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Fanfiction ► ///<<Road trip!>>\\\ SoraxKairi RikuxOC

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Dec 12, 2005
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New chappy....within the next two days. No Keyblades or anything. Fistfights; possibly. But it's going to be realistic, not fantasy. I got tired of writing those. Thanks for all of your support!:D


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Dec 12, 2005
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Okay...here we are! I apologize for it's shortyness...

Chapter three: Roadtrip!

Sora hung up the phone and smiled at Kairi who was sitting on the couch, reading her new book.

“Did they okay it?” Kairi asked, now standing up.

“Yeah! We leave tomorrow!” Sora exclaimed, hugging Kairi while the noise woke up Riku and Alana.

“Wha…?” Riku muttered, obviously still half-asleep.

Sora ran a hand through his chocolate brown hair, frustrated at having to say it again.

“We’re going on a road trip! Us four in my car, and Tidus, Yuna, Selphie, and Wakka in Tidus’ car! We’re leaving tomorrow.”

“Okay…” Alana said, falling back to sleep on top of Riku.

Sora and Kairi went to each others’ houses to help pack, then had lunch.

“So where are we going?” Kairi asked, holding her sandwich in her right hand.

“I was thinking Twilight Town, then to the Coliseum.” Sora said, after swallowing a mouthful of sandwich.

“That’ll take like, three weeks. Sounds perfect.” Kairi said with a smile.

They finished their lunch and went to the store, since they were in charge of the food. They got tons of food and everyone compiled their cash for the expenses.

“We’re short $100.” Sora frowned.

“Not quite,” His dad said, laying five $100 bills on the table, “That should cover it, right?”

Sora hugged his dad and nodded. It was all set, the food, money, clothing, entertainment, (Both cars had TV’s in them.) and the music. Sora laid down the schedule. All of the teens had bought cell phones, and if one party was going to stop, so did everyone. They all programmed each other’s numbers and pictures into their phones, and then returned to their respective houses. Everyone stayed at the house of their respective driver.

“So we finally get off this island huh?” Riku said, putting down his checker piece, “King me.”

“What? Damn! Yeah, I guess so,” Sora said, putting the piece on top of the other piece.

Kairi and Alana were eating dinner, while Riku and Sora continued their game of “intense” checkers.

“The boys are so easily entertained.” Alana said, rolling her eyes as Sora flipped the board in frustration and he and Riku began wrestling.

“You got that right,” Kairi said with a giggle as Sora was thrown over the couch and onto the floor.

Sora cursed and jumped back over the couch and back at Riku, who was sent spiraling into Sora’s room.

“Well…that takes care of that,” Sora said, pocketing the prize money.

Alana rolled her eyes and went to get Riku. Kairi walked over and grabbed the money out of his pocket and began running away.

“Hey-Kairi!” Sora yelled, chasing her. They ran in circles and Kairi tripped, and Sora caught her. He took his money and threw it behind him and began kissing her. Riku snuck in and grabbed the cash fleeing for Sora’s room again.

After the whole schpheal, Sora and Kairi lied down on his bed and fell asleep, as Riku and Alana did the same, except on the floor.

The alarm went off at 7:30, as planned, and Sora sat up slowly. He rubbed the sleepys from his eyes. He kissed Kairi and said, “Wake up, it’s time to go.”

She sat up and rubbed her eyes, muttering, “Already?”

“Yep. Already.” Sora said, pulling on a shirt. He dropped a ball on Riku’s head and said, “Get up you lazy bum.”

Riku opened his eyes, rubbing his forehead. He shook Alana gently, who was cling to his lower abdomen. Sora threw Riku a shirt, and grabbed his own jacket-shirt. He descended his narrow stairs to the kitchen, grabbing the keys from the counter. Kairi followed in suit, along with Riku and Alana a few moments later. They all got in the car and drove off to Tidus’ place.

Yuna woke first, flicking Tidus’ head with her pointer finger. He opened his eyes slowly and said, “What? Is it time already?”

“Yeah,” Yuna said, kissing him warmly before getting out of bed, “Now get dressed, I’ll meet you downstairs.”

Tidus threw a shoe at Wakka which woke Selphie, who was on top of him, as well.

“When did you two get together?” Tidus laughed, pulling his pants on.

“Uhm…last night.” Selphie said, making circles on Wakka’s bare chest with her pinky.

Tidus rolled his eyes and went downstairs, finding Yuna talking with Kairi and Sora.

“Where’re Riku and Alana?” Tidus asked, eyebrow raised.

“In the car, sleeping.” Sora said, a chuckle added at the end of the sentence.

Kairi had her head resting on his shoulder, and Sora had his arm around her. Selphie would have loved this. Sora and Kairi returned to the car and Tidus went to go and check on Selphie and Wakka. He found them asleep again and sighed.

“What am I gonna do with you two?”


There ya are! Enjoy!:D


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Dec 12, 2005
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Here you go. Sorry for it's shortiness.

Chapter four: Cheating

“Sora…pull over! It’s my turn to drive!” Riku whined, his arm around Alana.

“Fine! Jeez Riku, I’ve never heard you whine so much! We need gas anyhow.” Sora gave up, clearly frustrated.

He pulled into the gas station, and once it was filled, Riku switched seats with Sora, and Kairi with Alana. Once in Riku looked over his shoulder and almost yelled, “You ready?!”

Kairi and Sora nodded, holding each other in fear as Riku replaced his pleasant grin with an evil one. Riku shot out of the gas station parking lot, stretching the filler that was still connected to the car, then flooring it, sending it shooting backward, and knocking out an innocent.

“Riku!” Sora gasped, stopping to realize that the gas cap was still in his hand.

Sora opened his window, leaning out towards the gas tank, in attempts to screw it on. He was just about there when he slipped, nearly falling out of the car.

“Sora!” Kairi yelled, grabbing his legs.

She held them tight as he screwed on the cap. When he finally was pulled back into the Kairi slapped him. “Don’t you ever do that again!” She said, with a pout. “You die, and I swear I’ll kill you!”

“But Kairi-“ Sora started, but was stopped when Kairi put her lips to his. He kissed her hard, for maybe five minutes. Riku’s eye was twitching, which Sora saw in the rear-view mirror. Sora chuckled and pulled up a pillow. He lied down, fighting his shutting eye-lids and failed, drifting into a nice refreshing sleep.

When Sora opened his eyes, he was in a blue room, with a bed, a comforter, you know, the works. He sat up slowly, wiping the sleep from his eyes, looking around. He thought he knew this room, but he just woke up. He turned swiftly, hearing a footstep. He relaxed though, because the person he saw was no other then…

“Kairi.” Sora muttered, rubbing his eyes again. He embraced her, and she returned it, seemingly half tired as well.

“Hey baby.” She responded, kissing him softly, as he began to inch her to the door.

“Where are we?” He asked, peering through a crack in the door, to see that it was dark outside, and Riku and Alana were sleeping on a couch a couple feet from the door.

He smiled, inching Kairi back to the bed, where he brought her down, both of them falling asleep in each others arms.

His eyes opened again, finding sunlight shooting into the room like a bullet from a gun, reflecting off of the only mirror in the room. It shone into his eyes, causing a squint, as he grabbed his shirt from the floor. Slipping it on, he realized that Kairi wasn’t there, and he slipped out the door and jumped over the couch, where Riku still slumbered. He slid on the cool tile floor through the kitchen, but when spotting a blonde boy on his way through, he ran back in.

“Uh….who are you? And where the hell am I?” Sora asked, one eyebrow raised.

“Uhm…Sora right?” The blonde said, spinning on his heel and pointing to Sora.


“I’m Roxas, Riku’s cousin. And this is my parents’ place. It’s a mansion.”

“Oh really…? Sweet.” Sora replied, grinning now.

“Yeah, I realize.” Roxas said, fingers laced behind his head.

Sora nodded, mouthing the words “okay” and spinning on his heels towards the doors. He found Kairi and Alana in the hot tub, and walked over to them.

“Hey sleepy head.” Kairi said, kissing his lips.

He kissed her back, replying an unheard answer through the pleasant saliva exchange. When finished, Alana ordered Sora to wake Riku, and Sora turned around and left.

Riku finally opened his eyes, finding Sora’s head directly above his. He shot up in bed, sitting up.

“What the hell?” Riku exclaimed, glaring at Sora.

Sora smiled sheepishly, running from the room.

Kairi sighed, tipping her head back to let the water drip from her hair. She stepped to the tile, drying herself with her towel. She saw Roxas ahead of her, and she waved and began to walk past him. He grabbed her wrist, and pulled her into a kiss. Sora walked in and Kairi pushed him away.

“Sora it’s not-“ Kairi said, throwing her hands owards him in hopes of an embrace.

“I know.” he said, pulling her in.
He released her and picked Roxas up by his shirt.

“You however,” Sora said, his fist connecting with Roxas’ jaw, “is what I’m about to deal with.”

Enjoy! R&R Please!!!:D
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