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Fanfiction ► seeing people's hearts

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Aug 26, 2005
Nowhere Texas its a literal nowhere zone
Atnihs looks around making sure Nomura isn't around.
Atnihs:Well...I guess some of you are wondering why I'm taking so long well its because...
Nomura: DIE!
Nomura suddenly appears with a samurai sword bloodthirsty.
Atnihs: Uh...gotta go bye!
Transmission interrupted due to technical difficutlies please ignore all screams of pain and torture.
Atnihs: Don't kill me!


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Aug 26, 2005
Nowhere Texas its a literal nowhere zone
Ch.9 Riku's Date With Paine(Part 1)
Outside of Paine's house Rikku is straightening up her brother's bow tie.
Rikku: Cheer up Riku its not like her fetish for causing pain to her dates is gonna kill you.
Riku: I am more concerned on what she might hurt.
Rikku:Too bad she likes it when her dates dress formally considering how shes always hurting her dates.
Riku starts crying and Rikku smiles widely.
Rikku:Thats the spirit.
Rikku kicks Riku to the door rings the doorbell and disappears.
Paine:*heard from other side of the door* Omigosh omigosh its Riku!*coughs*Uh...Just a minute!
After Riku hears a bunch of "I don't know what to wear!" the door opens and Paine is dressed up in a white and black prom dress or something and Riku starts drooling.
Riku: *thoughts*Maybe this isn't so bad after all.You look hott!
Riku:No doubt about it.
Paine:Y-you look hott too.
Riku:*red*W-well I guess that is why I have so many fangirls.Stupid thing to say idiot!
Paine:Hee hee you're funny.
Riku sighs happily and takes Paine's hand and they walk over to his car and he opens the door for her.
Paine:You don't need to do that Riku Daddy already has a car ready and here it comes.
A long black limo pulls up next to his car and Riku's jaw drops.
Riku:N-nice car...
Paine:Well lets get in.
Paine and Riku hop in the limo and it drives off as Rikku is disguised as the driver without anyone knowing.
Rikku:Wow Paine has never been like this before.
In the mirror Paine is snuggling with Riku and they start talking.
Riku:Your dad owns an oil indusrty and 3 companies?!You are loaded!I thought sis said she causes pain to her dates.
Paine:Mmmhm but its kind of taxing too considering most boys I date only want my money.
Riku hugs Paine softly.
Riku:A bunch of jerks huh?
Paine sits there blushing,stunned,and shocked that one of her dates finally isn't interested in her money.
Rikku:*using voice device to sound like a chauffer*Madam Paine we are at the restraunt now.
Paine:*brought out of daze*O-oh lets get out Riku.
Riku: Sure thing.
They both get out and walk inside.

Meanwhile on the Deep Jungle world...
Sora and Kairi are tied up and hanging above a boiling pot of water with a bunch of head hunter screaming there heads off.
Sora:How the heck we get into this mess?
Kairi:No clue but at least they all have the same emotion...
Kairi's eye was a dark purple.

How will this date end?Why is Rikku spying?How did Kairi and Sora end up on another world?Why didn't I do one thing to hurt Riku this chapter?All this and more will be answered.


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Aug 26, 2005
Nowhere Texas its a literal nowhere zone
Ch.10 Riku's Date with Paine(Part 2)
Riku and Paine are sitting at a table at the outside balcony laughing.
Paine: So to get me off the horse they had to use a stick hahaha!
Riku: Man no wonder he named you Paine haha.
After a while their laughing died down and they happily smiling looking into each other's eyes.
Riku: Paine I think I...
???:Yoohoo!Riku!Long time no see!
Paine and Riku looked over to the source of the voice and there in the doorway to the balcony stood Namine.
Paine:Riku who is that?
Riku:Namine...*he whispered to Paine*Ex-girlfreind.
Namine:I heard that Riku!Mind if I sit down with yall?
Paine:Well actually we were...
Namine pulled up a chair and sat with them.
Riku:What are you doing here anyway Namine?
Paine:Yeah it would be nice to know.
Namine:Well you see I had to come to some lame banquet with my dad so I was thinking of sneaking off when I heard Riku's adorable laugh!
Riku started sinking in his chair while Paine smiled.
Paine: So why did Riku and you break up?
Namine: Riku was too childish when I tried to drop hints.
Paine: Really?What kind of hints?
Namine:Well you see I was trying to get him to-Mmmph!
Riku was holding Namine's mouth.
Riku:Could you excuse us for a second.
Riku pulled Namine out of Paine's hearing range and let go.
Riku: Do not mention that to Paine please!
Namine:Aww wittle baby scared?
Riku:You promised you wouldn't talk about my problem.
Namine: Aww come on shes gonna be your girlfreind you should her know it is like your 5th date with her right?
Riku:Actually...its our 1st date.
Namine: And shes wearing a dress that good for a 1st date?She looks like shes ready for the prom.
Riku: Just don't mention my problem.Promise?
Namine: Ok ok I promise.
Riku:Thank you.
They both head back to the table where Paine was waiting.
Paine: So why did you 2 break up?
Namine looked at Riku and then at Paine.
Namine:Real reason was because I met Roxas.
After a few hours Riku was walking Paine up to her doorstep.
Riku:I'm confused about something.
Riku:My sister said you hurt the people you date.
Paine: Oh that?Well its just that all my other dates were so conceited I wanted to cause them Paine but you are different from the guys my dad always has me date.Thanks.
Riku:Your welcome.
They both smiled for a moment in front of the door to the house and they were moving closer and closer about to kiss...

Meanwhile on Deep Jungle...
Sora:Tidus this is why we don't ask head hunters for directions!
Kairi:It took forever to get out of that problem!
Tidus:I said I was sorry.
Kairi and Sora were dragging Tidus along running from head hunters.

Suspense has been made in one area and confusion in another look out for whats next people!
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Aug 5, 2005
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Niwa-nice geez tidus is an idiot everyone knows you dont ask head hunters for directions

AJ-Um can you tell me where the mall is*talking to head hunter*

Niwa-You moron*runs away as head hunters follow yelling*


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Jan 2, 2006
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Oh I see now. Yay for Rikku!
Ilike the story so far, very funny, but did you plan on it to be about Riku and Paine or did you just decide to do that al of a sudden?
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