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Nov 29, 2005
Outside your window flipping you off.
Well today was a wired one I was about half way through when my computer shut down on me so now Im trying to fix it and go back and all that jazz. Any who welcome to chapter 5 of Rikus love just to inform anyone who reads this THERE WELL BE BIG SHOCKERS!!!
FOR WORNING YOU……. Oh yah Jasimen well be first person view for this one (shocker there) lol

Chapter 5 untold secrets


When I was done telling my story about the guy and me everyone grew silent. I knew something was up and they were not telling me, I finally broke down and asked

“Is there something you’re not telling me?” I asked

“Well this is going to be tough but im sure you and Kairi we’ll pull through, Riku and Sora and I have talked about something’s that have come up. It seems the order is back and there much stronger then before there after something that is very close to Sora and Riku I cant tell if it’s a trap or what but its obvious they want you two.” said the king.

“I already knew they were after me but I don’t know why I mean sure im a keybear but that’s all that I am and that im from Hollow Bastion but still what does that have do with me and Kairi?” I asked knowing something was about to get ugly

“What im about to tell you two girls is the truth I am NOT lying and never would to hurt you at all.’’ He stopped and looked at us both “You both are twins” said the king

At that me and Kairi trued to look at one another then I noticed we do look a like same eyes same face same everything except hair color. I was afraid she would just laugh at my face but she didn’t she smiled.

“If you don’t think that you two are twins trust me on this one put both of your hands together and close your eyes.” Order the king

At this we did. It felt weird but I had a feeling coming through my heart it was if it was light I felt so warm that it was if I was on the beach, then the king told to open our eyes only our eyes, and so we did there was two circles of light floating between us as if they were playing tag with one another. Then they stopped and one light went back to my heat and the other went back to Kairis heart.

“Oh my god! “Were the words that came out of kairis mouth

We both embraced each other crying on one another’s arms we both knew we were sisters. We both let go and just smiled. Karir turned to Sora and I did the same to Riku. They both smiled at us and nodded to one another. King was the one to break the silence

“Jasimen after I tell you this you well probably hate me for the rest of your life but you must know this, Riku and Sora knows this but Karir does not we had to wait until you both knew that you two were twins. Kairi you know that you’re a princess of heart right?” asked the king

“Yes I have known that for a while.” stated kairi

“Princess of what?” I asked even more confused

“This is going to sound strange jasimen but trust me okay I know you can handle this” said Riku

After he said that I was starting to get a weird feeling this was going to be big but riku he just smiled and made my heart feel fuzzy this was something that didn’t feel right I have never felt this way in my life about a guy!

“A princess of heart is what kairi is she is also a keybear just like you jasimen. But since you two are twins you are also a princess but not of light like kairi you are of dark. But you may think you are evil but you are not you and kairi have the most pure of hearts. You may know that there is also light and dark but just because you are to have dark in you does not mean that you are evil jasimen. That’s why I think that the order is after you and kairi because they found a way to open kingdom hearts again. There is a prophecy and in it sates that you two well die in the arms of the ones that you love most and those two men are very close to your hearts. Jasimen , kairi im sorry for you to hear this but I couldn’t keep you away from it I was asked buy your parents that when you both found out that you would be given theses lockets.” At this the king took out two lockets that both had are names on it in sliver he gave kairi hers and then mine.

I looked at in shock trying to figure out what was happening I was supposed to die in the arms of the man I loved and then again I didn’t have anyone who loved me this was just too much to take so I did one stupid thing and ran. I got up as fast as I could and headed for the door, I thought no one was behind me but then I could hear quick foot steps after me and then someone grabbing my wrist and pulling me back.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” screamed riku

“What all this is just too much to take I don’t want to be a princess I just want to be left alone, and I found out im supposed to die in someone’s arms who I love? Im sorry but I don’t know anyone who loves me at the moment so how can all this just be okay?” I screamed

After I was done yelling me head off I fell to the floor crying over everything I just heard I was a mess then I felt someone’s arms wrapped around me holding me feeling all my pain all my surfering and took it all in. it was riku are eyes met and he looked at me and said

“I know you’re scared and that you are afraid I feel your pain I well listen to it all. I promise I well. I well be the one to hold you thought it all the good and the bad… it’s because I love you.” He said

At that he kissed me.

I give you chapter 5 hoped you liked it well I could use all those good stugg to make it better so plz comments
This is sorasheart281


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Mar 19, 2006
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i said i'd read it, so i did :)
it's really good, the only criticism is the lack of grammar, which you mentioned.
like dd said, type it out into MSWord or another word processing program. that way, you can be sure of the correct grammar and spelling :)
keep writing, i really like it! ^-^ *hands you a cookie for being great*


What would you do for a Klondak Bar
Nov 29, 2005
Outside your window flipping you off.
Hello all welcome to rikus love chapter 6! Again it still shocks me to see im at chapter 6 but I guess that’s how it’s going to be. Anyway I know I saw some comments on how to fast the relationship is going and I can agree but then I can disagree but the funny thing is that im the author and I make the plans…. But it kind offmakes sense if you think about it because she is the princess of darkness and he the bear ok a key that is darkness… I think its match made in heaven but then again people who’s reading it so its your call anyway im going on a again so hears chapter 6…Jasimen is first person view this time


Chapter 6 is this for real?

“I can’t believe whets going on there messing with my plans! If we don’t stop them we well lose everything I have been working on, I can’t believe you didn’t kidnap her when you had the chance!”

“Im sorry, I heard Riku so I had to leave as soon as possible before he killed me I tried to get the girl but I was to slow please don’t get mad my lord”

“You’re lucky I haven’t beheaded you on the spot, god is it hard to find good workers theses days?”

“I think jasimen has met kairi so, meaning we can get both of them and get what we need, but we must act now before its too late we must get the girls”

“Yes sir”


I cant believe what’s going on I had to run wherever I could go, so now im here at this beautiful place after Riku was done, I ran he didn’t fallow me this time he let me be so now im here. I just need to think this through, a couple of days ago I was a normal girl until I met this guy he took care of me and now im here, my birth place my home, but I also have a twin, and im a princess this is just to much maybe I should just end my life right here and now, NO I cant do that I need to keep fighting! Im to strong for that! But what am I going to do? Should I just go along with this or just keep running? That’s all I have know since I was little… running. No this time im going to fight that’s why I have the key blades right? Okay im going to go back and face my fears I think I well be able to do it, I hope.

When I made it back to the house I was soaked, walking in the rain for a couple of hours not the smartest of things I have done but that’s all I could do. When I enter the house everyone stopped and just looked at me. I didn’t know what to do

“Is she back?” karir asked

“Yep she’s back all right, bring in some towels she’s really wet” quacked the duck

“Sorry for what I did I just needed time that’s all, to clear my head.”

“Its okay we understand, I know it’s too much for someone like you to get all that at once we didn’t think you would come back so soon.” Said Leon

“Thank god you’re not dead.” Said kairi as she came running over to give me a hug “are you going to fight with us?” she asked

“Yeah I think I am” I said hugging her back

It felt strange hugging her but I just had to I was happy to know I had a family but it was creepy at the same time.

“Good to know you came back” said Riku

“Oh hey “

“How do you feel?” asked the king

“Freaked out but I think I well live, besides I have a sister now I think that gives me the right to look after her, right?

“Of course, but for now I think dinner is something you need!” said the king

I haven’t had dinner in a long time so it sounded perfect.

“Dinner sounds perfect!”

After dinner was served and everyone was sitting down to a nice meal, I couldn’t help notice I still owed Riku to a dinner.

“If it’s okay if I make dinner tomorrow, I still owe Riku and now all you so it’s the least I can do I owe you a lot.”

“I don’t see why not I think dinner is okay with me.” Said Leon

“Sure!” said the king

“ kairi I need to buy a couple of things do you think we can go to town just the two of us?” I asked

“I would love that!” she basically screamed into Goofys ear


After dinner I went outside to get fresh air but I was soon with Riku.

“Look I’m sorry for doing that to you okay, that was rude of me and I was-

“Just stop I understand okay?”

“Yeah looks like you and your new sister are starting to get along” he asked

“Yeah I love her and I haven’t spent much time with her.” I said

“Oh you forgot something” he took out the locket out of his pocket and beck end for me to turn around, he placed the locket over my neck and then I could feel my heart to race. Why was he able to do that? Every time that he does something around me I start to freak out! This wasn’t right but I couldn’t tell him how I felt I had to keep my mouth shut.

“It looks beautiful on you” he said smiling

“Oh thank you, im going to go to bed okay?” I asked why I was even asking for permission

“Oh well then, goodnight” he said a little disappointed


At that I walked up to my room, I was sharing with Kairi when she saw me walk in she had the biggest smile on her.

“I herd about you and Riku!” she said almost screaming with joy

“Well I don’t know what’s going on with that but, we should talk about this when we have privacy, remember the boys room is buy us”

“Oh right” she said smacking her head

“I still can’t believe we are twins! I never thought I was born in a different world!”

“Don’t worries I think we well get the hold of this” kairi said

“Well I need sleep, talk more tomorrow okay?” I asked

“Good idea, goodnight” she said


And at that I fell asleep

Okay end of chapter hope you enjoy I put in more commons if you haven’t noticed if you didn’t well I need more practice if you did yay! Sorasheart281 say see ya


What would you do for a Klondak Bar
Nov 29, 2005
Outside your window flipping you off.
lol no i do have a plot you just have to read XP but like i said it was dream that it came up and i went from there if i get a writeres block and i sleep i ushally figure out what to do i dont know why thats how it is so i know its sounds werid but thats how it is......chappy 7 th should be up tommowro nite
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