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Fanfiction ► seeing people's hearts

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Aug 26, 2005
Nowhere Texas its a literal nowhere zone
this is gonna be a kind of weird beginning at first so prepare to flame me.....i guess

CH.1 The mysterious mood ring
All is well on destiny islands after sora came back to destiny islands defeating the head leader of heartless downsizing their numbers leaving only few groups of the heartless left making eventual peace happen.Today Kairi is headed for a flea market...

Kairi:la di da di da*skips through flea market and stops at a mood ring stand*cool mood rings!
mood ring seller:well which one will you have?
kairi:hmmmm....*looks through rings in their funny shapes and sizes*how about that one there?*points to one that has some ancient words on the inside loop while the outside was pretty plain looking*how much?
seller:well its really not for sale but if you could make me an offer...
kairi:*scoffs*100000 munny.
*seller's nose bleeds at the price as kairi lays down the money and takes the ring*
seller:thank you miss!*chuckles and whispers to himself*you don't know what that ring will do if placed near the eye.

Later that night...
kairi:good night mom and dad
*lays in bed looking at her mood ring feeling an uncontrolable urge to put the ring over her eye*
kairi:I don't know why...but i will just put this mood ring over my eye*places ring over her eye and slowly drifts into a sleep not hearing the odd incantations coming from the ancient words as it slowly disappears into the color part of her eye and then down into her pupil and finallly gone*

Next Morning...
*kairi walks into kitchen where her mom is feeling kinda gloomy after an over the phone fight with granny kairi*
kairi:good morn.....*kairi stares at her mom with her left eye seeing a heart inside looking blue*
kairi's mom:what is it kairi?Also why is your left eye blue?

kairi's eye has changed color? :eek: want more?please reply and pm me if you want to help too thank you


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Aug 26, 2005
Nowhere Texas its a literal nowhere zone
cool i made a fic that wasn't so confusing this time :D

CH.2 The Strange Yet Helpful Power
Kairi faints after seeing her mom with her left eye and falls into a bean bag that was left there from a party 2 weeks before.
Kairi's mom:maybe i should call a doctor and let her freinds know what happened.
*kairi's mom calls doc first and then calls all of the freinds except wakka because a few weeks before he had played a prank on her involving oscar mayer turkey meat,2 giant slices of bread,3 tons of mayo,and a very hungry wolf so kairi never wanted to see wakka's face for the next 200 days after that*

at the hospital...
kairi:what a weird dream...
sora:kairi is awake!
sora is the only one sitting in chair next to bed while everyone else went out for coffee
kairi:what am i doing in a hospital?
sora:your mom called a doctor and said your left eye changed color and you were just staring at her like you saw a ghost then fainted.
kairi:why didn't you go with the others?
sora:i was worried about you being unconcious for 2 days
kairi:*smiles*thats so sweet
*kairi blinks and her left eye changes to pink while she sees sora's heart looking very pink*
sora:kairi?are you feeling alright?why is your left eye pink?
*kairi blinks again and she doesn't see sora's heart anymore and her eye turns back to normal*
sora:what?something happen when your eye changed?
kairi:yeah.it looked like i saw your heart and it was the color pink.when it happened this morning my mom said my eye was blue and i was probably looking at her heart while it was blue and i remember her having a fight on the phone with grams.
sora:think about what might have happened to cause this.
kairi:well...yesterday i was in the flea market and i bought a mood ring that had some funny words on the inside of it...
kairi:i went around but some other things that were normal...i just remembered!
sora: something else happened?
kairi:yeah.that night i had a weird urge to put the ring on my left eye and in the morning it was gone!
sora:that must be what changed your eye color and the other stuff.
kairi:yeah..but why do i have this power?
sora:maybe we should find that mood ring seller.
*just then a few doctors walked in*
sora:what going on?
lead doc:it seems the patient needs to go to the...emergency room.
*kairi sneezes causing her to blink and her eye doesn't change color but she can see a void inside all of the doctors*
kairi: sora...i can't see these guys hearts all i see are voids.
lead doc:we have been found out!
*the doctors change into human-sized darside heartless*
*riku and the others run in seeing the heartless and get their weapons out and sora gets his keyblade out*
kairi:where is mom?
riku:she wanted to fly to you dad's work place to drag him down here.
tidus:finally selphie and i get to fight heartless.
sora:time to fight!
*the heartless and everyone but kairi start fighting*
sora:stay away from kairi!
riku:stay off our island!
tidus:what they said!
*they finally knock down all the heartless*
sora:why did they come after kairi?
kairi:i think its time to meet that mood ring seller.
sora:alright but first we tell the others our idea so far on what happened.
riku:about what?
and so sora said what they were talking about before the heartless disguised as doctors walked in.

how is this?i hope it worked well.at first i thought the next fic i was gonna do was gonna be a partner up one but i guess i was wrong.lets see if this will do good for a fic or not.


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Aug 26, 2005
Nowhere Texas its a literal nowhere zone
Well...i'm gonna give this a shot*sniffs*bye bye fic.

CH.3 The Origin of The Mood Ring
After the events at the hospital everyone but wakka who was'nt there(curse grammar problems I have)decide to go back to the flea market where Kairi got the weird mood ring only to find the seller is gone.
Kairi:He isn't here.
Sora: Dang it!We gotta find him!
Tidus:Why are you so mad?
Selphie:Slly boy he cares so much about Kairi and what if this ring gives a bad disease if left in here eye too long?
*a bunch of Riku lovers come up behind him and carry him off*
Everyone: o.o
Tidus:Was that...Aeris in that group?
Selphie:Its still weird that they just carried him away.
Sora:Anyways...maybe someone here can tell us where this guy lives.
Kairi:I hope so.
*blinks and the hearts everyone within the sight of her left eye is seen in so many different colors and her eye color changes rapidly*
Sora:Kairi!Whats wrong?
*the 3 gather around Kairi before she passes out*
Sora:This large group of people must have been too much for her.
*Sora picks Kairi up*
Sora:You 2 go around asking the merchants about the mood ring seller and where he is.Ok?
Tidus:Why do we have to...ow!
*Selphie kicked Tidus in the shin*
Selhpie: We will do our best.
*Selphie takes Tidus and runs off to ask merchants questions*
Tidus:What was that for?
Selphie:Because its obvious Sora should talk to Kairi about how he feels about her and this is the only chance we can give them plus we get to help find this mood ring seller.
Tidus:You are definitely a romantic.
Selphie: Shut up and find the merchant!
At the hospital...
*Kairi slowly wakes up hearing the echo of Sora's voice*
*vision clears to see Sora's face with a worried look*
Sora:Kairi!Your up.
*Sora gets in a chair close to the medical bed*
Sora:Kairi...i need to tell you something.

Will Sora ever confess his true feelings for Kairi?Will Tidus and Selphie find the weird merchant?Find out next time on...Seeing People's Hearts!

If there is a next time.


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Aug 26, 2005
Nowhere Texas its a literal nowhere zone
well here goes for ch.4....i hope

Ch.4 Finding Annoying Merchants(Part 1)

*Tidus and Selphie are walking in the flea market asking people if they have seen the mood ring salesman but to no avail*
Tidus:Its like he just disappeared into thin air or something.
Selphie:Maybe one of the merchants know where to find him.
Tidus:Lets go ask some of them.
*They go asking some of the merchants and only one seems to know him*
Merchant:Well he usually goes over to a cave behind a waterfall and comes out holding mood rings.
Selphie:Where is this cave?
Merchant:Oh i can't seem to remember*looking at tips jar*perhaps if i had my...ack!
*Selphie holds merchant up by the shirt with fire in her eyes*
Selphie:Where is the cave?
Merchant:Its on the other side of the island please don't hurt me!wahh!
*Selphie drops him and smile*
Selphie: OK!Thank you.
*Tidus and Selphie walking out of flea market*
Tidus:Wow Selphie i never knew you could get like that.
Selphie:A freind might be in danger i will get like that if I have to.
*Tidus gets out a cell phone and dials a number*

At the hospital...
*Sora's shoe rings*
Kairi:Why is your shoe ringing Sora?
Sora:My shoe phone!
Sora:Its a long story.
*Sora picks up his shoe and holds it to his ear*
Tidus:Hey Sora.
Sora:Any luck?
Tidus:We got a lead and are heading for a cave on the other side of the island as we speak.
Sora:Good to hear.I'm gonna wait until they let Kairi check out before going anywhere.
Tidus:Ok then,bye.
*Sora pushes a button and puts shoe back on his foot*
Sora:It looks like the guys have a lead on the mood ring merchant.
Kairi:Well thats good.

At the cave...
Selphie:No one is here!
Tidus:Why would that guy lie to us unless...

At the flea market...
*The threatened merchant takes off his face because its a mask revealing the mood ring merhcant's face*
MRM:Mwahahahahahaha they will never find me!

to be continued....

if you know where my shoe phone thing came from you will have watched Tv land at one point
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