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Fanfiction ► Riku and Mai 2

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Oct 6, 2007
Okay, here's the next chapter, I'm updating now because I have to give you at least another chapter before I stop for a month or so, long enough to finish this fiction. I haven't even come close to the end yet and sorry to say this but I don't think you'll like what I have in story for the next few chapters. around... I think chapter 11. I think you'll hate me. But don't fear out of every bad comes something good you'll see.


Part Two
Doki: Searching
Chapter Six

Axel and Doki arrived in Destiny Island.

“Alright Doki, let’s get going,” Axel said. Axel had no interesting in being around Doki. He had no interest in helping Doki.

“I can hear you, you know,” Doki said, referring to Axel’s thought that he didn’t want to help him, dryly as if he didn’t care.

Axel rolled his eyes, “C’mon! Go on and look for a girl, I’ve seen you chase other women before.”

“Only to make her jealous,” Doki kept his eyes down and he was so sad looking that he looked depressed.

Axel groaned, “And now you don’t have to do that,” Axel said, “Now you can have any woman you want!”

Doki shook his head. “Not the same…”

Axel groaned, he looked at Doki and realized that he was different looking. Doki now had green eyes and brown hair, when his hair was in the sun one could see a little bit of red. Axel nodded. “We gotta get you some new clothes.”


“Yeah, new cloths,” Axel started, “You can’t go around dressed in green and or red all day.”

“Oh,” Doki said. Axel was feet ahead of Doki when he realized Doki never moved from his position. Axel stomped back and beckoned him to follow. When Axel got no response out of the sad looking Doki Axel took Doki by his hood and pulled down the street. Surprisingly Doki didn’t fight, he let his body fall to the ground and Axel continued to drag him away. Doki seemed like dead weight.

“Where are we going?” Doki asked.

“I told you, to get you some clothes.” Axel groaned. Taking care of Doki was going to be harder than he thought. Doki looked at his hands and saw that he was darker than before, he was like a slightly lighter milk chocolate color. He sighed as Axel pulled him up to a stand.

Doki looked around and saw tons of cloths of many colors. Doki slowly walked around and looked at cloths. He tried to branch out and pick colors other than green and red but he was drawn to them. Axel figured that maybe that it was thousands of years wearing the same color, and you just get used to it.

But Axel helped a lot.

By the end of the hour Axel had three changes of cloths for Doki.

“Do you like it?” Axel asked.

“I guess,” he shrugged, “what does it matter?”

“Emo…” Axel said under his breath. He looked around and saw a pretty girl. He went over to her and asked her to see an outfit. “Does he look handsome in these clothes to you?”

“Yeah, he sorta does,” the girl blushed. Doki looked at her seconds after she opened her mouth to speak. Doki grinned and the girl’s blush went further.

“So would you ask him out?” Axel pressed.

“I guess…” she blushed more.

Doki went over to her and stared her in her eyes. He took her face into both hands and kissed her. Axel slammed his hand into his face and shook his head. Doki just messed up.

Doki pulled away from the kiss and look the girl in the eye once more and grinned.

The girl pulled away weakly, she had never been kissed that way before. She had dated many boys and kissed each of them but none of them were that great of a kisser.

Doki tilted his head confused, the girl wasn’t into him. He could see it in her eyes. He sighed, “I’m sorry,” he bowed and turned away. The girl staggered away still a little stunned.

“Doki you don’t just do that to a girl!” Axel said.

“I figured, she wasn’t into me,” Doki said under his breath sadly.

Axel sighed, Doki was hurt by this. “Okay look, when you think you like a girl you have to tell her by words or by doing something for her. You could buy her something, you could ask her out on a date, you could ask her for her phone number but never just come out of nowhere and kiss a girl!”

“Hm…” he nodded.

They bought Doki his clothes; Axel was getting annoyed with Doki. Doki was getting more and more depressed as girls passed him and each ignored him. Axel also bought Doki a cell just in case he actually got a girl to like him. Axel added his number and gave Doki his new and first cell phone. Any normal person would be happy to have a cell phone but Doki took it and stuffed it in his pocket.

“I’m tired,” Doki said as they sat in the mall.

They sat on the bench and each had their own soft drink. Girl, after girl after girl passed him, they were either too young, too old, too tall for too short for him. None of the girls drew his attention to the fullest. No surprise. Doki sighed as he stared down at the floor.

“Okay, it’s getting late anyway, we’ll find a place to crash and we’ll start up again tomorrow.”

“I don’t want to.” He shook his head slowly still staring at the floor.

“If you want to forget about Mai you’ll have to.”

Doki nodded, he sighed, “I… know…”


Aug 2, 2008
At my house with Riku, Saix, and Zexion, rocking t
Hooray!!! Doki and Axel are back!!! That was really funny. Seriously, Doki and Axel are just hilarious together; between Axel's annoyance and Doki's depression, they are just too funny. I especially liked how Doki just went up to that girl and just kissed her; Axel's reaction was just the best. Oh, about you not updating for a month, that really sucks, but I can understand; I'll let you finish up the story first, I'll keep myself busy. Actually, I'm trying to write my own fanfiction, but it's kind of slow goings. Between my work schedule and everything else, it's been a little difficult, not to mention that I have nothing on paper, just a bunch of thoughts and ideas in my head, but I'll get there. Now, about me hating you for what you have coming up in the chapters, I think I'll be okay with it as long as no one dies; I really don't like death. Anyway, sorry for the long post, great job again, and I look forward to more.


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Feb 27, 2009
I hope you didn't think I forgot about this fanfiction, cuz I didn't one bit! Anyway, getting back to the story at hand. I too hope that there is some possible way for Mai to get pregnant. If you were to do that, I hope you wouldnt make anything to drastic for her to do so. I also have this feeling that something bad is going to happen to Riku whien he goes with the King, but that's just me. Great update, keep on writing :)

ya I have a feeling something bad's gonna happen to him too. anyway, nice update.


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Oct 6, 2007
Here's the next chapter, Well, I know I said a month but I forgot I have summer vacation. I can work on the story at night now and not worry about school the next morning. ^^ hehe, sorry for the bad memory folks, so here's the next chapter. And trust me you'll hate me when you read chapter 11, you will.


Part Two
Riku and Mai: Death and Life
Chapter Seven

Riku and the King were in the water.

Riku loved surfing but… he didn’t like how Mickey set him up. Riku watched the horizon and the waves fold over themselves. It was a very beautiful sight. Riku blinked as his board was gently pushed by the waves. Riku watched as the King swam back.

“Mickey, I don’t like this,” Riku sighed after Mickey rested his board near Riku’s. Riku hung his head as he waited for the King to protest.

Instead, which surprised Riku, the King laughed, “Riku, I know you don’t like this but it’s not what you think it is.”

“What?” Riku looked at Mickey.

Mickey pulled his eyes away from Riku and pointed to the sky towards the sun that was not like a light orange color. Mickey then explained what he meant. “Riku, we are here for a mission, I came to this world for more than just a chance for you to rest, this was the first world that was attacked by whatever caused the darkness.” Mickey lowered his hand.

Riku gazed at the sun. “I see,” the sun was now setting, it was casting a long reflection on the soft waves. Riku grinned, “You love to confuse me don’t you?”

“No, you just misread me and never tell me,” Mickey smiled.

Riku smiled back and looked at the setting sun again. “But… why couldn’t Mai come?”

“Because you need a rest, besides Mai needs some time to herself, I’ve noticed that she’s been tired and you seem just as tired.”

Riku chuckled, “Okay I’ll relax.”

“You read me like a book sometimes,” Mickey said.

“So, should we head back now?”

“Yeah, the sun is setting we need to be ready before it sets, something tells me that our enemy is here.”

Riku nodded and they swam back.

Later the two were on a high cliff. Riku had Way to Dawn ready in his hand. Riku and the King were silent as they waited and watched the night from their high seat. Nothing was wrong. Nothing was wrong… why? The night was clearly darker; it wasn’t funny how dark it was.

The Heartless were the same, the Nobodies were the same. So what’s up with that?

Riku sighed, he gazed to the sky then blinked in a confusion that was also amazed. “Mickey!”

“What did you spot something?”

“No, the moon,” Riku pointed to the moon. “It’s completely visible!”

“That’s odd. How can it be this dark and the moon shine like it’s a normal night?”

“I don’t know…” Riku stood, “C’mon, Mai might know something about-”

“Riku!” Mickey tried to reach of for the falling man. Riku was falling down the high cliff. Nothing could save him as he fell to his death.

Riku squeezed his eyes closed and allowed himself to fall without any thoughts of trying to save himself.

Then… nothing.

Riku opened his eyes to see nothing but blackness around him. He sat up and rubbed his head. He realized that he was in the dark realm. He groaned with pain and stood. So he wasn’t dead, he knew that for sure, he was saved by the one thing he hated and was still bonded to.

‘At least I can find a way out sooner or later.’ He started walking. Sooner or later a small light will appear and he’d be able to get out. After walking for a long while Riku sighed and flopped on the dark ground. He’d been walking for it seemed for hours but time was not known here. There was nothing that could be time, one could be there for one minute in the world but here could feel like ten years, time was not at all a rule.

“Riku…” a dark voice spoke to him.

Riku jumped up quickly and searched for the voice but no one came to his view. “Who are you?! Show your self!” he yelled.

“Riku,” the voice said once again, “I am here to help you… I am here to tell you something important.”

“Show your self!” Riku yelled once more.

“I can not,” the voice said. “Listen to me I will help you if you help me.”

“Help you?”

“Yes,” the voice answered.

“How do I do that? And why would I do that?”

“For starters, I’ll help you get out of here, and I’ll give you information on your wife that will be helpful to you.”

“Like what?” Riku folded his arms, this all too well reminded him of this first few hours in Castle Oblivion. Ansem talking to him for a long time without showing himself to him, it was rather annoying.

“First off that your wife can’t have a child because of what she is.”

Riku was taken off guard for a second. Taking his guard again Riku folded his arms and frowned, “Don’t lie on her,” Riku said filled with anger.

“I am what she is, and we can’t have children.”

Riku groaned, “Don’t lie on Mai!”

“Riku, if you were to have a child it would look like this.”

In front of Riku an image of small baby was seen. The child was… beautiful. Riku had never seen a child so beautiful. It was beyond any compare, words were lost trying to find words to describe the absolute beauty of this child.

Riku stared at the child wide eyed. “So… what do you want me to do?”

“Make her pregnant and I’ll be back.”

“That’s it, I’ll be helping you if I make her pregnant?”

“Yes, I’ll explain when I come back how this help me.”

Riku reached out to touch the image but it disappeared. Riku was instantly blinded, the image turned into a bright light and then Riku felt something tightly squeeze at his ankle. Riku summoned his blade and started to hack at the dark hands that held him.

Riku wasn’t able to hack the dark hands away. Riku was sinking deeper and deeper in the darkness. As he fought he was being pulled faster and faster. Riku was up to his neck in no time. Riku fought and fought but there was nothing for him to hold on to. He squeezed his eyes shut as his head started to go under.

Riku woke… light?

Riku slowly opened his eyes and saw a tan ceiling. He groaned as he sat up in bed. He was in a bed… but where? He was in a place he had been to but what was that place?

“Riku are you okay?”

“Huh?” Riku heard Mickey’s voice, he turned in the direction and saw more faces that he thought he’d see. Vincent, Cloud, Tifa and Mickey stood next to the bed. “I’m in Midgar?” Riku raised an eyebrow; he also held his head as it ached.

“I never knew one could summon a blade while they’re unconscious,” Vincent said with a slight tilt of his head.

Riku lowered his hand from his head and looked in his other hand, eyes wide and filled with shock. Riku’s ice blue eyes saw Way to Dawn tightly gripped in his hand. Riku jumped out of the bed and dropped his blade. “No!” he said in a loud whisper. His blade was sticking in the ground and remained there in his shock.

“Riku what’s wrong?!” Tifa said in a worried cry.

“Mai, I have to see her, now!” Riku yelled, “I think she’s in… I have to see her. I think she’s hiding something from me.”

“Riku?” Mickey said filled with concern.

Riku then realized he was speaking completely under his breath, he thought he was yelling. Riku sighed, he had to calm down and tell them something, they were worried about him. Riku de-summoned his blade and looked at Mickey, “Mickey, I have to see Mai, I have to go home now.”

“Okay, I’ll get you home soon.”

“No, I mean now. She needs me now.” Riku tried to explain. “I had a dream… she’s… sad. Or… at least I think she is.”

“Riku, you’re not making much sense,” Tifa said.

“In my dream a guy told me that Mai was… look, Mickey I can’t talk about this now. I need to see her.”

“Alright. I’ll reverse-summon you so you’ll go home.” Mickey pulled out a purple card, this card also known as a reverse-summon, allowed a person to send a person to another place. It’s like summoning them only you’re sending them away. Mickey used the card and Riku was home.

Riku looked around; he was surprised it worked so quickly. Frantically he looked around. She wasn’t in the living room. Riku dashed to his room and found Mai there she was crying sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Mai, are you alright?” Riku dashed to her side as quickly as he could. Benjie woke. He was sleeping on the bed on the far side.

Mai wiped her tears away and looked into Riku’s eyes with a fake smile. “I’m fine.”

“Mai, stop lying to me. Tell me what’s wrong.”

“I don’t think I can have children.”

Riku swallowed, was his dream coming true? “Mai, we’ll just have to try again, that’s all.” Riku kissed her forehead.

“I don’t think that’s the answer.” Mai shook her head.

Riku brought her face with his with his bent index finger. Mai stared into his eyes and tried to hold back tears. Riku kissed her and ran his fingers through her hair. As Mai tried to pull away Riku pulled her close. Mai stopped fighting after that and kissed her husband back.


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Oct 6, 2007
Bonus day!


Part Two
Riku and Mai: Death and Life
Chapter Eight

Mai woke. Riku was gone this time. Mai sat up and found a familiar scent crawling up her nose. She looked around and saw a mass of rose petals on the bed. Mai gazed around; she reached out to the rose petals on her bed and realized that there was a trail leading to the door. Mai pulled the blankets away and got in her night gown. She followed the trail to learn that it continued out the room and down the hall.

Mai followed the trail. The trail led down stairs and out the back door. Mai opened the door keeping her eyes down on the petals. Mai then realized that they stopped at the pool. She looked in the water and then saw a silver stream flowing towards her. Mai backed up thinking Riku would splash water on her.

Riku slowly let his head come out of the water and his ice blue eyes gazed at her. Mai grinned, but deep down she knew she was heart broken, Riku was clueless. He wanted to know if she was pregnant or not.

“C’mon, I won’t bite,” Riku said swimming to the edge of the pool. He folded his arms under his chin and waited for her to come close.

“Sharks always bite,” Mai said.

Riku sighed; he could hear the sadness in her voice. He ignored it and stuck out his hand. “C’mon, I won’t let you go.”

Mai stepped closer, “You can’t trust sharks.” She said. No matter how she tried to hide her sadness Riku could see through it. EASILY.

“Mai, come here!” he yelled playfully.

Mai sighed and went closer. She then took his hand and Riku slowly pulled her in.

“I can’t swim.”

“Stop lying, even if you couldn’t I wouldn’t let you go.”

Mai groaned and Riku pulled her into the pool and Mai was now in Riku’s arms. Riku brought her close, very close, so close that Mai understood very clearly what he was trying to do. Riku pushed away from the wall and kissed her.

Mai was taken for only a moment. She stopped kissing him and held back her tears. She lowered her head to hide her face.

“Mai, what’s wrong?” Riku stopped in the middle of the pool.

Mai sighed and pulled away from Riku’s arms. She turned away and swam in that direction without answering him or even giving him a passing glance.

“Mai?” Riku caught up to her and stopped in front of her, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m just not in the mood right now,” she answered continuing to swim away.

Riku allowed her to go. Riku sighed and sunk into the water enough to cover his nose and he remained there for a while. Mai’s clothes left a water trail as she went back into the mansion, Benjie right behind her.

Riku sighed.


Later, Mai was in the kitchen cooking. Riku came up behind her and held her. “Mai, don’t you want to try?”

“No,” Mai said sadly.

“Why are you so against it now?”

“I don’t think I can.”

“Stop that,” Riku turned her around gently but quickly, “So what if you can’t we can always adopt or something, but for the sake of time and us, let’s try.”

Mai lowered her head. “Okay, but if we don’t get the results I want we’ll go to the hospital to see what we can do, alright?”

“Fine.” Riku kissed her and held her close. Mai held him close but suddenly Riku pulled away.

“What’s wrong?” Mai asked.

“You’re not trying,” Riku said slightly groaning.

Mai lowered her head, “I’m not going to have a child so why try so hard?”

“Why do you keep saying that?”

Mai bit her lip, “I don’t know.” She shook her head.

Riku narrowed his eyes and sighed, “Mai, let’s go to the hospital now, that way we can get over this.”

Mai looked up at him, she nodded and sighed, “Okay.”


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Oct 6, 2007
Last of bonus day, you'll hate me for this chapter too.... T-T I don't want to be hated.


Part Two
Riku and Mai: Death and Life
Ch. 9

They were at the hospital now, Mai had her check up with the drawing of the blood and everything.

Riku and Mai waited for the results.

Mai sat on the cold bed like chair and knew what was coming, she wasn’t foolish, but she hoped that what Doki, Saix and Axel were wrong. Mai prayed they were wrong.

Riku on the other hand was optimist; he was keeping his hopes high, even though he knew that was a dangerous road.

The doctor came back; he held his clip board firmly in his hands. He pushed his glasses up his nose and looked once more at the married couple. He looked up at Mai and Riku.

“I’m sorry but she can’t have children.”

“What?” Riku stood from his chair and took the clip board. He read the words and understood them.

“I’m sorry Mr. Shade, she is barren.”

Mai turned her head away and tears slowly crawled down her face: she knew it.

Riku lowered his eyes to Mai and then at the doctor, “Is… is there nothing you can do?”

“No, I’m sorry son; things just don’t work out that way.”

Riku handed the clipboard back with a slow movement. But went to Mai’s side with a quick speed, he hugged her tightly as she cried.

Riku held Mai and Mai held him. They both cried tears of pain and loss.


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Feb 21, 2009
The Light in the Sky
Okay, I prepared myself for this so I'm not suprised about it, but I must admit...I am sad. :( I keep waiting for the suprises and you keep delievering them. Curious to find who that voice belongs to as well...can't wait for the next update!


Aug 2, 2008
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Okay, I really hated Chapter 9. That is just so unfair; I really hope that this story has a happy ending, but right now that seems really difficult. Now, I really can't wait until Chapter 11 because, when you say I'll hate you, I really need to know what happens. I really just hope that no one dies; I hate death. Anyway, great job, and I look forward to more.


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Oct 6, 2007
Here's the rest of Part Two to Riku and Mai 2, I'm doing this because you'll hate me later... You're going to hate me for this....

Enjoy anyway!

Part Two
Doki: Searching
Ch. 10

Doki and Axel got up and left their hotel room.

Doki was still emo and didn’t want to leave. He claimed that he just wanted to sulk all day.

“Okay, I got something that you can’t resist.”

“What?” Doki said in his sad, bored and flat tone.

“We’re going to a place filled with women.”

“Great.” Doki pulled his gaze to the floor.

Axel groaned, he slammed his palm against his forehead, ‘Why the heck did she give me this mission?!’ Axel grabbed Doki onto the bus. The doors closed behind them and Axel paid the fee for the both of them. Axel released Doki once he found a couple of empty seats.

“Axel, when you fell in love with Mai, did she reject you?”

Axel looked at him, “Yes,” he answered.


“Stop thinking about it.”

“I can’t.”

The silence began and Doki just sat there looking glum like he lost his whole world. Axel kept his eyes closed as he rested his face on his fist. When the bus stopped Axel grabbed Doki and basically dragged him off the bus.

“Where are we?” Doki asked.

“A strip club.”

“What’s that?”

Axel held back a chuckle and knocked on the door, he pushed Doki in and stayed outside.

Axel folded his arms and waited outside. He leaned on the wall and waited.

Moments later Doki came back out. He glared at Axel as if he was upset but just as quickly lowered his eyes and started sulking again.

“What happened?”

“They’re not attractive to me, not anymore. Those girls I’ve seen before, I want no part in them.”

Axel groaned and then realized what he was saying, Doki had had sex with these women before, he had seen them already, so he learned that he had no love for them. Doki nodded hearing Axel’s thoughts, this confirmed Axel’s thoughts.

“C’mon, let’s get something to eat.”


Doki this time walked with Axel, Axel didn’t have to drag him. Doki continued to sulk, staring at the ground and remaining silent. Axel walked into a café and found a table for two. There they sat. Doki continued to sulk, his green eyes were still facing down. Axel sighed, as he stared at Doki, he had changed, he no longer hand green hair, he now had red hair, his hair was human brown with a hint of red, no Emo-troller red. Doki looked human but he didn’t behave human so much.

“Eat up,” Axel said.

Doki looked at his plate, he hadn’t realized that Axel ordered him food. Doki sniffed it and his nose curled up. He pushed the plate away.

“I don’t want that,” Doki complained, “Ugh, human food.”

“If you want to attract a girl you’ll have to eat, girls always watch a guy eat, that’s how they learn if you have any table manners or not.” Axel honestly wasn’t sure of that comment, but if it helped Doki out, he’d say just about anything.

Doki looked at Axel and then at the food, he took a few bites. He had to admit it was good but he wasn’t hungry. He pushed the plate away and planted his head on the table.

Axel rolled his eyes and turned away. Looking for a girl, and found three, he grinned, “Hey, look,” he pointed to the three girls that were giggling and smiling a few tables away.

Doki looked up only enough to see their faces. He planted his head again on the table and groaned, “This is never going to work!” Doki got up from the table and dashed off. Axel didn’t hear or see Doki leave. His eyes were too busy gazing at the tall, skinny and beautiful looking girls.

Doki ran for the door. As he ran from the door his realized that his heart felt warm, he bumped into someone and he fell.

“I’m sorry…” Doki said starting to cry. “I’m so stupid, I’m such a failure!”

“It’s alright,” the girl he bumped into said grinning.

Doki opened his eyes to see a girl near his age, beautiful and staring right back at him. As he stared into her eyes he felt his heart beat faster and faster. His sulkiness seemed to have had vanished.

Doki pulled his gaze away and ran off again.

“Doki!” Axel yelled, he realized that he was gone.

“Doki?” the girl asked.

“Yeah, he has brown hair, and green eyes, did you see him?”

“Yeah,” the girl said, “He went off that way,” she pointed in the wrong direction and smiled, she had fooled his friend. She had no idea how fast this Doki was but she knew he was fast. The girl went in the direction he went and decided to follow him as best she could.


Doki kept running, but he stopped, he saw a tree. For some reason he was attracted to the tree, he gasped for air as his rested his hands on his knees. When he had regained his strength he climbed the tree, the branches were low, about six or seven feet off the ground. Sitting on the branch, Doki realized that the tree was comforting.

He sat there, sulking again, or at least trying to sulk, every time he tried he felt his heart warm up a little.

After a while he felt a powerful heat rise in him.

“Hi,” a sweet voice, a voice of light.

Doki snapped his eyes open, and snapped his head down towards the voice. He saw that girl, it was her, as Doki stared at her he felt that heat grow stronger, but it wasn’t heat like that of the sun but heat of comfort and warmth and… love…?

“You followed me?” he asked confused, he ran quickly, so he knew that no one could catch him while he was running. He felt his cheeks turn red.

“Sorta,” she shrugged placing her stuff down, she leaned on the tree, “Why are you up there?”

“I… I just wanted to think… I guess.” Doki answered although he wasn’t sure why he stopped at the tree in the first place. He couldn’t see her face now, but he could see the top of her head. He could also smell her, she smelled beautiful, cherry blossom, she smelled like cherry blossom.

“Ah, this is my favorite tree, Cherry Blossoms,” the girl said.

Doki was wide eyed for a second; he stopped at her favorite tree?

“So, Doki… is it?”

“Yes… how do you-”

“I led your friend the wrong way,” she told him.

“Oh…” Doki answered. “So… what’s your name?”

Before the girl could answer her cell phone rung, she went to her bag and answered it. She had a few words and hung up the phone.

“I’m sorry Doki, I must go,” the girl said with a groan.

Doki instantly jumped down from the tree and the petals fell to the ground in a beautiful, gentle fall. “Where are you going? I’ll walk you.”

“Quite the gentleman, aren’t you?” she asked with a grin.

Doki blushed and held his hands firmly at his side, he wanted to touch her, he wanted to touch her hair, her skin, her lips, he wanted to know what she felt like, he felt a physical attraction to her, he just wanted to hold her, normally he’d want to hold a woman for sex but he wanted nothing more than to hug her, to smell her hair.

If he had one final wish it would be to touch her face.

“You don’t want me to walk you?” he asked filled with nervousness.

“No, in fact, I’ll be happy if you did walk me.”

Doki smiled, she didn’t reject him, he felt the sulkiness vanish, it was as if it was never there. Doki followed her and his eyes never left her hair that was down to her shoulders. She was beautiful, more beautiful than Mai, if that was possible.


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Oct 6, 2007
Here's the chapter that'll make you hate me forever...


Part Two
Riku and Mai: Death and Life
Ch. 11

Riku and Mai had not forgotten the words of the doctor. Mai was suffering the most. Riku was trying to show Mai that it was okay, he increased his words on love for her, he increased how long he’d hold her and kiss her. He did whatever she wanted to do and then some. But Mai continued to sulk.

So when Riku got a call from his karate school that he had to go, he didn’t want to leave me to continue to sulk.

“Mai, I’m going to the dojo for a moment, I’ll be back very soon, okay?” Riku said to her.

“Yeah,” she said getting out of bed. Riku sighed, “I love you babe,” he said. “I really, really love you, babe.”

Mai grinned, and then went back to sulking. Riku sighed once more and left, closing the door behind him.

Mai sat on the bed; she heard Riku leave and she watched him drive his bike off. Mai watched as Benjie walked up to her. Mai picked him up and sighed.


“Mommy’s okay baby, she’s just sad.”


“Goddess!” Mai was instantly pushed through her glass window. She had dropped Benjie and fell two stories and then some. Mai crash landed in the yard.

She looked around and saw Dusk directly above her, “You again?!”

“Yes, I’m here to kill you now,” she said with a smile on her face. In that moment, Ninja, Tundra and Hurricane came and attacked Dusk, saving Mai. Mai struggled to stand, but at least her body had healed the broken bones. When she got to her feet she was knocked down again only harder than the last time. This time Dawn was above her, he chuckled and formed a powerful dark ball in his hand.

“Goddess!” Ninja yelled but Dusk took the three warriors out with little effort. She elbowed Ninja in the face and kneed Hurricane in the stomach and for Tundra… she was hit in the neck with a round-house-kick.

After dealing with them Dusk grinned and stood next to Dawn. Mai looked up at the two, they were grinning evilly.

“Good-bye, Goddess of Heart Haven,” Dawn said.

Mai looked up to them, filled with fear.

‘Mommy!’ she heard Benjie. But her eyes didn’t leave her killers. Mai knew she was going to die, if her guardians died there was no way she could live this attack, she was filled with shock and fear as she realized what was going to happen to her. She was going to die.

Mai closed her eyes as the dark ball fired at her. She felt heat and light surround her. But… no pain. She opened her eyes slowly and realized that Dawn and Dusk were gone. Mai looked around and stood quickly. Then she heard the voice of a child in pain.

‘Mommy…’ the voice moaned.

Mai heard him but couldn’t see him. Mai looked around and found the bloody dog limping toward her. Mai ran to him and was hit by the horror of what she saw, her dog, her Benjie was bleeding and had dark flames on his body. He limped toward her as best he could. Mai picked him up and held him, she patted out the black fire.

“Hold on! Mommy’s here, stay with me, stay with me!”

‘Mommy… it hurts…’

“Benjie! Stay with me!” Mai tried to summon her chakra but none came to her aid.

‘Mommy… I… love you…’

“No! No Benjie NO!”

‘I love you… I… promise… I’ll… come… ba-’

“Benjie! Don’t die on me, don’t die on me!” Mai yelled, her chakra finally came to her and she was able to heal him, she laid him down and healed his wounds, but his breathing slowed ever still.

“Mai?!” Riku called out, he saw the glass and the large patch of grass gone from the back yard. And he saw three people out cold near the pool. But he ignored them and dashed over to see Mai crying over Benjie.

Mai continued to yell. “Benjie! BENJIE!”

Riku realized why. “Oh, god… he’s…”

“Benjie! Don’t die on me!”

Regardless of Mai’s yells of pain and protest the dog’s breathing came to a halt.

‘Mommy, I… will… come… back… I… promi-”

“Benjie! No!” Mai took him into her arms and cried more and more. She held him close and held his head as if it were a small baby in her arms. “Benjie,” she cried out softly.

Riku held her, he cried with her but even more for her, she couldn’t have children and she lost her only child that she could ever have. Riku wrapped both arms around her and kissed her forehead.

Benjie, Mai’s only child, was dead.


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Part Two
Riku and Mai: Death and Life
Ch. 12

The funeral was short and private. Mai cried the hardest, longest and loudest. Mai had lost her child, her only child.

Mai hated to see him go. And to think it was her fault, it was her fault that he died. If she wasn’t the goddess of Heart Haven Benjie would have never had to risk his life for her.

Riku gave the news to the ones who didn’t come. That was basically everyone they knew. The funeral was only attended by Mai and Riku, Mai didn’t want people holding her and telling her it would be alright. She wanted to see no one.

They were back home now, Benjie was buried in their back yard. Mai looked out the window where she could see his grave stone.

Riku walked over to her and gripped her shoulder with a comfort and loving grip. He kissed her cheek and wrapped his arms around her, “It’s okay, Benjie loved you, he would do it again if he had another chance.”

“You’re not helping,” Mai snapped with tears coming down her face. She turned away from the window and continued to cry.

“You know what would make you feel better?” Riku ignored her words, and touched the side of her face.

“What?” Mai asked.

“Trying for a baby,” Riku said.

“Don’t start that mess! You know that I can’t!”

Riku ignored her anger and kissed her anyway, “Regardless, I want to try, what if it was wrong? What if the test was wrong?”

“Don’t start!” Mai pulled away from him.

“Fine, then try for me.” Riku said.

Mai felt his hands trail her body, Mai knew he was using his charm to win her over. Mai fell for it and they went to sleep… in a sense.


Mai woke: her heart ready to pop out of her chest.
She held her chest and gasped for air.

“What’s wrong?” Riku woke and looked over to see what’s wrong.

Mai started crying and Riku was more urgent this time.

“Mai, what’s wrong, talk to me.”

“Benjie… Benjie…” she muttered out. Riku sighed, he hugged her. “He’s… gone.” Mai realized that she was reliving his death; over and over again she saw Benjie dying in her arms, over and over.

Riku held her tighter; he had no idea how to comfort her now. But… there was one way. Riku kissed her and pulled Mai closer.


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Part Two
Doki: The one
Ch. 13

Doki walked with the girl, he had no idea what her name as but every time he tried to ask her she was interrupted by something. He would eventually forget it and he responded to her most of the time, her hazel eyes were always on him, as far as men go. She hung out with her girlfriends and they talked and shopped and shopped and talked.

But Doki was never bored; he found this activity fun… with her anyway. With Axel it was very boring.

In his mind, Doki had concluded that leaving Axel was a good thing, even if Axel was going crazy looking for him, he was glad he left him in the café.

Doki stood by her and waited, he realized how tall he was, his girl was standing below his shoulder.

The girl turned to him and looked shock.

“What’s wrong?” Doki asked her.

“You have fangs.” She pointed out.

“Oh, yes…. Uh…”

“Don’t worry, they’re beautiful,” she said.

“Oh, thanks…” Doki blushed.

She giggled, “You’re so cute when you blush.”

Doki smiled, “Thanks.”

The girl smiled once more and went back to what she was doing. Doki sighed as he watched her; she was just graceful in everything she did. Doki realized that she was getting ready to leave her friend’s house.

Doki helped her put on her coat, they were getting ready to leave.

“Thanks,” she smiled putting her arms in the sleeves. Doki restrained himself; he wanted nothing more than to get a closer smell of her. He wanted to get as close as possible to smell her to the fullest.

“No problem,” he said gazing into her eyes of hazel goodness and grace. Doki opened the door for her as the left her friend’s home. “Where are you going now?”

“Home,” she answered.

“Oh, okay… can… can I walk you?”

“No, thanks but no thanks, I’d rather walk alone,” she grinned.

“Oh…” Doki let her go. He watched her until she was out of his sight. Strange, Doki felt cold again.

He turned away and suddenly heard her scream. His girl! She was in trouble! Doki ran to save her.

Doki found her being attacked by a small group of men, Doki wasn’t going to ask questions, he just attacked them and knocked them out could.

Gasping for air, Doki turned to his girl and saw her staring up at him.

“Doki?” she asked.

“I’m here,” he stuck out his hand and waited for her to take it. Once her hand was firmly into his, Doki lifted her up into his arms and held her close, “Are you hurt?”

“No, thanks to you,” she rested her head on his chest, “Thank you.”

“No problem,” Doki started to hyperventilate. He was finally touching her, after a whole ten hours. He finally got to touch her. Finally… “Where do you live?”

“Are you alright?” she asked referring to him breathing hard.

“Yes…” he answered swallowing.

“Okay, I live down that way,” she pointed but her head never left his chest. Doki walked that way and obeyed her words to the letter. Doki held her in his arms until they were safely at her house door. He let her down gently, making sure that he wouldn’t hurt her or make her trip.

“Thank you Doki,” she said, she pulled out her keys and grinned, “I’m so glad you saved me.”

“Me too… um… what’s your name again?”

“Oh, I never told you my name? Well, my name is Paige.”

“Okay, Paige, I’ll be a call away, call me anytime, I don’t care when, I barely sleep.”

“Okay,” Paige grinned. She obviously took it as a joke and touched the side of his face. She kissed the other side of his face and went in the house. But she was surprised that Doki didn’t try to follow her in the house. He stood frozen staring at her. “Bye.”

“Bye…” he tried to wave but he was too frozen.

She closed the door and was gone beyond his sight.

“I will protect you with my life.” Doki agreed with himself.


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Part Two
Riku and Mai: Death and Life
Ch. 14

Mai woke the next morning in sweat. She felt like she was in an oven or something. She turned over to find that Riku wasn’t at her side. She then heard the water from the shower on. Mai got out of bed and instantly realized that it wasn’t the room it was her that was hot, the A/C was on but she was burning up and sweating.

Entering the bathroom Mai saw Riku in the shower. He was raising his hair of shampoo.

“Riku…” she called. She went to the shower and got inside with him. Mai hugged him. Riku jumped but it didn’t take long for him to realize who it was.

“Mai?” Riku opened his eyes to see Mai standing behind him. Riku turned around and hugged Mai, and then he realized that she was hot and with the shower with her cloths on. “Mai, you’re steaming.”

“Riku…” she said again.

“Are you okay?” he asked, he turned the water down, he made it as cold as he could, Riku was freezing but he bared it for her. She hugged Riku and Riku held her. He held her until she was cooler.

Riku turned off the water and carried Mai out of the shower. Riku walked Mai over to the room and there Riku dressed himself then realized that Mai was barely moving. Riku helped her get dressed.

“Mai, you’re still hot,” Riku said. After helping her get clothes on, Riku carried her down stairs and sat her down at the kitchen table. “Do you want to eat?”

Mai shook her head.

“Mai, you gotta eat something,” Riku begged her. Mai remained silent.

Riku dashed over to the refrigerator and made her a meal as quickly as he could. He made her eggs, bacon and her favorite food by him: pancakes. Riku gave the plate and gave her a cup of cold milk.

Mai just stared at it. She kept her head low as she looked at the food.

“Mai, please, eat,” he begged again.

Mai sighed sadly and started to eat, but only a few bites got in her mouth before a tear fell and she stopped.

Riku’s face fell. He realized that she was in physical and emotional pain. Before Riku could say something the phone rung, he went to answer it.

Riku answered the phone and sighed with a bit of relief.

“Hey, Kairi,” Riku answered the phone.

“Is she okay?” she asked, her voice filled with concern.

Riku bit his lip and looked at Mai from the corner of his eye, she was eating again but slower this time.


“She’s… she’s…”

“I’m coming over.” Kairi’s mother instincts were kicking in and she hung up before Riku could make a protest.

“Darn,” Riku groaned.

Mai didn’t look up.

“Hey, Mai, Kairi and Sora are coming over,” Riku said, trying to cheer her up.

Mai nodded slowly.


Kairi and Sora came in less than three hours.

“Hey,” Riku said. Mai was in the living room curled up hugging her knees as she lay on the sofa.

Kairi was the first to reach her side. “Mai,” she said touching her shoulder. Mai stirred for a moment then looked up, her tears had the white of her eyes red. “Aw, Mai,” Kairi hugged her.

Sora stood next to Riku with the same sad look on his face. Sora looked at Riku who’s eyes were hidden. “Don’t worry buddy, she’ll get through this.”

“I don’t think she will…” Riku shook his head.


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Part Two
Riku and Mai: Death and Life
Ch. 15

Weeks had passed and Mai was still sulking if not completely depressed, she had lost a lot of weight and almost every night she cried herself to sleep.

Mai was vomiting, she was hot, weak and having tons of aches and pains.

Riku was going crazy! Mai as basically killing herself, Riku couldn’t stand it.

Riku hated to see his wife like that, tired, weak and super pail looking all the time.

Riku sighed; he was going to confront her about it. She had to go to the hospital if she wasn’t going to at least try go get better on her own.

“Mai…” Riku started but he stopped. He didn’t want to do this, he knew she’d protest. “Babe…”

“Yeah?” Mai looked at him from the sofa in the living room; she was sitting down watching TV. As hot as she was, Riku could see how pale she was.

Riku groans, she was too sick to just be sitting around the house. “I’m going to the hospital.”

“Why?” she asked confused. “You’re fine.”

“I’m not going for me; I’m taking you to the hospital.”

Mai became wide eyed. “I’m not going.” She shook her head.

“Yes, you are, Mai for Haven’s sake you’re sick!”

“I don’t care, I’m not going!” Mai argued.

Riku groaned again, he couldn’t bear to see her like this much longer, he couldn’t stand it, “You’re going even if I have to drag you out of this house!” Riku yelled out.

“I’M NOT GOING TO THE HOSPITAL!” Mai yelled louder.

Riku groaned and groaned then he grabbed Mai, flipped her on his shoulder and started heading for the door. “Mai you’re going that hospital even if you hate me.”

Mai stopped fighting for only a second but her anger was still in control and forced her to fight even more. “If you loved me you’d put me down!”

“Mai, I’m not stupid, you’re sick. I can’t watch you slowly kill yourself.” He said, he held back his tears as best he could, he couldn’t stand to see her resist help, he didn’t want to make her hate him but it was for her own good.

Outside there was a waiting car, Riku had planned this for hours. Riku threw her in the car that had been started and he locked the doors, then he drove Mai to the hospital.

Mai fought and tried to argue with Riku while in the back of the police car, Riku sped down the streets with the sirens on until he was at the hospital. Riku unlocked the door and pulled Mai out. She fought and fought and now she was screaming.

Riku walked in the front door where he had doctors waiting.

“Whoa, I remember you,” said the doctor whom was referring to Mai, Dr. Johnson remembered Mai from trashing the hospital a few months back, Riku was kind enough to pay for all of the repairs. (See ch. 34 of Riku and Mai)

The other doctors took hold of her as best they could and strapped her down to a bed. Riku kept his eyes away from her, seeing her fight, seeing her resist was killing him.

Dr. Johnson came to him and placed his hand on Riku’s shoulder and gave him a pat, “You’re doing the right thing son.”

“Just do everything you have to do to help her,” Riku said.

Mai continued to scream and fight but one doctor injected her with a tranquilizer. Riku couldn’t do it any more, his tears started to flow, Mai’s screams died out and she no longer could fight.

Riku went over to her once she was out cold. He kissed her hot forehead and watched her get rolled away to emergency room.


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Part Two
Doki: The one is Paige
Ch. 16

Doki had been watching Paige for the past few weeks; he stayed out her window in the tall oak tree. He had to protect her, amazingly her house a target of four robberies. But being that Doki was there to watch her, the house was never even touched.

It had rained a couple of times but Doki didn’t care, he watched her through it all. She was always… alone.

Would watch her at night mainly, she would cry herself to sleep and if she didn’t do that she’d be up all night. Doki had always wondered why until he saw a tall dark man come in her room a few days ago, they argued and argued and the man hit her, Doki wanted nothing more than to crash through the window and knock that man’s head off.

But the girl was spared by a phone call. The man left instantly after answering the call. Doki watched her cry, it took everything he was made of to hold back his anger and then some. He watched as that man left, and Doki had to hold himself back.

But Paige continued to cry, Doki wanted nothing more than to make her feel better, he hated seeing a woman cry.

Doki had concluded what that heat was. It was his body wanting to have sex… that’s all. ‘Yes, that’s all, that heat is just a thing of my sick mind.’

Doki leaned against the tree and crossed his legs, watching her was becoming addicting. ‘I want to see her… I want to touch her again…’ Doki thought, once again contradicting himself.

Suddenly as he watched her, his phone rung, he answered it.

“Hello?” Doki could see Paige using her cell to call him.


“Yeah, what’s up?” Doki watched her pace around nervously. “Is something wrong?”

“No… no, I just wanted you to come over, is that okay?”

“No, that’s fine, I told you to call me at any time,” Doki said. His eyes were firmly on her.

“Oh… that’s great, can you come over?”

“When would you like me over, I’m not far from your house actually, so if you want I could be over there very soon.”

“That’d be great! I mean, that’s fine.”

“Okay, I’ll be over in a few minutes.” Doki said. Doki remained in the tree for ten minutes and jumped out and went to the front door. He wondered what she wanted. He rung the doorbell once and waited for her. She opened the door and smiled. She hadn’t seen Doki in weeks.

“Doki, I’m happy to see you,” Paige said. She smiled a bright, warm smile.

“As am I,” Doki grinned, he felt like he was being dishonest with her.

“That’s good, I wanted to talk to you,” she walked to her living room. As she went ahead, Doki’s keen ears could hear sadness in her voice. Then he heard her crying.

“Why are you crying?” he asked, filled with concern, he ran over to her and held her face.

“I’m happy you’re here.”

“Stop lying to me, you’re crying because something happened, now what is it!” Doki demanded to know.

Paige stared at him and tried to figure out why he was yelling. Tears came down her face in water falls.

“Paige, please…”

Doki waited, Paige then smiled. “Okay, then, well, my husband… my husband is into drugs.”

Doki threw a confused look at her, “Drugs?” Little did Paige know that Doki didn’t know what drugs were.

“That’s where most of my money went, it went into drug, he was using me as a withdrawal account.”

“Oh… I see…” Doki said, although he was still confused on what drugs were. Doki touched her forehead with her thumb, he wanted to know what drugs were and he wanted to know what he could do to make her happy. He closed his eyes and tried to search her mind but oddly nothing came to him. He tried again but he couldn’t see anything.

‘What is going on?’ Doki thought, ‘If I touch her forehead I should be able to read her thoughts.’

“Doki?” Paige asked.

Doki looked into her eyes and wondered if he could think of something that would help her. “Paige will this make you happy?” Doki touched her heart and gave her images of what would make her happy; Doki showed her everything he could think of that would make a normal girl happy.

Paige was staring, her eyes wide.

“Paige, I’m going to show you want I want, to make things clear,” Doki touched her heart again, this time he showed her pictures of her being happy.


“Do you understand what I want?”

“Yes…” she nodded her eyes still wide. “But everything you showed me won’t make me happy.”

“What? Why?”

“Because I have all of that, I have men drooling at my feet, I have money, and other material things, I have all of that.”

Doki studied her.

“What would make me happy…” she wrapped Doki’s arms around her waist and she pulled herself closer to him, “is you staying with me forever.”

Instantly she pulled him for a kiss. Doki met her lips and almost lost himself. He pulled her closer and closer and he pressed his lips against her as much as he could. Paige handled it, she pulled Doki closer more and more.

Doki felt his heart calm and melt away the ice that had been there for thousands of years. Doki pulled her close and felt his body charge with a joy that as never ending.

Then Paige pulled away, but slowly and gently, “I love you Doki,” she whispered.

Doki was wide eyed with confusion. “You… love me?” he asked.

“Yes, you’re the only one who knows me, you’re the only one who connected to me before I connected to you. I love you,” she said.

“Look… I can’t… I love someone else… I’m sorry.” Doki pulled away.

Doki ran to the door. He froze, his heart felt ice on it again. He left his source of heat.


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Part Two
Doki: The One is Paige
Ch. 17

Doki kept running. He pulled out the Ha-De dagger and took a couple of breaths. Doki didn’t love her, he didn’t love Paige! His heart, soul and mind belonged to Mai!

Doki had tears come down his face as he considered taking his life. With the Ha-De dagger he would poison himself and die.

Paige was beautiful but she was not… he wasn’t in love with her. Doki hated having these mixed emotions. He hated it and he was sick of trying to please people that didn’t love him. He was sick of trying to be with someone who didn’t want to be with him. Paige was human she was young she couldn’t know the difference.

Doki gripped the handle and sucked in the air and stabbed himself.


“Doki!” she called, “Doki!”

She found him on the ground bleeding… dying.

She rushed over and cried over his body, ‘No, no, he can’t die on me!’ she said. Paige pulled the knife out and touched his face, “Doki, please, please!”

“Paige…” he muttered, the poison was getting around his body now, there was no way he could come back. There was only one cure for the poison to stop, but Doki didn’t know what it was. He closed his eyes and gasped for air, the poison burned as it tried to reach the heart.

“Doki, please don’t die on me, I love you!” she begged crying on his chest that was still bleeding.

“What is your full name…” Doki asked. He had to know… by why? He didn’t love her… or… did he?

“Paige Raven Stone.” She answered tears still flowing down her face.

Doki closed his eyes, he touched her face, “Paige Raven Stone? That rings… so well.” He groaned in pain.

“Doki… please… just tell me you love me, please!” she begged as her tears fell on his wound.

Doki opened his mouth to speak but his gasp cut him short, his chest was healing and it was hurting. The poison was retreating. Doki gasped for air again, his heart was now on fire, it was the stronger heat that he had ran away from. The heat was coming from her. This heat wasn’t a heat that was from human or from the sun it was from the heart.

Doki looked at her, “Paige… I don’t love you. I worship you.”

Paige looked at him with shock. She cried some more on his chest and he felt that heat grow, “Call me Raven.”


“Everyone calls me that.”

“Raven, okay,” Doki sat up, Doki felt confusion leave him. He felt… free. He felt his emotions settle and relax. Doki then knew he had complete control over himself. ‘So, Raven was the remedy to the poison and my uncontrolled emotions, huh.’

“Doki, are you going to stay with me?” Raven asked.

“I don’t know…” Doki shook his head and gazed into her hazel eyes. “But as long as you’re alive I’ll never stop caring for you.” He touched the side of her face. He softly rubbed her cheek then brought her face to his. Kissing her he felt his emotions organize, he was able to control them at will now. He then knew why Nikushimi left him, this warm feeling, this warmth was addicting and comforting, why would anyone want less?

Doki brought her body close and wrapped his arms around her.

As their lips connected a breeze blew by and something soft touched Doki’s cheek. He pulled away from Raven’s face and saw petals from the Cherry Blossom falling down to the ground like snow. Then he recognized the area, which was the same tree that he climbed and met Raven.

Doki smiled, feeling pure, feeling renewed, and feeling warm. “This is the tree where we first met.”

Raven smiled, “I know.”

“Raven,” Doki closed his eyes and thought, “The other one I thought I loved was Mai.”

“Mai? Is she married to Riku?”

“Yeah… wait, you know Mai… and Riku?”

“Yeah, I dated Riku when were younger and Mai is my friend.”

Doki was wide eyed. “Hehe, that’s interesting,” he said.


“Because, I had never… I never heard of you, I was dating Mai also… before she met Riku I mean.”

“Wow, that’s strange, and we’re the perfect match.”

“Yeah, I guess we are.”

Doki’s cell rung. He reached for it and answered it without looking at the ID. “Hello?”

“Doki? It’s me, Axel.”

“Yeah, and?”

“Mai’s in the hospital, you should get down here.”

“What?!” Doki made a fist, “I’m on my way!” Doki hung up the phone, “We gotta to, Mai’s sick.”

“What? She is? Oh no…” Raven and Doki got up, leaving the dagger on the ground, Doki and Raven forgot all about the suicide attempt and forever focused on the realization of their love.


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Last one of Mega-Bonus day and Part Two of Riku and Mai 2... (sigh) if you still love me I'm glad. But I swear there is a major happing ending!


Part Two
Riku and Mai: Death and Life
Ch. 18

Riku had everyone know about Mai’s condition in the hospital. Well, not everyone, Riku made it clear he didn’t want Mai’s parents or his parents to know anything until he was sure.

In doing so, Sora, Kairi, and oddly Axel were there.

“Riku is she okay?” Sora asked.

“I’m not sure, I haven’t heard anything from the doctor since I got here,” Riku sighed, “I just hope she gets better.”

Sora and Kairi hugged him; they could see the pain in his face. Riku hugged them back and was suddenly off his feet, he had no idea what was happening until he recognized the brown headed man.

“Doki?” Riku asked confused, he could have sworn that Doki was either dead in some cell.

“What have you done to her?!” Doki yelled.

“Doki, stop, calm down, Riku can explain,” Raven said.

“Raven? What are you two doing here?” Riku asked.

“I called Doki but I’m not sure why she’s here,” Axel said. He stood from his leaning position and walked over to Doki. ‘Doki… you found the girl?’

‘Yes,’ Doki said. “Riku, explain yourself, what happened to Mai,” Doki folded his arms and glared at Riku waiting.

“Benjie died and she’s going through a rough depression.”

“That would explain it, depressions could do this to people,” Raven said.

“Yeah, I know,” Riku said sitting in his chair.

After that there was a silence. Doki and Raven sat next to each other holding hands, Axel leaned on the wall and Sora and Kairi used most of their time staring at Riku with concern in their eyes.

Some time passed and finally a doctor came to them, Riku stood quickly. “Dr. Jung,” Riku said. Riku remembered this doctor, this was the doctor that told him and Mai that Mai was barren.

“Ah, Riku… we… we need to talk,” Dr. Jung said filled with nervousness.

Riku swallowed and then turned back to Doki, “Doki don’t read my mind okay?”

“Sure,” Doki nodded.

Riku looked at the doctor and they walked off. They were on the far side of room, the others could see Riku but couldn’t hear what was going on. Doki kept his word and also kept his hearing range down to a minimum. He could only hear the voice that were right next to him.

“Okay, Doc, give it to me straight, I can’t see her can I?” Riku said folding his arms, he was bracing himself for the impact that he might have brought her to the hospital too late.

“Actually, you’ll be able to see her in a few,” he said, his hands were shaky.

“Then what’s wrong? Did she die already?”

“No, she’s awake, stable and… she’s…”

“What? What’s wrong with my wife?!” Riku said, the others could hear that.

Dr. Jung swallowed, “I made a mistake somehow… your… wife is pregnant.”

“What?” Riku backed up a little and he became over whelmed with shock.

“Congratulations Mr. Shade, you’ll be a father,” Dr. Jung didn’t smile but he held out his hand and waited for Riku to shake it. Riku shook the hand and folded over; he pressed his fist against his temples and tried to make sense of the doctor’s words.

“Mai… is pregnant.”


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Okay, when I read Ch. 11, I was very close to sobbing uncontrollably. I have had three dogs die in the past, one of which died in their sleep and the body was still on the floor when I woke up, so when an animal dies, I get very upset very easliy. Now, with that being said, you made up for that horrible tragedy really well with the other chapters, especially with the ending to the last chapter. Now, how exactly Mai ending up pregnant is beyond me; the only thing I can think of is Benjie's death triggering something, but I really have no idea. I absolutely loved the Doki chapters; I had a feeling that Doki would end up with Raven, and I am really glad that they are a couple. Also, I really love Raven's first name; I don't know, but I just really like the name Paige. Whew, that was a really long post, great job again, and I look forward to more.


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Oct 6, 2007
I'm sorry, TR, I forgot about your dogs, you did tell me of thier deaths you just didn't go into detail. (sigh) I'm surprised you didn't curse me out. But don't worry, Mai's prengancy will be explained in the up coming chapters.

And Yes, Raven and Doki are a super cute couple and I was pleased to think of the couple... I think you're the one who gave me the idea too. I don't remember. But If I remember I'll tell you. Honestly I don't like Paige so much either but it sorta rolls off the tongue to me.

Uh....... I think that's it. I am sorry I almost made you cry... I wasn't actually aiming for that. But I'm glad you liked some of the chapters (mainly the Doki ones). ^^
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