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Fanfiction ► School Day (Khi Style)

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Jan 20, 2004
Aurora, IL
*falls to ground in sobs*

Please forgive the editor.
Finals and reading new books I got for my birthday (yes you missed it...meanies...), writing my own fanfic, helping another friend with HER fanfic....
T-T And Okami.
How can you put this over being a god manifested into a wolf?

Yeah, I didn't think so!!! XP

I EXPECT to be done by saturday. If not, hire an assasin.


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Oct 3, 2004
School Day (KHI Style) Chapter 12: a Junkie Named Milkman (part 2)

When we Last Joined Your Heros, They somehow became stranded in Canada on their way to las vegas,we now rejoin our heros
in a desert, 10 miles off the coast of....somewhere.

"How'd i get myself into this situation" Milkman Through to himself
"How i end up with these losers" Phoneix throught to himself
"How i end up with these asses, but milkman seems kinda hawt" Rose Throught to herself
" I Wonder what kind of Bra Rose is currently wearing" Hokage Throught to himself.

The Group came to a Stop, looked around them and sighed in distress.
Just as they were going to give up, they spotted a near by diner,in exciment they all rushed over the the diner.
* 1 min later*
They Group had Eaten over 200 plates of food and were totally stuffed.
They a Mysterious man Walked over to them, He kinda looked like L from the anime "DeathNote",he walked over to them and
said " Heres your check " They Group was shocked at the check
"Daaaaam...Thats more 0s then on my test grades" said milkman
"uhh...is there a loan program available"? Asked Hokage
"Yes,but with a High Intrest rate" Silh said
"Mind explaining it to us?" Asked Phoneix
"Well..its 10% retur....."
By the Time silh finished talking, everyone had ran out the door.
" I hate it,when they run" he said to himself

At the Next Moment Silh was in Pursuit of Our Heros in his Geo Metro.

As the Race Raged on and on and......

"omg we're not going to lose him...Were gonna die!!!" Yelled milkman

Rose Signed and Backhanded him again,but Milkman Ducked

"Ha! Missed" *Whack* Milkman was hit by a Straw Mailbox. " ow ~.~

"omg..look.......He Won't be Able to Follow us there Due to Canada's Strict Pedophile bans :D " Yelled Hokage as he pointed at a line on the street

"Nuuuu..its the Border to Canada" Yelled Silh " I gotta Stop them here and now"

Silh pressed a button on his car and suddenly a Strangelover (UT reference) Popped outta his Trunk...He Steadly Aimed and fired toward milkman and the gang.

"Ah crap...." Said Hokage

The Next Moment..Hokage and the Gang Were Blown to High Hell and were all laying nearly dead on the side of the road
" omfg...Damn you Silh!!!!!.....I Had No Insurance....Im Going to kill you!!"

Suddenly Hokage ,in a Rage takes out his Ak 47, while silh Draws out his Silhoettes and a Fierce Battle is Started.

Suddenly Hokage Tries to End the by using his Super Urber Technique " Drive By Atk!!!!"

And Silh just stood there Preparing to take the attack head on..and as the Two Forces Collided...........

- Suddenly a Bell rung and Milkman came to his senses-
"Huh?.." Said Milkman as he looked around and noticed it was night
"what time is it " he said as he yawned
he looked at the clock as it read 2:00am

o.o.........-sigh- " oh well......-goes to sleep-

And thats the end of the Freaking Milkman Chronicles...Finally......BTW: if ur gonna complain about typos..im just gonna save u same text and tell u to screw off.....but the Re-Edited Version should Return in a Matter of 2-8 weeks..depending on what happpens first..

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