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Roleplaying: Guide & FAQ

If you're looking to make a roleplay, then look no further! There'll be instructions on how to make and create one! And if you have questions, you've come to the right place because, most of your questions will be most likely answered below!​

Roleplaying Leaders aka Moderators:
These are the overseers of the Roleplaying Section. Where you can contact them for help or guidance in this section.

New Events:

  • 1v1 Roleplaying - You're officially allowed to reserve a role-play for more or less players! Where you can roleplay with friends only instead of having it be open to everyone. However, you must not spam or abuse this new way of roleplaying. (If it begins to look that way than it'll be removed.)
You'll need to know the difference between Canon versus Non-Canon Roleplaying. These will be the most important part in creating a roleplay because, it makes all the difference in the world on what it'll be about.

Original Roleplaying:
A world entirely your own that can be about anything you want. You make up the rules and characters of that world and how it works.

Canon Roleplaying:
Have you ever wanted to be apart of the Kingdom Hearts universe? Where Riku is the wielder of the KingdomKey instead of Sora? Then you'll be needing to make a Canon Roleplay! Where you'll borrow characters from well known video games, television shows, and more to make them follow the plot twists you desire. And inserting characters you've created to interact with characters from that universe!

Signups and Discussion:
Where roleplayers need to go to make character templates only! Including a place to discuss the roleplay they're in!

Roleplaying: Gauge of Interest
Where you'll go to discuss creating and suggesting roleplays with your fellow roleplayers! This is an important place to go! And an absolute must!

Beginners Template:
This is your standard template you'll need to create a character for any roleplay you join or create. You can add additional stuff you'll be needing for the roleplay you need. For example: You can add weapons to your template.


Character Roster:
A list of all of your fellow roleplayers characters. It helps keep track of who is who in any roleplay you make! Entirely optional.

These are rules apply to every roleplay you join or create! However, you are allowed to modify them to your standards upon making a roleplay.

  • No Machine Gun Posting: This means wait your turn until someone else makes a post.
  • No God Modding: Don't take over someone else's roleplay. Greatly frowned upon unless you have permission!
  • No Spamming: If you need to discuss your life, then please do it through a visitor message or private message with your friends.
  • No Power Plays: Which means you can't go moving around other players characters without permission. Always ask first before moving a character around.
  • No Flaming: If an argument breaks out, then you need to contact a roleplaying moderator right away. This way we can settle the problem, so everyone can continue enjoying roleplaying. Or settle the dispute between private messages too.
  • Nothing Beyond PG-13: You're allowed to have romance, but please keep in mind, there are forum members who are 14 years old roaming the site.
If you have any questions at all, please feel free to leave them below!
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