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Fanfiction ► Roxamine - Sub-Zero Love.

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Sep 25, 2008
Castle Oblivion.
((I tried posting this story several times before, but because of my goddamn computer or my internet goes out, I always have to start over. Anyway, I decided to just shorten this a bit. I do not own KH, or any of it's characters. I'm a noob. Don't flame me for any mistakes.))

Note: This is before Marluxia taking Namine as his slave. So she was able to move freely within the Org.


"Winter Coats?"
"Snow Boots?"
"Mittens, Snowboards, yadda yadda..."
"Check, Check, Checkaroo!", Demyx said, putting checkmarks on his checklist.
"Well, we're all set for the vacatio to Winter Valley!", Xemnas said,throwing his bags into the portal.
"Ooh! We forgot one more thing!", Demyx shouted, running to Namine's room.
"What? What did we forget?", Xemnas said, watching Demyx bust through Namine's room.
"We forgot Namine!", Demyx yelled, dragging Namine by the legs towards the portal.
"I DON'T WANT TO GO! I WANT TO DRAW!", Namine screamed, trying to grab something to keep her in place.
"You're going whether you like it or not!", Demyx shouted, throwing Namine through the portal.
"Demyx. You know Namine is just wearing a white dress, right?", Xemnas said, giving an irritated stare at Demyx.
"So?", Demyx said, shrugging.
"Winter Valley is crawling with snowboarding punks. If she gets raped, your paying for her STD medication.", Xemnas said, zipping up his winter coat and going through the portal.
"??? What's an STD?", Demyx wondered, going through the portal.

Winter Valley, Noon.
"Stupid winter... Stupid valley...", Namine muttered, trudging the snow beside Demyx and Roxas.
"Aw... Com'n, Namine! Cheer up!", Demyx said, the bell on his snow hat wobbling around.
"Yeah. You should enjoy it.", Roxas said, carrying his snowboard towards a slope.
"I can't enjoy it... I don't know how to snowboard...", Namine said, shamefully.
"So? Axel doesn't know how to snowboard, and he's just sitting alone in his cabin, overheating his hot cocoa.", Roxas said.
"Listen... I'll teach you snowboarding, if you promise to enjoy it!", Roxas said, putting his arm around Namine. For some reason, Namine only allowed Roxas to touch her.
"Okay...", Namine said.
An Hour Later Of Practicing, Namine finally learns some skills in snowboarding... And this is really long... Anyway, Vexen is testing out his new TNT charges on some trees... Which I think is stupid because it will explode either way.
"Seriously, Vexen. Wouldn't it be easier to just BUY explosives?", Zexion asked, poking the charges with a stick.
"NOT explosives, my dear friend. They are... TNT CHARGES!!!", Vexen shouted, pressing the charge button... Unfortunately, Roxas and Namine were still practicing snowboarding.
"WHOA!!!", Roxas shouted, as Namine and himself turned, but crashed into a cave. The impact created a disruption which caused an avalanche to occur, trapping both Namine and Roxas within. "DAMMIT!", Roxas shouted in frustration, pounding his fists at the snowblock.
"Uh oh...", Vexen said, looking at the cave.
"We better call the superior.", Zexion said.
Within The Cavern...
Namine shivered and her teeth clattered together.
"Are you okay?", Roxas said, finally sitting down beside Namine.
"Yeah.....", Namine said, obviously not okay.
Surprise came over her as Roxas took off his snow coat and put it around Namine. He then put his arm around her and pulled her close to him.
"We'll get out of here... Don't worry...", Roxas said, comforting her.
Namine blushed, pulling over the snow coat and laying her head on his lap.
Now Roxas was cold, so with the last of his magic, he created a fire with firaga, gathering up some twigs and branches within the cavern. He watched as Namine slept, using his snow coat as her pillow since the fire warms her now. Roxas had never recalled seeing Namine be so graceful before. Nor could he recall such feelings he felt towards her.

An hour passed, then two. Both Roxas and Namine were sound asleep. They we're awoken though, by the sound of pounding. Was it within the cavern?
"Wha-Whats that?", Namine said, terrified and huddling with Roxas in fear.
Roxas' last bit of magic was drained for Firaga, and his keyblades were taken away for the mission. It was him and his wits. The fire had gone out, so it was really dark.
"Rox-Roxas...", Namine stuttered, with such a sadistic tone. Roxas knew she thought they we're going to die.
"Before I die... I... I always... I mean... I've always... Um...", Namine knew the words, but they stayed shut in her lips. But Roxas knew what she was going to say. And so, with such gracefullness, he bent his head down, his face in front of Namine's. He spread his hand over Namine's hair, as he inched closer, Namine blushing and closing her eyes.
Outside the cave...
"Hurry the hell up, Vexen! You got them in there, you get them out!", Xemnas shouted at Vexen to go faster. Vexen was pounding the snowblock with a pick-axe. But then, finally, with gusto, the snowblock fell.
"Whoa.", Zexion, Vexen, and Xemnas said in inuision. Roxas and Namine's lips smooched upon each others, is what numbers I, IV, and VI saw.
"Did I just see tongue?", Xemnas whispered to Vexen.
"Uh... Yeah... We all just did...", Vexen answered back.
4 Years Later...
"I do.", Roxas said, wearing a formal tuxedo, holding Namine's hand, as she was in a white gown.
"I do.", Namine said, after the preist said his part. They each said their vows, and they gave each other's wedding rings. Sora, Kairi, Riku, Donald, Goofy, The King, in the pews. 4 years after returning to the islands, Roxas and Namine were able to seperate from Sora and Kairi for this occassion.

"You may kiss the bride."
Roxas smiled, and kissed Namine with such grace.
Nobody Heaven...
Axel: ROXY!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry:

Xemnas: *Slaps Axel* WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU.

Axel: *Slaps Xemnas back* SHUT UP, MANSEX!!!


Zexion: He can actually. We have no goal anymore since we're dead.


Demyx: *Takes out a sign saying: End.*

((I'm a noob. Noobs make mistakes. So tell me if I made any.))​

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