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Fanfiction ► Secret Mission: Summer Vacation

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Sep 3, 2008
I'm not telling you
News update summer special 3

Namine: Welcome to NEWS UPDATE SUMMER SPECIAL. I'm your host Namine. Unfortunately Noctis has caught the swine flu so for today let's welcome our local bad boy Vanitas. He'll be with us until that narcissist comes back. *mutters* Hopefully that won't be any time soon

Vanitas: sup? My name's Vanitas. So how does this show work baby.

Namine: first of all flirting is not allowed and secondly we interview people from destiny islands and give Destiny High their weekly news of what's happening around town.

Vanitas: sounds kinda lame

: *twitch* Anyway we'd like to welcome Auron the janitor/tour guide for Destiny Studios/tour guide for the WONSTOPPSHUPHOLLYDAY Island jungle. You sure work a lot huh?

Auron: Shut up I'm atoning for my sins

Vanitas: what sins? *smirk* Anything juicy? Anything 'naughty'

Auron: well you see it all happened last summer. I was drunk at the time. I drank all the sake in the bottle. Anyway I was driving, which was not the wisest of things to do when your THAT drunk, and I drove the car into your school cafeteria.

Namine: huh? So that's why our cafeteria wasn't open for the first week of school.

Auron: yeah and then Sephiroth walked out with his long (assassin) sword and-

Vanitas: hehehe

: I'm sorry did I say something that made you giggle?

Vanitas: yeah long sword…*winks*

Namine: Vanitas…that's gross.

Auron: anyway he told me either I pay for the damages or get sliced to death.Usually I have more honour than that but he had a really long sword and

Vanitas: hehehehehe

Namine: ehem! Vanitas would you like to ask him a few questions?

Vanitas: yeah….So this 'sword' Principal Sephiroth had. What did it look like exactly?

Auron: well it was…long and sharp and shiny and-



Yuffie: I dunno with the kind of stuff that's on this show I'd say it was PG13 at the least

Vanitas: so not quite an innocent show you got there huh?

Namine: Well you need to get your mind out of the gutter and start acting mature. Even Noctis is more mature than that.

Vanitas: c'mon what's so interesting about this show? Does anyone even watch it? I've never heard of it until today.

Yuffie: actually we've got a pretty large audience across the school and from viewers who aren't students. Maybe it's because of all the crazy stuff that goes on.

Namine: okay let's get straight back into this show. Why did you choose to be a janitor Auron?

Auron: Seriously do you REALLY think I wanted to be a janitor. Did I tell all the kids at school 'when I grow up I'm going to be a janitor'? Did I get a diploma from Janitor university and a Masters in cleaning up after stinking teenagers. No I wanted to be…...wanted to be

Vanitas: …wanted to be what?

Auron: an… accountant!!

Dum duuuuuuum

Namine: seriously? An accountant, that's kinda lame.

Auron: what's so bad about being an accountant? You perform tricks, you do flips and swing from bars and appear in shows to entertain the audience.

Vanitas: um… that's an acrobat

Auron: well what do accountants do?

Namine: crunch numbers all day

Auron: well (shadow) now I have to find a new goal.

Vanitas: like your first goal was any good

Namine: Vanitas! Show some respect

Vanitas: what are you going to do about it? Draw me to death

Yuffie: OH SNAP!

Namine: Yuffie…

Yuffie: sorry

Namine: well it just so happens that I have this! *grabs death note*

Vanitas: oh no! it's a note book, she's going to write letters and draw love hearts. Ooooh and the pencil might be blunt…ooooooooooh I'm so scared.

Namine: you don't know what a death note is do you?

Vanitas: aren't those rare?

Namine: actually their being mass produced nowadays. The shinigamis are making a fortune out of them. But do you know how they work?

Vanitas: no

Namine: if I write your name in it then you shall die. I can even write the cause of death so I could write that you get killed by Sephiroth and his massive sword


Namine: *gets her pen out* either you get out of my studio or I will write your name in this book.

Vanitas: Alright. Geez PMS much?!

Namine: *starts writing* Vanita-

Vanitas: I'M OUTTA HERE!! *sprints out the door*

Namine: What an idiot. This Death note isn't even real. I got it at an anime convention for $14

Auron: Well I'm out; I gotta give a bunch of people a tour around the jungle.

Namine: Here's another question. Why are you being a tour guide

Auron: well i need money for summer and it's not like you kids are at school

Namine: …well that's the end of news update. Hopefully Noctis will be back soon. I really miss having him around. Even if he is an egotistical son of a-

Noctis: *walks in* Hey Namine what did I miss?

Namine: *hugs* DON'T EVER LEAVE ME AGAIN!!

Noctis: …oookaaaayyyy


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Sep 3, 2008
I'm not telling you
Last one of the day

Chapter 16: Procrastination

Day 71

Beach house: 7:45pm

Nothing much has been happening with the organization for the past few days. Mostly because it's been too hot to do anything other than go to the beach or their pool. Even then the ground outside was too hot to walk on. It had gotten to the point of Summer Vacation where the young nobodies were so bored they WANTED to go back to school.

Roxas was in the game room playing with his PS3 and Axel and Xion were watching him suffer. "AAAH!" Roxas screamed as he was fighting the final boss. Unfortunately Roxas died for the 10th time today. "I give up!"

Xion and Axel were laughing in the background. "That's what you said yesterday" Xion laughed.

"And yet you still got your (assassin) kicked today" Axel smirked. "Face it your addicted to this game of yours"

"Yeah you've been playing it nonstop since we left WONSTOPPSHUPHOLLYDAY Island" Xion said.

Larxene, Xemnas and Demyx walked into the game room. "Hey guys what's up?" Demyx asked.

"Oh nothing much" Axel said with a smirk. "We're just watching Roxie boy suffer"

"DON'T CALL ME ROXIE BOY!" Roxas yelled.

Xemnas looked at the screen that had a floating boy on it and it said. 'game over'. "Roxas what are you playing?" He asked.

"Oh it's this game called 'Kingdom Minds'." Roxas explained "It's about a boy named Zora on a search for his friends Liku and Gairi and he meets a dog-named Loofy and a duck named Ronald and they have to free people's minds by killing the brainless."

Larxene giggled "brainless" and then smiled "maybe you should sign up for a roll"

"HEY!" Roxas yelled. "Anyway I'm just trying to defeat the last boss 'Ensam, Seeker of stupidity but he's too hard to beat"

Xemnas raised a brow. "riiight"

Demyx suddenly remembered why they came into the room in the first place. "Hey Roxas remember that time we went to Destiny Studios for that stupid soap opera thing"

"HEY!" Xion yelled. "I happen to LIKE soap operas. And who are you to talk? You watch Korean Dramas AND CRY"

"Whatever" Demyx said turning red from embarrassment. "Anyway remember how you were taken by Ventus Hikari and a bunch of film people"

Roxas shuddered. "Oh yeah that jerk that just happens to look like me except he's like…19 years old I think."

"Yeah well guess what?" Demyx grinned. "YOUR EPISODE IS ON TONIGHT!"

Roxas knelt down on the ground dramatically. "NOOOOO!" he screamed.

Xion's eyes twinkled like stars. "OH MY GOD LET'S WATCH IT!" She screamed and ran out of the game room. Axel on the other hand was forced to drag Roxas out of the room.

The organization crowded around the television eagerly waiting for Ice Cream Mafia to come on. "Do I HAVE to watch this?" Roxas whined. "I mean I freaking lived it."

"Oh stop complaining!" Marluxia sighed. "Our Roxas, Key of Destiny, No.13 of Organization XIII and TV star"

Roxas angrily pouted. "It's just one episode and most people would think that it is Ventus Hikari but they somehow made him look younger" Roxas whined. "And how come I look like him anyway? Is he my somebody or something?"

Xion, Larxene and Demyx gulped because they already knew who Roxas's somebody is. "W-W-Who knows" Demyx stuttered and everyone sat silently and watched Roxas's episode.

"pfft you think I'm going to keep quiet just because you've threatened to drown me in ice cream?" Ventus's character Dean Summers said. "That ain't going to happen"

Don. Aiscreem cackled in amusement. "Well…obviously, but what about your little brother Joseph"

"Joseph?" Dean Sommers gasped. "He's dead"

"Are you sure about that" Don. Aiscreem cackled and presented Roxas's character Joseph Sommers.

"Joseph? You're alive!"

"there he is!" Larxene squealed. "n'aaaaaaaww our little Roxie boy looks so cute!"

"DON'T CALL ME CUTE!" Roxas screamed out of frustration. "And stop calling me 'Roxie boy'!"

Larxene rolled her eyes. "Whatever"

Xion suddenly remembered something. "Hey there's going to be a festival next week. Can we go?"

"A festival?" Zexion asked. "What kind of festival?"

Xion shrugged. "I'm not sure but I heard everyone who's ever appeared in this Fan Fiction and the prequel is going to be there."

"So basically everyone in destiny islands is going to be there…well except for the ones that died…which was nobody besides Tidus" Demyx said

"What are you talking about? Tidus is alive. I saw him yesterday and he threw a boomerang at me" Axel said. "Well I don't think he realised that boomerangs re-curve so it hit him in the head. Poor kid. I don't even know why he wants to destroy us"

Everyone else besides Demyx sweat dropped. "Well you guys have made his life a living hell" Zexion said.

"Hell?" Demyx and Axel cocked their heads to the side.

"They don't even know what they did to Tidus do they?" Roxas whispered to the others who shook their heads in response.

"Is anyone up for this festival next week?" Xion asked. "It'll be a great way to end Summer Vacation"

"aww I don't want to go back to school" Ed said. "I'm going to have to see Rikku everyday"

"It can't be that bad. I get to see my darling Demyx everyday" Kuri smiled and took a sip out of her iced mocha.

The organization turned around to see the two detective siblings having their own little conversation.

"You see him every day. We live next door to them and we're at their house right now"

Kuri remembered why she came over. "Oh yeah that's why I came here. We're out of whipped cream"

"Why do you want whipped cream?" Ed asked.

"To put on my iced mocha. It tastes good with whipped cream"

"Really? I should try that"

"WHO SAID YOU TWO COULD COME IN?" Larxene asked but that question was left unanswered.

"Nice seeing you" Kuri waved as she left with Ed. Both of them stole the whipped cream, coffee and sugar as well.

"COME BACK HERE YOU BLOODY DETECTIVES!" Larxene screamed. "They always come here to steal our food don't they?" The others nodded in agreement.

Xemnas suddenly remembered what he wanted to ask the young nobodies. "Oh yeah, how is your holiday homework going kids?"

Demyx, Roxas and Larxene felt a twitch under their eye. Xion had started her holiday homework during the third week of summer vacation and all she needed to do was complete her history homework. Roxas, Demyx and Larxene on the other hand completely forgot about their homework and left it to the last minute.

"We had homework?" Demyx asked.

"Yeah everyone did" Xion said. "I've pretty much finished all of mine"


"Well I do it before I go to bed and when I'm not with you guys"

"(heartless)!" Larxene, Demyx and Roxas screamed as they all ran upstairs to do their homework.

"Aaah I remember being in school and doing holiday homework. It seemed so long ago" Axel sighed.

"We only graduated before summer" Zexion sweat dropped.

1 hour later

The rest of the organization had already had their dinner and they were currently watching a movie on TV.

"Hey those three have been up there for a while" Luxord said.

"They're doing their homework remember" Marluxia said.

"I'll check up on them" Xion sighed as she removed herself from the couch and headed up stairs.

The hallway was dark. The only light that was there was light escaping from the study. There were strange noises coming from the study as well. Xion started to shiver and got out her keyblade just in case there was something creepy in there. She slowly walked towards the study and every step she took made her feel even more scared. She opened the door to the study quietly only to find Larxene, Demyx and Roxas doing their homework.

"YOU GUYS!" Xion screamed. The others looked towards her with raised eyebrows.

"Oh hey Xion, we can't hang out right now. We've got to finish this homework by tomorrow. School starts tomorrow and we got to have this done or else we're in trouble" Demyx explained.


"Calm down shortie. We're just cramming" Larxene explained.

"School starts next week you know" Xion said. Demyx, Roxas and Larxene sighed with relief.

"Thank god. Now I can get back to my game" Roxas said as they headed out of the study but Xion stopped them in their tracks.

"Hey that doesn't mean you're not going to do any homework"

"But Shortie! It's summer vacation. I think they call it a vacation to relax not to do homework" Larxene whined

"Well the sooner you get it done the better"

"Can I copy off you?" Roxas asked.

"No, do it yourself"

"Can you help us then?" Demyx asked.

Xion sighed. "Demyx, I'm heading into year 10. You're going into year 11…I can't help you with your work"

"Oh yeah" Demyx laughed nervously.

The Next Day

Beach house: 12 pm

Roxas, Larxene and Demyx lay on the ground surrounded by homework and stationary.

"We're not going to finish all this before school starts are we?" Larxene asked. Demyx and Roxas shook their heads in response.

"Why does it have to be so hot?" Demyx asked.

"It's summer" Roxas said in an 'as-a-matter-of-fact' tone of voice. "and we're living on Destiny Islands"

Demyx sat up from the floor. "Hey what are we doing cooped up in here? It's Summer. And we live right near the beach. Let's go to the beach!"

And so Roxas, Demyx and Larxene got their beach gear and invited some of the other nobodies to the beach. Axel and Zexion refused to go to the beach, Xemnas had taken Saix for a walk and they knew Xion would force them to do homework so they didn't tell her about it. The nobodies were so close to the front door. They could taste the freedom of the outdoors. But then…

"Where do you think you're going?" Xion asked with a stern voice.

"We're catching some waves" Xaldin explained with a grin on his face.

"Also I need to work on my tan" Marluxia explained.

"I haven't seen any hot bikini babes for a while" Xigbar said with a pervy grin.

"and it's really hot, we can't do homework when it's THIS hot" Larxene explained.

Xion pointed towards Roxas, Demyx and Larxene. "You three should get your homework done"


"NO BUTS! You're not leaving this house until it's done" Xion yelled. Roxas, Larxene and Demyx ditched their beach gear.

"What about us?" Lexeaus asked.

"You can go"

The other nobodies cheered and ran out of the house. "HEY HOW COME THEY GET TO GO?" Larxene complained.

"They don't have homework to do" Xion explained. "Now get back upstairs right now"

Demyx groaned. "Yes ma'am" and so the trio headed upstairs to do their homework.

Xion slumped down on the couch and sighed. "I'm going to have to stay home today don't I. Wish I could go to the beach as well" she grabbed the remote and started flicking through channels until finally. "Hey they're playing 358/2 days of our lives"

1 hour later

Larxene, Demyx and Roxas lay on the ground once again surrounded by books and papers. "Why does Xion have to be so cruel?" Demyx asked.

"I don't know, but I don't want to do homework" Larxene whined.

Axel and Zexion walked into the study. "Hey do you want a drink?" Axel asked them.

"Yay!" Roxas cheered and skulled down his drink. "I needed that"

"I can see that" Axel cringed.

"Zexion, you're smart" Larxene said.

"…yeah…and?" Zexion raised a brow.

"could you help us with this homework?" Larxene asked.

Zexion shrugged and sat down with them. "Okay what do you need help with?"

"Everything" Demyx, Roxas and Larxene said. Axel and Zexion sweat dropped.

"Aren't you glad we're out of school now?" Axel asked Zexion who nodded in agreement.

30 minutes later

Xion was surrounded by wet tissues and she was eating ice-cream on the couch. "I love soap operas. Though I think this is the final episode…maybe"

"Next time on: 358/2 Days of our lives. Gary's evil twin Yrag returns to town to claim that Gary's son Fred is actually his. Meanwhile Fred is having an affair with the next door neighbours wife whose husband has a terminal disease and his sister is a complete psychopath who wants to kill Gary. Other stereotypical things that happen on soap operas will be on next week"

Xion jumped and squealed. "Yay! Another episode!" She sat back on the couch to surf through channels but she found nothing that she could watch. "I'm getting pretty lonely here. Well I could invite Riku over but I don't know when Mansex is coming back. Besides I'm not the only one who's home. But everyone else is upstairs." Xion sighed again. "And I'm talking to myself maybe I should invite people over"


Zexion and Axel were helping the others with their homework. Well…mostly Zexion. Axel was eating pizza and lounging about.

"Zexion? Could you explain this one" Demyx asked as he held up his Text book.

"Demyx don't just ask me how to do everything. Try and work it out yourself!" Zexion groaned.

"How's your homework going?" Neko asked.

"urgh! I hate it. Why does this school even give out homework during summer?" Larxene whined. Everyone then stared at the demon sister.

"WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?" Everyone screamed.

"Don't worry about that homework load. Apparently Starlight academy has a much larger load. I wonder how their doing?"


Hope grinned while strolling down Sweet Street. He hadn't tripped over or have anything bad happen to him all day.

"Hey guys!" Hope waved to his friends.

"hey klutz" Lightning smirked.

"STOP CALLING ME KLUTZ!" Hope screamed.

"Hey did you guys do your homework?" Olette asked.

Hope felt a twitch under his eye. "Oh (shadow) I forgot about that"

"Homework? What's that?" Lightning asked.

Everyone stared at Lightning. "Do you ever do your homework?" Pence asked.


"How did you pass school?" Hayner asked.

"The teachers think I'd kill them if I don't get a good grade" Lightning laughed.

Hope chuckled nervously. "You wouldn't really do that… would you?"

"I'm afraid I won't answer that question without the possibility of getting into trouble" Lightning's eyes glinted

"(heartless) she really would do that" Everyone besides Larsa thought.

"That... is... AWESOME!!!!" Hayner screamed in excitement while everyone sweat dropped.

"Oh Lightning. Always one to scare people" Larsa thought. "though I would think that Olette should be more of a threat seeing as she's a ninja assassin. Oh I love being psychic"

Back at the beach house

"Well of course Starlight Academy has a larger homework load" Larxene said "It's the best private school on destiny islands"

"Yeah sometimes I wish Xemnas sent us there instead of Destiny High" Zexion sighed. "Destiny High isn't exactly the best school around"

"Well that's because of all the criminal kids" Larxene explained.

Neko sighed looking through Roxas's Text book. "actually there's more criminals in Hallow Bastion High. In fact the whole school is full of criminals. Cobalt and Inu Shinra, Lemone and Limè Sorbei and Kano Toshiro came from that school."

"Thank Kingdom Hearts we weren't going there" Demyx grinned. "I wouldn't of survived"

Roxas heard his phone ring. "Yo!"

"hey Roxas! They're giving away free sea salt ice cream!" Sora screamed from the other end of the line.

"OH MY GOD!"Roxas screamed in excitement but then he groaned. "aw but I got to finish off my homework"

Sora gasped "we had homework? Well in that case I better copy off Kairi"

"DON'T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!" Roxas heard from the other end of the line.

"Sorry Sora maybe some other time" Roxas sighed.

"S'alright. I should get my homework done as well. I mean Mr. Vexen is gonna be my science teacher this year. You know what he does to students who don't do their homework" Sora shuddered. "He performs experiments on them"

"Isn't that against the rules?" Roxas screamed

"I think it is"

"Wait how did you find out who your teachers are this year?"

"Oh it came with your reports. I better go see ya" Sora explained before hanging up.

Roxas was looking through his reports going through the various Fs and the ocassional good grades. "Found it! I've got Mr. Raphsodos for English again, Mr. Strife for Science, Luxord for Maths, Lexeaus for Sports, Mr. Fair for History, Miss. Lockhart for Art and Marluxia for French…I didn't know he spoke French and it looks like Mr. Fair's teaching again. Aw and I have Mr. Raphsodos for Homeroom again"

Demyx glared in envy. "At least you got some good teachers! I have Xemnas for Music, Xigbar for History, Vexen for Science and Maths, and Mr. Raphsodos for English, Luxord for I.T and Vexen's my homeroom teacher!"

Larxene, Zexion, Roxas, Neko and Axel laughed. "Man your stuck with the crazy old man for the whole year" Axel laughed took a sip out of his beer.

Roxas eyed the beer with grim expression. "Axel…why are you drinking beer and since when did you drink?"

"Well I'm old enough to drink and I've been drinking occasionally. Mostly at night"

Neko suddenly remembered something. "Oh yeah my birthday's next week"

"Oh congratulations. How old are you turning? 13?" Larxene said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

"Actually I'm turning 15 and my birthday party's going to be at the beach"

"Cool! What are you planning?" Demyx asked

"Scarlet's handling most of it," Neko explained "There's going to be rides, food stalls, music, dancing, a bon fire, a giant ice-cream machine we got last week as payment from the Gelato family and maybe even fireworks."

"Sounds big," Axel said and took another sip out of his beer "But won't that kind of thing clash with that summer festival coming up?"

"What are you talking about?" Neko asked "My birthday usually is the festival."

"What about your homework?" Roxas asked

"Uh I'm a demon sister, we don't get homework" Neko rolled her eyes and giggled.

"Damn you!" Larxene screamed.

Later that night

Xion had fallen asleep in front of the TV while the rest of them came downstairs. Larxene, Demyx and Roxas all fainted at the same time from all that cramming.

"MY CHIILLLLDDRREEENN!" Xemnas sung as he skipped into the house "OH MY HEARTLESS! What happened?"

"We…did it superior…it's finally…finished." Roxas said sounding weak from all the homework.

Xemnas kneeled down onto the ground and screamed "NOOOOO!"

"Will you keep it down" Xion complained.

"Sorry" Xemnas muttered. "By the way we're going to the summer festival, the pamphlet said to bring a present for Neko, do you reckon giant lollipops are okay?"

"Uhhhhhhh" Demyx groaned.

"I'm going to get you all sea-salt ice-cream now…." Xemnas said before walking out the door again.

AN: Next will be the final chapter followed by an epilogue


Sep 25, 2010
O.O your back with a new awesome chapter! So happy it's been so long! Really good chapter and it was funny. I wonder what Xemnas mistook them for when they said they were finished.. XD have a feeling I know lol. So only one more chapter left huh? Well it was a great fanfic while it lasted. I really enjoy reading it. Roxas playing Kingdom Minds is hilarious ^^ great job!


Aug 2, 2008
At my house with Riku, Saix, and Zexion, rocking t
Okay, I have finally gotten around to reading this, and, as usual, it was very funny. I loved it when the tribal people thought Demyx was David Bowie; he does look like David Bowie. Also, I liked the summer update; Vanitas is a terrible co-host, and the story of Auron getting drunk and crashing into the cafeteria was hilarious. Anyway, great job, and I look forward to more.


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Sep 3, 2008
I'm not telling you
Chapter 17: Phantom of the Firework

Day 77

Exchange Students: Somewhere near the Ferris wheel

The most exciting but also the most dreaded day had finally arrived, the summer festival, also known as Neko's birthday. The organization had bought her presents as instructed on the pamphlet. The sad part about today was that it was the last day of summer vacation. Axel and Zexion will be starting university the next day and Larxene, Demyx, Roxas and Xion will be going back to school. The members of the Organization went off to explore the festival. Some of them going on rides while the others were eating at food stalls and some watching the performances "wow this is one huge party" Axel said as he saw people riding on the rollercoaster.

"So what did you guys get Neko?" Xion asked.

"Oh I got her a new bathing suit" Larxene said showing the wrapped up present. "It's a bit more mature than her hello kitty one piece but it's still cute enough for her image"

Demyx held up two CDs. "I made a CD of my new songs and TAV's latest album. Speaking of which I heard they're performing tonight"

"Oh my God! TAV! That is awesome!" Xion squealed like a fan girl.

"I know right!" Demyx screamed like a fan boy.

"Great…TAV" Roxas rolled his eyes. "By the way what did you two get her?"

Zexion held up his presents. "I got her a panda plushie. How about you Axel"

Axel scratched his head. "Well I found these illegal fireworks in my room for some weird reason so I got her those"

Zexion raised a brow. "What were they doing in your room?"

Axel shrugged. "Who knows?"

The exchange students wandered around the festival hoping to find their friends from school. "Hey guys!" Neko waved. Neko was not dressed in her usual childish clothes but was wearing a summer party dress. She was with Sephiroth who was crying from happiness.

"Uh Neko…is Principal Sephiroth okay?" Roxas asked

"Yeah…he's just having a moment" Neko explained and Sephiroth blew his nose into a tissue.

"My little Neko is growing up!" Sephiroth cried. "I remember when she was this small" Sephiroth bent over and showed the gang how small Neko used to be. "Soon she'll find a man and will get married" Sephiroth sniffed. "A-and then I'll be walking her down the aisle a-a-and"

"We get it!" Axel yelled. "She's not tiny anymore!"

"Why couldn't Mansex have that kind of attitude with us" Xion muttered.

Demyx showed Neko his gift. "Happy birthday Neko!"

"Thank you! Are those my presents?" Neko asked as her eyes sparkled with excitement.

"That's right" Demyx nodded.

Neko smiled. "Thank you so much! Just put them on the present pile" The exchange students went over to the present pile thinking it'd be a slightly bigger pile of presents than normal. It wasn't just slightly bigger; the present pile was as tall as some of the rides.

"Holy (SHADOW)" Axel said with awe.

"That's a huge Lollipop" Roxas said.

"I know right" Xion said showing her present, "This lollipop I got her is the size of my face"

Roxas shook his head. "I was talking about that" he said and pointed to the gigantic lollipop, which was 10 times the size of Xion's present. Xion's jaw dropped as well as her present.

"I-i-is she going to be able to fininsh that?" Xion stuttered and everyone else shrugged in response.

"I wonder who else is here." Roxas asked himself.

Starlight Academy Kids: Near the rides

The strange kids of Starlight academy wanted to go on the rides (Hayner especially). Hayner could not find a ride that was daring enough for him until…

"Oh my GOD!" Hayner screamed and pointed at a massive reverse bungee jump. "IT'S THE EXTREME REVERSE BUNGEE JUMP!"

"I suppose you really want to go on it?" Larsa asked reading his mind again

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" Hayner nodded like a little puppy before running towards the reverse bungee jump.

Pence observed the line and realized "huh? There's nobody else in the line"

Hope looked as though his eyes were about to shoot out of their sockets "Do you really think anyone besides Hayner would attempt something like that?"

"I would" Snow said appearing right next to them "if that means winning Serah's heart again then I would do it!"

"WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?" Olette, Hope and Pence screamed. Larsa (Being psychic) knew this was going to happen. Lightning on the other hand, had got out her switchblade.


Snow raised a brow "she's not?"

"NO!" Lightning screamed "SO STOP STALKING ME YOU (BANDIT)!"

Hate Club: Food stalls​

Leon, Inu, Cobalt and Mary Sue didn't really want to come to the festival but Tidus was keen on going and since he's the leader of the Hate club they had no say. "Bro! Why do we have to go to this stupid festival?" Leon whined.

"I don't care if the exchange students are here! I want to see TAV! And Yuna" Tidus explained.

"She's our enemy! Yuna is in the defence force!" Leon explained.

"I know!" Tidus screamed, "It sucks!"

"I don't know why you still like Yuna" Mary asked, "I mean you totally have me"

Tidus shook his head "Naaah Yuna's better"

Mary Sue growled "Why doesn't anyone like me?"

"I-I like you" Inu muttered shyly.

"Aww" Mary cooed "Why doesn't anyone besides Inu Shinra like me?"

Cobalt put an arm around his brother's shoulder "Inu…. seriously she's not gonna go for you, just give up and be like me"

"No way!" Inu yelled and got out of Cobalts grip "One day I'll become better than Neko and Scarlet and the demon brothers will rule Destiny Islands! BUT YOU DON'T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS GIRLS!"

Cobalt sighed "Inu face it…we've lost…we can't win against them. They have freaking mafia control and can throw massive festivals like this!"

Inu sighed in defeat "Your right"

Defence force and Ed: Near the games​

Yuna, Rikku and Paine wandered around the games area. All of them missed Kuri being around but since Ed barely had any friends (except for online friends) she stayed around him. Rikku on the other hand was very excited and kept dragging Yuna and Paine everywhere like a little kid.

"Wow this festival sure is fun huh?" Yuna said

"It could be better" Paine

Rikku pointed at the rollercoaster "Hey let's go on the rollercoaster"

Yuna sighed "I sure miss Kuri being around. She's always with Ed"

"HEEEY!" Kuri waved, dragging her older brother with her.

"CAPTAIN!" Yuna, Rikku and Paine yelled in joy. Even Paine was happy to see her again.

"oh (shadow)" Ed muttered to himself. "I forgot to bring one of my disguises"

"ED!" Rikku growled but didn't bother attacking him "Well…it's the festival, I want to have fun so I won't try to kill you today" Ed sighed with relief "prepare for tomorrow Edward!" Rikku said as she gave him an evil grin

"eeep" Ed squeaked.

Exchange students: Near the fireworks​

The gang decided to try and look for their friends in the crowd of people. "Hey guys!" Sora waved and approached the nobodies.

"Sora! What's up?" Roxas yelled and did some kind of secret hand shake with Sora.

"Definitely Sora's nobody" Demyx whispered to Xion and she nodded in agreement.

The slightly normal kids, including Riku, followed Sora. "Riku!" Xion yelled and gave him a hug. "Sorry I haven't been able to see you…y'know…my su-Father"

"I know" Riku nodded and shuddered at the thought.

"awww they're so cute!" Kairi squealed.

"Will you *** **** **** shut up!" A strange voice yelled. "I'm **** trying to **** fix up the ***** **** fireworks!" The boy who was swearing a lot looked like he was High school age. He had tanned skin, orangey brown hair and was wearing a mechanics outfit.

Everyone covered their ears in horror. "That guy sure swears a lot ya" Wakka said.

"Yeah and his words aren't bleeped out by kingdom hearts enemies" Selphie said. "But with asterisks"

"So that's the guy managing the fireworks" Sora wondered. "I wonder if he's the Phantom of the Firework."

The exchange students cocked their heads to the side. "Phantom of the Firework?"

"Haven't you heard of the phantom of the firework ya?" Wakka asked "He's been around at night recently ya"

"They say at the time of night when children are asleep and office workers are getting drunk, a mysterious man cloaked in red and smelling like alcohol, sets off fireworks. They say he has red hair as well" Riku explained and looked at the guy working with the pyrotechnics "but that guy's hair is orangey brown"

Roxas wondered "Who do we know has red hair?"

"Well… Kairi the shopaholic, Reno from school, Ed the sugar addicted detective, Mary Sue if she feels like changing her hair colour with her super powers and Axel the pyromaniac" Demyx explained. "But I think it's Kairi"

Kairi spat out her drink "what? Axel's the pyromaniac!"

The boy looked over at the gang and decided to join in their conversation. "hey I *** know that ***** guy! He ***** keeps stealing my ***** stock!"

Everyone had covered their ears from the boy's swearing. "He keeps swearing!" Demyx cried. "Make him stop"

Larxene shot a glare at the boy. "WILL YOU STOP SWEARING SHORT STUFF!"

"My *** name's Tyranus ******" Tyranus introduced himself while swearing. "I'm *** managing the *** fireworks this ****year. And I can't ***** help my **** swearing it's just the **** way I ****** talk" Tyranus looked over at Axel's hair and shot him a glare. "You! You're that ****** who keeps ***** stealing my ***** illegal **** fireworks"

Axel pointed at himself in confusion. "Me?"

"Yeah you! I ***** caught you on camera!" Tyranus got out his iphone. "it was a **** good thing I kept the **** security tape on my **** phone"

Everyone crowded around Tyranus's iphone and watched the video. It was the first time anyone had seen the phantom of the firework.

It was Axel alright, his hair gave it away. Axel, in the video, was wearing a white mask that covered the top of his face, a black outfit and a red cloak.

"…I still think its Kairi" Demyx said.


"Muhahahaha!" The phantom of the firework (A.K.A Axel) cackled on the video. "Got it memorised!"

Everyone stared at Axel as he cocked his head to the side. "Huh? That explains why I keep finding illegal fireworks in my room"

"you mean you didn't know you've been setting off fireworks at night?" Selphie screamed.

"Well...whenever I'm drinking I get a bit tipsy and then my memory completely blacks out"

"When did you start drinking anyway?" Zexion asked.

Axel scratched the back of his head. "A couple of weeks ago" everyone stared at him. "What? I'm old enough to drink and I was getting a bit stressed out about starting uni so I started drinking"

"That's when the incidents started happening" Riku explained. "Axel has to stop drinking alcohol for now"

30 minutes later​

A huge crowd surrounded the stage waiting for TAV to come on. Xemnas and the rest of the TAV fan club were in their outfits and cheered for TAV.

"I still think the TAV fan club is lame" Axel said and took a sip out of his erm…ginger beer.

"Yeah same" Sora nodded in agreement

"I still think TAV's lame" Roxas said glaring at the poster nearby.

"TAV is awesome what are you talking about?" Kairi yelled.

Xion looked at Axel who took another sip of whatever drink he was having "Axel you shouldn't be drinking"

"What are you talking about? This is ginger beer" Axel slurred "No alcohol at all"

Riku grabbed the can and sniffed it "It's beer!" He shot a glare at Axel "Axel! What did I tell you?"

"You two aren't my parents!" Axel whined like a child.

"Wait…how many beers have you had?" Larxene asked. Axel put up five fingers and hiccupped. "YOU IDIOT!" She screamed.

"Why hasn't he turned into the phantom of the firework yet?" Selphie asked.

Demyx scratched his chin "well he does start setting off fireworks at the time when children have gone to sleep and office workers are in bars. So around…8:30 I'd say"

"That's when Neko's birthday fireworks are scheduled" Zexion explained, not worried about the situation at all.

"Aw man, we're going to have to keep an eye on Axel" Demyx groaned.

Xion groaned as well and looked towards the crowd. There were plenty of familiar and unfamiliar faces in the crowd.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls" Scarlet announced on the stage as the crowd went wild with excitement. "Are you all enjoying the festival?" The crowd cheered in agreement. "Well ain't that great. Coming up next is a band of three. TAV"

Terra, Ventus and Aqua got onto the stage. Terra came on with his guitar and Ventus sat behind the drums with his drumsticks ready to go. "thank you everyone!" Aqua said as the crowd cheered. "Before we start, we'd like to wish Neko Jenova a happy birthday and may I say what a party! Now this song is dedicated to Neko who is turning 15 today!"

TAV started playing their new song, 'Land of Departure'. The crowd went wild, except for Axel, Zexion, Larxene and Roxas. Roxas because he didn't like Ven, Axel because he was drunk and Zexion because he hates loud and crowded places and would rather be somewhere else reading a book. Larxene on the other hand was looking around the crowd and spotted familiar faces

"Hey isn't that the Disney characters?" Larxene asked. The exchange students looked over at the said Disney characters.

Disney characters: Somewhere in the crowd​

"Woot TAV" Shan Yu screamed from the top of his lungs.

Mulan got out her sword and pointed it at Shan Yu "You! Why are you here?"

Shan Yu rolled his eyes. "Chill out girl!" he said in a very unlike Shan-Yu way "I'm just here to watch TAV"

Mulan lowered her sword and squealed "Oh my god! You like TAV too"

"Yeah! I was about to go to their concert in the Land of Dragons until it got cancelled"

"Oh my god! Me too!" Mulan Squealed.

Exchange students: Somewhere further away​

Demyx felt a twitch under his eye "DISNEY!" He screamed like a little girl.

As soon as TAV finished playing the song, Xion looked around and noticed something. "Axel's gone," Everyone else noticed as well. "What time is it?"

Zexion checked his phone and his eyes widened. "8:30"

Everyone's eyes widened. "Oh no"

Aqua took a bow. "Thank you everyone! The Fireworks are about to begin so-"

She was immediately cut off by mysterious pipe organ music played by Xaldin.

"Uh…Xaldin?" Luxord asked him, "What's with the pipe organ?"

"I don't know" Xaldin shrugged "it was just sitting there"

The spotlight left Aqua and faced a man cloaked in Red standing on one of the Ferris wheel's Carriages. "Oh my god it's the Phantom of the Firework!" An innocent bystander screamed from the audience.

"Muhahahahahahaha!" The phantom of the firework laughed "Got it memorized"

"Axel" Larxene growled from under her breath.

Demyx scratched the bottom of his chin "I still say it's Kairi"

"I'M RIGHT HERE!" Kairi screamed from the audience.

The Phantom of the Firework let out an Evil cackle. "Have you noticed that the birthday fireworks are surrounding the crowd?" Everyone looked around and indeed; the fireworks were surrounding the crowd.

"MY ***** FIREWORKS!" Tyranus screamed from the crowd. "YOU ******"

The phantom of the firework simply cackled again. "Oh and look who has the switch" he dangled the switch in front of them. "Tonight! These fireworks will destroy everyone in this festival so say your last words now!"

Normal Kids​

Wakka was brave enough to confess first "Okay…I really like Larxene ya"

Riku raised a brow "we knew that already"

"I really like Kairi!" Sora screamed from the top of his lungs

"aww I like you too" Kairi cooed and the two kissed, making Selphie want to throw up in disgust.


Sephiroth sighed. "okay, I'm gay for Cloud"

Genesis, Angeal, Zack, Aerith and Tifa's eyes looked like they were about to jump out of their sockets

Cloud gasped "Seriously! I'm gay for you too"

"huh?" everyone in the crowd screamed.

"I was the one that trashed the cafeteria last year" Auron confessed hoping to clear the thought of Cloud and Sephiroth being gay for each other out of his mind

"WE KNEW THAT ALREADY!" Everyone screamed

"I'm gay as well" Genesis confessed. "But I have better taste than that"

Tifa sighed "why are all the hot guys gay, stupid or taken?"

Angeal coughed. "I'm not gay, stupid or taken…."

Tifa stood there in silence. "So…" They were still silent until they started to make out.

Zack, Genesis, Aerith and Auron looked at their make out session with disgust "THEIR NOT EVEN CLOSE TO EACH OTHER'S AGE?"

Gelato Family​

"I used to be fat, then I went on a diet" Lemone confessed.

Limè rolled his eyes "I knew that…I'm your twin brother remember"

Sorbei Gelato sighed "I wanted to be a pastry chef once upon a time"

"huh?" Everyone from the Gelato family screamed in surprise.

News Update Team​

"I'm not actually as vain as you think" Noctis scratched the back of his head "I think I'm pretty ugly sometimes"

Namine sighed with annoyance "you're not ugly"

"so you think I'm hot?" Noctis winked.

"NO!" Namine said with harshness in her voice "though I think that Roxas guy is pretty cute"

"I'm Sora's long lost twin brother" Vanitas smirked.

Noctis, Namine and Yuffie screamed in unison "huh?"

"Gotcha!" Vanitas laughed, "We just have the same hair style and facial structure… no biggy"

Organization XIII​

"There was a time I was beautiful. Like now" Helga winked.

Everyone looked at her with her with disbelief. "huh?"

Defense Force​

Paine walked up to Zexion shyly "I really like you Zexion"

"Oh I like you too" Zexion said as if it meant nothing

"No I mean I like like you" Paine said emphasizing the word 'like'.

Zexion raised a brow "I'm not getting you"

"I'm freaking in love with you!" Paine screamed from the top of her lungs "you can't even take a bloody hint with that cashew sized brain you moronic imbecile!"

Zexion's eyes widened. "Paine?"

"WHAT?!" She screamed.

"Have I ever told you I love smart girls" Zexion smirked.

Yuna sighed. "I know this is bad but I love Tidus"

Rikku scratched the back of her head. "That's okay, I have a thing for Red heads"

"My last name is Huffleberry" Kuri said and took a sip out of her coffee.

Everyone raised a brow "really?" Kuri nodded in response.

Ed scratched the bottom of his chin "I still think Rikku's hot"

Rikku's eyes looked like they would pop out of their sockets "what really?"

"Yeah" he nodded "doesn't mean I love you though, you scare me"

"ED YOU IDIOT!" She screamed and whacked him on the shoulder.

Hate club​

"y'know maybe the exchange students aren't so bad" Tidus admitted "I've probably been jealous of them the whole time"

"what really?" Leon asked "I only don't like Xion since she kicked me off the throne of the tennis club"

"I don't have magical powers!" Mary Sue screamed "I'm just super talented and I dye my hair different colors, wear contacts and get plastic surgery!"

"I knew it!" Everyone yelled.

Seifer grinned. "I have a crush on Fuu"

Rai gulped. "I like you Seifer"

Seifer felt a twitch under his eye "duuude seriously that's weird" he said and backed away from Rai slowly.

"I like blankets" Vincent Valentine openly admitted.

"That's it?" Everyone yelled.

Strahl Pizza crew
"I'm a pirate" Balthier admitted.

"We knew that already" Ashe rolled her eyes.

Vaan scratched his head and chuckled "I steal things sometimes"

"I do too" Penelo said.

Demon brothers and Kano​

"I'm in love with Scarlet" Cobalt yelled.

"so am I" Kano also admitted.

"I don't have very good digestion" Inu chuckled and the other two looked at him strangely.

Starlight academy kids​

Lightning sighed "I was in prison once"

"Yeah we kinda figured" Hope said looking unsurprised.

Pence nodded in agreement "the fact that you carry a switch blade around and threaten to kill people kind of gives it away"

Olette had been keeping her secret from her friends all these years but now she felt as though she had to let it out "OKAY I CONFESS! I'M A NINJA ASSASSIN!"

"Bout time" Larsa said

Olette screamed, "Shut up psychic!"

"D-does that m-mean you k-k-kill people?" Hope stuttered

Olette nodded "I went to ninja school and everything. I even work for the Toshiro Family sometimes"

Hayner's eyes sparkled "YOU ARE SO AWESOME! WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME?"

Everyone besides Lightning and Larsa raised a brow. "Huh?"

"I approve" Lightning nodded.


"Join the club!" Larxene yelled, "We know a lot!"


The band was up on stage saying their farewells. "Hey Terra" Aqua said. "You're the guy I like"


"Sora's my long lost brother" Ven confessed.

"We got that from Vanitas" Terra said looking un amused.

"I'm serious" Ven said with a bit on annoyance in his voice "he's my brother. Mum got custody of Sora and dad got custody of me and I couldn't see my baby brother and it's haunted me all those years."

Sora's eyes sparkled "my brother is SO COOL!"

"Come here bro!" Ven announced.

Sora ran up to Ven and gave him a brotherly hug. "This is the best day ever! I finally found my brother and I have a girlfriend now"

Everyone in the audience cooed by the sweetness of the scene "That explains why Roxas looks like Ven and Sora" Demyx muttered under his breath.

Demon sisters​

"We've lived life the way we wanted" Scarlet smirked.

"yeeaah we don't need to confess anything" Neko nodded in agreement.

Organization XIII again

Demyx gulped. "Roxas… Sora's your somebody"

Roxas's eyes widened "WHAT? How did you know?"

"We found out when Axel went nuts with the memory ray gun" Xion explained.

"So…does that mean I have to join back with him if I want to be whole?" Roxas asked and Demyx and Xion nodded. Roxas shrugged "Nyeeaaaaah can't be bothered"

Xemnas also gulped "Xion…you're not really a nobody…you're actually a replica of Sora"

Xion's eyes widened "SORA'S A GIRL?"

Xemnas shook his head "nooo you're an imperfect replica so that's why you're a girl."

"ooooh I see" Xion nodded "I can live with that…I think…"

Larxene grinned, "I think Axel's hot"

"Seriously?" The organization said looking unamused.

"Hey he's my type…kind of" Larxene chuckled.

"My dream is to become a violin player" Xaldin openly admitted. "I hate working in that cafeteria"

"Sometimes I cheat in poker" Luxord admitted.

"By the way superior?" Vexen asked "the experiment I performed on you that accidently turned you into a girly, perverted overprotective father figure should've faded months ago"

Xemnas sighed, "okay I guess it's time to confess. You're experiment didn't change me. I was always like this. I mean I went through a phase of liking darkness and stuff and then when the organization formed I had to act like a tough character so people would respect me but I wanted to be myself so I pretended that my real personality was the result of your experiment. I hope you all forgive me."

"We like you better this way" Xigbar said as he patted Xemnas on the back "The old you was so mopey and boring"

"Yeah I agree" Lexeaus said.

"Speaking of experiments I need to confess something" Vexen said as he sweated uncontrollably. "I was trying to turn Saix back into a human but I gave him super powers instead. That means he's faster than a jet, strong as titanium, has a super bark and has laser eyes."

"Wait what?" Roxas's eyes widened.

"SAIX!" Xemnas yelled. "ATTACK AXEL!"

"Yes sir!" Saix barked and ran to Axel. He used his super bark on Axel and the force knocked Axel off the ferris wheel carriage. Axel fell to the ground and was met by a familiar pair of doggy eyes.

"You! You foiled my plan!" Axel (a.k.a the phantom of the firework) said with disgust. Saix said nothing and shot Laser beams at the ground in front of Axel and chased Axel away from the festival. "I'LL BE BACK!" Axel cackled as he tried to dodge Saix's attack.

The crowd applauded Vexen for his experiement…for once. "Oi you ****" Tyranus said from up the stage. "Thanks for ***** experimenting on your *** dog. We wouldn't be ***** alive if it wasn't for your ****** experiment" Mothers covered the ears of their young children and everyone else fell quiet from the amount of swear words Tyranus was saying. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I have ***** set up the **** fireworks back to ***** normal. Now I want to meet this ******* birthday **** before I set these ***** fireworks off"

Neko skipped onto the stage. "I'm here!" Tyranus's jaw dropped at the sight of her. "My name is Neko"

"Uh…hi…my name's T-Tyranus" he stuttered. "I-it's nice to meet you"

Everyone gasped. "HE DIDN'T SWEAR!" Demyx yelled.

"Yeah nice to meet you too" Neko smiled and shook his hand and Tyranus blushed.

Scarlet gave one of her genuine smiles. "I approve" she said.

"WHAT?" Lemone screamed in disbelief. "HOW COME YOU APPROVE OF HIM AND NOT ME!"

"He works with fireworks" She explained. "We can get discounts"

"YOU DON'T PAY FOR ANYTHING!" Lemone screamed.

"Yeah but I like him" Scarlet shot Lemone a glare. "I don't like you"

Neko got a microphone from the stage. "Sorry for the inconvenience" she announced. "Let the fireworks begin"

"hope you enjoy the **** show you ********* people" Tyranus announced and set off the fireworks.

The crowd watched the fireworks in awe. This marked the end of Summer Vacation for everyone. Tomorrow students would be going back to school and teachers would be going back to work. "Does this mean we have to go back to school tomorrow?" Roxas asked

"Yes my boy" Xemnas nodded "yes you do"

The next day

School: 8:15 am

All the students were back to school. Most of them sleep deprived because they weren't used to getting up early to get ready for school. The school building had been repaired from Last year's end of year prank performed by the demon sisters. Even the science lab that Axel blew up last year was back.

Every student was crowding around the class lists that were displayed in the main hall. Xion was pushing pass the crowd to get to the front. She finally made it and looked for her name. Her name was on 10 D's list along with Roxas's. "Hey Roxas! You're in my class this year"

Roxas looked at 10 D's list "Hey Sora and Kuri will be in our class too"

"Same here!" Neko chimed in.

"WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?" they both screamed.

"Nowhere" Neko giggled, "Just kidding I just arrived"

"My dear Xion!" Limè said appearing out of nowhere "I was separated from you during summer vacation and now I'm not in your homeroom this year. I'm in 10 B this year"

Xion raised a brow "you're still stalking me?"

Lemone pushed passed the crowd and looked for his name. He was with his twin brother and Inu "oh great…I'm stuck with that Dog"

Inu rolled his eyes "oh shut up Lemon Sorbet"

"IT'S LEMONE SORBEI" Lemone screamed.

The crowd quickly disappeared and the exchange students non-criminal friends and the defence force arrived to find their name.

"Looks like I got the defense force and Kairi in my homeroom…minus Kuri but she was crazy anyway…too bad Noctis isn't in my class" Selphie sighed.

Paine raised a brow "why do you want that guy in your class?"

"He's pretty hot" Selphie drooled.

Rikku joined Selphie "yeah he is kinda hot"

Yuna sighed. "Too bad Tidus is gone. We never got to date"

"Yuna you have to get over that guy" Paine said "Now let's get to our homeroom class…where ever that is"

Yuna rolled her eyes "Says she who was swapping spit with Zexion last night after the fireworks"

"Really?" Xion said as her eyes widened.

"Yeah I caught them making out after the fireworks" Yuna grinned.

"S-S-Shut up!" Paine stuttered and dragged the defense force girls to their homeroom.

Larxene smirked "bout time the emo (bandit) got himself a girlfriend" She said "and hormones"

Demyx and Roxas sobbed. "We still haven't got girlfriends!"

"Or any girl who likes me not because I look like Ventus from TAV" Roxas cried.

Demyx cried as well "no girl has shown any interest in me at all"

Kuri giggled "heeeey Demyx" she said as she appeared out of nowhere.

Demyx felt a twitch under his eye "…uh…No girl has shown any interest in me besides Kuri"

Ed chuckled. "You know if I had the IQ of the average student I would've have repeated Year 10 but obviously I'm too smart to repeat."

"Hey we're in the same class this year" Demyx smiled and looked at 11 A's class list.

"Hey I'm going to be with you guys" Riku smiled "Too bad I couldn't repeat year 10"

"Why would you want to?" Ed rolled his eyes "it was probably boring"

"Uh…it's easier" Riku lied. He secretly wanted to be in the same classes as Xion.

"Our younger fellows are no longer freshmen," Demyx said dramatically as shoujo sparkles appeared randomly "they grow up so fast"

Ed sweat dropped "what's with the shoujo sparkles?"

"I don't want to know" Riku said.

Larxene looked at 12 A's class list "oh great! I'm stuck with Wakka," She groaned.

Wakka jumped in glee "Year 12 is going to rock ya!"

"Thank god this is the last year I have to spend in this dump" Larxene muttered under her breath.

Scarlet arrived to look at her class list "looks like I'm with Spoon head, Mullet and Red Top" She smirked. Riku, Demyx and Ed gulped.

"This will be my last year with my bountiful scarlet and then it's off to university for me" Cobalt sobbed onto her boobs.

"Good riddance" Scarlet muttered.

"Are you not forgetting about us?" A mysterious voice said. They turned around and saw Lightning and the other strange kids from Starlight Academy.

"What are you doing here?" Larxene screamed, "You don't even go to our school"

"We don't start school until tomorrow" Hope grinned. "Hey cousin! What's up?"

"Not much" Riku said. "I don't know why you guys are here though"

"We came here to bother you" Pence explained.

"Yeah" Olette nodded "that and I have no assassinations today"

Hayner grinned and hugged Olette "You are by far the coolest girlfriend ever"

"Aww you're so sweet" Olette cooed.

"Aww that's cute" Kairi cooed. "…I think"

Larxene felt a vein pop "BEAT IT RICH KIDS!"

"So you all start high school soon?" Sora asked.

"That's right" Larsa explained "well except for Lightning and Serah. Lightning's starting 12th grade and Serah's starting 10th grade in a different world. But the rest of us will be starting High School"

"Oh and Snow's starting School again" Pence explained "but he's not going to our school anymore"

Lightning grinned, "Thank god for that"

"HEY GUYS!" A familiar tall and built young man waved. It was Snow Villiers and he was wearing a Destiny high uniform.

"WHAAAAAT?" Everyone screamed in surprise.

"You transferred into our school?" Demyx screamed.

"Well…Starlight academy was reminding me too much of Serah so I moved to your school 'Cause I heard it was a lot of fun" He explained "…that and Lightning got a restraining order for me so I have no choice. Hey look, I'm in the same class as the mullet guy"

Demyx chuckled nervously "heheheheh that's great"

"Hey I *** ***** remember you**** guys" A familiar voice said from behind. It was the pyrotechnic guy from last night. Tyranus his name was "You were **** at the **** festival last ****night"

Everyone covered their ears from the swearing "Hey Tyranus!" Neko waved.

Tyranus blushed "h-h-hey Neko, how are you?" he stuttered and didn't swear either.

"Good how are you?" She smiled.


"Yeah I got***** sick of **** Hallow Bastion High" He explained whilst swearing again.

Lemone on the other hand was growling "YOOOOU!"

"Hey **** Lemon I'm ****** *** in your **** class" Tyranus smirked.

"IT'S LEMONE SORBEI!" Lemone screamed.

Roxas laughed "this is starting to look like an interesting year already"

Xion sighed, "y'know this group feels kind of small without Axel and Zexion"

Demyx patted her on the shoulder "don't worry we'll see them at home."

Roxas nodded "yeah I wonder how they'll go at University?"

Larxene laughed "knowing Axel he'll blow up a science lab or two"

Mean while: Destiny Island's university​

Tidus walked into the gates of the university and sighed with relief. "aaah, Destiny Island's university. At least I won't have to see those bloody exchange students ever again!"

"Man what happened last night?" Axel asked Zexion. "I remember being at the festival and then I forgot what happened"

"You almost killed us" Zexion explained.

"Oops" Axel chuckled.

"That's okay, everyone made confessions and some people got girlfriends and boyfriends out of that" Zexion smirked.

"Really?" Axel grinned.

"Yeah. Even I got a girlfriend, I'm dating Paine now" Zexion blushed.

Axel punched him on the shoulder playfully. "You dawg!" Axel laughed but then he accidently bumped into a familiar blonde haired boy. "Oh sorry man"

Tidus grinned "no pro-" Tidus realised it was the exchange students and he fell silent.

"Why hello there Tidus, looks like we'll be going to the same university" Zexion grinned.

"Hey I'm going to go to class and it looks like you're in our science class this year too" Axel chuckled.

Tidus said nothing and felt a twitch under his eye.

Science class: 9:30 am

Zexion looked at a bubbling test tube "hmm I wonder what that does?"

Axel grinned, "I'm going to touch it"


Axel accidentally knocked the test tube into a Bunsen burner and it made a big explosion. Nobody was harmed, except for Tidus whose hair, once again, burnt off. Tidus had a demonic aura surrounding him "CURSE YOU EXCHANGE STUDENTS!"

Axel chuckled nervously "you know…Mr. Marluxia has a really nice hair growth shampoo he can recommend to you"

Tidus chased after Axel "DIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!"

And so it was, teachers went back to work, students went to school and a whole new school year began.

The end


Sep 25, 2010
This was the best fanfic ever! Is it truly over!? You did an amazing job ending it! I found it hysterically funny when Axel was cackling and about to destroy everyone with the fireworks. Even the new kid who swears a lot was hilarious. Even the confessions were funny. Thank you for making such a wonderful and hilarious fanfic for us to enjoy. I definitely enjoy reading it all the way to the very end. I look forward to any new fanfic's you come up with in the future.


Aug 2, 2008
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That was just too funny!!! I actually read this on fanfiction.net, but I didn't post on there (I don't have an account). Well, whatever, this was hilarious. Leave it to Axel to get drunk, black out, and then try to kill everyone by blowing them up with fireworks, but, then again, I would probably done the same thing if I lived with a bunch of crazy, stupid people. Also, I really liked all of the confessions, especially with Sephiroth and Cloud; I suprised everyone was so shocked about that. Anyway, great job on the story, and I look forward to the epilogue. Man, I am really going to miss this story.


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Sep 3, 2008
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yeah i'm gonna miss writing this but at the same time if i make a SMHS 2 then i'd end up running out of ideas and Axel and Zexion aren't even at school anymore so it wouldn't be the same ):

Btw I am writing more fanfics. Most of them are one shots but if your into Final Fantasy XIII then I have the fanfic for you:
The Dilemma


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Sep 3, 2008
I'm not telling you
Author Note​

This is going to be a long note to say thank you to all the readers and reveal my inspirations.

I started writing Secret Mission when I was 13/14 years old. At first I wanted to make it a serious fan fiction about Organization XIII fighting heartless at Destiny High and then realizing that being human is something they want to achieve. But well…you saw how that happened; it turned into a long 36 chaptered crack fan Fiction along with a 17 chapter sequel with just as much randomness.

Regarding the Epilogue​

Honestly I have no more inspiration for this fan fiction. I know most of you will be disappointed with me but you could probably tell that I lost my inspiration ages ago. I started Secret Mission: High School at the beginning of 2009. At that time I was probably 13 turning 14, meaning I had plenty of time and not as many life problems, that's why I was able to finish a 30+ chapter fanfic that year. I started Secret Mission: Summer Vacation around the end of 2009. At first I really liked the idea of it but over time Life problems started getting in the way. School work got harder, Life started getting harder, my inspiration got lost and I thought that I should've just finished this at the end of the first one.

If it weren't for my sister I probably wouldn't have finished the whole story. She gave me the idea of the OCs and well a lot of the story. She even gave me the idea of Summer Vacation.

Many times I wanted to quit writing but I wanted to finish what I started. The story of Summer Vacation has been finished but I can not find the will to write the epilogue. Thus the story of the 6 nobodies disguising as exchange students from the Land of Dragons has ended.

Maybe in the future, if I ever feel like finishing the epilogue I will.

The Characters: Credits and Explainations​


Scarlet and Neko
A.K.A the demon sisters. Scarlet is based off my sister and Neko is based off me. Scarlet's name came from her D.A name "Scarlet-Songstress" and Neko comes from my name "Nekochii-Emi". Scarlet is the more serious and Neko is more peppy, in real life we're the same. Sometimes I act childish and she acts like the protective sister (though sometimes I find it bothersome but at least I know she cares). Though we don't really have mafia and yakuza control and are so demonic that people fear us. We're really nice to strangers and we barely get in trouble at school.

The reason why I chose Sephiroth to be their adoptive father is that he's the principle and they need a reason to get away with things at school, also Sephiroth is also a villain so it works.

Cobalt and Inu
A.K.A the demon brothers. Scarlet and Neko needed a rival group and thanks to my lovely sister we created the demon brothers. The idea came out of the Manself meme on DA and we both drew what we'd be like as boys. My sister drew a suave guy with glasses and I drew a boy with spiky hair, topless tennis cap, baggy jeans and a baggy hoody. That was how we created the Demon Brothers. The names are meant to mean the opposite of Scarlet and Neko. Scarlet being a shade of red and Cobalt being a shade of blue. Neko meaning Cat in Japanese and Inu meaning Dog in Japanese.

my friend Chrissy really wanted to be in this Fan Fiction and thus the idea of Kuri the coffee addicted leader of the defence force/detective came to place. If there was going to be a hate club for the exchange students then there should be a defence force to protect them. Kuri's looks are based off Chrissy, however their personalites are different. Chrissy is a nice girl while Kuri doesn't really care about anything but getting a case solved, coffee and Demyx. Kuri's name came from Chrissy's name in Japanese, which is Kurishii, but she shortened it to Kuri. Chrissy does like coffee but doesn't consume that much. Kuri drinks a lot of coffee because, as I quote "Crime never sleeps, and neither do I"

Chrissy asked if her older brother could be in this and that's when Ed the sugar addicted, computer addicted detective came in. Ed is also based off L from death note with how much sugary food he consumes. Unlike the Demon sisters there is sibling rivalry between him and Kuri as they compete for the title of "the greatest detective in the world besides L". In the story Ed barely has any friends so he tags along with Kuri and they start to tolerate each other more and so Ed becomes part of the gang, despite Rikku wanting to kill him for dumping her with a txt.

Knowing the Organization, they'd make a mess and so the demon sisters hired Helga for them. Helga is actually the cousin of Lexeaus's somebody Aleaus, which is why she's so buff and scary looking. Usually people think of maids as being sexy or cute and wearing nice outfits but well…not all maids are like that which is why Helga isn't like the stereotypical young maid. If I had made Helga a young, kind and beautiful maid then she'd be a Mary Sue.

Mary Sue
She's meant to be the perfect girl like in most fan fictions but in this one she's so perfect, no one likes her.

Kano Toshiro
Kano is meant to be Cobalt's rival as they battle for Scarlet's heart (even though she doesn't care about either of them). He's the only OC who is actually Japanese.

Lemone Sorbei
Despite how funny his name is, he's a hot Italian boy. The eldest son of Sorbei Gelato, he wishes to marry Neko even though she's too oblivious to notice and Scarlet hates him so his wish will not be granted.

Limè Sorbei
The younger twin of Lemone. He looks like Lemone except he wears glasses and doesn't have as much style. Limè is also physically weaker than his brother and doesn't believe he will take over the Gelato Family after his father.

The only character who's swear words aren't replaced by Kingdom Hearts enemies. He also has a huge crush on Neko and doesn't swear when he talks to her. Other than that he's very crass.


The Hate Club

Well the exchange students needed some enemies and the hate club are it. Tidus holds a huge grudge towards the exchange students and Leon holds a grudge against Xion for stealing his title of "the King of the Tennis Club". Seifer and Rai joined inspite of the Demon sisters who sent them in a coma.

The Defense Force

I used Yuna, Rikku and Paine because I had finished playing Final Fantasy X-2 and I liked that trio despite the game not being what I hoped it would be. Kuri needed back up and that's why those three were selected. Also they have an advantage because Tidus has a huge crush on Yuna.


I needed to put Terra, Aqua and Ven into the story but seeing as they would be too old to be in school but not old enough to be teachers, I made them into a band. Their introductory chapter was slightly based off an episode of Gintama. Slightly, not completely.

News Update team

Namine needed to appear somewhere and usually in high school fan fictions Namine's the quiet shy girl that's into art. I wanted to make her different so that's why she's the anchorwoman for news update. Yuffie's the camera woman and Noctis is the other host for the show. I chose Noctis because at the time I was obsessed with Noctis and I wanted him in the story.

The Starlight Academy Gang

I realized that I never put Hayner, Pence and Olette into the story so that's why the Starlight Academy gang appear. Since they never appeared in the first fan fiction, I thought they should go to a different school. Particularly an elite private school. I also added three other members. I chose Lightning and Hope because they were my favourite characters in Final Fantasy XIII and Larsa from Final Fantasy XII because he's just a cool kid. The starlight academy gang was originally meant to be the same as the exchange students personality wise. In a way they are. Hayner's the Axel of the group, Olette's the Xion, Hope's the Roxas, Pence's the Demyx, Lightning's the Larxene and Larsa's the Zexion.

The Normal Kids

In Kingdom hearts 1 the six kids that live on Destiny Islands are Sora, Kairi, Riku, Tidus, Wakka and Selphie. I wanted to keep that group but since Tidus hates the exchange students he ditched them for the Hate Club.

The Teachers

Anyone else notice that the teachers that aren't Nobodies are mostly from Final Fantasy VII. Mostly from Crisis Core because that was the only FF VII game I had played and I watched Advent Children. I could see Angeal as a PE teacher as well as Tifa, Aerith being a secretary, Cloud being a science teacher (imagine him with glasses and a lab coat) and Genesis being an English/Drama teacher. Zack I wasn't sure of so I made him a history teacher.

And finally

Organization XIII

Firstly I selected the members that looked young enough to be students and that's why Demyx, Axel, Roxas, Zexion, Larxene and Xion were selected. As the main characters they experience High School life in a fun way. The other members I made into teachers except for Saix. I always thought of Saix as being like a werewolf, the way he went berserk with the moon. So I made him a dog. Roxas, Demyx and Xion I could see enjoying high school life. Axel I could see slacking off at school, Zexion being too smart for high school and Larxene annoyed with it.

And one more thing about the characters. Ever wonder why Xemnas is so out of character? Xemnas needed to show his fun side and suddenly act fatherly with the young nobodies seeing as according to the school registration forms he is their father.

A final thank you​

Last year at Supanova Melbourne my sister met someone who read this story and she didn't tell me until we left. I really wish she did because I really wanted to meet that person. To that person who met that Team Magma cosplayer who told you her sister wrote this story, please let me know it was you and sorry that I never saw you because I was probably with my friends somewhere else.

I always love it when people quote something off a chapter and telling me how much they found it funny. I'd like to thank everyone who has read and reviewed my Fan Fiction. I really do appreciate it. This is the longest Fan Fiction I have ever written and my first multi chaptered Fan Fiction and I have had more support than I thought I would. I only got a couple of flames, which isn't bad compared to the supportive messages I received from all of you so to everyone "THANK YOU SO MUCH!"
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