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Nov 29, 2005
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Okay welcome to Rikus love chapter 7. One thing that makes me happy is that its at chapter 7! Any way some things well start to make sense it just takes time. First person view is Jasimen are new hero! Anyways im going on again so here’s chapter 7!

The sun came shining in. It was going to be a beautiful day I knew. I looked over at Kairi and saw her waking up as well we smiled, I wasn’t ready to get up but I knew that was rude, so I got up anyway.

“ morning” said Kairi

“ its morning all ready? Im not read to get up I want to sleep, but im getting up” I said coldly

I got up and looked for something to wear, and I found the perfect outfit I went over to show Kairi and she had the same one, but only in pink. We just looked and smiled, both knowing what we are going to do. I had the shower First and It felt perfect to take a shower with hot water. I put on my outfit and waited for Kairi to get finished, then we head down stairs were everyone was waiting.

“ good morning girls” said the king happily

“Morning” we both said

“ well you look the same but only in different colors” said sora

Both the boys was just staring at us with both there jaws dropped. We both looked good I thought before we left. A halter top , with a skirt and shoes. Very simple was the plan. And it worked

“ um yeah morning” said Riku almost spilling his drink

“ hey Sora, I would love to changlle you to a fight, what do you say a little one after breakfast?” I asked

“ um if you want , but im not going to go easy on you just because you’re a girl” he said

“ if I wanted you to go easy on me, I would have asked you too” I said trying not to sound to mean

“ okay so it’s a match” he said a little to happy


when we stepped outside I noticed Riku and Kairi were going to watch. That and the Donald and Goofy. This was going to be fun I could tell.

“ do you want me to start?” he asked

“ go a head” I said

At that he wiped out a beautiful keyblade it was polished perfectly. It was my turn and I noticed Micky came out to watch. I called my only keys I had and trusted. “Oblivion , Oathkeeper” I screamed at the top of my lungs. And at that they came at a rush full of power and speed. Im rotating with both of my hands in both of the handles. I took my position waiting for him to make a move. He came running at top speed , and I just had to wait for him to move in the right spot, and when he did I jumped as high as I could and took both of my keyblades right for his head. He jumped right in time to move it complete, but he did hit on my side sending my flying. But I took ground lending on my feet, he didn’t stop he came running faster for me.

I moved and hit him on his back hard, and took all the time I had to keep hitting him harder and harder as he even tried to move from me. He brook free and hit me and it, hurt. But I had to get away and figure out a plan this was not going to work if I kept this up, so I jumped to a top of a building, but he was already jumping after me , and he hit me right on my knee to send me back down.

We booth were tired but I couldn’t stop I kept going to fight, which was the last move I did I send him in the air and land a good 30 yards. Sending me to the ground on my knees. But he got up.

“ you win Im glad me and you fought , your ready for whatever coming after you I think you well survive.” he Siad breathlessly

“Your right she is a force of nature, she was on hell of a opented” he said turning to Riku

“ yep, told you.” he said laughing

“ are you ready to go to the store?” I asked to Kairi

“ yeah lets go.” she said

“ wait I want some one to go with you , Yuffie do you mind going , you know just in case?” asked the king

“ sure I’ ll go” she said happily

Then we were off. Just us three girls. It was only silence around us nothing moving our talking, just complete silence. It was something I didn’t like.

“ did you feel that?” I asked

“ what?” answered Kafiri

“ I cold front coming through I can feel it” I said

when we arrived the town was complete deserted , except two men in hoods, they trued towards us and just laughed.

“ what’s so funny?” I screamed knowing this wasn’t going to be good

“ we came for you princess’s.” the First man said

At that heartless came all round, we were separated from Yuffie and we were in a circle , and we were inside with the men. They came after for us I blocked both of there acts, but I couldn’t hold on, Kairi was able to get out but I was stuck inside, the next thing I knew they were opening a dark door, and I was knocked to the ground.

When I woke up I was in a white room all buy myself, with no one, I was kidnaped.
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Mar 19, 2006
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sorasheart281 said:
probely be tomenite i hope i dont know it just depends im haveing alot of family troubles and im really in a bad mood so i dont want it to go down becouse of whats going on so i dont know it just depends hope you can forgive me

don't you worry about that, sorasheart, you have nothing at all to apologise for. your fic doesn't come first, you do. i hope you feel better soon *hugs* :)
like dd said, we're all here for you.


What would you do for a Klondak Bar
Nov 29, 2005
Outside your window flipping you off.
Welcome to Rikus love I Havant slept in god know’s how long but im bored and so im working on chapter 8 so I give Rikus love chapter 8!. Oh before I forget first person view is Riku but in the begging its Jasimen


I woke up in a white room with bars in the front, there was bread on the a table and a glass of water. I walked up to it and had the taste of bread which was stale but I was hungry and I didn’t care. When I was done I heard someone walking to my cell this was my chance of being free I had to take it and do it

“ are you up, princess?” a voice asked

“ yeah.”

I tired summing my keyblades but I didn’t work . I was screwed.

“ welcome to the world that never was. My name is Saix , I am here to take you.” said Saix

“ well im just fine thanks for asken.” I said

“ to bad your coming with me.”

At that he grabbed my arm and hit my in the head, I was still to weak so I was knocked out.

When I woke up I was tied down on a table and was unable to move.

“ hello princess Jasimen.” said a new voice

“ let me go , im no use to you. “ I screamed

“ im sorry that wont happen. My name is Xenmas.”

“ well I really don’t care just let me go.” I said inpaicently

“ I cant not until your little friends come here then I can kill them all at once plus I need that heart of yours to open kingdom hearts, so you well be here for a while.” he chucked

I knew at that time I need to run but I couldn’t. I didn’t know what to do, I just want Riku.


Sora and I were sitting on the couch talking, when we herd the door swing open. It was Kairi and Yuffie they were gasping for air. Sora ran to Kairi and I followed, this wasn’t looking good. I knew there was something missing, it was Jasimen when Kairi was able to speak a again my world crash.

“ Jasimen has been kidnaped by order 13.” she said gasping for air

“ we were surrounded, and she helped Kairi get away but it cost her life.” Yuffie screamed

“ she was knocked out and was dragged with them, we couldn’t help were so sorry Riku.” cried Kairi

“ its okay everything well be fine.” comforted Sora

“ don’t worry she can take care of herself, until we can get to the world that never was.” said the king

“ im scared” I said “ I don’t know if she can handle them , she tough don’t get me wrong but these men are dangerous people. They well kill her if she’s not careful.”

“ your right but I think they wont kill her , don’t forget the prophecy they need both princess’s and the ones that they love to fill full it for kingdom hearts to open again.” said mickey

“ maybe me and Riku should just go” said Sora

“ maybe that would be a good idea.”I said hoping kairi wouldn’t mind

“ NO she needs all of us , we all go together that what I would have wont. “ screamed Kairi

“ are you sure you want to go?” asked Sora

“ yes she’s my sister I don’t want her to die when I can help her!” she was hysterical now

“ well I think this is going to be though but I think we should go, we are going to need all the help we can get.” said the king

“ Riku, she can do it she has a very strong heart, I just hope they wont push her to her limits.” comforted the king

“ well I guess its off to Twilight Town.”

“ to the ship!” ran Kairi

“ she looks fired up , doesn’t she?” asked Sora

“ its just she has gotten close to Jasimen, and plus its her only family that she has.” said the king

“ point taken.” said Sora

At that we headed off to the ship I just couldn’t stop thinking about what they could be doing I knew what they can do but I don’t know if they would put that through to someone , so special.

“ are you okay?” asked Sora

“ huh. Oh yah im fine , just well to tell you the truth im scared.” I said honestly

“ now you know how I feel about Kairi, I guess you do have feelings for this girl don’t you?” he asked

“ yes I do.”

“ well , don’t worry like the king said she tough and has one strong heart.” said

“ well lets get going.” I said happily

Don’t worry I well be there soon to protect you I promise.


the end of chapter 8! Hope you like
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