What the heck is a Premi?
Mar 3, 2006
Palace of Keys, Kingdom of Rebels
Lacey and Jest ~ Middle of the Keyblade Graveyard

"I can't believe Chase is going to seal off Kingdom Hearts forever. Do you think that's a good idea?"

Jest looked over to Lacey, sparking a cigarette, then shrugged. "Just doing my job."
"I know but there has to be more to it. Just seal it off? Just like that? What if the people get restless? This new found light has been nothing but bad news and now Chase is acting, in what seems to be, in all favor of shutting this entire situation down. Think he knows whats best?"

Jest looked at Lacey with so much contempt his eyes couldn't help but roll over as the shivers of what seemed to be a complex of emotions rose down his spine. All he could do is keep smoking his cigarette.

Bar ~ Just arriving at the Keyblade Graveyard

Bar had taken it upon himself to warn any of Chaser guards of Chases actions. Though most of them didn't believe him, still thinking that the previous King was still in power, Bar eventually convinced them that either they follow him, or possibly get locked in here forever. Bar could see the typhoons raging from afar and took a deep breath. Man do I love this part. Bar had broken through the surging winds many times before. As soon as he hit the entrance to the Keyblade graveyard, the heartless came. "Aaaaa!"

Bar hit the first one with the tail end of his bike. Gritting his teeth, the dust kicked up, and his silver blue eyes shined as he switched his bike to a blade. Bar spun 180 degrees, switching his concentration back towards the center of the Graveyard. Slicing his way through neoshadows and large bodies alike, Bar made sure to use the swiveling winds to his advantage, tossing several enemies onto their strides and watching them get slung into the surrounding mountains. With the the random thunder and blizzard spells being tossed around by the symposium of hourglass shaped heartless, this was a scene that many Chaser guards had withered and survived to gain the acknowledgement of their Keyblades. Bar, being no different, thought, Man... Deja vu if I ever knew it.