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Return to end it...does it hold a deeper meaning?



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Dec 23, 2010
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We now know what that phrase is referencing (like we hadn't already figured it out lol). Sora must help those who are connected to him, to end their pain. I think he may also mean something more however...

"Their hurting will be mended when you return to end it." Notice how it says return? Not "when you go" or just "when you end it". We've seen how MF fights using time and how 3D appears to also deal with time. Is it possible that Sora (and maybe Riku) will end up traveling through time to see these moments when the hurting started (in 3D or the mystery game I'd assume) and then using that knowledge to ,metaphorically, return in his/their own time to end it?
If this is true, it may shed some light on the MF. Maybe MF is not bad, he/she could just be trying to investigate what happened to these people and ,in 3D, enlists Sora and Riku for some reason.
Is this what happens, as some have speculated, in 3D to cause the MoM test to go haywire and have Sora and Riku regress to their KH1 ages and end up traveling to "all new (Disney) worlds"? Perhaps, they must fight their way to worlds we've already seen (where hurting started) by way of these new ones (to avoid messing up time), in order to fully understand what happened to TAV, RAXN, ATW, possibly other members of Org. XIII and who knows who else.

If nothing else it'd keep with the theme of confusing plot that KH is SO well known for (just kidding!).


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Oct 22, 2010
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So...you mean something akin to limited time travel to unravel mysteries...like the Pensieve in Harry Potter or the "Flow-walking"-force power in Star Wars?

Pretty neat idea, having to explore the past to gain understandings for the present...