venus nods at her, “Yep. I played a somewhat skilled kunoichi character but I was made less powerful than as my Senshi self. But, now I can fight freely and use my full powers.”

“Same here. Heh, we won't even need Naruto and his friends' help. This is our battle.” Adam declared.

“Except this is the real Shichibi no Kumouri, nothing like the beast from that Land of Darkness film you starred in.” Tsukimaru warned to his team.

“Well, it's been deleted off FF dot net. It's a dead fic. Anyway, let's focus on the matter at hand!” Adam turns his full attention.

Shichibi screeches loudly and flaps his massive wings hard, sending a powerful wind that nearly blows away the group.

“You won't stand a chance without me!” Tokage Keroro decides to team up with the group.

“Guess you can hang with us then.” Summoner Venus responded.

“Yeah until we beat the Shicihibi... wait, I actually see Ai eye to eye on something?!” Demona cried out despite their rivalry.

“First time for everything.” Tsukimaru stated.

Shichibi flies up into the air and fires mouth blasts toward the group. Tokage Keroro flies up to go head to head with the Shichibi. Adam, Summoner Venus, Battle Jupiter, Demona, Tsukimaru, and Norn Urd take cover to plan strategies. Summoner Venus summons a giant fox to use as transport for her, Adam, Battle Jupiter, Demona, Tsukimaru, and Urd.

Summoner Venus points out, “Onward and march! Follow that giant bat!”

“Finally I get to fight the real Shichibi no Kumouri!” Adam gets excited, but be careful what he wished for.

(End Theme)


Midtown Manhattan

(Cue Guilty Crown – Omega)

Just like a notorious arcade walkthrough, the Canon!Guilty Crown, Lost Kingdoms, the two Hunters, the Honnouji sisters, and the SAO groups continue their encounter with Anti-Bodies and Endlave Gautiers/Ghost Units going in their tank modes as they take them down by pieces.

Just then on the side of Kurosu’s truck, a low bellow is heard as a large hybrid herbivore is seen going on a stampede. It is a cross between a Triceratops and a Stegosaurus are called Stegoceratops. What are supposed to be peaceful herbivores are cruelly imprinted by Da’ath/GHQ to become dangerous weapons. The Stegoceratops stomps on the ground in delivering a shake at Kurosu’s truck, while a bunch of Ruin Kobold Sentinels are running beside the hybrid.

“What the fuck is that?!” Juan gave a precision shout.

“Some kind of a cross between two dinosaurs.” Katsumi realized.

“As if GHQ couldn’t get any crueler.” Leafa stated.

Sinon regretfully aims her rifle at the Stegoceratops, “Sorry I have to put you out of your misery.”

Sinon then fires at the Stegoceratops, only that a Kobold is taking the hit.

“Out of the way, motherfuckers!” Juan yelled.

Juan, Katsumi and Tarone fire their rifles at the remaining Kobolds while Leafa uses her magic to subdue the Stegoceratops as the hybrid is about to strike with its tail, allowing Sinon to snipe at the beast’s head, killing it instantly.

Gon and Killua then encounter some Koolasaurus which they give croaking roars at the boys. A few Anti Bodies are about to assault the Hunters.

“Aw, more weird monsters!” Gon cried out.

“Not like those beasts back in our world!” Killua sees some new challenges.

The young boys team up to beat up some of the Anti Bodies, a Koolasaurus attempts to lunge at Gon, but the boy uses his Nen fist to strike inside its mouth and blow the hybrid up. Another Koolasaurus does a sneak attack at Killua, only that the Zoldyck assassin sees it coming and electrocutes the amphibian monster.

A few Assault Helicopters and Tropeogopterus about to sweep in towards their targets, but in Saeko’s jeep, Oogumo and Shibungi bring down a helicopter with their RPGs, while Mami and Kurachi shoots down the hybrid pterosaur. At the same time, Kirito and Asuna with Yui riding their Charizards back them up to take down the aerial hostilities.

Just then, Canon!Shu, Canon!Ayase, LK!Shu and Gai encounter Lightning and Noctis, who are seen fighting some Anti-Bodies, Titan Experiments, and another Stegoceratops. They quickly jump in to help, in which the two Final Fantasy heroes accept their offer. LK!Shu uses Ryuko’s void called the Vagrant’s Scissors to cut down some Anti Bodies and switches to Canon!Yahiro's Shears of Life at a Titan Experiment’s weakspot on his back to kill it. Gai uses Satsuki’s void called the Council’s Katana to slash at more mooks and backing up Noctis, who the prince uses a dragoon spear to pierce through an Anti Body. Lightning slashes at one Anti Body and breaks a GHQ guard’s neck to instantly kill him. The Stegoceratops strikes Canon!Ayase’s Endlave with its horns, which the pilot’s breasts jiggles, just like old times…

“Oh no you don’t!” Canon!Ayase’s voice cried out.

The Karmesin grabs the Stegoceratops horns to slow it down, allowing Lightning to slash at its hide with her gunblade and Canon!Shu to finish the hybrid off with Kirito/Asuna’s voids.

Lightning gives a comment to Ayase, “Nice job, you got some talented skills controlling that mech.”

“It’s no big deal, great way to fight side by side.” Canon!Ayase replied to the Pulse soldier.

Noctis then said to Gai, “So I guess your group is heading to the same destination.”

“In a nutshell, yeah. But, our next coordinate is obviously south, which means we’re heading to Wall Street.” Gai answered to the prince.


Also joining in the arcade-like walkthrough, the YYGDM Founders, Pluto & John, Charon & Jeremiah, Tuxedo Kamen, Sailor Moon (Crystal), Mars, Hiei, Sailor Gao Pluto, Puu, MetalSeadramon, Nagah, Rhea, Ghidorah, and Gyaos go to town on Anti-Bodies, Endlaves, and a few Titans along the way.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon (Crystal) use their magic scepters to obliterate a large assortment of Anti-Bodies, Kobolds, and Endlaves. The enemies are instantly vaporized into moon dust. Tuxedo Kamen unleashes his Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber to take out Da'ath agents and Endlaves.

“Forget roses. I got my badass attack from the manga and Crystal.” Tuxedo Kamen commented about roses use quite often in the original anime.

Sailor Moon (Crystal) said to Moon, “Wow, your Mamo is as awesome as mine.”

“Thanks, he's definitely picked up the slack.” Moon (YYGDM) nodded to her Crystal self.

MetalSeadramon expels his River of Power at two Titans, allowing Brunhilde to hop off his head. Brunhilde swoops down and smothers one Titan in blue flames. She swiftly carves the other in the back of its head using her spear.

“Titans ain't got shit on me! Bring it on!” Brunhilde taunted with her stance.

Suzakato and Agunimon blow away some Anti-Bodies with flames. As a Titan comes charging at them, they combine fire and create a big flame ball that incinerates the Titan.

“They can line them up.” Agunimon stated.

Suzakato finishes, “And we'll keep burning them down!”

Then, the valiant Gallantmon destroys Endlaves using Lightning Joust.

Sailor Mars uses scrolls to paralyze Anti-Bodies and Da'ath agents. She even paralyzes two Titans by pinning their feet down with holy scrolls. She chants in Shinto.

“Now evil be exorcised!” Mars announced her chant due to her miko heritage.

Hiei seizes advantage of paralyzed enemies and incinerates them with black flames. He slices and carves up the two paralyzed Titans.

“Too easy.” Hiei muttered.

“For now. We still have ways to our next destination.” Mars said to her husband.

Sailor Sedna slams her Ice Trident down to seal some Anti-Bodies and Kobolds in ice. She even traps a Titan in a big block of ice.

“They're trying to wear us down. That's their strategy.” Sedna figured out.

“Yes, but we still must push through!” Sailor Pluto encouraged, as she uses Dead Scream to wipe out Anti-Bodies and Da'ath agents in one shot.

“No matter what, we have to reach Ward 24 at all costs!” John said to the main group.

Gao Pluto witnesses Pluto in action and gets encouraged to fight harder.

As Rhea fires down some Da'ath agents, Nagah jumps on an Endlave and tears it open to hijack the wires and severed the mind connection from the pilot. She quickly commandeers the Endlave and uses it to engage a few Endlaves.

“How do you like a taste of your own Endlaves?!” Nagah fires a beam that cuts through an enemy Endlave.

Charon watches Jeremiah go to town on some Anti-Bodies.

“And you still haven't gone full Prophet mode yet.” Charon said to her husband about an alternate form besides his true form (Millenniummon).

Jeremiah responds, “Don't worry. Give it time.”

A sinister cloak falls on top of Jeremiah, transforming him into the Prophet. He shoots Force-like lightning like Emperor Palpatine. He neutralizes an Endlave and blasts away Da'ath agents with ease.

See? Our son's army has nothing on what we can't take.” The Prophet gives his points.

“Just like that.” Charon responded.

Ghidorah and Gyaos fire eye beams that vaporize some Da'ath forces.

“Da'ath calls this an army? Pitiful.” Ghidorah commented.

“We've raised armies that can handle more than this.” Gyaos said about their battle experience.

Moon (YYGDM) then announce to the group, Ok, looks like we're heading to our next stop.”

“Then let's go forth to the next arcade level if this was a video game.” Pluto said, knowing that their heading to Wall Street next.

John chuckles, “A video game, huh? How amusing, Time Guardian.”

Pluto smirks at him, “Wasn't trying to be funny.”

“Of course.” John stated.

(End Theme)


(Cue Two Steps From Hell - We Rule The World)

Meanwhile, the Avengers (Iron Man, War Machine, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Sam Wilson/Falcon, Ant Man, Black Panther, Vision, Thor, and Captain America) and their Guardians of the Galaxy allies continue their pursuit on Thanos and Ultron while at the same time, a swarm of Ultron Sentries and Titans are in the way.

Iron Man pulse blasts Ultron Sentries away. Hulk grabs a Ultron Sentry and rips it apart with ease. The green monster sees a charging Titan heading his way. The Titan throws a punch that Hulk catches and he jumps up punching the Titan's face while breaking its neck.

“Hulk is stronger than any Titan!” The green giant shouted.

“Man, are we really going to relive a Titan invasion like that comic?” Iron Man said about the crossover one-shot.

Thor charges up Mjolnir and sends an Odin's Blast to neutralize some Ultron Sentries. As a Titan tries to grab him, the Asgardian bashes the Titan's head with the hammer. He then sends a thunder blast in the back of the Titan's neck.

“They are just like the Frost Giants. Big targets, thus easy to see and take down.” Thor commented.

Star-Lord then rallies, “Guardians, let's fuck some shit up!”

Drax charges through and breaks apart a few Ultron Sentries. Rocket fires rocket launchers that blow up some Sentries.

“OH YEAH!” Rocket kisses his RPG while saying his one-liner, “I just love blowing stuff up!”

Groot points to a Titan, “I am Groot!”

A Titan sees Rocket and Groot. It charges toward the duo. Rocket orders Groot to slide under the Titan's feet, which he does. Rocket fires a rocket right up the Titan's rectum.

“Blow it out your ass!” Rocket shouted.

The Titan completely explodes in a gory fashion.

“What do they expect? No Titan can hang with us.” Rocket grinned.

Black Widow and Gamora team-up taking out Ultron Sentries. Gamora throws Black Widow on the back of a Sentry. The redhead shoots a device into the Ultron Sentry that completely neutralizes it. Falcon flies over carrying civilians away from the battlefield.

Captain America throws his shield that cuts off an Ultron Sentry's head. The shield returns to the Cap. Captain America looks up to see a Titan heading his way. Hulk drops in and Thunder Claps the Titan back. An Ultron Sentry sneaks up behind the Captain. Before it would execute him, the Winter Soldier drops in and shoots the Sentry's head.

Captain America turns and is surprised, “B...Bucky?!”

The Winter Soldier nods to his old friend.

Then, as a Titan prepares to grab Thor, a blue bubble materializes around the Titan and dissolves it. Thor looks up to see MCU Loki descending with a smug look on his pale features.

“Brother?!” Thor cried out.

Loki curtly nods, “Yes, nice to see you, too, Thor.”

“What brings thou here?” Thor questioned.

“Can't brothers help each other? Besides, Captain America can get help from that Winter Soldier. Why can't we work together?” Loki asked.

“You should be dead.” Thor commented.

Loki shrugs, “We're comic book characters. You should know better.”

Suddenly, some Ultron Sentries advance on the brothers.

“What do you say, brother?” Loki offered.

“Right now... like I have a choice.” Thor readies his Mjolnir.

“That's the spirit.” Loki points his scepter to the Sentries.

Thor blasts some apart with his Mjolnir. Loki destroys others with scepter blasts.

Hawkeye shoots an explosive arrow at a Sentry, causing it to explode. Black Panther climbs and runs across a wall while luring Sentries away. Vision blasts away Ultron Sentries with ease. War Machine bombards and blows away Ultron Sentries with explosives. Ant-Man shrinks himself and gets inside a Titan's head.

“Ok, guys. Do your thing!” Ant-Man called forth his ants.

Ant-Man unleashes his ant army inside the Titan and start effecting its network. The ants paralyze the Titan long enough for Ant-Man to make himself giant-sized, turning himself into Giant Man.

Ant-Man then speaks to the readers, “Ok, so I haven't turned into Giant-Man yet in the MCU, but who cares? There's no rules in this story I can't.”

Giant-Man boxes the paralyzed Titan and knocks it flat on its ass.

Vision flies over to lend help to Thor and Loki.

“Now I've seen everything.” Iron Man commented about the turn of events.

“We need to find Ultron and Thanos.” Star-Lord reminded his teammates.

“We're working on it.” Iron Man responded.

Suddenly, Captain America, Winter Soldier, and War Machine depart from the fight.

“Hey, where are you three going? Wait, three?” Iron Man is surprise and talks to the Winter Soldier, “You're with us now?”

“We're going to UN Headquarters. Bucky says something's about to happen there and Fury's in the middle of it.” Captain America answered.

“You're taking your old friend's word for it? I mean he did try to kill you.” Iron Man reminded him.

“We worked our differences. I trust him.” Captain America responded otherwise.

“Let's go, Steve.” Winter Soldier said to his old colleague.

“We'll take care of things at the UN.” War Machine stated.

The three head straight for the UN HQ to get involve with the coming conflict.

Iron Man sighs hard, seemingly out of frustration, “Sheesh, the team is getting split. We should be together trying to find Ultron and Thanos.”

“Don't worry, man, they'll find us.” Star-Lord reassured to him.

(End Theme)


(Cue Metalstep - Gray Wolf – TheEnigmaTNG)

At another side, the secondary Spirit Detectives and the two Hunters are fending off three of the Meikai Gods. At some point, sensing some reinforcements are on the way, Kiryu, Long, Suzaku & Murugu, Rando, Cecaelia, Kiryu/Cecaelia’s offspring, and Loki Nekomtata leave to help other allies in other sections.

Leorio and Kurapika fend off Majari till the Meikai god blasts them to make them back off. Suddenly, a joker card flies down to the ground like an arrow, as the Hunters turn to see Hisoka.

“Hisoka?!” Both Kurapika & Leorio cried out upon seeing him.

“My apologies for the intrusion, but I notice many strong fighters to face.” Hisoka gives a creepy smile before he turns to Majari, “You look a lot like a pretty boy to kill.”

Hisoka charges in to fight Majari.

As Yukina, Shizuru, and Hinageshi take cover, Kuwabara, Kurama, Maya, Kurnonue, and Karasu joins the Hunters in the fight with the Meikai Gods. Kohana, Lien, and Nadeshiko hastily arrive from Chinatown after sensing the Meikai Gods' presences.
Kohana: Hey, we're here! My brothers and Minako told us to come see if you need help!

“Lien has come to save the day!” the Rajita girl cheered.

“Yeah!” Nadeshiko added.

“Whew, glad you two are here.” Kuwabara casually said to both.

“Yes, good call on Rio and Minako's part to lend us support.” Kurama stated.

Vigor also arrives much to Tsukiyomi and Yasha's surprise.

“Vigor?!” Tsukiyomi cried out in shock.

Yasha growls at the gorilla demon priest, “Never thought you'd show up here.”

“We have common interests and a common threat to stop.” Vigor announced to his enemies.

“Well, you aren't Long and I never had qualms with you.” Tsukiyomi could not care less.

“Let's save this another time. We have Meikai Gods to beat.” Yasha said to Tsukiyomi and Vigor.

Kohana and Lien lend support to Kurapika and Leorio against Majari.

“Need some help? We're one of the Neo-Spirit Detectives. I'm Kohana.” The Kuroshishi sister introduced.

Lien greets, “Pleased to meet you. Lien likes you two already.”

“It’s nice to meet you two.” Kurapika politely responded.

Kohana summons Shiro, who throws explosive balls at Majari. Lien takes out her Digivice and releases TobuCatmon.

“I'm ready for action, Lien!” TobuCatmon cried out.

Lien orders, “Go ahead and evolve TobuCatmon!”

TobuCatmon evolves into the terrifying-looking SkullBaluchimon and roars toward Majari.

“What the heck is that?!” Leorio cried out upon seeing TobuCatmon’s evolved form.

“Sometimes I wish your partner didn't evolve into that.” Kohana said.

“Yeah he's scary.” Shiro admitted.

“He's not scary! He's still very much TobuCatmon and he's loyal to Lien!” The Rajita girl responded.

SkullBaluchimon charges at Majari and attacks him. The Hunters, Kohana & Shiro, and Lien also engage Majari. Majari manages to keep up with them despite the numbers against him.

Kuwabara, Nadeshiko, Hisoka, and Vigor take on Raigo. Kuwabara tries slashing Raigo with the Double Spirit Sword. Raigo dodges Kuwabara's slashes. Nadeshiko tried to attack and bite Raigo's shoulder, but he grabs and throws her onto Kuwabara. Vigor punches Raigo so hard he sends him flying back.

Nadeshiko folds hands around Kuwabara's face, “Uncle Kuwabara, it's me!”

Kuwabara pries Nadeshiko off his face, “Nice to see you, too.”

“It's going to take more to put this Meikai God down.” Vigor said.

Raigo cackles, “I'm not done yet!”

Kurama, Maya, Kuronue, and Karasu engage Kaiki.

“Kuronue! Behind you!” Kurama warned.

Kuronue dodges Kaiki's sneak attack. Karasu throws his Rose Whip at Kaiki, who hops over and dodges it. Maya rushes up and tries to stab him with a psionic blade. Kaiki repels Maya back into Kurama. Kurama catches Maya.

“Nice catch, Kurama.” Maya commented.

Suddenly, Sensui, Itsuki, Sniper, and Seaman appear.

“Seaman! Man, are we glad you're here...” Kuwabara said before he sees Sensui, Itsuki, and Sniper, “Sensui?! You brought these three?”

“Don't misunderstand. We're only here to fight Da'ath.” Sensui said to the Meikai Gods, “And you three are about to face judgment.”

Just when it looks like the Meikai Gods are in trouble, the Gobi no Akita appears smashing through a building. It's already in a heated battle with Shishi the Taiyoukai, Yui & ShadowMetalGarurumon, Aoshi (in his Lycan form), ShineInumon, and BlackRenamon. Kiba hops off Gobi's head and tackles Aoshi to the ground.

“C'mon, Kiba, let's settle this Lycan on Lycan!” Kiba taunted.

Aoshi growls at the albino werewolf, “I'll be happy to kill you again!”

“That's a lot of demon canines.” Kuwabara whistled.

Kurama points out the name of the Bijuu, “That's the Gobi no Akita! And nothing like its Naruto counterpart. That's the true legend.”

“A true mythical beast of titanic proportions. Even a Taiyoukai would be hard pressed to defeat one.” Sensui hates to admit.

“Hey, Yui! Aoshi!” Kohana sees Yui preparing to Biomerge with ShadowMetalGarurumon, “Yeah, go for it!”

“ShadowMetalGarurumon, let us Biomerge!” Yui ordered.

ShadowMetalGarurumon quickly respond, “We better hurry!”

Gobi prepares to smash them with its tails, but Shishi stops him.

“You better hurry and combine your powers!” Shishi said to Yui.

Yui complies and Biomerges with ShadowMetalGarurumon successfully. Combining her Tenyou (Celestial Maiden) and Digimon's power, they formed into Shaka the Tenyou Warrior. Shaka forms sacred energy light and blasts Gobi in the face with it. It does little more than burn half of its face.

“Allow us to help!” Yasha intercepted.

Yasha and Tsukiyomi join in to support Shaka and Shishi. BlackRenamon releases Diamond Storm on the five-tailed behemoth, but the beast's hide protects it from the Digimon's attack. ShineInumon tries burning with mystic fire Gobi's leg but to no avail.

Yasha said to Shaka, “It will be an honor to fight alongside a Tenyou.”

“Just stay on your guard.” Shaka warned.

“To think a Spirit Detective would end up reawakening as one of the fabled Tenyou. Never in millennia would I imagine..” Tsukiyomi witnessed.

“Well, hey, if Yusuke can awaken as a Mazoku, why can't I be a Tenyou? Seems fair. I just hope fate never puts us against each other.” Shaka said to the former Demon Priest.

Gobi no Akita charges again only for Shaka to zap him with golden Tenyou energy. The five-tailed beast claws his way through the energy,

“Can't do this alone!” Shaka cried out.

Shishi, Yasha and Tsukiyomi aids Shaka by sending Youki power to hold back Gobi's energy. Shaka gets briefly distracted when she sees Kiba and Aoshi tearing at each other.

“C'mon, Aoshi.... stay on him!” Shaka cheered.

Meanwhile, the Spirit Detective and Hunters continue their battle with the Meikai Gods.

(End Theme)


As Lightning and Noctis are racing through the pathway, they saw Thor and Loki (MCU) fighting off Ultron Sentries and another Titan. Arriving to help the Marvel Norse gods, Lightning takes down some sentries with a Thundaga while Noctis climbs up a Titans back while evading its grasps and slashes through the Titan’s neck in making it fall down to kill it.

“We need your assistance in raiding GHQ’s headquarters.” Lightning said to both Marvel gods.

“So are you gods are up to it?” Noctis asked them.

Thor answers to Lightning and Noctis, “Help getting to this GHQ?”

“We're certainly gods and how dare you interrupt out quality brotherly time?” Loki (MCU) interjected.

“Loki, we're relocating and helping these two.” Thor said to him.

“Already?” Loki (MCU) raises an eyebrow.

“If you know the way, lead us there.” Thor said to the two Final Fantasy characters.


While Asuna is riding her Charizard in the sky with Leafa flying to support them, she sees Valkyrie Skuld & Garm and Phillipe & Artemismon below fighting off Anti Bodies, Endlave Ghosts, and an Indominus Rex. Asuna rushes down to intervene as she jumps in taking down Anti Bodies with her rapier and pierce through an Endlave Ghost Unit with lightning flash, her Charizard bites down an Endlave and throws it aside to destroy it. This is the first time Asuna and Leafa meet the real Valkyrie Skuld in person, not unlike the one back in Alfheim Online, obviously the MMO girls are hesitant to greet her. Before her feelings go any further, Asuna’s saw the Indominus Rex running towards Skuld.

Asuna point out, “Watch out!”

The sadistic Indominus roars as it attempts to bite down Skuld with its jaws. Taking heed of Asuna's warning, Skuld turns around and sends a chain toward the Indominus Rex's body and throws it to the side. Skuld summons Garm to her side. Phillipe uses his super speed to run around and distract the dinosaur. As the Indominus Rex gives chase, Artemismon flies down and slashes into the artificial dinosaur's hide. Skuld unleashes punches on the dinosaur.

Phillipe is thinking in concern, “Great she's already thinking about spilling blood! Sasha, you still haven't fully controlled her bloodlust!”


Briefly getting out of Ouma Kurosu’s jeep, Sinon arrives to back up Valkyrie Brunhilde & MetalSeadramon as she snipes down Laughing Coffins on the rooftop.

“Say I hear your training at the police academy. I strive to become a policewoman, so any beginners luck to get real-life experience?” Sinon asked the experienced Valkyrie.

Brunhilde answers to the human girl, “I'm training to become one in honor of my late-father. He was an officer that died in the line of duty.”

As a Laughing Coffin attempts to blast her from behind, Brunhilde just burns it with blue flames with one hand.

“I wouldn't call it beginner's luck. Just my Valkyrie strength helping me get ahead in life. Otherwise, I wouldn't have passed the police training.” Brunhilde further said.


As Gon and Killua help out Yusuke and Hiei, they see that Kiryu and Long arrive as well.

“Oooh, there’s a big dragon-man (Kiryu)!” Gon happily cried out.

Yusuke snickers at Gon's comment about Kiryu.

Kiryu respond to Gon, “Yes, great observation, boy.”

Killua then warns to Long, “Your looking for trouble?”

Hiei shakes his head to Killua challenging Long.

Long respond to Killua, “You best know your place.”

“You two wanna come with us?” Yusuke asked the dragon demon brothers.

Long growls, “Where?”

“To Da'ath's headquarters.” Hiei answered.

After some convincing, Long and Kiryu decide to join them but only out of common interest to destroy Da'ath


Ryuko and Satsuki are seen finding Kuroshishis Rio and Kyo fending off Endlaves and Hunter Drones. After taking them out, the Honnouji sisters ask them to join, seeing how both sibling teams are similar.

“We need the help we can get.” Satsuki convinced.

“To kick the crap out of Da'ath's ass!” Ryuko cried out.

Rio and Kyo are convinced to join Ryuko and Satsuki.

“A chance to fight Da'ath on their turf? Count us in.” Rio answered.

“And we can defeat them together, my brother.” Kyo added.

The Kuroshishi brothers follow the Honnouji sisters.


Kirito and his Charizard destroyed some Endlaves in tank mode and Charizard shoots down another assault helicopter. They and Yui then descend in talking to Suzakato and Gallantmon.

“We saw this Tsubasa Himura and his Digimon around in Midtown. If it’s not too late, you can still help your friends. It’s up to you though.” Kirito said to the Beast Tamer.

Suzakato answers to Kirito, “Himura? Oh man, we gotta get him to the others.”

“Yeah, we might be better off that way so we can reform the Golden Kirin.” Gallantmon reminded Takato.

“Thanks, Kirito. We'll go find Himura and Inumon. Ready, Gallantmon?” Suzakato said to his partner for their change of mind.

With that, Suzakato and Gallantmon head off to collect Himura and Inumon. The main group is starting to gather together, but Manhattan wonders how the rest of the united forces are pulling up.


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Happy belated birthday!

Lots of power ups and fighting going on in this chapter. It was greatly amusing to see Loki and Thor fighting together and then being enlisted to help Noctis and Lightning in the fight against GHQ. Furthermore, seeing Titans and members of Laughing Coffin was quite something. And everyone sure does want a hand in the fight against Da'ath. I wonder if they'll really need everyone to fight it? Might be overkill, but who knows? We'll have to see and find out, right? Anyways, good chapter as always!


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Part XV: Chinatown’s Battle Royale



In the main district of Chinatown, there are sudden booms, no, more like seven booms of clashes. These are the epic battles in a life time. Two groups with similar backgrounds have united to face a common enemy.

That’s right, the Dragonball and Digimon Fusion Kai cast team up to face the malevolent Time Breakers and the Shadow Dragons.

(Cue Dragon Ball Z - Super Saiyan God Broly Theme (Saiyan Enigma))

Celesta X, WarAngemon, Tike, Kara, Pan, Pan (GT), Athena X, Mutalior, Cooler, Recoome, Brutemon, Cody & Vikemon, Yolei & Valkyrimon are fighting Super Naturon Shenron.

Super Naturon Shenron laughs at his smaller opponents, “Feel the wrath of the ground!”

The bluish mole dragon delivers an earthquake to the number of his foes. The entire DBZ/GT/DFKai group fly up to avoid getting caught on the earthquake. Celesta X leads the charge while she, WarAngemon, Tike, and Kara discharge Ki blasts on Super Naturon Shenon. The Shadow Dragon tanks the blasts and burrows underground.

“That chickenshit's getting away!” Tike cried out.

“Get back here!” Kara snapped.

Pan (GT) shields Pan and said, “Keep your guard up. I know just how underhanded this guy is.”

“He's gotta be really tough, too.” Athena X stated.

“Underhanded? Him? Please.” Mutalior scoffed.

“He hasn't seen anything yet.” Cooler added.

As Super Naturon Shenon pops out of the ground, Cooler and Mutalior shoot him with eye lasers. The beast screeches in pain and retaliates with a tail swing. Recoome and Brutemon catch the behemoth's tail as they swing him around. They toss him toward Valkyriemon and Vikemon.

“You're up, Vikemon!” Cody said to his partner.

“Let him have it, Valkyrimon!” Yolei cried out.

Valkyrimon and Vikemon attack Super Naturon Shenon together. The latter fires his absolute zero ice attack, Arctic Blizzard, which the Shadow Dragon avoids. Valkyrimon throws Aurvandil's Arrow toward the Shadow Dragon. Super Naturon Shenron extends his claws and chops the arrow in two.

“Darn it, he cut my attack in half!” Valkyrimon cried out in disbelief.

“No duh, and he keeps avoiding my attacks!” Vikemon added.

Super Naturon Shenron spits out laughing, “That the best ya got?! I'm disappoint-!”

Celesta X flies at Super Naturon Shenron at light speed, hitting him with a speedblitz from different angles. Celesta X reappeared in front of the Shadow Dragon and palm strikes him in the gut, causing him to double over and cough in pain. Then, WarAngemon flies up to the Shadow Dragon's face and blasts him with a Holy Fist. Taking a holy power-imbued fist to the face, Super Naturon Shenron then gets caught by two Kamehamehas from Pan and Pan (GT). Athena X, Tike, and Kara fire Tsunami Waves at the Shadow Dragon's direction.

Super Naturon Dragon retaliates and fires a Super Kamehameha to dispel the smaller attacks. He quickly tunnels underground to get away.

As the Shadow Dragon tunnels his way through, Cooler and Mutalior fire blasts into the hole he made to smoke him out. The Shadow Dragon emerges only to get hit with Recoome's Eraser Gun and Brutemon's Nuclear Flash Cannon. Super Naturon Shenron yells in horror as the blasts consume him, but not necessarily destroy him.

The group watch as the smoke thins out and Super Naturon Shenron emerges but not without burns and scathes. He now has an extremely pissed look on his face.

“That's it! No more Mr. Nice Dragon!” Super Naturon Shenron roared.

“Should've done this from the start!” Celesta X them switches into her Mystic Celesta mode.

Cooler and Mutalior transform into their final (fifth) forms.

“Ooo yeah, Kari's gotten all Mystic now. You're in trouble big guy!” Yolei shouted.

Cody then said, “Hope he doesn't have a surprise form beyond this one.”

“Nah, I don't... got anymore surprise form...” Super Naturon Shenron whistles and thinks, “Man I sure could go for some weed right about now. Wait, I think I did dig out some weed from the earth.”


Rage Shenron cackles as he sends a lot of lightning strikes at Sonja, Sheila, Jax, Android 17, Android 18, Android 16, Virus, Cell, Digital Warlord, Jeice, Chaser, Izzy & HerculesKabuterimon, and Joe & Plesiomon.

The Androids/Artificials dodge Rage Shenron's lightning blasts. Cell and Virus lead the charge as they coordinate attacks on the Shadow Dragon.

“Ok, you pink pudgy freak, have a taste of perfection!” Cell arrogantly announced.

“No, ultimate perfection!” Virus corrected his counterpart.

Cell charges up and fires his own Super Kamehameha. Cell unleashes a similar blue beam, known as the Tsunami Wave. The attacks slams into Rage Shenron and shove him back. Sonja and 18 fire Power Blitz beams into Rage Shenron's face. 16 shoots Hell Flash. 17 and Jax discharge energy blasts into the beast's belly. Rage Shenron covers up forming slime encasing his body, protecting him from their blasts. Sheila manages to paralyze him with paralysis threads.

“I've got him tied up!” Sheila cried out.

“Thanks a bunch, Digi-Zangya!” Jeice commented.

Sheila grumbles, “I do have a name.”

Chaser gives the signal to Jeice, “Ready?!”

Jeice nods at his counterpart, “Let's do it, mate!”

Jeice and Chaser forge crimson energy balls in their hands. Jeice throws his Crusher Ball and Chaser hurls his Crusher Orb. The orbs land and explode all over Rage Shenron, causing him to tumble over.

“You're up, HerculesKabuterimon!” Izzy ordered.

HerculesKabuterimon hits Rage Shenron with Giga Scissor Claw.

“Good idea not to use Mega Electro Shocker. Don't want to take chances and make him strong.” Izzy thankfully stated.

“Since this Shadow Dragon runs on electricity.” Joe then figures out an idea, “Oh, I got it! Plesiomon, go ahead and dowse him with water!”

“Big water miracle, coming up!” Plesiomon expels Hydro Impact Crusher, a powerful burst of water, and hits Rage Shenron with it. Rage Shenron flees away, avoiding the water.

The Digital Warlord smirks, “Good thinking, eggheads. Now let this egghead go fish out this pink fat bastard.”

The Digital Warlord takes out his sword and drives it into the back of Rage Shenron.

“Harpooned your ass!” Digital Warlord cried out.

“Think again!” Rage Shenron unleashes electricity all over the vicinity.

The warriors avoid getting caught by the electrical blasts spread by Rage Shenron. Digital Warlord throws Rage Shenron into a building. Cell and Virus float over the fallen Shadow Dragon.

“Give up?” Cell asked.

“If you are, ready to die?” Virus asked.

“Not a chance...” Rage Shenron coughs, gets up and stumbles around. “But, how about after I get some fresh air first?”

The Shadow Dragon gets beaten up so much he looks piss drunk, “By the way, wanna know my favorite robot bash 'em team is...? The Pacific Rimjobs...”

The heroes and villains give awkward glances in response to Rage Shenron's nonsensical statement.

“Is there really a team named that?” Sheila raised an eyebrow.

18 answers, “Sadly there is... in this abridged universe...”

“Wait, the audience aren't supposed to know that.” Sonja figured.

“I like birds.” Android 16 looks up as a bird lands on him, “Ah, good to see you again, Toriyama.”

Cell then shouts at the Shadow Dragon, “Hey, get up, you pudgy dragon! We're not done yet...”

The group hears loud snoring from Rage Shenron.

“The fuck?!” 17 said in annoyance.

“Is he freakin' sleeping?!” Jax shouted.

“Someone wake his ass up!” HerculesKabuterimon crudely stated.

“I would, but I need to refill on my water. Cause um... my water broke.” Plesiomon then groaned about something.

Joe figures out in shock, “But you're not a girl, Plesiomon!”

“I know, I'm just making an excuse because I'm a lazy ass. Oops, be right back!” Plesiomon runs to go pee.

“This is gonna be a long night, mates.” Jeice stated.


Ultima X, Ken & GranKuwagamon, Taito, Bardock, Cyrus, Sara, Leon, Mimiru, Burizalor, Freeza, Devilin, Burtur, and Tarble go on against Oceanus Shenron.

“The power of my waves shall engulf you all!” Oceanus Shenron shouted.

The feminine (or at least male in his true form) dragon humanoid casts a tidal wave at his/her enemies.

The heroes and villains fly around evading the tidal waves. Most of the fighters able take to the air and land on building tops. Oceanus Shenron floats up admiring his/her oceanic kingdom.

“I think I'll turn New York into the next Atlantis. What do you think?” Oceanus Shenron asked its opponents.

“We think you're crazy!” Ken retorted.

“No way are you sinking New York! We got American Digi-Destined living here!” Ultima X shouted.

“Um, no offense, but how often do y'all stay in contact with the International Digi-Destined?” Taito asked them.

“Well, there's... Catherine, but that's cause she's dating one of the D3s in our group. And Michael? But, he barely shows up and he doesn't have a lot of fans.” Ultima X answered.

Cyrus scoffs, “Who cares about Michael? And why does his dub voice make him sound too old?”

“At least my voice changed for the better. Ah, bless you Chris Ayres.” Freeza said in relief.

“Amen to that, Emperor of the universe.” Burizalor responded to his counterpart.

Freeza and Burizalor fist bump each other.

Sara groans, “Ugh, as if two tyrants wasn't enough.”

“Now we gotta team with them?” Mimiru stated.

“That's nowhere near as bad as teaming with the backstabber.” Leon angrily refers to Cyrus, “We still haven't forgotten what you did to us, Cyrus!”

“You're very welcome!” Cyrus sarcastically replied.

“Man, Burizalor was able to secure an obedient Ascendant to his side with no problems?” Burter noticed.

Devilin answers to his counterpart, “Cyrus is in a league of evil of his own. That's why Lord Burizalor favors him so.”

“At least I didn't have traitors on my team! They died with honor... and...” Bardock then turns his attention to Tarble, “Yeah, you're Vegeta's brother.”

“Um, guys, what am I doing here?” Table wondered to himself.

“I don't know. Why are you here? Can you even turn Super Saiyan?” Bardock questioned.

Tarble turns Super Saiyan and answers, “Yeah but I'm like leagues behind you guys.”

“Pfft, watch this-.” Bardock then turns Super Saiyan, “-hey, cross-dresser, come get some!”

Oceanus Shenron lashes out in response, “Are you talking to me?! Honey, I'll show you whose a cross-dresser.”

Oceanus Shenron prepares to unleash a tidal wave on them. Ultima X flies toward the Shadow Dragon and throws a Ki blast. Oceanus Shenron forms a tornado around her. Ken rides GranKuwagamon toward Oceanus Shenron. Oceanus Shenron shoots bladed projectiles at GranKuwagamon. The Mega Insect Digimon dodges the projectiles. Burter and Devilin fly around throwing blasts that annoy the Shadow Dragon. Taito flies into Oceanus Shenron and kicks him/her off a pedestal. Cyrus materializes over Oceanus Shenron and clubs him/her in the back, sending her falling into the water.

Oceanus Shenron swims through the currents and spins around so fast he/she creates a whirlpool. The heroes and villains scatter. Sara, Mimiru, and Leon dive into the water. They swim around Oceanus Shenron and converge Ki blasts toward him/her. Oceanus Shenron gets blasted out of the water and sent flying into the air.

Freeza and Burizalor fire Death Beams toward Oceanus Shenron. The Shadow Dragon spins around, diverting the blasts toward the space tyrants. They dodge their own beams. Freeza vanishes and sneaks up behind Oceanus Shenron. He punches him/her away and kicks him/her into Burizalor. Burizalor then spins around and tail whips the Shadow Dragon into the ground as the water levels start depleting.

As Oceanus Shenron gets up, he/she sees Ken invokes the power of his Crest of Kindness. A lavender light engulfs Ken.

“Here I go! My time to shine into an Ascendant! GranKuwagamon, now!” Ken cried out.

“Nope!” Oceanus Shenron is about to blast him and GranKuwagamon.

Suddenly, Oceanus Shenron feels someone coping a feel on his/her boobs and her crotch. Her face turns beet red as she whirls around and screams.

“YOU PERVERT!” Oceanus Shenron shouted.

Ultima X has a disgusted look on his face. “So, the family jewels haven't been stolen?!”

Oceanus Shenron shout in a demonic voice, “YOU DIE FIRST!”

“Davis, was that really necessary?!” Ken questioned in annoyance.

Ultima X answers to him, “I wanted to confirm is all!”

“Now I'm gonna bitch slap you!” Oceanus Shenron cried out.

“How about not?!” Bardock then kicks Oceanus Shenron into a wall.

Ultima X gives his appreciation, “Thanks a lot, dude!”

Bardock smirks, “Took some balls to do that.”

“You better hope Sonja doesn't find out about this, Davis.” Ken warned.

“I know... me, too.” Ultima X is scared for his life and squeaks like a mouse.

Ken and GranKuwagamon combine inside a column of golden light. Emerging in their place is the Ascendant wearing a Kamen Rider armor motif, but remaining helmetless and with golden spiky hair. He has become Zodiark X.

“Whoa Ken! Digging the Kamen Rider digs!” Ultima X positively commented.

Zodiark X respond, “Thanks, but lacking a helmet here.”

“Hey, nice Ascendant form!” Taito gives his statement.

“It wouldn't be possible without Davis and his Miracles.” Zordiark X replied.

“Or, asspull.” Bardock commented.

Zordiark X then explains, “Well, we haven't gotten to when I get to become an Ascendant yet. It'll happen in...”

“Spoilers! Can't reveal until the author decides to tell!” Ultima X interrupted.

Oceanus Shenron pops out screaming and throwing a bitch fit. “That's no way you treat a lady!”

Ultima X rolls his eyes, “Lady? Please. My woman is more lady and she's part machine.”

“We all know you're a thing.” Bardock stated.

“So, an androgynous like me and Burizalor?” Freeza wondered.

“Nah, well maybe, but that's besides the point.” Taito said.

“I don't care for gender. Let's just finish this.” Cyrus declared.

Oceanus Shenron quickly unleashes a tidal wave that sends the heroes and villains scattering.

Oceanus Shenron bellows, “THIS TIME NO MORE GAMES, MUTHA FUCKAS!”


Next, Trunks, Goten, David, Sam, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Chaotzu, Master Roshi, Gurdmon, Guldo, Babimon, Nappa, and Raditz are against Haze Shenron.

Haze Shenron briefly acts like a goofball before launching his poisonous gas to weaken his oppositions, “Ohohohoho! My poison against all of you weaklings!”

Trunks coughs, “Ack, can't stand this smell!”

“Can't breath!” Goten does the same.

“Hey, Trunks, Goten, this way!” David points the two demi-Saiyans to a way out of the poisonous gas.

Davis leads Trunks and Goten away.

Sam is weakening, “Can feel my power slipping...”

Krillin coughs, “Man can't even see!”

“I'm not gonna lose to some fat green toad!” Yamcha defiantly said.

Both, Gurdmon and Guldo are offended, “Hey, watch it who you're calling fat and green!”

“We shouldn't even be losing to a big green Pokemon! We should be catching it!” Nappa cried out.

“Just like we captured these two.” Babimon pats both Gurdmon and Guldo, “Let's add another to our collection!”

Raditz groans, “You and your Pokemon fetish, I swear.”

Chaotzu said to Gurdmon and Guldo, “He wasn't even talking about you two losers.”

“Besides, it's your job to be our fall guy, Yamcha.” Tien said to him.

Yamcha response, “Then, you be our fall guy for once, Tenshinhan!”

Tien puts his hands together and focuses, “Nope, I'm the straight guy.”

Haze Shenron notices Tien's forging a beam in his hands and ask, “Ohohoho, what'ca doing, three-eyes? Praying?!”

“No, this... Fuck power levels! Fuck Super Saiyans! But, most of all... FUCK FAT GREEN ASSWHATS!” Tien shouted in declaring his full statement.

Guldo and Gurdmon get offended, “HEY!”

“Hey, wait! Don't kill that Pokemon! We gotta catch it!” Nappa fearfully cried out.

Tien fires his Shin Kikoho, which he famously used against Semi-Perfect Cell. The blast hits Haze Shenron and sends him flying far back.

“...WHAT THE SHIT?!” Haze Shenron’s wails echo in the distance.

“That was awesome, Tien!” Chaotzu cheered.

“Nice job, Tien. Now we can clear a path out of this smoke!” Master Roshi stated.

“Let's Kamehameha through this bitch!” Krillin declared.

Krillin, Yamcha and Master Roshi blow away Haze Shenron's poisonous smoke with a triple Kamehameha. Sam recovers, turns Ascendant, and blasts through the smoke. Nappa and Babimon run out pointing toward Haze Shenron.

“Go, Guldo! Use your Time Freeze!” Nappa ordered.

Guldo lashes to Nappa, “I don't take orders from monkeys!”

Nappa then suggests to the green alien, “Do you want your doggie treat or what?”

“I'm not do... Oh all right!” Guldo takes the insult back.

“You hear that, Gurdmon?” Babimon asked.

Gurdmon respond to Babimon, “I'll do it if it's to shut you up.”

(End Theme)

Haze Shenron gets up and shakes the debris off his back. He then announce, “Yo, what the fuck was that? Ok, now you've made me wanna pull out my secret weapon!”

(Cue Dragonball GT – Step Into The Grand Tour)

The Shadow Dragon puts on a cap and pulls out a boombox complete with golden chains.

“We're about to step it up to the Grand Tour up in the biznitch!”

Haze Shenron turns the boombox on and the English GT rap plays mixed with some Soulja Boy.

“Ah yeah! Witness the ultimate battle! (Step into the Grand Tour!) Between the greatest of warriors (Take a Grand Tour, Grand Tour)! In all the worlds. Take a Grand Tour, Grand Tour (Time is running out!) GT! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

The warriors cover their ears in response.

“If there's anything I hate more is crappy nu-metal rap!” Tien shouted.

“And out of date nu-metal rap at that! Oh the pain!” Krillin cried out.

“Make it stop!” Sam yelled.

Guldo and Gurdmon prepare to use Time Freeze, but David, Trunks, and Goten land kicks to the back of Haze Shenron. Haze Shenron falls facefirst on his boombox and groans in pain.

“Hope you like floor!” David commented.

Trunks announce, “Your rap show's cancelled! Just make sure we don't let him near that Rando guy.”

“Why?” Goten wondered about that YuYu Hakusho villain.

“Long story, Goten.” Trunks answered.

Haze Shenron gets up while recovering from his fall. “This ain't over, mutha fuckers. Artists never die!”

“Maybe I should take up rapping since my career's in the toilet.” Yamcha begins to wonder.

“If you value your life, just don't.” Tien warned him.

“But...” Yamcha said.

“Just no.” Tien finished.

“If you value your life, you won't do down that route.” Sam reminded Yamcha.

“Great here he comes, guys!” Krillin warned the group.

“I call dubs on the Pokemon.” Nappa stated.

“Your Pokemon fetish will never cease to amaze me.” Raditz said.

Haze Shenron takes off his chains and said, “We're playing down and dirty, suckas!”

Haze Shenron charges toward the heroes and villains. Krillin, Yamcha, and Master Roshi fire Kamehamehas at him. Guldo and Gurdmon finally use Time Freeze to hold Haze Shenron in place. This allows Nappa, Raditz, and Babimon to get free shots on the paralyzed Shadow Dragon. David encourages Goten and Trunks to perform the Fusion Dance.

Fusion! HA!

The two demi-saiyans combine to form Gotenks. Once the Time Freeze wears off, Haze Shenron notices Gotenks.

“Aw shit.” Haze Shenron said.

Gotenks poses, “Ding ding! Kiss your short-lived rap career goodbye!”

(End Theme)


(Cue Dragon Ball Z - SS4 Broly VS SS4 Gogeta Theme (The Enigma TNG))

Nuova Shenron, Piccolo, Pikkon, BanchoLeomon, BW, Pikkan, Ginyu, Ginyumon, Sora & Phoenixmon, Mimi & Rosemon are fighting Eis Shenron, who the humanoid ice dragon attempts to fire ice beams at them.

Nuova Shenron flies through Eis Shenron's ice beams and slams into him. He drives Eis Shenron through a window and sends him sailing out the other side. The others manage to dodge the ice beams.

“Not that I ever get cold, I just don't want to be turned to ice.” Piccolo said to himself.

“Can't say I blame you.” Pikkon shrugged.

“Yes, same here even though I have fur.” BanchoLeomon added.

Pikkan then ask BW, “Shouldn't you be helping 16? You're his counterpart after all.”

“Nah, he'll be fine. Besides, I'm no longer considered an Artificial, Android or whatever anymore.” BW responded about himself.

“Hey, you fools better quit yammering and pay attention! We're in a warzone now!” Ginyu called them out.

Ginyumon scoffs, “They aren't listening to us, Ginyu.”

Nuova Shenron and Eis Shenron launch fire and ice beams at the exact same time. The fire and ice beams coalesce with each other, cancelling one another out. Eis Shenron materializes out of his brother's sights and reappears above the weakest links: Sora, Mimi, and their Digimon.

“Sora!” Phoenixmon cried out.

“Mimi!” Rosemon cried out.

Sora then points, “Look out!”

Eis Shenron fires ice beams at the DigiDestined ladies and their Digimon. BanchoLeomon and Piccolo intercept Eis Shenron's ice beams. The former fires his Flash Bantyo Punch. Piccolo unleashes his Makankosappo. The fiery beam and spiral beam unite, forming a fiery drill-like blast that blasts off Eis Shenron's right arm. Eis Shenron cringes in pain and floats away, regenerating his arm.

“Fools, I liked that arm! But, lucky for me, the Time Breakers have empowered us Shadow Dragons with new abilities, including granting me regeneration.” Eis Shenron pointed out.

“And to think I started the regeneration trend in Dragonball.” Piccolo said about his inspiration.

“Thanks a lot.” BanchoLeomon shrugged.

Pikkon then exclaims, “Heads up!”

“And dodge!” Pikkan added.

Eis Shenron flaps his wings and sends a barrage of sharp icicles. Pikkon and Pikkan respond to the incoming attack with their shared Thunder Flash Attack. Their attack melts away the icicles. Then, BW throws his Terra Destroyer and hits Eis Shenron with it.

Nuova Shenron then convince to Phoenixmon, “Combine your fire with me!”

“You heard him, Phoenixmon!” Sora ordered.

Phoenixmon flaps her wings and sends fiery power toward Nuvoa Shenron, who started collecting the combined fire energy. He throws the fiery blast toward Eis Shenron. He narrowly it, but the attack distracted him long enough for Ginyu and Ginyumon to blast him down.

Ginyu then said, “We're ever the opportunists when we want to be.”

“Don't take it personally, Dragon. You're just in the way of our masters' conquest.” Ginyumon said to the Shadow Dragon.

The Ginyu Frog jumps up and dances on top of Captain Ginyu's head.

“You said it, my little green friend.” Ginyu grinned at the alien frog.

“Think that did him in?” Mimi wondered.

“Somehow I doubt it.” Rosemon said in concern.

“Keep your guards up, everyone.” BW warned them.

“Especially against an enemy.” Piccolo reminded them.

Nail said inside Piccolo's head, “Nice advice, did y'all get that from a fortune cookie?”

Piccolo speaks to Nail, “What...? That doesn't make any licking sense.”

Nail replies to Piccolo, “I know, just being cute.”

Ogremon said to BanchoLeomon in his mind, “Having fun, furball?”

BanchoLeomon respond to Ogremon, “A lot of fun and it'll be better when you stop mocking me.”

Eis Shenron slowly gets up and grits his teeth at his enemies, “It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings...”

(Theme fades)

Suddenly, a fat woman is heard singing from some far-off facility.

“…yep, see. Told you. This ain't over.” Eis Shenron finished.


(Dragon Ball Z - SS4 Broly VS SS4 Gogeta Theme (The Enigma TNG) continues)

Omega X, Goku, Goku (GT), Max, GalacticNova X, Broly, Takeru Cage, Tabaga, Metalla X, Vegeta, Vegeta (GT), and Keke have an epic showdown with Omega Shenron.

Omega Shenron uses Dragon Thunder to send his enemies scurrying around and avoiding his thunder blasts.

“C'mon, this is too easy!” Omega Shenron taunted.

“We'll show you how easy we are! Ready, Goku?!” Omega X asked.

Goku answers to his Ascendant counterpart, “Yeah, let's do it!”

Omega X and Goku, both in their Ascendant/Super Saiyan God states, attack Omega Shenron head-on with a series of punches. Omega Shenron manages to dodge and parry their blows. Omega X and Goku land a double punch into the Shadow Dragon's gut. Goku (GT), now in his Super Saiyan 4 form, clubs Omega Shenron from behind. Max, now an Ascendant level 2, jets over to Omega Shenron and kicks him in the side of the head. Omega Shenron stumbles back from nearly having his head taken off.

“What'ca think of that one, big guy?!” Max exclaimned.

Omega Shenron growls, “Cheapshot, you'll pay for that one!”

Just then, Takeru Cage gets the drop on Omega Shenron, grabs him from behind, and slams him down with a German Suplex. Then, he picks Omega Shenron up and whirls him around, tossing him through a truck. Takeru jumps up and hits a flying elbow into Omega Shenron's sternum, causing him to pop up and yell out in pain. Takeru then boxes Omega Shenron, landing straight jabs and then uppercuts him straight into the air.

“Tabaga, you're up!” Takaru called forth his partner.

Just then, Tabaga, now a fully-powered Super Saiyan, sends a projectile shaped like a javelin and slams it into Omega Shenron's face. She batted him away, sending him crashing to the ground. Tabaga then shatters the javelin, converting the javelin into hundreds of diamond-like shards that slam and pierce into Omega Shenron.

“Nicely done, Tabaga.” Takeru commented.

Tabaga smirks at him, “Thanks, but you had to be a show-off and rely on just physical moves.”

Takeru gives a modest chuckle, “Well, I'd show my flashy techniques, but I just love pure physicality. It's my style.”

Suddenly, Super Saiyan God Vegeta and Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta (GT) shove beams into Omega Shenron's chest. They then unleash a barrage of beams that hold Omega Shenron at bay.

“You think you can hang with a Super Saiyan God?” Vegeta asked his opponent.

Just then, Metalla X, in Ascendant God form, taps Omega Shenron's shoulder. “Or an Ascendant God for that matter?”

Omega Shenron turns and gets punched by Metalla X. GalacticNova X and Broly bumrush as they throw Eraser Cannons into Omega Shenron. The Shadow Dragon takes flight into the air to recover. Keke sneaks up and lands a kick to the back of Omega Shenron's head. She then lands over by Max's side.

“This has been easy. A little too easy.” Keke commented.

Metalla X replied to his AU daughter, “I'd say because most of us have ascended higher than this Shadow Dragon seems to believe.”

“Yes, he was delusional if he thinks he and his Shadow Dragon friend can beat us.” Vegeta commented.

“Still, it's Omega Shenron. GT villains might not be much compared to Super Saiyan Gods or Ascendant Gods, but this guy still has loads of negative loads.” Max said about the dragon’s power.

Omega Shenron cackles and pumps dark energy into him. “Yes, I was assessing how much powers you warriors have. You're all strong, but now the kid gloves are coming off!”

Radical lightning blasts Omega Shenron and powers him like a lightning rod. A surge of renewed power resonates within the Shadow Dragon's negative power.

Omega Shenron then bellows, “Da'ath has given me the power to wipe you all out. Warriors, Ascendants, Saiyans, and Chosen ones alike, I shall be your executioner!”

Omega Shenron's body grows ten times in size. The group spread out and attacks, but Omega Shenron simply raises his hand. A immense power erupts and sends most of the warriors flying back. Omega X, Goku, and Takeru Cage stand together at the forefront. Goku (GT), Metalla X, Vegeta, Vegeta (GT), Max, Keke, Tabaga, GalacticNova X, and Broly stand behind them.

“I have infinite negative energy to keep me going for as long as I'm still here.” Omega Shenron roared.

“Nothing's infinite.” Omega X stated.

“You've already shown to have limits before.” Goku makes a point.

“Well, unless your name is Superman... or God.” Takeru Cage then sighs, “Anyway, Omega Shenron, you're all talk. Why don't you just get it over with?”

“Whoa, don't encourage him!” Keke cried out.

“Relax, he knows what he's doing. Takeru loves reverse psychology.” Tabaga reassured to her.

Takeru then said to Omega Shenron, “Go ahead. Finish us. You got infinite power.”

“Just for your taunts, you'll be the first to go!” Omega Shenron growled.

As Omega Shenron prepares to attack Takeru, Omega X and Goku fire a combined Terra Beam/Kamehameha combo that knocks Omega Shenron into the air. Omega Shenron absorbs both attacks through the dark dragonballs on his chest.

“No way, he absorbed their attacks!” Vegeta said aghast.

“Damn it all, not good.” Metalla X muttered.

“Cheap. You go ahead and power yourself up. It won't make a difference cause I'll be handing you your ass.” Takeru stated.

“You're welcome to try...” Omega Shenron is about to say a repetitive dialogue.

Just then, Takeru teleports up to Omega Shenron and waves to him.

“...welcome to try what? What were you going to do? Monologue me to death? I'm this close to being on life support.”

“You son of a bitch!” Omega Shenron prepares to blast him.

Omega X and Goku both tackle Omega Shenron away. Takeru beckons everyone to come help him beat down and keep Omega Shenron from utilizing his full powers.

“What did I tell you? He knows what he's doing... even though he has an annoying habit of playing headgames with his enemy.” Tabaga stated, “He only plays by his own rules and no one else's.”

“Man, makes me wonder if he's really on our side.” Keke wondered about Takeru.

“He is. He's just one unorthodox kind of guy. C'mon, ya'll, let's give them a hand.” Max said in helping their author avatar.


Finally, Angemon X, Future Trunks, Trunks (GT), Majin Buu, Uub, Majuub, D-Reaper, Dorothy & Avengemon, Mr. Popo, and Blue Popo are going at it on Demigra, Towa and Mira.

Demigra is actively doing at it with Angemon X, Future Trunks, and Trunks (GT). The three Trunks gather Ki in their hands and unleash a triple Burning Attack that catches Demigra. However, the demon lord uses his staff to nullify their attacks. Angemon X phases behind Demigra and drives his sword through his chest.

“Got you!” Angemon X approaches.

“Think again.” Demigra see it coming.

Demigra casts a doppelganger that throws Angemon X off. Demigra reappears behind Angemon X and prepares to blast him. Future Trunks intercepts and kicks him aside.

Future Trunks said to Angemon X, “Hey, man, are you ok?!”

“Thanks to you, I'm fine.” Angemon X nodded to his Saiyan counterpart.

Trunks (GT) then said, “This guy's not just strong but he's very deceptive and slippery.”

“Fools, I'm an ages old Demon God. I won't be done in by a couple of Saiyans and an Ascendant.” Demigra explained, “Da'ath has acquired me and the Time Breaker's services to help them distort history. This universe will belong to them.”

Angemon X groans, “Great, more power-hungry freaks. As if Charon and Jeremiah weren't enough...”

“Da'ath is far above anything Paradais can do. Da'ath intends to one-up Paradais once all dimensions fall under their rule.” Demigra said about the organization’s goals.

“Not if we're here to shut you down, Demigra!” Future Trunks shouted.

“You're welcome to try, time patroller.” Demigra taunted.

Meanwhile, Majin Buu, Uub, Majuub, D-Reaper/Dee, and Dorothy & Avengemon engage Mira. The enhanced amalgamation demon discharges blasts that keep his foes at bay. Majin Buu and D-Reaper use their fat bodies to catch Mira's attacks. This allows Uub and Majuub to fire Kamehamehas at Mira's direction. Dorothy cups her hands and fires a Tsunami Wave at the demon. Avengemon forms an aura around him and flies down like a meteor at the villain. Mira forms a one-handed ball of energy, the Serious Bomb, and sends it toward the incoming attacks.

“No way!” Uub exclaimed.

Majuub said in surprise, “He's cancelled our attacks!”

“Crap! Everyone, move!” Dorothy ordered her comrades.

Avengemon gets blasted back by Mira falls into Dorothy's arms.

“I got you, my partner. We should've merged from the start.” Dorothy said to her Digimon.

Then, D-Reaper goes to heal both Avengemon and Dorothy. “Let's stay good and healthy for the fight.”

“Yep, we need to be strong!” Majin Buu does the same healing technique for Uub and Majiuub.

“Thanks, Buu.” Uub appreciated.

“Yes, now we feel much better.” Majuub added.

Buu then has an idea, “Ok, time to summon a few friends to help us!”

With that said, Buu pulls off a few chunks of his pink flesh and converts them to putty. The putty pieces grow and forms into familiar faces. Uub and Majuub are shocked to see Super Buu, Kid Buu, and Gray Buu standing in front of the fat one.

“Whoa, that's...” Uub eyes on Kid Buu, “... what I was before!”

“Is this wise, Buu?” Majuub pondered.

Buu answers to Uub’s GT counterpart, “They're just summons. Nothing like the bad ones.”

On the other hand, D-Reaper also copies Buu's idea. He tears off pieces of his flesh to summon Super-Reaper, Teen-Reaper, and Evil-Reaper.

“There! Dee's army is complete!” D-Reaper cried out.

Dorothy sees the Dee army and states, “To think that monster used to be us, Avengemon.”

“I think I might've been Super-Reaper once.” Avengemon recalled.

“Makes sense since you're both tall. And that would make me the former Teen-Reaper since I'm small like a child.” Dorothy figured out some coincidence here.

“Ready to fight with my summons.” D-Reaper asked Teen-Reaper’s reincarnation.

Dorothy nods at the good abomination, “Let's do this!”

(End Theme)

Elsewhere, Towa confronts Mr. Popo and Blue Popo.

Towa evilly smirks, “So, I'm looking at the creations of Millenniummon and Ancientmon. How quaint.”

“Uh huh, but I've long since stepped out of Millenniummon's shadow and am free to do what I want.” Mr. Popo replied.

“Same here. Not even Ancientmon tells me what to do.” Blue Popo added.

“We're masters of our own.” Mr. Popo concluded.

“Interesting. Oh, and by the way, while we were talking, I collected enough samples from you to help me enhance Mira. Thank you for the distraction.” Towa smiled.

Mr. Popo and Blue Popo both said, “Huh?”

“Bye!” Towa flies off with two robotic insects.

Blue Popo smiles, “Um, Mr. Popo, I think we've been had.”

Mr. Popo nods, “Yes, the first that's ever happened. Oh well, no big deal. It was bound to happen.”

“So what now, Mr. Popo?” Blue Popo wondered.

Mr. Popo answers to his counterpart. We watch as the carnage plays out and see who qualifies highest in the pecking order.

“But, none of these guys are higher than us.” Blue Popo stated.

“Nope except us.” Mr. Popo gives a creepy smile.

Meanwhile, Towa holds the two insect robots in her hands.

“Yes, with DNA samples from those two, I'll give Mira the boost he needs. My creation will be the ultimate force Da'ath will ever use!” The female Time Breaker announced.


Chinatown/Other Sections

(Cue The House of the Dead 4 - Original Sin (Remix of year seventh))

Not far from the main battle royale, the other characters have the time to shine in fending off the invasion. Suzie Wong has call forth the other Devas besides Antylamon and have them Jogress fuse into four mini-Digimon Sovereigns.

Vivian Wong as Dai-Valkyrie Haumea, Tristan Taylor, Gaara, Rock Lee, and EbonDevamon (formed by Vikaralamon, Kumbhiramon, and Vajramon) are first seen. After dispatching some Anti-Bodies, Koolasaurus, and Da'ath agents, the group hear the loud roar of a monster. They turn around and see a giant demonic tanuki with a body covered with sand. Gaara gasps in shock upon seeing the beast.

Gaara blanches, “It can't be!”

“Isn't that...!” Rock Lee witnessed.

“No, my Shukaku is inside me. This is another... it's the true legendary Ichibi no Shukaku!” Gaara mentioned the name of the Bijuu.

Shukaku telepaths with Gaara, “That's right. You already pissing yourself scared?”

“No.” Gaara summons a trail of sand out of his gourd and forms a giant column for him to stand on.

Dai-Valkyrie Haumea forms a floating platform made from sand and jumps on it.

Tristan spirit Fuses into Gaia the Fierce Knight and respond, “Great, how are we expected to beat a Bijuu? And of the real legendary kind?”

“Although my Shukaku's not as powerful, his power and mine should grant us an edge.” Gaara explained the power gap.

Dai-Valkyrie Haumea then said to Gaara, “Since we're both sand users, we can surely give this overgrown raccoon a run for this money.”

“And I have my gates. I can shatter walls of sand just like I proved in my fight with Gaara.” Rock Lee remembered his battle experience.

“Don't forget, I'm here. I manipulate the power of the mist and can help erode our enemy.” EbonDevamon added.

“Guess there's no getting out of this.” Tristan stated.

“I won't let him anywhere near you, Tristan! We'll make him pay for ruining our date!” Dai-Valkyrie Haumea said of being overprotective.

Tristan mumbles, “That's the least of my worries.”

The Ichibi no Shukaku close in on the group. The demonic Bijuu wastes no time firing pillars of sand from his back. These hardened sand formed blades sharp enough to pierce through metal. Gaara and Haumea summoned a giant wall of sand to stop Shukaku's attack. The beast roars and charges, delivering a headbutt into the sand barricade. The two sand manipulators try to harden their sand defenses, but Shukaku kept repeatedly slamming into the sand wall.

Gaara grits, “He's relentless!”

“We can't let him break through!” Haumea cried out.

Gaara calls up his Wind Release: Great Breakthrough, sending an immense gust of wind that blasts through the wall and hits Shukaku hard. Shukaku winds up getting pushed back. Gaara floats across and throws sand shurikens to pierce through the monster's armor hide. But, Shukaku seems unfazed. Haumea flies toward Shukaku and forms boxing gloves out of her sand.

“Let's see how you like having your teeth knocked out!” Haumea exclaimed.

Haumea lands an earth-shattering force with one jab into Shukaku's face. She follows up with left cross into Shukaku's jaw. She quickly landed punches to the Bijuu's face and ultimately flipped around, hitting the beast's cranium with heel kicks Shukaku shakes off Haumea's physical attacks.

“Vivian, look out!” Tristan warned her.

Shukaku brings down his right hand and swipes at Haumea. The Dai-Valkyrie Kuiper dodges getting caught and flies around the beast, which to him she was nothing but a pesky fly.

“Can't catch me! Nyah nyah!” Haumea taunted the giant beast.

“Don't tease him!” Rock Lee warned otherwise.

Rock Lee sprints right up Shukaku's tail and lands a powerful kick to Shukaku's right side. He activated his first two gates: Gate of Opening and Gate of Healing. He kicks the beast even harder, but still does nothing to faze the legendary beast. Shukaku swings his tail across, forcing the heroes to spread out. Using mist to blindside the Bijuu, EbonDevamon expels a water blast that pushes Shukaku back and stops his sand bombs.

Tristan brandishes his spear, “Any bright ideas?!”

“Looks like I'll definitely have to open all Eight Gates and make Gai-sensei proud!” Rock Lee said with no other choice.

“My water does seem most effective.” EbonDevamon added.

Gaara and Haumea exchange glares.

Haumea thought of something, “Wind attacks also seem to work, too.”

“I'll resort to Wind Releases.” Gaara figured that to the Senshi.

Haumea smirks, “And I can throw concussive blasts with my fists. And let's just use our sand for defense.”

“Exactly what I had in mind. My Shukaku can supply me with enough Chakra to keep me going.” Gaara informed.

Ichibi no Shukaku methodically advances on the group. Suddenly, a clawed hand quickly pops out through Shukaku's side. The heroes are surprised when Ironclaw, the armadillo Taiyoukai, arrives as an unlikely ally.

“There room for one more in your group?” Ironclaw asked the group.

“Never thought a Taiyoukai would fight on our side.” Tristan said.

Haumea smirks, “First time for everything.”


Sasuke, Itachi, Madara, Obito, Selipa, and Suzie & AzuDevamon (formed by Antylamon, Mihiramon, and Majiramon) are at another. Shortly after dispatching some Da'ath forces, Yamato no Orochi busts through a building surprising the group. The eight-tailed, eight headed serpent's central head lunges and attempts to snatch the heroes. AzuDevamon quickly defends Suzie and shoots bolts of lightning that repels Yamato no Orochi's tails. Selipa launches herself upward and lobs a barrage of Youki blasts at the serpent. Yamato no Orochi swiftly catches and dispels her blasts.

“Shit! He's cancelled my attacks!” Selipa said in aghast.

On one side, Sasuke readies his Chidori. Over on Sasuke's opposite, Itachi conjures his Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique. Sasuke hastily dashes toward the giant and drives his fist through its flesh, sending bolts of lightning through his body. Itachi's fire blasts barely graze the behemoth. Yamato no Orochi gets irked by the Uchiha brother's attacks, swinging two of his tails across and narrowly missing them.

“I think it's best we use Amaterasu and if all else fails...” Itachi planned.

“We use Susanoo.” Sasuke responded.

Madara interjects and explains, “Yes, with all three of us here, Susanoo will be powerful enough to bring down Yamato no Orochi. It will be a fitting battle considering it took Susanoo to slay the legendary Eight-Forked Serpent. But make no mistake these Bijuu are the genuine monsters of legend. We're facing more powerful monsters.”

Obito is still in full Tobi mood and said, “Kishimoto really did base things off Japanese mythology, eh? But that doesn't explain that ape and naming him Son Goku. Last I checked Sun Wukong is Chinese and I doubt he'd appreciate having his character demoted as some Bijuu beast.”

Yamato no Orochi launches all eight heads to attack the Uchihas. They spread out. Obito dances around and dodges two heads. Sasuke fires Chidori and blasts at one head. Itachi slashes at another head. Madara takes out a sword and slices off a head, but another head regrows in its place. The legendary Uchiha leader uses Wood Release: Wood Dragon Technique, to summon a giant wooden dragon to attack the eight-tailed, eight-headed Bijuu. Yamato no Orochi uses its tails to grab and push away the wooden dragon.

“Now!” Madara ordered.

Sasuke and Itachi activate their Mangekyo Sharingan, prompting them to summon the dark flames of Amaterasu. The brothers focus and send a sea of black flames toward Yamato no Orochi. Sensing how immense and powerful these flames are, Orochi throws the wooden dragon and let it be burned.

Obito waves Uchiha-symboled fans, “Whooo! go, Team Uchiha! Go, go! Tobi's your guy! He's with you all the way! Eat our flames, Orochi!”

“No, the beast knows too well about our flames. He's already forging a demon barrier to protect himself!” Madara informed his allies.

Selipa watches the Uchiha dodging Orochi's attacks.

“Looks like it's up to me now.” Selipa stepped in.

Suzie then interjects, “No, it's up to us. Right, AzuDevamon?”

AzuDevamon nods, “Exactly right, Suzie. No way are the Uchihas going to show us up.”

Selipa forges Youki into her hand and summons a big spear tipped with white flames, “We can at least give them time to bring out that Susanoo of theirs. You ready, Suzie?”

“I'm ready and so is AzuDevamon!” Suzie nodded.

When Yamato no Orochi attacks, a black orb hurtles out of nowhere and hits the serpent's central head. Then, a humanoid man comes charging forward and transforms into a giant dragon-like demon to clash with Yamato.

“That's Draco, one of the revered Taiyoukais!” Selipa saw the demon.

“Taiyoukai?” Sasuke wondered.

Madara explains to the younger Uchiha, “Powerful demons with strength comparable to these legendary Bijuus. They come from the Makai.”

“But, who fired the other blast?” Suzie wondered.

Just then, Anustes the Blood Pluto drops in to the group's befuddlement.

Suzie yells excitedly, “Sailor Pluto!”

“No, sorry, Suzie, but that's not her.” AzuDevamon sees the fake Senshi.

Selipa then examines the gray-skinned Senshi, “Looks like her evil clone. No doubt Paradais might've had a hand in this.”

Anustes scoffs, “Yes, well hello to you all and sorry to disappoint. Not.”

“Regardless who you are, we have Yamato no Orochi to defeat.” Madara said to his cohorts.

“Let's go and put our resources to use!” AzuDevamon exclaimed.

The group storms ahead to help Draco stop Yamato no Orochi at all cost.


Naruto, Hinata, Minato, Dai-Valkyrie Venus, and ZhuDevamon (formed by Sandiramon, Indramon, and Pajiramon) are fighting on their own against the arrival of another Bijuu. But, this wasn't just any Bijuu.

The real legendary Kyuubi no Youko appeared swinging its nine tails and smashing a building down. he let out a loud roar combined with a shockwave that reduced another building into debris. Naruto holds his ground and looks shocked to see the real nine-tailed fox demon.

Naruto is aghast, “I can't believe we're facing the real Kyuubi.”

Just then, Kurama, Naruto's Kyuubi, appears in Naruto's mind.

Kurama telepaths with Naruto, “Its strength is much greater than mine. But, that doesn't mean I won't be backing down from this challenge. Will you?”

“Hah, are you kidding? I'm kinda excited about this.” Naruto chuckled.

“Be watchful, Naruto. There's no reasoning with this Kyuubi.” Minato warned his son, “While it does have a mind of its own, it thrives on just destruction and won't rest until we're all dead. Da'ath have unleashed forces of nature.”

“Naruto, you and your father be careful. I'll be with Sailor Venus.” Hinata urged.

Dai-Valkyrie Venus blanches upon seeing Kyuubi no Youko sweeping debris away with his tails.

“He also might be a clean freak because he's sweeping his mess away.” Dai-Valkyrie Venus joked.

“Suzie sent me to assist you if you need it.” ZhuDevamon informed.

Venus nods at the mini phoenix Digimon, “Thanks. I'll be sure to thank Suzie's kindness when this is over.”

“Venus, can we win?” Hinata wondered.

“Of course we can if don't give up to this monster's despair.” Venus answered.

Kyuubi no Youko bumrushes toward the group and expels a shockwave-like blast from his mouth. The group immediately moves and spreads out. Naruto hops into the air and invokes Kurama's Chakra. The yellow-haired ninja's body erupts with orange-like chakra flames and solidifies into a thick yellow aura. Naruto shifts into his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode.

Naruto beckons, “Bring it on, you monster!”

Dai-Valkyrie Venus encourages, “That's the spirit! We'll send this fox right back where he belongs!”

ZhuDevamon begins the assault by unleashing destructive flames on Kyuubi. The flames exploded and blindsided the nine-tailed beast. This allowed Naruto to forge his Big Ball Rasenshuriken. He thew the spinning chakra-like disc to cut Kyuubi in half, but the beast easily sidestepped and let it cut a light post in two. Kyuubi then jumps out and sends needle-like spines from his fur. Naruto uses his Chakra aura to protect him from the spines. Dai-Valkyrie Venus teleports all over the place, directly avoiding every spine. Venus then flies around Kyuubi so fast she sends Chain Wink Swords, sword-like projectiles tied on a chain, that pierces through Kyuubi's hide. Hinata lunges on the monster's left side and strikes the beast with her Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists.

Kyuubi howls in pain, but retaliates by swinging his two tails. He attempts to hit Venus, Naruto, and Hinata. The latter two (with Naruto grabbing Hinata) teleport out of the way. Then, some kunai pierces the Kyuubi's right front leg. Then, Minato intervenes in their place and teleports right in front of Kyuubi, using his Flying Thunder God Technique thanks to his Flying Thunder God Kunai. Konoha's Yellow Flash readily forms a Rasengan and shoves it into Kyuubi's face. The beast bellows as the chakra ball slams into him. As he threw another kunai, Minato telepoted just as Kyuubi recovered and swallowed the chakra ball with ease.

“No way! He can eat the Rasengan!” Naruto blanched.

Kurama telepaths to Naruto, “Well ain't that some bullshit.”

“We're really going to have to wing it now, guys.” Venus said to the group.

Venus calls upon her animal spirit, a unicorn named Cupid. Cupid appears beside Venus.

Hinata respond in awe, “What a beautiful unicorn.”

“You rang?” Cupid then sees Kyuubi, “Whoa, that's what you called me for?!”

“Is this bad timing?” Venus asked.

“No, I'll lend you my power. Together our powers should be enough to turn the tide.” Cupid answered.

“Good because we're going to need it.” Venus stated.

As Venus mounts Cupid, she leads Naruto, Minato, Hinata, and ZhuDevamon forward against Kyuubi no Youko for Round 2.


Sailor Jupiter in her Dai-Valkyrie form, Kakashi, Killer B, Otokam the Blood Jupiter, and BaiDevamon (formed by Makuramon, Sinduramon, and Catsuramon) are seen fighting the Rokubi no Raijuu.

The six-tailed demon beast produces a healthy aura of powerful lightning. It first shoots lightning at Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter, who relied on her lightning fast speed to dodge. At one point, she ran so fast she left lightning after images to throw Rokubi off. She raced up and went for a lightning punch to Rokubi's face. The beast channels a barrage of lightning blasts from his tails, forcing Jupiter away. The six-tailed beast swings its tails and batted the blasts down. Killer B comes from the left and produces his Tailed Beast Chakra. From this chakra, a network of Tailed Beast Chakra Arms grabs Rokubi no Raijuu's six tails.

“How about I give you a shock, biznitch?!” Killer B yelled.

He charges electricity into the Rokubi no Raijuu, but the beast seems unfazed and sends lightning right back at Killer B.

“Well so much for that.” Killer B muttered.

As Killer B gets out of harm's way, Kakashi summons Water Release: Water Formation Wall to stop the beast's lightning. Irked by Kakashi's intervention, Rokubi no Raijuu charges and swings a tail to crush the water obstruction. BaiDevamon leaps forward and unleashes metal quills from his back to ward off Rokubi no Raijuu. Otokam the Blood Jupiter comes out of nowhere and forms lightning in her hand, similar to Kakashi's Lightning Cutter, to chop off one tail from Rokubi no Raijuu.

“Yeah, nicked off one tail!” Otokam then watches the beast regrow a tail, “Aw, you gotta be shitting me!”

“It's going to take more than that to beat this thing!” Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter said to her clone.

As Rokubi no Raijuu covers itself in an electrified aura, he forces the warriors back.

“We'll find a way through its defenses.” Kakashi informed them.

“I think I might have the thing.” Then, Jupiter summons her animal spirit, a cheetah named Bacchus.

“I'm at your service, Jupiter.” Bacchus greeted.

“Think you can help me with that monster.” Jupiter asked the fastest animal.

Bacchus sights Rokubi and cries out, “Oh, one of the legendary Bijuu! Yes, these monsters are quite immensely powerful, but you shouldn't have trouble since you've gained the power of a Valkyrie.”

“Well I am and my allies here are having trouble.” Jupiter warned.

“Might be because Da'ath upgraded these monsters' powers. All right, I'm in.” Bacchus accepted the offer, “Combining our powers, our strength and speed will be increased.”

“Yeah, I know. Now let's kick some Bijuu ass!” Jupiter declared.

Jupiter quickly mounts Bacchus' back. She then calls upon her Mjolnir, which is formerly used by Thor (Norse Myth) and points to Rokubi.

“Don't think we're done yet! This time we're going all out!” Jupiter gives her brief speech.

“Now I'm loving this woman's style!” Killer B smirked.

Suddenly, a lightning bolt from above hits the ground behind Rokubi. Alarmed, the Bijuu looks up and sees the bird-of-prey Taiyoukai, Relam, descend with his lightning surging through his feathers.

“That's one of the Taiyoukai!” BaiDevamon exclaimed.

“Taiyoukai?” Kakashi pondered.

“Relam.” Jupiter mentioned his name.

Relam sees the group and discuss, “Don't think I came to save you. I just want to prove that us Taiyoukai are infinitely superior to these Bijuu!”

“Rokubi no Raijuu, I Relam the Thunder Bird, challenge you!” Rokubi no Raijuu turns and roars, accepting the Taiyoukai's challenge. Relam is able to comprehend Rokubi's animal language.

“Rokubi has accepted.” Bacchus noticed.

“And we're ready to fight, too!” Jupiter swings Mjolnir in the air, “Onward my friends!”

(End Theme)



(Cue Two Steps From Hell – El Dorado)

Back in Koreatown, the four SAO secondary casts have split to distract and fight off their chosen Bijuu. This is pretty much a life-to-death situation to face these animalistic titans.

Silica w/Pina and Lizbeth are seen about to fight the Nibi no Nekomata. The two-tailed cat Bijuu swipes her tails at the SAO girls, but they dodge the coming attack and back off.

“Take this yah cat!” Lizbeth holds a blacksmith hammer to smash at Nibi’s face.

Silica using only a dagger, the young girl yet fires magical sharp projectiles at the Bijuu, “Hiyah!”

Nibi no Nekomata repels the two SAO girls by spreading its flame aura and injuring them.

As the two-tailed cat Bijuu charged toward Silica and Lizbeth, some aid came in the form of Sailor Eris, Larry Stonebagel the Chimera, Sailor Sire, Haruno Sakura, Okanim the Blood Venus, and surprisingly Gozaburo Kaiba. Sailor Eris unleashed a tornado attack to slightly push the Nibi back. Sakura punched the ground hard, letting the earth crack and split under Nibi. Nibi pounced up avoiding falling into an earthly pit.

“Need a help, you two?!” Sailor Eris asked them.

“Yeah totally!” Lizbeth casually answered to the Senshi.

Sakura then sees the Bijuu, “The Nibi? But that's not like the one from our world.”

“No, this one has a reddish aura, unlike the one from your world which has blue.” Larry said to Sakura.

Sailor Eris invokes her Valkyrie Senshi powers. Her Sailor uniform is replaced by revealing green body armor and armored sandals. She transforms into Dai-Valkyrie Eris.

“Gonna need to go all-out since this is gonna be one hell of a rodeo fight.” Dai-Valkyrie Eris declared her battle position.

Sailor Sire wonders, “Do you treat everything like a rodeo?”

“Nibi's gonna be one hell of an animal for me to lasso up.” Eris then summons her lasso.

Okanim begins to whine, “Meanwhile, Venus get to fight Kyuubi. Why am I not fighting Kyuubi? Jupiter and Blood Jupiter get to fight together! It's not fair!”

“I don't know why I'm here.” Gozaburo muttered.

Nibi lands on the ground and sends fiery blasts from its tails. The group spreads out. Gozaburo uses Spirit Fusion to transform into Exodia Necross. Eris and Larry dodge the incoming fire blasts. Likewise, Sire and Okanim do the same. Sakura keeps up with the others. Gozaburo stupidly rushes through the flames and attacks Nibi with reckless abandon.

“Think I'm going to play chicken like these foolish kids?! I'll show you how a real man fights!” Gozaburo exclaimed.

Larry shouts at the corrupted businessman, “Idiot, what are you doing?!”

“I'll get him outta there.” Eris prepares to throw lasso to save Gozaburo.

However, Gozaburo attempts to use his Obliterate attack, but Nibi no Nekomata converges two fire spheres from its twos and combines them. The beast sends a much bigger fireball than Gozaburo's and quickly one-shots him into oblivion.

Eris drops her lasso and nervously laughs, “...eheh, or not. But, who cares. That guy gave me bad vibes.”

“Right? It's Gozaburo Kaiba, hardly anyone cares about him.” Larry said.

Nibi no Nekomata turns its sights on the others.

“Shit it sees us!” Sire cried out.

Sakura then announced, “I better call up my secret weapon.”

Taking off a wrist band off her right arm, Sakura reveals a silver-like bracelet. It is the Witchblade. The same author who wrote YuYuGiDigiMoon andDigimon Fusion Kai experimented with a Naruto fanfic crossover called Witchblade Sakura. Combining elements of the Naruto series and Witchblade anime/American comic, he created a somewhat unique story making Sakura the Witchblade wielder, but since 2011, the story has been on hiatus. The author seems to have no intentions of reviving it due to his waned Naruto interest.

“If the author won't revive that fic, then I'll use my Witchblade power for this occasion!” Sakura declared about her special ability.

As he invoked the Witchblade's power, Sakura's outfit changes into that of the Witchblade anime armor. Her short pink hair becomes long and double as tendril spears. Her eyes turn black with yellow irises. A wicked grin forms on her face.

Sakura yells out in ecstasy, “I'm ready to butcher some Nekomata!”

Witchblade telepaths with Sakura, “Eheheheh, I'm back, kids.”

“Ok, now I've seen everything!” Sire noticed.

“At least Sakura won't be just spamming She-Hulk punches and actually get creative.” Okanim commented.

Larry questions to Eris, “Well? What do you think?”

“Hey, as long as she helps us get the job done.” Eris replied.

Nibi no Nekomata charges and sends fireballs toward the group.

Eris then cries out, “Zephyr! Come forth!”

Dai-Valkyrie Eris summons her falcon spirit, Zephry, who flies up around Eris.

“At your service!” Zephyr greeted her.

“We're gonna need all the help we can get, partner.” Eris said to her falcon.

Zephyr respond, “Yeesh, I hate cats, especially big ones.”

Eris winks, “We'll put this cat to sleep for good!”

Eris and Larry lead the others against Nibi no Nekomata in a battle across city blocks. Sire and Okanim send blasts at Nibi's side. Eris lassos Nibi's right back leg and pulls hard, lifting it off the ground with incredible strength. She tosses Nibi to Witchblade Sakura, who catches the demon cat with tendril spears that cut through the demon cat. The Nekomata unleashes a fire aura that once again forces the heroes away.

“Can't stop now, guys! We gotta keep going!” Eris rallied her allies.


At another location, Klein and Agil are at odds to face Yonbi no Basan.

Klein holds his katana on guard, “C’mon man, I’d say we hit its legs first to trip that chicken.”

Agil holds a battle axe and respond, “You got it.”

Both then charge and evades the Yonbi’s fire attacks coming from its beak. Agil uses his axe to slash at one of its avian legs, while Klein takes advantage of this distraction to deliver a blow at the Bijuu.

Just then, Klein and Agil receive help in form of Mika Hayashi the Chimera, Hayata the Chimera, Ier the Blood Mars, Suzaku & Murugu, Rando, and Noah Kaiba. Mika catches Yonbi no Basan with a kick to its face. Yonbi stumbles back just a little and recovers from Mika's kick.

Hayata exclaim to Klein and Agil, “Are you two ok?!”

“Yeah! We’re okay!” Klein said to Hayata.

“Glad we can make it in time.” Mika said.

“Hey, look, Suzaku, we're fighting you and your little friend's own kind.” Rando laughs, “I could go for some poultry.”

“Yes, haha very funny.” Suzaku sarcastically laughed.

“Hmm, in the Naruto world, the four-tails is an ape. The real one is a bird.” Noah noticed.

“Who cares? All that matters is we beat this thing!” Mika cried out.

The Yonbi no Basan screeches loudly and charges toward the heroes. Mika and Hayata both energies together to form a green energy ball and throws it at Yonbi. The bird narrowly dodges the ball, but this allows Suzaku, Rando, and Ier to attack it from one side. Rando shoots it with his Spirit Gun. Suzaku splits seven clones of himself and blast with the electrical blasts. Ier launches fire at it. Noah Spirit Fusions into Shinato, King of a Higher Plane, to aid them.

Klein exclaims, “Hey, something's heading our way!”

“A giant tree monster?” Ier wondered.

Madeira, the wooden Taiyoukai, trudges forward for all to see. Yonbi ceases attack on his smaller enemies and sets sights on Madeira.

“Oh crap! It's one of the Taiyoukai!” Mika cried out.

“The great demon tree Madeira.” Suzaku muttered.

“Yo, that one big ass tree!” Rando yelled.

“Hey, y'all, the tree got the chicken's attention!” Hayata cried out.

Noah then orders, “On three, we gang attack!”

As Yonbi bumrushes Madeira, it flies up and slashes Madeira's wooden body with its claws. Madeira launches wooden spikes from its back and forces Yonbi to retreat. Yonbi retaliates and shoots feather, as sharp as blades, at the wooden behemoth. Klein, Agil, Mika, and Hayata attack Yonbi from the left while Suzaku, Rando, Ier, and Noah from the right.

“Now, attack!” Mika opens her fan and unleashes a wind attack to push Yonbi back.

As Mika kept fanning the Yonbi, Hayata attaches a metal pole to his arm and beats Yonbi's legs with it. Suzaku and his clones blast Yonbi with electrical blasts. Ier unleashes fire blasts at the Yonbi to try turning him to roasted chicken. Klein, Agil, and Noah hold off Yonbi, allowing Madeira to tackle the demon chicken down.


(Cue Guilty Crown – Bios)


Shinnen:New Year

Part XVI: All Your GHQ Belong to Us


Wall Street

(Cue Two Steps from Hell: United We Stand - Divided We Fall)

Outside of Wall Street, the fight between GHQ/Da’ath’s forces continues with Pegasus’ group (himself, Siegfried, Leon, and Kemo) are receiving support from the Kaiba family (Seto, Lyn, Mokuba, Helio, and the Cybernetic Ghost). Batman and Lyn continue to hold off Rikako and Toyohisa.

Batman throws Batarang toward Rikako to hold him off. The Dark Knight then bumrushes and does a flying kick to Rikako. Rikako barrel rolls away from Batman. Lyn (now D.D. Warrior Lady) slashes into Toyohisa with a sword slash, not only cutting him open but revealing his cyborg nature. Toyohisa quickly grabs Lyn's neck, but she brings her sword down and cuts off his right arm. She then grabs and tosses him overhead, slamming him down with force.

Seto, Mokuba, Helio, and Cybernetic Ghost fight off Da'ath agents while Pegasus, Siegfried, Leon, and Kemo watch in awe.

Pegasus notices Helio, “My goodness, who's this boy? Never seen him before.”

Helio introduces herself to Pegasus, “Mr. Pegasus? It's honor to meet you, sir. I'm Helio Kaiba. I'm Seto and Lyn's son many years in the future. I came here fro the Lost Kingdoms dimension.”

“Kaiba boy and Miss Lyn's little boy?!” Pegasus feels thrilled, “How marvelous! Yes, now it makes sense why you look like your father. But, you definitely have your mother's gentler facial features!”

“Stuff if, Pegasus! We're fighting here!” Seto scoffed at the flamboyant businessman.

“Oh, sorry. My bad. Carry on, but you, Lyn, and Helio need to come see me sometime.” Pegasus gives an offer.

Mokuba scoffs, “If we all survive this.”

Heathcliff remains confident in handling Kuradeel and Illfang.

“Die, Kayaba!” Kuradeel yelled.

Kuradeel attempts to rush in stabbing Heathcliff only for the crimson knight to push the Laughing Coffin assassin aside. Heathcliff easily disarms Illfang’s battle axe and shield, leaving the Kobold lord to arm with both a talwar and a nodachi to dual-wield. Illfang roars in attacking furiously at Kayaba with flashing speed, but he easily blocks each of the Kobold’s attacks and backs off.

As Illfang is about to counterattack, he is then ambush and hit by a fireball. Kayaba and the others turn to see Kirito, Asuna and Yui arriving with their Charizards.

Kuradeel cries out in shock, “No, it can’t be-!”

Kirito rushes to not waste time in stabbing Kuradeel in the chest with his sword, immediately killing him. Asuna leaps and uses her lightning rapier skills to slay Illfang before the monster bursts in fragment data. At the same time, Leafa and Sinon arrives to help Batman, to which Leafa uses her wind needle magic to pierce Rikako as the murderous girl gasps in breath to her death. Sinon fires her rifle to instantly headshot Toyohisa by the head and show no hesitation, knowing he’s irredeemable.

Lyn said to Sinon, “Thanks for the save.”

Heathcliff calmly smiles to the MMO players, “Ah, you children came just in time. I would have defeated them easily you know.”

“Well you’re not wasting your breath, Kayaba.” Kirito responded.

“So he must be the Aincrad server's gamemaster.” Leafa sees him for the first time.

“Kirito has gone through this in 2 years such as the encounters with Laughing Coffin.” Sinon learns from the boy’s yearly experience.

Heathcliff respond to Leafa, “And you must be his sister or cousin I presume?”

“The latter.” Leafa responded and states, “I never forgive the fact that you trapped my brother in that death game of yours, but at least you’re fair.”

Batman nods to Leafa.

“See? Even these kids have suspicions about you.” The cape crusader gives a Batman Glare to Heathcliff, “Remember I still have my eye on you.”

Then, upon getting a call from Alfred Pennyworth about a UN attack, Batman gets into his Batmobile and heads off to UN Headquarters.

More reinforcements have arrived alongside Funeral Parlor's armored trucks and jeeps.

The first to appear are LK!Shu, Gai, Inori II, Mana, Madoka, Homura, Keido Haruka, Ouma Kurosu, and Shijou Saeko.

Next are Canon!Tsugumi, LK!Ayase w/Raubtier, Argo, Shibungi, Oogumo, LK!Tsugumi, Kenji, Kyo (GCLK), Juan & Jimmy, Tarone, Miki Sayaka, Kyoko, Mami, Nagisa, Kurachi, and Aki Katsumi.

Then it’s Gon, Killua, Ryuko, Satsuki, Lightning, and Noctis.

Then it’s Valkyrie Brunhilde & MetalSeadramon, Valkyrie Skuld & Garm, Thor (MCU), and Loki (MCU). After some convincing from Phillipe for the sadistic Valkyrie to go with the main group before, Skuld decides to comply and can hope that Phillipe takes care of himself. Upon seeing the real Valkyries, Siegfried becomes amorous since they and Norse Mythology have inspired Yugioh trading cards of the Valkyries, the Aesir, and Nordic.

Then it’s Yusuke, Hiei, Puu, Kiryu, Long, Kuroshishi Rio, and Kuroshishi Kyo.

Then its Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Kamen, Sailor Mars, Nagah w/hacked Endlave, Rhea, Ghidorah, Gyaos, and Crystal!Moon.

Almost there for their arrival are Sailor Pluto, John Smith, Sailor Charon, The Prophet, and Sailor Gao Pluto.

The last as the main leads besides Pluto & Charon are Canon!Shu and Canon!Ayase w/Karmesin, as the renewed battle couple can only focus seeing Ward 24 in distance between the South Ferry and the waters.

“Look, it's the Lost Kingdom Undertakers and the Canon Guilty Crown group!” Mokuba exclaimed upon seeing them.

“And our crew. But, no Yugi?” Seto wondered why both his rival and ally is missing.

“He stayed behind to help folks in Time Square.” Yusuke answered to him.

“Wow, I can't believe nearly all the YYGDM leaders are here.” Helio’s eyes widened of seeing them.

Lyn notices Charon and The Prophet, “Those two are coming, too?”

“They are. We need all the help now we can get.” Pluto said to her.

Sailor Moon then speaks to the Wall Street group, “We're heading over to Ward 24 now. If you want to join us, now's the time.”

Pegasus points the whole group to the location of Ward 24 The main gathering to siege Ward 24 has been complete at last.


South Ferry/Bridge Between Ward 24 II

Seconds later, the main group is arriving at the South Ferry, to which they are walking towards the pathway of a bridge connecting to Ward 24. It feels quiet at first, but Funeral Parlor and their Canon!GC allies are ready.

(Cue Two Steps From Hell – Norwegian Pirate)

Suddenly, they hear that the current waves are moving rapidly in the oceans and the bridge slightly trembles, much like the pirates encountering legendary sea monsters such as the Kraken. Bursting out of the waters is the shark Bijuu bigger than a Megalodon called Sanbi no Same. The shark swims across and delivers huge tsunamis at the main United Forces.

“Incoming!” Leafa cried out.

Leafa and Asuna cast a combined forcefield spell to protect the group from the waves while they run in the bridge. Sayaka unleashes her own water powers to repel the Sanbi’s water attacks.

“Aw shit, their bringing the big guns!” Kyoko angrily exclaimed.

Guarding the pathway to GHQ’s headquarters in the middle of the bridge are Endlave Ghost Units up front, Anti Bodies and Da’ath agents, one Endlave Gespenst and two Stegoceratops.


Ward 24 II/Control Room

At one of the monitor rooms, the GHQ/Da’ath communicators are watching the screens of their enemies approaching. Andrei Rowan is seen working with Daryl Yan leaning against the wall. Makoto Waltz Segai is focusing on his red cellphone.

“Sir, we’re ready to engage them as plan.” Rowan reported.

Segai smirks and orders the Anti-Bodies, “Good, then let us embrace our friends a tempest of death.”


South Ferry/Bridge Between Ward 24 II

In the outer fortified defenses of Ward 24, a battalion of ALO Guardian Knights are readying their arrows. With signals from Da’ath royal guards, the knight archers begin to fire a volley at their attackers. Laser cannons are fired at the United Forces.

Both Shus knew by now that sneaking through their headquarters is impossible, not even using both Tsugumis voids to make decoy clones. Either way, their fighting with all they got as they are slicing through Endlaves and Anti Bodies with Canon!Ayase’s Karmesin backing up. Both Tsugumis inside the armored trucks uses their hacking skills in going to disable GHQ’s outer defenses.

Shibungi, Oogumo, Sinon, Mami, and Tarone fire their arrows/bullets/rpgs at the Guardian Knights. The Endlave Gespenst destroys Kurosu’s jeep, but not before they escape safely. Haruka and Saeko’s group escape from their jeeps as the two Stegoceratops go on a rampage to destroy them.

Suddenly, a massive water blast impacts Sanbi's side and knocks it out of course. This allows the groups to pass on by.

“What the hell was that?!” Brunhilde demanded.

Mars points at the source, “Look! It's one of the Taiyoukai!”

Kiryu sees his wife, the water Taiyoukai Cecaelia, “It's Cecaelia!”

“Seems she can handle that Bijuu on her own.” Long commented.

“That's one of the Bijuu?” Tuxedo Kamen questioned.

Indeed, but not Isobu from the Naruto franchise. This one's the real legendary Bijuu, according to Osaka Karin’s knowledge during her time as a museum curator, it is a shark bigger than feared and now extinct Megalodon. It may have evolved from one of the last Megalodon!

“Yeah, but we're getting awfully close now, aren't we?” Moon said to Tuxedo Kamen while approaching Ward 24. Then she sees Mercury, Daiki, and others helping fight Sanbi, “Good luck, Mercury and my friends.”

“Give it your all, Cecaelia!” Kiryu encouraged.

Sailor Mercury, Mako Tsunami, Daiki & Helbot, Cecaelia, Ima the Blood Mercury, and Cecaelia/Kiryu's offspring surround the Sanbi. Sailor Mercury quickly transforms into her Dai-Valkyrie form and bombards water blasts that tear into Sanbi's hide. Mako Spirit Fuses into the the Legendary Fisherman and attempts to spear the aquatic beast. Sanbi responds by swinging its massive three tails to create a giant wave.

“Mother, look out!” Daiki cried out.

Daiki, in his Hermes armor, flies over and forges barrier to protect everyone from the wave. Helbot helps strength the same barrier using energy. Helbot fires a laser that damages a part of the Sanbi's body.

“Me and Amaya modified Helbot to do plenty of heavy duty work, mother!” Daiki reported.

Ima the Blood Mercury throws a water bomb that hits the Sanbi's face, “Your son is quite the intellect to modify an android to be more human.”

“I know, and I'm proud of them for it.” Dai-Valkyrie Mercury said.

“Hey, don't want to ruin family quality time, but we got a giant shark ready to crush us!” Mako exclaimed.

Sanbi swings its tails down again, forcing the group to back away.

“Do not fear this beast! For the pride of the Taiyoukai, we will not fall to the likes of Bijuu!” Cecaelia proudly rallied

“You got that right, mother!” Cecaelia/Kiryu's offspring screeched.

The two Taiyoukais spun themselves around the water, creating waterspouts that slam into Sanbi and drive into the bridge. The Sanbi responds by shooting out water from its mouth. Cecaelia catches the water blast and absorbs attack into her. Dai-Valkyrie Mercury uses this time to summon her spirit beast, a massive sea dragon named Kairyu.

“Kairyu, we have a giant shark to engage.” Dai-Valkyrie Mercury alerted.

Kairyu sees it and said, “Ah, the Sanbi no Same. I've been looking forward to fighting him for control of the deep.”

“Then together I can help you claim the title as king of the deep.” Dai-Valkyrie Mercury stated.

“Wouldn't have it any other way, Mercury.” Kairyu said.

Kairyu roars and slams his body into Sanbi, almost knocking the beast over. Dai-Valkyrie Mercury flies up and expels her Oceanic Crush, an immense pillar of water, on the Sanbi.


Getting close to GHQ/Da’ath’s headquarters towards the end of the bridge, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars emerge first, transforming into their Dai-Valkyrie forms. Dai-Valkyrie Moon flies at an Endlave Ghost Unit and slices through it with a sword. Dai-Valkyrie Mars bathes herself in a flame aura and flies through another Endlave Ghost Unit and blows it up. Hiei slices apart another Endlave Ghost Unit. Brunhilde sees a Stegoceratops charging her way.

“C'mon and get me, big guy!” Brunhilde takes out her spear and imbues it with blue flames.

She glides forward and evades the Stegoceratops' horns. She throws the spear into the hybrid dinosaur's hide and watches blue flames engulf it completely. The Stegoceratops roars before it is consumes by the Valkyrie's flames and turned to dust.

Brunhilde's partner, MetalSeadramon, blasts away some Da'ath agents and Endlaves with River of Power.

Nagah, emerges with the hacked Endlave unit she commandeered, and starts to take down several Endlaves. Rhea shoots down several Da'ath agents. Yusuke fires his Spirit Gun to take out some Anti-Bodies.

Ghidorah sees the other Stegoceratops charging his way. “So, these people have started to pervert and twist these magnificent beasts that once ruled this planet.”

Ghidorah grapples with the Stegoceratops and locks its head in a headlock.

“Time to put an end to your suffering.” With one head snap, Ghidorah kills the Stegoceratops and unleashes a blast to reduce the beast to ashes.

“They'll pay for twisting such reptilian beauty.” Gyaos commented.

“Even though they're related to birds?” Nagah asked in her research.

“Technicalities. Let's go forth.” Gyaos ordered.

Nagah decides to interject, “Sorry, but I'm the one giving charge here. Onward, my warriors!”

“Yes, milady!” Rhea then follows Nagah.

Crystal!Moon uses her newly received Spiral Heart Moon Rod from the last Sailor Moon Crystal episode. She uses it to blast away numerous Da'ath agents and Anti-Bodies with ease.

“Oh yeah, this will come in handy when my series gets renewed at some point.” Crystal!Moon stated.

“Yeah, I used that before during the S season. You ready to get inside and show Da'ath's higher ups we mean business?” Moon asked her Crystal incarnation.

Crystal!Moon nods, “Yeah!”

Dai-Valkyrie Mars summons her spirit beast, a phoenix named Garuda. Dai-Valkyrie Moon summons her spirit steed, Sleipnir, a eight-legged stallion that is formerly ridden by Odin.

“Mars, there's immense power coming from inside.” Garuda warned.

“Sailor Moon, we must be careful.” Sleipnir said the same thing.

“Ok!” Moon and Mars both exclaimed to their partners.

“Hiei, we're going in!” Mars said.

Hiei finishes his work against ALO Guardian Knights and joins Mars. Seto, Lyn, Mokuba, Helio, and Cybernetic Ghost take out some ALO Guardian Knights before advancing.

Rio and Kyo finish off some Anti-Bodies. Thor (MCU and Loki (MCU) neutralize a few Endlaves; the former blasting a few away with his Mjolnir. Loki (MCU) casts illusions to trick Da'ath agents into shooting illusions of him but end up shooting each other instead.

“I don't even need to soil my hands with you foolish Midgardians.” Loki (MCU) stated.

Tuxedo Kamen blasts away an Endlave with his Tuxedo la Smoking Bomber. He heads off and rejoins Sailor Moon. Kamen quickly turns into Norse Knight; his Knight outfit resembles golden armor akin to his King Endymion armor. He then summons his spirit steed which is an alicorn named Gaia.

“Let's follow them, Gaia.” Norse Knight said.

Gaia nods, “As you wish, my king.”

Nevertheless, the YYGDM founders, the Lost Kingdom Funeral Parlor & Canon!GC allies storm right into the facility.

(End Theme)


Ward 24 II/Control Room

(Cue Two Steps From Hell - Machine Dreams)

Back inside the huge control room, Da’ath and Anti-Bodies are seen sitting on their computer screens to watch over security. A huge screen is seen at the wall that shows the main united forces are entering GHQ’s headquarters.

A motif of machinery and technology is heard across Ward 24 as a prologue of the siege.

“Oh well, that’s splendid work for them, gentlemen.” Segai announced.

LK!Daryl begins to feel hesitant about this. He senses that LK!Tsugumi is with the enemy, but is going to engage them quire soon.

“They have arrived just in time.” A female voice is heard.

Most of GHQ turns their attention to see Kiryuin Ragyo alongside Harime Nui, Oberon, and Death Gun. The four League of Extraordinary Da’ath members observe the main screening.

“And we’ll make sure we exterminate them in sight.” Segai grins upon replying to the former head of the Kiryuin Conglomerate.

“I can’t wait to reunite with Ryuko alongside Satsuki and this Brunhilde girl!” Nui chirped.

Oberon licks his lips in a sickening matter, “You will be mine again, Yuuki Asuna.”

“Kirito, the day that our battle being renewed is at hand.” Death Gun proudly stated in a robotic tone.


Ward 24 II/Hub of Central Command

At central command, known as the war room, Keido Shuichiro is observing at the technological screens of the enemies’ arrival with reverse arm-fold.

Keido gives his monologue, “You’ve come at last Kurosu, my younger sister, and Saeko. Now the real battles shall faithfully commence.”

Yes, LK!Keido has hopes to live up to his original self’s legacy in surpassing his erstwhile colleagues for all these theories of genomic evolution and change. At the same time, he’s going to face his biological son Gai (unlike Canon!Gai adopted by Canon!Keido for that hellish nursery of choosing a suitable Adam) and Akemi Homura.


Ward 24 II/Outside

Once they are inside the man-made towering headquarters, the YYGDM heroes feels the atmosphere is different from previous opposing forces they fought. Canon!Shu, Ayase, and Tsugumi are reliving their final battle years ago.

“Keep your eyes open everyone.” Moon said to the group.

“Don't have to tell me that twice.” Hiei snorted, but not the usual arrogant manner.

“Who says anything about turning back? I'm not.” Mars replied to Moon.

Helio then talks to Seto and Mokuba, “This has reminded you two of Alcatraz, wasn’t it..?”

Mokuba answers to Helio, “Yeah, it does remind me of Alcatraz. Don't you think, Seto?”

“Something I don't need to be reminded of.” Seto muttered.

“Don't worry, we're together on this.” Lyn reminded the Kaiba family.

Thor (MCU) then asked Loki Laufeyson, “Brother, don't you sense an Asgardian presence?”

“You mean besides this Brunhilde girl? Yes I do sense other Asgardian powers here.” Loki (MCU) noticed.

“Wonder who they could be? Why do I have a bad feeling it's who I think it is.” Brunhilde glared at the surroundings.

“Guess we'll find out soon enough.” Yusuke said.

Canon!Shu mutters to himself as he looks around the headquarters, “This is where it all began.”

“Its my first time entering this place.” LK!Shu said for the first time.

“No kidding, to think I work with this place till I realize their true colors.” Haruka said about her work experiences.

“And I’m safe to be one of Tennozu High’s biology teachers.” Kurosu mentioned his job position.

LK!Shu respond to his father, “I guess I can be an A-student if I work hard enough.”

“You can say that again, Shu.” Kurosu smiled.

“But there’s no turning back.” Gai stated.

Homura loaded her pistol and makes avow, “Yes, we’re going to face a gauntlet of challenges, so stay alert everyone.”


New member
Jul 5, 2012
Time Square

(Cue Guilty Crown - Another Side 01 - Track 5)

Moving back to Time Square, the ongoing warfare against Da’ath continues. Most of the innocent civilians are already hiding in their bunkers about now. Although the number of Ruin Kobold Sentinels and Laughing Coffin members have been totally wipe out, GHQ/Da’ath’s army remains strong as ever.

This is to the point that the global military called by the United Nations shows up besides the other Funeral Parlor mercenaries, as infantry squadron and tanks are seen fending off the Anti Bodies and Endlaves (some of them change shape to motorcycles). Gunshots, police sirens (alongside guard dog barks), and explosions are continuously heard. A lieutenant with brown hair and glasses named Lieutenant Takarada is leading some of his men; he is actually the older brother of Ritsu and Taiyou and the first-born of the family. Takarada and his men received their orders from Major General Iwamoto Takeshi of Japan’s SDF to help Manhattan.

“All men, engage them with everything we got!” Lieutenant Takarada ordered.

The military does so as they are fighting off the Anti Bodies with their rifles and fists. Then, reinforcements arrive with Dan Eagleman, Bandit Keith, Ryouko, Arima, and Sasaki.

“Don’t worry, we’re backing you up!” Dan Eagleman exclaimed as he gives a powerful punch at one Anti Body while hitting another.

Bandit Keith as Perfect Machine King delivers electrical fists to destroy some Endlaves, while the other three Undertakers shoot down enemy troops with their assault rifles.


A few fighter jets are seen firing at Da’ath Microraptors and Tropeogopterus. However, a flock of these flying monsters damages one of the jets that sends it flying…


….which the fighter jet comes crashing down near the battlefield that it explodes and kills the pilot. At the same time, and Indominus rex comes out of camouflage and runs at the military as it gives a mighty roar. A few infantry shoots it down, but the bullets did little damage to the dangerous white hybrid. The I.rex bites down a screaming soldier and throws him to a taxi that brutally breaks his bones, and then tramples another before the hybrid stomps him.

Lieutenant Takarada is becoming thunderstruck, “Take cover!”

As the united forces are lined-up with the Indominus’ attack, a figure arrives to strike down the hybrid carnivore. The I.rex gets up in seeing SaviorHuckmon (Huckmon’s Ultimate form) alongside Takarada Taiyou.

“Taiyou?!” Lieutenant Takarada is shocked of seeing him.

“Big brother?!” Taiyou said in surprise before he concentrates his focus on the I.rex.

The Indominus roars and is about to attack SaviourHuckmon, only that the white dragon man easily cuts through the monster with his claws and tail blade that destroys the dinosaur. Dan, Keith, and the three Undertakers are impress by the Digimon’s abilities to turn the tide.

After that is said and done, Taiyou and his older brother begin to interact. They alongside their family haven’t seen each other since Lieutenant Takarada is stationed during his military career and visited a few times.

“Me and my big sister haven’t seen you for a while..” Taiyou murmured.

Lieutenant Takarada respond to him, “And I do miss you and the rest, I just have hopes to celebrate once this is over. Where did you get that Digimon by any chance?”

“Around September at the start of my freshman year at Tennouzu High.” Taiyou answered.

“Don’t worry, he’s with good hands in forming our friendship.” SaviorHuckmon reassured.

“We’re also outside fighting our way in hopes to find Ritsu in the crossfire.” Taiyou explained the situation.

Lieutenant Takarada blanches upon hearing this, “You mean my beloved little sister is out there?!”

“Yeah we are worried, but I now have to find her!” Taiyou and his Digimon begin to run away, “Talk you later!”

“Wait!” Lieutenant Takarada cried out, but it’s no use.

Nevertheless, he can give his prayers to Taiyou hoping he can take care of himself, as he continues to lead his troops to fight off GHQ/Da’ath.

(End Theme)


“Instead, one of the soldiers pierced his side with a spear, and blood and water immediately came out.” (John 19:34)


(Cue Guilty Crown – Bios)


Shinnen:New Year

Part XVII: Urban Battlefield (Part III)


(Cue Pacific Rim – Main Theme)

A battle royal between giant robots and Kaijus commences. First, MEGAS and Evil Coop are squaring off against Knifehead. Knifehead attempts a first strike with his blade-like head, but MEGAS grabs it on hole while Evil Coop’s mech delivers a beating at Knifehead’s chest. The Kaijuu roars and slams Evil Coop, which he bumps back MEGAS to both the Tumblr and Blip headquarters, accidentally destroying both buildings.

Coop has Megas get up and angrily said, “Aw, watch where your going, chump!”

“Hey, that bastard started this!” Evil Coop retorted.

“Don’t blame me, I destroyed buildings most of the time.” Coop explained to him.

Jamie, Kiva and Goat give Coop the ‘obvious’ stare.

“Well accidentally.” Coop shrugged.

“Gotta wonder how we can beat this thing.” Jamie asked.

Suddenly, both giant robots and Knifehead look up in the sky to see King Ghidorah flying and descend to the ground as the three heads of the golden hydra emitting cackles from their roars. Knifehead roars in responding to the challenge.

“Do my eyes deceive me.” Kiva witness the three-headed Kaijuu.

“It’s King Ghidorah out of nowhere!” Jamie cried out.

At the same time, Levi arrives by gliding to meet them as he lands on top of a building.

“God dammit, look at this view.” Levi arrogantly muttered.

Jamie gives Levi a holler, “Hey, are you going to help us?!”

Levi answers to the scrawny young slacker, “What do you expect, that’s a yes.”

“Good, because its time for round two for all of us!” Coop cried out.

The united forces then charges at the Knifehead, only that a few Titans and Kaijuu drones are in the way. Levi backs up by chopping down the nape of the Titans’ neck, while King Ghidorah fires his electric gravity beams at some drones and some take a direct hit at Knifehead. MEGAS and Evil Coop double team to deliver punches at Knifehead, with MEGAS firing missiles to damage Knifehead further. The Kaijuu recovers and charges at his opponents with another roar.


At the next section, the S-Force and Gorrath team up against the Trespasser. The Kaijuu advances them as he steps on a few cars and lamp posts on the ground.

“Take this, abomination!” Gorrath roared.

Gorrath’s mech fires a Gatling gun at the opposing Kaiju, to which Trespasser defends. The S-Force Mega Zorp briefly hits their opponent with their fists and fires a laser at Trespasser. Trespasser retaliates by slamming hard at the S-Force, while firing a beam at Gorrath to which the Glorft warmaster evades. A number of Titans and Kaijuu drones are approaching to outnumber the two mechs.

Just then, they hear a sound of mystic flapping sounds coming from the sky. It is Mothra as she unleashes mystical pollen to stun the giant mooks.

“Check it out!” Duchess (S-Force) cries out.

Argo (S-Force) explains, “It’s Mothra, she comes to rescue us!”

At the same time, Hange Zoe arrives by landing on a building.

“Oh wow! I never expect a big battle like this!” Hange cried out in joy.

“Mind if you help us?” Mac (S-Force) asked the scout member.

Hange answers to him, “Sure thing, your mechs look sweet by the way.”

“Thanks.” Sloen (S-Force) said.

“We can use some back up.” Duchess (S-Force) added.

Jax (S-Force) is speaking gibberish of accepting Hange and Mothra’s help.

“No time to chit chat, let’s destroy that Kaijuu!” Gorrath ordered.

Mothra helps by delivering a gust of wind to blow away Kaijuu drones with Hange cutting down some Titans, while the S-Force and Gorrath fires their projectile weapons at Trespasser with Mothra supporting them for defense.


In the central parts of the commercial section, a titanic battle takes place with three notorious fan villains and one colossal Kaijuu. The Slattern roars and swipes at Arago with his tails and delivers a huge energy beam at Valmarmon and Gamera, which the beam’s effects also destroys parts of the buildings and breaks every window glass. Arago evades Slattern's tails. Valmarmon and Gamera combine beams to counter and redirect the Kaijuu's blast into the air.

Valmarmon, Gamera, and Arago set aside their egos to engage Slattern. The Category V Kaijuu launches its triple-crowned tails at the Dawn of Chaos villain trio. Arago parried one tail and grew up to Valmarmon chest. Arago forged a long spear made of demonic energies. As he tossed the spear, Slattern's armored hide protects it from the weapon.

“You have the gull to claim that your power is unrivaled?! Hah, you Kaijuu should be kneeling to me!” Valmarmon bellowed.

“Yes, I'm named after a Kaijuu myself, but don't expect me to be bowing to you.” Gamera taunted.

“Fools, cease the arguing and focus on the matter at hand!” Arago said of being the only sane man.

Slattern lets out a loud roar, immense enough to cause damage to its surroundings. Numerous windows shatter and buildings collapse. Valmarmon summons a long scimitar and brandishes it. He heads off Slattern and clashes with her tails. He blocks and bats aside her tails. Gamera floats over Slattern and discharges green blasts over its right side. The blasts do some damage and inflicts pain on the Kaijuu. Valmarmon runs the scimitar through Slattern's right shoulder. Arago sends repeated beams into Slattern's chest. Slattern seems to be hurting from the trio's attacks, but still would not fall easily.

Slattern roars enraged at the trio.

Valmarmon can understand Kaijuu language and replies, “Oh no I'm afraid you're wrong. I'm going to be lord of your kind.”

Arago grows into his giant form. Gamera the Neo-Rajita warlord transforms and grows to the same size as Valmarmon. The towering behemoth donned black and green Romulus armor with red trim. The body covered nearly every aspect of his massive frame. The helmet covering his face resembled a combination of Shredder combined with a skull-like visage. Adorning his back was a shell-like shield complete with a massive obsidian sword with a silver t-shaped hilt. His red eyes glared toward Slattern.

“While this isn't my Kaijuu form, it'll still do. And yes, my Kaijuu form is just like that of my namesake but much more malevolent.” Gamera explained about his parody origin, “One day though, I intend to challenge the Kaijuu I was named after and claim his life.”

“You can start by helping us rid of this one.” Arago said to the Rajita warlord.

Slattern sends its three tails at the villain trio. Valmarmon, Arago, and Gamera coordinate attacks on Slattern to wear it down.

(End Theme)


Brooklyn Bridge

(Cue Attack on Titan OST – EMA)

Meanwhile at Brooklyn Bridge, there is a lot of traffic by cars, trucks, and public buses of people wanting to leave Manhattan due to the ongoing danger. But their luck immediately diminishes as the civilians hear Kaijuu noises approaching. Otachi flies with her bat-like wings as she descends to the waters with Leatherback joining. The Kaijuu duo are about to destroy the bridge when they hear stomping noises approaching.

The Gipsy Danger and Eren Yeager in his Titan form have arrived in time. Getting use to the Jaeger mecha, Mikasa and Armin fire a laser cannon that shoots at Leatherback and Otachi’s footing to make the Kaijuu duo back off, allowing the civilians to continue driving for safety.

“Don’t you dare harm those people!” Armin warned the two Kaijuus.

“We have to fight these monsters to give this robot a shot!” Mikasa exclaimed.

Eren respond to the challenge with a animalistic roar as he charges and fights the Leatherback stand still with his fists. The Gipsy Danger brandishes a metallic sword in fighting off the Otachi. The Otachi slashes at the mech and she delivers a tail swipe, but the Gipsy Danger slashes it aside, though it has yet to cut through. Leatherback attacks with his fists, but Eren grabs and throws the Kaiju to the waters till the monster lands on four that Leatherback delivers an EMP shockwave to damage the Gipsy Danger and Eren, making them back off.

Just then, both sides of the group hear an iconic roar approaching to the personal arena. It is the King of Monsters, Godzilla himself with all his glory as he roars at Otachi and Leatherback.

Armin’s eyes widen, “No way, it’s Godzilla.”

“Will he be able to help us?” Mikasa wondered.

“I don’t know Mikasa, but it better to at least try.” Armin responded.

Eren and Godzilla briefly stare another before deciding to team up in facing a common enemy. With that said, Godzilla fires his blue Atomic Breath at Leatherback and Otachi to damage them a little. This leaves Eren to back up the radioactive dinosaur to deliver a beatdown at Leatherback’s defenses, while the Gipsy Danger delves a powerful fist attack at the Otachi’s face. Otachi unleashes a hurricane-like attack from flapping her wings, but Godzilla takes the defense and cuts them aside.

(End Theme)


American Museum

Back at the museum that becomes a battlefield, Anubis (Yugioh) is seen blasting dark blue energy at Bakura, Marik, Ishizu, Odion, Atticus, Yasmin, Raphael, Valon, and Alister. Even Chaos Magician Girl decides to join the action in helping the secondary Yugioh cast.

“Feel the wrath of Anubis!” Anubis (Yugioh) bellowed.

Rebecca, Solomon, and Arthur are watching the battle as audiences for the moment.

Rebecca cries out, “This sucks! Most of us don't even have powers to fight back with!”

“Yes, well we weren't gifted with the powers of Spirit Fusion from the Apophis Staff.” Arthur brought this out.

Solomon grins, “I think not. Arthur, take my hand.”

“Solomon, this isn't any time for us to reminisce the good times...” Arthur murmured.

Solomon explains to him, “No, I was given the power of Spirit Fusion when I was actually allowed to touch the Staff. Trust me, I'll grant you the power to help our friends fight Anubis.”

Rebecca cheers, “Go for it, grandpa! Heck, I'll take Mr. Solomon's offer to kick that movie-only villain's butt!”

Arthur is won over by his granddaughter's strong words, “All right then.” He then said to Solomon, “Let's do this, old friend.”

As he Spirit Fused into the Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, Atticus blasts Anubis with molten blasts. Anubis counteracts and crushes the molten rocks with his bare hands.

“You dare insult the great Anubis with lava rocks?!” Anubis demanded, “I helped create the Pyramid of Light and have strength to challenge the Egyptian Gods! You insects are all...”

“And you're just as filler as me and my two friends here.” Raphael cut his dialogue short.

“Hey!” Valon snapped.

“Well, it's the truth.” Alister admitted to his comrade.

“It doesn't matter if he's filler or not! We still gotta deal with him.” Bakura pointed out.

“Yeah, he's right.” Marik added.

“I'm here Master Marik.” Odion stand by to his side.

“We're all here to stand and fight.” Ishizu stated to the Yugioh secondaries.

Chaos Magician Girl sighs, “You idiots are bugs if you're tangling with Anubis.”

Yasmin mounts Atticus' giant back and announces, “Remember in the presence of Anubis, you're all able to summon your monsters freely and you can possibly turn into Duel Monster of your own choosing!”

“Or if you already have been exposed to the Staff of Apophis like I have.” Solomon stated.

Suddenly, golden mystical light enshrouds both Solomon and Arthur, restoring them back to their youth.

Valon’s mouth drops, “The bloody hell?!”

“Ok, you gotta tell me what anti-aging formula you got.” Alister said in curiosity.

Solomon answers, “Nope, it's all as a result of the Staff of Apophis' powers and...”

“You dare say Heart of the Cards and I'm gonna groin kick you, old man.” Alister threatened.

“Who you calling old man, youngster? Me and Solomon are back in our youth.” Arthur corrected him.

“Wow, you're even more handsome being the younger you again, gramps!” Rebecca happily cried out.

“Thanks, my dear.” Arthur smiled.

Chaos Magician Girl speaks out, “Hey, not like restoring y'alls youths will make any lickin' difference!”

Anubis (Yugioh) growls impatiently. “Can we get this over with?!”

“You heard him. He's getting impatient with y'all!” Chaos Magician Girl cried out.

“Right, here I go! I, too, touched the Staff. I know just the form I want.” Bakura draws on the Spirit Fusion power in him and turns into Dark Necrofear.

“Odion, Ishizu, our turn!” Marik cried out.

Marik, Odion, and Ishizu Spirit Fuse into Gravekeeper's Chief, Gravekeeper's Commandant, and Gravekeeper's Priestess.

Yasmin smiles, “Perfect choices, Ishtar family. Being a Gravekeeper's Assailant myself, I couldn't have picked perfect forms.”

“You youngsters go first. Me and Arthur will decide our monster forms.” Solomon stated.

“Yes, don't let us impede on your parade.” Arthur added.

“Wait for me. I wanna kick Anubis' sorry butt!” Rebecca Spirit Fuses into Witch of the Black Forest.

Raphael and Alister Spirit Fuse into Guardian Deathscythe and Cyber Soldier of Darkworld. Valon equips himself with Double Cloth Armor.

“Everyone, converge on Anubis!” Bakura ordered.

“Can you take us all on, Anubis?!” Yasmin said to the sorcerer.

Anubis merely grins and transforms into Theinen the Great Sphinx. His transformation creates a shockwave that knocks away most of his opposition. Only the ex-Orichalcos bikers, Bakura, Marik, and Atticus w/Yasmin are able to hold their ground from Anubis' power.

Anubis (Yugioh) laughs, “You really think you have any chance?! Without Yugi Muto, you're doomed!”

“Kiss our arse, ya blimey dick!” Valon insulted.

Anubis (Yugioh) responds, “Just for that, let the bodies hit the floor.”

With that, Anubis fires blasts toward the group, but Chaos Magician Girl steps in and forges a magic barrier to protect them.

“You so owe me after this.” Chaos Magician Girl said to the group.

Rebecca answers, “We don't owe thieves anything.”

Just then, a few blasts do break through to instantly kill Odion and Alister.

Marik and Ishizu both shout, “ODION!”

“NO, ALISTER! Ya blimey prick had to get yourself killed!” Valon cried out.

Raphael exclaims to Anubis, “Now you're ass is dead!”

“Oh look Melvin's bro is dead. And there goes Alister. I mean, I could've saved them, but my reflexes aren't as good as they used to be.” Chaos Magician Girl shrugged.

“Atticus, no mercy!” Yasmin ordered.

Roaring loudly, Atticus flies over and fires blasts at Anubis. Anubis launches a barrage of blasts and engages Atticus.

Solomon then said, “Arthur, it's time.”

“Yes. No crime will go unpunished!” Arthur declared.

“Then, shut up and do it already! Sheesh, I go from main villainess of a story to demoted to helping a bunch of secondary and tertiary characters... No wonder Sailor Mercury and her BF split town to fight elsewhere. They don't wanna hang with you losers! I don't get paid enough. That's why I turn to thievery!” Chaos Magician Girl exclaimed and to audience, “What?! It's true! Try working for less pay. Oh, go ahead and switch scenes already. Nothing to see here.”


Toys R Us/Inside

(Cue Toy Story 3 – To The Dump)

Inside the toy store, as their victory was short-lived, Dai-Valkyrie Makemake, Duke Devlin, and Zimmy are finally confronted by Lotso Huggin Bear, this time human-sized, and a fleet of Da'ath agents.

“Well, Christmas has come too late for you sadly. But, look on the right side, we're still bearing you with gifts.” Lotso beckons guards to aim fire.

Duke shrugs, “I thought Lotso was supposed to be doll-sized.”

“Ugh, I hated this bear in Toy Story 3.” Makemake groaned.

Zimmy shouts at the evil plushie, “Puny bear, you think you can just order your soon to be lord and master around?!”

Lotso said to Zimmy, “I only answer to Lady Kriemhild and the Da'ath organization now, Invader Zim.”

“It's Zimmy to you!” the alien parody retorted.

“Oh right, you're a Zim-wannabe, my mistake.” Lotso sarcastically replied and turns to Duke and Makemake, “So, we have a Duelist and a Kuiper Sailor Senshi. Well, isn't this grand. Any last words before we execute you two?”

“Yeah...” Duke points to something behind them, “What the heck is that?!”

Lotso and Da'ath turn around.

“What on blazes are you pointing to?” Lotso asked.

Duke throws an explosive ninja bomb at the bad guys. It explodes and expels poisonous fumes to kill them with.

“Suckers. Nobody kills Sexyback Duke.” Duke then winks to the camera.

Makemake claps and cheers, “Go, Duke! You're my man!”

“I could've done that... but with real explosions. And watch their limbs go flying all over the place!” Zimmy cried out.

Duke takes Makemake's hands and kisses it.

“After this, my dear Miho, why won't we hit up a fabulous restaurant I know you'd love so much.” Duke offered.

Makemake blushes, “Oh Duke...”

Duke and Makemake lean in for a kiss.

“This ain't Valentines Day, you stupid Earthers! Get a room!” Zimmy angrily said.

Just then, the West Coasters, Kazu & Guardromon, and Kiyoko arrive.

“That smoke came from here!” Lance pointed out.

“What the hell just happened here?!” Andrea wondered.

Nick gets the West Coasters’ attention, “Yo, dudes and dudettes, those two are gonna kiss!”

Penny said to Nick, “We can plainly see that, bro.”

Carmen smiles happily at the two lovebirds about to kiss.

“Say, isn't that Duke Devlin and some... Sailor Senshi?” Marty asked.

Pharaohmon examines her, “Never seen that Senshi before. Is she new?”

Lance answers to his group, “Nah, that's Miho Nosaka from Yugioh, but my creator made her into one of the lost Kuiper Senshi, Sailor Makemake.”

“Oh, well thanks for sharing that, Lance.” Scott stated.

Kazu whistles, “Go for it, Duke!”

Kiyoko blushes and takes Kazu's hand, “Maybe we should kiss, too.”

Kazu gives a goofy smile, “Sure, why not?”

Suddenly, a claw shoots out of the smoke and impales Duke's chest. The Duelist gasps and looks down to see claws sticking out his chest. Blood runs down his chest and taints his shirt.

He coughs out blood and falls right on top of Makemake. “Mi...ho...”

“DUKE! NO, DUKE!” Makemake screamed out in horror.

“The heck just happened?!” Marty demanded.

Andrea exclaims, “Someone's coming out of the smoke!”

As the smoke cleared, Lotso and the Da'ath soldiers emerge wearing gas masks.

Guardromon figures out something, “Hey, doesn't that bear look familiar?!”

“Lotso from Toy Story 3. Yep, that sweet smell is a dead giveaway.” Penny sensed.

“Dude, he just killed Duke Devlin! He killed Sexy back Duke!” Nick exclaimed two times.

Lotso laughs with his mask on.

“Oh kiddo, didn't they teach ya never to turn your back on a bear? Much less a dangerous one?” The evil bear takes his mask off and licks Duke's blood from his claws.

“Prick, I was gonna kill him! You stole my kill!” Zimmy angrily said.

Makemake cries hard while holding Duke.

“Mi...ho... don't cry... you got powers to... fight the bad guys with...” Duke takes Makemake's hand and grins, “...go kick his sorry ass... do it for Sexyback...”

Makemake shouts, “DUKE! WAIT!”

And then, Duke draws his last breath and dies.

Lotso crudely comments, “Why mourn a loser like him? I would've done to same to that stupid cowboy and that spaceman if I could.”

Lance turns to the pink bear in anger, “That was cold-blooded! That does it, you ready, Pharaohmon?!”

“Let me at him!” Pharaohmon readied himself.

“I wouldn't do that if I were you...” Lotso beckons Da'ath guards to shoot the group.

Marty announces, “West Coasters, time to cut loose!”

The West Coasters and Zimmy engage the Da'ath guards. Lotso has his sights set on Kazu & Guardromon, Kiyoko, and Makemake. Kazu invoked his Light of Victory power, gaining the strength of his rhino spirit. This also allows Guardromon to digivolve into HiAndromon.

“Let the fun begin, boys and girls!” Lotso declared.

Marty goaded two three guards to attack him. He ran off and lured them away.

Penny takes out some nickels and shoots them, breaking a few Da'ath's guns. Nick pulls out a water bottle, opens it and manipulates whip, creating a big water whip that sweeps some Da'ath guards to the side.

Carmen presses a few keystrokes on her handheld synthesizer, which produces a musical tone and from this tune came a purple glow. A purple sword materialized in Carmen's hand.

Andrea creates four doppelgangers of herself. These clones bumrushed a few four Da'ath guards. They fired at the clones, but their shots went through these clones. When the clones punched and kicked, Andrea coincided her clones' attacks with telekinetic blasts and knocked these guards out flat.

Carmen used her newly forged blade and cut a guard's weapon in two. She then threatened to behead him, but the guard surrenders. She kicked him hard in the groin and left him writhing in pain.

As two guards attempted to fire, Scott created a wormhole that caught the bullets. Another wormhole opened up behind the guards and the same bullets returned shooting their backs.

The three guards that pursued Marty stopped at a dead end point. They looked up as Marty swooped down with two baseball bats. He clonked two in the face and went all Casey Jones on their asses. The third Da'ath guard, scared out of hits mind, fled.

“Where are you going?! The fun's just getting started!” Marty cried out.

Marty picked up a baseball and hit hard with the bat. The ball flew across and knocked the guard out cold.

Marty raises his ball bat, “Marty Stonebagel, 1. Bad guys, nothing!”

Zimmy is surrounded by some Da'ath guards. They point and aim for the interdimensional alien.

“Puny Earthers, you call those toys weapons?” Zimmy pulls out two big vaporizer guns.

“WHOA!” The guards all cried out.

“Now these are guns!” Zimmy unloads and fires, turning the guards into piles of dust, “Ah, Earther dust in the morning.”

The alien parody blows on his guns, “Come forth, my toy army! Our quest to conquer this human infestation continues!”

Zimmy's toy army assembles and follows him as they march through the store to take out remaining Da'ath guards.

Kiyoko calls upon her Norn power and transforms into Norn Verdandi. Verdandi’s appearance is a brunette girl wearing a green robe and a similar crown on her forehead; she is also wearing a yellow gem on her breast plate.

“Kiyoko, look after Miho and Duke! Me and HiAndromon are gonna wrestle ourselves a bear!” Kazu said to her.

“Ok, but be careful, Hiro!” Verdandi nodded, refers to Kazu by his petname based on his Japanese name Hirokazu.

Kazu and HiAndromon tag team against Lotso. Kazu bumrushes Lotso and drives him through a wall with his rhino spirit strength.

Lotso laughs and gloats, “Ohohoho, boy! That's some strength ya got there!”

“Shut up! This is for Sexyback!” Kazu cried out for Duke.

HiAndromon fires his Atomic Ray at Lotso. Lotso dodges the beam and dashes into a stuffed animal aisle. Kazu and HiAndromon search for Lotso in the aisle. While they stroll on by, Lotso hides inside a big boxed of stuffed animals. Like a predator stalking his prey, he sticks his head out peeking at Kazu and HiAndromon.

“Man, he's gone!” Kazu cried out.

HiAndromon observes, “I'll activate my infrared heat sensors.”

Kazu sweatdrops, “Don't think that'll work on a stuffed toy bear. No matter how big, small or alive he is.”

Lotso scoffs, “Shows what you idiots know.”

Then, Lotso pops out of the stuffed animal box and ambushes the two. He has his claws ready to tear them apart.

“CRAP BASKETS!” Kazu exclaimed by stealing Trunks/Dimitri’s line.

“Time to join your Sexyback friend, boys!” Lotso roared.

As HiAndromon prepares to blast him, a purple whip came flying out and grabbing Lotso's foot. Lotso falls flat on his face and he turns around.

“Who did that?!” Lotso questioned.

Dai-Valkyrie Makemake steps forward with her whip accessory in hand.

“Yo, nice save, Miho!” Kazu grinned.

“This one's on me, boys.” Makemake points to Lotso, “You, Lotso, are the most unforgiving toy that no child should ever have! For nearly killing Woody & his pals, for trying to hurt my friends, and for...”

“Oh shut up already!” Lotso charges with his claws ready to slash her.

Makemake catches him with her whip and belts him back.

“I wasn't done! And for killing Duke, who I was gonna date and possibly marry... In the name of Makemake...” The Senshi runs up and dropkicks Lotso's face so hard a few teeth go flying out, “FUCK IT! I'LL DROPKICK YOUR ASS!”

Lotso contorts and sputters out teeth, “I think ya broke me teeth!”

Makemake stands over the fallen Lotso, who's barely moving. “No time for me to make speeches and all that jazz.”

Lotso gets up and runs away.

“He's getting away!” HiAndromon exclaimed.

“Not for long!” Kazu reassured.

“Yep, this is the fun part, boys. The hunt begins.” Makemake brandishes her whip and grins evilly.

Makemake summons her spirit animal, Mirage the Chameleon. The horned lizard grants her camouflage powers to hide from enemy eye. She goes pursue Lotso.

(End Theme)


(Cue Two Steps From Hell – He Who Brings the Night)

Elsewhere within the store that is close to the large Ferris Wheel attraction with the Toys’ R Us symbol in the middle, Team Xros Heart take down some Da'ath soldiers. Before they make their way out, Yuu Amano stops and feels his body convulsing.

Damemon worries for his partner. “Yuu! Are you ok?”

“Yo, what's wrong, Yuu?” Taiki said in concern.

“What's wrong with him?!” Tagiru cried out.

Nene and Kotone rushes over to their brother to check over him.

“Yuu! Are you ok?!” Nene pleaded.

Kotone then said, “Big brother, you're scaring us!”

“What's wrong?!” Nene added.

Yuu struggles as his hands are place to his forehead, “It hurts... my body... my head... everything... it all hurts...”

Suddenly, a dark aura forms over Yuu and a pentagram symbol with crystals sprouting from the sides materializes over the boy's forehead. Yuu's eyes open up and emit a dark red glow. With renewed strength thanks to the dark power, Yuu knocks away Nene and Kotone.

“Nene!” Mervamon exclaimed.

“Nene! Kotone!” Sparrowmon added.

Yuu chuckles evilly, “Oh, you stupid dipshits, you can take your friendship and shove it.”

“Yuu, what's up, man?! Why did you push your sisters?!” Taiki asked in question of Yuu’s unexpected behavior.

Shoutmon then points at Yuu, “Look at his forehead, Taiki!”

“A symbol!” Zenjiro exclaimed upon seeing it.

“But, of what?!” Akari questioned.

“Of Da'ath. I've been in league with Da'ath ever since our last mission when I turned up missing for a few days.” Yuu explained to them, “Remember when y'all found me in a cave. Damemon, you remember us two in that cave?”

Damemon has the same Da'ath symbol and sinisterly chuckles, “Yes, hehehe. It was a cold and damp cave. But before that, how could we forget the other Yuu empowering us, allowing us to break free from our bondage.”

“Yes, Yuu Grand was surprised when he learned we share the same name. Maybe that's why he selected me. Whatever the case may be, we've been given the power to change our destiny.” Yuu angrily turns to Tagiru, “And to break out of the shadow of this idiot! Why do I have to play second fiddle to the worst gogglehead?!” Then he lashes out to Taiki, “And you lost my respect by passing the torch to him!”

“Hey, how could you call me the worst leader?! I'm doing the best I can!” Tagiru cried out.

“Well, we are from arguably the least liked Digimon part of the franchise. There wasn't even supposed to be a Hunters season planned, but oh... Toei wanted a filler season before they can move onto Saint Seiya Omega or whatever it's called.” Gumdramon admitted about its history.

“That's it. That abomination was never supposed to happen, but it has and you must pay, Tagiru.” Yuu seethed.

Airu tries to reason with him, “Yuu, please! If that season never happened, I wouldn't be here.”

“And I wouldn't be here either, but eh.” Ryouma shrugged.

Ren said the same thing, “Yeah, Yuu may be possessed by evil now, but he makes fair points.”

“Hey, Yuu, if you got anything else to bitch about, how about you take it out with me!” Kiriha angrily said.

Yuu takes out his Xros Loader, which turns black once again. His eyes turn pure white and possessed. “Now, Damemon, let's kill them for Lord Yuu.”

To the surprise of Team Xros Heart, Damemon evolves into Armamon. Yuu hops on Armamon's shoulder and raises his Xros Loader.

“Thanks to Da'ath, I've been able to dark digivolve Damemon to a higher form!” Yuu announced, “Let's see how your motley crew of Digi-losers handle Armamon!”

“Taiki, we have to save him from the darkness again!” Nene said to the Xros leader.

Kotone adds, “Please, Taiki!”

“You don't have to tell me twice!” Taiki takes out his Xros Loader, “Yuu, we pulled you from the darkness once and we'll do it again!”

“Let's just kick his scrawny ass and get this over with!” Kiriha exclaimed in annoyance.

“I'll save you, Yuu, my love!” Airu pleaded to him.

Taiki announce to his teammates, “Team Xros Heart, unite!”

Team Xros Heart take out their Xros Loaders and digivolve their partners. Shoutmon becomes OmegaShoutmon. Greymon becomes ZekeGreymon. Dorulumon evolves into JagerDorulumon. Ballistamon evolves into AlturBallistamon. Beelzebumon emerges from Taiki's Xros Loader and Xros Fuses with Mervamon to form XrosUpMervamon. Sparrowmon becomes RaptorSparrowmon. Gumdramon evolves into Arresterdramon. Psychemon becomes Astamon. Dracmon evolves into Yasyamon. Opossummon becomes ChoHakkaimon.

“Don't try to attack! Just subdue Yuu's partner!” Taiki said to his friends.

“Oh, you still care about me? How touching.” Yuu rolls his eyes, “Oh, how much I wanna hurl.”

Nene pleads, “Please, Yuu, wake up and snap out of it!”

Kotone cries, “Big brother, come back to us!”

OmegaShoutmon, ZekeGreymon, XrosUpMervamon, and Arresterdramon try neutralizing Armamon, but Yuu's partner swings his massive blade so fast he creates a shockwave that knocks the four Digimon back. JagerDorulumon, AlturBallistamon, RaptorSparrowmon, Astamon, Yasyamon, and ChoHakkaimon try their luck by attacking Armamon. Armamon flies around swinging his blade and knocking every Digimon back.

“C'mon, OmegaShoutmon!” Taiki said to his Digimon.

Kiriha encourages, “Get up and fight, ZekeGreymon!”

“Mervamon, we gotta stay in this and save my brother!” Nene said to her partner.

“Our Digimon can't even put a scratch on him!” Akari commented.

Zenjirou cries out, “What now?!”

Tagiru interjects, “This! Arresterdramon, on your feet! We're gonna bring Yuu and Damemon back to their senses!”

As Arresterdramon gets up with renewed power, he shoots up and unleashes March Flipper, a barrage of rapidfire punches. He clobbers Armamon's sword. Yuu grits as he watches Arresterdramon attempting to break Armamon's defenses. OmegaShoutmon and ZekeGreymon join in to help Arresterdramon. ZekeGreymon launches Trident Fang. OmegaShoutmon unleashes Heavy Metal Vulcan.

Taiki speaks out to his comrade, “Kiriha, let's combine our Digimon!”

“Best idea you've had since we got here.” Kiriha agreed.

Taiki and Kiriha use Xros Loaders to combine OmegaShoutmon and ZekeGreymon into Shoutmon DX. Shoutmon DX aids Arresterdramon as they pummel Armamon.

“Stay on him, Arrestrdramon!” Tagiru said.

“I think they might have it!” Zenjirou stated.

Akari exclaims, “Yeah, Armamon's on the ropes now!”

Cutemon cheers to both, “Go, Shoutmon DX! You can do it, Arresterdramon!”

“Let's purge the darkness outta those two!” Taiki announced.

As he realizes Armamon is in trouble, Yuu uses Darkness Loader to empower Armamon with more dark power. A dark aura forms over Armamon and knocks back his opponents.

“Should've just killed them when we had the chance!” Kiriha exclaimed.

“You're not killing my brother!” Nene yelled to the blond-haired teen.

“Yeah!” Kotone added.

Yuu grits, “That does it! You kids and your friendship speeches are getting on my last nerve! Armamon, evolve further!”

The Darkness Loader evolves Armamon into OmegaArmamon Burst Mode. Upon witnessing the fully evolved monster, Team Xros Heart falls into utter despair.

Yuu seems pleased with the outcome and licks his lips. “I don't think any of your partners are up to the task.”

“We'll see!” Taiki stated.

“Yuu, c'mon snap out of it already!” Tagiru reasoned.

“Maybe you should die already!” Yuu yelled at Tagiru.

OmegaArmamon Burst Mode fires a beam toward Tagiru. Arresterdramon takes the blast for Tagiru and protects him.

“Darn, should've u-turned the blast and shot the idiot through the back.” Yuu muttered.

“That's enough!” Airu points to Yuu, “This isn't you! You would never want to harm us! Those Da'ath creeps did this to you!”

“Sorry, slut, but this is who I am.” Yuu said to Airu with vulgar language, “Didn't Taiki and the others clue you in that I was already in league with bad guys before? Now, I'm just serving bad guys with an even bigger scheme in mind. I couldn't pass up more power to surpass you all.”

“Look, I know Tagiru's a mistake, but no need to take it out on the rest of us!” Taiki pleaded.

“You're right. Maybe if the rest of you follow in my lead, I'll ask Da'ath to spare you all.” Yuu offered a second option.

“Doesn't sound like a bad idea.” Ryouma shrugged.

Akari shouts to Ryouma, “What?! You traitor!”

“What? It's the smart choice. Besides, better than following Tagiru's lead.” Ren deadpan said.

Tagiru whimpers, “Why is everyone picking on me today?!”

“Yuu, you know we'll never turn to evil!” Nene said to him.

Yuu said to Nene, “Oh sister, I'm disappointed in you. I thought you'd understand most of all. You'd have anything you want joining Da'ath. but you want to play second or third fiddle to gogglehead losers so be it.”

Airu then climbs up boxes and reaches Yuu, “That's enough!” She then slaps him, “This has to end now!”

“No, Airu!” ChoHakkaimon yelled.

“Get away from him, Airu!” Nene shouted.

Shoutmon DX comment, “She's nuts to even be up there!”

Yuu gives an apathetic look to Airu and rubs his face, “You dare lay a hand on me, slut?”

“Because someone has to knock some sense into you! Ok, so Tagiru is a loser! Who cares about him?! But, you, we care about you! Your sisters love you! And I love you!” Airu then takes Yuu's hands, “So, please return to the old you.”

(Theme fades)

Airu leans over for a kiss. Yuu for a second seems to snap out of it as his eyes turn to normal.

“Airu...?” However, Da'ath power returns to control Yuu and his eyes turn white again.

To the shock of all, Yuu forms an energy blade from his Darkness Loader and impales Airu with it. The guys are in shock and the girls turn away.

“YUU! NO!” Taiki said in horror.

“YUU!” Nene shockingly said.

“AIRU!” ChoHakkaimon flies up to grab Airu, but gets struck down by OmegaArmamon BM.

“Let her go!” Tagiru ordered.

Yuu turns Airu around and pulls energy blade out. He cops a feel on her left breast and smirks. She's unable to reciprocate her feelings for him while she's dying.

Yuu sardonic said, “Don't worry, I love you, too.”

As Yuu kisses her cheek, Airu's eyes became lifeless. He throws Airu to Taiki and raises hands.

“If I can do this to the slut, imagine what I can do to you, my sisters!” Yuu sinisterly declared.

Nene is aghast, “Yuu...”

Kotone is also horrified, “Stop it!”

“Screw this, if he did that to Airu.” Ren muttered.

Ryouma then comment, “Yeah, I hear there's an awesome retro arcade nearby...”

“Oh, but the fun's just begun.” Yuu evilly smiled.

(Two Steps From Hell – He Who Brings the Night continues)

Team Xros Heart watch as the area around them distorts and the toy aisle section turns coverts into a MMO-like setting.

“Thanks to Da'ath, I can even warp reality.” Yuu said.

“Well, ain’t that a bitch.” Taiki muttered.

“Now, let's take this game up a notch! OmegaArmamon Burst Mode, show no mercy!” Yuu ordered his Digimon.

OmegaArmamon BM brandishes his swords and prepares for a final battle with Team Xros Heart.


Toys R Us/Outside

Outside in the parking lot, Omegamon, Imperialdramon, and Athenamon are fending off the Gorgonmon sisters, to which Medusamon has then transform into a 10-ft draconic serpent. She retains her reptilian arms, but her lower body is serpentine in nature, has a draconian head and body, yellow eyes, forked tongue, copper scheme covered her scaly body except for a yellow under belly and the tufts of red hair covering her back, this new form is named Najadramon.

“I’d say we transform to show them monstrous fear!” Euraylemon has an idea.

Sthenomon hiss, “Yes indeed, sister!”

Emitting a pale green glow, Euraylemon becomes a monster similar to Najadramon, but has an orange-brown scheme, black stripes, and a yellow under belly similar to a tiger snake. She has tufts of blue hair covering her back. Her new form is named Taipandramon.

Having a similar glow, Sthenomon becomes a draconic serpent similar to her sisters, but has an ebony scheme with a light gray under belly similar to a black mamba, and has tufts of green hair covering her back. Her new form is named Mambadramon.

Athenamon flies around Najadramon's tail strikes. As she goes to cut off the Gorgonmon's tail, Najadramon spins her body around and headbutts Athenamon down. Najadramon attempts to blast her with a petrification beam, but ChaosGallantmon comes out of nowhere and deflects beam with his shield.

“ChaosGallantmon?!” Athenamon exclaimed.

ChaosGallantmon respond to the Amazon Digi-Queen, “Don't call me your savior. I just want the Gorgonmon sisters gone, but I can'd do it alone. We have company.”

Kari (YYGDM) arrives with Ophanimon. Seraphimon comes with TK (YYGDM). Willis comes with Cherubimon and GoldenMegaGargomon.

“You wanted help?” Kari (YYGDM) offered.

TK calls, “We brought our partners, the three Celestial Digimon!”

“And don't forget me! GoldenMegaGargomon!” The golden-palette MegaGargomon greeted.

ChaosGallantmon mumbles, “Great another mouthy Terriermon.”

“Lady Athenamon, we've come to aid you.” Ophanimon said to her.

“Allow us to assist.” Seraphimon added.

Athenamon nods to the two Celestial angels, “I gladly accept. As for this monster, it's Medusamon. She's evolved into Najadramon, her Mega form, but even by Mega standards I should still be a match for her.”

“Yes, I should, but Da'ath has increased my powers and my sisters' powers to enable us to tackle numerous Mega-level Digimon at once!” Najadramon screeched.

“All right, enough talk! Time to we slay this beast!” ChaosGallantmon declared.

The Celestial Digimon, GoldenMegaGargomon, Athenamon, and ChaosGallantmon storm toward Najadramon. The Gorgonmon Digimon is able to evade and deflect some of the Digimon's attacks. While the Celestials' holy attacks don't do much, Athenamon, ChaosGallantmon, and GoldenMegaGargomon's attacks do pierce into Najadramon's hide.

In another section of the parking lot, Tai & Matt (YYGDM) watch Omegamon engage Taipandramon. Taipandramon coils her body around Omegamon and tries to squeeze the life out of him.

“Break loose, Omegamon!” Tai (YYGDM) encouraged.

Matt (YYGDM) points out, “Look, here comes our friends!”

Just then, Sora (YYGDM), Mimi (YYGDM), Yolei (YYGDM), and Taichi (Tri) come to the rescue with their Digimon. Phoenixmon, Lotusmon, Valkyrimon, and WarGreymon (Tri) bombared Tapiandramon with numerous attacks. Taipandramon briefly withdraws and lets Omegamon go.

“Thanks, my friends.” Omegamon then sees WarGreymon (Tri), “A WarGreymon?”

Taichi (Tri) waves his hand and grins, “Hey, thought I'd tag along since another me would need my help.”

Tai (YYGDM) is befuddled, “What? Oh boy, it's the Tri me! Oh man, this is really nuts!”

“We can fanboy later. We got three Gorgonmon sisters to stop.” Sora (YYGDM) breaks the brief introduction.

“Eew, I totally hate snakes.” Mimi (YYGDM) said in disgust.

“Let that bitch have it, Valkyrimon!” Yolei (YYGDM) said to her Digimon.

WarGreymon (Tri) then interjects, “Omegamon, I'll provide you any back-up you need.”

“Thank you.” Omegamon nodded.

“I don't care how many Digimon you send, I'll eradicate you all!” Taipandramon roared.

Taipandramon slithers toward the Digimon forces. Omegamon, WarGreymon (Tri), Phoenixmon, Lotusmon, and Valkyrimon spread out as they attack Taipandramon from different sides.

On an opposite parking lot, Mambadramon and Imperialdramon Fighter Mode cease their attacks. Davis (YYGDM) and Ken (YYGDM) see Izzy, Joe, and Cody coming to them. GranKuwagamon, Plesiomon, and Vikemon intervene to help Imperialdramon FM surround Mambadramon.

“Glad you guys can make it!” Davis (YYGDM) grinned.

Ken (YYGDM) comment, “We sure could use some reinforcements.”

Joe (YYGDM) groans, “Can't believe there's even such a thing as Gorgonmon sisters.”

Izzy (YYGDM) explains to the Digidestined, “According to their profiles, they're high-class Mega Digimon, but should only be strong enough for the likes of Omegamon, Imperialdramon, and Athenamon to take down.”

“I think the enemy's powered them up greatly beyond their natural powers.” Cody responded.

“Excellent deduction, friends.” A voice called out to them.

The Digi-Destined look up and see Madoudramon, the source of the voice.

“Maoudramon!” Ken (YYGDM) exclaimed.

“What are you doing here?!” Davis (YYGDM) asked.

Madoudramon drops in and walks over to attack Mambadramon.

“Normally, I'd be your enemy, but today we fight to defeat a common threat!” Madoudramon said and dodges Mambadramon's mouth blasts.

“Then, for today alliance accepted!” Imperialdramon FM replied.

As Imperialdramon FM and Madoudramon attack Mambadramon from the front, GranKuwagamon, Plesiomon, and Vikemon attack from the rear. Mambadramon manages to slither away and expels mouth blasts to keep the Digimon at bay.

“Gorgonmon sisters, your luck has just about run out once me and ChaosGallantmon have arrived!” Madoudramon announced.

The battle in the parking lot heats up and the Gorgonmon sisters find themselves in a big heap of trouble.

(End Theme)


Minutes Ago


Greenwich Village

Rewinding back to a past time, at the Greenwich area, Hare, Yahiro, Souta, Kanon, and Jun are hiding inside a florist store without any enemy noticing. It is a store that sells flowers, and is run by a young Japanese woman with long brunette hair and eyes named Kanzaki Harune, who offered the teenagers to safety.

Just then, the Tennouzu classmates hear a low growl coming from outside. Harune shushes at them with her index finger to stay quiet. Yahiro takes a brief peek before he once again hides as they figure out that an Indominus rex is scouting outside. It sniffs as the hybrid carnivore’s snout begins to venture inside the retail store. The Tennouzu students are afraid that they will be found, until the Indominus hears the sounds of gunfire coming from another direction. It roars as it camouflages and leaves to the Time Square area where Lieutenant Takarada and the military are recently around.

The Tennouzu students then walk outside and are relief that they are safe. Harune is seen besides them.

“Man we’re happy that we won’t get chowed down!” Souta smiled.

“Thank this nice lady who helped us.” Hare gives a positive gesture to Harune.

Harune closes her eyes and smiles, “It is not a problem, just getting my part-time job done.”

“We just got lucky, but we should find one of the bunkers that people hid.” Yahiro urged the group.

Just then, they saw that Kuhoin Arisa found them in the commotion. She has looking all over the place to find them.

“Arisa?!” Souta said in surprise.

“What on earth are you doing here?” Hare asked in curiousity.

“Thank god I found you guys, for a moment I was so worried.” Arisa responded to them.

“It’s better to feel that way.” Jun said.

Souta then ask to the student council president with a smile, “How’s your time with the Kaiba family, boss lady?”

“It’s great, but no time to chat at the moment.” Arisa replied for the serious matter in hand.

Agreeing to what their Student Council president says, they are about to leave. However, Kanon senses a bad presence behind.

“Guys..” Kanon muttered.

Hearing Kanon’s words, they and Harune turn to see none other than Nanba, Sudou, Ritsu, and Miyabi standing there near motionless and their heads look down.

“What the hell are you guys doing?! If you’re going to bother us, then stop, you have to come with us to stay alive.” Yahiro gives them an offer.

However, there’s no sudden response coming from the bullies.

“What’s wrong with them?” pondered Arisa.

Souta taunts the bullies, “Great, I guess Sudou is such a prick of stealing Ritsu from me, you know what I’m saying?”

Kanon fears in responding, “I don’t think it’s the right time, Souta.”

(Cue Jurassic World – Raptor Your Heart Out)

To their slight surprise, Nanba and his group begin to look up and stare at them with sinister looks.

Nanba begins to smirk at them, “Looks like you will eat your words, carcass.”

The Tennouzu classmates are startled at the threat coming from Nanba. Suddenly, four pentagram symbols with small crystals sprouting on the sides appear on Nanba and his cohorts’ forehead and emit an ominous energy.

“What the heck?!” Yahiro said in shock.

Sudou cackles, “That’s right, we’re sick of this damn world that we want to tear it all apart!

“On and down with it!” Ritsu smirked.

Miyabi simply gives a creepy grin from her usual emotionless expression.

Suddenly, a trail of dark aura is between the Tennouzu students and Nanba’s pack. Springing out are four raptor-like familiars with feathers that give hellish screeches in being summoned by their masters. Their sizes are similar to Jurassic Park/World’s raptors. Nanba’s raptor is the size of a Utahraptor that is an Achillobator named Achilles. Sudou’s is the second largest that is an Atrociraptor called Ajax. Ritsu’s is an Acheroraptor named Aello. And Miyabi’s is a Bambiraptor named Atlanta.
Hare and Kanon back off and let out screams.

Souta backs off, “Oh god dammit!”

“Please do something!” Hare shouted to Harune.

However, to Hare and the Tennouzu students’ paled surprise, Harune is not concern of anything. The young flower lady gives a sinister expression and begins to wear a gray Da’ath visor, that’s right, she’s one of the organization’s spies.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, submit to Da’ath’s will or else.” Harune coldly stated to the classmates.

“Oh god, she’s part of the bad guys as well!” Jun cried out.

“No, this can’t be!” Kanon added about it.

Arisa frowns at Nanba, “Call this off right now!”

“I’m afraid we can’t do that, Student Council President. Besides, our new dogs are hungry for food, and y’all are on the low food chain.” Nanba declared to her.

Nanba’s pack and their raptors are slowly walking closer towards the Tennouzu students as they are hungry to kill. Arisa looks at the surroundings while guarding her friends up front.

“Let’s make a run for it!” Souta fearfully shouted.

Taking no chances of getting killed, the classmates split to two in different directions. Souta, Kanon, and Jun escape on one side. While Hare, Arisa, and Yahiro escape through the other. Nanba and his pack, alongside Harune, watch their prey getting away from their grasps.

“When will they ever learn?” Nanba said to himself.

“I’ll let the rest in your hands then.” Harune said to Nanba’s group before calmly walking away from the scene.


Greenwich Village/Alleyway

At a narrow alleyway, Souta, Kanon, and Jun are panting by running as fast as they can from their chasers. They are at the blockade with a metal fence and a large garbage bin.

“Come on guys, we gotta climb up!” Souta begins to reach the top of the garbage bin.

“I’m hurrying, Souta!” Kanon cried out to him.

Jun then said to his two friends, “Okay, I’m with you but this is out of hand to see Nanba and his classmates are having Velociraptors!”

Just then, they turn in distance to see Sudou, Ritsu, Ajax, and Aello approaching.

“We totally found you.” Sudou grinned.

Souta chuckles nervously at the brunette-haired girl, “Ehehe, your not trying to kill me, Ritsu?”

Ritsu rolls her eyes and glares at Souta, “Yeah right, I rather see you die, worthless pussy.”

Ajax and Aello growl in response towards the Tennouzu Classmates, to which they then charge at them.

“Run for it!” Souta leaps to the other side to run with Kanon following forward.

Ajax’s head destroys part of the metal fence in attempt to reach out and snaps his jaws. Jun found a trash lid to hit a lunging Aello to stun her before he leaps to the other side and follows Souta and Kanon.

Sudou growls, “Damn, they can’t escape us for long.”


Greenwich Village/New York University cafeteria

Inside one of the cafeterias of New York University, Arisa, Hare, and Yahiro make it through and attempt to seal the doors by Yahiro pushing a cafeteria table while Hare is holding some chairs with all the strength she’s carrying.

Yahiro is pushing the table to the door, “I hope my little brother is okay..”

Hare then puts the chairs on top, “But really, what is wrong with Nanba and his gang?”

“I think we saw some kind of symbols on their foreheads. They must be manipulated by Da’ath.” Arisa explained to them.

Yahiro feels annoyed, “Figures, how they could be this stupid in getting kidnapped by GHQ?”

“At least it couldn’t get any worse.” Hare said.

The kind-hearted girl better regret, because Achilles’ head burst through the doorway roaring, that make Hare loudly scream while Yahiro and Arisa react in surprise.

“C’mon!” Yahiro leads Hare and Arisa as they ran to leave the cafeteria.

Just as when the area is emptied, Achilles backs off for allowing outside that the doors instantly opens. Turns out Miyabi is the cause by materialized a scythe to destroy the door handler with Nanba and Atlanta standing beside her and Achilles. Nanba and Achilles walk forward to look for their hunt, but their nowhere to be found.

“I’ve sense that their not that far.” Miyabi said to Nanba.

Nanba replies with his statement, “And Makishima Shogo imprinted his philosophy to us of killing. Let’s keep chasing them like the pack we are.”

(End Theme)


“And I looked, and behold, a pale horse! And its rider’s name was Death, and Hades followed him.” (Rev 6:8)


(Cue Guilty Crown – Bios)


Shinnen:New Year

Part XVIII: Urban Battlefield (Part IV)


Time Square

(Cue Cyberpunk - The Enigma TNG - Neon Tokyo)

Switching back to Time Square, Yugi and Tea stay behind and being the battle couple of Dark Magicians, they blast away Endlaves and Da’ath members with their magic. Just then, they are taken surprise when Jaden, Yuma, Yuya, Yusei, Jack, Akiza, Leo & Luna, and Crow arrive as reinforcements.

Yugi greets to Jaden, Yusei, the Signers, Yuma, and Yuya, “My friends, glad you can be here.”

“My gosh, Yugi, we have all the Yu-Gi-Oh! leads here!” Tea gasped.

“We can call it a reunion.” Jaden said and turns to Yugi and Yusei, “Right, guys?”

Yusei shrugs at the former Slifer Red, “Yeah, sure.”

Yuma goes into fanboy mode and cries out, “Ahhhh! Can't believe I'm in the company of not just Jaden and Yusei, but the legendary Muto Yugi!”

“I know, this is like totally a dream come true!” Yuya added.

Yuma and Yuya show off their signature cards off to Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei to win them over.

Akiza said to Tea, “Isn't this cute?”

“Yugi's totally got new admirers.” Tea replied to the Kallen look-a-like.

Leo said to Luna, “Isn't this just cool, sis? Yusei meeting the Yugioh protags!”

“Pfft, but can Yugi and the others take on a king like me?” Jack gruffed.

Suddenly, an explosion occurred and startles the Yu-Gi-Oh group. The Yu-Gi-Oh characters notice four figures materializing inside the smoke cloud.

“What the heck's that?!” Yuma cried out.

Yuya then sees someone, more of them, “I see four...”

“Four people I should hope, and not monsters.” Crow stated.

However, the four figures were revealed: Paradox from Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time and three young men garbed in similar clothing Paradox wore. Drake Savage/Dragoon is a moderate-sized, sleek teen with blonde, spiky hair and teal eyes. Hector Armstrong/Grapplo is tall muscular man with braided black hair and brown eyes. Gus Payne/Zealoss is a shorter, moderately built man with long black hair and stoic gray eyes.

“Paradox?!” Yugi said in shock.

Yusei gasp, “No way we beat you!”

“Guess he wants a rematch.” Jaden has it figured.

“Speaking of rematches, he brought the Paradais Knights we dueled in Dawn of Chaos!” Yugi remembered facing these three disgruntled Duelists before.

Paradox gives the Mandark laugh and respond, “Hahahahah! Correction, Yugi-boy! They're the Da'ath Knights!”

Dragoon reintroduces to Yusei, “I'll be honored to beat you in our rematch duel, Fudo Yusei.”

Grapplo growls to Jaden, “Yuki Jaden, paybacks are a bitch!”

Zealoss announces to Yugi, “This time I will defeat you, Muto Yugi!”

“Ahhh, I see you brought the pipsqueaks with ya.” Paradox sees Yuma and Yuya.

“Hey, who are ya calling pipsqueak?!” Yuma gets offended.

Yuya sees that Paradox has a point, “Well, we are kinda small compared to the badass trio.”

Tea then pats Yuma and Yuya's backs, “Right, size isn't everything.”

“That's right!” Leo and Luna both said.

“Da'ath Knights, let's make an example out of these fools!” Paradox ordered his cohorts.

Yusei then said to Yugi, “Hey, Yugi.”

“Yeah?” Yugi asked the Signer duelist.

“Just remember I'll be here for you if you need me.” Yusei said to him.

Yugi smiles, “Same with you.”

Seeing a mere Yugioh Abridged reference, Tea and Akiza sweatdrop seeing their boyfriends making glances to each other.

“I think those two like each other.” Akiza noticed.

“A little too much.” Tea added.

“Ahahaha, ok, Da'ath Knights! Let's pulverize these dweebs!” Paradox declared the assault.

Once Paradox and the Da'ath Knights launched an attack on the Duelists, Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei countered by summoning their famed monsters.

“Dark Magician!” Yugi calls forth the notorius spellcaster Duel Monster.

“Go, Elemental Hero Neos!” Jaden summons his signature warrior monster.

Yusei calls forth the white and blue Signer dragon, “Stardust Dragon, go forth!”

“Our turn, Yuya!” Yuma said to the Arc V duelist.

Yuya nods at the Zexal duelist, “I'm ready!”

Yuma summons Gagaga Magician and Utopia. Yuya brings out Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon.

“Let's show these blokes what we're made of!” Jack valiantly announced.

The Signers bring out their Signer Dragons. Tea readied her magic staff. Paradox unleashes his Malefic dragon family to attack the Yuma, Yuya, the other Signers, and Tea. Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Malefic Cyber End Dragon, Malefic Rainbow Dragon, Malefic Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Malefic Stardust Dragon, Malefic Red Dragon Archfiend, and Malefic Truth Dragon are summoned to battle.

Jack's Red Nova Dragon takes on Malefic Red Dragon Archfiend. Akiza's Black Rose Dragon battles Malefic Rainbow Dragon. Crow's Blackwing Dragon takes on Malefic Cyber End Dragon. Leo's Power Tool Dragon attacks Malefic Truth Dragon. Luna's Ancient Fairy Dragon battles Malefic Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Yuya and Yuma's monsters engaged Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Malefic Stardust Dragon.

“Ah man! We're up against Blue-Eyes and Stardust!” Yuma cried out in surprise.

“You two can beat them! Use your monsters!” Yugi encouraged the newcomer.

“You heard him, Yuma! Let's kick their tail!” Yuya said.

Tea then interjects with her staff, “I'll back you two up.”

Yuma and Yuya respond to her, “Thanks, miss.”

“Ok, let's raise the stakes! Born from threshold of the dimension of Darkness... and that other stuff!” Paradox cried out, “Synchro Summon! Appear now, Malefic Paradox Dragon!”

Paradox brings out Malefic Paradox Dragon much to Yugi, Yusei, and Jaden's dismay.

“Crud. Not him again.” Jaden groaned.

Yusei said otherwise, “We beat him before and we can do it again!”

“Not if we're here!” Dragoon speaks up.

To even the odds, Zealoss becomes Number C1000: Numerronius, Grapplo becomes Darkness Neosphere, and Dragoon becomes Sephylon the Ultimate Timelord.

“Aw great, they can Spirit Fuse into Duel Monsters!” Jaden groaned.

The Da'ath Knights appears to attack the main trio regardless. Grapplo reignites his feud with Jaden. Dragoon attacks Yusei head-on. Zealoss engages Yugi. Dark Magician, Elemental Hero Neos, and Stardust Dragon battle Malefic Paradox Dragon. It is a struggle between both sides of Duelists.

Paradox gives Mandark laugh again, “Face it, losers! You won't beat Da'ath!”

Yugi retorts while fighting off Zealoss, “But, we're welcome to try!”


Meanwhile, an Indominus rex, Stegoceratops, two Koolasaurus, and three Tropeogopterus are about to attack Tyranno Hassleberry and the other secondary Neo Duelists (Chazz, Alexis, Aster, Syrus).

“Yes, it's dino rumble! Step back, guys! I'll handle this!” Hassleberry’s eyes has narrow into reptilian-like slits.

With that, Hassleberry activates his Duel Spirit/Spirit Fusion power and turns into Ultimate Tyranno.

“Wait, hang on, Hassleberry!” Syrus runs towards him.

Hassleberry roars and charges at the I-rex. He pushes the Indominus and swats the Stegoceratops with his tail. The two Koolasaurus and three Tropeogopterus jump onto Hassleberry while biting into him. Hassleberry tries fighting off the hybrid dinosaur gang.

“That's it! We're helping out!” Aster declared.

“Agreed!” Alexis said.

Syrus rushes to the battlefield, “Hang on, buddy!”

The Neo-Duelists activate their Spirit Fusion forms. Chazz turns into the Ojama King and summons the XYZ-Dragon Cannon. Syrus turns into the Cyber Dragon. Aster becomes Destiny Hero - Captain Tenacious. Alexis transforms into Cyber Blader.

“Let's blow these fake dinos outta the sky!” Chazz charges up the XYZ-Dragon Cannon and blasts the dinosaurs off Hassleberry.

Syrus flies over and blasts the three Koolasaurus into dust. Aster dives into a Tropeogopterus and unleashes punches all over it. Cyber Blader lands fast kicks that breaks a Tropeogopterus' neck. Chazz unloads a massive beam that gravely injures the Stegoceratops. Hassleberry gets up and engages the Indominus rex again in a battle to the death.

“Ain't no way a fake gonna beat me, the king of dino duelists!” Hassleberry shouted.

The Indominus rex just roars back at Hassleberry and pounces at him. The giants wrestle around the streets with biting and scratching.

Suddenly, a few stray blasts kills the third Tropeogopterus. The group looks up and sees a Cyber End Dragon descending. The blasts obviously came from this beast. Riding the beast is Blair, who the Neo-Duelists recognize.

“It's my brother, Zane, in his Duel Spirit Fusion form!” Syrus figures out the Cyber End Dragon’s identity.

“And Blair's with him!” Alexis pointed out that Blair has called for help.

“Mind if I join in, fellas?!” Blair asked as she jumps off and transforms into Dunames Dark Witch.

Zane lands and sets his sights on Indominus rex.

“Glad to have you here, bro!” Syrus smiled at his older brother.

“Seems we got a dino rumble.” Blair sees Hassleberry fighting the dangerous hybrid.

“You can say that again.” Alexis witnessed.

Aster then urges the team, “C'mon, y'all, Hassleberry needs us!”

Then, the Neo-Duelists head off to aid Hassleberry against the Indominus rex.


Meanwhile, Sailor Neo Moon, RJ Urameshi, Igasu, Moonlight Knight, and Hino Cammy are fending off Da’ath agents and Microraptors. Even Luna, Artemis and Diana decide to join the action by changing to their human forms and give supporting abilities to their allies.

Neo Moon vaporizes the Microraptors with scepter, “These little dinos are getting annoying!”

“I say bring more on!” Igasu grabs two Microraptors and smashes their heads together, “I bet these little ones taste like chicken!”

“Well, dinosaurs are related to birds.” Cammy explained.

Moonlight Knight stabs a Da'ath agent and kicks down another, “Can we keep science lessons to a minimum, guys?”

Suddenly, a cold wind passes through and freezes nearly everything in sight, except the heroes.

“It's so cold that this whole place got frozen!” Cammy felt the chills.

Moonlight Knight cautiously mutters, “I got a bad feeling about this.”

“Does this remind you of anything?” RJ asked his friends.

Igasu interjects, “It's not Frozen and Elsa's not in town.”

“I was talking to my girlfriend, you dumbass.” RJ scoffs at Igasu and turns to Neo Moon, “Does this ring any bells, Usa?”

“Yes, I know the only evil force cold enough to do this.” Neo Moon begins to figure out.

Luna nods at her, “Yes, me, too.”

An evil laughter is heard and the group sees an ice maiden. This ice maiden is the malevolent entity known as Princess Snow Kaguya from the Sailor Moon S movie.

Princess Kaguya quickly recognizes Neo Moon and Luna. “Look what we have here. I remember you two very well.”

“It's no doubt Da'ath brought you back.” Luna replied to the icy villainess.

“Be careful of her ice magic, everyone! You get caught and you're frozen instantly!” Artemis warned his friends.

“You won't beat us, Kaguya.” Diana said of heard about her.

“Oh, blah, blah, let's get this over with!” Kaguya then sends a ice wind toward the group.

The group dodges and the spot they stood on became frozen solid.

“I can't defeat her this way. Time to break out my Dai-Valkyrie power!” Neo Moon pulls out her Valkyrie Dagger and transforms into Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon.

“This is getting too cold for my liking.” Igasu sarcastically commented.

“Then, let me make it more frigid for you.” Kaguya declared.

As Kaguya summoned an ice ball, two energy beams blast her from behind. Kaguya and the heroes look up to see two figures dropping in. They are Kuiiza and Kujiko, the two Rajita generals that faithfully served Rajita warlord Kaiser Ghidorah.

“You two assclowns?” RJ sees the two reptilian generals.

“Now be nice to the ones who just saved you.” Kuiiza replied.

Kujiko bellows and raises arms, “I'm gonna smash that ice bitch!”

“You'll get your chance. By the way, we came with reinforcements.” Kuiiza lets the group know.

“Reinforcements?” Luna pondered.

Kuiiza snaps his fingers and more former bad guys appear. Queen Beryl, Esmeraude, Zoisite, and Kunzite appear to help the group against Kaguya.

Queen Beryl talks to Neo Moon, “Future princess, understand I still loathe your mother, your grandmother, and the whole Lunar bloodline, but I won't have anyone freezing a world I was born from.”

“We will fight anyone who opposes our queen.” Zoisite said and talks to Kunzite, “Right, my love?”

“Indeed, Zoisite. Our love will be strong enough to melt this frigid woman's ice.” Kunzite responded to his gay lover.

Neo Moon scoffs, “I know all about the Dark Kingdom. Ok, you guys are in, but no funny business. I got my eye on you!”

“Same here!” Diana cried out.

Neo Moon then warns to Esmeraude, “And if you're here, Rubeus is not too far. Don't think I haven't forgotten you and your Black Moon crew chasing me through time!”

Esmeraude chortles at the younger Senshi, “My my, you've gotten much feistier with age, rabbit.”

“And your annoying laugh hasn't changed.” Luna commented.

Having heard enough babble, Kaguya spreads an ice sheet across the city block and forces the group back.

“Did you think I'd come alone as well? Another fellow movie villain has come.” Kaguya brings forth another ally.

Suddenly, a building exploded behind the group and trudging through the ruined building is a giant woman. This villain is someone Neo Moon and the humanoid cat family recognize.

“Queen Badiane?!” Neo Moon said in aghast.

“As if Kaguya wasn't bad enough!” Artemis cried out.

Badiane sights on Neo Moon and said, “Princess of the moon, I see you've grown, but it changes little! I'll have my revenge on you!”

Neo Moon gives a sardonic question, “Wow, how many enemies have I made?”

“A lot, but we'll kick this giant bitch's ass together.” RJ replied.

“Nah, you take care of the ice queen. The giant woman is on me and Shingo.” Cammy interjected.

Moonlight Knight nods, “We got this.”

Then, Cammy and Moonlight Knight combine spirit energy into a ball, which they lob right at Queen Badiane's face. The blast explodes and distracts her long enough for Cammy and Moonlight Knight to land on a rooftop.

“My sister, your sister, and the other Senshi took this villain before. Now it's our turn to fight the enemies they've defeated.” Cammy declared to take the stage.

“I won't let sis down!” Moonlight Knight proudly said.

Suddenly, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Akurah the Blood Uranus, and Urihcim the Blood Neptune drop in beside Cammy and Moonlight Knight.

“And you won't have to fight her alone.” Uranus stepped in.

“After all, we fought this villain before.” Neptune remembered.

Akurah sees Badiane and comment, “Whoa, that's one big bitch.”

“The Kaijuu battles are that way!” Urihcim points toward Time Square.

Then, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune take out their Valkyrie Daggers. They transform right away into Dai-Valkyrie Uranus and Dai-Valkyrie Neptune.

“Since Badiane's very powerful, why not just go all out?” Uranus wondered.

“Indeed, this will require our Dai-Valkyrie forms.” Neptune answered the obvious.