Shadows Rising- The Unknown Tale (A Kingdom Hearts Cano Roleplay)



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Jan 29, 2016
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An old woman so frail her hands visibly shake enters the room full of villagers that have gathered her friendly brown eyes concealed by her many wrinkles and sits down in a large wicker chair padded with thick,soft pillows yellowed with age reachinf a shaky hand for the thick leather bound book sitting on the nightstand next to her she opens it and clears her* throat her voice scratchy yet kind . " Welcome young and old alike I am the Storyteller.Please sit sit! May I offer you reshrememets ? A Muffin? Some Fresh Water?,Warm Milk?* A Poisoned Apple perhaps? No? Very well then listen while I read to you the untold Tale of Kingdom Hearts Shadows Rising"...........

Kingdom Hearts - Shadows Rising

"Everyone knows how a Heartless comes into being ,a pure heart that had succumb to Darkness. Everyone knows how a nobody is born,the Empty shell left behind after the creation of a Heartless BUT there is a Third being born during this process,what is this being you ask? A Hidden,a horrifying abomination created from a person's Shadow manifested into physical form. Hidden have all the abilities possessed by both Heartless and Nobodies as well as one unique to them: being creatures of shadow they can become intangible immune to all physical harm,some of the stronger ones even able to bend reality to their will.
The Nobodies,Heartless,Keyblade Wielders and other characters from across the worlds have banded together to face this powerful threat,can the unlikely group of allies defeat this almost unlikable foe? Only time will tell ".........
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I'm sorry, but without an obvious guide and direction no one will see the category of your RP. Though ominous in depth, and wholesome in nature, the true character behind the RP is missing. If its about battle, love, or even if it's just a bare mystery RP are all questionable. You should stop by the Tavern! The RP Tavern is a place where people like myself band together and help each other create full detail story oriented RP's. Try chatting with any of us RP'ers around here about the thought process behind your RP, and go for broke! I'm confident someone will help you clean up your intro and get you on the right path to starting your own RP. Nice atmosphere ;)