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School of Secret Combative (An Original RP)

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Jun 10, 2005
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"Who would think that some small test
in school could mean so much?
Five quick questions and then sometimes after graduation
no one knows what happens to you
if you are choosen from the test." - James High School Student

"I've heard you go someplace and they
totally erase you from the earth.
I think you go to space or something."
- Prairie Central High School Student

"Whatever that test everyone has to take, it
sure does mean alot to
people that we take it." - Forrest Woods High School Student

"Maybe it is best if we don't know what happens
to you after high school if you are choosen.
I mean it isn't like they die or anything: right?" - Jasper High School

The Test

1. If you were walking down the street and a stranger came up to you and pulled out a gun to rob you. What would you do?

a. Run away

b. Fight the robber

c. give the money to the person

d. none of the above

2. Yes or No, If you learned to use a gun would you use it with out fear?

a. no

b. yes

3. What is your favorite color?

a. green

b. black

c. pink

d. brown

e. blue

f. none of the above

4. What are your favorite subjects in school?

a. math, science, and english

b. history, math, and science

c. history, english, math, and science

d. just plain enjoy all of school

5. You are trapped in a car stuck on a railroad track, a train is coming. The car is brand new and it cost alot of money. What do you do?

a. break a window and climb out

b. get hit by the train

c. re-wire the car to get it working and get off the tracks

The School
Every year in high school the senior class has to take a test. The questions are always the same and it takes place near the end of the year. Everything about the test is a mystery because things happen after graduation. Some students go off to college, but never come back. Friends never see friends again and slowly both the friends and parents ever forget that this person existed.

Where do they go and for what purpose? And this is the answer:

Top Secret

What you are about to read is top secret and can not be shared with anyone for your life and many others could be in great danger. It is a matter of secret around the world.

You have been choosen to go to a special school to learn special techniques. These techniques are what is taught to agents and assasins around the world. The shcool is call the School of Secret Combative. IF you choose to go to this school be warned. You will be forgotten from your family, friends, and will lose you original name, everything about you before you come to this school will be erased forever. Also there is risk of death at the school, during, and after.

Also if you choosen to come you will have five years of schooling for weaponry, fighting, computers, and stealth. By the way you answered yor questions you have been choosen to come to this school, but also how you choose those answers you will be broken up betweein learning to be an agent or an assasin. The difference is an agent works for a country forever and an assasin is hired. You do not get to pick which one you are because it is a matter of security for all countries that everything is split up evenly.

Warning! If you do not dispose of this properly if you choose not to join then you will be hunted down and killed. It is a precaution that must be done for security reasons for every country of the world.

Thank you


1. No God-moding
2. No Power-playing
3. Romance = PG13
4. I know it sucks that you don't get to choose to be either an assasin or an agent, but I need to make sure that it is split up evenly b/c I know almost everyone will want to be an assasin...I've RPed for a long time...I know these things
5. You don't know much about anything when you start if you are a first year student, and please I wish to have some first years!!
6. Post "shhhhh..." if you have read these
7. Have fun and PM me if you need anything


Redemption and Blackest Night
(this is a joint class)
Agent Teacher: Every Heart
Assasin Teacher: Thespis

Agent Teacher: Xelhes
Assasin Teacher: Lycian Wolf

Agent Teacher: Reckless Chaos
Assasin Teacher: Ultima Keyblade


Age: (must be 18 or older)
Year in School: (1 - 5)
Appearance: (I want it written out)
Answers to the test above: (like 1. a 2. b.....etc.)

Teachers Only Template:

Appearance: (can be a picture)
History: (past missions, or anything of importance, and why you where choosen to teach at the school)
Other: (anything I missed you want to add)


My character will be the Head Mistress of the school. This first post is already really long so I figured I would just post my template after a few people join.

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Name: Raine ( no last name )
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Position: Assassin Teacher of Fighting
Appearance: http://eu.guildwars.com/images/uploads/nika.jpg Raine has light blue hair and is usually seen with a mask over her mouth and nose
History: Not a lot of people know Raine. At least her true self. None of her students ever got more than her name and age from her. The teachers never try to make any contact with her. She has rather a nasty attitude. All she wants to do is to do her job and that is it. The head mistress denies of any horrible or bleak past. She just seemed to always have an attitude.

Raine was always a brilliant student. But when brains failed, she could always back up herself with brute force. She was the strongest girl in her high school. She shoved any crap she got from anyone back at them with twice the force. It was then that fateful test occurred. Like always, she skimmed through it like it was elementary. When the letter came in the mail, Raine gave no second thought on it.

Like high school, Raine was as brilliant as ever. She was top in her classes. She was made to be an assassin. Five years of near perfection. There was no surprise when she was asked to be the new teacher of Fighting once she graduated. There was no surprise that she accepted. There was no surprise that all of her students were terrified of her.

Other: Raine never takes off her armor or weapons. She believes an assassin needs to be ready for battle, even in sleep.


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Feb 3, 2004
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Name: Adrian Evans
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Year in School: 1
Appearance: Jared is dark skinned and stands at about six foot three, 220 pounds. He has a very athletic build, his muscles aren't gigantic, but they are nowhere near small. Facially, Jared is pretty handsome, strong jaw, nice smile, light brown eyes. His hair is cut short, fading from the side burns up and it is wavy. He also wears reading glasses form time to time. His wardrobe also varies, though it typically wil consist of some shirt, jeans and sneakers.
Personality: He is generally laid-back, but can become obsessive and uptight when things he is working on do not go his way. This seldom happens, so it is quite easy for him to find friends. Jason is also very determined to finish what he starts, this can be seen as somewhat of a weakness though, as he may ignore other tasks. For example, when he first began learning basketball, he absorbed himself into learning the game for at least three days forgetting his chores, showers and even eating. It did pay off though, he is now an excellent shooting guard.
Bio: Recent Graduate of El Cerrito High, Adrian is looking very forward to this next summer. He no longer has to succumb to the pressures of high school, no more jerk teachers, foot coaches from hell, snobby students that take themselves too seriously, all gone. At least for three months anyways. In the meantime, he'll just do this survey he got in the mail.
Answers to the test above: 1a 2b 3red 4d 5c
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Name: Jake Thomas
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Position: Agent teacher of fighting

Appearance: http://tn3-2.deviantart.com/fs8/300W/i/2005/294/c/8/Rick_Cressen___Mana_EXE_by_Zeag.jpg

History: Jake was a very violent child in his younger days. His father being a blackbelt at Muay Boran, and his mother being a Black belt at Wu shu didn't help much with his violence except make it worse since they were training him. Though he got A's in class, Jake got either ISS or Out of school suspension for fighting.

The rest of his school life seemed to just fly by until that fateful day he took the test. He answered each question which gave either the coolest answer or the violent one.

Will finish later

Other: will edit
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Apr 15, 2004
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Name: Agent Dorian Karsh

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Position: Agent Co-instructorof the Weapons class, specializing is Chinese short and mid-range weapons, as well as sniper rifles and small handguns.

Appearance: Dorian on his last allowed Weekend Leave from the School
Dorian Karsh is a well-built man, standing approximately 6 feet tall with a lithe, yet muscular, frame that demands respect and exudes authority. He takes strides rather than steps, every motion one of which he is compeletely sure. A cunning smile is usually present upon his face, adding to his somewhat mysterious allure that is only accented by his constantly present sunglasses.
Dorian's clothes often vary, though his preferred outfit for casual wear is a pair of dark faded jeans and an athletic fit black shirt, short-sleeve or otherwise. While teaching, Dorian will either wear business casual attire, or teach dressed entirely in a suit, clad solely in black and white. When wearing any long-sleeved attire, Dorian always conceals two extendable swords within his sleeves as a precautionary measure.
Mr. Karsh's only distinguishing marks are the two small, silver hoops he has in his ears, and a single, jet black stripe tatoo that runs around his left bicep.​

Personality: While teaching, Mr. Karsh is all seriousness. He rarely smiles in class, if ever, and will not hesitate to make a student completely aware of how a simple mistake could cost many people their lives. His penetrating stare has been known to silence even the bravest of troublemakers. Outside of class, however, Mr. Karsh is a relatively pleasant man. He enjoys music, chess, having a good time, flirting, and sarcasm. Mr. Karsh is very good at giving advice and is altogether a rather approachable man, if he is not working or teaching.

History: I will edit this soon enough.

Other: I will edit this soon enough.
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Jun 10, 2005
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The Head Mistress

Name: Agent Gwen

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Appearance: http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a9/BigMommaKayla/girls126.jpg

A few things you can't see in the picture are the two pistols in a holder on her waist and a tatoo of a bright red rose on her right hand with a stem, leaves, and thorns.

Personality: Gwen is pretty much secluded from others. She likes to be by herself when it comes down to things. Doing missions for years by herself has kep her from really working well with others. It isn't like she is mean or anything she just doesn't know how to be do teamwork.

Gwen also has a side to her that is pretty famous about her as well. If caught in a tight spot she seems to go berserk and kill alot without remembering doing so afterwards, this is a reason as well as to why she wasn't hired to teach fully.

History: Gwen isn't really her real name, she lost that way back in the begining of the school. She was in the first class to pass through and graduate in the School of Secret Combative when is finally began the tests. Choosen to be an agent she got all of her missions from the United States CIA starting from her third year in the school. The first in her class to do so.

By the time she graduated she had become a legend in her class. 200 kills, 400 missions, and even a well paying job. Gwen went on after graduation to be at the top of the CIA for years till when she was 27 she had a freak accident on a mission and lost full function of her left leg. That was when the school called her up. It seems the last head master died on a mission and they needed someone to take over. Being as she couldn't do missions anymore, but the CIA needed her brains and how others looked up at her.

Now it is Gwen's third year of taking care of the school and it is easier than ever. Countries from around the world now come to the school to find agents and assasins for their country. By bringing in all countries of the world to teach students and to have countries hire students she has brought in more money than ever. Gwen is ready for another year and can't wait to meet the students and scared the students to death with the moves she can still do.

Gwen loves to play her instrument the violin around midnight almost everynight. If you get a room close enough to her suite you can listen to her play sweet music every night.
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Name: Mr. Evan Strong
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Position: Co. Instructor of Weapons class, specializing in axes, broad swords, and other heavy, close range weaponry as well as automatic rifles, shotguns, and heavy arms.
Appearance: Evan

Evan stands at 6’3, 258 pounds of pain and reward. He likes to keep things casual, wearing a simple attire of a black wife-beater, pair blue jeans, and black shoes, or some variation of that. But it isn’t strange to see him in formal wear, either.

Personality: Although a relatively quiet man, Evan has a brilliant mind for combat. He speaks his mind and the truth, but does it intelligently, as to not make a bad situation worse. His many years of combat training had kept him strict and disciplined in his own life as well as the classroom, his demand for order evident. But even so, the war-matured veteran is an easy man to be around, for he is a good listener, but his obvious intimidation makes most timid.
History: (Will complete later)
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Tom's Diner.

Name: Jay Magnus

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Position: Stealth Assassin Instructor

Appearance: Although his natural blonde hair and bright blue eyes do nothing to conceal his Scandinavian heritage, these features are nearly always obscured by a (usually) tasteful combination of wigs, dyes, and contact lenses. Being of average height and build for a man in his early twenties, his forgettable face is actually a small source of pride for Jay, and a good investment on behalf of his employers. He can blend into a crowd unnoticed with seemingly practiced ease and follow you for quite some time before you begin to suspect it. The only distinguishable feature on his body that cannot be (completely) hidden are a series of small scars that streak across his upper-right arm and torso, the result of an unfortunate accident in his early teens.

His usual dress is low-key, sticking to dull and faded colors, although he has a much more colorful array of clothes kept away should he be required to really dress the part. He is has never been one for accessories, finding them to be both bothersome and unnecessary.

Personality: Despite the strict standards of discipline and self control that dictate his profession, Jay tends to be quite content with and enthusiastic about his job, his students, his health, and pretty much everything else in his life. He loves to laugh and loves it even more when he makes others do the same. Jay tries to find the sheer awesomeness in many of life's most simple things, such as the way a particular crack in the sidewalk appears in light drizzle. Once he finds these things, he tries to impress their importance in an almost childlike way to anyone he meets, which usually results in the annoyance of his colleagues. It takes very little for him to become incredibly happy, and he forgives most everything because he forgets (something he naively thinks all others do as well).

On the job, however, this normal demeanor will fade away in a flash. Once his mind is engaged, Jay can become as cold, calculating, and indifferent as the best of them. In such a sharp contrast to his regular persona, it has been wondered (behind his back) which side is the "True Jay Darkholme"; the indifferent assassin or the innocent twenty-something. It has also been debated whether or not the more innocent side is simply his mind and soul' attempt to make sense of the profession he had no intention on entering.

History: Born in the United States into a mostly Swedish family, Jay grew up in a semi-multilingual environment (his grandparents and distant relations spoke fluent Swedish), and he believes that it was due to this that sparked his interest in becoming an interpreter. He entered college intending on dual majoring in the Russian Language and Linguistics, and many of his professor's were astonished by how quickly he picked up this difficult language. His polyglot skills were also noticed by an outside firm, which offered Jay a face job as a full time interpreter. Their real intentions for hiring, though, were just a tad bit more sinister.

With his language skills, Jay was sent multiple times to various locations in Russia and the Ukraine, all on the assumption that he was working as an interpreter. His company would actually give him a small linguistics job, as not to alert him right off the bat, but slowly his tasks became, to him at least, a bit more mundane. I mean, who wants to deliver packages all across the country or wait outside in a van while your associate disappears for hours at a time?

As he neared his twentieth birthday, Jay was on the verge of quitting when the true intentions of his corporation became known. By that time he had been indirectly responsible for the deaths of four prominent Russian politicians. Then, as to seal the deal with blood, his identity was leaked to the Russian KGB by his own employers; the resulting bounty on him and his was enough to make him understand that it was now kill or be killed. What he found disturbing, though, as he entered an intense training program in Prague, was that although he already had blood on his hands, he felt very little remorse for his actions. It would take a while for him to come to terms with his own raw view of life and death, good and evil, and how money quite easily blurred the line between the two, but eventually he was able to get a grip on himself and keep his thoughts and emotions on the matter in check.

Several cases and payments later, Jay was reassigned by the higher-ups to the school where he currently teaches, although his does not know yet whether or not this was a pro or demotion. Regardless, he has long since learned to stay where he is assigned, and has found he quite enjoys the brief respite to the never ending stress that is assassin field work.

Other: Fluent in Swedish, Russian, and Ukrainian. Specializes in poison and framing. Noted for his work on famed Russian author Ivan Bolovick; to this day authorities still claim his death was suicide.


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Name:Sean Alton

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Year in School: 1

Appearance:5 foot 8, Long dirty blonde hair he has brown eyes, and is caucassian. Wears a brown beanie,an Element shirt, Jeans, and red and black Adios for his shoes. He has an athletic build but isnt too musculer. He wears contacts but sometimes glasses. Other than that he looks like a freshman in college.

Personality:He is fun and seems always to be happy, smiling all the time. He tends to be kind of slow and always has something to say usually getting him in trouble. Sean talks alot and winds up getting into conversations with people he dousnt even know but thats fine with him. He craves attention and pulls lots of pranks though usually getting him into fights. Sean skates alot and loves to listen to rock while he does it.

Bio: Sean Alton comes from a family of four, his family was pretty wealthy. Since he usually got into trouble at school his parents learned that they needed to intervene they sent him to private school for a while until he was kicked out for behaviour he promised not to be too bad and they sent him back to highschool for his last two years. When he was a senior he took the test and got the invitation to the school.

Answers to the test above: 1.b 2.b 3.f 4.b 5.a

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Name: Grant Forbes
Age: Nineteen
Gender: Male
Year in School: Second

Grant has dark blonde hair. His bangs are pushed out of his face, usually swept to the left side of his face. Just above his bangs it's sticks up, creating a cowlick-like effect. Behind that it's swept back and slightly long, reaching down just past his neck. His clothing consists of a thin hooded sweater, with blue and white stripes. Over that he wears a longsleeve gray sweater with no hood which he buttons up in the center of his torso. He wears bright blue jeans with an acid wear that fades into white as it reaches his knees. His shoes are plain white slip ons. He stands at 6'2, and he's quite thin. His eyes are a bright green.

Grant is extremely laid-back. His life choices usually revolve around what's easiest. Despite that, he's very easygoing, usually referring to every he meets as his buddy. He doesn't talk much when in a large group, but instead he prefers to sit and listen to what everyone else is saying. Due to his quiet nature and quirky smile, most people think that he's a bit slow, never paying attention, when the exact opposite is true. When alone or with a select group of people his true personality shines, and it would seem that he has a somewhat dark and quirky sense of humor, usually making references to "F*CK YEAH SEAKING!"

Bio: Grant is an only child. Throughout most of his childhood he spent his time alone, preferring to interact with inanimate objects, such as rocks or gamecubes. As he grew older he started to interact with other people, although they were usually people much older than himself. He spent as much time as possible at school, even if it was just sitting around watching the after school activities. His mother supported him and herself, so she was usually at work, leaving him with a lot of time to himself, however he never used his time to do anything stupid or dangerous, instead he opted to read and learn as much as possible, knowledge being his ultimate prize. For the most part he made friends with all his teachers, constantly asking them questions and even participating in conversations with them after school hours. In school he was nothing short of spectacular, even astounding his teachers in most cases. His senior year he took the test, but instead of answering the questions truthfully he decided to joke around, not believing the rumors about it. He answered his questions in the form of his favorite animal, and to his amazement he received a letter inviting him to the school, but then his mom got scared and said "You're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air." I whistled for a cab and when it came near, the license plate said "Fresh" and it had dice in the mirror. If anything I could say that this cab was rare but I thought "Nah, forget it, Yo homes, to Bel-Air!" I pulled up to the house about seven or eight and I yelled to the cabby, "Yo homes, smell ya later!" I looked at my kingdom, I was finally there, to sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air.

jk but he did get the letter and decided to attend

Answers to the test above:
1. S
2. E
3. A
4. L
5. S

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*puts finger near lips* "shhh"

Name: Shadow

Nickname(s): Shade or Shady

Age: Eighteen, but is quickly coming up on turning nineteen.

Gender: Female

Year in School: 1

Appearance: Shadow has long, flowing raven hair that goes down to her lower-back; she is a pale girl but she isn't a ghostly white color. She has bright gold eyes that seems to pierce straight through you, her lips are an icy-red color that just seems to make her skin appear that much paler; she's a slim girl but it's at a healthy weight. When she isn't wearing her school robes/clothes, she wears close-cut jeans that seems to have a chain on the hip. She wears a blue tank-top with a broken blood red heart on it, her sneekers are that of a dark blue almost black hue. Something like her: Shadow

Personality: Cunning, cold-hearted, not giving a damn how others feel; but don't let this fool you. Behind that mask of anger and hate, is a hurt teen scearching for someone to love her. Shy and withdrawn, she doesn't truly let it show but she's sick and tired of being hurt the way she has been. Hiding behind a wall of ice she keeps her silence within that protective wall, but yet still that dreamer she use to be. A true romantic at heart, she just won't let herself fall in love; but the question is: will that all change with time?

Bio: Shadow was abandon when she was four, living her life on the streets to survive she was brought in at the age of ten; she shortly lost the one person that she thought of as a father learning to take care of herself. Not even getting close to the person, she continued her life until the age of sixteen when she began working at a store; knowing that she needed to continue she did behind the store owner's back.

She doesn't mind having her memories 'destroyed' shall we say, never wanting those ones anyway they only remind her of the childhood she wished she never had; reaching the school easily she was told that she would lose her memories. "What would it matter if I lost my memories? I don't want those things anyway!" After having told the headmistress this she found her way to her room, now she wants for her training to begin.

Answers to the test above:

1. B
2. A
3. E
4. C
5. A

Theme Song: Isn't Something Missing... by Evanescence

Battle Theme: Room of Angel

Quote: You look at me and think you know me, but the truth is you don't this is only a masquerade.


I will finish the rest later.
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Shhhhhhh... Everything is a Secret.

Name: Sky Harrison

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Year in School: 5 (Bo said I could. =D)

Appearance: Sky is an older girl. Her deep Jade green eyes and her shoulder length brown hair, with her nice toned body makes up for her life. She has her heart shaped face and she has her Button nose from her father side. She sometimes hides her right eye with her hair just for it. She will usually wear something casually just fot it, Jeans and maybe a Tshirt.

Personality: Sky is a fun loving girl with a thing for Fire, and Weapons. Anything that is shiny will catch her eye, though she is calm when things go all hellish she has a way of always having a smile on. Never really cold just a happy girl. Who's heart is always welcomed. Though it may be a mask from the outside, it doesnt mean she cant be cold. If she has a job to do, then she will do it. Even if it means killing someone in the process.

Bio: Sky is a fast learner, when she was younger her father was in the Marines, a Gunny Sergeant who trained the Maggots until they where ready. She was always with her dad on trips and Always asking question about the Service.

When she left for High school she was going to go in the Marines, and go for flying the jets but..something caught her. She was given a test at the end of her Senior year, seeming like she passed her Father was happy. Not really knowing what was going on. When she finally came to the school she laughed. Finding a lot of kids around her she thought it would be easy.

Wow wrong.

By her 3rd year of school a lot of kids where gone in her grade. She was getting worried, but she knew not all can make it. Only the best.

Her last year of school was weirder, more kids where gone. She was really the only girls left, guys where there and she knew it. At last she was 5th year. Something she was proud of, she now had her own Room, (no more sharing) And she was able to pick her own class's. She planned on helping the new kids with the school knowing what the are in for.

Answers to the test above:


Quto: Welcome! Remember those pointy things you see? Don't touch them!

Other: She knows a lot of different Languages, Italian, Russian, Spanish, French as well as Japanese.

Theme song- Electropop
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Nice job so far everyone, but we need more people!! Go ask aground bring people in...I want this RP big! and I mean BIG!! I may want to open more thread about it I want to so big.

PLUS!! Results of tests are in!!

Lionheart06 - Agent

Battlecry - Assasin

Oblivion_Soldier - Assasin

Sparkle_Motion - Agent

Kari'Heart - Agent

Sorasheart281 - Assasin

This RP will start when we got more people!! so ask around!!

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Name: Everi Illusion
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Position: Agent Teacher for Stealth
Appearance: Wears completely black: Black shoes, pants, and short sleeved shirt. Wears a pair of black gloves as well. Her hair is slightly past her shoulders and is dark brown. Has intimidating dark grey eyes hidden behind a pair of glasses and when she smiles, she reveals pointed teeth like fangs.
History: She somewhat lacks in the fighting department, but she makes it up with her intelligence. Is relatively quiet and known for spooking people with her unknown prescence in the room. But Everi can be quite intimidating to her students, especially if she thinks that they are failing. She puts on a false cherriness when making people look bad in front of others, and some may consider it a miracle if they pass her Stealth class.

(That's the most that I can put at the moment. Good to see that the rp is starting!)
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