RP Idea Thread (Rurouni Kenshin, Darksiders, or Dungeon Crawler)


Which do you find more appealing?

  • Rurouni Kenshin

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  • Darksiders

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  • Dungeon Crawler

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So I have three ideas in mind, each from varying sources.

Rurouni Kenshin - Now this idea isn't exactly fleshed out. I have an idea dealing Hiko training a set of children and those children, years later, face off against iconic Kenshin villains. The ideas are flowing for this and help is even asked but, don't be scared away from this because it's lacking right now.

Darksiders - So I've finished Darksiders 2 and I have this fantastic idea based around the horsemen and elements presented throughout the first two games. It would have to deal with the last remaining humans, demons, and angels within the corruption-ridden lands of earth and other planes, fighting against The Four Horsemen as they attempt to bring about the true end of days.

Dungeon Crawler - I've been playing alot of Dungeon Fighter Online so, I have come to thinking that what if there was an rp based around. The plot would revolve heavily around dungeon crawling and we would venture to towns. Have a feel akin to early FF and Chrono Trigger. Maybe even give a sorta class system to base your character around.

Now i'm planning on hopefully doing all three one day but, idk which one would be popular nor which to try first. So this poll and posts should give me a general idea.