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Roxas's Character Evolution Through Disney Worlds



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Dec 20, 2018
  • You've Got A Friend In Me
I've been replaying 358/2 Days and I'm started to appreciate the little things the game added to the Disney worlds to not make them feel 100% filler when focused on Roxas and his daily life.

Agrabah: Roxas learns about friendship from watching Genie and Aladdin. I believe this is where he hears the term "best friend" which later comes into play for him with Axel and Xion. Roxas learns of the different tiers of friendships and when Axel first states he doesn't have a best friend when first asked, Roxas's portrait is sad. He might see this as his friendship with Axel is not that strong. But this of course changes after a trio mission in Twilight Town, where he and Xion earn the "best friend" trophy.

Beast Castle: Roxas learns a lot during his missions there with Xion and Xaldin. Not just about the castle's story but about love. Watching Belle and Beast also foreshadows Roxas's own struggles for the future when he himself loses something important to him (Xion) which is a big part of his story.

Olympus Coliseum: In addition to Roxas interacting with Phil (one of my favorite og/Disney interactions) Roxas learns that he is special and that he has expectations to meet from both the Organization and those that put their trust in him (Phil) I believe this is another reason Roxas continues to train with Phil even though he doesn't have to to slay the Heartless.

Wonderland: Roxas learns to trust his instincts and follow the White Rabbit as well as interact with the Cheshire Cat. It always pays off because whenever he does he is able to find the Heartless he is after. This helps Roxas grow as a character, so in the future when he is second guessing something he can always trust his instincts. This comes into play later in another Disney world.

Halloween Town: This world didn't do much for Roxas personal growth that I can think of. But there is more subtle foreshadowing here. The Leechgrave storyline is Xion's. Xion starts off small and cute, harmless right? Just like the Leechgrave. Lock, Shock, and Barrel can represent the Organization in that they take in the small Leechgrave just as the Organization take in Xion. In both cases they lose control of their small pets. The Leechgrave grows big and consumes it's fellow Heartless. By the end of Days Xion is "trying" to consume her BFF Roxas and becomes a giant armored monster. But in reality she wants Roxas to defeat her which is not what Xemnas wants and thus he has lost control over her. Not sure if this was intentional or not but the similarities were quite interesting. Also Roxas and Xion fought here for the first time too.

Neverland: This is the world where Roxas really starts to do what he wants even if it doesn't benefit his mission. He wanted to help Tinkerbell and decided to do so. Even though it had nothing to do with his mission and would not help him accomplish his Organization goal. It is here Roxas fully thinks for himself and where his rebellious attitude really starts to grow and take shape.

Twilight Town needs no explanation I think, but I do want to touch on the dropped world that didn't make it into the game which is Pinocchio's world. It was said that this world would have been a story for Roxas and Xion to want to gain hearts after hearing about Pinocchio, the puppet who became real. This would have been a beautiful story and really touch on the aspect of Nobodies wanting a heart by watching others gain a heart. Also would have been great for Xion's replica/puppet storyline too.

Anyway those are my thoughts on 358/2 Days Disney worlds. While the Disney worlds in this game did nothing to advance their own storylines or Kingdom Heart's overall big plot, I think they did a great job in building Roxas's character and his friendships as well as future events for him, shaping him into the powerful and confident young man he is today. It is because of this game Roxas became my number one favorite character in the series and his character growth is my favorite story of Kingdom Hearts.