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Fanfiction ► Rikus POV

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Mar 12, 2005
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Amazin Story!!

OK this may suck but its the best I can come up with. Its rikkus side of things. This is in KH

Chapter 1

"You gotta run, the Heartless are coming!"

I cant believe I got myself into this. How could I have been so stupid.... going further and further into the darkness, I knew it was wrong but I just thought...

I can remember when it all started. My memories are straining to keep in touch with my shattered mind, half controlled by darkness....maybe if I tell my story, if I remember, I'll be able to explain....why. It all started a long time ago, back before the darkness, before Maleficent, the keyblade or the Heartless Destiny Island.....

One could only imagine the island looking so perfect on that day.The sea caught the light of the sun giving the impression that it was on fire. The palm trees danced in the wind giving off a gentle rustling sound. The sand glowed brilliantly, an odd speckle of light appearing. Such a beautiful day....

This did not grab my attention, however for I was in the midst of a battle with Tidus, Wakka and Selphie.

"Lets get 'im" Tidus cried

He ran haphazardly towards me , his pole leading the charge. At the same time, Wakka threw his blitzball at full fore in my direction. I quickly jumped backwards to avoid the swing Tidus had attempted and was hit in the face with Wakkas blitzball.

My cheek was red and sore. I heard Wakka in the background giving a victory yell.

"I'm good!"

"If I dont get rid of that damn blitzer I'll be a walking target" I thought.

I quickly decided my next move and sprinted towards Wakka. He was panicking, I could see it in his eyes, and he started to back away.

"Oh no you dont!" I shouted

I lunged and hit him square in the chest. He staggered backwards and attempted to throw the ball at me again. It was a meaningless effort though, as I blocked it with ease and swiped at his shoulder. It connected and he exclaimed "I give, I give"

From the begining, Selphie had just stood by and let me fight the other two. I decided to go for her next. I dashed towards her, my wooden sword wanting more action. I hit her flat on the head as she swung at me with her rope. She hurt me, but not as much as I hurt her. She began to cry and collapsed to the floor . I felt a pang of guilt after what I had just done but I needed to concentrate on my last victim.

Tidus was nothing on his own. I simply held up my sword as he tried to hit me. After three hits, that was enough.
"My turn!" I said excitedly
I went all out on my last attck sending him falling off the platform we were on into the ocean.

I laughed and shouted after him "Hey you need any shower gel?"

"You creep, you just caught me off guard!" he retorted

"Yeah sure" I said sarcastically "You're getting better, though. You too, Wakka. Selphie....you could do with some improving." I remarked as she was sniffling on the floor

"And so ends another three-on-one beating again...." Tidus trailed off miserably

"Ahhhh dont be like that. Remember I am older than you, so you might beat me next year..."
"Whatever. Hey guys, lets go the secret place!
"Yeah!" Wakka and Selphie cried.
"Same time tomorrow, right Rikku?"

"Sure, why not? See you then!" I shouted after them.

I jumped off to join Kairi, who was waking up Sora.....

What do you guys think? Is it good or bad? I know its just the first chapter but if I get good feedback I'll continue (and if not, Il continue anway
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Jan 11, 2005
i likey!!!! ^^; i have no clue y all of a sudden everyone decides to do Riku's side of the story...but thank god! RIKU ROX! *muah* LOL~ this is great~ continue if u want.

**oh, &, "Riku" in this game dude. not "Rikku". ^_^**


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Mar 12, 2005
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Okay Chapter 2 is up!

I slowly walked across the sand, turning my gaze from the sky, to the sea, then the sky again. This place....it felt like isolation. A desolate island surrounded by water. I would do anything to get off...anything. Sora and Kairi said they would join me in my adventures but I doubt they'd go to such extremes as I would to get off.
The only clue I'd had to there actually being other worlds was the big door in the secret place. I had tried a multitude of ways to get it open, to see what lies beyond it, but all my efforts had been in vain. I've never told anyone this, not even Sora, but I knew there was a way to open it. I can still remember.....

The island wasn’t much different back then. Still the same blue sea. Still the same....prison.
I was seven and Sora was six. He was convinced that there was a monster in the secret place. I doubted this, but I was up for even a little adventure. I challenged him, saying that if there was a monster in there, did he think we could have taken him on by ourselves. Ever confident Sora was unfazed by its fierce growling and said it would be an easy win. We slowly crept into the cave....

"See, it was just the wind making that noise!" I remarked.
"Ahh man!" a slightly disappointed Sora mumbled

I told him that when we were older, we'd go on real adventures, not this silly kid’s stuff that we always do. He didn’t seem really bothered, and was more interested in meeting the new girl (who later on, happened to be Kairi) who had fell in from the meteor storm the night before. As Sora was walking out of the cave I turned back to see something strange.....
The door was still there, but right in the middle, there was a huge mark, and it appeared to be.....a Keyhole. I then knew that there had to be a key to open it. I haven’t found it on the island, so it must have been on other worlds.
That’s when I had my first idea to get out of that island...to escape from the prison.....

I listened in on Kairi and Sora talking to each other. Sora had had a bad dream and was comlaining to Kari that it was real. The conversation then turned to when they were going to get out of here. I found a log and though it would be helpful to us for our raft, which we were gonna use to get outta there.

“Hey, aren’t you guys forgetting about me?” I shouted. “So, I guess I’m the only one working on the raft!”

I threw the log at Sora and walked over to Kairi.
“And you, you’re just as lazy as he is!”
“He he, so you noticed. Well, what are we waiting for? I’ll race you!”
“What, are you kidding?” I sighed. I knew that I’d win. Still, I was up to the challenge. I shot up and raced Sora. I beat him by miles and rubbed it in his face.

“Ha, ha! Another win for me!”

“Man, now its 1-0!” Sora walied

I know it was wordy, but more will happen in next chapter

c ya for now


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Mar 12, 2005
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Chapter 3 is a go-go

After the race, Sora went and collected the stuff we needed to make the raft. As he was
doing this, I walked over and joined Kairi outside the hut.

"Hey Kairi, whats going on?" I said to her cheerfully
"Oh nothing. Have you seen Sora, I wanna give him something I found." she replied.
"No sorry. I'l let him know you're lookin for him, alright?"
"Sure, thanks Riku!"

I had always known that Kairi had a closer relationship with Sora than that of which she had with me. I wasn't paritculary bothered by this, although it sometimes was annoying when they went off together. I just wished that I had the same relationship with her as she did with Sora. I would have to do something special though. Really special....

I sawSora picking up the log I had thrown at him. I ran over to meet him.
"Hey Riku. You up for a round?"
"Hey sure, why not?"
Sora had challenged me many times over the time had known each other. I was glad that this happened, as he was becoming a stronger oppenent and a worthwhile challenge. We had always pushed each other. I won the fight, barely though, he was becoming more powerful.

I spent the rest of the day practacing on the obstacle course. I was determined to get stronger. I wasn't going to let Sora surpass me. After this, I walked over to the platform and picked the Papou fruit from the tree. It was a yellow, star-shaped fruit that was given to someone if that person was really cared for. I decided I would give this to Sora for him to give to Kairi.

We all met by the big tree at sunset
"So, Kairi's hometown is out there somewhere? Right?" Sora asked.
"Could be, we'll never know by staying here." I replied.
"But, how far could a raft take us?" Sora asked again.
"Who knows. If we have to...we'll think of something else."
"So, suppose you get to another world," Kairi laughed to herself. "What would you do there?"
"I...haven't really thought of that." I asnswered, knowing that it sounded a bit stupid
"It's just….. I've always wondered why we're here, on this island. If there are other worlds, why did we end up on this one? And suppose there are other worlds...then ours is just a small piece of something much greater. So we could have just as easily ended up somewhere else, right?" I said
"I don't know." Sora said laying back on the tree.
”Exactly” I replied.
"That's why we need to go out there and find out. Just sitting here won't change a thing. It's the same old stuff. So lets go."
"You've been thinking alot lately haven't you?" Kairi asked.
"Thanks to you." "If you hadn't come here, I probably never would have thought of any of this. Kairi, thanks."
Kairi laughed nervously. I was puzzled by this. Why was she nervous. Probably about how we were going to leave this island forever the following day. But not in the way we had intended…..
"You're welcome." She replied.
We walked over the bridge over to the shack. I thought I’d give the fruit to Sora now.
"Sora!" I shouted after him, as Sora struggled to catch it
"You wanted one, didn't you?" "Paopu fruit?" Sora asked.
"If two people share one, their destinies become intertwined. They'll remain a part of eachothers lives, no matter what." I said walking over to him "Come on, I know you wanna try one."
"What're you..." Sora began but I didn’t want to answer him, so I just laughed
We all ran over to our canoes amd paddled back home

OK you’re all probably bored stiff, but I wanted to get that big speech out of the way. Please stay tuned, Its gets more interesting!

Heartless attack next!


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Mar 12, 2005
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Alright, you’ve all been patient so here you go. Exciting chapter

Chapter 5: Heartless attack

I got to the island early that morning. I wanted to train some more on the obstacle course. I was going to tell Sora and Kairi the name for the raft. My uncle had given me the idea when he came over the night before. He said he used to work for a man named Cid who piloted an airship called Highwind. He was just a rookie back then and Cid taught him how to fly. I wanted to be like Cid and teach Sora and Kairi how to do things.
I wanted to race Sora when he came to the island. I knew that he’d choose a different name to me and I wanted it to be fair

I challenged him soon after he came. He wanted to name it Excalibur. That was actually quite a cool name but I wasn’t going to let him go that easily! I wanted him to try the very best he could. And I knew exactly how to….

“If I win, I’m captain.” he said. “And if you win-”
“I get to share the Papou with Kairi.” I cut him off. I knew that he would try his hardest now.
“Deal?” I continued “The winner gets to share a papou with Kairi!” I finished
“Wa-wait a minute” he said worryingly
“On my count!” Kairi shouted

She counted down and after one we both sprinted across the bridge. He took the high road and I took the low road. He arrived at the tree just before me and had a little boost going over the trees. He beat me by a little.
“OK, we’ll name it Excalibur!” I said cheerfully

Sora was looking at me sternly

“The papou thing was just a joke.” I said truthfully.
“Yeah right…” Sora mumbled as he walked off.

“What was his problem?” I thought, “Maybe he really does LOVE Kairi. I don’t know…”

I overheard a conversation between Kairi and Sora at sunset.

"You know, Riku has changed." Kairi said.
"What do you mean?" Sora asked.
"Well..." Kairi began.
"You okay?"
"Sora, let's take the raft and go! Just the two of us!"

I was alarmed at this. They weren’t going to leave without me were they?

“What?” Sora said in disbelief
“Just kidding” Kairi laughed. I was calmed down by this and though it best to go home.

When I arrived at my house, my mom was making me my dinner. I wasn’t planning on staying long. I was going to go back to the island and make the final preparations on the raft.

After I had my dinner, I crept out of my window and walked over to my boat. I paddled over to the island. It was a cold night and it looked like a storm was brewing over the island

“That’s weird” I thought “There’s never been a storm before”

I arrived at the island and walked over to the raft. I pulled out my pen knife and chiseled the name “Excalibur” on the helm.

Scratch…scratch ….

I spun round. There was nothing there. I figured it must have been the wind on the trees. I continued to work on the raft.


I looked over my shoulder. There was nothing there.
“Who’s there?” I shouted into the night. “Sora? Kairi?”

I cautiously turned round and worked on the raft some more.

“Aargh!” I shouted. An icy cold hand had grabbed onto my neck and its fingers were piercing my skin.
“Let go!” I shouted and flipped it over my back.

I was met by a short, black creature with bulging yellow eyes. It ran at me again. I was ready this time and plunged my penknife into its chest. It disappeared in a haze of shadow.

“Where did it come from?” I thought. Then it stuck me
“The door!”

I ran over to the Secret Place but I was blasted away by a strong wind. There were more of those black things gathering around me. I swung at them and ran to the platform. I saw that Sora had arrived and was trying to protect himself with his wooden sword. I knew it was a meaningless effort; they weren’t even fazed by the hits. He spotted me and ran towards me. I heard him crossing the bridge. I had to reassure him that everything was OK.

"Riku! Where's Kairi?" heasked.
I looked up at him. I pulled a brave smile. I was trying to be the cool Riku who wasn’t afraid of anything. I was still in shock about what had happened. Those black things must have come from that door.
"The door...has opened." I mumbled
"What?" Sora said in disbelief
"The door has opened, Sora! Now we can go to the outside world." I shouted again, I had to make sure he didn’t think I was scared
"What are you talking about? We've gotta find Kairi!" Sora said.
"Kairi's coming with us!" I yelled. I wasn’t sure about this but I didn’t want him to worry about her
"Once we step through, we might not be able to come back. We may never see our parents again. But there's no turning back, this may be our only chance. We can't let fear stop us." I knew that I scared him now. I scared me, I didn’t know what I was saying.
"I'm not afraid of the darkness!" I finished
"Riku..." Sora began.

I held out my hand and Sora tried to grab it. I saw a dark hole forming around both me and him. Dark branches were circling around my legs and curling their way up my body. I still held out my hand hoping that Sora would grab it. I wanted him to come with me, even if Kairi could not.
Then the darkness enveloped me before we made contact. I couldn’t see anything. I was spinning around at a high speed and was scared of what might happen.

I landed on a cold hard floor.Looking around, I saw that the room was blue and black and it had a tall spire. Ivy branches had grown around it.

A stale voice shouted from the dark
“Ahh, we have a guest.”

“Who’s there!” I demanded

Wow! Big chapter!

So what do you think?
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Mar 12, 2005
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I would be interested on where these spelling errors are, seen as in I always use spell check. Thanks for the inout though, I've cut back on the repeating. And crummy looking......
nah it dont matter, I know it was to be helpful.


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They're things the spell-check didn't pick up because the word is spelled right, just the wrong spelling.

Ah, here's one.

--“Where did it come from?” I thought. Then it stuck me
“The door!”--

I think instead of stuck you meant struck. Small things like that. I also noticed you didn't use periods in a few spots. Like I said, small things like that, that's why you proofread.
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