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School of Secret Combative [Sign-ups]

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Jun 10, 2005
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Top Secret

What you are about to read is top secret and can not be shared with anyone for your life and many others could be in great danger. It is a matter of secret around the world.

You have been choosen to go to a special school to learn special techniques. These techniques are what is taught to agents and assasins around the world. The shcool is call the School of Secret Combative. IF you choose to go to this school be warned. You will be forgotten from your family, friends, and will lose you original name, everything about you before you come to this school will be erased forever. Also there is risk of death at the school, during, and after.

Also if you choosen to come you will have five years of schooling for weaponry, fighting, computers, and stealth. By the way you answered yor questions you have been choosen to come to this school, but also how you choose those answers you will be broken up betweein learning to be an agent or an assasin. The difference is an agent works for a country forever and an assasin is hired. You do not get to pick which one you are because it is a matter of security for all countries that everything is split up evenly.

Warning! If you do not dispose of this properly if you choose not to join then you will be hunted down and killed. It is a precaution that must be done for security reasons for every country of the world.

Thank you


The Test

1. If you were walking down the street and a stranger came up to you and pulled out a gun to rob you. What would you do?

a. Run away

b. Fight the robber

c. give the money to the person

d. none of the above

2. Yes or No, If you learned to use a gun would you use it with out fear?

a. no

b. yes

3. What is your favorite color?

a. green

b. black

c. pink

d. brown

e. blue

f. none of the above

4. What are your favorite subjects in school?

a. math, science, and english

b. history, math, and science

c. history, english, math, and science

d. just plain enjoy all of school

5. You are trapped in a car stuck on a railroad track, a train is coming. The car is brand new and it cost alot of money. What do you do?

a. break a window and climb out

b. get hit by the train

c. re-wire the car to get it working and get off the tracks



Age: (must be 18 or older)
Year in School: (1 - 5)
Appearance: (I want it written out)
Answers to the test above: (like 1. a 2. b.....etc.)



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Oct 30, 2006
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Sorry i wasnt active last time -_- can i still be your Comptuter teacher. I will make your RP banner tommorow after church


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Jul 22, 2007
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Year in School: 4
Appearance: (check my avatar that is my appearance, accept he doesn't where an organization cloak)
Personality:Quite and merciless
Bio: Never really had a bio, I/he, just stuck to the shadows, no one ever really knew him so thats why he came to the school.

And yay first post on my guy


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Jun 10, 2005
Northern Illinois University
Xelhes that would be great!!! <33

DELTA152, I'm glad you want to join, but you really need to put more in your bio.; I can see this is your first time, but if you want to do well in the RP section you really have to give out a good effort. If you have an questions or need help, just PM me anytime..

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Dec 5, 2005
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Name:Adam Lynch

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Year in School: 1

Facial: Fenix’s hair is that of the color of fire, with red and orange hair mixing at random points on his head. His hair jets in a sloping direction towards the back of his head. His cheeks are rounded, and his nose medium sized and pointed, and his mouth is normally sized. His eyes are golden.

Body: Apart from his six foot eight inches normal build, he is slender, his weight does not usually end up over two hundred pounds, for he does not eat much.

Personality:Adam's primary desire is to be among those who care for him and for loved ones to be safe from harm. Curious about the world and the limits of the heart, he often takes on adventures that put himself at risk; but he usually tries to convince his friends not to endanger themselves by accompanying him.
Adam has also developed a cutting, sardonic sense of humor, with a tendency to turn other's insults against them.
Some of Adam's faults can be attributed to the many calamities in his life. Adam has personally witnessed five murders and has been forced to relive his earliest and arguably most terrifying memory - the murder of his parents by heartless.
Adam copes with the usual teenage difficulties in relationships. Sometimes Adam gets impatient and even angry with his friends, especially when they argue with each other.
Adam generally has trouble dealing with emotions and experiences near-extreme mood swings. He has trouble opening up to others, attempts to solve everything by himself, and veers between self-doubt and over-confidence; he has moments of low self-esteem.
He can undervalue his friends - preferring to "do it alone" in dangerous situations; his heroic nature often causes him to rush into situations without first assessing the dangers, making him dangerously predictable to his enemies. He can overreact in tense situations and make uninformed leaps of judgment.
At the other end of the spectrum, Adam can be easily angered when derogatory comments are directed to his parents or friends. In particularly emotional moments, he can sometimes do impressive damage to an enemy without consciously meaning to. He often refuses to accept advice or criticism either from someone he doesn't like, or those with whom he disagrees.
While Adam lacks intellectual curiosity, rarely taking the initiative to learn new powers that he is capable of performing unless he needs to, he shows curiosity in almost everything else.

Bio: Coming soon

Answers to the test above: B, A, B, B, C


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Feb 12, 2007
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Name: Johnston Theodore Abernathy or JT

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Year in School: 1

Appearance: He stands about 5'11'' to 6'0'' tall with carmel colored skin. His body was beaten into shape. He has hazel eyes with a flat nose due to his father breaking it on a couple of occasions. His lips as a scar down the middle and his cheeks are a little chubby. A piece of his left ear is gone due to a roundhouse kick to the side of the head by his father. He wore his father's old camo jacket with the sleeves and pockets ripped off. He has on black jeans with sneakers and has on no shirt. He also wears gloves with the straps loose until he trains. He has a shaved head because his father love to give him a buzz cut. He has a tattoo on the back of his neck that says "futeki" or fearless in Japanese.

Personality: He's a fun loving kid. Always has a positive outlook on life and sports a smile every time you see him. Fiercely loyal to everyone that he befriends and wouldn't hurt a fly. He doesn't like to fight that much until he's provoked. Thats what his father taught him

Bio: JT was brought up in the slums of South Dakota. His parents adopted him when he was born. Being a military couple, they were moved from station to station since before JT came along. JT didn't have that many friend from 4 to 10. His mother tried to be loving but his father didn't want that. He wanted his son to be a soldier and not a "soft hearted ignorant fun boy" as he so colorfully put it. As time went by, JT was trained in Thai Boxing, Judo, and Wrestling. Being that he started at 10, his father went easy on him the first couple of days. He said it was only because they kept moving a whole lot.

When JT was 12, they finally came to settle in Jacksonville, Florida. He began to make a couple of friends but couldn't hold them because of his father starting to increase the training tenfold. His friends would watch in horror as the father and son would spar with no protection. They stared as they basically fought each other for an hour each day. And now being in Jacksonville, the heat would make JT past out. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger his father would say as he dump countless buckets of water on his while he laid on the ground.

This went on for the next 5 years as the time for him to enroll in the Army came closer and closer. His mother didn't want to be apart of it but it was his father's dream. A son in the Army would make him proud but that wasn't what JT wanted. So it was his 18th birthday and his father beamed with joy. When he was about to leave, he recieved a letter about some Academy. Since he wanted to get away from the Army and his Dad, he filled out the test and signed up for selective service and hoped that the Academy picked him.

Answers to the test above:


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Aug 8, 2004
BO, do I still have to put up my temp even though I was already accepted last time?


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Aug 19, 2006
((ooc: Please tell me if I need to elaborate more on certain parts of my template ^^;;))

Name: Fayte

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Year in School: 1

Appearance: Fayte is 5'2'' and has a slim figure and also has tan skin. She has long, black hair that comes down to her mid-back. She has blue eyes with pink cheeks and a small nose. She wears a blue, kimono style top with a blue skirt to go along with the outfit. She also wears black heels that isn't so high.

Personality: Fayte is a quiet person at first but once she gets comfortable of her surrounding, then she starts to show her true self. She enjoys meeting new people and making new friends. She likes to be honest towards others and tries to help people whether they're an enemy or a friend. Fayte puts others before herself and likes to see others being happy and just enjoying themselves.

Bio: Fayte was born into an average family and always enjoyed their company. Although she had friends who were unfortunate than her, she never thought anything bad about them or ever thought highly of herself. Her parents were always on business trips and were never really home so she raised herself with the help of her maids. She would work out everyday by running around her neighborhood early in the morning or would do yoga at her backyard. At times, she trained herself in combat and would sometimes go to the gym to train herself to fight and would learn new techniques.

Answers to the test above:
1. B
2. A
3. E
4. C
5. C
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