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Fanfiction ► Rikku's Last Mission

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Apr 21, 2005
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Hey Cloud are you gonna continue this. I also made A FFX-3 Fan fic. Sorry Cloud_Unchained when you read it.


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Dec 24, 2004
Well, Chapter 6 was deleted for some reason. So I shall rewrite and add chapter 7.

Rikku, with a wide smile on her face, had just finished taking to Gerard, a young

man, who had saved her life earlier in the day. She skipped down the Mii'hen

Highroad humming to a tune she had composed in her head. Her scarf was flying

right behind her as the wind blew against her. She had come to an abrupt halt as

soon as she heard that she wasn't the only one walking down the Highroad.

"Who's there?" Rikku asked nervously.

"Don't worry, it's us!" Yuna said walking from behind one of the ruins with Paine.

Yuna had been following her as soon as she noticed Rikku skipping down the

Highroad. She had brought Paine along with her to observe Rikku's "condition."

"So, how was he?" Paine asked anxiously. One of the oddest things was, is that

Paine had never been excited about anyone like this before, let alone a "guy".

"Well, he's very sweet I guess. He's got a nice smile," Rikku said reminiscing the 7

minutes of personal time she spent with him. "It was kinda nice talking to him,"

she said.

"What about Gippal?" Yuna asked.

"Gippal who?" Rikku said trying to forget her little fling with the leader of the

Machine Faction (Cool name huh?). The Machine Faction was a group of Al Bhed

who had dedicated their lives to excavating and rebuilding old machina. Between

the pilgramage and the Vegnagun saga, Rikku had a little relationship with Gippal

which resulted in a broken toe and a 50,000 gil lawsuit.

"He only broke your toe," Yuna replied nonchalantly.

"It hurt!"

"So you broke up with him because he broke your toe?"

"No, I saw him talking to another girl!"

"Did you get jealous when he broke her toe?"

"Ye-, well no," Rikku said staring at the ground. "C'mon let's go!"

The three went back to the Celsius, the best mobile home Spira has to offer. Yuna

and Paine slept in their usual beds with Rikku in the middle. Rikku had changed

into her nightgown and had laid herself in her bed. Her long blond hair flowed all

over her body, as she only let's her hair down at night. She's never let anyone

really see her hair out of it's usual hold. Long and wavy, her hair shined in the

moonlight. Her beauty was so extravagant, that it caused this author to take a

cold shower.

"Goodnight Gerard," she found herself whispering.

In the morning she quickly put her hair back to normal and changed into her thief

outfit. She walked to the deck for a breath of fresh air. As she inhaled she found

herself refreshed. "Hmm... I should take a shower."

Well, I'll post chapter 7 sooner or later, mmkay?


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Dec 24, 2004
Here's Chapter 7(or 8). I can't remember ^_^!

Rikku stepped out of the shower. Her hair was dripping wet as she rolled it up

in a towel. Her skin glistened. She dried her hair off and tied it up like she did

every morning. "Should I wear make up?" Rikku asked herself wrapping a robe

over her body. Do guys like makeup? I myself don't wear makeup. Maybe

I can ask Yunie for a makeover? Then I'll win Gerard's heart for sure!

Rikku smiled at the thought.

She switched herself to her regular thief outfit. She opened the door to find

Yuna with her hair in a mess and half asleep. "Yunie? You look like a mess!" Rikku

said giggling.

"Yeah. I'm not a morning person," Yuna replied.

"Do you still wear makeup?" Rikku asked.

"You don't need makeup to impress him," Yuna said. Her being half asleep,

caused her to slur a couple of words. "If it takes makeup to impress him, it better

take makeup to impress you," Yuna said smiling. "Now, can I use the shower?"

"Oh yes, go on in," Rikku said. Rikku waited.

"Yuna sure takes a while in the shower," Paine said, causing Rikku to jump.

"You scared me!" Rikku said, "when did you get up?"

"Just a while ago."

"Oh. You're right. Yuna does take long," Rikku smiled. Yuna stepped out of the

shower, sporting her gunner outfit.

"I'm finished you impatient-"

"Finally," Paine said pushing her way into the shower room. As the three girls

finished taking care of their morning chores, Paine brought a large suitcase to

Rikku and Yuna.

"Look, Rikku is going on another date," Paine stated.

"It's not a date! I'm just meeting him!" Rikku argued.

"Right. Anyway, we're going to watch over you two."


"We have to see if he's boyfriend material!" Yuna said.

"You too Yunie?" Rikku asked desperately.

"Yep! Let's call it the beginning of your most important mission!" Yuna said.

"What mission is that?"

"Rikku's Last Mission. Get married to the guy of your dreams," Paine said. Rikku

stared at her blankly. Then her cheeks started to burn red.

Marriage? Rikku smiled at herself. "Don't you think that's a bit forward?"

"Nope!" Yuna smiled. Paine opened the suitcase and handed Rikku an earpiece.

"This is just so we can listen in on your conversation," Paine explained. "Now put

these in your eyes," she said handing Rikku a contact lens. "Now we can see

what you see," Paine said.

"All this? It's only a friendly meeting!" Rikku said as Paine handed Yuna a pair of

binoculars, headphones, and a microphone.

"Now we pick codenames!" Yuna said. "I'll be Rose."

"I want to be Snake! Solid Snake!" Rikku said.

"Fine, Yuna. I'll be, something cool. How about Otacon," Paine said shrugging.

"What does Otacon mean?"

"Do you want to be part of this mission or not!" Paine said angrily.

"It's just a friendly meeting," Rikku sighed.

The three went into Luca. Paine found herself on the rooftop of a large

building with a birds eye view of Rikku and everywhere she could be. Yuna,

however, was wearing her moogle dress sphere, which attracted what was like a

sea of children. "No! I'm on a mission!" Despite the children, she still could see


Rikku, quickly looked for Gerard and spotted him sitting on the same bench they

sat on the night before.

"Hi Gerard!" Rikku blushed.

The next chapter is sure to bring at least a chuckle.


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Dec 24, 2004
Well, here's the next chapter. ( I don't bother remembering the chapter number anymore)

Chapter After The Last

"Hey Rikku!" Said Gerard smiling. He stood and his black hair was shook off his

face. He was wearing another black jacket, identical to the one he gave to Rikku.

He put on his black dresshirt and black pants with a red tie to finish. He put on his

glasses and asked, "Where do you want to go?"

"Well... Where do YOU want to go?" Rikku asked blushing.

"I'm not sure," Gerard replied.

"Ooh, indecisiveness. Take ten points off the scale Yuna," Paine said into the


"Shut up!" Rikku yelled. Gerard looked at her puzzled. "Oh! Sorry," said Rikku

blushing from embarassment.

"It's okay, really. How about we go for lunch?" Gerard said.

"Sure! I know a great place," Rikku told him.

"Let him pick Rikku. Get off please!" Yuna said into her comm.

"Are you sure? I thought we'd go to-" Gerard started.

"Okay then!" Rikku blurted. Gerard gave her another awkward stare.

"Snake?" Paine asked.

"What's up Otacon," Rikku whispered.

"How's the date going?" Pai- err, Otacon asked.

"It's just a friendly meeting!" Rikku yelled, fed up with Paine's teasing.

"Yeah, I know. Just lunch Rikku," Gerard said. Funny thing actually, he actually

believed it was a date. Let's see where that's takes them.

"Snake, it looks like he's got flowers," Paine said.

"Can you tell me what kind Otacon?" Rikku asked.

"They look like roses, RED roses," Paine said staring into her binoculars. She

watched as Gerard handed her the flowers. "Ooh, red. The color of passion,"

Paine told Rikku.

"How would you know that?" Rikku whispered.

"Experience, child. Experience. That's 50 points added to the boyfriend-o-

meter" Paine told her.

"Rik- Snake, give me your current position," Yuna asked. She lost the two as

she ran quickly from the ocean of children who wanted the balloons. She changed

from her mascot dress sphere to her everyday gunner outfit. "I hope Tidus isn't

asking for kids anytime soon," Yuna muttered.

"I'm currently walking past a couple of stores near the big tree with 3

branches," Rikku whispered.

"Snake, all of them have 3 branches," Yuna said.

"Oh, well. We're entering Luca Cafe Deluxe," Rikku said.

"Damn! That place? That's where Tidus took me when we were reunited. It's

very good, but very expensive," Yuna said.

"I can't stop him, we're sitting already!" Rikku said.

"If he's going to make you pay, that'll be 35 points off the boyfriend-o-meter,"

Paine said.

"How many points left?" Rikku asked.

"Enough for the one night stand status," Paine answered.

"Shut up Otacon," Rikku muttered. The two ordered from the menu's and the

waiter served them water. It was fairly quiet, with someone playing piano in the

background. They sat by the window. Rikku looked out the window and saw Yuna

and Paine staring through their binoculars, which were pressed up on the

window. Rikku waved her arms trying distract Gerard from noticing the two while

giving Paine and Yuna the signal to leave. Gerard laughed with Rikku and the two

had a conversation. 10 minutes passed, and they haven't got their orders yet.

But they didn't mind. They were too far into the conversation.

"And that's how I single-handedly defeated Vegnagun," Rikku claimed.

"What the hell Snake," Yuna said.

"Be quiet Agent Rose," Rikku whispered, "I just want to see his reaction."

"Wow, Rikku! I've got to hand it to you, you're more amazing than I thought,"

Gerard said.

"Well, actually. I didn't do it myself, Ros- err, Yuna and Paine helped a bit too.

Actually a lot," Rikku said.

"That's right Snake," Paine said.

"Oh, well I don't mind. Anyone that can take on that behemoth of a machina is

either very confident, or very crazy," Gerard smiled. Rikku blushed.

"You know, Rikku. I have something to ask you," Gerard started. Rikku

brightened up more than she already was. She was curious to what Gerard would


"Excellent, we're getting somewhere," Yuna said.

"Good, now Rikku. Turn the microphone to full volume," Paine said. Rikku had

grabbed her comm and turned it off. Her signal went offline.

"Snake, can you read me? Snake? Snake?! SNAAAKE!" Paine yelled.

There, wait for the chapter after this one.


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Jun 23, 2005
Heh, that was funny! I love the moogle dress sphere. Can't wait for the next chapter.


May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D
Hi.....late fan....oh well.....anyway!!!! Great story!!! I myself have never played FF10...or any FF game for that matter.....if you don't count KH.....ANYWAY....this is one of those "crazed fangirl/fanboy gets their lover" stories, right? Well...if it is....I totally understand!!! (Made one myself!! ^_^) Loved that chapter-with-no-name!!! Laughed real hard.....good times....goooooooooood times....^_^


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Dec 24, 2004
Thanks! Yeah, it is one of those sugar filled fanboy lover fanfics. But thanks anyway. I'll finish the next chapter ASAP.


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May 11, 2004
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Well, yeah it is good. It seems that if it was connected to our story, then this is how it all began with u 2. Well if you decide to set it as a prequel, then remember i was a freelance apprentice that did mechanics work for rikku, and made her grenades. Very good Gerard, very good.
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