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Scavengers (Sign-up's and OOC)

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Jun 10, 2005
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(This is an old RP that I made a long time ago, back when I was just starting out on KHI. I was told to try putting it together again, so I decided I would since I'm off for summer break from college.)


The meteor struck the earth with such force that day. It had been predicted long ago, around the time I turned nine years old. It was imminent. NASA had no mission worthy enough to destroy it, and no other space program from around the world had any idea on how to stop it. So instead of preventing it, the humans built shelters and invited machines. Miles underground huge bullet-proof glass domes were built; large enough for cities filled with millions of people. Across the world these cities were built from Tokyo to Los Angeles. Skyscrapers were constructed inside, and people bought them from their life savings, trying to save themselves. It was the saddest day of my life when both my grandparents and my parents put all their money together and bought my younger brother and me an apartment in one of the buildings.

I was fifteen when the asteroid hit earth. It didn’t happen the day it was planned to, only those who had bought apartments in the new cities were saved, billions of people died across the world because they lacked the money to live in the domed cities. After a few months the ground was moved and the domed cities moved from the ground and into the skies to catch the sun. Many governments had planned for food, with domed farms dotted across the globe. Airplanes had become obsolete as helicopters became more efficient and could carry more supplies. Scientists said it would be only a matter of years before the dust would totally settle and the humans could return to earth; they were right about the dust, but humans would never be able to return to the ground below; at least for now.

When the asteroid hit earth, it brought something that humans had only seen in horror movies. The billions of humans and animals who died didn’t stay dead, the asteroid brought with it micro-organisms that infested bodies and mutated the cells. Evolution for billions of creatures happened in only four years with inhuman creatures that now roam the earth below the cities. Experts had only prepared for 30 years of domed life, if humans don’t make it back to earth to start anew; the human race will forever be forgotten in history.

The mutated creatures below the cities though are the most dangerous living things that humans have ever encountered. The worst part is if you are bitten you are infested and become one of them with no vaccine; no cure. This is where my story officially begins and this is where the scavengers come in. Skilled and trained, killing and fighting individuals who risk their lives to capture samples, collect data, or find material for scientific research. Welcome to the world of tomorrow and hell.


No God-moding
No Powerplaying
Romance PG-13
If you decide you want to try something fun you can have your character die and become a creature.
If you have any questions just Private Message me



Main Skills/Weapons: (guns, knives, fighting style, etc.)


Name: Kami Semply

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Main Skills/Weapons: Gymnastics and self-taught fighting skills. Uses mostly the two 9mm handguns on the holsters on her hips. Has two shotguns across holsters criss-crossed on her back with ammo packed across her chested and more on her belt holster. For back up she carries a knife on her right thigh and a hidden one in her left shoe.

Appearance: Kami is 5'6" tall, slender but extremely muscular. She has long brown hair most of the time kept in a high ponytail for a few wisps of hair in her face. Round, lean face with high cheek bones. She has hazel eyes with naturally bright pink lips. Kami has a large scar that runs down the length of her left arm.
She wears brown shorts 1/3 the way down her thighs with plenty of pockets. Knee-high white socks with light-weight brown leather boots. Kami wears a turtle-neck dark-green shirt with 3/4 length tight sleeves.

Bio: Kami grew up at a young age with her younger brother and her two parents. When she was nine years old her world was turned upside down as the human race scrammbled to fight against extinction. In only six years she was forced to take grow up even faster than normal. Instead of going to high school dances and flirting with boys; Kami was putting together an apartment, taking care of her 11 year old brother, and saying good-bye forever to her parents and grandparents.

When the meteor hit earth Kami was working for a babysitting company in the Chicago Dome. After the dust cleared companies started to pay millions of dollars to train and hire people to become scavengers. Kami was already having trouble paying for the apartment. If you can't pay you go on the streets, where you can barely survive. Kami joined a scientific corporation and started in the program. She wasn't at the top of her class, but she did her best and finished the courses and began field work right away.

Kami learned not to become close with anyone, but she won't work alone because groups are always better. She also learned that you don't trust scavengers from other companies. Scavengers work for a set amount of money for what they have to scavenge. Their are some who will kill others just for money.

As of now Kami is one of three left from her class and she is doing everything she can to keep her brother away after she learned how dangerous of a job a scavenger is.

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Jan 16, 2009
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sounds awsome,im in

Name:Von Lee



Main Skills/Weapons: Trained in several different martial arts as well as bushido.He carrys a long katana similiar to Kenpachi's from Bleach except without the rugged edge.He has a 9 mill pistol on his right holster and a sniper rifle on his back.He is also an expert tactician.

Appearance:Von is a African American who stands at about 6 feet and has an average bulid.His black hair is braided straight to the back.He has black eyes and a scar going horizontily accross his face.He wears a black zip-up hoodie and a white t-shirt underneath.He has black combat pants and a pair of black Convers Chuck Taylors high-tops.

Bio:Von live in Detroit,Mi with his mother and father till he was about 5.He was saw as a child genius.He was reading the dictionary by the time he was 4.His parents then moved to Okinawa,Japan because his fathers company moved.He enjoyed this because it gave him the ability to learn martial arts at a very early age.When he was 7 his life became totaly chaotic with everyone preparing for the day of impact.He however continued his life as if nothing had been anounced.When he was 10 he trained in the art of bushido.

Then the day came.He was 13 and he had moved back to America to help his grandmother.He had gotten a job at Toshiba so he could pay for her house and food.Shortly after he heard of the scavenger program.He decided to join so he could make the world a better place to live in for his grandmother and so his family can come home.He graduated at the top of his class and went directly onto the battlefield.

He was always a bit of a loner and very quiet.Being an only child he never realy conected with anyone.He has only cared about his family,a select group of friends,and other scavengers in his group.


Apr 21, 2005

I'm sure there's a few people around nowadays who were also in the original of this...
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