Shadow Hearts From The New World Parody Script Episode 3



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Nov 14, 2009
I suppose I owe this to Midget Rapi- I mean, Gilbert.
Here's a link to the last ep;
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Johny; Can someone explain to me why we came to the Grand Canyon?
Shania; We came here so that I can communiate wth the spirits and obtain a new fusion form.
Johny; So why couldn't we take a bus? Seriousy, we just took a 3 week long walk.
Shania; ...Sh@&, I hadn't thought of that!
Johny; And that's why women belong in the kitchen.
Frank; Haha, It's funny because it's sexist!
Zonda; Hey! Shania, Baby! What's up?
Johny; Who is this guy and why isn't he gawking at my amazing hair?
Natan; This is Zonda, and he is Shania's fiance.
Johny; Why do I get the feeling that every Shania fanboy just smased their PS2 over their knee?
Shania; Listen, Zonda, I need the power of Tatan'Ka.
Zonda; Are you sure you want to do this? It will put tremendous strain on your body.
Shania; I'll have you know that my body can take agreat deal of strain.
Zonda; Well, I suppose I can give you permission to face the spr, but I should warn you:the path ahead is paved with horny fanboys.
Shania; My God!
Zonda; Whatever happens, e o me that you won't sleep with them.
Shania; Don't worry, I pomised my father that I would only give my virginity to the man I'm going to marry. Or to an attractive sixteen year old private detective with great hair and a lightaber, but so far I haven't met anyone who meets that desription,oyou shouldn't worry.
meanwhile, ten feet away
Frank; Frank wonders what they are talking about...
Johny; Well, whatever it is, I'm sure it has nothing to do with me.
Natan; Yeah you're probably right.
Argen Tabisu; ZOMFG! It be Shania!
Maii; I loveses Shania's boobies!
Tonakh; Want to make babies!
Natan; Oh No! Fanboys!
Johny; Like Acelegin!
Frank; They're Hidious!
Johny; Like Aceegin!
Shania; Run away!
Argen Tabisu; Wait, Me want look up skirt!
even later
Tatan'Ka; Who disturbs my slumber!
Shania; My name is Shania, and wish to fuse with you.
Tatan'Ka; Aright, that'll be 50 bucks.
Shania; What?
Tatan'Ka; Did I F@&king stutter? Pay up woman!
Shania; Okay, now to take off all my clothes and test out my new transformation.
Natan; Why do you have to keep taking off your clothes?
Shania; To please the fanboys!
Johny; Like Acelegin!
Shania; Superspecialawesomeultraspecialsexytransformationsequnce, go!
Natan; Wow! Awesome!
Frank; That was simply stunning!
Johny; Can I have your autograph?
Shania; Unconsciousness!
Frank; Oh no, she passed out!
Johny; What do we do?
Natan; We need to end the episode so that we can get her to safety!
Johny; You're right! Sorry fans, but we gotta go. Tune in next time!

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