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Would you like to be apart of a Goosebumps rp? If yes choose A,B,c or other for your favorite option

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  • Oter; if chosen then you must post an alternate rp idea.

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May 29, 2013
So I've been rewatching Goosebumps on netflix since it had been added and was thinking of making a Goosebumps rp. I would like to see if others were interested in it of course before I make an actual thread for the rp.

I was thinking that our characters would be normal kids (duh^^), who always get into wierd, horrific situations.

I would assume we could make our own stories/monsters up and/or use original ones from the books like slappy or the scarecrow. And after each horror is dealt with or getting close to being over, we can vote on which one we'd like to encounter next.

Now, story progression wise, I was thinking either:

A: There is an overarching story happening while our characters enounter the horrors individually..
B: Each horror is it's own story, no overarching plotline just a horror appears and then our characters deal with it or...
C: There is an overarching story but the horrors are intertwined in a way. Like maybe we have to deal with two monsters instead of just one at a time...

If A is more popular I would like our characters to be the same for either most or all of the rp (meaning if for instance after awhile, your character may get tired of all that's happening and decides to leave or something could happen to your character that prevents them from continuing on the adventure.)

If B is chosen then by all means you can make a new character if you like. If you do choose to use the same character it would be best to allow you to reset your character so no continuity occurs.

And as for C, to be honest I would like to have multiple monsters being encountered at once, but I feel it would be a strain on us as the rpers and the story (unless someone has an idea on how it might work without it being to hectic).

Trying to think if I have forgotten anything at the moment. I guess if you have any questions/concerns/ideas, please by all means post! Would love for this rp to be fun for everyone and last for a good long while!

There is a poll to see which option is more popular: not doing the rp at all, having A as the best option, B, C, or coming up with your own rp idea.
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