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[ Sea of Souls ]

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Mar 11, 2005
A happy universe filled with bunnies.
One day, you woke up dead.

Or, at least, you're pretty sure you're dead. You clearly remember how you died, whether you were shot or burned or got your soul stolen or just died of natural causes. But you're breathing, and you've got a pulse.

Also? You have no idea where you are. You're lying down, half-buried in damp, white sand. The sky above is overcast with clouds, making it a depressing grey color. You're next to the sea, you notice as you wake up. A beautiful greenish-blue sea. Strangely enough, it glitters even though there's no sun to shine on it, and the waves are so small that no foam is formed on the shore. Just water.

Behind you there is a plain. Behind that, a forest. Mountains behind that. It looks like there's some sort of city on the mountain, but it looks like something from a dream more than it does reality. The sun shines down through the clouds onto the strangely shaped towers and spires of a castle in the center and makes it sparkle just like the sea.

You look around a bit more. There are other people around you. Some of them are dressed differently. Some of them look like they're from the distant past, some of them look like something from the distant future. Some of them don't even look human. All of them are slowly starting to stir. Some of them wake up as you do, and some get up and walk around dazedly. Many take longer to start moving. But there are dozens of them. Maybe around thirty, maybe forty people, if you had to estimate.

But everyone who wakes up has but one question on their minds:
"Is this... Death?"

[we're stuck where with a what-now?]

First off, the beginning of this RP is heavily influenced by this one movie I saw once. I never finished the movie because my dad wanted to watch something else, but whatever.

So anyway. There you are. On a beach. Dead. Or are you alive?
Some beginning storyline goals are to find out if you're dead, just where you are, what you're doing there, who all these people are, ect. General stuff that any sane person would want to know if they suddenly woke up dead.

I'm hoping that this'll be fairly character-driven. I can toss out little plot bits every once in a while, but if you want something to happen plot-wise (like some sort of unnatural phenomenon? Unexplained monster invasion? A murder of the king?) then go for it, I say. We'll see where this thing leads, eh?

As for characters and setting, it can be virtually anything you want. You see, the land you're on is based on a more natural, earthy sort of thing, but people that come here are from all sorts of time periods and genres. So you never know when you could run into a shop full of anime goods, or an alien, or a jousting tournament. The characters can be virtually anything you want. You want cat ears? Go for it. You want to be a bounty-hunter from the Wild West? Be my guest. Want to be an absolutely normal person from current day? I insist.

Just a note: If you died of old age, when you wake up on the island, you don't have to be old if you don't want to be. You can be restored to your beautiful teenage self or something~!

PM me if you have any questions, concerns, inquires, complaints, ect.

[you can't handle the truth!]

[01] Don't God-mod or power-play. It's rude and no one likes it. D:
[02] Please make characters original-ish. You can re-use old characters you've made if you like them. However, I don't want to see five different dark ninjas with angsty pasts and crazy-ass evil demon powers because I'm tired of them. One is okay. But seriously. You can't all be ninjas.
[03] Play semi-realistically. If you're a human, and you're thrown through a brick wall, it will hurt, and you won't get up five seconds later. If you're some sort of demon with stone for skin, then maybe it wouldn't hurt, but really. Just try to think of what would realistically happen and play with it (This note also goes for if you've been stabbed in the stomach or something. You could keep fighting for a while, but are likely to pass out from blood loss).
[04] If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. The whole "be nice" rule may sound like something from a kindergarten class, but you'd be surprised how stupid some people can be. Also, remember to keep OOC and IC separate. Just because their character is a jerkwad doesn't mean it's an attack on you personally, mmmkay?
[05] The two-paragraph rule. BELIEVE IT.
[06] This is a literate RP. I say this, and still I get people who can't form coherent sentences. I'm sorry people, but if you can't type like I'm typing now, please don't join! It gives us all a headache and makes us just want to ignore you so we don't have to read it. D: It's horrible, but it's true! You don't have to write like Shakespeare, and I'm not gonna kill you because of a few mistakes, but please. Literate.
[07] Put "tango with a mango" at the top of your template when you apply. Please and thank you!
[08] Involve all players. Don't leave poor little player C out in the corner while you go off to save the day. I know its fun to be the hero, and this isn't usually the problem, but share the spotlight between all of you every once in a while, alright? After all, you're stuck here together, right? :D
[09] Follow all the normal rules of the forum that I'm sure you all know by heart by now. Actually, I've never read them myself, but I'm certain they all follow common sense, and I haven't been yelled at for breaking the rules yet. So I guess it's all good.
[10] Your GM (Game Master; that's me!) is supreme. You must give me a plate of chocolate-chip cookies before you finish reading this sentence, or your brain will explode. ...oh. Wait, wrong thread. Sorry.

[FONT=Helvetica, Sans-serif][/FONT]TEMPLATE[FONT=Helvetica, Sans-serif][/FONT]
[the stuff in green is just me explaining. Feel free to delete it.]

Name: Self-explanatory, I should hope.
Gender: In this game, "other" is an option if you so choose.
Age: Depending on your race, this could be anywhere from say, 7 to 7000 years old.
Race: Human? Alien? Cat-girl? Demon? Robot? Elf? Whatever?
Time Period: Past? Present? Future? Unspecified? Try to be kinda specific if you know. For example: "From the time of the Wild West" or "In the future, where everyone lives in space."
Home World: This is for people from the future or people from alternate universes and the like that might want to describe a bit of where they're from so we humans will know what's up. You don't have to fill this one out if you don't want to.
Appearance: You know what this is. I'd prefer if you didn't post a mega-huge picture that stretches out the page. Go into Paint and resize it if you must, please. Or just type out a description. That's loved too.
Weapons: Here's the deal: You can have a total of three weapons and powers. This means you can either have three powers and no weapons, three weapons and no powers, two weapons and one power, or vice-versa. If you have a weapon that gives you a magical power (like a sword that can shoot lightning?) that counts as two slots. Also, a weapon that can change into another weapon also counts as two slots. This is to try and tone down the power-playing a bit. If you don't want all three slots, you don't have to fill them. It's just that three's the max.
Powers: See above. And a note--please don't make your powers super-powerful. I know it sounds stupid, but either make them fairly average-strength powers, weak powers, or strong powers that you will only use if you're like... Say, about to die or something. You know what I mean? Other than that, go wild with what your characters can do.
Items: These are items that appear with your character that were important to them in life. This can be something like a journal, a communicator, a necklace... Whatever. Three items max, and they can't have special powers. Because if they have special powers then they, *gasp!* take another slot up for your three powers/weapons! No loophole for you! >D
Personality: What're they like? How do they do around people? Elders? The opposite gender? Anything you can think of that describes how your character acts and thinks and feels is wonderful.
Strength: What're they good at? This could be a profession, or just something about them that they can do particularly well. Like luck with ladies, or their knowledge of poisonous plants, or how they're calm under pressure. Creativity abounds!
Weakness: And Mother Nature throws a curve ball. Are they colorblind? Do they constantly trip over their own shoes? Are they so self-conscious that their self-esteem is lower than dirt? Have fun with this one, and remember to play it out sometimes in the RP.
Death: Put simply, how did they die? If you want to put this in their bio instead, you may.
Bio: Their history. None of this "no one knows" business; I need to know that you know what your character has been through and how it makes them up, if you get my meaning. You don't need to write a novel, but write enough to give me a good general picture. You may always write more. :D
Other: Anything else you'd like to add about your character? A theme song? Their favorite food? An odd habit of theirs? You don't have to answer this, but I always think its fun to see what people come up with.

[if you're gonna be gangsta, be gangsta.]

[tavishmithos] Galbatorix Zeal // Male // Draconas (Dragon-Human)
[Infinis Ultimato] Purg A. Tory // Male // Human-Machine
[GuardianOfHearts] Aara Sayre // Female // Human-Witch
[TheClamWhisperer] Nox Imbolc // Female // Human
[Kari'Heart] Kari Promise Moon // Female // Cat-Girl
[stickxkeyblade] Alexa Morgance // Female // Human
[Frozen Inferno] Terran Stromrider // Male // Telin (Humaniod)
[Evrae_Valkyrion] Haruka Mewria // Female // Zelen (Dragon-Human)
[BlackmageAp] Jon Kilyu (Exp. 17M) // Male // Blootine (Wolf-Cheeta-Rat-Human)
[Trunks] Alexander Scolfield // Male // Human

This list is quite prone to updates. :D
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Jan 3, 2006
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Ender Espionage.


Around 5,400 years or so.

A humanoid demon, a subspecies that holds little to none cosmic power. Humanoid demons have miniature wings and horns, that aren't usable, and is the weakest of the demon species. Other higher leveled demons can be turned into humanoid demons if they recklessly abuse their powers, or

//Time Period
Around the technological age of invention, with laser battleguns and cloning agencies.

//Home World
In his age, demons are a common sight in the world. They live in superiority to humans, which are basically servants. The technological world in which Ender had previously lived in is a blissful paradise in the demonic cities; the outskirts have a much darker tone. Humans roam the gloomy streets, living in famine, poverty and strain.


Pandora's Blade- A jagged sharp steel heavy sword that has been encrested with enchanted jade crystal. The crystal has no real aid in battle, except to lighten the blade's weight. Decorated heavily upon the concepts of the fable of Pandora, the weapon is formidable in combat and is said to hold the essence of chaos.

Being a humanoid demon, Ender is in lack of fatal magic. His specialty power is the ability to conjure lightning bolts, but cannot control where they hit. He wasn't always a humanoid demon, and used to control the very element of electricity. Because of the power's unreliability, Ender rarely uses it.

A silver insignia that is hung by a gold coil chain; having the ability to absorb one single power. It was found within one of Ender's target's house. He used this insignia to capture a witch's power; forming fire in the palm of his hand. Even though Ender succeeded in attaining the witch's power, he was vanquished and killed.

Ender is a very opinionated individual, relying on his own intuitions and ideas for his agenda. He rarely lets others turn him inferior, and prioritizes his own needs for unessential things. In spite of that, he is very compassionate and considerate to those he cares about. In the presence of elder and more powerful demons, Ender retains his superior attitude, which in turn keeps him alive. He is a very reckless warrior, in spite of his reversion into the weakest of demons- the humanoid demon.

Being a seasoned witch hunter, Ender is well into his talent with the customs of a witch, excelling in the knowledge of herbology, magic, and potions. Personality-wise, Ender can easily retain his cool in pressured situations and can suppress his anger in order to focus.

Ender is extremely farsighted, able to focus and view objects and things from various distances away, but cannot see closely, requiring him to wear glasses. Turning into a humanoid demon has also reverted his look, making him young in appearance and subject to mocking from his demonic peers. Also, he does have a tendency to rush into recklessness very easily, giving a very susceptible weakness in his enemies.

Zapped by his own conjured lightning bolt, and then being target for a witch's death spell.

[will finish later; and soon!]

[will finish later; and soon!]

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Jun 24, 2006
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"tango with a mango"

name//gene[ but goes by jean when female]

gender// sometimes a male others a female but mostly male

age// some where around 300 years old but looks 17

race// third human,third demon,third angel

time period// in age before the stone age the golden age that caused the first ice age

home world// the moon at the time called terian

appearence//male: http://s94.photobucket.com/albums/l106/CallieElectraBlack/?action=view&current=Van.jpg
female: http://s44.photobucket.com/albums/f12/vampire_girl91sj/?action=view&current=04311714.jpg

weapon(s)// http://s69.photobucket.com/albums/i...s/?action=view&current=Blade_of_Lost_Gods.jpg

powers// orbing[ the powers of teleportation exept it is seen in orbs and can be used to move other objects. what is being moved is turned into orbs but if an oppent is powerful enough can stop the orbs movement]
healing: able to heal others wounds but can not heal himself

items// a neckal that has a red cross that has a circle in it

personality// he can be little self concous around ... well everybody. He dodn't think before he speaks so that gets him into trouble. He can't stand to see others who cant fight back being beaten but if it amuses him then he may just watch. he is simple he does things in a easy manner.

strengh//he is a great marksman, he knows how to treat woman since of the spell that makes him part woman. his great stamina is because of his angel and demon genes. he has focused his abillity to orb to teleport objects and himself much farter distances

weakness// when he was alive he was cursed that when he came in contact with cold water he turnes into a female who is shy infront of men and is phiscally weaker. he has this humongus appetite which can cause him to stop fighting or give up all together. he also wants to believe that demons may want to be good.

death// when orbing after he was badly injured a demon manged to capture and crush the orbs that was his heart

bio// he mother who had an affair with an angel got pregant so she deicided to make it seem as if he impreganted her. the DNA miked together of the demon and angel and human mother. when the baby was born the demon knew that this was only part of his son. he found out that his best friend was the one who did this so he slew the angel and then the mother. he threw the baby into the river[ yes there was rivers on the moon] but as the baby was flowing down stream a mermaid was swimming by and caught him before he drowned. she was the only family he had for 16 years.
as the century went by his angelic and demon genes stopped him from agging he became a bonity hunter until an incident then he became a wander a rurioni then he gained his sword then untill a demon challenged him for control of the village. the demon had friends so when he was injured enough and he tried to orb away the demon caught him in mid orb and crushed the orbs that was his heart.

other: he has a soft spot for dogs
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May 10, 2006
Name: Galbatorix Zeal
"Tango with Mango"
Gender: Male

Age: he appears to be about 17.
Race: Dragon/Human hybrid(Draconas)- This is a person who part dragon. They usually have pale skin and scales cover the backs on their arms from wrist to elbow. This race also is known to have tremendous mental power, but on earth that is caled down. Other than that the Draconas' features vary from person to person. They also have the ability to turn into a dragon.

Time Period: A time of chaos, deceit and war.......but hey Galbatorix is dead now.....he thought so anyway.

Home World: Tethe'alla. This is a world that actually lies directly next to earth, but in a lost dimension. Tethe'alla is a place full of magic and otherworldly technology, but right now is in the middle of one of it's many many wars.


Powers: Telekinesis- Galbatorix can move things with his mind, but not really huge objects.
Energy projectiles: He is able to shoot concentrated beams and balls on energy out of his hands and mouth.
Transform: Galbatorix transforms into a divine dragon. He can not do this often for it drains him completely of energy.

Items: Galbatorix only carried one thing with him when he was alive........a moon shaped pendant.

Personality: Since there was a war going on and that was the only thing he ever worried about Galbatorix has a very cold and paranoid attitude. He is always looking behind him ready to strike. He think about things on the grand scale and always is trying to find the truth. Galbatorix is very kind hearted and soft on the inside.....this is the reason he is dead.

Strength: Galbatorix is very strong willed and never gives up. He always can think of a way to get out of even the toughest situations.

Weakness: Galbatorix's real weakness is his kind heart. Though he acts mean and cold he trusts almost everybody and really doesn't pay close attention to how people really are..........

Death: During of the most intense battles he had been in and undoubtedbly the worst battle of any war in Tehe'alla history, victory had been secured. While running to catch up with his friends that were still alive, Galbatorix came across a wounded enemy soldier. His nice side kicking in he bent down to help the soldier up and carry him away. After a few yards there was a blast and Galbatorix flew backwards. The soldier had shot him with his own mini laser cannon through the chest. Galbatorix laid there with a gaping, smoking hole in his chest......dead.

Bio: Galbatorix doesn't have much of a life story. He was captured and had all kinds of tests done on him during a battle. After he was released because the experiments "failed" and left to die, Galbatorix made his way back to the Tethe'alla capital. There he re-joined the army and continued to fight for his ideals until he died.
(can't think of anything else for now.....)


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Dec 13, 2005
Throwin' myself back into RPing. . . D: Nice RP BTW.

"Tango With A Mango."

Name: Leon "Taz" Horando

Gender: Male

Age: 16 within Human Years, 1 within Noriwan Years

Race: Human/Noriwan/Semi-Robotic

Time Period: Technically, Future, but on Noriwan, Present.

Home World: Noriwan - A beautiful paradise amongst the Cosmo's, Noriwan has a mixture of past and present; half of the planet is covered in buildings, concrete, flying cars, space-planes, and many other thing-a-majigs.

On the other side of the planet, however, it feels as if your stepping into another universe entirely; it's filled with lush jungles, towering forests, strange creatures, and almost anything imagineable.

Appearance: Leon stands at around 5'11, and looks to weigh about 145 - 160 pounds. He has a scar underneath his left eye, that stretches to about 3 cm before his nose. He has white hair, that hangs down around his face. He also has pointed ears (think Jak from Jak and Daxter), something all Noriwan's have.

He wears a white t-shirt, that says Последний туp (Russian for "Run-Off"). He also wears baggy black jeans, and white skate shoes. On his back, his Blast Blade is visible.

Though, the most noticeable thing about Leon is his left eye and left arm. His left eye is completely red, and is infact artifical. His arm has pieces of metal attatched, and wires that are visible running the length of his arm.

Weapons: Лезвие взрыва (Blast Blade): A similar weapon to a Gunblade, though different in some ways. Firstly, the blade appears to be a greatsword/katana, about the length of a katana, but the width of a greatsword. Near the handle of the blade, two pistol barrels are attatched, and aim towards the end of the blade. The bullets, however, are not actual bullets; they are Ariac Plasma, formed from air. So, technically, as long as there is oxygen, there will be bullets for the Blast Blade.

Powers: Super-human speed: Something all Noriwan's gain, is the ability to run VERY, VERY fast. When Leon runs, he appears as a blur, but that isn't his fastest speed; when he uses his full potential, he can gain speeds that exceed 200 miles per hour.

Super-Jumping: Something that not very many Noriwan's have, but benefit the above power. With Leon's jumping ability, he can leap over 100 metres, and leap up over 80 metres.

Items: Legion Necklace: Given to Leon as a child. It is said to be important, but Leon hasn't figured out what it does, yet. . .

Personality: Calm, never afraid to speak his mind, smart (his IQ level is 267). Around women, especially attractive women, Leon is often quite quiet, and shy. During battles, he is always one to think of a strategy.

Strength: Running and Jumping. Something that is natural for Leon.

Fighting aswell. Leon has been in conflicts every since he can remember, and almost always emerged the victor.

He has the brains of a genius, always thinking ahead, and planning for when that happens.

Weakness: Once in every 10 days, Leon looses his powers for one day. That said, on that day, he is very vulnerable.

Sometimes, he thinks too far ahead. This resulted in the death of him, and many others.

Death: Leon was sliced nearly in half, and then shot in the head during a mission.

Bio: Leon grew up Noriwan, with a Noriwan mother and Earth father. Yet, he only knew his parents until he was five; his father was killed on the battlefield, and his mother died of "natural causes". Thus, Leon became homeless. He refused to go to an orphanage, so he lived on the streets. This time frame was tough on Leon.

He was only five when he set out into the streets, and didn't know where he was going, nor what he was doing. Leon met up with a seven year old by the name of Maria Hernandez, and they became fast friends. They stuck together on the broken streets of Noriwan. They were closer than brother and sister; nothing could describe the bond they shared with each other.

Eventually, at the age of twelve, Leon and Maria were drafted into the military, seeing as they both held great potential. They both used Blade Blasters, and were the only to use them effectively. Thus, they were promoted to Corporal's.

They were both sent to many battles, and always came out victors. Well, almost always. On a mission to Nargard, a hostile camp outside of Noriwan, Maria was shot in the ankle, leg, arm, and heart. She did not live.

This sent Leon into a deep depression, and hatred against all those whom opposed him. He continued to fight, and eventually, promoted to Commander. And then, that faitful day arrived. . . Leon and his squad were sent to the same place where Maria had died. Leon burned with rage; he would not lose to them.

But he did. They had almost won, when the enemy flanked them on their left, where they were vulnerable. They managed to suprise Leon, and one sliced into his stomach, almost cutting him in half. Yet, Leon continued to live, blood squriting out of him. About five seconds later, his life ended, as a Sniper Rifle bead landed on his forehead. . .

Other: Theme Song: Blow Me Away - Breaking Benjamin

Hopefully, I'll meet standards. =D
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Tango with a Mango *work in progress*

Name: Dreg Nadir

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Race: Shape Shifter

Time Period: Present Day

Home World: Saturn


Weapons: Transient Blade - This sword flows with the energy of the user, in Dreg's case, allows him to change the shape of the sword as well as himself

Powers: He has the ability to change his shape and state of matter

Items: Dreg carries a small momentum of his home planet, a piece of the asteroid rings that encircle Saturn. To most, it would seem it is just a rock. However, the rocks are what in essence enables the inhabitants of the planet to stabilize their transformations.



Weakness: His abilities are imperfected, and often he transforms into an undesired form.

Death: Travelling to earth for a visit, he made a head-on collision with an exploding supernova, dying before being sucked into a blackhole.


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Rolling papers...
I'm in as well, my char. is gonna be a mutha fcukin O.G. (thats Original Gangsta for those who dont know). Very cool premise though.


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Aug 8, 2004
OOC: I'm still working on it.

“tango with a mango”

Name: John Simmons

Gender: Male

Age: 56. Though, most of the time he will take the age between late teens and early twenties.

Race: Human

Time Period: 2012

Home World: Earth

Appearance: http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/9788/yukibybeautifulshinigamla3.jpg (Younger Age)

http://www.armchairempire.com/images/News/September-2204/mgs3-end-cobra-unit.gif (older age)

Weapons: Sniper Rifle – This gun shoots armor piercing rounds into the enemy. Before fired, these bullets are electrified. So, when it hits an enemy, they are electrified as the bullet passes through them. (I’m guessing this counts as two weapons.)

Powers: Telepathy. He can read the thoughts of his opponent, to an extent. The opponent must not be more than a mile away. At a range of about 25 feet, John can use mental suggestion. This means he can suggest something in the person’s mind and the target will most likely do it. This cannot be used to kill someone, though.

Items: Dog tags for when he was in the Special Forces. They are still around his neck.

Personality: Because of his job when he was alive, he is a very serious person. But, because he is taking the look of his younger self, his personalities have mixed. He is now stern, strict and serious when it comes to his job. You and anyone else are expendable, and his orders will be carried out unless he is killed. He shows no mercy for his enemy if he is told to kill them. Though if he isn’t told to kill them, he will let them live On job, he does only as he is told and nothing more.. Off the job, he can be the life of the party. Having a party? John will be there. Off the job he is a very welcoming person and new people seem to feel like they’ve known them they’re whole life. This helps John many times during new times because he gains friend very fast. When accompanied by people he knows, he has no bounds. He’ll play jokes, fight, be sarcastic, etc.

Strength: Patience. John has the patience of a saint. Think Sniper Wolf from Metal Gear Solid.

Brilliant Strategist. During battle, he may take 10 minutes to think of a plan and control his opponent. He can think at least three steps before his opponent.

Weakness: Cocky. His cockiness can make him become over-confident at times. This is one of the reasons he was killed.

Death: He was going to snipe a high official of a powerful business, but was discovered by the enemy and shot on sight.

Bio: Their history. None of this "no one knows" business; I need to know that you know what your character has been through and how it makes them up, if you get my meaning. You don't need to write a novel, but write enough to give me a good general picture. You may always write more. :D

Other: Has an odd craving for 1970’s to 1990’s music.
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Jun 14, 2005
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“Tango with a mango”

Name: Purg A. Tory

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Race: Human/Machine Hybrid

Time Period: Purg is from the future near the end of time and the universe.

Home World: Planet Suptechnia- a planet in the center of a alternate universe known as the Magian Domain which was created by a entity known as Magia. Planet Suptechnia is a planet that has created machines that can cure dieases, bring back the dead, use magic, and create new lifeforms.


Weapons: Refer to Purg’s Chain Control power.


Chain Control- Purg is able to change his body into thousands of chains and use those chains
and he can attack or defend with them.

CAW(Chains Away Within)- Purg surrounds his foe(s) with his chains and send them packing by throwing them into the sky really far. Purg then jams some other chains into
the ground and some how pulls his foe(s) out of the ground. Purg jams his foe(s) back into the ground and somehow pulls them out of the sky.

Necronmose- Purg conjures 30 large and massive purple-blackish spheres of ancient magic that he blasts into the sky which rains down like comets on his foes. Purg uses this skill only during times of need.

Items: N/A

Personality: Personality: Purg is someone who doesn't really open up to people really well. He acts in a strict matter to keep himself in check and on task so that he doesn't make as less mistakes as possible.Purg can be harsh and cruel to those around him including animals. He is intelligent to a degree due to past events and he is a hermit during times where he isn't fighting. Purg leaves his comfort place to help comrades in need but never brags nor shows off. However,
he will also use his skills to help people.

Strength: Purg has excelled in the arts of machine repairing, surivival in the wild,
cooking, and architecture.

Weakness: Since Purg wears machine armor, he has to stay away water or else it short circuit. Also at times, he has to rest to recharge his machine armor.

Death: Purg and everyone in the Magian Domain was destroyed during the destruction of the universe by Magia’s Big Crunch attack which returned the universe into a sphere of infinite matter. The reason for the end of the Magian Domain was that the beings of that universe were playing God.

Bio: Purg was born into a family of inhuman scientists who spent there time doing
horrifying experiments on humans and animals. Purg was born under the name of Cordron Chaosmose II but he wasn't going to keep it long. When he was only two years old, his parents started to do experiments on him dealing with machines and increasing the brain's mental power. However, during the final phase of the experiment, something went horribly wrong causing the lab where the experiments were taking place. One of the machine specimens was corrupted causing a mutation in Purg's mind and body. Purg's body became discolored and disgusting for anybody's eyes. The mutation caused Purg to morph his body into thousands of chains. Purg lived with the shame of his mutation until he was about 18 years old when his parents created machine armor to wear. Pug left his parents, changed his name to Purg A.Tory due to the purgatory he lived for 16 years and went to travel the world and learn world for 12 years before his death. During the 12 year period,
Purg mastered controlling his chains and ancient magic.

Other: Since Purg is part machine, he does not like sleeping in beds or just sitting on normal furniture, he shields himself in a metal cacoon to sleep and makes chain chairs to sit on.
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Aara Sayre



Human ... witch.

[Time Period]
Present, for her home world. All the "technology" there is really sorcerous in nature.

[Home World] They call it Alcheraa. It’s basically a, comparatively small, alternate dimensionof sorts,but prone to all kinds of traffic from other realms due to natural portals, considered as an inter-dimensional hub. Take New York City and give it a magical base.


Aara is of only medium height, nothing worth noting. She has rather pale skin that is so light it almost takes on a bluish tone in the dark. Her dark, sea-grey eyes are set in an almond-shaped face, bordered by a mass of wild reddish hair, which she usual keeps back in a single haphazard clip, though reaches to her shoulders otherwise.

She wears tan pants with the ends tucked into the tops of her nearly knee-high brown boots, securely laced and lacking in heels for easy movement. Her shirt is burgundy in colour, and over that is a three-quarter-sleeved silver grey coat that reaches down to her knees and has a deep hood. Her worn leather gloves are a priority, as she wouldn’t be able to wield her sharp whip otherwise.

Aara’s primary weapon is a long golden chain that is thin enough to resemble a necklace, but unbreakable and sharp enough to cut. She wields it as a whip. For more intense fights, however, she has a light sword with a blade of orichalcum, of medium width and without notable length, but surprisingly strong. It’s ever-so-slightly curved, and Aara keeps it sharp. She has christened her sword Illume, and her whip Folly.

As a witch, the specifications of what Aara can do are only limited by her power and control of what the magically-inclined populace of Alcheraa call "Anima". Anima simply refers to the life-force that defines a person, something that existed before them and lives on after they are dead; a soul, for all intensive purposes. It is the magical core in each person, that, if they know how, can be called forth to either wreak destruction or benefaction- and there you have a spell. Theoretically, everyone has an unlimited Anima, but not everyone has the self-will to have conscious control over it.

Aara, never having had formal instruction, is no master over her own Anima. But, in the last few years of her life, she had begun to really rein it in. She commands it verbally after she calls it forth, though it is capricious, sometimes making her energized and sometimes making her drained.

One of her most mundane items is her pair of black leather gloves, tight-fitting for free movement. They’re important to her because they’re made out of a certain type of leather that cannot be cut through by her chain, which would otherwise harm her when she tried to use it.

Of more sentimental value is the pendent she wears around her neck, tied by a plain cord. But the charm itself is beautiful, made of some black iridescent gemstone in the shape of a whorl. It was one of the gifts she received on her sixteenth birthday.

Aara is enigmatic and thoughtful, of the daydreaming sort. She's strangely charasmatic, probably because many find her very easy to open up to, due to her unassuming ways.

She possesses a contradicting nature; reserved and serious, yet compassionate and optimistic; practical, and yet with a love of laughter. She knows how to keep her cool, and when she gets angry, she tends to emanate a sort of chilly rage. Despite this, she’s actually very emphatic.

Aara is always working to live up to her own expectations, and tends to blame herself when something goes wrong. She has a lot of zeal, which sometimes goes awry when it mixes with her impulsiveness.

Usually though, her intuition balances that out ... usually.

No matter the crisis, Aara always strives {and succeeds} to be practical, and thus never loses her head under pressure.

Physically, she’s strong, since she used to constantly train herself when she was alive {due to her guilt-problem, mostly}. Of course, she’s not the most powerful around, but she can hold her own, something she’d hate herself for not being able to do.

Aara has a terrible problem with guilt, from internal rather than external influence. She often feels like she’s the only one obligated to carry some burden. If something goes wrong, she’s usually convinced that the fault is hers.

When it comes to her Anima, it can be as dangerous as it is helpful. Almost like a different entity itself inside her, it doesn’t always listen to her commands, no matter how focused she is. Occasionally, it will even hurt her in a sort of magical whip-lash instead of relinquishing itself into a spell. Like most powers, it reacts strongly to emotion, though how it reacts is different each time.

Aara was killed on her sixteenth birthday by a dagger through the throat.

Aara, like many others, was not native to the city of Alcheraa. When she was nearly too young to remember, she and several other young children from her world were smuggled out of their home, which was being ravaged by war and genocide. They were orphaned and homeless, but at least they would have a better chance of growing up in Alcheraa.

Fortunately for the seven refugee children, they were taken in by an orphanage and treated kindly for the next nine years. At the age of fourteen, Aara and the friends she had grown up with moved out {in Alcheraa, you were considered old enough to hold your own early in life} and tried to find a place together in the city. It was hard, but they were like family to each other, and they finally were able to move into a loft together above a book shop whose previous owner had moved away and sold it cheap. They re-named it Yasai Books.

Thus Aara spent the next two years shelving and unshelving books with her "family". Some might not consider their lives ideal, but they were happy together. After their evacuation from their home at the age of five, they were all each other had. And they had some promising talents for the future.

Like any typical book-keeper, Aara was an avid reader, who started to control her Anima mostly because of research done on slow days when she would sit atop one of the sturdier shelves with a book. It was times like those when she would practice.
A few weeks before she turned sixteen, a small shipment of new books arrived. In the package was an odd tome of black leather with gold clasps, and finer looking than any other book their second-hand store had come across. Strangley, it had no title, and try as she might, Aara and her friends couldn't get it open. So it was kept on the counter and not for sale.

A few days later, as an early gift, a "favourite" patron of theirs gave Aara an egg, which hatched into a drake. Sylph, as she was christianed, was low-maitanence, as she drakn nectar instead of eating meat like her cousins, dragons.

The day of her actual birthday started out as a happy one. She and her friends had a small party .. one that was interrupted by the sound of a some intruder below them. As the shop was closed, they all rushed downstairs to see two men attempting to steak the strange black-and-gold book, which was apparently of some great value.

Aara rushed forward, ready to scream a spell, but she was stopped as a dagger went flying past her. It struck Sylph, who was curled about her shoulder.

The second one drove into her neck.

Aara has a familiar in the form of a young drake that she was given as an early birthday present. The drake, named Sylph, is white-opalescent in color and basically a miniature dragon. A drake's intelligence is said to be a little higher than that of a dolphin. She can't talk, but can still make herself understood to Aara, as they share an empathic connection. Only half the length of her arm, Sylph is usually curled up on her shoulder or even head. Unlike her larger cousins, she has no fangs, but instead a long snout and tongue, as she drinks nectar.
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Name: Nox Imbolc

Gender: Female

Age: Fourteen

Race: Human

Time Period: Present day, but her home had little use for technology.

Home World: Alcheraa. Considered a interchange due to the people entering and leaving its threshold in masses ranging from tens to hundreds. Nox has memories in the minority of this world, too incoherent to recall it.

Appearance: Nox possesses a petite form like that of a delicate glass bird and a height that one might call leprechaun-like. Her chestnut hair falls just beneath her shoulders, but two lone strands sprout from the front of her hairline and hang on opposite sides of her large amber eyes, drooping down to her chin. Her hair is generally down, but she usually ties it back before slumbering, yet the two strands are left where they fall.

She wears black sweatpants with a crimson cross on outer side of each leg and a plain scarlet shirt with long sleeves which fall over her hands. Thus, she has pierced a series of holes in the sleeves for her fingers to slip through. The shirt droops into a V-neck, so Nox wears a black spaghetti-strap tank top under it. Her shoes are black with little doodles of red paint covering the leather on nearly every inch of it.

Weapons: Nox wields a razor sharp ring called a chakram which she can easily throw at an opponent. The ring is encrusted with a cycle of morganite stones. Due to her intense skill with the weapon, she’s taught herself how to avoid being sliced by it when she throws and/or catches it. Aside from the chakram, Nox has a pair of gloves which hold sharp, iron nails which can perforate the flesh with graceful ease.

Powers: Nox, since birth, has always had an affinity with fires. When she was a child, her father died fighting a roaring blaze. Later, when her mother had traveled to a distant area, she was burned at the stake, but saved by some liberators who pulled her off before the fire could smother her. In turn, she suffered serious third degree burns which marred her face and later killed her.

Nox learned that she possessed the power of Pyrokinesis, the ability to start fires with one’s mind. Since then, Nox taught herself how to control her powers by practicing and holding a deep passion for her ability. She claimed the title of ‘The Fire Fairy’ for the way she can dance through flames without a burn. The ability to manipulate fire is very dangerous, but with fierce determination, Nox has not been directly responsible for any deaths…yet.

Items: Around her neck, Nox has a silver charm which is best described a contorted, four pronged knot, held around her neck by a black string. The necklace holds a special significance because the symbol means ‘love’ and was given to her by her mother. On her wrist, Nox also has a series of hair ties.

Personality: Hyper in general, Nox seems to possess endless energy that sprouts from some unknown source. Naturally headstrong, Nox could rant for hours about one subject, and pout when she didn’t get what she wanted. Her temper is as fiery as the blaze she wields.

The downside you ask? She’s a very emotional girl who can go into a bit of a depression. Around her friends, she is as loud and as boisterous as can be, but she also is very compassionate and generous. She’s the type who will simmer down and listen to a problem. Playfully sarcastic, she is always good for a laugh, and not afraid to act like an idiot for kicks.

Around elders, she would behave herself is she did not know them that well. If she was familiar with them, she could let some of her true nature out to shine. She knows her place, but isn’t afraid to disagree with it. In the region of the opposite sex, she can be a bit shy and withdrawn, but this rarely happens. Usually she can say or do almost anything she would with someone else.

Strength: She is nimble and quick on her feet, but also very good at listening. She can soothe others with her presence and figure a way out of the most intricate problems. Her main strive is her energy which can give some inspiration to the ones surrounding her. She puts others’ well being before her own, and carries their weight as well as her own.

Weakness: Being blunt, Nox is overzealous and emotional. Her emotions could be her undoing, or even someone else’s if she let her anger get the better of herself. She is untamed, just like her fire, and if her sorrow or anger is allowed to tower, it can take a whole area down with it. Being undaunted to fight back is a trait that often gets her in a spot of trouble.

Death: Set ‘free’ from a lethal illness. Straightforwardly? Someone decided to ‘put her out of her misery’ by a poisonous injection.

Bio:Foreign to Alcheringa, Nox was smuggled in when she was a young’un. Her home had been plagued by illnesses and brutal murders. Virtually raised by six other refugees, she found a sense of family with them, and took to them as a baby would take to an adoptive parent or brother. Life was supposed to be better in Alcheringa, and for most of her life it was.

The people at the orphanage were kind and generous, but she always did prefer her ‘refugee kin’. Most of her ‘family’ was able to leave when she was twelve years old, and against the orphanage’s orders, she left with them, unable to let them go. They came onto a ‘miracle’, which was coming into ownership for a bookstore which they called ‘Yasai Books’. They dwelled on the upper floor where Nox decorated the residence with drawings and read many of the books from the shop.

Nox was always very artistic and had a passion for drawing and painting and taught some of the young children of Alcheringa some skills. One law in her home: The Fire Fairy was not to be trusted in the kitchen. Nox can’t cook to save her life, and when anyone is using a fire, Nox should be out of the room in case she ignites the blaze. Even when she’d enter the kitchen for a bowl of cereal someone would always ask from the next room, “Nox, what exactly are you doing?!”

At fourteen, Nox was perfectly happy and loved, but tragedy struck. One of her friends was killed right before their eyes, and it wounded Nox too deeply. Her spark faded a bit, which facilitated the illness that she was keeping secret from her family breach her body. She was taken to a doctor, hanging on to life for them, but the doctor merely decided to put the girl out of her misery, even though she was fighting the illness.

Other: Nox is a sucker for citrus fruits. Present her with a bowl of strawberries of raspberries and she’ll scarf them down in a matter of seconds. If there is a Clementine on the tallest branch of a tree, she WILL find a way to get it. A little habit of Nox’s is that she will usually greet someone with a chirp of, “Oiyo!”. Nox holds a deep, pathological fear for needles and spiders and she tends to give the people around her nicknames….even if they don’t make sense. The most calm and level headed person might be ‘Sally’ within a split second.


OOC: Seems like fun =P

Tango With A Mango
Name: Vander [surname unknown]

Gender: Male

Age: 5 [has the body/mind of an adult but not the experience]

Race: Human-Demon [Mutated Human experiments--see bio]

Time Period: The Very Distant Future

Home World: Earth


Vander's usually serious and has dark hair and brown eyes. Before his death, he wore a long white shirt, rather baggy beige jeans and trainers.

Weapons: None

Powers: Taking form of something he touches.

Items: An amulet which was said to be his mothers, small pieces of paper with important code [see bio]

Personality: Vander's rather serious most of the time because he's a different Human and has only lived for 5 years. He feels very different and unique from other Humans, which makes him seem uncomfortable most of the time. Vander looks at life like something amazing and wonderful, which is not what most Humans seem to think. And as for the opposite gender, well, let's just say he's far from a jerk =P anyway he's kind and respectful but seems weird and day-dreaming at times. But he still can't accept himself, that he's so different.

Strength: At times, there are advantages of his uniqueness, which makes him feel strong even though different [i've probably said that like 1000 times now xD]. Also, his powers make him feel good and for some Humans make him an idol [even though he just wants to be normal, not a weird Human with abilities]

Weakness: The fact that he has the form and mind of an adult but has only experienced life for 5 years makes him feel uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable, and sometimes even shuts him off.

Vander's most major weakness is water. It's both a fear and a weakness [see death and bio].

Death: Drowned in the ocean.

Bio: Vander was created, named and trapped in a intrahuman research centre in the middle of the ocean. It was situated on a coastal shelf which flooded every two weeks for a duration of 2-3 days.
He was a test-tube baby, but the wacked scientists experimented on him for three years. On the 4th year, they let him out in the public, but little did they know he had a malfunction when he responded to normal life, or life how his parents lived. The malfunction led to his power.

But after the end of the 4th year, they managed to catch him and brought him back to the facility. Since Vander was an idol of the news and the whole world knew about him, the authorities searched for another year until they found the facility and destroyed it because it was illegal and was responsible for the loss of hundreds of people, famous, infamous and normal.

Vander managed to escape on a boat with several other people of the facility but the silly authorities ignored orders of their High ones and killed every, well, maybe not every, single soul that resided in the facility. Vander was one of the few successful experiments of the facility, and his 'malfunction' was meant to happen, anyway [sigh...scientists...just can't end their mind games can they?].
Vander then drowned in the ocean after his boat was burnt down.

Other: When he's annoyed, which is rare, or wants to hurt someone, he'll grab their hand or hair or something and take form =P like he could freak them out by making it seem like his flesh moulds with theirs. I know its freaky but thats the way it's meant to be xD


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Name: Pandora Doyle
Gender: Female (It's true, but I'm not)
Age: 97
Race: Drow
Time Period: Future
Home World: Doesn't claim to have one...she never felt a "Home"

Powers: Hair Contornation: no joke, go see Millia Rage.
Items: These are items that appear with your character that were important to them in life. This can be something like a journal, a communicator, a necklace... Whatever. Three items max, and they can't have special powers. Because if they have special powers then they, *gasp!* take another slot up for your three powers/weapons! No loophole for you! >D
Personality: A realist, yet somethings do make her happy:
Strength: What're they good at? This could be a profession, or just something about them that they can do particularly well. Like luck with ladies, or their knowledge of poisonous plants, or how they're calm under pressure. Creativity abounds!
Weakness: And Mother Nature throws a curve ball. Are they colorblind? Do they constantly trip over their own shoes? Are they so self-conscious that their self-esteem is lower than dirt? Have fun with this one, and remember to play it out sometimes in the RP.
Death: Spectacularry died by a simultaneous 56 lightning bolts and several large meteors
Bio: Their history. None of this "no one knows" business; I need to know that you know what your character has been through and how it makes them up, if you get my meaning. You don't need to write a novel, but write enough to give me a good general picture. You may always write more. :D
Other: Likes Pie, Music, and Women.


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Tango with a mango

Name: Splinter Peson
Gender: male
Age: 14
Race: human
Time Period: future, aliens roam the earth and coexist with humans
Home World: earth

Appearance: Gary hair thats drops in front of his face and spikes up slightly in the back. These the only slightly akward thing about him. his pointed ears, like an elfs. Navy blue jacket, black t-shirt, white sweats and blue eyes he has.

Weapons: dual swords

Powers: fast. SUPER CRAZY

Items: his jacket has a pocket that has infinite amounts of space. but in order to get something out, he has to remeber what it looks like and what it's called. if he forgets any one of those things, someone might have to go in and get it out.

Personality: random and energetic, stupid at times, will do anything for laughs.
random person - what about...?
me - ANYTHING *smacks*

Strength: (see power)

Weakness: bad memory...wont work with the pocket so well

Death: he tried to pull a spiderman and jump from roof to roof. he was able to do it but...birds flew into his face

Bio: He didn't do to well in school and he also wasn't that popular. The only things that saved him from being a total loser was his ability to make people laugh, which was...hardly ever, and his skills with a sword. His incredible speed made him a powerful opponent, even among his alien peers. One day, one of those alien peers wanted him gone. He told Splinter that if was better than the aliens, he should be able to jump from roof to roof. (insert death here). hardly anyone noticed he went missing

Other: He loves his music. NOTHING can get in the way of his music
random person - what about...?
me - YOU AGAIN *throws brick*
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Tango with a mango

Name: Kari Promise Moon

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Race: Cat-girl

Time Period: Past

Home World: Cattas, cats are the only things you will see, the people that are there are cats...I sometimes wonder if I'm from there.

Appearance: http://www.advancedanime.com/displayimage.php?pid=158291

Weapons: Rod, sword, and magic

Powers: Memories, Dreams, and Music

Items: Choker, journal; and a photo of her family

Personality: She is a soft hearted kind of girl, basically if you can become her friend you don't want to break her trust, because she has a hard time trusting others. She hides her emotions because she thinks that if someone saw her crying they would think she is weak. But the thing that her friends don't get is that she is really romantic, but she doesn't want anyone. She is always a dreamer. Has a refreshing personality she's nice, listens to common sense, and is always thinking about everyone when things get rough. Her friends don't even understand her,but let's hope after this is done her friends will understand her. She is willing to put her life on the line to keep the ones she cares about safe. She is also quiet, so friends do get worried. People call her alone wolf; which is true.

Strength: She's really good with magic

Weakness: She has a hard time trusting people

Death: Someone she thought she could trust pulled out a dagger, the moon was full that night and it was a clear night.

Bio: Kari is a really fragile teen, because she's afraid of being hurt. She was always picked on because of her cat ears and tail. She is rather mature for her age, a friend of hers moved away when she was four, so you can see her looking out at the ocean by herself since then, but she does talk every once in awhile. When she gets home from school she has dinner then she passes out on her bed. She doesn't like it when people bother her because of how her life has been. She love it when people forget she's there unless she wants them to know. She is a outsider in it comes to her school. She is a total mystery, she doesn't tell someone if something if troubling her; instead she plays her flute to take care of it. She didn't tell a guy she liked how she felt same thing for him so because of that their relationship fall apart. Being the hair to the throne of Cattas she has a lot to deal with. She lost her parents when she was four, ever since then she has been by herself.

Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaQAFWB7WQs "Concrete angel" by Martina McBride
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Name: Terran Stromrider

Gender: Male

Age: 8

Race: A humanoid creature that ages at extreme rates which are known as Telins.
Time Period: At a beginning of the time were swords and shields are far to commonplace.

Home World: A place where magic is just as commonplace as the sword, along with creatures ranging from the eternal living Elves, to the slime ridden Goblins, to the quick aging Telins. The dominant races being Elves and Orcs, while the rarer being Telins. A war just ended between the Elves and Telins against the Orcs.

Appearance: If at a normal height he would appear to be in his twenties, but being a Telin, Terran’s height is about 3’8”. He has shocking blue hair to prove his status as the Commander Magus. His eyes are crimson with a beady black pupil as a sign for his royalty. His skin is tanned from being in the field for so long during the war. He is lean, but not very muscular. He wears an emerald green tunic adorned with crimson and blue insignia to also prove his status. His pants are also of emerald green, but with just simple blue stitching and a crimson belt. But perhaps the oddest thing about him is that he prefers to go barefoot, an oddity among his people.

Weapon: Nirron: A long sword used to channel his magics. The pommel is of gold, with the handle wrapped in leather. The sheath is also of crimson red, adorned in sapphires.

Overload: Fire and thunder emit from his blade towards the nearest enemy.
Tsunami: Water and earth emit from hand to form a protection around himself and nearby allies.

Items: A silver chained wrapped around his left arm given to him from his sister at his last birthday.

Personality: His friends and family tell him he is far to serious for his own good. Terran tends to concentrate on his work far to much. He appears calm at most times and has quick wit with it. He really doesn’t have much of a sense of humor, but he will crack a smile occasionally with his friends and family. He doesn’t really have much of a wild side, except for the celebration after the war was won, but that’s a whole story. Although, he is truly loyal to his friends and helps when he isn’t busy with his job.

Strengths: He has supreme knowledge in tactics, being the Commander Magus. He knows how to wield a sword, and knows basic survival instincts.

Weaknesses: The one thing he cannot be on is heights. Terran’s fear of heights terrorizes him if he is anywhere near a high up place. Another major fear of his Death, but it won’t affect him anymore to more. He has a slight weakness for chocolate, which due to his race can make him somewhat tipsy.

Death: Even though the war was won, a traitor appeared and literally stabbed him in the back with his own sword, while Terran slept in his bed.

Bio: Born as the grandson of the King of the Telin, he was thus raised with the royal treatment. He grew quickly like all of his race, and was born with an odd capacity for knowledge. He needed no teacher, for he studied in the Castle’s Library constantly. He learned to sword fight from his father, the Leader of the Kingdom’s Knights.

At age 3 he was apprenticed to Jacen, the Commander Magus before him. He was taught to use basic magics, which later Terran combined them into two simple spells. Jacen never was able to teach Terran the rest of the spells, because he died as well. Terran and Jacen were practicing basic Earth magic at the edge of the Telin’s Kingdom. It was the early years of the war, and band of Orc scouts were nearby. Jacen sensed them before they attacked, and told Terran to run. He didn’t ask questions, he just ran. When he and his father came back later, all that was left of him was his head stuck to the pommel of his sword. Terran stood silent, traumatized. He simply walked away, his father saying one last prayer in Jacen’s honor.

He continued to work in as a Magus, rising in ranks with two simple, but powerful spells. At 7, in the waning years of the war, he was promoted by his father, now King, to the Commander Magus. He lead the Magus’ on the front line of the final battle with supreme tactics. They almost lost, but when the Elves finally arrived as backup to defeat in the final fight.
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((This character is based off the world of Chrono Cross. If you don't know, then google it :3))

Tango with a mango....​

Arcanus Infinitas a.k.a Arc




ARC//nano, a discontinued form of artificial life, derived from humanoid and 'angel' DNA. Combining traits from both strains, these humanoids appear to be 'flawless'. Having been the first(and one of the last), not having turned into a failure, he was given the name Arcanus Infinitas, very close to 'arcanum infinitas', which means 'The Deep Secret of Infinity.'

Time Period:
Unknown, an era where technology and man collide in his home world.

Home World:
Termina- a continent, void from the rest of the universe. In this place, there is a rift that allows you to see the 'Other Termina', an alternate dimension of sorts. Other Termina shows what it would look like, determined by it's path in history, the other path. The path that they wish they hadn't taken, but irrelevantly did.


Mastermune- The holy advent of the sword Masamune, it is a sword with blades on each end, both blades having the design of a somewhat frozen fire. But don't let it's somewhat dishelved appearance fool you. The secret to its great power lies in each blade, which therein lies the essence of the twin brothers, Masa and Mune. But now with the spirit Doreen, their elder sister, to watch over them, it truly is the liberated version of the Masamune. But every once in a while, the weapon does have a tendency to 'talk', it being the three spirits talking.

Being the last of a dead race, his genetic enhancements give him augmented strength. Stronger than an average human, allowing him to use the Mastermune with ferocity. And in an heightened state of emotional stress, he is able to unlock his 'Beserker' traits, allowing him to use his body to its limits. Beserker is not often used, however.

A pouch of strange dust inside, that is never used or opened for that matter. The pouch is purple, with small stars on it, properly named the 'Star Pendant'. When he was alive, it allowed him to go into Other Termina, but never did, due to the fact that it was 'closed'. It was given to him by his lover, whom he had left behind upon accepting his fate.

Arc is more mediated and calmer than most people, some would say. Or some would say that he is never really 'there', referring to his distance amongst people. He could be looking at you, and his mind can be in a far off place, thinking of something else. Arc hates getting angry, another reason why his 'Beserker' traits often never surface. But, the more anger is kept inside, the bigger the rage will become...


Being in his always mediated state of mind, he is the calm one in a situation of crisis. In any situation, he always manages to keep his cool. When he was alive, he always fought with a sense of clarity, giving him the edge in battle.

Bringing up his past has often been painful for him. If someone tries to mention something about it, he will often change the subject or shut them out completely. Looking at what he left behind, who wouldn't feel pain?

The fear of losing those close to him terrorizes him greatly at times.

Having realizing his past sins, he jumped into the Infinity of Termina, where his life force was irreversibly shaved from his physical form, his liberated soul floating endlessly into forever.

Made in the 'Future World' of Termina, Arc was 'taught' how to be a human. Taught so much, that he wanted to experience interaction with other human beings. He had learned of the others before him, and how they had failed upon creation. But Arc had succeeded, appearing to be 'perfect', according to his biological makeup. But he always wondered what was out there, outside the New Chronopolis. With the unnerving urge running in the back of his head, he ran away from the citadel on which he was created, and escaped to one of the Dragon Isles.

Learning about the history of Termina through the ruins of each Dragon Isle, he learned about how they ruled over it with their divine powers. But, where he came from, he knew the origins of this place. Long ago, a extraterrestrial being known as Lavos descended onto Termina, and when gorillas came into contact with it, they evolved into 'humans'. So in reality, humans in Termina were actually offspring of the monstrous Lavos. But, Lavos was defeated by a group of adventurers, freeing the dormant spirit within it by means of the use of the legendary lost element, the Chrono Cross. It's melodic power of all 6 elements it circles around awoke the spirit, thus destroying Lavos from the inside by the spirit's power.

Sailing on the seas, he felt somewhat liberated, the sun glimmering in the cerulean sea. And soon enough, many soon began to talk about him, about him and his strange appearance. And about his remarkable strength, which rivals with the strongest on the continent. Slowly, unknown to his knowledge, he was already becoming a somebody.

It was raining one day, thunder rolling in the distance. As the rain beat hard down on his black jacket, while walking down Fossil Valley, he found her, hiding under a massive dragon skull. She had long brown hair, wearing a long blue satin dress, with a v-shaped collar, sewn in gold string. She wore a leather shoulder pad on her right shoulder, many belts around her waist.

She was sleeping, probably tired from traveling of some sorts. He approached her silently, trying not to disturb her. He knelt beside her, as he could hear her breathing slowly. Brushing his hand against her beautiful face, her eyes started to twitch, as he withdrew his hand quickly on reaction. He assumed what the specters back at the Future World called 'girls'. But never had he seen one so fair, so beautiful. Unwilling to keep away from her, he removed some hair covering her cheeks, as she slowly opened her eyelids. Revealing her luminous azure eyes to him, Arc had discovered what they didn't teach him at the Future World: Love. Her eyes seemed to have grasped his soul, unwilling to let go.

In a way, she fell for him at first sight as well, as she closed her eyes and put her arms around him immediately, trying to keep warm. How can she just hug a stranger from out of the blue? Flustered, he tried to resist, but her warmth had let down his guard, letting out a big sigh. He slowly moved both of them against the wall, as Arc closed his eyes, both sleeping under the rain.

Birds were chirping, that had awoken young Arc, as he wiped his eyes open, as his vision became clear. He found her, standing in front of him. She leaned over and quickly tapped her lips on his forehead, Arc completely frozen by this single act. The blonde shook his head, as he stood up, the girl giggling.

"Thank you, stranger. What's your name?"

"Uh, it's Arc."

"So you're the famous Arc? Wow, I'm a lucky girl. My name's Maria."

And just like that, their bond was sealed. Fate, perhaps? Whether it was it's work or not, these two soon became inseparable, traveling together to the corners of Termina. From the Isle of the Damned, to as far the remains of Terra Tower, they have seen almost everything.

They soon met some of the adventurers, who told them of their days of fighting Lavos. Two names also kept coming up upon their tellings. Serge, and Kid. They inquired where they were, and all of them simply replied "Off in a faraway place". Wondering they could've gone, they searched for many days, but to no avail. What happened to these two? Where could they have gone to?

These questions pondered the blonde traveler greatly on a starry night, rendering him unable to sleep. Maria emerged from the tent, as she sat beside him, and endless field of stars laid before them. Looking like she wanted Arc to say something, she didn't even need to speak.

Wanting to affirm this feeling he was experiencing, he turned to Maria, and looked at her solemnly. He held her hands, his heart beating harder than the waves onto the shore. She looked like she was expecting something, so he took a deep breath, and spoke,

"I...love you."

He saw that her face had already begun to turn a light red, as she retreated her hands, and looked at the other direction. He took a deep breath, expecting this to happen. Who could love something like him? But, as he was about to leave, she grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him with great strength, reeling him in for a kiss. Her lips passionately caressed his, as he returned it reluctantly, a shower of stars flying above them.

"Arc, I love you."

As they came across a giant waterfall, they noticed a strange path that led upwards, into the fall. As they peered inside, they gazed upon many shining rocks, glistening from years of reformation. Maria took the path to the left, whilst Arc took the path to the right.

Reaching the end of the path, he saw the singular statue of a man. He had a bandana on his head, whilst wearing a vest and large shorts, with a somewhat heroic smile on his well sculpted face. He read the little slot at the bottom that said,

The Man that Overcame Time​

So this was what the famous Serge looked like. A weird aura seeped into Arc's skin, as if another presence was with him watching the statue. He took another look at the statue, as he walked back, running to Maria's path.

He watched in amazement, as Maria held something glowing in her hands. He saw two pedestals glow with something in each of them, as the object disappeared, giving the object in Maria's hand it's full shape and form. He caught her fall as she tilted backwards, as they both looked at her right hand. It appeared to be a crystal, a liquid blue-like fire eclipsing it. Peering inside the crystal, he saw the most beautiful thing he ever laid his eyes on. It swirled into forever, being what it was, Arc had come to the conclusion of what this item was.

The Chrono Cross.

Quickly, Arc looked at Maria, still in a mild shock. His fingers clasped her cold cheeks, holding her close for warmth. She had grown cold so quickly, what happened? He whispered in her ear, asking what happened when he took the right path.

"It was beautiful...I saw an endless field of stars, swirling and fusing with one another. A supernova eclipsing over itself, creating a vast mass of energy that engulfed the stars, creating the six elements, hand in hand. The Chrono Cross...the lost element. I hold their hands, in my hands."

How was Maria able to recreate the Chrono Cross? They said that it can only be created when the balance of time and space are at unrest, something disrupting the balance. Something had gone wrong, Arc assumed. And it laid in the deep recesses of time.

"They told me..to go the 'darkness of time', where history will repeat..Where Angels Lose Their Way."

They? Who were these people that she spoke of? However, he did understand the last part of her sentence. Where Angels Lose Their Way, where Serge's journey started and ended. It was at Opassa Beach, where the rift between worlds were at its strongest. They ran there with quick haste, reaching their destination, past the coral and through the sand.

In the center of the rough ground, was a small purple ripple of energy. Maria handed him the Chrono Cross, as he gazed into it once more. It was time to reach the source of it all. The element started to shine brightly in his hands, as time came to a standstill around them.

As he felt his heart skip a beat, he felt something pull him under. Black tendrils surrounded them, as they held each other close, as they descended into the darkness. Stars and what appeared to be planets spun around them rapidly, as they were greeted by a hideous sight. A giant mass of black and white energy appeared to be engulfing the stars around it, a black void surrounding it.

I am...the Infinity of Termina. Arc, it is you who will ruin the balance I have tried so hard to keep.

"Why is this? Why will I be the one who will ruin it all?"

You defied the now dead FATE upon leaving New Chronopolis, and caused havoc upon meeting Maria, the 'key' to unlocking the Chrono Cross. And it is your love you share, that will destroy Termina, and soon time itself.


When the future collides with the past, it will create a constant paradox in itself, causing the utter implosion of what you aee around you. Stars, planets. They will all be swallowed into nothingness, the 'Void Zero', the natural end of all things. You, Arc, are the future. You truly are, the Secret to Infinity. But, upon coming contact with the 'key', you have come into contact with the past itself. Upon meeting each other, you slowly created the 'Void Zero'.

This I shan't allow. Both of you, shall die here, in the 'Darkness of Time'.

"No! I won't let you!"

And as if a calling from a nether worldly force, a weapon appeared in his hands, in the form of a bright light. As he looked forward, he saw a silhouette of two people, hand in hand. They looked back at them, a man with blue hair, and a girl with blonde hair, smiling, disappearing into the Infinity. The weapon he held was strange, but he didn't care this point. He had to stop The Infinity, or else their love would be lost to time.

Hey look, our master gave us to some stranger. How inconsiderate of him.

Don't despair, Masa. He looks better than out last master. Haha!

Hey! Both of you! Knock it out! We got a battle at hand here!

Yikes, Doreen!

We'll be good...but I don't like the looks of this. This guy looks tough.

Well get yer arses into gear! We're fighting whether you like it or not!

Alright. Let's do this...I guess.

Taking in a deep breath, he ran towards the mass of energy, only to have himself pulled back by a shock wave of yellow energy. Maria tossed a blast of heat towards the Infinity, with minimal damage. Arc seemed to hear sounds from the attacks. Then something sprung onto his head. He took out the Chrono Cross, as it started to glow slowly. He remembered that the Chrono Cross's full power is activated upon unleashing the Element's full harmony, and he had two parts of it done.

He swung the weapon with great force, creating a emerald blast of sharp air towards it, the wind thinning out and dissipating on impact. Infinity laughed at their futile attempts. Maria seemed to grasp the plan at hand, as she plunged her hands into the ground, a tidal wave was created behind her. Arc plunged his double-bladed weapon into the ground to brace himself, as the tidal wave washed over Infinity. To serve as a counterattack, Infinity casted a miniature void of dark energy in front of him, attempting to suck them both in. Holding his ground, Arc held out his hand, as a small orb of light started to grow in his palm. The light grew in size, as it bursted into the form of a beam, that negated the void, the void imploding.

Resisting is useless. I am forever. I am neverending.

"This ends now! Chrono Cross!"

He held out the mighty gem, now glowing with a bright radiance, as it evolved into a light that engulfed all. He constantly heard the six elemental sounds, as they merged to create a beautiful symphony of life, and after it. After a little while, Arc's vision returned, seeing a broken Infinity, laid before him. The energy around it had been at disarray, the sound of small explosions coming from its insides.

So...beautiful. So that was the legendary Chrono Cross. But, upon defeating me, Termina will slowly fade away. Without Infinity, there is only nothing. Make you choice now...

So, history does repeat itself...

Arc turned to Maria, as he walked towards her slowly. He reached out and embraced her, as she felt a tear on her shoulder. She looked at him, only to find a face full of sadness staring back at her. He stared back at his defeated opponent, and looked at her once more.

"What's wrong?"

"I have to restore Infinity..I have to jump in there."

"What?! It'll kill you!"

"I have to do it. I can't let Termina be destroyed."

"What about me..? If Termina is saved, I won't be."

"I'll return to you, I promise."

Mouthing 'I love you', she gave him her pendant, Arc, keeping it close to his heart. He ran towards the broken Infinity with his eyes closed, tears wisping in the wind. He leaped towards the center of the mass of energy, as he opened his eyes. He saw everything in nothing, as his body became no more, his life force restoring Infinity, restoring itself in the form of a massive explosion.

Maria found herself back on Opassa Beach, the wind blowing through her hair, lying on the effortless sand. She stood up, and looked towards the endless sea before her. Now alone, she waited for him. Even after the currents of time came and passed, she was still waiting on that beach for him, a silhouette of what she once was embedded onto the sand.

When the tides reveal your face,
I will be here.
To return to your arms.

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Deep in the hundred acre wood where Christopher Ro
Tango with a ...mango?
name : Haruka Mewria
gender : female

age : 16

race : a kind of blend between human and dragon called zelen.

Time period : Past. Around the 16-17th century, eliemerth time.

homeworld : The colony of Eliemerth, Sword city Parista

appearance : gray hair, red left eye, purple right eye, VERY VERY long hair (about 3/4 her height), somewhat thin, but not too thin, she's about 5'10".

weapon : Harumi staff, a weird one,for sure. shaped like somekind of broken clock with a long handle.

powers : - velmonche-curious : a weird spell, used to trap enemies in a glass-like thing and break it to kill the enemy. Won't work if the enemy's too big though; it's overall a weak attack, except she adds some more attacks and effects before casting it.

- velmonche -agate : a stronger spell which took a bit longer to cast. Creates a large explosion which will target the enemy and also hurts non-targets (enemies or not) within 1 km range. very violent, but rarely used especially since her failed spellcasting test with one of the master summoner where she destroyed everything BUT the target.

items : She got a charm called 'Zelphen charm'. It was her dad's, made by her mom, and given to her. It's a good luck charm. She also have a silver chain, a memorial when she was trained as a craftknight. It was given by her lover, before he returns to the heavens.

personality : careless. she won't even notice it if she steps on someone. She often nearly crash on things like trees or else, but she's very funny. She does looks evil, but no, she's humorous. Although yeah, you musn't make her angry or else...but she's friendly, don't worry about asking.

strength : she's good at making boys suffer. Although she is humorous she's somewhat evil when it's about boys. Nice knowledge too.

weakness : Although she got some good knowledge there's one thing she can't even stand to: Algebra. She never got better than 45 in her tests when she's alive. And she's also short tempered too, which make her unable to cast velmonche agate correctly. (since it takes patience to do it...)

death : When a troop called Deyglans attacks her homecity, she was stabbed by her own friend, as one of the Deyglans soldiers was forcing Emeth, her friend to do it.

Bio: She was born in the family as the youngest from 3 siblings. Her brothers are the "Most annoying people in the world" as she said. She was experienced in sword mastery, taught by her own father, and in spell casting by her mother.

Of course, to cover her weakness in algebra, her parents tried to avoid giving her algebra lessons, but whatever, she did learn a bit. She, being a very ignorant and careless individual, was actually a very talkative and humorous person. She don't actually care about wars and deaths so much,though...

And she's never been Interested in strategy or whatever, She's such an ignorant one. That's why when The Sword City of Parista's under attack, she's the only one who's able to sleep in the middle of a bombard rain.(OMG)

others: Love chocolates and candies and sweet stuffs SO MUCH.
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