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Shattered Power



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Aug 8, 2004
I honestly don't feel like writing some long, drawn out story about what this roleplay is about or anything else in character at the moment, so I'll just give you a basic outline of the story.

First, and most importantly, this is a Zelda roleplay based off the games The Legend of Zelda. It's set around the time of Twilight Princess. Hyrule for the purpose of this roleplay will be changed significantly from how it is in the game, however certain things will remain the same. It will likely change to fit however the story will go, so feel free to add whatever you wish as long as it would fit within the world of Hyrule. If I feel that something in your bio needs to be changed, I'll either ask you to change it or tell you not to post here anymore.

That aside, the story is that a piece of the Tri-Force has shattered (much like in Wind Waker), and now people are seeking to unite it for one reason or another. Basically your character is going to be looking for the pieces and doing whatever else along the way.

Excited!? Me neither. So much for not being long and drawn out.

So uh, that's basically what the roleplay is... if you have any questions you can feel free to post and ask. I'll probably answer them.

Profiles should be as follows:


Some general guidelines that I'd suggest you follow as you create your character would probably have to be that they can't be any younger than 18 years old, they can't have the master sword, they can't be older than 27, having an STD of some kind will earn you bonus credits, you cannot have a fairy, you don't have to be an overly nice/heroic character, and Time sucks. If you keep all of those tips in mind you just might get into this roleplay.


- Don't private message me asking when this starts, or whether or not you're in. Chances are doing either of those things will make me too lazy to read your bio/write a first post and you won't get in/this won't start.

- If I kick you out don't ask me why, don't tell me that you'll fix your bio or whatever I had a problem with. Chances are I don't want to hear from you anymore, and messaging me or posting in this thread at all won't help you.

- Nobody puts baby in a corner.

That's pretty much everything for now. So post...!