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Scary Asian Ghost Stories

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Jul 20, 2005
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A married couple, with a young son, was always fighting, bickering, you name it. One day out of pure rage, the father murdered the mother. He hid his crime well, no one suspected anything. But he noticed something strange about his son. The boy never complained about the absence of his mother.

"Son, why aren't you calling out for Mommy? Most little boys would want their mommy to be with them. Tell me what's bothering you."

The little boy replied, "I'm fine. I was just curious why you're always carrying Mommy on your back."


There was 2 ballerina's who were best friends named Hyunji and Jihyun..Hyunji always won first place in every ballerina competition...and Jihyun always won second..one day they had to perform in another ballerina competition and Jihyun decided to kill Hyunji..So soon after Hyunji died. So now Jihyun always won first place

There was another competition and Jihyun was on her way to the competition and all of a sudden she gets into a car crash..and dies..Jihyun parents come in the hospital (where they have dead people) and all of a sudden Jihyun starts dancing...and the dad took pictures of the grl..

--5 years later--
Jihyun's mom was looking to old junk and then she spot the camera she hadn't developed the day they went to the hospital..
she develops them and wen she takes a look..and soon after she faints and dies..da dad saw the pictures and was shocked to see hyunji's spirit grab Jihyun's hair and was swinging it around which made Jihyun dance..


there was this girl who stayed after school to study and she didn't realize she stayed until after dark. she was starting to get scared because there were rumors that a girl died in the school many years ago.
the girl was about to get up and leave, but she heard a faint sound. in korean schools, the doors are the sliding kind. it was the sound of the door sliding open and shut.
the noise started getting louder and louder.
the girl was frightened and hid under the desk. soon she heard her classroom door open, but she didn't hear it close.
she opened her eyes to see what was going on, and there was a image of a girl with her head upside down staring at her.


A man lived on the 6th floor of an apartment building and was lonely. One day he noticed the figure of a woman dancing in a swaying motion in an apartment across from his building. The curtain was drawn, so he could only see the shadow. Everyday he looked out his window, he would see her dancing. Finally, the lonely man fell in love with the dancing woman and decided to pay her a visit. He bought a bouquet of fresh flowers and went to her building, climbing the steps to her floor.

He knocked on the door but no one answered. He knocked again but no one answered. He could have sworn he had just seen her dancing in the window. Worried that something had happened to her, he kicked the door open. He was heart broken by what he saw.

The woman was hanging from the ceiling in front of the window, her body swaying from side to side as if she was dancing


A little six-year old girl was waiting for her mother to pick her up while she was waiting at the gate of her elementary school...Then her mother came late and fetched her home.....When they reached home and take the lift up to their apartment on the sixth floor,the lift went up and stopped on the fourth storey,which never exist,while the little girl's mother's eyes suddenly became red and mouth with blood grinning at her,laughing hysterically,"do i really look like your mother?"


these are my last two for now...I'll post more later!!!! BWAHAHAHA!!!

Mysterious bookseller.

One evening, this guy went to town for a movie with his friends. He was having a lot fun before he realized it was getting very late. He quickly made his way home. It was unusually dark and creepy that nite. As he was walking, he was astonished to find an old, creepy-looking street peddlar selling some books along the road. It gave him the shivers when he noticed the pale old man staring at him.

The old man said, "Son, why don't you buy a book? It will keep you company". He acted brave and thought why not. He had a look at the old man's collection ... his hair began to rise up on end when he noticed all the books were related to the supernatural. Nonetheless, he found one that was very interesting so he asked the old man, "How much is this, Uncle?"
The old man replied, "Well son ... that's an interesting book it's $25."

The guy was shocked and said "But ... but ... that's so expensive..."
The old man said nothing but glared at him which freaked him out. He quickly rummaged through his pockets and found $20.
"T-t-this's all I have" he said. The old man replied, "It's okay, son .... you can have the book for that price."

As the guy hastily paid for it and made a dash for home, the old man called out to him and said, "Son ...whatever happens, don't you ever flip the book to it's last page ... remember these words... or you will regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Reaching home, he quickly asked his parents, "Dad mom ... are there any new booksellers nearby?"

"Not that we know of ... but we've heard of a creepy old man that appears only at night during a full moon and then disappears mysteriously. Nobody knows who he is, or where he comes from but many have become victims in his wake... why son?"
"N-nothing ... just asking", said the guy and ran straight to his room.

Nervously, he opened the book and began reading, all the time remembering the warning the old man had given him. But after a while, he grew tired and fell asleep. At midnight, as he was sound asleep in bed, a cold gush of wind blew in through his bedroom window which startled him and sent chills down his spine. He looked at his table and noticed the wind had blown the pages of the book to its last page! For a while, he laid in bed - frozen in fear, but soon curiosity got the better of him. He had to know what was on the last page, since it is already flipped open.

Slowly he got out of bed and carefully picked up the book. As he glimpsed at the last page, he let out a blood-curling scream and fainted........

This is what he read on the last page !

Retail Price: $10.99

Promotional Price: $2.99

HAHAHAH and heres another one! similar to first post second story

There's this father and a son (who is very sick and is in a wheel chair). The doctor told the father that his son does not have much time left. His son loved the beach, and wanted to go there one last time before he died. The father granted his son's wish and took him to the beach. He saw his son just watching the sun set on the sand in his wheel chair alone shouting, "I want to be able to walk and run before I die!". His father had tears in his eyes feeling sorry for his son. Suddenly, his son gets up from his wheel chair and starts running on the beach. His father was so happy that he took out a camera and started to take pictures of him running. All of a sudden, his son fell down on the rock and died. The father was sad, but also happy that his son was able to walk and run before he died. After the funeral, he went to the photo shop to get his pictures developed. As soon as he saw the pictures, his face turned blue with fear, and he was in shock.........

In the pictures, he saw a woman with long black hair with red eyes grabbing his son's hair and running. :crazy:


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Jul 20, 2005
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she lives in a flat and in the flat opposite her...she saw a girl that was white and she was hanging on the wall...she got so freaked out n screamed cuz she thought it was a ghost. so the next day she knocked n no one answered. she asked the old lady next door if she know anything n she just said to the girl...you're imagining things. it wasnt until 3 days later, the hanging girls' friend or family opened the door to see if the girl was there, n they found her dead. she hung herself. so the police was called and an ambulance came n it turned out that the girl wasnt a ghost but an actual human who hanged herself. so yeh...a person's stepmum's friend got scared n stayed at her mums house for weeks. pretty sad. n the girl who hanged herself turned out to be a very young vietnamese woman...prob in her early twenties and has long black hair.


theres this old father.. and his son... his son could not walk.. from an accident.. btu on dayy... the boys starts dancing around. and a round... and the father is ecstatic.. so being normal he takes a bunch of pictures...
he produces the pictures to see.. a woman with long black.. hair.. pulling his son's hair up and down.. to make him dance...


There is a university in Korea which is supposed to be haunted by a ballerina who had commited suicide because she had broken her leg and was not able to dance anymore.

After years of ghost sightings and unnatural disturbances the university started to suffer because students did not want to go to a haunted uni.

At that time the president of the students association was a young strong minded woman by the name of Rison who incidently was also an aspiring ballerina. She did not believe in ghosts and after watching her uni's popularity slowly crumbling she publically announed that she would spend the night at the university to show that the uni was fine and not at all haunted.

That night alone yet vigilant she walked around the campus armed with only a torch and her unflinching valour.

After hours of walking her confidence soaring she ended up in front of the very room where the failed student had years ago decided to end her night.

Even the bravest of people know fear and even though Rison knew ghosts did not exist she couldnt help but feel a little apprehensious as she stared intently at a door that no one had dared to open.

Her fingers reached out and stopped, indecisive as the fear of the unknown quelled all reasonable thought. Stuck in that position, hand outstretched, feet planted, chin down and teetch clenched, she stayed, her mind unable to control her rising sense of fear.

Finally with a wrench of willpower she shook the cobwebs of doubt in her mind and slid the door aside.

Nothing, the room was empty, no ghost, no ghastly apparition.

She let out the air in her lungs that had been trapped for who knows how long.

Her confidence grew again and she started to laugh and giggle and she grew embarrased at what her mind had put her through.

She stepped in studying the room, noting how clean the room was, how spacious it was. Wandering around she suddenly noticed the chill enveloping her and she pulled her cardigan tighter around her body.

She rubbed her hands together and blew into them her breath exploding suddenly into white clouds of mist.

Looking around past her hands clasped in front of her face she suddenly fainted as she saw a female figure on the far side of the room.

She closed her eyes unable to move.

Slowly she opened them, she was still there, in a panic she moved back, the figure grew distant. She moved to her left, the figure followed in unison.

She smiled, stupid girl it was a mirror.
She moved closer, noticing how dirty the mirror was.

She touched the mirror, making sure it was real. It was icy cold yet it solidness comforted her.

She noticed her hair was a bit messy, she ran her hand through it, combing it down.

Getting bored she decided to practice her dancing moves.
Gracefully she twirled and pranced about, jumping in the air, somehow her moves seemed effortless and watching the mirror she thought to herself that she would someday be the best ballerina in the world.

Hours passed as she danced the night away and she could see the sunlight peeping through the curtains.

She stopped, tidyied herself one last time in front of the mirror and left the room ready to tell everybody of her night.

Morning came and her uni friends milled about her telling her she was the bravest person they had ever met. She basked in their praises, glowing with self importance and chastisising those who believed in the ghost story.

They asked her if she had gone to the room where the girl had commited suicide.

"Yes" , she said "not only that i stayed there for hours and nothing happened to me".

"Wow, really?" they exclaimed with admiration.

"Yes", she said "i wasnt scared at all, actually i got so bored i practised my dancing in front of the mirror for hours" she beamed.

It was then that the janitor in the back spoke out.

"What do u mean you were practising in front of the mirror ? Im sorry miss BUT THAT ROOM HAS NO MIRROR".


you know how lots of people die in hotels/motels? when u rent a room, make sure that it has a bible in it! and if it does have a bible, make sure that the bible is CLOSED. open bibles means that theres a ghost in the room or something like that...


Well there was a new nurse in the local hospital.. she didn't know the place so well so she got taken around by a helper nurse.. kinda professional.
newai~ she was walking through the halls as the nurse explained everything to her

"and by the way" - old nurse


"you know how people die in the hospital??.. well there's their spirits and they go around the hospital to tak our body... so u would become the spirit"

"what??... w..well how do i know if they wana take me??"

"i'm not really sure.. but just becareful okai?? allot of people went missing becoz of them"

"how do i know them from the other normal people"

"well there's a way, they have a red ring aorund their little finger.."

"what does it look like??"




"like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " *raising her pinkey with a red ring"


The woodchopper

There once lived a wood chopper and his wife. They lived in the forest where he could do his work everyday. Every fortnight the wood chopper would travel to the town and sell wood. Usually after 3 days he would come back with the money for food.
Since winter was coming, the woodchopper loaded up his carriage and left for town, but before leaving he kissed his wife goodbye and said,
“Don’t worry, I’ll be home before you know it. I love you.” And with that he headed towards town.
He made lots of money while he was in town and started packing so he could go home to his wife. But a snow blizzard came out of no-where. This did not stop him. He was determined to return to his wife, but a townsperson told him that he wouldn’t survive the blizzard and that he should stay until it was over.
The blizzard lasted all the winter. As soon as it possible to travel, he went home hoping that everything was alright. He opened the door slowly, and found his wife cooking soup in the kitchen. She turned around and smiled. The man ran to his wife.
“Honey!! Oh Heavens. I was so worried!!” Just as he was about to hug her, she raised her hand in the air and he stopped. The wife started to sniff the air and giggled
“Darling, you smell. Go take a bath and I’ll have dinner ready when you finish.” He too started laughing and walked out of the kitchen, but he stopped at the doorway to look at his wife with a loving eyes. Just as he turned to leave, he thought he saw something strange in the corner of his eyes. His wife’s arm extending to pick up a carrot on the floor. It was impossible. So he just kept walking.
That night, after dinner, the couple was lying in bed. The wife asked her husband,
“Hun? Would you love me no matter what happened to me?”
“Of course I will love you no matter what. Why?”
“Just wondering”
“Ok. Now that we have that settled, can you pass me that book on the table?” She extended her arm to the table, grabbed the book and gave it to her husband. He just stared in stocked. He sprinted out of the house passing an empty garden. She must have died from starvation he thought to himself. He kept on running but she was following. There was a temple up ahead. He just ran in, knowing that ghosts can’t pass the boundary of a temple. The ghost stood outside crying and turned to walk away.
Luckily a monk was still awake, he told the monk of his situation and asked if could be a monk and live in the temple. The monk agreed and everything was arranged.
The former wood chopper lived there in peace for a couple of years, until one day a monk asked him if he could move to the second floor because there wasn’t enough space on the bottom floor. He happily agreed, but did not know that there was no boundary around the top stories.
At night while sleeping, he was awoken by a cold wind. He opened his eyes to find his wife standing over him.

“I thought you were going to love me no matter what”


One day a little girl and her mom went shopping. They were walking around and the girl saw this beautiful doll in the window of a vintage shop. She really wanted it, but the mom didn't because it was old and it didn't have a mouth. The mother said "Why don't you go to a toy store and get a new one?" The girl said she really wanted this one so they went inside.

They walked in and the mom told the storekeeper that her daughter wanted the doll. The man said okay and rang up the doll. The girl was so happy and as they were leaving the man said "Don't ever leave her alone with the doll, it's cursed." The mother just laughed and left with her daughter.

The next day as the mother was cooking dinner, a phone call came saying that her husband got into an accident. She rushed to the hospital and asked for her husband, but the receptionist said that he hadn't checked in at all. Then suddenly she remember about the doll.

She rushed home and went upstairs to her daughter's room. The doll was standing in the hallway with a big smile on her face and said "Look who's alone with me now..."


This man had just moved into town and he'd finish his job late at night. He wanted to get home as soon as possible so he took a shortcut through the woods. He came across a hill and he saw an old lady in a white dress. She was staring at him and he kept hearing "Sss...Sss...Sss..." This went on for about a week and he got really freaked out. So he got up his nerves to go up the hill. When he got up there, he saw the lady with a cart of corn saying "Ok soo soo sah sae yo!"

Hahaha very corny Korean story T___T;


This story should be told in person so bare with me <_<

This guy was cramming for his SATs so he'd go and study late at the library. It was hard for him to leave the place because a girl had been hit by a car and supposedly her body was cut in half.....So this guy'd go to the library and study, but he noticed this pretty girl. So whenever he went he'd see this girl sitting at the end of his table with her head on her hands kinda like this :
_ _
/ -- \
\\_-_// <--hands =)
| |

He saw her for the past week, doing the same thing. One day he asked her what she was doing and she replied "I'm waiting for my mom"

The next day he decided to trick her and he told her that her mom was outside and she said "MOMMIE" and crawled using only her arms.


there was this girl lets say her name was Annie. she loved playing piano so she would go to class and even though her lesson was over she would stay behind and play the piano. the teacher said that she was ready enough to play in a performance. excited Annie played piano more and more to practice. one night she was playing the piano, everything was perfect. she was playing Elise [i know its a song..its on my phone lol]. since the piano was so loud she didnt hear the door creak open. it was another girl that took lessons with her but Annie didnt notice. she kept on playing. the girl lets say her name was Susie was really jealous of her so she and stabbed her and cut off her wrists. 1 month later the people in town wanted that piano school down. a couple of years later they rebuilt it thinking that the 'curse' was gone. Susie was then a piano teacher, teaching a kid how to play Elise. The little girl went home but Susie stayed back to play a little piano. She started playing Elise ad played over and over again. She looked down at her wrist to see blood slowly seeping out. shocked she stopped playing but her wrists didnt stop bleeding. she looked into the black piano to see Annie with her eyes pitch black and a frown. she screamed and shook her head then looked back at the piano, no Annie. she looked down at her wrists, it stopped bleeding. she decided to go home so she grabbed her things and went out to the hall. she died of shock when she saw a decapitated head and 2 bloody wrists being hung on the door.

That's it for now, I'm getting hungry...... I got more.....
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I'm back from eating! Here's more:

There was a girl who lived with her parents and her collie. She was in her late teens, so her parents assumed she could stay alone at home and decided to have a night out on the town. After they left, the girl settled in front of the tv with her dog. She started getting drowsy several hours later so she decided to get ready for bed. Doing that, she started to lock all the windows and doors, including the ones in the basement, though there was one that she couldn't quite close all the way. But it was alright, since she locked the basement door. She went upstairs and got into bed with her dog lying beside her and fell asleep. About an hour later, she was awakened by the sound of the faucet dripping in the bathroom. It bothered her and she reached down to pat her dog. He licked her hand and she fell asleep again. An hour later, she was again awakened by the dripping sound. And again, she reached down, and her dog licked her. Another hour passed, and she awoke again. This time, she pulled the sheets aside and stumbled into the bathroom to finally stop the dripping. But guess what she found???


just kidding.

she actually found her dog's skin hanging on the shower curtain, with its blood dripping on the floor.


I don't know if i did this one yet. i just don't read what i'd done.

there was this girl lets say her name was Annie. she loved playing piano so she would go to class and even though her lesson was over she would stay behind and play the piano. the teacher said that she was ready enough to play in a performance. excited Annie played piano more and more to practice. one night she was playing the piano, everything was perfect. she was playing Elise [i know its a song..its on my phone lol]. since the piano was so loud she didnt hear the door creak open. it was another girl that took lessons with her but Annie didnt notice. she kept on playing. the girl lets say her name was Susie was really jealous of her so she and stabbed her and cut off her wrists. 1 month later the people in town wanted that piano school down. a couple of years later they rebuilt it thinking that the 'curse' was gone. Susie was then a piano teacher, teaching a kid how to play Elise. The little girl went home but Susie stayed back to play a little piano. She started playing Elise ad played over and over again. She looked down at her wrist to see blood slowly seeping out. shocked she stopped playing but her wrists didnt stop bleeding. she looked into the black piano to see Annie with her eyes pitch black and a frown. she screamed and shook her head then looked back at the piano, no Annie. she looked down at her wrists, it stopped bleeding. she decided to go home so she grabbed her things and went out to the hall. she died of shock when she saw a decapitated head and 2 bloody wrists being hung on the door.


one eerie night, at around 2 am, a taxi cab driver was drivin around looking for customers...he needed money badly so he was working late into the hrs. he was drivin in a dark and scary part of town and saw an old lady in all white on the side of the road. he stopped for her and and he noticed she was very pale and had long black hair. she got in the backseat and he started to drive.
now the driver was getting kinda scared because the girl looked so creepy. he looked into his rearview mirror to try and look at the girl, but he didnt see anything. then he twisted his neck back and saw her just sitting there calmly...he tried to look at the mirror again but again she wasnt there. he turned again and then...

BAM, the driver got into an accident, and the lady was moaning in pain with a bloody nose...she said "geez why couldnt u just drive normally...i was crouching my head and picking my nose so you wouldnt see me!"


There used to live a wealthy family consisting of a mother, father and their only daughter.
Considering their wealthy, the daughter went to ballet lessons and had everything as asked for.
However, it was time for the family to move to another location due to the long distance the ballet studio was situated in.
The family moved into a house in a deserted area, and the daughter was given the authority to choose her room. She decides to choose the smaller room not wanting to be greedy and allowing her parents to have more space and comfort together.
But when the daughter enters the room, she notices her room is very dark and dim. It was impossible to observe anything because everything was pitch black.
Thinking it was better then nothing; the daughter unpacks her luggages and starts rehearsing her ballet steps.
However whilst dancing, the daughter feels something heavy on top of her. It was uncontrollable. She tells her mother about the pain, but the mother replies it may be due to the overload of stress and labor she is dealing with. Thinking her mother is right the daughter rehearses again. Again she feels the heavy lump on her shoulders as if a 25kg of rice is on top of her shoulders.
Thinking it might be for that day only the girl stops rehearsing and takes a nap.
The next day…
The daughter starts rehearsing with a fresh new start. Though she can hardly notice anything in the room without the curtains widely opened.
Again she feels the lump.
So the daughter and the mother go to a fortune teller thinking it may solve the solution.
As the fortune teller examines the daughter within about a few minutes the fortune teller explains the mother to take a camera and photograph the daughter dancing.
So they leave obeying the teller.
Whilst the daughter practices her routines, the mother uses a Polaroid camera and takes a picture.
As the photo is being developed the two wait anxiously, until the mother turns pale. On the photo was the daughter and while she is dancing, another girl is on top of her shoulders dancing as well.
Soon the family learns that a girl who previously lived in the house committed suicide in that room, because she was disowned by her parents after they discovered to find out the girl was taking ballet lessons, which brings a bad status towards the family.


in a specific room at a hospital, at exactly 4:00 noon, the patient who resides in that room would die of unknown causes. this has been proven true for quite some time, as each patient who checks in, dies at 4:00 noon, and never checks out again...

one day, at exactly 4:00p.m., a janitor of the hospital creeped in the room, quietly, as if he were of a supernatural being. his face was pale, and strange his actions were, walking slowly towards the bed of the patient in that room. the patient was sleeping soundly, and the janitor bent down on the floor ...to find himself grasping hard on a plug inserted into a socket underneath the bed...
he took the plug off the patient's respirator and inserted the plug of his vacuum cleaner O__O

and thAT IS why patients die in that room at 4:00p.m.! the janitor proceeds to clean the room! hahaha


So this guy, normal guy, was hanging out in a party. He got drunk, partied, and was dead tired. His friends had already left and it was late, 1am... he couldnt get a ride so he decided to walk home. On his way, he kept going through the same rows of nice houses and he was very very tired. He thought that the people in these houses were nice enough to let him stay for the night. So he knocked on one of the houses and no one answered. He knocked harder only to find the door was unlocked.
"anyone home???" no one answered.

He was way too tired and assumed that the owners would let him stay. He spotted a couch in a hollow, empty room and layed down. The first thing he saw when he layed down the couch was a large LARGE portrait/painting of a woman, long strands of hair, covering portions of her face and wide eyes that are locked on to his.

'What a weird portrait', he thought as he fell asleep.

Bright, Bright sunlight sheared through his eyes. He knew it was morning. He opened his eyes. A window.

He thought for a moment. Something was wrong.

Cold shivers went through his body as he realized that it was not a portrait he saw. It was a window.


A girl loved nature, and love to take pictures. There was a secluded forest near her city, and one day, she decided to go camping alone. Her friends and family adivsed against it, saying you never know what could happen to you if you go alone. But the girl wanted to go anyways. So she took a few rolls of film, a nice camera, and camping equipment and went to the forest by herself.

Everything went great, she got home safely, and her family was very glad nothing had happened to her. She took her rolls of film to the photo developer excited to see how her pictures turned out. Picture after picture of bright lights and forests made her realise she was destined to be a photographer of nature.

That is, until she found some pictures of her sleeping in her tent at night.

The same girl went to the forest again with a friend, wanting to find out what had happened. They went in broad daylight, and decided to stick together and go home at least two hours before sunset. After trudging through the entire forest, resting here and there, they found no clues of anyone else. Discouraged, they sat down and had a nice lunch their parents had bought for them, and they left the forest.

Going home, the two girls came back home, and told their parents they had found nothing.

"By the way mom, thanks for packing the lunch in my backpack. We were really hungry then."

It was then they realised no one had packed their lunches in their backpack. Quickly rummaging through their possessions, they found a note neatly written by hand on a piece of plain white paper.

"Enjoy your last meal, intruders"

2 Down:

There was a married couple that were wealthy and had great looks. They decided that they wanted to have a baby. When the baby arrived they noticed it was really ugly. As the baby became 5 years old the family took a camping trip. When they arrived at the camp site the boy had to go pee, so he asked him mom. The mom said to pee in the river. While he was peeing the mom pushed him into the river. The couple gave it another shot at getting a baby and when they had the baby it was still ugly. Again they took the boy camping at the age of 5 and the boy had to go pee, so he asked his mom and the mom told him to pee in the river. As he was peeing the mom crept up behind him, but this time he turned around and said "Are you going to push me again."

There was a serious car accident and everyone was crowding around the scene. A young man walks by and finds a picture on the ground. The picture had a beautiful girl doing the peace sign with her hands. The man couldn't stop looking at it so he put it in his car. While he was driving he glanced at the picture everytime he had the chance. Couple days later he gets into a car accident. The picture flies out and another young man finds the picture. As he looks at it the girl has three fingers up


Go to these:IMG:http://www.sfogs.com/ghostpix/sface2.jpg)





there was this very pretty girl who many men wanted to marry....and one day all the men decided that if she was going to get marry someday she'll have to pick one of them...so then they all decide to go to her with a rose in hand and let her chose who she wants to be with. But sadly all of them got into a car crash and died that day.....

After their deaths, their spirits wondered around still looking for her till she has chosen one of them. And each day the girl would find piles of roses on her front porch. Her father knew they weren't good signs so they never let her go out of the house. all day long she would hear mens voices arguing and foot prints all around the yard. Then one day her parents had to go some where and ask for a cousin to came over. As they are left alone in the house, the cousin never before seen the roses and so she opens the door to pick them up and places them on the table. The pretty girl was frighten at this and so she stayed away from it. The cousin girl all of a sudden became pale and soft like and says, "My boyfriends are waiting for me outside. I have to go to them." so she walks out and dissappears. the pretty girl calls her father.....and they quickly come home....

The pretty girl, knowing that the only way to end this was to go to them (the dead spirits), she thought to herself and quietly left. When the family finally noticed that she was missing, they went out side and saw a bunch of ashes besides the pile of roses. From that day on no dead spirits walk around their house.



Once a man was walking down the street and he saw a picture of a girl. He picked it up and immediatley fell in love with her. She was very beautiful and had two fingers up (peace sign)... everyday, he would look at the picture and stare for hours. A call was made that a man had died in his apartment. The police came and only saw a picture of the girl who was holding 3 fingers up.. +

GET IT??? everytime she kills someone she puts up an extra finger.. O__o

Last one for today:

One day a guy goes to a market and finds a odd painting. The painting's title was "Black Waterfall" and as the name, the guy saw that the painting was a waterfall that was black. "WATER BLACK?" He thought to himself that it was very rare to find a picture of a black waterfall so he decided to buy the painting.

As he took the painting home he decided to place it in front of his office desk. That night he started to study at his desk. After a while he got the feeling that someone was looking at him, so he turned around to see if anyone was there but no one was in the room with him, so he decided to go back to his studies. After a couple of minutes he gets the feeling that someone is looking at him again, so he turns around and as well no one is looking at him, so he goes back to studying. Later on he AGAIN gets the feeling that someone is looking at him so he turns around and once again no one is looking at him. ...so he thinks to himself "maybe I should take a break, I am studying too hard" So he decides to take a look in the painting to found out that the water,in the waterfall, that was black was instead the long black hair of a women.


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Jul 20, 2005
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There's this one Texas story:

If you go on one road there's said to be like haunted.

When you pass it at night, the youngest person in the car will see something like a lady trying to reach you..only the youngest one will see her.

People say that that lady died there while pregnant and she trys to find her child assuming that the youngest person is her child.....

These groups of boys were there and were trying to trick the little boy without knowing. The older boys were trying to shake the car...And the little boy was screaming "Stop It"!!!

Later the older boys said what did he see?

And he said it was a lady trying to grab him....


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Jul 20, 2005
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Here's another one:

A guy was drunk and was starting to walk home.....He looked at the corner of his eye and saw a white figure following him...
He started to get scared and started to run...
He got tired and looked back and there still was a white figure..
So he dropped pretending to be dead so the white thing will leave.....
He opened his eyes and there it was!!!

You know what it was?

It was a grain of RICE STUCK ON THE SIDE OF HIS EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Jul 20, 2005
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The bus driver, the nun, and the hippi

One day, a hippi was in a bus going somewhere. He noticed a very cute young lady, which happened to be a nun, and decided to have a little chat with her. He approached her and started a conversation. He ended up asking her if she wants to get together and maybe have a little fling. However, she denied and said reinformed him that she's a nun and that she cannot have such relationships. The nun had reached her destination and left the bus. The hippi was somewhat disappointed, but he was fine. When the hippi reached his destination, the bus driver pulled him aside and said, "hey, I saw you checking that nun out. I can see that you want to have sex with her. I've got an idea. She goes to the cemetary every night around 12:00 A.M. so if you're lucky, you'll catch her there. What you have to do is wear a God mask on and tell her you're God." The hippo thought about it and thanked the bus driver as he left.
Sure enough, it was almost 12:00 A.M. and the hippi was on his way to the cemetary. He had his God mask on and then he spotted the nun. He approaches and say, "Hello, I am God." The nun was shocked and said, "I'm at your service." The hippi then comes closer and says, "you will do as I please and have sex with me." The nun agrees and says, "but we have to have anal sex, because I do not want to lose my virginity." The hippi agrees and starts to have anal sex for a while. When he was satisified he looked at her and pulled off his mask and says, "haha! I am the hippi." Then the nun pulls off her mask and says, "haha! I am the bus driver."


There's this husband and a wife that was done having a baby. they decided to go to the mountains. They ran out of gas, so the husband went out and said to the wife, "whatever happens, never get out of the car!"

Two hours passed by and there's this banging on top of the roof of the car. The woman was about to go out but remembered to stay in.
The next twenty minutes....a police man came up to her and said to her to leave.....
So she got out and ran with her baby in her arms...
When she looked behind her, She saw a creature banging her husbands head on the roof.
The creature was a Ponti Anak
They say that a Ponti Anak was a baby with horns that grown up to kill the Newly Weds and the New borns.


A storm was starting and a man needed to go under shelter, so he went in a nearby inn. He asked the clerk to stay in a room for the night.
The clerk said that every room was filled except one room that is said to be haunted.
The man said that he did not care, so he stayed in that room..

When the man went inside the room he heard a voice kept saying :"I got you where I want you, Now i'm going to eat You!"

The man was scared so he jumped out of the balcony.


A woman came the next day looking for a room to stay in and the clerk said that all the rooms are filled except that room the man died in last night.
The lady did not care,, so she stayed there that night.

That same night, she heard a voice saying " I got you where I want you, Now i'm going to eat you"

So the lady died off the balcony also.


I'll finish this one when i get back..... I'll finish it maybe tonight....It's not done yet there's still a part left.....

Ok back!

And another man came to stay in the Inn..and the man said everything was filled except that haunted room. So the man stayed. When the man went to the room he heard "I got you where i want you, Now i'm going to eat you"!
But the man was brave. so he looked for the voice which was in the closet. He saw .....................

A little boy picking his nose inside the closet saying "I got you where I want you, Now I'm gonna eat you!"

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