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Nov 29, 2005
Outside your window flipping you off.
Welcome to Rikus love chapter 9! Wow 9 makes you wonder were the time went…anyway welcome I don’t know when this going to end but when it does I cant change that but I know you wont see the end because I well be making a another story but goes further into the replenished but that in the future….this is the now so chapter 9


When I woke up I was still strapped to the table, I was getting mad and I had no way out. I noticed I was not alone. There was a man sleeping on a chair by me and was drooling. I didn’t care who he was so I woke him up.

“Wake up!” I screamed

“Waahhh” he went flying

“God, when can I get out?” I asked

“Shut up prisoner, you have no right to talk, if you won’t siax I well get him but shut up.” He said coldly

“Jerk” was the only thing I could say under my breath, I had to be smart to live; one wrong thing and I could end up dead.

About 10 minutes later he’s goodness came in.

“The princess has a woke.” He said in a joking mood

“Let me out, please that’s all I want.” I said

“Well don’t worry your friends our on there way, our cameras saw them break in.” he said coldly

Dang it, the last thing I wanted was one of my new friends dead but how can I help? I’m stuck here.

“But don’t worries you well soon be with them, all in oblivion.” Said the man who was sleeping

At that I was punched in the jaw sending me to a deep, deep sleep


This was going no were, we were passing through countless halls I saw endless one’s. I was getting mad. You would think the bad guys would get a better place but I guess im wrong.

“Um, over here, I hope.” Said the king

“May- maybe we should walk “said karir who was almost out of breath

“We have to keep going!” I was running faster then anyone

“Riku, relaxes she we’ll be fine.” Sora was trying to be nice but it wasn’t working

“Look I don’t want her dead!” I was screaming now

“None of does “kairi was mad now

“You’re not the only one who has feeling to for her you know?” she was screaming with rage at that

“Well look at all the trouble makers.” A man came out of the shadows he was wearing sliver jacket, with sliver shoes.

“How are you alive, you should be dead not breathing.” I was in rage

“That well is for another time but, for now I’m here to kill you!” Saix was smiling like crazy when he said this

I wasn’t going to wait for him to come after me instead I went for the kill. I was almost close enough to hit him when he jumped. I followed him and hit head on. Which sent him flying, he almost dodges my next attack but instead I hit him again, he was almost too easy to read.

Sora finally decides to help summing his keyblade, he hit him and sent him flying, he was gasping for air dieing for it envying it. I was about to finish him of when I rembered jasimen.

“Where’s Jasmine?” I was yelling

“She’s in the computer room, but you well have to kill my friend to get to her.” He was rolling in pain

“Fine.” At that I trusted my keyblade at him, seconds after he was dead.

“Come on we have to find her.”


About 5 minutes later I found the computer room, it was pretty easy to find it. But something wasn’t right. Were that guy? We found Jasimen on the floor she was not moving,

“Jasmine, wake up.” My voice was shaking

She wasn’t moving, I put my head on her chest to see if she was breathing, and she was. She was just unconscious. I noticed what they had done to her, her clothes was ripped and blood was all over her. Her wrist’s was in bad shape bruised and looked as if it was throbbing. I noticed her ankle’s was also bruised, what happened to her?

“The man isn’t here.” Called out Sora

“He must have run.” Said kairi

“Well since no ones around I think we well be able to get out better.” At that I picked up jasimen she seemed lighter.

“She needs some medical attain, we can take her to my castle and we can get help there.” The king said proudly

At that we all walked to the ship with jasimen in my arms, her face was pale and she seemed so far off but she was so close. I was scared for her. We load on to the ship with everyone and we put kairi and jasimen in to the only room there was. Donald and Goofy were starting the take off procedures and the next thing I knew we were in space.


Okay well that’s the end now I know your thinking what happened to that one guy but don’t fret he well be back soon! Plus I well update soon. So comments please and help to make it better


What would you do for a Klondak Bar
Nov 29, 2005
Outside your window flipping you off.
Welcome to Riku’s love! Good to see you back snow I was wonder if you were ever coming back! Well this chapter well be good but that’s my voice please I could use some help on how to make it better with the thoughts of Jasimen so anyway here it is! Chapter 10 wow chapter 10


I woke up sick, feeling if I was hit buy a truck. But something was not right I wasn’t in the bed with one lamp over me and I wasn’t strapped down, I was in a big bed with a machine stuck on my chest! It was something that looked over my heart beat. Was I dead? But that’s impossible! Im breathing. Were’s Kairi? Were’s Riku? I need to get out of here. I pulled the things that was stuck on my chest and the machine started to sound off. The next thing I knew I nurse came busting in.

“ oh my word! I well go get the others but you must get back into bed now!” said the nurse

“ who are you? Were am I? I want answer’s! I was in rage. Who did she think she was?

“ get into bed!” she screamed in my ear

“ okay im going, god.”

she left the room winning, I wasn’t in the mood to fight with anyone I just gave up. About 5 minutes later everyone came in Karir, Riku , Sora , the king and even someone new I havened meet. She had a crown and a pink dress I knew instant she was the queen. She was a mouse just like mickey

“ jasimen welcome back we were worried!” kairi was crying hard

“ its okay im fine, just wonder were am I? “ I asked

“ oh right, welcome to Disney’s Castle! “ said the king happily!

“ this is the queen jasimen.” he was so happy he had the biggest face ever

“ oh nice to meet you thanks for helping me!” I was trying not to sound to rude I wasn’t up yet

“ oh its no big deal we were just worried about the bruise on you arms.”

“ what?” I was very confused
“ look.” riku came over and picked up my arm and touched it at that I pulled away it burned

“ ouch what did they do to me?” I asked

“ we don’t know, we found on the floor in the basement and you were uncounsie.” Riku was struggling to say it but he got it out

so they told me the whole thing and they guy who got away but I really couldn’t remanber much at all I wasn’t much help.

“ well im sure it well come back you just need to not think about it.” said sora

“ oh I forgot, your birthday is tommrowo and we are havening a small ball to celebrate! We have everyone coming. What do you say? “ the queen was jumping

“ I don’t have a dress and I’m broke.”

“ don’t worry im havening that taken care of, you and your sister well have a full day at the spa and its on us.” she pointed to the king.

“ yes me and her have been talking about it and we were just discussing about it over dinner when you woke up.” said the king

“ well I have never had a party before so I think I could do it.” I had a big smile on my face I never had a party before and now with my sister It would be fun.

“ okay well we must get started on your dress everyone is done but we had to wait for you, oh before I forget Riku well be your escort and sora well be kairi’s. Plus the guys who you are going with cant not see you in your dress its tradition, and you have to dance just one dance..” she was very hyper but I didn’t say anything.

“ okay I understand, its good to keep it that way besides your throwing the party.”

“ okay well get some sleep, we well wake you up okay?” asked kairi

“ sure.” I really didn’t care.


I woke up feeling fresh, and carefree knowing that to night I would be celebrating my 16 birthday. A knock came on to my door. I walked for the first time which seemed to be for days since I even did. My legs felt like jell-o but soon got back to the swing of it.

“ happy birthday!” the queen came in with 6 different people and kairi who was already in her dress. It was pearl white and was strapless. She looked beautiful. She spun around showing her back witch was black in a v way and ran up her back. She was so happy and I was happy to see her that way.

“ now we must get you ready first with hair and makeup.” the guy who said this was tall with long white hair braided I thought he was a girl at first but when he spoke he had a deep voice that gave me chills.

The next thing I knew I had peoples hands this was and that and people mad about my face was pretty without makeup. I was scared but soon was able to figure out what was going on.. after about 2 hours of makeup and so much hair tugging I was done. But not yet I had one thing missing my dress.

The queen came in after I was done and had something to eat. She came with a maid and handed me a white cover. I unzipped it and out came my black dress that looked like kairi’s but in the back it was white and ran up to the top of my back.

“ go on and try it on.” said the queen

“ okay.” I walked in to the bathroom witch was pretty big I took it out and slipped it on it was perfect not tight not loss but just right, I was afraid to go out but I got the up anyway.

I walked out and I saw the king and Donald and Goofy there. Everyone looked from the conversation and looked at me all had big smiles on there faces and just looked.

“ wow you look beautiful.” kairi came over and gave me a big hug.

“ right back at you.” I said laughing a bit

“ girls I have something for you.” the king came over and opened a brown box showing to crowns one had a white gem while the other had a black gem.

“ these’s are your’s I made them just for tonight I hope you like them.” he sounded so happy

“ but you didn’t have to this party is enough and the help.” I started to cry

“ but I wanted too.” he said

he placed the crown on top of my head witch was hard but he got it.

“ we have to hurry it’s, the party is about to start soon.” everyone left with me and kairi alone

“ well its about start.” she was holding back something

“ what do you need to tell me?” I asked

she looked shocked but soon knew that I knew something was up.

“ its nothing.” she was lying

“ well okay, lets get going.” I was trying to be happy and shock it off


We both held our breaths while we herd our names called, I was nervus but I was wondering what Riku would think when he would see me? Would he be happy? Would he be wowed? I can’t take this any more I have to face it I like him but-

“ please say hello to princess’s and raise your glasses to them and say happy 16th birthday.”

oh god.

We walked out to the bright light’s to find Riku and Sora at the bottom of the steps they were both smiling. We came down and met them and sora took kairi’s hand and kissed her on her cheek, she giggled.

“ happy birthday you both look, wow.” was the only thing Riku could say.

“ come one we have to have that dance.” riku said laughing

oh god I forgot it slipped out of my mind!

“ um.” was the only thing that came out of my mouth.

“ don’t worry it well be fun!” said kairi laughing at my dumb mistake

“ okay but I suck at dancing.” I said trying not to be a party pooper

“ don’t worry.” that’s all he said while he took my hand

we made it to the dance floor while he took the lead witch I really didn’t mind, I was really lost. The song was slow and everyone who was there sitting got up and came over to watch us. Great now I well really make a fool out of myself. Riku broke the silence.

“ look what im about to do, please don’t get mad just hear me out.” he was haveing trouble to say what he needed but he got it out

“ okay.” was the only thing that came out.

He took his hands and put them both on my cheeks, they were soft and warm. Then he did the unthinkable.

He kissed me. But for some weird reason I didn’t hold back I just went with it. I had enough of my feelings I had to get it out. This was the only time that I had to show him I wasn’t afraid so I went with it. He was warm and yet he was soft he had away of making me feel like can keep going. I rapped my arms around his neck and just kept going. He moved his hands to my waist and kept going deeper and deeper. We didn’t care if the world was falling our if people were watching I was happy, and he was to.

We both pulled away resting our heads on each others. We both laughed and we both noticed that Sora and Kairi stopped dancing and were both smiling. We looked at everyone and they were both just smiling. I thought I might get into trouble but I think we were okay.

“ come on I have something to show you.” he was laughing and was in a good mood

“ okay.” he took my hand and we both ran for the door, everyone just moved knowing we wanted to be alone. That’s all we wanted was to be alone.


okay end of chapter 10! Wow that was good in my own way I think I did I good job...... comments please


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Jul 4, 2005
Right, i'm leaving on the roads that lead to my fl
Well well well. If it isn't one of my trainees. Broke off from my teachings and went on your own, did ya? *Smacks ruler in hand* My expert opinion, More detail, especially in you fight scenes. We already talked about your spelling. But aside from that, i give it an 8/10. We will talk later.


What would you do for a Klondak Bar
Nov 29, 2005
Outside your window flipping you off.
Welcome to Rikus love chapter 11! Wow what can I say 10 was good huh? Well I have some good news I have chapter 11 up but when I get back I well have at least a lot ideas to mess around with. Well chapter 11 is now!


Me and Riku walked are way to the garden it was beautiful. It was so quiet that it was hard to figure out to say to him. I had mixed emotions right now that I was lost questions ran through my head. Did he just? Did I do that? Did we kiss?

“ are you okay?” he stopped and looked into my eyes.

“ yes im just thinking, I feel so happy right now!”

“ im sorry to do that to you.” he looked as if he took a cookie from the jar and was lying to his mom

“ no its not that its just im shocked that I went with it, it felt great to finally show you that.”

“ im happy that your happy.” he had a big smile on his face

“ look I wont to give you something, I had everyone help me pick it out.” He took out a small box, and opened it up showing my locket

“ we took it and put this in side it.” he was so excited like he was opening a present

I opened it up to see two pictures one of him and all my friends and the other of me and Kairi.

“ thank you so much!” I jumped and started to kiss him

“ your welcome I was hoping you would like it.”

I just looked up right to see those green eyes of those and I was lost but the next thing he held me closer with his arms and started to kiss me I warped my arms around his and we got into but...

“ should we leave you two alone to keep making out?”

we both turned to see Sora with his hands behind his head and kairi giggling to herself.
“ yes can you?” asked Riku sarcastically

“ we should get back people might be worried.” I was mad but knew I had to get back

he was still holding me but looked sad he had the famous puppy eyes.

“ I don’t want to get back.” he has the pit a ful voice

“ I know but we can finish up later, promise?”

“ okay promise.”

We walked back to see most of the people were sitting in big round tables, with white and back around I had a feeling it was the theme. We came to a table were the king and the queen were sitting, there were 3 people I have never seen one was a lady with long brown hair and deep blue eyes. The other was talking to a big man with blonde hair and had a sash that read “Mayer” . The other had short silver hair and had deep green eyes and had a long deep navy dress with long pearl earrings. When we came up to the table everyone stopped and trued to us, the women with the long navy dress got up and walked over to us.

“ you must be Jasimen, I am Riku’s mom, call me Rachel.” this women was very pretty and I knew Riku got his looks from her.

My mouth fell open knowing I made out with her son in front of her, I was in trouble.

“ uh nice to meet you!”

She laughed

“ its okay of what happened im glad you made him happy, besides he warned me before hand.” she was such a downed to earth person.

“Oh.” was the only thing that came out of my mouth

“ jasimen this is Sora’s mom, and Riku’s and the Mayer of destiny islands, h’s Kairi’s garuidean .” the king point out.

“ look we know you have no were to go and since I can see you and Riku are together and you and kairi are very close I think maybe you can live with me and her.” said the king who was getting up so I can see him better. He had a nice tux and looked very tired and he want sleep.
Then it hit me he was right I had no were to go.

“ um,” I looked at kairi and she had a big smile on her face with sora as well he had his funny smile.

Riku came over and put his arms around me.

“ you know you can, we want you to come. You can live there and be normal and you can goto school and we can have some fun together.” he was trying to cox me to comeing.

He had a lot of good points, I need my school and I wanted to be with him and kairi and Sora I have been so close to them it was hard to let go.

“ okay.” I said with a big smile across my face.

“ okay well maybe you should meet some of the kids who live there, there over there.” said the Mayer

he pointed to the kids who were sitting around a white table and looked very very bored.

“ come on.” kairi gapped my hand running over to the table. The kids looked up and just smiled.

“ you must be her sister.” a small girl with short brown hair got up and hugged me and kairi.

“ uh yah.” was the only thing that came out my mouth

“ well im Selphie, this is Tidus, and Wakka. Were all from the islands!” she was way to happy for me.

We all talked and they asked all types of questions, they were wondering if I was coming home with them. They also said we were ridding in the same ship just the kids and that leon and the others were going with the parents, we would be following them home. Then I noticed that yuffie and leon was coming along with Cid and two others. One had a dark dress with a lions head on his shoulder. The other was a girl with a pink dress and had deep green eyes. She seemed sweet.

“ hey cloud.” called out Sora

“ hey, this must be the girl huh?” he asked
“ yep this is jasimen.” Called out sora

“ we saw the kissing I think it was cute.” Yuffie was joking around.

But that still made me blush hard, I went from a soft pale color to a dark red color. I looked over to Riku who wasn’t the only one who was red. Everyone was having a good time and laughing it up as well.

“ come on leave them alone.” Leon was trying to help but it wasn’t working.

“ how do you feel from the last time I saw you?” asked Yuffie

“ well I feel good but I cant reamber a thing of what happen, I don’t know who anyone it was our how I got there in the first place. To tell you the truth im afraid as hell knowing there’s someone still after me.” I was trying to not so sacred, but it wasn’t working.

Riku came over to me and put a hand one my shoulder, it was working as he tried to comfort me.

“ so is it okay if the kids ride with you guys?” asked Leon trying to change the subject

“ yes that’s fine.” Said Sora as he put his hands behind his head

“ well I hope everything goes well for you two.” said Yuffie

“ leave them alone, there young.” joked Cid

we all had a great time for the rest of the night we danced a little more and had dinner. I met and made more friends. I just hope everything well work. I look towards a new life. I hope I can survive school though. I know I well have help and a new family is behind me.


okay well I have to go I hope you like it I had to rush a little so I hope you like it and comments to make it better!! This is sorasheart281
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