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Fanfiction ► Shadow's True Love

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Jan 25, 2006
Destiny Island
Shadow x Amy x Sonic
Rouge x Knuckles x Petal
Tails x Cream x Charmy
Tikal likes Shadow
Espio likes Tikal
Magic is a one some

Sonic, Tails, Espio is gang 1
Shadow, Knuckles, Charmy is gang 2

This story tells about Shadow’s true love and how he found it (not true). This story takes place during high school (S.S. High School) year. This is how the coupling goes. Amy (15) and Sonic (17) used to date, but Sonic was cheating on Amy and was going out with a girl named Petal Racoon (15) at the same time. As Amy and Petal found out, they both left Sonic-leaving Sonic alone. Then, after a couple of weeks, Shadow (17) and Amy started dating.
At the same time, Rouge (16) started liking Knuckles (17), but Petal started liking Knuckles also. Also, Tails (14) started liking Cream (14) and Charmy (14) started liking Cream too. Tikal (16) likes Shadow but he keeps refusing her, but Espio (16) likes Tikal. There’s another character in the story named Magic.
To make this story more “high school” lives, there are gangs in this school. In Sonic’s gang there is Sonic, Tails, and Espio. In Shadow’s gang there is Shadow, Knuckles, and Charmy.

Chapter 1
“How could you ever do this to us? To me?” asked Amy crying in a river of tears.
“A-Amy, I can explain,” said Sonic with words running through his mind.
“Explain what? About how you cheated on both of us? To me?” asked Petal crying her eyes out.
“P-Petal, it’s not that. If you would just give me a chance to explain-“
Then, there was a loud, hard slap across his face.
“I trusted you, but you betrayed me. Never show your face in front of me again,” said Amy as she walked away with her eyes filled with tears.
“Petal, you trust me don’t you?” asked Sonic.
“Trust you? I can’t even accept you as a friend anymore. We’re done right here and now,” answered Petal with anger and sadness in her heart. But before she walked away, she came up to Sonic and gave him a hard slap across his face.
“Why did I have to do that? You’re such an idiot Sonic!!!” said Sonic in his mind.
As Amy walked into her classroom, Rouge noticed something was definitely wrong. Rouge was a bat that was in a popular group at school, and so was Amy.
“Amy, what’s wrong? Is it Sonic?” asked Rouge with curiosity.
Amy nodded.
“Let me guess. He cheated on you with another girl and you just gave him a nice, hard slap across his face.”
Amy looked up, surprised. “How’d you…”
“Been there, done that. Don’t worry about it, it happens all the time. It’s a high school thing. Get used to it,” said Rouge, trying to cheer up Amy.
“Thanks Rouge,” answered Amy, wiping away her tears and putting a smile across her face.
As the bell rings, class started.


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Jan 25, 2006
Destiny Island
Chapter 2- The Perfect Guy
The next morning as the bell rang, a new student came. When he came in the room got quiet. He was tall, had black hair with red highlights, and all the girls in the class just fell for him. Except Amy, Rouge, Cream, but Tikal fell in love with him that instant. It was like she was under a spell.
“Class, we have a new student today. He transferred from M.R. High School. Why don’t you give the class a little introduction about yourself.” Said the teacher.
He bowed to the class. “Hey guys, my names Shadow. Hope to have a good year with you guys.”
All the girls sighed and was about to faint. While the guys started getting jealous of Shadow.
“Omg, Shadow is such a cool name!!” squealed one girl.
“Look at his hair, its so unique!!!” said another girl.
“He’s so hott. He’s perfect!!!” squealed another girl.
“He’s mine. I saw him first. No body get him” yelled on of the girls to all the girls in the class.
“Okay class, enough. Shadow, you may take a seat next to Amy Rose. Amy could you raise your hand please?” asked the teacher.
As Amy raised her hand, Shadow started walking towards his desk. As he past, some guys tried to trip him but he had sharp instincts and didn’t get tripped at all. Some girls were gazing up at him like he was some god. The girls couldn’t get their eyes off of him. It was like they were glued to him.
“Welcome to S.S. High. I’m Amy Rose. If you need any help getting anywhere in the school, just let me know k?” said Amy in an upbeat voice.
“Thanks Amy,” he reached his hand out towards her for a handshake.
Amy replied by giving Shadow a handshake, but right then Shadow could feel Amy’s warmth smile and hand. He knew right from the start that she was different from any other girls he met.
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