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Seeking Artist for a New Card Game

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Jul 18, 2008
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Hey everybody. I recently developed an idea for a Trading Card Game and I need a good artist to team up with in order to design both the cards themselves as well as the game map. I've already designed the template for the cards on my computer, but I need original artwork for each individual card.

If you've ever been into Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic: The Gathering, while this game is very different, it shares the element of battling your own cards against your opponent's cards. This game is based more so on territorial acquisition and the strategy is centered around using cards with the right elements for not only on capturing different types of territory, but also to give them an edge in battle.

The actual design portion of the game is 95% complete. I'm planning on making decoy cards in order to test the game mechanics with my girlfriend among others in order to make sure that it's not broken or easily exploitable in any way.

My goal is to present a prototype (that's as complete as physically possible) to publishers. The biggest of which is Wizards of the Coast, but there are many other lesser known publishers that we'd probably have a better shot with.

I'm particularly looking for the kinds of people that have incredible art skills, but have no useful application for their talents as of now. I've seen incredible stuff on deviantart, and I'm looking for somebody who may be at least on par with (if not part of) that community.

I will say (at the risk of possibly disappointing some) that it's very different from Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic in the sense that while battling is a very central component, it's not the overall objective of the game. There's nothing along the lines of "life points". It's mainly about conquering the map and using your deck to do it, but I will say that it fits very well into the fantasy genre.

Please hmu via pm or through this thread if you're interested. Don't feel discouraged if you see someone post really good piece of artwork as a response to this. I know that good artwork takes time, and there are a lot of cards to be made, hence I'm most likely gonna need multiple artists on board.
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